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Children Cootcinijlg Fashion
-fv IT TT few T
In the kitchen of her own home Sister Mary cooks
daily for a family of four adults. Shr brought to her
, kitchen an understanding of the chemistry of cooking,
gained from study of domestic science in a state univer
sity. Consequently the advice she offers is a happy com
bination of theory and practice. Every recipe 6he gives
is her own, first tried out and served at her family table ,
A porch that has become dusty usually looks worse
after someone has tried to clean it with a hose and broom
than it did when the dust was evenly distributed: The
broom is sure to make streaks.
A heavy woolen mop is the best thing to use to really
clean a painted porch floor. Use the mop as if it were a
broom. It will not be necessaiy to wring the mop. Then
hose the floor well. There will be no dusty broom marks
on the floor and the work will not be a bit harder.
It means regular cleaning to keep a living porch clean
Menu for Tomorrow.
BREAKFAST Orange juice, broiled
bacon, toast, coffee.
LUNCHEON Sweetbreads with
peas, cherry salad, layer cake with ba
nana filling:, tea.
DINNER Broiled white fish, scal
loped potatoes, beets with lemon sauce,
cucumber salad, cherry brown betty,
My Own Recipes.
One way to decide which vegetable
to serve with meat is to choose a vege
table opposite in color from the meat.
Thus, if the meat is light colored, the
vegetable should be dark or vivid in
color. This is a safe rule, giving the
oroper balance to a meal.
2 pairs of sweetbreads.
2 slices salt pork.
Lard Lard
Carload of Lard Compound. Come and take it away.
All you want.
Jewel Compound, No. 2, 0f
per can V'
Jewel Compound, No. 4 $X 00
Jewel Compound, No. 8, $2 00
Swift's Premium Hams, small size, 4-4-P
while they last, per lb y
Sego Milk, large size, , "I Aa
per. can -"V
Sego Milk, small size,
per can . . .
Limit, Five Cans to Customer
Special Announcement
We wish to announce we will open a bread and
pastry department in the store occupied by the Cali
fornia Fish and Poultry Market, where we will carry
a full and complete line of Bayless Pure Milk Bread,
Pies and Cakes. Those of you that have tried our
bread and pastry need no introduction. We extend
to one and all, to visit us in our new location, a cor
dial invitation.
Fruit and egetable Dept.
Extra fancy Sunkist Lemons t A.(
per dozen '. .
Pink Heated Muskmelons, "1
Three for AVJ,t
Bin-bank and Wickson Plums, H f
bythelug lb. c
Early Crawford Peaches, OKn
2 lbs. ADKs
Tomatoes for Canning, n
per lb uc
Fine Cooking Apples, t(n
per lb. ....-LUC
Extra Large Bell Peppers, ' 1 OKn
per lb.
Green Chili, OPTp
per lb.
California Green Cucumbers, OKn
2 lbs.
Honey Dew Melons, A0
per lb.
Sweet Casaba Melons, On
per lb. .
If it's in the market, and is saleable, we have it.
Eat Bayless Pure Milk Bread it is the best and
cheapest food.
Bayless Grocery Co.
Phone 3545
First and Washington Sts.
1 slice onion.
Salt and pepper.
2 pounds new peas.
2 tablespoons butter.
Let sweetbreads .stand in cold water
for an hour. Parboil in salted acidu
lated water for 20 minutes. The onion
should be added. Plunge into cold wa
ter and let stand until cold. Cut pork
into narrow strips about two inches
longr. Drain swetbreads, and, put strips
of pork about an inch apart over top
of breads. Iljt a few pieces of pork
in the bottom of a baking pan. Put in
sweetbreads, sprinkle with pepper, add
a little water and bake in a hot oven
for 30 minutes, basting every 10 min
utes. Cook peas, season with salt, pep
per and butter. Arrange meat on a
platter and surround with peas. Serve
very hot.
2 cups milk
Vz cup sugar
2 egg yolks
1-4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons flour t
1 banana
Make a custard of the first five in
gredients. When cool, add bananas
sliced. Put between the layers of a
cake. Any plain cake made with one
or two whole eggs can be baked In
of th& twins
.by Olive. Robcrfcx Barton.
The next person Tingaling went to collect rent from in the Land-Of-Dear-Knows-Where.
was Mr. Munchie Mouse, who lived down in the cellar o
Maple-Tree Flats, and who also was janitor of the place, collecting garbage
and so on.
Mrs. Munchie Mouse was the washer and ironer for all the flats, too, so
between them they made a very good living.
It was "very convenient for the dwellers in Maple-Tree Apartments to have
the Mouses so near, and to make things still nicer, a little dumb-waiter (ele
vator) ran up and down inside the tree which carried garbage cans and laundry-baskets
and furniture when folks were moving in or out.
When Tingaling and Nancy and Nick arrived for the rent, carrying the
rent-book, and the large lead pencil. Munchie was just washing up at the
kitchen sink, getting ready to eat his dinner, and Mrs. Munchie was folding
away the last of the Squirrel family's clothes in their basket, while the coffee
boiled. '
. "Hello, Munchie," called the fairy landlord through thte window. "Rent
The latest rival of
champagne appetite is
sugar tooth.
Amos Betts, chairman of the corpora
tion commission, returned yesiterday
from the Californian coast, where he
has been recuperating from a serious
attack of typhoid fever. Mr. Betts
was taken ill early in April and for a
time all hope for ' his recovery was
abandoned. After weeks when he hov
ered between life and death there was
an improvement and when he had suf
ficiently recovered he went to the
coast, returning practically a well man.
Mr. Betts stated that he did not pro
pose getting down to hard work for
some little time but that he would be
at his desk at the state house keep
ing in touch with the affairs of the
During the last week he was in Los
Angeles he experienced six earth
quakes, he said, and previous to that
had come up from the beach in time
to take in three sharp shocks. The
first shock of his life, came when he
was on the ninth floor of the Union
league building anY there was a great
scramble to get out.
Nine out of ten people are scared
to death of the earthquakes, and are
leaving California In flocks. A bit of
warm weather isn't the most discom
forting thing in the world, they find,
and are making reservations to return
to Arizona at once. Many who made
summer arrangements in Los Angeles
are hurrying home and glad to -be
here." -".:
.. . o .
SAN ANTONIO. Texas "If people
stayed at home more there would be
fewer divorces," says Judge W. S. An
derson here who has granted , 7000 di
vorces in seven years on the bench.
"We need new divorce laws but what
we need most is the education of folks
to what marriage means."
Quaint Frock
Combines Lace
And Georgette
I-.. . ,...' -y. a a X'. i
, i T i
5 i hMj0$
"Hello, Munchie," called the fairy landlord through the window. "Rent
day!" . , ,
"Why so it is." answered Munchie rolling down his sleeves and opening
the door. 'Come in, Mr. Tingaling, won't you?"
"Company's with me," answed the fairyman.
"The more the merrier," answered Munchie. "Bring 'em along."
So in they filed, including the Magical Mushroom.
Mrs. Munchie put her laundry-basket on the elevator and pulled the rope.
Thereupon the basket, elevator, and all went up, up and up, to thte Squirrel
family's floor, where it stopped, and the next thing they heard was Mrs.
Samantha dragging the basket off. v
"Now," said Mrs. Munchie, untying her apron, "come and sit down, folks
while the cheese cakes are hot." Which they all did, but where they got
cheese I'll never tell you, unless it might be from the milkweed.
was happening Bob and I were at odds
again !
Bob had absolutely refused to be
surprised because I had learned to
smoke. He was neither amused nor
But he seemed to enjoy his own
cigarette very much, I observed, as we
wandered slowly homeward through
the Lorimer park.
"Bob, please give me a cigarette!" I
said suddenly.
To my astonishment. Bob produced
his case. I took one out.
"If you will kindly light it for me?"
My husband was courtesy itself. But.
when at last, I had the horrid thing
in my own fingers, I threw it away
from me.
Bob stopped and watched it balance
on the edge of the box edge. And then
he seized me in his arms.
"I really didn't want to smoke at all.
dearest," I whispered. T never did!"
Bob kissed me, and ended further ex
planations. , "You make me awfully glad, darl
ing,' he whispered. "I do love you so
when you are your own sweet natur
al self, you know. But when you try
to' be like other girls when you pose,
my dear well, you can see for your
self, what s bound to happen."
I could see that, for myself. And I
could see something else, too, for other
women as well as for myself.
If I had a child to take care of, I
wouldn't go around hunting for silly
fads! And I wouldn't be worrying,
half of the time, about whether my
husband loved me or not. I would
simply take it for granted that he was
perfecfy wild about me as the moth
er of his child!
Motherhood I considered a profes
sion, and the most difficult one, to fill
adequately, that any human being can
undertake. I had my ideals about it.
And I didn't think that any woman
was fit to undertake it without cer
tain ideals. .
Ann had none and yet she was the
potential mother, I felt sure. It would
be exactly like a perverse fate to bit
her with a Lorimer heir!
What if she wno cared nothing for
children were to have a son while
had none? ;
In face of this stupendous possibil
ity, what did my little flare over
smoking amount to?
Nothing at all!
And Bob had been out of patience
with me because I was so trivial! It
was the silly little cigarette it was the
state of mind which found satisfac
tion in such a silly fad that offended
a man like my Bob!
"Don't weep so, darling. The Inci
dent is closed, sweetheart." Bob threw
away his own cigarette.
"I'm crying about something much
more important," I protested.
What darling? Tell me!"
"I suppose if we were to have a son
we would name him ror : your
"We would. And the name wotvld
be worth just $1,000,000 to the boy, my
dear!" ;
(To Be Continued)
New York state has supplied more
than one-third of ail vice-presidents
of the United States.
k (CcpifrigKt 19201 byTIieNbffiajxrEnlqyn
Bob Finds a Diplomatic Way to Keep
Me From Smoking
Bob made no comments on the cigar
ette incident as we walked home under
the light, of the moon.; It was a mag
nificent evening, but Cynthia herself
couldn't have aroused Bob from his
gloom that night. My domestic hap
piness had been seriously jeopardized
at rather regular intervals ever since
I had been married.
From much bitter experience, I
should have learned to avoid the dan
gerou3 conflict between Bob's moods
and my own pride. Many times had
I made a compact with myself:
"Let other wives proeeed according
to their own light. . Let them assert
themselves as independent feminists in
the new way, or obey their husbands
fondly and blindly as in the old way;
I am for both ways or either way -or
neither I'm for any way which will
maintain my home in perpetual peace."
For if I didn't succeed as a home
maker, I couldn't see what work of im
portance I had in the world. Each day
ought to sec me adding one solid bit
of construction to my . domestic hap
piness. That's . the wife.'s business
quite as much as it is the man's to add
a mite to his prosperity account every
day. But in spite of my. earnest ef
forts, and almost before I realised what
I can -without rri
Wonderful bargains at our sal6f
all Hair Goods. Z
Jefferson Hair Storey
Jefferson Hotel Bldg.
If your skin
itches just use
in -
'9 .n -I
For tHal free, write Dept. 7-R. R
tool. Btitimor. Md.
Resinol Ointment, with Resinol
Soap, usually stops itching instantly.
Unless the trouble is due to some
serious internal disorder, it quickly
and easily heals most cases of ec
zema, rash, or similar tormenting
kin or scalp eruption, even when
other treatments have given little
reiief. Physicians prescribe Resinol
extensively. Sold by all druggists.
Special for the
To make room for new books now com
ing in we are retiring a large number of
juvenile books by standard authors, and
have placed them on sale at
35c a Copy
1 " '
Some of these books sold for over a dol
lar, and they are all new and in good shape.
See them in our First street window. c
Victor Records and Victrolas
42-48 East Washington St
r r J
New York's Fashion Authority
NEW YORK Fashion has intro
duced one lace frock after another this
In this model, lace is combined with
apricot fireorgette and trousseau rib
bons. Therp is a foundation of cream
colored chiffon. Then the georgette is
hung- with a few gathers in a straight
line tunic, meeting a panel that alter
nates lace and ribbon, at the back.
A bodice of georgette with bertha of
lace; an odd sash of georgette edged
all around with the lace, tightly quilled,
and an exceedingly good looking hat of
lace with a flower bedecked . crown
complete the costume.
Grand Ave. Market
Saturday Meat Specials
per lb UC
per lb 0"
per lb OWC
per lb
per lb
ner lb 7
per lb o
Place Your Order Early
Free Delivery
Flicr.e 1-4-7-1
709 Grand Ave.
Have More Time for Yourself
AT ANY women find their hours so complete
ly occupied by their domestice duties,
they have no time for "play."
And no wonder! In many homes the cooking is still
being done on a wasteful, dirty, smoky stove. If there is any
thing that burns up more time, as well as fuel, we don't know
of it: Ccok stoves, of the old work-making type, are relics of
primitive, picneer days. .
Nothing else like them for convenience and general sat
isfaction. All modern homes are equipped with them and up-to-date
housewives insist upon cooking with gas the clean,
cool fuel.
Come in and see the new style Ranges
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Phone 1654
230 W. Washington St.

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