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(Section Two)
Kid Palmer vs. Salinas Jack
10 rounds
Battling Scotty vs. Mack Spaw.
6 rounds.
Wildcat Ells vs. Billy Alger.
6 rounds.
Battling Sam vs. Kid Busso.
4 rounds.
Carl Morris will referee. The
fight is under the auspices of the
American Legion and is the cost
liest ever brought here.
California's best welterweight will
meet the pick of the Arizona crop when
Salinas Jack Robinson steps into the
Ting with Kid Palmer at the Tally
arena tonight. Phoenix fans who have
been watching the career of Robinson
as he downed one after another of his
opponents on the coast will have an
opportunity to see him at his best. He
met the Arizona Wildcat while on the
coast and came out of the fray with a
draw. Both boys are determined that
the event tonight will not be a draw.
Althoueh an Arizona nmnnt trta
Palmer has made a big reputation for
himself on the coat and is considered
a fast comer for the welterweight belt.
He met the best of his weight while on
the coast and the poorest showing he
made was with Robinson, in the draw
battle. The rest of them either toppled
over for the count or stuck it out to a
losing1 finish.
The Kid's first appearance here
against Johnny Celmers lat September
when he easily , won the decision,
marked his first big battle. Although
he is only 20 years old he has already
developed Into one of the best boys of
his weight.
Because the purse is one of the larg
est ever offered here for any similar
event and will be divided 60 per cent
to the winner and 40 per cent to the
loser, fais are assured of a fast go
from start to finish. Both boys can
hand out terrific wallops with either
the right and left and can inflict some
powerful body blows from short range.
The dopsters are taking great interest
in the fact that both are strong In
fighters. Not only do they compare
closely in their style but in every other
manner they are evenly matched. They
will weigh in at 155 pounds or forfeit
Kewpie Robinson ia a battler, a
fighter who bores in much the same
way as did Battling Nelson. The Kid
Js a good boxer and heavy slugger He
Is one of the fastest of his weight "that
ever drew on a padded mit.
Dynamite Kid Coming
Fight fans are eager to see Battling
Scotty mix it up with Mack Spaw In
the semi-finals. Their bout Is attract
ing almost as much interest as the
main go. Scotty has fought his way Into
the hearts of the local spotting element
because of his readiness to meet all
comers and fight as though he were
after a million dollar purse. Scotty
stands ricrht tin tr nv nt tv.,..
swaps blows with lightning rapidity.
iju never iaiiea to give the fans
a run for their money. In meeting
Spaw he is going to be kept busy every
second of the six rounds. Spaw takes
blows like a duck, takes water and
hands out sledge hammer blows that
are hard to dodge.
.,m Wildcat Ells Coming
Wildcat Klls Just put the kayo to
llolguin at Globe and is rarln' to repeat
the performance when he meets Billy
Alger in a six rounder. Alger was
scheduled to meet Young Nugent but
When the Wildcat made his remarkable
showing at Globe, Billy clamored for
chance to go after the bigger game
Billy is in great shape and la confident
he will come out of the match witn
flying colors. There won't be all the
science in the world displayed in this
fight but when it comes to slugging
both boys, will be there with four
whirlwind padded gloves.
Battling Sam and Kid Busso wilLfur
nish the curtain ra.iser and although the
match is only scheduled for four rounds
each one of the boys is determined to
cut it still shorter with a sleep produc
inx wallon.
There are a few good seats left at
Doyle's cigar stand and the first ones
mere wan get them. Tom the ad
vance sale indications of a. record crowd
at tnis feature card is assured.
' Clubs Won Lost Pet
Cincinnati 69 42 .584
Brooklyn 61 47 .563
New York 56 46 .549
Pittsburg 53 50 .515
Chicago 55 68 .487
St. Louis 48 57 .457
Boston 44 54 .449
Philadelphia 40 62 .392
Yesterday's Results
St. Louis 1, Philadelphia 6.
Cincinnati 6, Boston 5.
Pittsburg 2, New York 0.
Chicago 8, Erooklyn 4.
Today's Games
St. Louis at Pittsburg.
Philadelphia at Boston.
Brooklyn at New York.
Clubs Won Lost Pet.
Cleveland 69 SH .M5
Chicago ............. 70 41 .631
Now York 70 42 .626
St. Louis 50 56 . .472
Washington 47 57 .452
Boston : 47 K7 . ak-
Detroit 4 40 65 "ast
Philadelphia '34 72 .321
Yesterday's Results
New York 3. Cleveland 1.
Washington 2, Chicago 7.
. Philadelphia 3, Detroit 1.
Today's Games
Chicago at Detroit
Boston at Philadelphia.
Clubs won Lost Pet.
Vernon 75 58 .564
Salt Lake 72 se
San Francisco 65 63 r,fis
Portland 63 61 .503
Los Anereles ri enr,
Seattle . ci t " . u
Oakland 60 72 .455
fcacramento , , 54 77
Yesterday's Results
Portland 4, Seattle 2.
Sacramento 2. Salt Lake 9.
Los Angeles 4, San Francisco 5.
Oakland 7, Vernon 4.
Today' Games
Portland at Seattle.
Sacramento at Salt Lake.
Los Angeles at San Francisco.
Oakland at Vernon.
P?enIx Red Sox wl Journey
?J J -J? FIorence Sunday to meet the
F1 rlub ln a baseaball game.
T?ev,Ref.Sox ne-up will be strength-
l"e aaamon of three former
stars of the Tiger club, Singer, Chino
and Maza. The three new players will
assist the Red Sox down the Florence
aggregation Sunday afternoon.
The Red Sox hattvrv oriii k -
- - - ... W Ul "
dova. Morales and Valle.
The daV Drain Of frnvamrnnnt
- n "im. ml wcij530
in the District of Coinmhta iifa a,,.
mile drivers at 13 to 53.40, and motor
mecnanics irom J3.S4 to 54.96.
16 South Macdonald 8treet Phone 341 Mesa
Laird &. Dines Drug 8tor
Phone 22
Gilbert Pharmacy
Phone Mesa 1R2
Gardner & Harmer Drug 8tor
Phone 21
J. E. Flanagan Refreshment
All Classes Of
Hay and Grain
In ton or carload lots, or will deliver
Phone 19R3, Mesa, or see Ellis H. Pew, Manager
Gilbert, Ariz.
TEMPE, Aug. 13 Following the re
turn of delegates of the William Bloys
post, American Legion, from the de
partment convention held iYi Olnha nn
Monday and Tuesday of this week, It
was announcea yesteraay mat Dudley
W. Windes of Tempe, for the past year
department adjutant, has resigned and
will not fill that position through the
turning term. jur. Windes expects to
leave todav on his vacation and will
lemiquisn control or tne adjutant s of
fice as soon as he returns and a suc
cessor is appointed.
Prof. E. A. Row. J. TT TlTnAiu. nn
Mr. Windes, who represented the
-lempe post at tne department conven
tion, returned from ninh wfl T1 o ft d 1 tr
night. Following the business sessions
on Monday and Tuesday, the three
delegates shared ln the festivities at
the Roosevelt dam Werlnpsdav. rlvon
fn honor of the visitors by the Globe
ana Miami posts. Robert Finch, com
mander of the Tern Da rost- whn n
also a delegate to the
mained in Globe for a few days and
"in pass me last or this week ln the
Gila valley. He expects to return to
At-nipe me xorepart or next week.
Though Mr. Wind
resignation as department adjutant, he
Will Continue as One Of tha. drnirtmml
Officials. At the election of officers
m oiooe on Tuesday, Mr. Windes was
selected as the Maricopa county mem
ber Of the executive mmmittoo nt tha
department. The vacancy in th
Jutant's office will be filled, it Vs
thought, at the first mpcttn? nf ths
cifiuuve committee.
Mr. Windes e-jrnapta tft loo tr.
with his wife on their summer vaca
tion Whfch Will Include a mntnr frlr tn
ine cuasi ana tnrough northern Call
fornia to the Tosemite valley.
Palntinr Kvnu c.l.,.1
Painting Of th hiiilrHnr .inMl.l..
yren school system and other
iiiusning loucnes to the structures will
be started at once In nrrio,. th
. . .
tu'" may do ln readiness for the
opening or schooI in the fall, It was
iuiouncea yesterday. The auditorium,
four school cottaeM n-tnni
pal's residence are now completed and
mo pamiers. 1 a. Talbott & Co., will
commence tneir work today. Plans
for the laylner of
system for the school buildings are
Ooen Cafe Mnnrfv
T. E. Lamar of the American Cafe
"u mis week rrom a short vaca
tion at Prescott and will open his eat
ing house on Mondnv nf ... i.
Sundry changes and improvements
"'"e in me care which wni
itiiu 10 improve tne service.
Returns To Vllow
Fred Patterson, for many years a
"'"i": t-3iueni rexurnea to the valley
yesterday morning and will again
make his home here. In the early days
WXI j-atierson gave up his
work here to accept a position In the
government munitfons plant at Nitro
uest Va. Recently the plant was re
turned to private ownership and Mr
Patterson resigned there, in favor of
his old home In the Salt River Valley
He will enter the employment of the
Southwest Cotton company, probably
at Litchfield. Mrs. Patterson is visit
ing fn Kansas, and will join her hus
band here in the early fall.
August On Coast
Mrs. Obbie Lassen and mother, Mrs
Mary Meyers, expect to leave today
for Prescott, where they will pass the
remainder of the month.
At San Carlos CIehmti Art
CM. Zanders of, the state tax com
Here's a bargain . for You
in everything that a man wears
Silk Suits ............ $32.50 and $42.50
Hart Schaffner & Marx all wool suits, $36.75 and up
A few sizes at ...... $25
Lawrence Balbriggan Union Suits, sizes 34 to 36
$2.00 values at . .-. gSc
Sanitub Union Suits, all sizes . $1 35
Foy Iadras and Soisette Union Suite,' '$2.50 and
$3.00 values ; $1 65
White Canvas Shoes, all sizes.". $5 35
White Nubuck Shoes, values up to $17.00, ali Vizes and
Iasts--- $12.75
Plain and fancy weaves and colors values up to
53.50 $2.35
Values up to $12.50 m .$5.75
These remarkable prices are for cash only . We're just
"swapping dollars" to clear the deck for our fall deliv
eries. Merchandise will only be charged at regular prices.
If Man Wears It, We Sell It .
MESA. Aue. 12s Thorone-hlv
date and modern In every respect, the
new fire station, tor Mesa, the first of
the series of new buildinea to
the proposed' city civic center, waa
iormany accepted Dy the common
council at a meeting: yesterday. W. 1
Samuels and Son did the work on the
station, the total cost to the city
amounting to J370S.67.
The two-storv new bulldlnr la in.
cated on the city property on North
MacDonald street, adjoining- the city
nan on me soutn, ana is one of the
most handsome fire stations to be
found in the state. The lower floor is
arranged for the accommodation of
two engrines and all of the other neces
sary fire fiehtinsr emilnment tn-Villa tha
second story is given . over to sleeping
B.nu living quarters ior tne men. The
fire engine has already been moved
into Its new home, anri th mon will
occupy their new quarters shortly.
ioe new lire station was constructed
DV the CltV at n 1 Vin !T of nnnrnYimata-
ly J2500, according to contract figures
SLiumiLiea lit mt Tima inn mil fiinp waa
contempiatea ana ttie actual cost price j
i i tr 1 1 rns. na iniai rnsir n r t ria ortii'
ture. Including the contractors fee of
contract nia entered was tor J1Z.300.
Arrested for Khnntinn CJii . I
Charged with Rhootinsr nnail nitt .of
actxaun, J3rya.n Aners or fnoenlx waa
arraigned before Juntice KpwaII in tha
locai precinct court yesterday after
noon and nut tin S1KA rneh r-nA noni-
ing me Hearing oi nis case, which has
been set for next Hfonflav. fharm
were preferred against Akers the latter
part., oi last montn Dy mate uam
Warden Jofe Prochaska, according to
local officers, for shootin nuail
McDowell. Akers pleaded not sruiltv
io iaa cnarge.
Dele ETatea renrenentinsr iVTcsn nnst 7s7n
26 at the second annual department
cunvenuon neia in uiooe this week, re
turned home Wednesday nlsrht. The
convention was a distinct success in
every resnect. tnev sairi nrt n hnnnii.
ful supply of business was successfully
disDOSed Of Within the two ilsva al
lotted time. Tuesday night the dele
gates ere guests at the Carter-Ncff
prize ngni m Aiiami, ana Wednesday
tne dejperatps who nmrniTuui rr-1
shared in an auto nartv to the Rnns.
ven aam ana a dance in Miami that
night. Dr. J. M. Greer, who was a
Mesa delegate, and Mrs. Greer and
Miss Hanson, who arrnmnanloH him r
uiooe. lert there vesterdnv for Taviinn
on a short vacation. Thev
return to Mesa about the 20th of the
Tickets Hera for Tnninhf. Pink
Mesa fans who Attonri tho v,mii. t
Tally's arena in Phoenix tonight will
una ii io meir aavantage to purchase
iicKeis loaav irom wuv ivirhoia t th
Union Auto Stage company office. Re
served ringside and other seats are
handled locally and the reservations
that have already been made indicate
mat inose wno secure their tickets be
fore eoinsr to the fierht will rnpoiva hv
far tne best accommodations. Nichols
will have tickets on Bale her until
o'clock tonight.
Back From Cnit
R. Bruce Findlev of the. n
Silverthorn law office ntnmii
terday from a month's vacation spent
who nis iamiiy ana his parents at Po
mona.' Cal. Mrs. Findlev and tha fhll.
dren will return the latter part of the
m - h
Returns Pmm t nw AniJa.
of the Overland company, returned the
miaaie oi tQe week from a 10 days' va
cation on the coast. Mrs. Earle and
son. who kppomnanlerl him rtn tha 1t
over, will remain until cooler weather
seia m nere.
Attanrl r.lahratlAH
Mp.flU Wfla Tint ttHthnnt fta Mn.HAntl.
tion at the San Carlos dav celebration
hc:i in Florence yesterday. Secretary
fall r. C:ollnttn nf th M.:a. -nmmor.
cial club, C. Fred Brackette, Sam Tur
ner ana vv. ss. Macfllannon lert Wednes
day nifht for thA nrpnA nf tha ml.
bration and were there to represent
the home town in the time honored
way. jBoyd Johnson and : Jennings
jonnson and others also went up yes-
evening program.
In Filmdom Today
Ethel Clayton will appear on the
screen at the Majestic today in "The
.inirieenin commanamenu xm sec
ond episode of "Daredevil Jack." a se
rial ieaiuring jacK jjempsey, ana a
Pathe News film are also on the program.
Roach, with Foxworth Bush Lumber
jo iviesa, Ariz.
mission was among the Tempeans who
Viaiten Florence vest errlnv unrl Kharorl
in tne ceieoration or Kan Carlos day.
Vlttif In Kart )iAnf
Mrs. W. S. Pochraji nnd enn ta-ft laat
evenfner for San Tiice-n tn vlott tha i
vi me montn wnn Mrs. coenran s
iatner, r: a. van Kiter.
VisitOP From Tavaa
Ed Foster of Texas arrfvd in tha
valley this week and will spend some
iime nere visiting relatives in the Aus-
lv i-i:
111 ItLUlllltrH.
Have one srrev nonv mum in rito
pona at Temoe. No brand, w rr
Thurfers, city marshal. 2t
Tally's Arena
Q tte answers MM kit M
yS the call of millions. MtM llffl
ear mjJiiii i fi' jgfe
gji f5--X TH3 Coca-Cola Compant. Atlanta, ga. ' 1$? '44'V i S
THe Fight of
Bridget April
19th, 1775.
.Ta I
! i
(I n l
One of a Series of PalmJayl
One big reason for tKe continued pop
ularity of Palmdayl Athletic Union
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You'll find lots of good qualities in
Palmdayl. Its EXCLUSIVE features
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U. S. Patents and are found in no other,
Union Suit. '
Wear Palmdayl for comfort con
tinue wearing them for economy
you'll find they are cheaper in the long
run. .
Ask Your Dealer
Note their sturdi
ness special rein
forced strength
where wear tirst
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the light, comfort
able fit that
neither binds nor
j SEO, U. S. RT. OFR I
Athletic Union Suits
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