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tract. re,lUy recw'l. on the con-
OfC'rman Hck" Pleased
from rhLhIrt ,nform the telegram
of'v.r S :innouinS the dismissal
had iLi-J,Un'Un I"-oceeUinS8. -but I
homf. ! 0,1,15 h,1Se tllat t,,('1; those
Of the ,WhUl U Wats
count 1 lj"ndin attorney in the
eAml m l? be a" rlftht- They are
examining and passing on bonds everv
out of the way is -oins; to escape them.
i?,l,U,haM' I ,'"n awful strain
on that hondine house to have honds it
bought declared to he illegal. The
public would lose confidence in almost
any bonds h.ul these l.-en successfully
attacked in the courts.
"However, aside from little un
pleasant notoriety lor the community,
ine whole affair has amounted to noth,
inc and has cui-ned us not the slightest
Inconvenience. went riKht ahead
Un all preparations and no did
Twohy Brothers: in fact, we told them
to go right ahead and not to lose a dav
on account of these threats." .
After considering the evidence th
judge ruled that a court in Chicago
cannot Interfere with the affairs of a
county in another state.
1 o
(Continued from 1'age One)
within and no enemy without must im
pair it or diminish it.
"The dangers are not distant: the
fears are not mere fancy. They arj
living, breathing things and always
pregnant with disaster. Therefore your
candidate must he more than the mere
roouth piece of your policies. He must
be the embodiment of your freedom
and the exemplar of your liberties. He
must be the intrepid defender of your
Institutions, a courageous crusader in
the cause of law and order. Above
all. he must be the ardent advocate of
Americanism; and the Democracy of
Pennsylvania has commanded me to
Present to VOU hi ramlirlacv
"In the exacting time through which
we have passed in recent years he has.
shown all of the qualities of leader
ship. ""In Pennsylvania when a powerful
political organization under the leader
ship of the present high priest of the
Republican party, the invisible power
that dominated the recent convention
at -Chicago had tempted even the
leaders of our own party to betray
her' interests, it' was he that entered
Into the conflict and rescued Democ
racy from her faithless leaders and
from her shame. It was he that fear
lessly exposed the crimson record of
Republican corruption and regenerated
his party so that now it may ho!d high
its head in the pursuit of those lofty
ideals and pure purposes that are the
pride of the nation's Democracy."
"It Is not yet determined." he said,
"whether the great sacrifices made by
America's sons in the war were in
Tain. Eighteen months and more,
while civilization has been hovering
over the brink of dissolution and an-
archy and bolshevirm has spread, the
lnlted States senate under reactionary
, Republican leadership has supinely de
feated. That this nation had bcrorae
ihe great moral leader of the world,
looked up to. admired and loved by
the; people of all countries, and that
; ! hirers
if you want
the genuine
in bottles
for the home
at soda fountains
and on draught-
j in Tk
Fancy California Burbanks, 6 pounds 50c
Fancy California Burbanks, per hundred $7.90
Large White Onions, 6 pounds 25c
Home Grown Watermelons, 31C
per lb "-
Home Grown Cantaloupes, 10 C
Tomatoes, 15 C
per lb
Sunkist Lemons, 28 C
per dozen
Fresh Peaches, 15 C
per lb
Navel Oranges, 70 C
per dozen
Armours Grape Juice, S4:C
Bass Island Grape Juice, Q2c
Olives, extra large pint 25c
cans ;
Jell-O; all flavors, 14 C
while they wrangled and talked, ad- j
miration was rapidly giving way to
distrust and love to hate, seemingly
mattered not to them. Truly, lias U
been s.-iid that the honor of this nation
is now committed into the hands of the
Democratic party, and it will not fail
in the full performance of this trust."
"The Democratic jarty must stand ;
or fall upon the record made by the!
Wilson administration." former Gov- '
ernor Shallenberger of Nebraska told 1
the Democratic national convention to
day in nominating as a candidate for
the. presidential nomination United
States Senator Gilbert M. Hitchcock
of Nebraska.
"We have no other political asset."
declared Mr. Shallenberger. "Without
it we are bankrupt."
Described as a man whose record
would appeal to the women voters, the
business interests, the farmers, the
laboring men, and to all lovers of pop
ular government. Senator Robert J.
Owen of Oklahoma was placed in nora- j
illation today before the Democratic
national convention by D. Haden Line
baugh of Muskogee.
Mr. Iinebaugh declared that "party
lines were binding more loosely" and
that the need of the hour was "a can
didate whose record and whose char
acter will inspire the confidence of
progressive-thinking, forward -looking
men and women, without regard to
past party affiliations."
"We offer you a man." he said, "who
in three great campaigns has shown
himself capable of attracting the sup
port of progressive men and women
who are not affiliated with the Demo
cratic party.
"We present you a candidate who
will appeal with extraordinary power
to the eighteen million women voters
in the United States. Who, when all
other candidates were silent. Iiuliffer-
their valiant champion and the chosen
leader of the woman suffrage forces in
his state. We presertLJN'ou a man who
has always been for those things which
women deeply desire. If there be a
man in America who is entitled to the
support of the women of America, that
man is Senator Owen.
"Oklahoma presents you a man who
without bigotry has been the faithful!
champion of prohibition in his own'
state iind throughout the nation. One)
who can be relied on to faithfully ee- (
cute the eighteenth amendment.
"We present you a man who has j
proven beyond doubt his attachment
and fidelity to sound principles of gov- :
ernment. and who has for years stren- j
uojsly and successfully labored to pro- j
mote the peace, happiness and pros- j
perity of our people by making ourj
government. &xd all cf its agencies.
truly responsive to the people's will.
"We preent you a man who hasj
been a faithful leader and supporter;
of the great legislative yrosram ofj
Democracy. Senator Owen has sup
ported every ITno ratic policy, evrryj
progressive act and every war meas
ure. His speeches in support tit the
f.ace treafv of our great pre:dnt.
Woortrow Wilson, were ur.urj,.aed in
the senate fhsm!r.
Prai'ing President Wilson's attitude
rn th prc treaty and term-ire i-n-ator
Lodge's keynote spech at th It -
p jtdican convention nt fl.lriM ' .
i rrene hrnn of hAte." 1". P 1. ' errv
udy placed the name i f former Km .
lsaoor James rrj jo mir:ir,-
ITn lor irir pr-iii-n y itiu-i
I erncvra'lc national rr.vtntiun In
sioi here.
Mr. Cherry palrd for m nondna
tton of a jfe and .n mn. a ii;.'t
tan, hut on r-.f thr -ar lin.
nin h his t:i tri-l s th ttrjt
furnace of ti e tlrr.es, n 1 h c .a'n-.. t
that James Y. Gerard had all these
o. ualities.
Mr. Cherry's address in part fol
lows: "Things have been going on in this
j world during the last six years." said
I Mr. Cherry, "very ditferent from the.
! things which had occurred before.
I Some thirty-five or forty millions of
! rr.en were hurled into deadly conflict.
jlintUe fronts were organised sufficient
to reach
ocean to
i renches.
1 1 aitiing
tlie most
across this continent from i
ocean. The men in tlioj
in the reserves and in thej
imps were the most capable.!
active and the most fit fr-v
civil pursuits,
tuitions, enga
possessed by some trurty (
e l in the appalling con- !
flict. Those nations quickly turned
away from the processes and purposes
of neace. threw nil their ldivsical. all
t their economic and ail their moral
powers and resources into the most
I stupendous mortal combat of al! tiini".
l lie great, war was m t-uro'ie. it ex
tended quickly to t!ie continents of
Asia, of Africa, of Australia, of North
Am'iiica and of South America. Kvery
s:reat nation on e:rth was a belligerent.
Sometimes, in very truth, it seemed j
that western civilization, and eastern j
civilization as well, was being wiped;
J out. There was doubt and discourage- ;
ment, but not yet despair, in the faces
of stout h.earted men and women j
'everywhere. Then this world convul-j
I sion subsided. Tli armistice was !
j signed. The stupendous conflict j
ended. And then the nations, and the
men and women within the nations, j
bean the reorganization of their af- i
fairs, anil of a new world order: and;
began the organization of a now. n
higher, and even a better civilization
than the one that has so suddenly and ;
so ruthlessly been torn ap.irt and out,
of which this world disaster had is
sued. "The price which hnd been paid wa '
appalling. Ten mil'.ions of the best !
lives were gone. Vorty biliion of n:t- j
tional debts, resting upon the bel-
Userent nations before the war be mm
had le.ipod'to two hundred billions of
debts. Property destruction beyond the!
estimate of experts had ben suta!ne,(
by individ'inls, by eon.munjties and lv :
rations a!;Ve. Waste and destruction J
had been plied up like mountain upon
mountain. Literally, not figuratively.
thousand- of villages ar.d hurdr.Ii
njvon hundreds of citb n und towns h.i
one out cf existence r s to thetr in
habitants, as to their places of tiKi-i
ness. and as to their homes. A tiri!
of WHStef t'lness. of ntr;nc:i nee and '
recklessness h: .!. prfori e. t vken I !!
of the human m!nd m er here. Th
econornic. the rnor;l ar. t the relictous
worl i had received a shock tiw I nr.-.
lirenent dav irr of xmdrt.-iri.tir-ir
The customs n-. frKi!, of htghtv
civt! e, ap crfiiT iicl l.fe had t-een
Inrgety ir v . ilrft r.itions. even
!us-ia with l r hun-ir--l and thirtv ;
million !i!, anl the f-i ir u!v-r!l--ta
t it; romrrf" irg rr. cdi Jl'r;e w:h
the!'- hundred irl rfnt v f i v e nii''n
o;!. tetan tt) to!tr I !n f i
iTtv . k i"ti"ia.e. r'; '
trvatifn. l,n w mi rv.J in Kt.;
area fnrfr-r! ft ft of r.t ' ',-e-
esed Of tt e !..!: r .J-.fitton
tidfi t'.at ,'if a ? '! ? -
ret! 'he rcrr:!'.alor. if it ! t-.t-m
prm ! let f ;"tf ihiwk to t'- "- -
l . prt v !,!
To r) i . -r , !-r ;-
e f.r- t -r t tnw?t ' 1 ' ? -1 m
j ,!lt.
: f t-.i - . . . a. . - e t i
T1 e f y t r - ' r r. .-. t h r- t ' "
i.- ! '4 the :tn' I
o U:'.r l-veii en t- t -i at. t;
ta ?-. -. ni ? ' t t .-.,, " .Mr t
Urtt e i t tVr.fa r uri -f
IY thret?-t f ,i , 1
., H. St ?-!-!. wc-.: ', 1 rt ..'v
Bread, 20-oz. loaves, ?r
2 for .wtJV,
Familv size Ilorlick's Malted Q 0T
Milk, each OO.a-.tJ
m. j. b. coffee, 09 rrq
5-lb. can 0-.00
Hill's Blue Coffee, OO
3-lb. box OX.OO
4S-lb. Moses' Best QJ (f
Flour tl.UU
48 lbs. Star CO A n
Flour OO.i
Gi :-lb. box Crax, 1 Or
each OX O
8-lb. can Snowdrift, CO A H
each O.I
1 gallon can Wesson Oil, CO (0
each O.UO
Pint Fruit Jars,
er dozen OtJL
Quart ri-uit Jars, Q1 r
per dozen X C
on a wave toward the nomination.
Smith May Be Running Mate
"To strengthen their program, the
inside loaders hit upon a plan to take
Governor Smith of Now York as a run
ning mate for the candidate they hope
to ultimately select, despite the notice
which W. Hourke CocUan gave to the
convention today that New York would
accept no second place for the gov
ernor. It was no secret that the Tam
many delegation came to San Fran
cisco with no intention of holding to
Smith for very many ballots, and as
for the breaking up of the unit rule,
many delegates were expected to go
eventually to ('oxpr Kdwards. Rather
than push Smith too hard, the plan
of the Tammany managers, it is said,
was to run him again for governor of
New York and then hold him in reserve
for the candidate for mayor of New
York after a second term at Albany.
The licmonst ration which swept the
convention today after he had been
placed in nomination bj W. Hourke
Cockran was not on account wholly
for Smith's nomination. Nevertheless,
it served the purpose of putting thv
convention in a very happy and friend
ly mind toward the ..-v York gov
ernor and there were possibilities of
its being capitalized in the t-ituation
suddenly presented when the party
leaders decided to make an effort to
I beat McAdoo.
None of the old line insiders made
any effort tonight to conceal his con
j rem at the jnran in the McAdoo boom
i or to deny that it was loaded witl;
i threatening possibilities from turMr
j viewpoint.
i The night after a grilling day in the
convention hall, far from being spenji
; in rest, saw much planning and round- !
I ing up of forces. Some old-time leaders!
I aereed that the boast so frequently!
j made on the convention floor as a jibe'
i at the Republicans that the Democratic)
candidate 'would not be in a fie in a1
hotel room at 2 a. m." was in danger of
being challenged by "the impending de- !
velopments. Those who were willing)
to speak frankly, although not puN-
holy, acknowledged that they had an
uphill fight on their hands trying to;
stem the McAdoo wave. j
4, . ;
(Continued from Pace tie) j
fised door of the platform commit- j
tee. hut it devoted itself wholly so far j
as, the organized program with getting
the nominating speech out of thej
war and clearing the decks for con- j
Mderatioa of the platform tomorrow ,
It w.ts rpe.-ted that all the r,o;niru-t- ,
log speeches would te made today and !
that when an ad)outrtment wan taken i
unt.l tomorrow afternoon at I o'clock '
Use convention would hne u clear j
track to ! -oi-;d alum of the)
piriform with it ur f neht on the et ;
:.n. dry l;e ai d possibly om other '
pi. ink .;
Rut after eight wearv and rjt kir3 i
hoars of or-tir.uous seton that '.!
Jrtimd with rere tr.ln. the ir.nvfi. i
ion felt St bad id rnough ,ifrr il '
be'trd r.erv.;!i.inng he for ran- j
ii!dat s. cor. hid : g w,t! Governor iM - i
ward of New Jersev. arc., on motion)
of 1 1 .rrr.!t . e flood ef Virginia. !
M.-ii.,t i? ru and too a r--c
until 11 tomorrow morning. At that
hour tomorrow the business of placing
candidates in nomination will lie re
sumed with the prospect of the name
cf .John W. Davis will he the only one
presented. The platform committee,
the convention leaders hope, will be
ready to report at that time and the
convention can then di.-n;' of the
platform and proceed to balloting for
a presidential nominee. possibly to
morrow niaht or Friday.
Many of the friends of Ambassador
Davis felt that tin- presentation of his
name tomorrow before a convention
refreshed hy a night's rest instead of
at the fag end of a hard day. gave
him an important advantage.
Harmony Fills Convention Air
SAN FRANCISCO. June 30 Lifted
out of itself by hours of oratory, old
songs that tugged at the heart strings
and the throbbing appeal of a mighty
pipe organ, the Democratic national
convention brought nomination day to
a tremendous emotional crisis that had
nothing to do with candidates or plat
form issues.
Factional differences were forgot
ten: political jealousies were swept
aside and from seething tumult on the
floor to the singing, cheering thou
sands in the p icked galleries; the vast
assembly gave itself up at intervals
without stint to a great brotherly re-
Registered Chemical
Fibre Indemnity Protod
are manufactured under supervi
sion of the CJeneral Indemnity Cor
poration of America whose I'.ond
insures user and his bank jointly
1st Forgery.
2nd Erasure of the name of
3rd Raising of the amount,
which is prevented through the use
of the Todd two-color Check Writer.
"Protod" (similar to
paper used by the
the silk thread
I'nited States
manufacture of
be obtained in
government in th
liank Notes cannot b
the open market and
vents duplication of
and forger).
thereby pro
check forms
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Phoenix, Arix.
Phone 1305
"Better be safe than sorry
Our system of registration pre
vents us from itllixg checks to
Sanks for the use of depositors. We
sell forgery-D'oof chests to beeh
fer tK.r en ue oety end to Cus
tomers drct.
IAVishTo Announce That I Have Changed the
Name of Mv Firm From Gass Bros." To
Chop House
as I have leen the ov owner For over eitrht years. There will be
no change in management or in operating the business. It will be
conducted the same as before buying the best of everything to
eat, employing only competent help that have experience in the
restaurant business which enables us to serve you with quick and
polite service night and day.
Thanking mv friends, customers and the public for the loyal
support they have shown me in the past I hope they will continue
to do so in the future.
19 North
union as unexpected as it was over
whelming. The scene was unparalleled in the
memory of the oldest convention ob
server. There was no feature lacking to
draw the thousands from their sober
business into a riot of feeling and the
convention surrendered unconditional
ly. Flooding silver light from the
electric arcs hish in the galleries
bathed floor and platform in a strange
appealing glow; the crash and clamor
of the military bands, the great im
pressive sweep of the arched roof of
the auditorium, and always the solemn
elation in the voice of the great organ
tuned to the melodies of other days,
were not to lie resisted.
Kven before the convention was
called to order before noon, the hall
was touched with the hint of what was
to come. Hooters for Palmer and for
Cox had come armed for great demon
strations. There was no mistaking
that. The crowd expected it.
Ohio Has Own Band
High against the wall of the west
ern gallery a red coated band from
Ohio was placed, fronted by a solid
The Constructive
constantly on the alert to promote and protect ths finan
cial interests of its friends and clients, animates ths activi
ties of this bank.. The long history of its commercial bank
ing service is enriched by this spirit of sincere and sensible
co-operation. Hers the standing of a business concern
depends no more upon its size and power than upon its
character, personnel and potential strength. To every de
serving enterprise, regardless of sge or size, which seeks
our service, it is our policy to extend ths fullest benefits
of our facilities in so far as this is compatible with sound
banking practice. With us your commercial or personal
banking requirements will receive prompt, and conscien
tious attention.
Rational 5ankorlZQM
nr,oCmx ...
HerTr cf fedtr
Central at
Central Ave.
block of rooters who got into action
before the delegates had filled more
than half the seats. Across in a perch
above Ihe organ loft, the convention
hand was at work with stirring melo
dies and the organist threw his gTesr
instrument into full, roaring accom
paniment of any air the rooters raised.
When the first nominating orators
had been heard and the names of
Senator Owen, former Ambassador
f.erard and Senator Hitchcock had
been idaoed on the ballot amid ap
plause, Florida yielded to Pennsyl
vania and the name of A. Mitchell Pal
mer was presented to set the conven
tion on its wild ecstacy of singing and
cheering. The Palmer men were
ready. No noise making device had
been overlooked, no device of rooters
to stimulate the clamor left untried.
Up in front of the platform, a long,
slim, red headed yell leader waved
frantic arms from a rickety perch on a
chair while a California woman in
white drove the demonstration forward
w ith almost equal vigor. The shouting
of the Palmer adherents grew and
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V jTP1iM'IJ-llr ,!!' Vsr-rrerr

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