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VOL. XXXL, NO. 145
Russian Editor Held By
Officers a,s Possible 'Lead'
To Identity of Bomb
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
NEW YORK. Sept. 19. Department
of justice agents and the police were
still without a clue tonight of the
identity of persons responsible for
Thursday's explosionin Wall street.
Alexander Brailovsky, a Russian
Journalist, who was arrested yesterday
on information furnished by an anony
mous correspondence and who ad
mitted having been in the financial
district a short time after the ex
plosion, is still held without bail on
a chares of being an undesirable
William J. Flynn. chief of the bu
reau of investigation of the -department
of justice, declared tonight he
placed no significance in Brailovsky's
arrest, but said he was being ques
tioned and held in conformance with
the department's plan "not to overlook
any bets" and to follow up all "leads."
No other charge or suggestion that
Brailovsky is any way personally , re
sponsible for the disaster has yet bten
made by the authorities. They an
nounced however, that he would be
questioned further and an effort made
to loear three men with whom he
was seri talking at Pine and Nassau
streets less, than an hour after the
blast: He vehemently denies being
implicated in the supposed plot.
, One Body Unidentified
The only other recent important de
velopment is the suggestion by Medi
cal Examiner Norris that the sole re
maining unidentified body, that of a
blond-haired boy about 19, may be that
of the driver of the "death wagon,"
which was abandoned near the assay
office just before the explosion and
which is believed to have carried the
time bomb causing the disaster. Seven
'"entifications" of the body were
m&de today but all proved erroneous.
A revised list of the dead tonight
showed that 34 persons were killed.
Robert A. Pope, brother-in-law of
Edwin Fischer, who sent postcard
warnings of the disaster, from Toronto
to friends in the financial district,
was questioned for two hours today
at the department of justice. Pope
turned Fischer over to the authorities
in Hamilton. Ont., where he is being
detained pending " his extradition to
this city, where he will be questioned
as to his knowledge of the blast. Chief
Flynn would not disclose the nature
of the investigation of Pope or eay
whether he would come voluntarily or
in answer to summons. Fischer, who
already has been adjudged mentally
unbalanced by a lunacy commission in
Hamilton, is expected here tomorrow.
Chief Flynn declared there ware no
new developments in the case tonight,
although bis men were working on sev
eral "leads" and hoped . for definite
results. He denied published reports
that he was seeking five members of
the so-called Gallianl band of an
archists. 'I ki.ow where these people are and
we are watching them," he paid. We
have them under surveillance along
with a number of other people, but
we are not looking for them."
1C0.0C0 View Scene in Day,
Police estimated-that lOU.OC'ti persons
visited the scene of the explosion to
day. All prominent churches and public
buildings, as well as the home. of high
public official-;' and financier!, were
placed under extra guard during the
week end.
Impressive funeral services were
held today for eigth of the dead, mili
tary honors being accorded to three
who were war veterans.
The September grand jury will be
gin listening to the testimony of wit
nesses tomorrow. Subpoenas have
been issued for more than a score of
persons who claim to have been with
in a block of the explosion.
MILAN. Sept. 19 Complete agree
ment between employers and metal
workers is believed to be in prospect
as a result of the negotiations here.
Belief that the difficulties presenting
the graver problems of the situation
have been solved is expressed.
The metal workers have accepted a
wage advance of four lire daily, this
amount to be reduced 20 per cent in
the cases of workmen from 18 to 20
years of age. and by 40 per cent in
the cases of women and children.
The employers also have agreed to
gTant a week's vacation annually to
WAk?ipatch to the Exchange Tele
CTam from Borne says the negotiations
between the employers and the mcta.
Workers in Milan were ended Satur
toT,inr and that an agreement
-as reached on every point except
That concerning the dismissol of worU
who have been guilty of crimes
J" the factories during the time
lnSld Jkmen have oocupiod thorn. The
S?rkc rsKTccording to the diu-h. will
cuatc thfartories.
DOUGVh Infant'rV. stationed at
Nineteenth i cs here t(My re-
C,m,!i to entrain for Camp
Have You Mei
. t
iiu mm
Douglas Auto
Wreck Claims
Two Victims
Republican A. P. Leassd Wire
DOUGLAS, Sept. 19 Frank M.
Doan, lawyer, Douglas, a son of
Fletcher M, Doan, territorial dis
trict judge,' was killed and W. D.
Patterson, also of Douglas, se
riously hurt at 7 o'clock tonight
when the automobile in which they
were returning to Douglas from
Tombstone turned turtle about 15
miles north oF here. Doan was
driving and lost control of the car
when he attempted to pass a north
bound machine.
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
CHICAGO, Sept. 19 Irregularities
aggregating $6,0C0 haves been discov
ered in the recruit payroll at the Great
Lakes naval training station by a spe
cial board of investigation sent from
Washington, it became known today.
Officials declared that the total may
be mor than $75,000 5s additional ir
regularities were rapidly being Mncov
ered. Licutepant S. F. Sullivan, until
three days ago in charge of the pay
roll, is being held under guard.
It is charged triat hundreds of naval
recruits, at the station only a few
weeks, were swindled -out of pay
through false receipts, the vi'ctims gen
erally being at sea before they discov
ered that they were not receiving full
Captain Daniel W. Wurtbaugh, com
mandant at the station, refused to dis
cuss the case other than to say that a
shortage had been discovered.
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
WASHINGTON, Sept. 19 Twenty
seven of the 43 standard articles going
fn.to the American family market de
creased in price between July 15 and
August 13, it was said today by the de
partment of labor's bureau of labor
statistics which made public figures
showing that during the 30-day period
ending with the middle of August the
retail price of potatoes fell 44 per" cent
and the price of cabbage went Tiown 41
per cut. --, , - ',-... .-.
The drop in sugar price was "placed
at 14 per cent. Most kinds of meat
decreased in price.
Eggs went up 11 per cent during the
period. With this exception and pork.
chops, which increased five per cent,
the increases m other foodstuffs were
two per cent or less.
Indications that the decline in food
price levels was general, is seen in
statistics showing that each of the. ill
cities covered by the bureau's survey
leportod decreases. Minneapolis led
with a decrease of 11 per cent. w;th St.
Pr-.u second with a 10 per cent decline.
IK-v-r cases in ether cities follow:
Nine per cent." Detroit: eight per
tent, Chicago) Cleveland, Indianapolis.
Kansas City, Milwaukee, Omaha:
seven per cent. Denver. Memphis; six
per cent, Butte, Cincinnati. Columbus,
Xevvrml. New York. Philadelphia.
Pittsburg. St. Louis, Salt fcake City.
Seattle; five p r cent, Baltimore, Bir
mingham. Bridgeport. Buffalo. Dallas.
Fall River, Louisville. Rochester.
Washington; four per cent, Atlanta
Boston. Houston, I.os Angeles, Mobile.
New Haven, Portland, (Maine). Port
land. (Oregon), San Francisco, Savan
nah and Scran ton; three per cent.
Little Bock, New Orleans, Norfolk;
two per cent. Jacksonville. Richmond;
and one per cent, Charleston, S. C.
"WASHINGTON. Sept. 19. Cattle
feeding fn Nebraska during the past
two years was a precarious venture,
more likely to' be unprofitable than not,
the department of agriculture an
nounced tonight in reporting the re
sults of its first c6st of production In
vestigation in the business of cattle
feedin. Similar investigations are
beirv,' made in Iowa. Missouri and Illi
nois and Indiana and reports soon will
be made.
The average cost of corn-fed cat
tle in Nebraska laid down at the mar
ket was J14.91 per hundred weight
for 2.293 head fed in the winter of
191S-1919 and $13.83 during the winter
of 1919-1920. There was an average
loss per head of $3.1 7 for the 191
1019 fed cattle and of $10.69 for the
group fed last winter.
. o
WARSAW. Sept. 18 The communi
cation issued by the war office today
"Our detachments have driven the"
enemy across the Stripa and have
broken his resistance. They arc ap
proaching Sereth. Our purxiit of the
enemy's forces continues.
"in the region of Kobria the enemy
attacked f ier e'ty but vainly.
Ii has been observed that the Lith
uanians arc reinforcing their troops."
Her Adventures
Will Interest You
Cave Woman" He Charges
-. ti' , "
?' ' . ' a -'
rife. ? r , f " -
Vf t a " , 4
It " i -4 ' -
f If "i-i II- -x I
Chicagoan Sued
N. E. A. Republican Special
CHICAGO, Sept. 19 She used to be
his "darling," his "dear" and his "angel
child," and her neck, to him, was a
"darling little neck." And. besides all
that, a certain stalwart office building,
pictured in one of his love notes, could
never "hold the amount of love" he had
for her.
It was a sweet "life's young dream"
bubble but it burst!
And now he calls her his "cave
Sues 'for $100,000
A Chicago judge will hear the stories
of Mr;;, Ruth Turner Martin and James
Wright Martin. Jr. The "cave woman,"
alias "angel child," has ucd Martin for
$100,000 breach of promise following
Martin's own suit for annulment of a
marriage ceremony performed at
Crown Point, in January, 1920. six
months after Buth Turner's divorce
from H.'.iry S. Itis-hop.
MartffT jirsi'fT that Mrs. Martin pur
LONDON. Sept. 19. The condition
of Terence MacSwjney, lord mayor of
Cork, was reported unchanged in three
bulletins issued today by the Irish
Self-determination k-asjue, although he
appeared somewbat refreshed by two
hours' sleep during the night. The
evening bulletin said: "
'He is extremely weak but still ctin-
Cousidt raid talk was occasioned to
day by a paraeraph .appearing in the
Sunday Times under the hfad:
"Who Is Feeding Mr.- MacSwiney?"
It says: Kv-rybody is asKinsr who H
feeding him. There is no doubt at al!
that the f-overnment Is not gi lni him
food, or any of the prison officials.
It is suggested that his visitors. rii'S,ts
and relatives, are givmir him sufficient
food to keep him alive." (
Pointing out that Mr. MacSwiney
and the Cork hur.Kcr stri- Rets have
virtually equalled pr. Tanner's 40 day'
fast, the new spaTer'asks how the first
12 men to be found Mayor MacSwiney
and the II in Cork when they tried to
0 without food could ejual Dr. Tan
ner's record, which excited the wonder
of the world. In reply. Art O'Brien
of the Irish Self -Deter mi nation league
said tonight:
"No nourishment or food of any kind
is being given to the lord mayor.'
Dr. Tanner's Celebrated Fast
The fast of lr. Henry Tanner which
virtually-lasted 40 days was carried out
under supervision of a New York med
ical college in the summer of lsy .
Dr. Tanner previously had abstained
from food, one of his efforts, unoffi
cially reported, covering 42 days. It
was the doubt expressed regarding this
achievement that impelled him to un
dergo his world famous 40-day fast.
He then was 49 years old and he lived
to be S7.
Claim Kenney Is American
CORK, Sept. 10. The hunsrer strik
ers in Cork jail were reported today
to be in an cx -ciue-mUly weakened
condition, due to a bad niht exper
ienced by all. especiilly Burke and
Power, who have 1 e n suffering from
ins..mnii. A Cork hospital nurse said
that Hf nnessy M as unconscious and
scarcely nir.r- than living. The condi
tion of Kf-i'
Th" It" .
culled at !!;
governor of
I lorovan
". Ca-roll of 1'irc'Mcii.
Curl; jail and notified '
he jail that Joseph Kenny
was .an Vm'Ti'-.'in ctti;:er. lie sat.t tiuit
Kfnnpy, who was arrested on suspicion
of ; ePcr Irish Republican KO'dk-r
and now is one of the hunter etrikers.
had lived for many years in Montana
and th.-it he was the futhtr "f s.ever
children. l-i;l.e;- C u roM, who is a fe! -low
lowsrnan of K r.nr-. said he had
communicated with the American
authorities establish!--. Kenney' s
American oiuzensh'p. Kenney' was
married in Montana and ret unual to
Ireland to improve his health, accord
ing to the statement of t lie minister.
Harold Harry, former hiuh sheriff of
Cork, today telecraphed the archbishop
of Canterbury asking him to intervene
with the premier on behalf of the hun
ger strikers on the ground that they
now had fasted "the 40 days and 40
LONDON, Sept. 20. Lord Mayor
MacSwiney today will send the follow
ing message on behalf of himself and
the hunger strikers in Cork Jail to
" - ' j C " si "
for $100,000
sued him and threatened to commit
suicide if he did not marry her,
whereupon he did marry her before a
year from her divorce had passed.
She makes the came claim, saying
that he forced the illegal marriage.
"Until Niagara Falls"
In one of his love notes Martin wrote,
"I'll love you, Kuth, until Niagara
Falls." Another read:
"Angel Child: Instead of writing
you with my enchanted pencil. I am
using a scratchy pen. However, that
does not have anything to do with how
much I love you, which of eourve, is
more than this (arrow skitters down
to the structure here) building could
Mrs. Martin Is the daughter of the
late Colonel Henry Lathrop Turner.
As a slight ray of hope, Mrs. Mar
tin's attorney says her suit need not
end in the payment of f 100,000. "A
marriage ceremony will just about fix
it rip," said she. 'Mrs. Martin does not
want money, she wants Jams. Jr "
Mechanic Burns
To -Death When
Airplane Drops
WliAV, Colo.. Sept. 19. John
MctJlntiis. 21. mechanic, of this
city, was burned to death and
Alexandtr (Red) lendrum. pilot
of Denver, was nevereiy t urned
when th" gasuli'uc tank of their
aifplat.e exploded
100 feet near this
after a fail of
city this morn-
The to men were bringing the
plane, whi' !i wa owned by a Den
ver company, to this city to make
exhibition flights hr this after
noon. The pilot was just com
pleting a tail !j tn w lieu w itnesses
observed that something ttppar
tntly went wrong with the rudder
and the machine crashed to the
ground. The gasoline tank
ploded j :st us th plane hit
earth .
Lendrum received his most
ex -the
vere injuries in a vain endeavor
to rescue his companion. Tlv:
plane was almost completely de
molished. McOinnis, who was the
son of V. I). McOinnis of this city,
state senator and banker, had been
employed by the Denver company
for about two years. Lendrum
is said by the company to have
been a veteran flyer. According
to officials of the company, Len
drum and McOinnis hud been mak
ing exhibition flights in various
towns of the tato for the past
Irishmen throughout the world, accord
ing to the Daily Mail:
"Tomorrow i shall have completed
my 4(1 days without tasting food and.
though lying here helpless, my facul
ties are as clear as e er. 1 attribute
this to the spiritual strength I receive
from my daily communion, bringing me
bodily strength, assisted by a world of
masses and prayers.
"I believe Co.! has directly Inter
vened to stay the tragedy for a while
for a divine purpose of his own. It is
incredible that the people of Kngland
will allow this callous. cold blooded
mnrder to le pushed to the end. 1
think that Cod is giving them their last
chance to r.mise and consider. Hut if
their determination is to go on. our
resolution was prepared from the be
rrinnlnsr and we are prepared to die."
F. KLKAST. Sept. 18. With 20 auto
mobiles captured from week-end plea
sure seekers, Sinn Feiners in Tyrone
Saturday carried out one of the biggest
raid-? for arms in -the history of Ire
land. Karly in the afternoon a body
of armed men stationed themselves at
the entrance to uortin Olenns and held
up all motor cars.
When Z0 machines hd been cap
tured, a force of 100 masked men, all
heavily armed and led by an officer,
entered th" cars, the drivers of which
were compelled to drive the raiders
around the country, visiting houses in
search of arms.
High Explosive
Bomb Found in
Genoa Exch ange
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
GENOA, Sept. 18 Two high ex
plosive bombs similar to the one
that exploded in the stock ex
change here on Friday, have been
found by the police in a livery
stable, but the persons who hid
them there have not been discov
ered. The authorities are closely
following every clue, feeling they
may arrest the perpetrators of the
outrage and possibly reveal an in
ternational terrorist plot which
may extend to the United States.
Six Hungarians have been ar
rested since the bomb explosion.
They had plenty of money but none
of them had identification papers.
They are said to be communists
and were taken at a hotel alleged
to be a Veidezvous for radicals.
Several Russians and Hungarians,
held as suspicious characters, were
found there recently.
Police officials Have ascertained
the bomb had been made recently,
and for this reason, there is some
suspicion that it was turned out by
a plant occupied by workmen. At
tempts have been made to blow up
several fashionable restaurants,
one of which was located in the
basement of the stock exchange
building. .
Definite advices from Tucaon at a
late hour this morning carried the in
formation that the Uned States Mo
tor Transport convoy, traveling over
the Bankhead highway, will go to
Yuma, today by way of AJo. and will
not make ita way to the coast by way
Florence and Phoenix. This wora
was sent by J. O. Keating, mayor of
Florence, 'ho headed a delegation
which carried on its attempt to bring
the convoy to Florence and I'boenix
until Colonel Franklin, commanding
the convoy, notified, him at 2:30 o'clock
this morning that the route had been
definitely laid out through Ajo and
Col. Franklin and J. V. Iiountree,
general director of the Hankhead high
way, will go to Florence this after
non to explain the reason for the
change in route for the convoy. In
the evening they will come to I'hoenlx.
where they will meet with officials of
the chamber of comerce and other in
terested parties.
The reason for the AJo routing, ac
cording to Mayor Kranklim la that a
mistake was made In outlining the
road from Tucson to the coast by.way
of Florence, Phoenix and Buckeye,
when other and Ivetter route" were
Republican A. P. Ueased Wire
CHICAGO, Stp. 19 The American
Farm Federation today adopted, reso
lutions demanding representation for
farmers ad tfck raisers in the cabinet
and opposing government price fixing
of farm products. The resolutions also
demanded that the government "make
a study of the agricultural products
and cO!t of producing so that frequent,
abnormal and ruinous fluctuations in
prices f farm products may be avoid
ed'" and urged revisfon of the tariff on
agricultural and farm produce.
The resolution "especially demands
that the secretary of agriculture be a
practical farmer."
A Free Canning Bulletin
Is Waiting for Every
Woman Reader of
The Republican
Be sure that the canning methods
you use are ko correct that there
will be no spoilage. The directions
given In thia Department of Agri
culture bulletin are insurance
against losing a single can.
Then there are the recipes in the
back of the booklet for preserves,
butters, jellies, conserves, marma
lades. In the summer ami full no kitchen
should be without this authoritative
help to housewives
Send for
(In filling out the coupon print
name and address or be sur to
write plainly.)
Frederic J. Haskin. Director
The Arizona Republican Infor
mation liureau.
Washington, I). C.
I enclose herewith two cents in
stamps for return postage on a
free copy of The Canning
State :
(Republican Associated Press Leased Wire)
MARION, Ohio, Sept. 19.-Harding -headquarters
today made public a statement issued
by Congressman John I. Nolan of San Francisco;
P. H. McCarthy, president o fthe Califarnia
Building Trades Council and Daniel D. Sullivan,
former president of the California Federaiton of
Labor, following their conference with Senator
Harding a few days ago when the California del
egation was here. The statement said:
"We have found after a most satisfactory
conference that Warren G. Harding is sympa
thetic with organized labor in its desire for leg
slation to care for the wants of the men, women
and children of America."
It also expressed approval of his attitude as
an employer toward organized labor.
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
LOS ANGELES. Sept. 19. A
telegram asking President Wilson
to grant "justice, equity and fair
dealing' to the Japanese of Cali
fornia, in connection with the ini
tiative measure prohibiting Japan
ese ownership of land in the state
to b voted upon in November, was
sent from here today by a commit
tee appointed at meeting last
night of 1400 Japanese.
The telegram asserted the mea
sure is "unjust and inhuman and
threatens the existence of the
r 4
RIGA, Sept. IS. Aftr a two hour
conference, today between Jf. Dombskl,
head of the Folish peace mission, ar d
Adolph Joffe. chief of the Russian
h"Ov!et delegation, the opinion wis ex
pressed to the Associated Fress by M.
Iodos. secretary of the Polish mission,
that there i little chance of a, cessa
tion of the Russo-I'ollsh ftghtlny until
preliminary peace terms are agreed
u I urn .
The favorable military situation of
the Poles at present ruid the arrival of
the Polish delegates, coupled with the
delitterationx. have created the im
pression that the conference rnav be
long drawn ont. T'ntll the Pol- nre
able to establish a line Which can
readily be defended, if 1 considered
probable that Poland will not agree to
a cessation Of hostilities.
Todavs conference w,w held behind
closed doors. M. Joffe drove to th-
conference in a limousine which be
longed to the late czar of Russia,
VALPARAISO, Sept. ?0 Advices
from Paz. l'.olivia. announce the
organization there of the Pan-American
bank, an American institution and
backed largely by New Orlean capi
talist. The initial capital is given kb
$2'0.0't0. some shares being: allotted to
Bolivian shareholders.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Sept. 19 Cavalry forces of General WrangeL th
South Russian anti-bolshevik leader, have driven back the Reds on the Orlek
hov front, it was announced today. The bolshevik! bave retreated beyond
BELFAST. Sept. 19. Soldiers who had been In ambush since early morn
ing surprised a body of Sinn Feiners at bombins practice In the bills today.
One Republican was killed; two were wounded and 35 captured.
OMAHA. Sept. 19. Charles L. Thomaa, news editor of the Omaha Bee,
well known athlete and football coach of the middle west, died at his homo Jn
this city today from a paralytic stroke.
STOCKHOLM. Sept. IS. The peace treaty between Russia and Finland is
to be signed Monday at Dorpat, says a Hrlsingfors dispatch today.
HALIFAX, N. S.. Sept. 13. Three men, otic of them bis father, and a
woman were sbot and killed at HemVord today by H.iveh.ck Veir.ott. who then
committed suicide. Veinott attacked the four during a fit of insane t ai c ie
sultinp; from a dispute over the location of Mill dam on his father- p:-"!"-t ; .
t .i iVIMIX. Sent. 1. Three m-tHOns have 1.,-m; kilu d and ini o. d a
result of an explosion in the Ionfoio powd r l . to v at Mar.ma. ,-av
dispatch to flie Exchange Teh graph company. Th- e .).!-:: . w h
aged M-veral houses, is believed to have been eaus-.l d rat- .; i
unk noun.
I A Hid. Sept. 1.1. Representatives of Italian cmpioveis mi. !
workmen who have seized the factories have accepted I're:i..e-- G.
of mediation, it is stated in advices from Rome.
LIMERICK, Sept. 19. A constabulary patrol was ajrnbus.ad.d rear Ab
bcyfeaie today. Constable Mahoney was killed and two others were wout.dcd.
MVSKKG N. Mich., Sept. 19. Physicians today made an u ;
foit to forcibly led Dr. Otis W. Sedgwick of While Hall, t.er b
rcfiistd to cat or talk s-nu:e he was arrested Thursday ir.cor:r,e. t
deaths of bis wife and three-year-old daughter. A -"'' 'J"-'"
waa forced down his-throat however.
Receives G. A. R. Delegation
Though the Sabbath, Senator Hard
ing received a front porch delegation
today but no speech was ma do and
there were no flags, no banners, no
The delegation was a 100 members
of the G. A. It. from Akron, Ohio, en
route to Indianapolis for the national
encampment. The senator and Mrs
Harding shook hands with each. To
morrow, another delegation of about
400 veterans from northern Ohio will
stop here. Senator Harding will ad
dress them.
Among those who conferred with
Senator Ilardinar today were Howard
K. Greene of Chicago, secretary of the
national sheep and wool bureau; Major
Henry S. Hooker of New York. Gov.
R. L. Beeokman of Rhode Island, ani
Wade II. Elils, manager of the Wash
ington headquarters.
With Mr. Green the senator dis
cussed pendfng legislation that 'would
require the branding of shoddies no the
Luyer would know their real charac
ter. "We merely want," Mr, Greene
said. "legislation that will Insure that
the buyer of fabric will know exactly
what he is getting and not pay for
something better than is really bein?
furnished." m
Major Hooker was formerly a mem
ber of a law firm with Franklin IX
Roosevelt, brought cheering news of
the campaign.
Governor Beeckman, accompanied
by Mrs. lieeckman, was a guest at the
Harding hom last night, departing
for the Kant today. He issued a state
ment In which be asserted Senator
Harding's speeches have made a great
Impression on the public vvhr.e "one
finds universal disapproval of the
campaign of vlllification and false
statements that the Iveniocratlc nom
inee has been making."
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
CINCINNATI. O. Sept. 19 What i3
believed to be the dismembered torso
of a woman's body was found today
by M. R. Adamson of Cloves, obfo, ly
ing in an unfrequented spot near tho
tomb of President William Henry Har
rison. On the upper p-'rt of the body
was a thick encrustation of lime, in
dicating, it was believed, that nti ef
fort has been made to destroy It.
.i Li -me
i, ii in -!
a : l es
w h. b.is
v. Mb !'

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