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The Bsauty of Miss Columbia Excites
My Jealousy
By the time we were all attired for
the ballet of the ballots. Jim had wel
comed the crowd, and the mayor and
the governor and Martha Palmer had
made their little speeches. All with
vast success, we judged, as. the ap
plause floated back to the bungalows
where we were dressing.
I wa too tired to care much about
the show. 1 simply wanted to get
through with it, to count it as a thin,
of the past. The careless way in
which Ann had disposed of the girls'
rings made me nervous, and I suppose
Katherine. Miller's loveliness exas
perated and depressed me.
She was not one of a chorus, as I
was. She was Miss Columbia, unique
and superb. She was not a haughty
Columbia, arrayed in dignified draper
ies of silk as stiff as armor, but the
Columbia of a dream world, draped in
layers of diaphanous nets, a vision of
trie red, white and blue personified.
Cheers greeted her as she emerged
from the darkness of the trees and ad
vanced magestically to a huge natural
rouider in the meadow, which anybody
could plainly see Nature had planted
there especially for our "pretend" Ply
mouth Rock. A hidden arrangement of
powerful fans stirred her draperies and
blew .her magnificent hair about her
very magnificent self. .
ftucn nair: such hair:" ran mv
jealous thought, and I tried to find my
husband's face in the crowd. I wanted
to see how the vision affected him,
and because I could not find him, I
assumed that he must be deeply moved
by it.
Only my own need to listen, for my
cue forced me to give up my search
for Bob.
Columbia, in the ballet, was plagued
oy a norae or evil gnomes. Our nice
boy scouts obligingly masqueraded as
these wicked creatures, that is, they
were willing to take parts after they
learned that their faces would be cov
ered and that we wouldn't put their
names on the progarm. Not one of
them was willing to be. set down as
"greed." or profiteer,' or selfishness, or
fraud, or anti-Americanism, or any
other of the horrid enemies that danced
around Columbia and tantalized her
like wicked gnats.
Columbia, with many a vain com
mand, bade them avaunt and depart.
wicked snomes would shrink up and
slink away, but eventually they always
returned to harass her. and every time
they came back, their numbers had in
creased in a manner which caused her
great dismay.
finally, in despair. Columbia was
obliged to summon her natural defend
ers, the ballots.
Blast after blast she blew upon her
silver bugle, and. at each call, one of
the lovely girls of the ballet emerged
suddenly from behind a group of trees
or a hedge. And certainly each "bal-
of was a dainty picture as she tripped
in frantic haste but with terpsichorean
grace to the rescue of the distressed
The aDDlause for each of us was tre
mendous. The audience was pleased
not only because the girls were beauti
ful. The people caught the idea of
the rally that by means of the ballot.
Columbia could be saved from every
I was one of the first to De sum
moned by Columbia that night. Taking
my place near Katherine Miller, in an
attitude Of defense, I found that I was
in a position to look straight at Jim
Junior, who, as chairman, had a promi
nent position near our mock Plymouth
Rock. Never had I seen Jim my -boy
looking so perfectly handsome.
After me came Deborah Burns. Kath
erine Miller's only competitor in beauty
that night. For me, Deb is the per
sonification of what an American girl
ought to me. Jim hadn't seen her for
over three years. Deborah was simply
superb as she hastened to her place
next to me. And Jimmy-boy's face
was a study.
The next bugle call summoned Willy
Van Eyck, tut I failed to observe her
progress. I couldn't help watching
Jim and Deb. They had forgotten where
they were. They had forgotten them
selves. They were simply gazing at
each other, like ghosts or spirits,
across . infinite time and space, it
seemed to me.
Jim failed to see his wfe dance
across the green when her turn came.
1 felt that I would have to speak to
Deb, that I ought to interrupt that
never-to-be-forgotten glance, before
Ann lined up with us, and looked about
her. So I whispered some common
place to Deb.
Ann mustn't see for her own sake
and for Jim's.
Deb and Jim were heroic souls. I
knew they would never give poor little
and at her dominating gesture, the I Ann a single moment's heartache.
Most People Avoid
The Second or Third
Cup of Coffee
But those who use
Instant Pqsitim
can safely drink as
many cups as they like
P os turn tastes much like the best coffee,
but it contains no harmful element, so
it can be used freely and with comfort.
"There's a Reason"
Sold by Grocersj
IxsTJurr oa
Made by Postum Cereal Co., Inc.)
Battle Creek, Michigan
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh Tomatoes, 10 C
per lb
Large Bell Peppers, 15 C
per lb
Sweet Potatoes, 15 C
per lb
Carrots, Beets, Turnips, ' 25 C
3 Bunches
Green Beans, 15 C
per lb
Fancy Peaches, 10 C
per lb
Muscat Grapes, 15 C
per lb
Celery, 20c
per bunch
Spudvf' h $4.10
per hundred
22C Per lb SUGAR per lb.
Sack $21.65
lots ... - :
h 1 1 Rl v,-
tr a
MESA, Aug. 27 An increase i"n price
of two cents per gallon on gasoline,
and a smaller margin of profit on that
and other supplies has caused the pro
prietors of Mesa service stations and
garages to announce that they will go
on a strictly cash basis on September.
1, 1920. Such a decision was reached
at a meeting of the garage and sta
tion ownerg held Thursday night at
Which time the Mesa Dealers' Automo
bile supply association was formed.
The increase in gasoline to 38 cents
per gallon became effectfve on Thurs
day and with the nation-wide raise in
freight rates. Retail dealers contend
that even with the two cents increase,
their margin of profit fs smaller.
Warrant for Clemans Arrest
A warrant charging B. M. Clemans,
Chandler rancher, with driving his car
carelessly and while Intoxicated, was
sworn to in the Mesa precinct court
Friday morning. Clemans, it is al
leged, while driving on the Chandler
road Wednesday night struck two dif
ferent vehicles, the last one being bad
ly damaged and two of its occupants
injured, necessitating their removal to
a Phoenix hospital. The defendant's
preliminary hearing has been set for
Saturday morning.
Vacationists Return
A party of Mesa vacationists re
turned to the valley Thursday night.
following an outing of some three
weeks pent in the northern . part of
the state and including visits to I'lag
staff, the Grand Canyon and the White
Mountains. In the party were Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Pew, Ellis Pew and fam
ily. Arnold Pew and family, and Leon
MacDonald Return
L. D. MacDonald. southslde repre
sentative for the Studebaker automo
bile, returned Friday afternoon from
an outing that has taken him over
various parts of northern Arizona and
the California coast resorts during the
summer months. A part of the um
mer he spent at Long Beach. Re
turning to .Arizona, the trip was made
by automobile to Flagstaff, through
Pine and Payson, to Roosevelt and
Globe and thence down from Globe by
way of Winkelman, Kelvin and Flor
ence. On Vacation To Coast
R. A. Reynolds of the Arizona East
ern depot force in Mesa, and Mrs. Rey
nolds left Friday evening for Seattle
and other coa.st cities to enjoy their
Home From East
Mrs. Charles E. Coffin returned to
Mesa Friday following a visit of a
month with relatives at her former
home in Ohio.
In Filmdom
Harry Carey will appear as the star
at the Majestic Saturday, playing in
tha feature film, "Overland Red." A
comedy, "Romeos and Jolly Juliets,"
is also on the program.
LOST On August 4 in Phoenfx, be
tween Arizona Eastern and Santa Fe
stations, or in the car," a pair of bifoc
ular eye glasses, gold mounted, in a
black case. Reward. William Mac-
Donald, 14S S. Sirrine, Mesa.
o :
TEMPE. Aug. 27. Foreseeing the
growth of Tempe to include. the new
subdivision w-est of town, where a sec
tion of land was recently disposed of
in small tracts, the council has? taken
an initial step in the Improvement in
that part or the town by requiring the
removal of the stockyards of the Ari
ozna Eastern railroad company to a
point outside the city limits. At a
special meeting this week the matter
came up before the city aldermen and
the clerk was directed to take it up
with the corporation commission.
The stockyards in their present con
dition and location are unsightly and
unhealthy in the opinion of the coun-
cilmen. and since repairs will soon be
necessary on them, now is the logical
time to make the move. A site for the
yards a mile south of town is offered,
it is said.
Will Live in Colorado
Mr. and Mrs. George Turnbow and
children, who have made their home
in Tempe for several years, left Friday
evening for their former home near
Trinidad, Colo., where they will re
side. The -Turnbow residence at 205
Fast Sixth street has been purchased
by Paul Aepli.
Frankenburgs Return
Mr. and Mrs. Ira H. Frankenburg
hav returned to the valley following
a visit of a month with friends and
relatives In Ohio.
Visit Parents Hero
Leo Buck came In Thursday evening
from Miami, where he has been em
ployed this summer and following a
visit of a few days here will continue
on to Bisbep. He is to be an instructor
in the junior high school in Bisbee this
Will Ft. id Her
H. X. Remington and wife and son
and Mr. Remington's father arrived
in Tempe Friday morning and will
make their permanent home here in
the W. D. Mops residence on McAllister
Avenue, which they recently purchased.
The Moss family will reside this win
ter in th Wayne Riter propertv on
Lemon street.
Buys Lots Will Build
L. Nararre of the Tempe Garage
Friday closed a deal through the Union
Land company for the purchase or two
lots at the corner of Seventh street
and Ash avenue from James Cotter.
Mr. Nararre contemplates building a
residence on the nroperty this fall.
Homo From Coast
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Fransford and
Mrs. Cosier returned Friday morning
from Long Beach, where the summer
has been passed. Mrs. Bransford, who
has been in poor health is reported as
greatly improved.
Week End in Flagstaff
Lyle Weir and Arthur Viault left
Friday evening to spend the week
end in Flagstaff. They expect to re
turn to the valley on Monday.
WANTED Cook, American Cafe.
Box 611. Tempe. dr
COTTON INSURED in the field and
torage before it is delivered to gin.
Phone, write or see R. . A. Windes,
Tempe. dr
Desirable business property. Box 6.
Tempe, Ariz. d
FOUND Gray mare, weight about
1200; and brown mule. City Pound,
Justico Court Happenings
CHANDLER, Aug. 27. The local
justice court was a busy place on
Wednesday. The case of the state
versus Lawrence Entrekin was settled
by the agreement of Mr. Entrekin to
pay $65 each month for the support
of his wife and child.
The case of the state versus A. Pierce
on the charge of assault was also
heard and on the motion of As
sistant County Attorney Davis the de
fendant was bound over to the superior
court for further hearing.
L. C. Updike, owner of the Chocolate
Shop here, has returned home again
after spending several weeks at St.
Johns, Ariz., on a pleasure and business
There will be a public dance at the
j Freeman hall on Saturday evenin
Aug. 28. A good orchestra has been
secured for the occasion.
M. P. Freeman has installed a pow
erful searchlight on the Lemon Bros
Hardware company building, directly
across the street from his service sta
tion, and it will be a great aid to the
motorist who is passing through Chan
dler to know that he will be able to
secure water or air at any time of the
The new yard of the Halstead Lum
ber company is rapidly nearing com
pletion and when completed will cer
tainly be a credit to the city.
Flovd Bouton of the Bank of Chan
dler is expected home on Sunday after
spending several weeks visiting the
Grand Canyon. Los Angeles. Ocean
Park and San Diego.
Legal Advertising
PRESENTS: That we, the under
signed, having associated ourselves for
the purpose of forming a corporation
under the laws of Arizona do hereby,
adopt the following Articles of Incor
poration :
The incorporators are:
C. H. Jay. 252 North High Street.
Columbus. Ohio.
F. H. Bowman. 252 North High
Street. Columbus. Ohi
H. M. Myers, 252 North High Street.
Columbus. Ohio,
and the name of the corporation shall
Its principal place of business within
Arizona shall be Phoenix, Arizona, hut
other offices may be established and
maintained within or outside of Ari
zona at such places as the Board of
Directors may designate where meet
ings of stockholders and directors may
be held and any and all corporate busi
ness transacted.
The general nature of the business
proposed to be transacted is, to -wit:
Drilling for, producing anu accumulat
ing petroleum oil and gas: as inci
dental thereto, buying, marketing and
selling oil, gas and other materials in
cident and necessary for the produc
tion of oil and gas. and all the by
products thereof: buying and selling
oil and gas rights, privileges and
leases, and oil and gas and the pro
ducts and by-products thereof; leasing
oil and gas territory; owning land con
taining oil and gaa or other minerals
or such as may be incidental to tne
operation of such plants and business,
delivering and selling oil and iras
through pipe lines and otherwise; pur
chasing o- otherwise acquiring, leasing,
erecting, owning and operating oil re
fineries, gas works and plants, in
cluding the production of coke, and
other by-products thereof; buying,
building, owning, leasing and operating
pipe lines for the transportation or on
or natural or manufactured gas, pur
chasing, or otherwise acquiring fran
chises and rights of way, to cwn, han
dle and control letters patent and in
ventions and shares of its own capital
stock and that of other corporations,
and to vote any shares of stock of
Other corporations owned by it the
same as a natural person might do; to
borrow money and to issue bonds,
notes, debentures and other evidences
of indebtedness and secure the pay
ment of the same Dy mortgage, deed of
trust or otherwise; to act as agent
trustee, broker, or in any other fidu
ciary capacity: and in general to do
and perform such acts and things and
transact such business in connection
with the foregoing objects, not incon
sistent with law. in any part of the
world. s the board of directors may
deem to be to the advantage of the
The capital stock of the corporation
shall be Ten Thousand Dollars ($10.
000.00), divided into one hundred shares
of the par value of One Hundred
Dollars ($100.00) each, which shall be
paid in at such times as the Board of
Directors may designate, in cash, real
or personal property, services, lease,
option to purchase, or any other val
uable right or thing, for the uses and
purposes of the corporation, and all
shares of capital stock, when issued
in exchange thereof, shall thereupon
and thereby become fully paid the
same as though paid ior in cas'.i at par.
and shall be non-assessable forevef.
and the Judgment of the directors as to
the value of any property, right or
thing acquired in exchange for capital
stock be conclusive.
The commencement of the corpora
tion shall be the date of the issuance
to it of a certificate of incorporation
by the Arizona Corporation Commis
sion, and it shall endure for the full
term of twenty-five years thereafter,
with privilege of perpetual succession
You can't make a good
omelet from stale eggs.
You can't make a good
cup of tea from the coarse
leaves of the tea-plant.
Schilling Tea is the
young tender leaves full of
sap, full of the essential tea
flavor. Your money back at
your grocer's if you want
A Schilling & Company
San Francisco
Prickly Heat Lotion Still 50c
Takes Away the Sting
Sold Only at
Drug Store. Phoenix
Adams at First Ave. Phone 4441
I VjnSibstJ "f t8"
for a. Bad skinr
Resinol Ointment and Resinol
Soap have been prescribed by phy
sicians for many y e a rs a 8 a sta ndard
treatment for various skin disord
ers. Eczema, rashes and blotchy,
roogh complexions, as well as
scalds, cuts or bruises, respond
quickly to its gentle, healine
properties. Kw drmggtst sells
the Resinol Products.
All Classes Of
Hay and Grain
In ton or carload lots, or will deliver
Phone 19R3, Mesa, or see Ellis H. Pew, Manager
Qilbert, Ariz.A
as provided by statute.
The affairs of the corporation shall
be conducted by a board of directors
and'BUch officers as the paid directors
may elect or appoint. The number of
directors shall be designated by the
by-laws and shall be elected from
among the stockholders at their annual
meeting to be held on the third Tues
day in Julv of each year. Until the
first annual meeting of the stock
holders and until their successors have
been elected and have qualified, the
following named personnel shall be the
officers and directors: C. H. Jay, F. H.
Bowman and II. M. Myers.
The directors shall have power to
adopt, amend and rescind by-laws, an
fill vacancies occurring in the board
from any cause, and to appoint from
their own number an executive com
mittee and vest said committee with
may at any one time subject itself is
Six Thousand Dollars.
The highest amount of indebtedness
or liability to -which the corporation
may at any time subject itself is Six
Thousand Dollars.
The private property of the stock
holders shall be forever exempt from
its debts or obligations.
This corporation does hereby appoint
Frank R. Stewart, 17 "West Adams
Sstreet, Phoenix, Arizona, who has
been a bona fide resident of Arizona
for at least three years, its lawful
agent in and for the State of Arizona,
for and in behalf of said company, to
accept and acknowledge service of, and
upon whom may be served, all neees-
ary process or processes in any action.
suit or proceeding that may De naa
or brought against the said company
in any of the courts or taid frtate or
Arizona, such, service of process or
notice, or the acceptance thereof by
said agent endorsed thereon, to have
the same force and effect as if served
upon the president and secretary oi
said company.
to affix our signatures and seals this
3d day of July. A. D. 1920.
Before me. S. S. Allen, Jr., a notary
public in and for the State and County
aforesaid, on thi day personally ap
peared C. H Jay, F. II. Bowman and
H. M. Myers, known to me to be the
persons whose names are subscribed
to the foregoing Instrument, and ac
knowledged to me that they executed
the same for the purpose and consid
eration therein expressed.
Given under my hand and seal of of
fice this 3rd day of July. A. D. 1920.
Notary Public.
My commission expires on the 22nJ
day of March. 1922. "
Let Cuticura Be
Your Beauty Doctor
. 79c
High School Basketeria
Only Three More Big Days Left
onday and Tuesday
To Take Advantage of the Wonderful Discounts Offered at
Refrigerators 20
Silk Shade Lamps 33V
Rugs, except Whittals 20
Inlaid Linoleum 20
Print Linoleum
Drapery and All Piece Goods . . 25
Bedding and Bed Linens 20
Porch Furniture 25
Stoves, Coal and Wood 20
Stoves, Gas 20
Stoves, Florence Automatic. . . .20
Overstuffed Parlor Suites 25
Cane and Overstuffed 25
Dishes and Glassware 20
Tents and Camp Furniture . . . .20
Cedar Chests 20
Cooking and Kitchen Utensils. .20
Bedroom Furniture 20
Steel Beds, Springs & Mattresses 20
Kitchen Cabinets 20
Hammocks 25
Lawn Mowers and Garden Hose 15
Baby Buggies, Carts, etc 20
Dining Room Furniture 20
Reed Furniture 20
We extended the time of our sale from Wednesday, August 25, until
Tuesday, August 31, in order to accommodate our many friends and
customers who had not had an opportunity to complete their purchases.
During the sale we received great shipments which were immediately
added to our stocks. You have three more days in which to take advan
tage of our liberal discounts and to choose from the many new patterns
and designs just received.
All We Ask Is A Chance To Si.c-y You
First Street at Jefferson
Phone 1665
mill f r3 m fl
II I 1 l II 1 t 1 II I I n II V II R U 111 AM n

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