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rmT t- a HiTTTmnnA vxmT? WTNJf: .T A "NT TAT? V 1 -- 1Q9.fl
senators took tho position that the
-cspryation would disqualify Canada
md Australia from voting on ar.v ues--ion.
Among the republican?." how
ever, there was a feeling that if article
ten qualification could be smoothed
out the stie over voting power easily
could be disposed of.
Much the same opinion seemed to be
held on suggested changes in regard
to Shantung and In the preamble re
quirement that the- other powers must
accept the senate's action affirma
Republican a. P. Leased Wire
I-OS ANGELES. Calif., Dec. 31.
Except for expert testimony, the de
fense finished presentation of its cas
late today in the trial of Harry New,
alleged murderer of his fiacee, Freda
Ijesser. Adjournment was taken to
Friday morning.
Eight witnesses were called during
the day. of whom the most important
was Miss Edna Clancy, half sister of
New.' who testified she believed an
innocent act of hers was indirectly the
cause, of Miss Leaser's death. In ad
dition. Miss Clancy as "did other wit
nesses, of the day, testified that Xew
vas mentally unsound.
Miss Clancy told the jury she had
introduced Xew to Miss Lesser while
the three were working for a D'isiness
house. . When she learned several
months later they were engaged to bo
married, the witness said, she urged
New not to marry, as ho was not a tit
man. mentally or physically, to be a
husband and father.
Xew. ignored her request. Miss
Clancy stated, so she urged Miss Les
sor to break the engagement, but to
do so tactfully, deferring the wedding
from time to time, and to use care not j
to nun .ews ieeunc..
It is the theory of the Jofence that
Miss !s.ser broke the engagement ira
mediately and that Xew. enraged, shot
his fiance. Miss Clancy said her con
versation with Miss Lesser occurred
only a few hours before the latter'a
George Gallagher, county Jailer, said
he thought Xew .was '"insane at
Jf. L.. Anderson of Venice, a nearby
beach resort, testified that Xew at
tempted to borrow $100 from him to
defray the expenses of marrying siiss
Lesser and he lent him $10 f. this
supposed purpose a few hours before
Xew's fiance was killed. This witness
said Xew was Insane In his opinion.
Several others testified briefly they
considered .New mentally unbalanced
"Mildly insane," "irrcrational," and
"irresponsible," were some of the de
scriptive terms used.
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
PUEBLO, Colo., Dec. 31.- No new
developments in the steel strike situa
tion occurred here today. The reports
from Colonel McCunniff, in charge of
the national guard troops here, is to
the effect that there was no disorder
f 4Ka nl-int In tYim 'viofnftV O f the
mills today. He has conferred with the
district attorney's office as well as with
the chief of police regarding the re
striction and registration of the sale ot
fire arms in the city of Pueblo. There
is a state law on the subject and it is
understood that the law will be rigidly
Xo additional information concern
ing the alleged plot to assassinate a
large number of prominent business
men was uncovered toaay.
Both Squads Finish Train
ing For Intersectional
Battle Lineups Given By
Coaches Show Both
Squads Will Have Full
Strength in Field
Kb. 67
Start the New Year
right make a resolve
to own an efficient
dairy herd betore
1921. Share in the prosperity of
1920 by owning a dairy herd now.
The year of 1920 promises to show greater
results in dairying than in other lines of agri
cultural endeavor. This is predicted by the
universal interest which is being shown by
farmers and business men generally, and the
plans that are being made for improving dairy
J stock, and the foundations for new herds that
have been laid.
During the year 1919, it was necessary to
reconstruct many industries as after the war
conditions made themselves felt. This was
especially true of the dairy industry. The cow
population of the world had been decreased
far more in proportion than the human popu
lation, and the principle source of supply of
dairy products had shifted from European
countries to the United States.
Europeans have always been big consum
ers of dairy products, and as a result, one of
the greatest industries was the production of
great quantities of dairy products, much of
which was exported to the United States. It
is now almost impossible to purchase any im
ported cheeses, and will never again he pos
sible as far as former . conditions are con
cerned, as the demand far exceeds the sup
ply in the Scandinavian countries, Holland,
Switzerland and Italy from whence most of
the supply was exported.
This alone places a load upon the dairy
men of the United States in addition to
further demands for cow products, caused by
; increased knowledge of the food value of milk
I and cream.
H It can readily be seen that the dairy busi-
ness is only in its infancy, and the farmer .
who goes into the business now on a solid
Z foundation will reap a profit for all the years
to come, which canot be approached by any
other farm endeavor. In other words, a solid
f; and substantial market at excellent prices
for every ounce of putter fat produced, with
no possibility for many years if ever, of there
- . being an overproduction.
Dairymen from other states are making
- strong endeavors to get into the dairy busi
ness in the Salt River valley on account of the
i ideal climatic conditions that obtain here, and
r are receiving more encouragement than for-
merry because of the fact that land owners
realize that the real hope of prosperity for
the valley lies in ' diversified farming and
dairying. This belief is concurred in by
:' bankers and business men and every ass ist-
ance will be given the farmer who desires to
Z embark in the dairy business.
Z Let this department assist you in getting
into the dairy business.
Our -farm experts are practical men who
E "KNOW BY DOING" just how best to care
for stock and arrange crops, buildings and all -other
farm matters. . They will be glad to as-
sist any farmer or. dairyman free of charge.
: Call, write or phone
Pacific Creamery Co.
237 North Central Avenue.
Republican A. P. Leaaed Wire
PASADEXA. Cal., Dee. 31. Har
vard and Oregon university football
squads tapered off their training to
day for the east vs. west football
game hero tomorrow. Bot hteams did
enough work to keep them in condi
tion. Coaches expressed satisfaction
with the condition of their men. To all
appearances Harvard players lost a
little weight without sacrifice of con
dition in training here, while Oregon
players laid on a trifle of flesh, this
tending to equalize the weight of the
The weather today was cooler and
more like that the - Harvard players
have been accustomed to. The predic
tion for tomorrow is fair and cool.
The game has created the greatest
interest yet shown In the anuual east
west classic here. Every one of the
more than 33,000 seats in the Tourna
ment of Roses park has been sold.
Coaches Fisher of Harvard, and
Huntington of Oregon, today an
nounced their line-ups for New Tear's
day. Xo last hour changes are ex
pected and barring the unforeseen, the
men will take the field as follows:
Harvard. Position. Oregon
Desmond Anderson
I E.
Sedgwick Bartlett
I T.
Woods Mantz
L. G.
Havemeyer (A, Horween) ..
- 'Butch"' Leslie
Hubbard Harding
R. G.
Kane "Spike" Leslie
,R. T.
Steel .......... Howard
R. E.
Murray (O Steers, (C)
Q. B. .
Humphries -. V, Jaeobberger
Casey. Brandenburg
. . R. XI.
R. Horween Huntington
. - F. B.
NEW YORK, Dec. 31. United
States Marshal. Power announced to
night that he believed he had dlscov
ered the wood alcohol "whisky man
ufacturing headquarters of John Ro-
manelli, Brooklyn undertaker, and
Samuel Saleeby, Brooklyn druggist,
held here in connection with the distri
bution of poison liquor throughout
rew England. The place was a Brook
lyn garage, he said.
Receptacles and chemicals used in
the manufacture of liquor and per
fumes, several empty barrels which
"hads contained wood alcohol." and
some burned sugar were found by fed
eral officials, the announcement said.
These were seized and persons on the
premises were taken, to the United
States district attorney for examination.
Accuses Widow of
Murdering Brown
- Republican A. P. Leased Wire J
MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich.. Dec. 31.
A' statement again directing the at
tention of the authorities toward Mrs.
Ruth Prevost Brown, widow of J.
Stanley Brown, who was shot to death
a week ago, was made to the prose
cutor and sheriff today by Mrs. Ceei
XTester, who was brought here this
morning under a warrant charging
After a lengthy examination the
sheriff reiterated his beleif that Mrs.
Vester did not kill the young man, but
stated she, would be held temporarily
owing to her apparent intimate knowl
edge of Brown's affairs.
Sheriff Caldwell said Mrs. Vester
told the officers that Mrs. Brown had
once attempted to buy poison at a drug
store here. The sheriff quoted the
Vester woman as saying that Mrs.
Brown intended the poison for her
Mrs. Vester stated she was with
Brown when his will was drawn up
last Thanksgiving day. Brown told
her later, 'she said, that he planned to
add a codcil providing that If he died
suddenly payment should be withheld
from his wife until circumstances of
his death were cleared up.
Brown's will was filed today. The
home was bequeathed to his widow
and the income equally to Mrs. Brown
and the elder daughter.
Republican A. P. Leased Wire!
Republican A. P. Leaaed Wire
BUFFALO, N. Y., Dec. 31 Dr. Anna
Tteinstein. wife of Boris Reinstein,
formerlv a leader of socialists here
and for two years represented high in
the councils of Lenlne and Trotsky
in Russia, was arrested here today on
charges of criminal anarchy. She
was arraigned in police court with 1
men held on similar charges. All en
tered pleaa of not guilty and will have
hearings on Friday with 25 others ar
raigned Tuesday.
The Lusk legislative committee. In
vestigating radicalism, completed Its
local hearings and adjourned to meet
at Utlca tomorrow. Most of the testi
mony today was from police officers
and agents of the committee and re
lated to the papers and documents
seized in a raid on communist head
quarters. From these Charles D.
Newton. : attorney , general, sought to
show connections between various
revolutionary organizations , In this
country and the Russian soviet.
Capital, Surplus and Profits, $115,000.00
D 'N. STAFFORD, President
DONALD DUNBAR, Vice President
-J. H. REID, JR., Assistant Cashier
P. K. LEWIS, Vice President
J. J. FAGAN, Cashier
K. G. FREELAND, Mgr., Savings Dept.
x Phoenix, Ariz., Jan. 1, 1920.
Our Dear Customers and Friends:
Our officers and directors take this means of extending their sincere
thanks, not only for the business which our thousands of patrons have en
trusted to our care, but also for the large volume of? new business with
which we have been favored during the past year. Our steady growth as
evidenced by the comparative statement of deposits below is largely due to
; the fact that our patrons influence their friends to their bank.
To our present, as well as our prospective patrons, we wish a Happy
New Year. and hope it may hold in store for you every possible happiness
and prosperity.
Very Sincerely,
The following is a statement of our deposits on January 1st during the past five
years, to-wit:
Special (City of Phoenix) . . .
THE CENTRAL PHARMACY and its employes
extend the greetings of the season with hearty wishes
that the New Year of 1920 be filled with happiness and
greater prosperity for you and yours.
Through the closing months of 1919, we were in the midst
of a remodeling and reorganization period, and were un
able to serve you in the efficient manner we desired, tho
the store was kept open, and your patronage as well cared
for as was possible under the existing conditions.
With the dawn of the new year comes a greater Central
Pharmacy with a pledge to each of you to maintain a
higher and more efficient standard of service throughout
1920 and the many years to follow.
The Central Plharmacy
L. I. Hirst
A. G. Baldwin
R. R. Stall
Carl Kober
Paul Macker
Ora Benedict
Preston Roberts .
Developing & Printing
J. Ross Oatis
Maude Ligan
Linnie Nichols
Eddie Conteras
Donald Ramires .
Henry Allison ;
Harold Carriger
Walker Tillery
F. N. Briggs
Geo. Shackelford
Don Rolf
Helen Kirkpatrick

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