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Kstablishmcnt of an Arizona office of!
t riiiu i. -v- i
X. Y., has recently been effected with
tlic opening of headquarters for Phoe
nix and the state at 201 Monihon build
ing. Kl"ator operators will hereafter
be afforded the same efficient service
Jivailable in the larger cities of the
t. oimtry.
Decision (o establish a resident rep
resentative was made by the Otis com
pany as a result of the tremendous
growth of business in this state. 'In
terests of the Otis Klevator company
have Brown to such proportions in Ari
zona that an Arizona office is an ab
solute necessity to properly serve our
patrons and give the public the pro
tection to which it is entitled," sr.'id one
of the representatives yesterday.
Under the creation of a Arizona
office, the Oti company wiil maintain
a. competent force of elevator special
ists in Phoenix und Arizona.. Kvery
man employed by the company is an
expert, carefully trained in the factory
and competent to a superlative degree
74 ton to six ton.
4th Ave. and Washington
in repairing-, maintaining and install
ing all types of elevators. Old cus
tomers as web as prospective new
customers will be served through the
Phoenix headquarters. The company
maintains a large stock room at Los
Angeles, where parts and machinery
can be secureo on short notice.
The Otis Klcvator company main
tains officer and headquarters in all
the larger cities of the world and has
factories at Yonkers.. in Canada. Kng
iand. Franco and Germany. Consid
erable construction work is now under
way in Phoenix by the company and
this work will all be handled through
the Phoenix representative hereafter.
State Treasurer
Gets Large Check
A remittance of approximately half
a million dollars was received yester
day bv State Treasurer II. Koss from
Cochise county as state taxes collected j
on the second installment for ISIPj
taxes. The check of S116,7SC.G2 is one i
of several th.it have been received by
the treasurer since the first, of. June,
although all the counties have not yet
remitted tax monies to the office.
Among the counties that have for
warded checks since the first of .Tune
are Mohave, with a cjck of $"JS.3Sr.13;
Gila. $101. -409.71 Pinal, ?17-1.C 1C.2S;
Greenlee, $116,126.S0:
MKXICO CITY. June 10. General
Manuel Pelaez. who has been virtually
the independent ruler of the state ot
Tamaulipas. declares he is turning over
his forces to Krigadier General P. Klias
' Calles. minister of war, and will obey
the latter's orders, according to KI
Domocata. today.
Felix Palavacini. former secretary or
public information, lias been named as
special envoy to England, France.
Italy and I'elgium.
Fduardo Xeri lias been sworn in as
attorney general, Ileraldo says.
representatives of a number of silver requied by the law to purchase at one
smelters. The director o." the mint is dollar an ounce silver produced from
America n
and reduced by
The curfew ordinance for Phoenix,
designed to keep children tinder 1G off
the city's streets after 9 o'clock at
night in the winter or 10 o'clock in the.
summer, .was formally placed before
the city commission at its meeting
yesterday and referred to the city at
torney for approval as to legal form.
The ordinance probably will be acted
upon at the commission's meeting next
The proposed curfew ordinance has
met with general approval from or
ganizations and individuals of Phoe
nix since the law was first advocated
a few weeks ago. Comment .on it re
peatedly has pointed out the need of
some such measure to protect the city's
youngsters, who under present condi
tions are free to stay out as late as
they please, in any part of town, re
gardless of the influence the habit of
being on the streets at late hours and
with any companions may have on the
Bids for the erection of a bandstand
at the public library park were received
by the commission at yesterday's
meeting and referred to the city manager.
Yuma, $11,S03.C2;
$46,921.03, and Santa Cruz,
WASHINGTON, June 15. The gov
ernment is willing to purchase silver
provided terms of the Pittman act are
complied with, Assistant Secretary of
the Treasury Leffingwill today told
They're BetterlEianHer
when you pour crushed
strawberries over
and cream
RS. They cant Be beat
pi Ear
1 rBUITEif
ask for
Butter L , Sjf Better
jsl j tjwant - . '
t'jjli,l.'WIWtWllJUM .! !! JIHaa-j , --.r - ,::-,-'.;-.-,; -.'T7r:.:l
e . '
u vr
L. M. BYRD, Manager
There is hardly any need of going into details to the general public relative to what
the months of June, July and August means tD merchants throughout Salt River Valley,
which at this critical period of the year from a commercial standpoint has meant a tre
mendous loss to merchants in general which statement will be fully acknowledged, but be
ing alive to the issue, and its meaning to us, and rather than wait and sit idly by awaiting the
opening of the busy season,' which without a doubt would mean complete stagnation and
a tremendous loss, we must at whatever cost keep our force of expert tailors intact, which otherwise would mean incuring
hardship on those depending upon them, which we sincerely wish to avoid. We have fully determined on our course of action
and taken the bull by the horns as drastic measures are imperative in order to avoid stagnation, and the retaining of the serv
ices of our large force of expert tailors whose splendid .mechanical ability for needle work has enabled us to establish the most
wonderful personal following in the state of Arizona, hence our determination in fully deciding on holding the greatest rec
ord breaking tailoring sale ever undertaken in the mercantile history of the state of Arizona, involving the stupendous sac
rifice o fa $25,000 stock of high grade foreign and American woolens, the largestand most complete stock of woolens car
ried bv any individual tailoring firm throughout the entire Pacific Coast. Profits will be discarded entirely and given no
consideration. Every suit will be made up at the practical cost of production. x
We are under deep obligation and in honor bound to keep our force of tailors busy during these trying summer
months as there is a gentleman's agreement to that effect between us, and that agreement must be kept regardless of the cost
to us. Ve are willing to go to the utmost extremes, in the keeping of this agreement, and avoiding stagnation, which will
mean that the public will get the benefit of the greatest high class tailoring sale ever undertaken in the mercantile history
of the State of Arizona. ' ' "
GENTLEMEN As an incentive, owing to these days of unusual business depression which is preval
ent throughout the entire country at this particular time of the year, and in order to stimulate business
thereby keeping our large force of tailors busy throughout the summer season, this entire and magnificent
$25,000 stock of foreign and American fabrics which are of the finest quality and textures, will be placed
on sale in one of the most stupendous record-breaking sacrificing woolen sales ever undertaken through
out the entire state. Every suit pattern in this establishment will be literally sacrificed regardless of its
original cost and selling price. More than fifteen hundred styles to select from. Every known weave,
color and design imaginable is here and will be placed at your disposal. Hundreds of these patterns can
not be duplicated in any tailoring or clothing institution west of Chicago, as they are exclusive novelties
in woolens. We are going to go to the utmost extremes in order to keep our force of expert tailors busy
and to carry us through the critical trying months of June, July and August, the time of year which is usually dreaded by all
merchants throughout the Salt River Valley. Every suit that had previously been sold and made up for not less than and
from JjJ(J5 ant S70 W kC mae to yur own individual measure into a high class and STRICTLY HAND
CUSTOM TAILORED SUIT during this tremendous value giving tailoring sale only for JQ We positively guarantee
that the same identical high grade linings, trimmings and workmanship will be placed in your garments as though the
original selling price of $70 een pa Every garment will be practically hand tailored by our
force of expert tailors who have statewide reputations to sustain and who have been affiliated with us for years, the fitting of
your garments will be absolutely guaranteed throughout. No suit upon 'completion will be delivered to customers until
thoroughly inspected by the members of this firm, as under no circumstances will a defective garment be allowed to leave
this institution as the reputation of this tailoring institution mjst be guarded at all costs. We are thinking of the future and
not the present. Space forbids our going into the intricate details relative to the different patterns and quality of these meig
nificent fabrics, hence a cordial invitation is extended the public of this community to visit this institution where you can ex
amine these beautiful woolen fabrics at your own leisure regardless of whether you place an order or not. Every courtesy will
be extended nevertheless. The public's attention is respectfully directed to article to the right of this ddvertisement as we
wish to be judged fairly.
Doors Open 3 A. M. Open Saturday Eve. Until 9 P. M
! 11 I BU C Vfcs
h west Moams
The Byrd Tailoring Co. issues due warning to those we have
in view that in future, any sentence, phrase, or paragraph of any
advertising matter eminating from this institution, appearing in
the advertising columns, of any commercial organization without
due authorization, in a wanton and wilfull attempt to deceive the
buying public at the expense of our advertising matter, will be
instantly met by the institution of both civil and criminal proceed
ings, and will be vigorously prosecuted to the full extent of the
law with every means at our command. There will be no compro
mising a matter of this kind, as we intend to make an example of
those who may be guilty of such despicable methods. Every
promise made in this institution is made in the right spirit and
carried out to the very letter, and we are prepared to stand be
hind any statement that may be issued in our advertising columns,
and we clo not propose to tolerate for an instant the use of any ad
vertising matter that may emanate from this institution by those
whom we have just cause to believe have a designing and ulterior
motive in view. The protection of our friends and the public in general, the guarding of
our name and reputation are -warranted issues that makes the threatening of drastic no
tion imperative. We gladly tender our sincere and profound apologies to our worthy
and reliable well meaning fellow merchants ruid competitors, for the publication of this
article. This warning is issued for the edification of a certain few only. Furthermore
any future slurring insinuation which may be cast in any of their future advertising col
umns, which carries with it a hidden meaning which i.s instantly detectable by men rf
intelligence who are naturally capable of reading between the lines, and which will have
a. tendency to reflect in ary way on the nationality, integrity and character of this or ny
other reliable commercial institution, ways and means will be found that will put a. fctop
to such cowardly tactics.
This is an intensely American institution, based on American ideals and principles,
and conducted by Americans throughout. We are American tailors true enough, but in
making that statement we do not wish to create the impression on the minds of th
intelligent American public, that we are any more deservingor entitled to the preference
of the American publics consideration any quicker than our worthy and reliable fellow
merchants and competitors, who are loyal American citizens of foreign birth. They are
just as much entitled to and worthy your valuable consideration regardless of the land of
their birth as any American tailoring or clothing organization in the country, as long am
their methods are honorable and above reproach.
We are not making our free born Americanism an issue for commercial purposes,
as we are not commercial beggars. Said slurring insinuation was recently cast which we
deem is a vile insult to business men of foreign birth, and a still deadlier insult to all free
born Americans of foreign birth and parentage. Thousands upon thousands of Americana
of foreign birth and parentage were enrolled in our natioal army ready to sacrifice U
ad even life itself if necessary in the just cause of democracy which fully attests to their
intense patriotism and loyalty. I-et any loud mouth braggart who makes one's nationality
an issue for commercial purposes deny that contention, drawing a distinction between free
born Americans and loyal American citizens of foreign birth who are willing to sacrifice
their lives if necessary fo our flag, the symbolic emblem of justice, freedom, and equality
thereby making one's nationality an issue for commercial purposes and the mere sake of
gain and particularly on a small scale is in our estimation extremely revolting, ami is
beyond our power to express our contempt in words, and is both degrading and repulsive
to an extreme. Kvery loyal American citizen of foreign birth, whether our competitor nr
not, who may be engaged in some coram-rc:al enterprise, is fully deserving of very j'reo
born Amrican's patronage regardless of creed, color, or nationality, as long as thMr busi
ness methods are honorable and their loyalty to the stars and stripes is unquestioned and
we are more than certain that every fair and broad minded American whose natural
charactertistic for fair play and justice is only too well known will concede our i ontent ion.
We are fully cognizant of the fact that insidious, slurring insinuations against reliable
commercial institutions signifying unwarranted mah'ce and hatred by an ignorammis for
no other reason than that they as well as ourselves are competitors in tin's particular line
of business has the same effect on the minds of the intelligent men and women of J'hoenix
and elsewhere as water on a duck's back. This publication is also a precautionary meas
ure in a sincere and conscientious effort on our part to avoid if possible any future dis
agreeable controversy that may accrue involving court proceedings which in naturally
and extremely distasteful, but if brought to an issue a few unpleasant facts may 1
brought to light that will possibly startle and open the eyes of the public relative to this
self styled merchant prince. We are staunch adherents of clean cut advertising. We ad
mire aggressive merchants, we believe in keen competition, but we do not believe in be
littling and humiliating competitors and fellow merchants, and nither do we belb-ve in
accusing those struggling for an honorable commercial career and livelihood of being fake
tailors and clothiers even though they are our competitors. Those tactics are usually . ni
ployed by rascals only ami denounced and frowned upon by honorable inr-n and women
in all walks of life.

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