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(Section TwdT
But when the game was on it'a
And he marked up hia tally,
The watchers started in to sing
That aong, "Down In Our Alley."
Thty went to watch the bewltr
He'd said ha wn In clovar.
1 roll a wicked wooden ball,"
aaid ha, "and knock 'am over."
I t 7X " ' -,i-nr 3 jf----- - ... . ...... , - - -1
1 . , ,.. , " 1 .
ARENA TBI a rtzona w ildca ts
The announcement of the forthcom
ing: mat contest between Pete Sauer
and Fred Mooremeier at the American
legion arena. Eighth and Washington
streets on Friday evening. November
2ti. furnished the sport fana of Phoe
nix -with an abundance of gossip over I
Sunday and speculation ran rife aa to
the probable winner. Sauer, of course,
has a following hero that contend that
Pete Is In a claws by himself, but many
former residents of Kansas City who
have seen Mooremeier In action de-
mre that the battle on Friday night
between these men will be no pink'tea
party for Sauer.
Pete went Into training as eoon as he
reached town and says he will be in his
usual splendid condition when the
gong rings. The match with Eckland
taught him a lesson which he will
never forget. When he left Phoenix,
he drove overland for 13 days and ar
rived in Lincoln. Neb., three daya be
fore the bout In which he was forced
to acknowledge defeat at the hands of
the present light heavyweight cham
pion. Consequently, he was not In the
bst of shape and now he appreciates
the value of being ready more so than
he ever did before.
There Is probably no better recom
mendation for Pete Sauer today than
tho article which appeared In one of
the leading Lincoln dailies the morning
after he dipped his colors to Ecklund.
It is reprinted for the benefit of the
local fans:
"Clarence Eckland of Buffalo, Wye,
generally recognized as the world's
champion of the light heavyweight
wrestlers, was victorious over Pete
Saner of Phoenix, Ariz., in "Wednes
day nights mat contest at the City
auditorium. Erkland won In straight
falls, after a combat which taxed the
physical energies of both' grapplers to
tho very limit. Ecklund used a ham-
merlock In winning each fall. The time
o! the first fall was 2 hours and 11
minutes, but the second fall waa over
In less than two minutes.
"Even In defeat, Sauer quallfed for
the unstinted commendation of the
patrons of the mat sport because of
his speed, cleverness and game show
ing against a wrestler of Kcklund's es
tabllshed class. The. Buffalo athlete
represents about the last word In
the grappling art. Master of every
hold and every trick, the Wyoming
man waa rompelledd to summon every
resource In taking the measure of the
Phoenix boy. and for two hours or
more It was anybody's match. A youth
of only 20 years, Sauer Impressed every
spectator with the belief that he has
a glowing future in the grappling
Sauer'a right arm waa subjected to
a severe twisting by Eckland'a ham-
merlock. Although urged by his
friend? to concede the second fall, Pete
,-.., V y
The University of Arizona football squad that will
carry the U. of A. colors on Thanksgiving Day against
the University of Redlands, California. The three
players at the top of the picture are, reading left to
right. Captain Slonaker, who was injured in the Cali
fornia game two weeks ago; Manzo, left halfback and
Barkley tackle. Slonaker, Manzo and Barkley made
the all southwestern eleven last year. Arizona has
one of the best teams in the southwest and as good
as any in southern California. Thanksgiving Day Is
homecoming day at the university and several hun
dred alumni will return to see the game. Special pro
grams have been arranged for the day, which promises
to be the biggest and most interesting of the entire
r ----- if v ' : v hi Jl&
1 .
The Phoenix Greys came through
yesterday afternoon at Eastlake park,
beating the Magma Miners, E 3, in one
of the prettiest exhibitions of the na
tional pastime seen here in years.
Cross and Falazar were working
good and, backed up by good fielding,
kctt the score down. Several loose
ame back gamely for the renewal of plays figured in the afternoon's game,
the contest, yet the handicap resulting I but the good plays more than made up
from his Injury made it comparatively
-asy for Kcklund to win the referee's
verdict. In winning. Ecklund waa n
the verge of physical exhaustion and
the Wyoming man could barely crawl
between the ropes, following the first
for the bad ones. Duke breezed twelve
Superior batters and Salazar whiffed
eight Phoenix players.
Hollocher, Cub shortstop, distin
guished himself at third, featuring a
nice double play. The Cub inflelder
fall, providing ample proof that Sauer ,ookd bad first time up when Salazar
lltn ilium bum. K ,'
ent. Ecklund weighed in at ringside,
the Wyoming man balancing the beam
nt exactly 174 i pounds, while Sauer's
weight waa exactly 17o.
This article tells the whole story and
i a fine tribute to the ability of Pete
Sauer. He finished out the match like
nil real game men should and as the
sports of Phoenix would have liked
him to. He made scores of friends in
Lincoln and had he been In the shape
that he was when he lert Phoenix,
there might have been a different ter
mination to the gruelling contest. But,
like the good sport he is. Pete gives
U the credit to Ecklund for his vic
tory and lives in hopes of reversing
the verdict the next time they meet,
which will probably be in Phoenix.
The fans will be glad to welcome
rrte home and see him in action again.
nnd the new promoters, Tomplln and
Keen are bending every effort to make
the American Legion arena comrorta
for their reception on Friday night
The heating arrangements are ideal
nd tho arena will be heated to a
steady temperature of 70 degrees, pro
vldimr sufficient warmth for the pa
trnn nr the snort. This la one im
provement that was absolutely neces
fanned him on easy ones, with Umps
Price a little off on the last one called
on Hollocher. The game went seven
innings before Hollocher was given a
chance, but when his time came he
made good and turned the play into a
quick double, retiring the side after
Magma had annexed three scores
Siterior went up in the air for a few
minutes in the sixth, coming down af
ter Phoenix scored six across the pan
Ed Scott looked good on first and Lyall
and Sorrey rounded out the infield, with
Hollocher at third. The Westfall boys
played their usual fast game, with
Harry carrying off the honors.
Superior has a nice club, with an in
field that will make good anywhere
The pitching of Salazar was exception
ally good considering his long lay off.
By winning yesterday's game against
the Suterior club Manager Perry proved
that he has a winning aggregation that
will stack up with anything in the
southwest. The Greys play the Tucson
White Sox at Eastlake park next Sat
urday and Sunday.
How They P(ayed
Firat Inning: Deardorff filed out to
left: Sanchez hit to short right and
play; F. Westfall filed out to second;
IL Westfall scored when Tonneman
pegged to second; Warren safe on San
chez's error; Lyall out, pitcher to first.
Four runs, two hits, two errors.
Lucky Seventh
Seventh Inning: Graham safe when
Teaney dropped long fly to center;
Johnson cracks out nice single, going
to second when Teaney lets ball roll
through his legs, Graham scoring;
Tonneman drops single to left, scoring
Johnson; R. Johnson hit by pitcher;
Sonoqui safe when Cross delays field
ing ball; Tonneman scored; Hart struck
out; Salazar hit "hard one to Hollocher,
who pegged to plate, Johnson tried to
get hack to third, but was out. West
fall to Hollocher; Hollocher puts the
ball on Johnson Before he had reached
third. Three runs, three hits, and two
Cross struck out; Teaney struck out;
Sorrey safe on Hart's error; Hollocher
walked on four straight balls; H. West
fall forced Hollocher at second. No
runs, no hits, one error.
Eighth Inning: Deardorff and San
chez struck out; Graham filed out to
Teaney. No runs, no hits, no errors
Scott hit by .ditcher; F. Westfall
walked; Warren forced Scott at third
Lyall hit to left; Cross filed out to
first. No runs, one hit, no errors.
Ninth Inning: Johnson out, second to
first; Tonneman out, short to first) R.
Johnson flied out to Teaney. No runs.
no hits, no errors.
Box Score
Superior AB. R. H. PO. A.E
sary to the comfort and welfare of the was forced at second by Graham; John
lovers of wrestling and boxing and is on flied out to Warren. No runs, one
one that will be especially appreciated mi, no error.
by those who desire "home com
The preliminaries to the Sauer
Mooremeier match will be made up en
tirely of boxing bouts, another wel
come improvement. The fans enjoy a
.ombination bill of mat artists and
Teaney fanned; Sorrey hit back of
first and went out trying to steal sec
ond; Hollocher fanned. No runs, one
hit, no errors.
Second Inning: Tonneman fanned;
R. Johnson out, Sorrey to Scott; Sono
qui out to first unassisted. No runs.
leather nusher and in line with their no hits, no errors
policy to give the fans what they want. H. Westfall ranned; Scott out. Hart
the management will stage several to Johnson; F. Westfall out, Deardorff
tri.nA boxing nrelimlnaries at every to first. No runs, no hits, no errors.
entertainment. For Friday night, the Third Inning: Hart fanned; Salazar
i:rtaln raiser will be a four round set- out to first unassisted; Deardorff flied
to between Toung Arnold and Manueiiout to left. No runs, no hits, no errors
Portlllo at 110 pounds. Both these Warren fanned; Lyall flied out to
boys are beginners in the game and center, Graham made a great running
anxious to advance so the public is catch; Cross out. pitcher to first. No
assured that the boys will be trying runs, no hits, no errors.
?ery minute. Another four round bat-1 Fourth Inning1: Sanchez flied out to
tie that promises to furnish all Kinds scott; Graham safe when Teaney
of fireworks will bring together Bat- dropped a long fly; Johnson out when
tltng Sam and Young Romo at 1-0 Warren made a nice running catch of
pounds. Sam, who is known locally as nis high fly; Tonneman struck out,
the "Dancing Master" is very popular WcBtfall dropped ball, but nabbed him
with the fans while Komo is xouiea at first. No runs, no hits, one error.
a rough customer who is reauy to ex- Teaney hit to short left, Sorrey bunt
change wallops at all times. ed a short fly, caught by Salazar; Hol-
Another pleasing feature or J-Tiaay iocner hit back of third for a single,
night's show will be the policy of the Teaney going to second; II. Westfall
management to admit ladies free wnen sacrificed, Salazar to Johnson; Ed
accompanied by a gentleman, inn iair yoott walked; F. Westfall struck out.
pt of Phoenix put their stamp of ap
proval on wrestling and boxing long
BFO ana It Is anticipated inai a. ti"""
w number of them will be In attend
ance when the ring is cleared for ac-
No runs, two hits, no errors.
Fifth Inning: Johnson, Sonoqui and
Hart struck out, one-two-threo.
Warren fanned; Lyall went down
second to first; Cross flied out to third.
Analysis Shows
Superiority 01
Ohio State Team
riTTCAGO. Nov. 21. The superiority
of Ohio State's football eleven, west
ern conference champions this year,
other other teams comprising" the "biff
ten" is borne out in an analysis 01 cn
offensive and defensive records of the
various contestants. xno jjuwcjoo
finished second in the number or .
points scored in games between con
ference elevens and were ilthi m
holding opponents away irom tneir
own goal line, uniy inree ictuiia
Wisconsin, Michigan and Chicago
crossed the Ohio goal line and no team -crossed
it more than once.
The team scored 68 pointa in. con
ference contests against 20 ot its op
An unusual feature shown in tne
analysis of the season s results is
that Iowa, which finished Iirtn in tne
percentage table, was first in scoring
with 65 points, while Michigan, in
sixth place and Chicago in eighth.
were close to Ohio's record defensively.
The tightness of many of the games
and the closeness of the race is re
flected in the fact that the 10 elevens
altogether scored only 420 points, or
an averago of only 420 points, or
each team in eacn game.
Ohio State proved itself the greate
finisher developed in tho western con- '
f erence in many years. Four or its
five victories were won in the final
minutes, the victory over Illinois com
ing on a play which was not completed
until after the final whistle.
AVisconsln produced a powerful
eleven but it lacked consistency.
Illinois, which nearly won the title,
was kept in the race largely by Ralph
Fletcher, for his seven field goals, ac
counted for 21 of the Indiana' 5
points and his goals from touchdowns
brought additional markers. The In- -dlans
made few touchdowns and their
defensive record was not so good as -that
of other teams.
Michigan and Chicago while making
great defensive records, lacked of
fensive power. Indiana made a good
showing but had a weak schedule
while with the other teams there ap
parently waa ability neither to carry ,
the ball nor to stop it.
0 p
A Chicago man has left $1000 to his
barber, whom he had never tiped.
Clip this out and show it to your bar
ber. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Deardorff, 2b
Sanchez, 3b
Graham, cf
Johnson, If
Tonneman, c
R. Johnson, lr
Sonoqui, rf
Hart, ss
Salazar, p
.32 3 4 24 9 3
Teaney, cf
Sorrey, ss
Hollocher, 3b
H. Westfall, c
Ed Scott, lb
F. Westfall, If
Warren, rf
Lyall, 2b
Cross, p .
AB. R.H. PO.A.E.
5 1 2 2 0 3
3 0 1 2 2 0
1 1 11 2 0
1 0 6 0 0
1 0 3 0 0
0 0 2 0 0
0 10 2 0
0 0 0 0 0
: 3
.31 5 6 27 7 3
tion. Reserved seats have been placed j N runa no hl't errors
Bute at Eddie Doyle's cigar stand
nnrl the demand for choice ringside
srats is unusnally heavy.
. o
Australian Champion
Loses to Frenchman
TRepubllcan A. P. Leased Wire
KTDN'ET, N. S. W Nov. 21. Jack
Gren. featherweight champion of
Australia, waa knocked out today In
the fourth round of a bout, by Fuuene
CHuue of France.
Where It Happened
Sixth Inning: Salazar, Deardorff and
Sanchez struck out in order.
Teaney hit back of first for a single,
going to second when Salazar heaved
the ball to the fence; Sorrey hit by the
pitcher; Hollocher grounded a hot one
to first, but Johnson held the ball;
Westfall witb two and three beat out
a bunt with first not covered, Teaney
scores and Westfall steals second base
while Magma enjoyed a short siesta;
Scottyas sar on a fielder's choice and
stole econd, Sorrey scoring on the
Score by Innings
Superior runs 000 000 300 3
Hits 1W 000 300 4
Phoenix runs 000 004 01 6
Hits 100 202 01 6
Summary: Left on bases, Phoenix 4,
Superior 8; first on errors. Phoenix 2,
Superior 2; sacrifice hits, H. Westfall;
stolen bases, H. Westfall, Ed Scott;
hit by pitcher, Sorrey and Scott by Sal
azar, R. Johnson by Cross; base on
balls, Salazar s; double play, Hollocher
to Westfall to Hollocher; struck out,
by Cross 12, Salazar 8; passed balls,
Westfall 3; wild pitch, Salazar 2; time
of game, 2 hours; attendance, 1200; um-
iires. Price behind bat. Silvers on the
School Boxing
DETROIT Regular gymnasium
classes in boxing will be held In De
troit high school this winter. Gloves
have been supplied by the state boxing
Up She Goes!
NEW YORK Word on the construc
tion of the club house of the Interna
tional Sporting club, on Lexington ave
nue, between 4Sth and 49th streets, has
been resumed.
Coaches Robinson and riurand of
the Coyote and Indian school football
teams, respectively, will start their
final drives today in preparation for
the season's biggest game at Eastlake
park Thanksgiving Day afternoon.
Brilliant offensive play, in which in
dividualism will be subordinated to
team play in sparkling aerial and open j
field attacks, will be the feature of
the game, fans expect. Both teams
have been holding their pet formations 1
and trick plays in reserve in anticipa
tion of the big Turkey Day battle, and
the lid will be pried off the entire
repertoire of plays when the two
teams take the field Thursday after
The annual Coyote-Indian gridiron
battle is indeed a football classic, for
the teams are going at top speed when
they do battle. They have been care
fully coached in preparation for this
one game. All games earlier in the
season are only practice games in
preparation for the Turkey day strug
gle, in the view of the respective
players. Victory on Thanksgiving day,
in the eyes of layers and coaches of
the two teams, will make the season a
great success, regardless of what has
gone before.
Dazzling attacks will be launched by
both squads, coaches promise, and fans
will be treated to a new and better
kind of football if the players carry
out their plans on the playing field.
It will be a battle of wits and cunning
more than brawn and muscle unless
pre-game predictions go astray.
Both squads are in fine physical
trim for the seasons biggest game.
Every regular player of the two teams
will be in the lineup, unless some ac
cident happens between now and game
time. However, the coaches are care
fully guarding against injury to any
or their players on the eve of the sea
son's most Important struggle and it
is believed that the two teams will
take the field with full strength rep
unaer arrangements recently com
pleted between athletic directors of
the two institutions, the Indian school
has been alloted the entire south side
of the field with the exception of the
special reserved section. Reserved seat
sale will start at the Doyle Cigar
stand today, an announcement by
Athletic Director Christenson of the
high school said last night.
The north side of the field is given
to Coyote fans and supporters. Bands
from both schools will be on hand to
add "pep" to the afternoon. Plav will
, be called at 3 o'clock sharp.
Pete's Ambition
Herman says he wants to eliminate
Lynch, Burman and Sharkey Before re
tiring. He'll probably be fighting for
some time yet.
Quits Akron
AKRON Johnny Griffiths has
moved to Chicago where he can be near
eye specialists. Johnny blames his re
cent slowing up in the ring to bad eyes.
rime. Change
would be willing for Lew Tendler to
meet Leonard in New York for a J50,-
000 purse. Thil and Lew once sold
newspapers In Philly. But times have
changed and so have purses.
. - ' j ""i Kyr,v wvi-i -
Y ' ' -A
S5 Jf
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i .1
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