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Arizona republican. [volume] (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, April 13, 1920, Section Two, Image 14

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(Section Two)
steering knuckle and ended tip in a
j; pretty condition.
"Of course we had another steering
j Knuckle and "the boys made all the
t haste in the world to put it or., but
J and here comes the terrible part of
it all that steering knuckle vas for
, the left side and th one that broke Wiu,
for the right.
I ''As far as we were concerned the
race was off for us. The boys got the
.car ftxed up and started to craw-i
;Iiorce. but fate had not finished with
lis. Near Tucson they ran into a
; cloudburst and the machine was al
most washed away. They finally pot
. here alright, but I was not verv sriad
; to see them.
; "There was one bright spot in this
.whole affair though. We had used the
" same set of Congress tires in both
races and they had stood up admir
. ably. We found' there was a dem ind
for them so we persuaded tl?e Kl Paso
people who had the agency to ship
, us a carload. We wanted to" shoot hi -.
; so we ordered a carload of the biggest
sizes, not thinking there would be a
I big demand for the smaller sizes. They
seemed perfectly willing to send us
; those sizes ana we thought it was al
; right.
"By this time we had a few more
square feet added to our quarters and
we were managing to sell a few cr
buretors and a stiil fewer tires. We
could not figure out why the,-tire did
not go better so we demanded aid from
; Texas. The sales manager came up.
erae one look around let forth a snort
or disgust, had us box up part of our
large sizes, which were shipped bnck.
The Roll of Honor
E. S. La Tourette
'f - ' 2 'KHr..
F. M. Head lee, sales manager.
J. M. Hale, truck dept.
G. M. West, second cars.
A. E. Braunner, second -jrs.
E. A. Neiisen, head parts dept.
- E. S. LaTourrette, auditor.
Gcraidine Lock, office assistant.
Mary C. Purtyman, cashier.
Dee Griffith, shop foreman.
W. T. Stanton, head truck ser
vice department.
,Pete Bitiensiey, mechanic.
J. B. Jolly, assistant foreman..
C. E. Stevens, mechanic.
Chester Martin, mechanic.
R. A. leeley, mechanic.
J. Renr-er, mechanic.
J. D. Ray, mechanic.
G. P. Cherry, head porter.
W. C. Ford, assistant porter.
Geo. A. Young, assistant porter.
Henry Roaricuez, helper.
C' C. Hymer, traveling salesman
G. C. Hymer
v The head of the auditing department
;for Cal ilessner, and by the way th;U
department is kept busy the vcar
around and many hours each day, i
K. S. LaTourrette. who has been with
; Messner for nearly a year.
LaTourette is a competent auditor
fcand has brought a world of experience
to the Messner organization. At one
a time he as deputy state auditor of
jXevada and has held many other re-
sponsible positions.
I It is iLaTourette who is lord of all
he surveys on the mezzanine floor
which covers the south half of the
manifieent show room of Messner's
.new place. On that floor is situate;
1Tre0ffice force, giving them pUntv of
MMMit, mis J i i i j i : i ( i . i f i 1 1 -i rnmi! ato i : .-. .
Ot-tiie entire place.
Eventually we received a shipment of
small siJ.es and then things went
"Yes things went a little better, but
honest we were- ignorant. We made
mistakes galore. ' I knew about as
much about a carburetor as a mule
does about music. I actually tried to
put one on an exhaust pipe once. In
endeavoring to sell the carburetors and
installing -them on a few cais I grad
ually became acquainted with the
various makes and of all of them, the
Hudson seemed to appeal to me most.
I was sure strong for that car, and I
Used to sit and dream of sometime
being the distributor for them here.
After 1 had dreamed awhile I would
pinch myself and then go out and try
and sell a few more carburetors, just
by way of "keeping the wolf from the
'And. then on Christmas eve of 1914
our fortunes reached their lowest ebb.
We had incorporated, one of my part
ners had sold out for his car fare to
IvOs Ar.geles, and there were just two
of us. We were known as the South
western Carburetor company, bu-t the
name was tlie .biggest thing about us.
"Christmas eve is a bum time to go
broke, but we were orr the verge of it.
And then a peculiar incident happned
which marked the turning point in our
fortunes. There was an old man who
had a butcher shop not far from us
and I wandered down there just to see
what I could buy if I had the money.
I wasn't hungry, hut the place sort
of attracted me. I saw his car out in
front and suggested to him that he
should install a Master carburetor. I
naturally expected him to laugh at
me and ask me for some other perti
nent suggestion, but wonder of won
ders he told me to go ahead and install
it. I rushed back to the shop on the
dead "run. gaspingly told my pawner
what I had don, and we both grabbed
a carburetor and make a dash for that
machine. AVe nearly wrecked it, get
ting the machine equipped, but we
finally managed. And then here is the
funny part, we went in and told him
it was on, and he paid its in cash.
"That really marked the turning
point of our fortunes. We had a
chance to rent the place at 305 North
Central avenue and we grabbed it.
The Texas people came up straight
ened us out to the best of their ability
ami business prospered. I could really
go homo at night then without a fear
that the next day would see us on
the rocks. My sole remaining partner j
became distisfied and I bought him
r .
V" it ' '
Being a state distributor of G. M. C.
trucks, it is necessary that Cal Mess
ner have adequate representation over
the territory embraced by his fran
chise. To this end he has in his em
ployment G.-C. Hymer, an experienced
truck man of many years standing.
.Mr. Hymer travels the entire sta-te
of Arizona in- the interests of (J. M. C.
trucks. He visits every city, town or
out of the way place in the state where
there is a chance of a. truck being
needed, and if that truck is needed it
does not take him long to convert them
to the O. M. C. ideal.
Hymer. has been in the truck game
for six or eight years, and is thorough
ly conversant with the needs of every
user of trucks potential or otherwise.
He is in a posiiton to a-nalyze the truck
needs of companies or individuals, and
has devoted considerable time to the
study of all conditions under which
trucks work in this state.
out for $150. That sounds small, but
it was all he asked.
"And then came the big turn in my
fortunes. On October 13, 1916 I signed
the contract to handle the Hudson car
in this district. That has proven to
he the one real big event in my life.
Frank Hedlee who is now with me, and
who was then wholesale manager for
Harold Ij. Arnold of los Angeles, the
distributor for Southern California
and Arizona, landed here and it did not
take long to convince me that he had
the' right proposition.
"From there out we have grown and
grown. Following the, Hudson came
the G. M. C. and then the"Kssex and
now we have taken over the Trail
mobile. I believe we have the strong
est lines in the country- and it isn't
necessary for us to worry any more
as to whether the shop will be here
next morning."
"Colonel, you are considered u. con
noisseur of good liquor."
"Some say yes."
"How does one become a connois
seur?" 'It is very simple. If the liquor
doesn't kill you, it's good." Louisville
."Why do you call that performing
poodle Sirius?'
"He's ;i"VIog star, ain't be now?"
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Comprising a $30,000 stock of Hudson, Essex and G.
M. C. parts, by far the most complete in the southwest.
With such an extensive stock of parts always on hand,
we are able to take care of all repairs in minimum time.
To the average Automobile and Truck owner this is an
item to be given great consideration.
If its a Hudson, an Essex or a G. M. C., we can quickly
supply you with extra parts. .
Prompt and careful attention is given to out of town
orders. v
Gal -Messeer
Corner Fourth Avenue and Adams Street
G. M. C.
Essex Set a World's Selling Record
Consider It's Uuequaled Endurance Records 3037 Miles in 50 hours 1061 Roads Miles in 21 hours
TTJSSEX in its first year set a world's sales record.
M That shows how men wanted and talked about
y what it offered. '
But of chief importance to you are the qualities which
earned this worldselling mark.
You know what an uphill fight the car of average
ability must make for even limited recognition.
What, then, was the Essex appeal that swept aside
the natural doubts of buyers? .
It was not prestige, born of confidence in itsnakers.
Their identity was not revealed. Essex was required to
make its own name stand for the things men seek in a
car. J ' -. " -
And it won because of its fine performance, riding
ease and -endurance, qualities hitherto regarded as ex
clusive to large costly cars. And further, because of its
economy and convenience, which were exclusive light
car advantages. .
Essex Won Thousands
Because of This -
In beauty of line, in finish and luxurious appoint
ment, Essex also has the advantage of being the product
of those "who built the world's largest selling fine car.
Essex has revealed performance ability never expect
ed of a light car. ' It set the official world's long distance
endurance mark of 3037 miles in 50 hours. The same
stock chassis traveled 5870 miles at better than a mile
a minute. - , - ' '
V -
An Essex stock touring car made-the world's best
24-hour road record of 1061 miles. Almost everywhere
Essex holds local speed, hill-climbing and acceleration
records, that all acknowledge.
Corner Fourth Avenue and Adams Street
These Are The Advantages
You Want
Greater size coub add nothing to Essex. You sacri
Greater size could add nothing to Essex. You sacri
large, high-priced cars can give. And you gain all the
advantages of the lightweight type, more important to
day than ever.
They cover not alone the cost of operation. They
include the satisfaction that comes with its distinction
as a fine, beautiful car. And it has a new advantage in
handling ease.
' And there is all the surety of uninterrupted service
and comfort as well as repair freedom, which hitherto
were looked upon as exclusive costly Car qualities.
Knowing the demand existing for all wanted cars,
you will understand the importance of speaking for your
Essex now.

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