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(Section Two)
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tR5puben A. P. Leased Wire
NEW YORK, Aug. 11 Tha principle
of -follow the rreen Tm" used suc
cessfully by the rcva-najternent of isew
Tork's subway system In handling
crowds at congested transfer points,
v,n iidantd In a measure to In
sure safety to ships at sea. around
crowded harbors. Instead of a visible
"green line," however, a device has
been perfected whereby vessels. seek
In their way Into harbor In thick
leather can follow with safety a sub
mersed and enersized wire.
In the outer reaches of New Tork
harbor where deep water meets shoals,
there begins a marine passage way
known as Ambrose channel. This
channel leads up through the nar
rows into the inner harbor and to the
docks and In this channel the guiding
cable has been laid. Ships properly
equipped to take advantage of its guid
ing powers can follow it through any
kind of weather with the same desree
of assurance as can the passenger who
weeks to make his way from Grand
Central terminal to Times Square.
The device consists of a cable 16
miles long laid in the center of the
channel. It Is energised with an alter
nating current from the shore. Ships
to take advantage of it must be
equipped with audiphones or listening
devices attached to the hull. Ap
proaching the channel the sound
waves emitted by the cable can be
heard for some distance, and the In
creasing or decreasing strength of the
sound enables the ship to be steered
until it is right over the source. It is
then a simple matter to follow its
course through the dredged channel
despite storm or fog which would
make the marking buoys Invisible or
would tend to confuse the warning
notes of automatic bell and whistle
This cable Is but an additional pro
tection for shipping entering American
ports. It supplements the radio com
pass installed and operated by tne
naval communications service now in
successful use all along the Atlantic
coast. By the compass, ships can as
certain their exast position in any
kind of weather. Another protection
recently tried out by the navy depart
ment is a machine for determining
depth of water and proximity of other
ships through the readings of sounds
from the propellers reflected back
from the bottom or nearby bodies.
A project to dam the Sutlej river in
the Punjab is now being investigated
bv the British government. If carried
out it will supply irrigation to more
than 2,000,000 acres of arid land and
give Indian the highest dam in the
world, about 135 feet higher than the
Arrowrock dam in California.
Von nan RpTise it but
you cannot describe it.
You say it is delicious
but' that is not enough.
The word you want to
express its charm does
not seem to be in the
Rnfrlish lancruase ex-
cept that you will say,
Yon never tasted such
fonderful coffee..
l ...... -
WASHINGTON. Aug. 11. The only
tree known to have been planted in
memory of Abroham Lincoln right
after his assassination has been nomi
nated for a place in the hall of fame
for "trees with a history," which the
American Forestry association is com
piling. A. S. Bailey of Decorah. Iowa,
where the tree now stands, informed
the association that the tree was
planted by one John Finn, who is still
When Abraham Lincoln was assassi
nated Mr. Finn was in Chicago and he
returned home much depressed. A few
days later, on April 27, 1965, Governor
Stone of Iowa declared a day of mourn
ing for Lincoln. Finn went into the
woods and dug up a small hackberry
shoot, which he transplanted on tne
street in front of his home. The shoot
took root and today is one of the most
magnificent trees in Iowa. It is 110
feet high and nearly 12 feet in circum
ference, to which facts the American
Forestry association points as a great
lesson in what can be done In tree
planting. .
The Daughters of the American Rev
olution, the Grand Army of the Re
public and historical societies of the
country are said to be reporting many
other trees with a history to the Amer
ican Forestry association. Other nomi
nations for the hall of fame are:
The first algaroba tree in the Ha
waiian Islands by M. J. Riordan of
Flagstaff. Ariz. This tree seed was
taken to Honolulu by Father Bachelot
from California, There are now thou
sands of them in the islands.
The General Johnston oak on the
Shiloh battlefield by the chamber of
commerce of Corinth, Miss. Under this
tree Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston was
killed while leading his troops. The
tree, now 300 years old, is cared for by
the national government.
The Washington oak. near Santee,
S. C, nominated by J. Danforth Bush
of Wilmington, Del. The tree was
spared from the ax when George
Washington urged that it be not cut
down. The tree is on the estate of
Col. Henry Rutledge.
The largest canyon live oak in Cali
fornia is believed to have been found
by I A. Barrett of the United States
forest service near the Biddison ranch
in Bouquet Canyon in the Santa Bar
bara forest.
The San Diego Mission palm, nomi
nated by T. P. Getz. This is the only
one remaining of the four planted in
1769. Two were sent to the Chicago
world's fair in 1892 and a third was
blown down in 1913.
The Blunston oak. just over the
Philadelphia line In Darby, nominated
by Miss Ethel Austin Shrigley of Lans
down. Pa. This tree was mentioned in
a deed in 1683 and from beneath it in
1777 General Washington watched his
armv march from Philadelphia to
Chadd's Ford.
The old sassafras tree at Harrlsburg,
now 208 years old, nominated by J. S.
Illick. It was 15 years old when John
Harris, Jr., son of fhe man who founded
the Pennsylvania capital, was born.
The tree is 13 feet in circumference
and 56 feet high.
(Boston Transcript)
The coste of maintaining the camel at
a Parisian zoological garden was so
great that It was decided to cut this
item out of the budget and the animals
were put up at auction. The highest
bid was from a butcher, who cut it up
and sold Is for food.
Makes His truck farm net
$250 per acre
Real farming methods and real
Vf trails Herman Moeller has
found them both v
Tiff years of farming and
today .Herman Moeller
makes his farm net $250
per acre in garden truck.
Herman Moeller says he's tried
a lot or overalls in those ten years
( and now he sticks to Blue Buckle
Over Alls every time.
He has found that Blue Buckles stand
up under every test of farm work he gives
them. And millions of other men, getting
5n crops, working in factories, running
Taflroads men on big jobs everywhere
Jiave found the same thing about Blue
Buckles. They stand the test on every job.
v .Find out for yourself about Blue Buckles,
est the long-wearing denim cloth, the
"wide double-stitched seams. Feel the com-
' fort of the roomy Blue Buckle pattern.
Blue Buckle OverAlls and Coats never bind
or rip. Solid workmanship in every detail
. is bound to give you real value.
All sizes Men's, Youths', Children's.
Ask your dealer today for Blue Buckles,
"Every pair of Blue
Huckles is always big,
strong and comfortable."
(Signed) H.H. Moeller.
Blue Buckle
fh 71 I V. flT
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