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control. The ceremony will take pi--on
the main plaza.
The conference' at which it was
Agreed that the federals would turn
over Matamoros to the rebels without
a fight was held In the office of R. G
Domirguez, Carranza consul, on this
side of the border. Consul Domingue-.
was present when the agreement was
CALEXICO. Cal., May 13 Govern
or Estaban Cantu, Lower California,
tonight sent to the American com
mander at Camp Beacon here a request
to take heed of threatening conditions
&rtcJ rumora so that Calexico might
have protection in case trouble comes,
i The troops of Governor Cantu, who
has remained loyal to President Car
ranza, were reported sleeping on their
arms in Mexicali, across the border
from hero, following circulation of re
ports that they were to be attacked
during the night.
Police kept civilians off the streets
6f Mexican during the night and Amer
ican immigration and customs in
spectors closed the border and refused
to honor passports after 7 o'clock.
.Captain Reuzienhausen, command
ing Camp Peacom, announced he was
fully prepared to meet any emergency.
Several persons were arrested here
after they had attracted attention by
persistent efforts to obtain permits to
cross to Mexicali. A party of immi
gration officials is here from San
San Diego, Cal., in response to a re
quest from W. A. Brazie, inspector in
charge here.
. Governor Cantu's garrison at Mexi
can was said to number 50 cavalry
and 300 infantry.
Yuma Region Heard From
TUMA, Ariz., May 13. A Colonel
Rodriguez, whose political sympathies
have not been learned hero, has taken
command of the Mexican garrison at
San Luis, Sonora. 25 miles below th.
International border, according to in
formation received here tonight. About
2 o'clock this morning Capt. Carter G.
Calles, a nephew of Gen. P. Elias
Cadles and who waa in command of
the garrison, was shot and killed while
ifijhis quarters, and a former lieuten
ant of the Carranza forces then took
charge of all arms and munitions at
Kan Luis. The lieutenant issued an
a-tfiouncement stating he held the
place for Carranza. Captain Calles
bad sided with General Calles in the
i '
) ' Monterey Occupied
LAREDO, Texas, May 13. Whistles
were blown and bells rung as a cele
bration in Xuovo Laredo this afternoon
in receipt of a telegram stating revo
lutionary fortes under Porforio Gon
zales has occupied Monterey. ThV
sources of the messaare is not known
here or has the capture of Monterey
by rebels been confirmed in Nuevo
Laredo. The wire declared Cnrran
cista forces retired without firing a
shot before the advance of rebels at 10
o'clock last night.
Monterey is the capital of Nuevo
Xo word of the fall of Monterey has
been received by the American con
sulate at Nuevo Laredo, nor from Con
sul Robertson, who left Nuevo Laredo
last night for Monterey.
Drink On Battleship
Results In Sickness
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
VALLEJO. Cal.. May 13 A state
ment that they took Mrs. Mildred Boyd.
18. of Denver, to the general hospital
here in an unconscious condition last
night after she was alleged to have
been given two drinks of an unknown
liquor on board the battleship Ne
braska here last night, was made by
the police here today. The police said
they answered an ambulance call from
the ship to take the girl ashore but
when they arrived she already had
been brought to land.
The names of the two men who Mrs.
Boyd said gave her the liquor could
not be learned, they said.
In a statement made to the police
today. Mrs. Boyd said she was married
in Denver to an enlisted man who de
serted her in Portland. Ore. She went
to San Francisco and then came here
after learning her husband had a friend
aboard the vessel. She could not find
this friend but was taken in hand by
two enlisted men, who gave her the
drink, according to her story. She
said also that she carried $5 and a re
turn ticket to San Francisco, which
she was unable to lodite today.
LOS ANGELES. May 13 Thomas A.
Abernathy, a Pullman porter running
between Los Angelea and El Paso,
acquired a handsome home, an ex
pensive automobile and a saddle horse
after prohibition became afact. His
prosperity attracted federal agents.
They said they found two cases of
whisky in a locker on his car in the
Tucson yards.
Abernathy was arrested hera today
charged with smuggling liquor "Irom
I if if!
Vat J
ii r -
"Pay I
If you haven't become acquainted with our up-to-date
and down-to-the-penny method of gro
cery merchandising, we have a surprise in store
for you. You do our delivering and we pay you
for it by reduced prices.
Hot weather and a thirsty palate go hand in
hand. Pure fruit beverages satisfy and are more
Bass Island Concord Grape Juice
Individual size, bot 12c
Pt. Bottle 37c
Qt. Bottles . ... . 62c
Welches Grape Juice
Pt. Bottles 43c
Qt. Bottles 85c
gal. Bottles $1.47
Naboth Grape Juice
GaI. Bottle . .$1.43
Bagley's Apple Juice, Qt 23c
Bagley's Apple Juice, Gal. . . . 79c
Rose Lime Juice Small .62c
Rose Lime Juice, Large $1.07
Pinerose Pineapple Juice, Bot. . . . 55c
With canned goods on the Pantry Shelf
you are always ready for company.
Van Camp's Pork and Beans, Small . 13c
Van Camps Pork and Beans, med. . . 18c
Van Camps Pork and Beans, Large . 31c
Sujrar Loaf Red Kidney Beans
No. 2 Can . . . 19c
Bafisco Chinook Salmon No. 1, Tall . 32c
Aropak White Meat Tuna, -lb Can . 32c
Glass Jar Brand California Fruits should be
amonsr your canned goods. We have all kinds
i i
I 4
What they say abou
Republican WANT ADS:
May 11, 1920.
The Arizona Republican,
Phoenix, Arizona.
We have to ask you to please discontinue our ad
in The Republican to enable us to catch up with aJ
the work secured through the small ad we placed in
your want column.
Building Contractors.
Inspiration Mess Hall Burns
MIAMI Fire-which broke out at 4: SO
Monday afternoon in the old mess hall
near the main shaft of the Inspiration
mine resulted in the practical destruc
tion of the building. The mesa hall was
of frame construction, two stories in
height, and measured 60x110 feet. It
adjoined the o!d dormitory on the mine
The origin of the fire is not positively
known, although it is believed that it
was started from the electric wiring
in one of the upper rooms. The Miami
fire department answered the call and
rendered valuable assistance to the vol
unteer fire department of the Inspira
tion mine, which was already combat
ing the flames when the Miamo fire
crew arrived on the scene. The two
crews working together, with the as
sistance of the volunteer fire depart
ment of the Miami mine, extinguished
the flames which had enveloped prac
tically the entire building, and pre
vented their spread to the still larger
dormitory adjoining the burned mess
hall. I-iittle remains of the mesa hall
except the flame charred skeleton. The
estimated value of th burned building
is around $20,000. Daily Silver Belt.
Assault Case Dismissed
BISBEE The case against Uno Pen
nenon, a young Slav miner arrested at
Lowell about a month ago on a com
plaint sworn to by William Smith,
charging assault with attempt to U!ll,
waa dismissed yesterday in the superior
court at Tombstone when it was found
that the complaining witness had dis
appeared. When Pencnon was arrested
in Upper Lowell, according to the dep
uty sheriffs, he was holding a gun
pointed at Smith, forcing him to keep
his hands up and demanding that he
retract statements that he alleged
Smith had made about him. Smith had
been kept in that position so long that
he was ready to drop from exhaustion.
Daily Review.
International Burglar Escapes
NOGALES-The residence of Leon
Griset, attached to the United States
customs office here, was entered by a
burglar and a quantity of clothin? and
other valuables taken, according to the
sheriff's office.
As soon as the robbery was reported,
a bloodhound from the sheriffs depart
ment was placed on the burglar's trail,
following it to the international line.
Several other recent robberies are
attributed to the same man, the one tm
mediately preceding having been com
mitted in broad daylight.
The home of E. It. Purdum 1? also
said to have been robbed. Herald.
Hunting Lodge at Flagstaff
FLAG STAFF A $100,000 hunting
lodge and moving picture headquarters
are to te constructed on Mormon Lake,
25 miles south of Flagstaff.
Edward & Harp, real estate dealers
of Phoenix, are the main promoters.
They are organizing a company and
have arrangements under way to lease
tho land from the government. North
ern Arizona Leader.
Wildcats Go On Rampage
TUCSON Tc express their Joy at
the proximity of the end of the school
year, several of the younger members
of the male population at the univer
sity went on a rampage Tuesday nignt.
Several of them masked themselves
and would have kidnaped one of the in
mates of south hall, the freshman boys"
dormitory, had not the other students
on the sleeping porch frightened them
Another group cut the electric light
wires in the library building, throwing
the building into darkness. On account
of this, Dean Cummings has decided
that the library will not be open eve
nings the rest of this semester or until
the students learn how to use the op
portunities afforded them in the cor
rect manner, according to a bulletin
posted on tha Agriculture building
bulletin board. Daily Star.
Gets Freedom But Loses Liquor
TUCSON Alberto Moreno, keeper
of the International hotel, who was
charged with unlawfully possessing
liquor, was released by Edwin F. Jones,
United Stages commissioner, in a de
cision handed down Wednesday. Judge
Jones ruled that the 61 pints of liquor
in the'possession of the department of
Justice agents should be turned over
to the le leral court for final disposal.
Daily Star.
U rV Groceries Mectfvs 1
Border Policies of Uncle Sam
NOGALES In event any emergency
might arise in the present conditions
afong the border, military authorities
intend to act as prescribed in the fol
lowing directions received from south
ern department headquarters, Fort
Sam Houston, Texas, made public to
day by Capt. C. O. Garrison, adjutant
district military headquarters here.
Mexican civilians without proper
credentials, crossing tho international
lino at authorized points, are to hit
taken care of by the immigration of
ficial?. If they cross in large numbers the
narest troops will lend assistance to
preserve order When the crossing is
made at unauthorized points. United
States soldiers w!M take them into cus
oily and turn inert; o 'er tc the depart
me nt of justice -ox prosecution, rot
however, unt'l wurntng- nas been giver
when possible not to cross Mexiear.
-ifi'iccrs and unlisted nen r- civilian
.-.lothing o- o be treated ::nc same as
Individual .vlC'X-a?-- officers na sj.
.tiers in uniform, nut unarmed, p:ssi!Vi
through at authorized points, ,10'
molested. If they eras sinte thi ;
country at unauthorised points they
will be detained subject to instruction-,
from higher authorities
If groups of officers cr soldiers un
der leaders, in uniform but unarmed
cross over from Mexico, they will be
detained and held for orders. No mat
ter what the number is that come into
this country bearing arms they will be
interned. Oasis.
Iron Cap Bulletin Shows Profit
GLOBE Net profits of the Iron Cap
Copper company for February and
March of this year totaled $17,254. as
shown in a bulletin sent to stock
holders of the company by President
Frask P. Knight.
The February production was 570,
7C5 pounds of copper and 8,811
ounces of silver. Receipts were $76,
123 ; expenses, $33,S07; profits, $23,
117. March production, 630, 4SG pounds of
copper, 9, IS" ounces of silver. Re
ceipts, $86,620; expenses, $62,4S2;
profit, $24137.
Profit for two months, $47,254.
Owing to delays in delivery of sup
plies, the mill will not be completed
and ready to operate until about June
1. The company has made a contract
with the International Smelting com
pany for the treatment of its concen
trate on favorable terms, and the Iron
Cap company expects to realize a ma
terial reduction in costs through the
operation of the new equipment
PARIS. May 13 The prospects of a
bumper crop this year, the improved
condition of the French treasury, due
to the growing excess of tax receipts
over the estimates, and. the purchase
of French mining and other industrial
shares by American and British in
vestors are given in the best informed
circles as the principal reasons for the
sharp decline in the value of the dol
lar from 17 to 15 francs.
Another influential element was the
covering by Bourse operators, who had
been speculating against the francs and
found it advisable no longer to take
risUs against growing confidence in a
French financial recovery. The best
judges say they do not expect a fur
ther radical change in the relatives of
the francs and dollar.
. 0
Sheriff Spirits Man
Safely Away From Mob
SPRINGFIELD. Mo., May 13 Fol
lowing the arrest at Stockton, Mo., late
today of King Bruce in connection with
an alleged poison plot which resulted
in the death of his wife and C. E.
Decker, a neighbor, a mob appeared at
the Stockton jail and demanded the
prisoner, according to a report re
ceived here tonight.
The sheriff, with his prisoner, left
the jail through a rear door and
started to Nevada. Mo., by motor car.
Members of the mob were reported in
pursuit. i
Bruce's arrest followed that of
Mrs. Decker several days ago after
chemists had reported traces of poison
had been found in the viscera of her
husband, who died suddenly December
21. The viscera of Mrs. Bruce, who
died several days after Decker suc
cumbed, then was sent to chemists.
SCR ANTON, Pa., May 13 A 15 per
cent alvance in wages is to be de
manded for every iron, steel and tin
worker affiliated with the Amalga
mated Association of Iron, 'Steel and
Tin Worke.s, according to the report
of the scale committee presented to
the convention in session here today.
1 To Clhorelh Sonidla.
Every man is better for the spiritual improvement he
will derive from church attendance on Sunday. Then
too, there is the mental improvement to be absorbed from
masterly sermon that develop our grasp on new thoughts
of the day. Subjects which appeal to our intelligence,
our emotions and our duty to brother man. The environ
ment of soulful peace, the benediction of rest from our
work-a-day activities and the enthrallment of inspiring
music are potent attractions to influence the habit of "go
mg to Church on Sundays."
Cor. of Central Ave. and McKinley St.
Program For Sunday and Week Following
Bible School at 9:45 a. m.
Communion service at 10:45 a. m. ;
Preaching at 11 :C0 a. m.
Christian Endeavor at 7 :00 p. m.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday at 8:00 P. M.
Song. . '
Song ,
Cornet Solo Ralph Clark.
Scripture (5th Chapter of Matt.) Ethel Fretz.
Solo Mrs. Bushell
Vialin Solo ilr. Yates. .
Quartet Male. x
Piano Solo Mary Tice.
Duett Fuller and Nesbitt
Scripture (13th Chapter of 1 Cor.) Lacey Tice
Do You Believe In A Restored Apostolic
Christian Church In Unity and Faith?
THAT IS OUR AIM Sorvices Sunday at 11 a. m., 2:20 p. m. and 7:15
p. m. Special prayer and divine healing meetings each Thursday after
noon at 2:30. At this House of God the poor and strangers will always
receive a welcome hand.
Corner 10th St. and Washington Right on Car Line
H. L. Faulkner, Pastor Phone 8675
May Clearance
Off Ready-ToWear
amid Mnllimic.ry
Friday &nd Saturday
On Second Floor
Our Ready-to-Wear Sections are just overflow
ing with the season's latest modes. Our advice
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these sales every article of major attire as fash
ionable suits, coats, dresses, blouses and milli
nery portraying the latest vogue of the summer
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pscflal May Clearance of ReadyToWear aed MllUnery
GEORGETTE WAISTS all the latest shades
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dered waists worth much more money for
a two day sale
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urday at
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'he Store of
o ": "Or o- tv
Quality Shop
P'hzr.c 4351

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