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VOL. XXXI., NO. 212
Sir Hamar Greenwood Says
Sinn Fein Plot Included
Attacks On 21 Points
Along England's Coast
Last of Conscientious War
Objectors Granted Freedom
WASHINGTON, Nov. 24. AU army conscientious objectors Imprisoned
during the war have now been released from custody. Secretary of War
Baker announced tonight. A total of 33, the statement said, have been
discharged by recent orders. Including B. J. Salmons, who started a "hunger
strike" while confined In a government hospital here a month ago.
"The cases of the 33 conscientious objectors who remained in custody
some weeks ago have now been finally reviewed by the secretary of war,"
Mr. Baker's statement said, "on the recommendation of the adjutant general's
office, and the remainder of sentences remitted and" the men discharged.
"Each case has been considered on. its merits and the principle on which
they have been considered Is to remit so much of the sentence as exceeds
the normal peace time penalty for the offenses charged.
"The major part of these men "have been in confinement for more than
two years. Those last discharged were men who had refused to do any sort
of work while In confinement.
"Benjamin J. Salmons of Denver, whose case has attracted some atten
tion, was the last case disposed of by reason of the fact that legal pro
ceedings Instituted In the civil courts have delayed consideration of his
Chief Of Staff
Under' $100,000
Bond On Charge Of Ex
tortion; Builders Defeated
(Republican A. P. Leased Wire)
LONDON, Nov. 84. The most con
eplcuous In the Irish debate In the
house of commons today was the reve
lation by Sir Hamar Greenwood, chief
secretary of Ireland, of Sinn Fein
plans to destroy property in Liverpool
and Manchester a revelation which
waa greeted by Joseph Devlin with the
"All that was written In Dublin
In other respects the debate followed
the customary lines. Former Premier
Asquith moved a resolution expressing
abhorrence on the recent Dublin aa
asslnatlona and condemnation of re
prisals and urging Immediate steps to
bring about Irish pacification. An
imnndmrnt b'v Col. John Ward con
verted thU motion Into an expression
of admiration for the courage and de
votion of the crown forces In Ireland.
This was adopted by 303 to 83. and the
motion as thus amended was adopted
by acclamation amid cheers.
The chief secretary appealed to the
house to show every consideration by
word and by resolution for the police,
aoldiers, civil servants and Judges, who.
he declared, were obeying the orders
of parliament and fighting a battle
against assassination and not against
the Irish people. He appealed espe
citlly to the "great Catholic c&urch In
Ireland," which, he said, by appeals
from every altar could greatly assist In
this fight against assassination. Sir
Hamar Greenwood ended his address
amid cheering, when he sal&t
"There Is only one issue left. That
is: Who Is for the empire and who is
for assassination."
Would Destroy Docks
Alleged plana for blowing up the
Liverpool docks and the Manchester
power and water plants are sa"id to
show that they were made in military
fhinn ftr detailed reports with
drawings had been rorwaraea 10 insn uurmit mo uay.
republican army officers by spies at Tb.e company's
each place. The plans, which are saia
to have been captured when the docu
ments relating to the spreading of ty
phoid and glanders were captured,
were made public tonight after the
statement of Hamar Greenwood in the
house of commons.
The Liverpool plans called for 33
officers, 27 engineers and 75 privates
Five Millions in
Gold Received by
New York Bankers
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
NEW YORK, Nov. 24 Arrival to
day of $5,000,000 worth of gold on
the steamship Olympic, part of
which is consigned to J. P. Mor
gan & Co., for the account of the
British government, was regarded
in financial quarters as the begin
ning of another extensive move
ment of the metal to the United
The gold received today makes
a total of $17,000000 this week. The
steamship Layland, now enroute to
New York, is reported to have on
board nearly $4,COO,000 in gold, the
greater part of which Is for Kuhn,
Loeb 6. Co.
Sub Chaser Halts
Cable Connection
On Florida Beach
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
MIAMI, Fla., Nov. 24. An armed
force from a navy submarine chaser
was still standing guard tonight over
a Western Union Telegraph company
cable barge In Blscayne Bay here to
prevent connecting the shora ends of
a submarine cable, work on which was
Interrupted by the government craft
employes, sent out
this morning to connect the cable ends,
were still on the barge which they had
been "requested" by the bluejackets,
they said, not to leave.
The cable was laid to connect
Miami Beach, and passes under water
Republican A. P. Leased Wire!
NEW YORK, Nov. 24. New York's
warfare against the altered buildln
trust today brought forth three new
indictments charging extortion,' as
well as testimony linking the wrought
iron and steel Industries as to the long
list of other producers of construction
materials which are alleged unlawfully
to hold prices uniform thrdughout the
While the alleged forces of an ex-
, traordinary, grand Jury and Joint legis
lative commuieB maae tnis progress
in their major offensives, legal skir
Don't Wait to Be Called on
to Enroll in the Red Cross
Here is a call to make the work of the Red Cross lighter and to help out
in a cause which should at once enlist the best sympathies and efforts of all.
Owing tq the diminished working force of hte Red Cross it has been
impossible to cover every district In this city In the annual Roll Call now
in progress. There are many people, doubtless, who have waited to be so
licited and are ready to answer to the roll call if called upon. But this has
been impossible in all cases.
Therefore, it is requested that all who have not been called upon at
their homes or places of business will themselves call at the Red Cross
rooms at the chamber of commerce and enroll in this roll call which should
include every man, woman and child in Phoenix. There will be a repre
sentative at the desk at the chamber of commerce all day today and Friday
to accept these memberships. It costs only $1.00 to get on this roll of
honor, although there are other classes of memberships at higher prices for
those who wish to aid the Red Cross that much more.
There is urgent need for every'dollar that can be collected as the Phoe
nix service section of the Red Cross is expending more than $1,000 each
month In taking care of the returned soldiers and their families and in
other work. -
(Republican A. P. Leased Wire)
CHICAGO, Nov. 24. Chicago will be
the most unhealthy place for crooks
and the driest city in the United States mishes occurred in two courts and the
by Christmas," federal, state and city city's independent inquiry into its mil-
Republlcan A. P. Leased Wire
GENEVA, Nov. 24 The committee's
UJtiSJiiVA, Piox. 24 The committee s i wy m jCf
sub-committees and steering commit- I oritlSll Jk 1" ICerS
tees or me assemoiy ana council oi ioe
officials declared tonight after they had
taken part today in a drive against the
liquor dealers, which included suits to
close 72 saloons and cabarets, injunc
tions shutting down eight such places
and federal indictment of 31 persons on
charges of conspiracy to violate the
Volstead act.
Attorney General Edward J. Brun
dage, who instituted the 72 suits, to
night Baid that several hundred more
were contemplated and that the state
would continue the drive "until there
was not a drop of Intoxicating liquor In
any of Chicago's 3000 'dry saloons.'
The federal officials Joined In the drive
shortly after the attorney general had
filed his suits, when Charles Clyne,
United States district attors ey, pro
cured temporary Injunctions from Fed
eral Judge K. M. Landis closing eight
cafes. Shortly afterward the federal
grand Jury, which has been Investigat
ing alleged Illegal liquor traffic for sev
eral weeks, returned Jury indictments
against 31 persons.
City officials welcomed the state and
lions or dollars in contracts was post
poned until Monday. -
Twice during the day the joint com
mittee was diverted from its investi
gation to defend itself against on
slaughts in the courts. The commit
tee was victorious in both occasions.
Decisive defeat marked the efforts of
the builders' material bureau in both
the supreme and appellate courts to
restrain the committee from ffetting
league were in session today, but be
yond the announcement f the coun
cils decision in the Armenian case
and that regarding the Vilna expe
dition little could be learned of what
was accomplished.
The sub-committee on typhus heard
the report of the typhus committee,
which recently returns to Poland. The
overcrowding of the population in the
area recently evacuated by the Bol
shevik! after the destruction of a great
many houses has Intensified the spread
hold of its books and from examining of tne disease, according to the com
Two injunctions were secured by coun
sel for the bureau, but were quickly
vacated and later in the day an appli
cation for a stay was denied.
Then counsel for the bureau agreed
to produce the books and papers un
der the subpoena and to have an of
ficer of the bureau on hand to testify.
Miss O Dea already had . been ad
judged In contempt by the committee
for failing to answer a summons.
Robert P. Brindell, president of the
building trades council, and alleged
"king" of building trades workmen in
the metropolis, was named -In two of
today's Indictments, both charging ex
tortion. The other indictment, also
federal drive as an adjunct to the city charging extortion, was against Brln
roundup of criminals started on Sun
day and said It would make it easier
for them to keep crooks out of the city
At the same time they frustrated an
attempt to steal $60,000 worth of liquor
being transported througn the city on
trucks and arrested two persons in
connection with a $50,000 theft of wine.
The cases of the 72 saloon and cafe
owners whose places Attorney Gen
eral Brundage wanted closed will be
heard Friday by Judge Landis. An as
8istant attorney general was assigned
to direct a staff of attorneys in prose
dell's "chief of staff,". Peter Stadt-
miller, a member of the building trades
Stadtmiller's bail was fixed at $100,-
000. Brindell,- already under $100,000
ball on previous indictments, was not
required to furnish additional bail.
Cholera also -broke out in the same
region in September while the prev
alence of typhoid completes the pic
ture of misery, presented by the com
mission. The council was unable to get
the powers to unite on a necessary
program of relief and the problem of
the assembly
It Is understood the committee on
armaments, new members and amend
ments, practically decided to report as
No amendment this session and no
general disarmament until conditions!
have become more settled in eastern
Europe and execution of the peace
treaties is assured: admission of Aus
tria. Bulgaria, Luxemburg and Fin
land to membership and postponement
Of action on other applications.
It was pointed out today-by some del
egations that the speed shown by these
committees . in. getting on with their
work mean prolonged discussions when
Postoffice and All ' Public
Offices to Be Closed All
Day and Most Stores Will
Do Likewise Union ser
vice at First Baptist.
In the certainty that, all things con
sidered, there has been much for which
to be thankful for during the year just
passed. Phoenix in general will ob
serve Thanksgiving; day today in the
full spirit of the occasion.
The general health of the people has
been excellent. Industrially, commer
cially and socially, the city has gone
forward during the past twelve months
and there is every reason to believe
that this advance will continue.
The stores, and especially those deal
ing in the necessaries and luxuries of
the dinner table, were crowded yester
day "with people preparing to celebrate
one of today's greatest features, . the
Thanksgiving, dinner. Home-going
automobiles and street care to the res
idential sections carried an unusual
weight of satisfied people loaded down
with turkeys, cranberries and the other
adornments of the festive board In
a fully as great measure as in former
years. It is certain that Phoenix is
to dine well today.
Thanksgiving day will be observed
in the business district today as usual.
All public offices will be closed all
day. This includes the state house,
court house, city halL federal building
and Water Users building.
The Merchants' and Manufacturers
association announces that the stores
Charges against Brindell alleged that their reports come before the assembly,
he forced Louis J. Cohen, a building
contractor, to.' pay him $500 ' under
threat of stopping work on a construe
tion job Oast. July. Stadtmiller was
accused of extortion of $1000 from the
Garden City Wrecking company by
as the committees may aeciae Dy a
majority ' vote whole that of the as
sembly must be unanimous.
The Question of amendments, no
tably promises further debate, as the
Scandinavians do not acceet the re-
Killed in Dublin
Will Be Honored
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
DUBLIN), Nov. 24 A notice is
sued at Dublin castle today states
that the bodies of nine British of
ficers who were murdered last Sun
day, will be taken from the George
V hospital at 10 a. m. Thursday.
The cortege will pass along the
quays to the north wall, where the
bodies will be taken aboard a de
stroyer for transport to England.
The castle authorities requested
that as a mark of respect for the
gallant dead all shops and places of
business in the city, be closed be
tween 10 a. m. and 1 p. m.
Crown Forces In .
Dublin Commence
T?Q1f1c At" PS IvfoTXT generally will close all day today ex
A. VU1J.V I rent trrnoorv stores and other nrovislon
Republican A. P. Leased Wire stores which will keep open until noon.
DUBLIN, Nov. 24. Dublin, long ac- This does not include drug stores, con-
customed to tragedy, has settled back fectionary stores and cafes which will
with two days of outward calm, which be open all day. as usual. In addition
has, however, an indefinable and un- to the postoffice being closed all day,
healthy quality, cloaking much be- there will be no mail deliveries.
hind the scenes, and there is activity The principal amusement feature of
in both camps. the day will be the football game be-
While the daylight hours pass almost tween the Phoenix high school and the
without incident, the curfew has come Indian school, which will take place at
to be the signal for the crowd forces Eastlake park.
to commence unceremonious raldng of . There will be union Thanksgiving
all sorts of premises, the seizure of any service .today at the First Baptist
wanted documents and arrest of sus- church at 10:39 o'clock. The Bermon
pected persons. These arrests are be- win De given by tha Rev. Mr. Pritchard
coming almost indiscriminate, but in 0f the Nazarene church. At 1:30 o'clock
many cases the detention ends after in" the afternoon the Rev. B. B. Blav-
an examination at headquarters-wmcn t ock deliver a sermon at tha
cutlng the cases and Mr. Clyne volun- threatening to put the firm out of port of the amendments committee and I showa absence of connection with the riteroelvtihle Roeka on th dePrt
republican movement, as no ciass oi There will be a special choir present
at the opening in the new causeway.
and 800 pounds of a high explosive for I The section of cable for this purpose
tta-uinir 21 ooints. most of them dock I .
gates, witn a view 10 Bimnuuii
tiv everv precaution was
taken for dealing with the "enemy
forces" the police of both Liverpool
and Manchester. The Manchester plan
called for destruction of the street car
power plant serving both industries
and tram lines and also the Clayton
valley pumping station, which fur
ni.hr water to a large part of Man
chester. Hammers and explosives
were to have been used.
the company's cable work was first
Interrupted by direction from Wash
ington several months ago. The work
men went aboard this morning on
orders from the New Tork office of
the company to connect the cable ends
Immediately, It was said, but the sub
chaser took charge of the situation be
fore splicing actually hud begun.
o .
Bisbee Man And
Sister Charged
With Drug Sales
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
BISBEE, Ariz., Nov. 24. Unusually
large amounts of narcotics, alleged to
have been purchased recently by Dr.
J. "W. Douthitt, local veterinarian,
aroused suspicions of Thomas May,
federal narcotic inspector here, who
today arrested Dr. Douthitt and his
sister, May Douthitt on charges of
selling habit forming drugs.
When arraigned before United States
Commissioner James Allison this
afternoon, May Douthitt admitted hav
ing furnished narcotics to James
Wiley, one of the governments wit
nesses at the hearing, but said that
her brother had taken no part in and
had not been aware of, the transaction.
Both of the accused were ordered held
teered the assistance of his office.
The theft of $175,000 worth of whis
key from local railroad yards started
the Investigation which found its cli
max in today's drives. It was charged
that this liquor, t brought here illicitly
from Louisville, was guarded by no
licemen and then stolen from them by
another band, which also included
members of the police force. The in
junctions issued and the suits filed to
day cover many of Chicago' nost no
torious cafes, while the indictments in
clude men well known here and In
other cities and several members of the
police force.
Wealthy Publisher'
Dies in Chicago
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
CHICAGO, Nov. 24. Robert O. Law
president of the Robert O. Law Pub
lishing company., dropped dead todav
while testifying In an automobile ac
cident damaue suit against his wife.
Heart disease is believed to have
aused his death.
business in case of refusal.
i will fight it on the floor. Of the most
important subjects on the agenda, there
remain the economic blockade, the in
ternational court, the mandates and the
relations between the council of the
league and the assembly. The last
Tlvvoo CUl A named subject is expected to give rise
1 liretZ v'rcI to- the sharpest contention. It in
volves discussion of the proposition of
Wealthy Farmer
Kills Wife and
In an effort to get control of the
enate, which according to official re
turns shows a majority of one for
the Republicans, the Democrats in
Tavapal county are making an at
tempt to declare illegal the election of
David P. Morgan and Charles E.
Th. finim that Mr. Morgan s nom
inating certificate was not sljned by for trial ln the federal COUrL
himself, as he was in Europe at mo
time of the electior. Air. Kurion. uiey c j 1
claim, was elected under an assumed OtantlarCl vJll
name, for aithougn ne nas aiways wen
.lenown a Burton, his true name Is
Samuels. ..
Up to the present time no action
has been taken other than to freely
circulate the story throughout the
state. It was the main gossip at the
tiLte "house yesterday, the consensus
to Sell Stock
to Employees
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
NEW YORK, Nov. 24 Directors
1 K.inr that the ouestlon' can the Standard Oil company of New Jer-
be raised only when the legislature sey today announced that they had
.ni arh house beine the solo voted to submit to the stockholders
4..r. f t onallflrations of its mem- on Dec. 20 a plan made public some
h.r- n case an objection is filed. months ago by which about 37.000 of
unmn rhn 1h one of the best- the concern's employes In America
trm-sAi minine men of the state, has would be assisted in acquiring stocks
vt returned to the county where Increases in the common shares by
hti received a flattering vote as its $10,000,000, accompanied by reductions
r,Titatlve ln the senate. He has of the present $10 par value to $25
,8en basent In Europe for several i3 included in the proposition, it was
months, but will rturn shortly, it is
Mr. Burton, who has large cattle in
terests also la popular ln the county
which elected him. When a small boy
he went to live with a relative and al
though never legally adopted, was
known by the name of the relative,
which he always has retained.
"It was a bitter blow to the Demo
crats to lose control of the senate, and
their attempt to 'get by' on a thing of
..I. im ! nitiful." declared a state
HUN jvii.v. ' ,, .
official. "Nothing will come of it,' he
Lays Off 100 Men
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
BISBEE, Ariz., Nov. 24. One hun
dred men were laid off here this morn
ing by the Shattuck-Arizona Mining
company and announcement was made
that the Shattuck mine will be com
pletely closed down Jan. 1. 1921. The
lenn mine, controlled by the Shattuck
company, ceased operation Nov. 1.
Officials of the Calumft Sc Arizona
and Or p per (jueen companies, the two
largest copper producers in this dis
trlct, ro'-i tot;iy that no immediate re-durtl-"
t f th!r mine forcrs was con-temilitd.
Employes who have been active in
tha company's service for a year or
more would be eligible to acquire
stock under the new plan.
New Revenue Bill
Not Popular With
People of Mexico
Republican A. P. Leased wirej
WASHINGTON. Nov. 24 The rev
enuo bill and budget recently prepared
bv the Mexican treasury department
was withdrawn because of the popular
outcrv. oartlcularly against . the pro
posed income tax, according to advices
from Mexico City today. The bill as
submitted abrogated a number of ex
lsting taxes, including the stamp tax
on sales that date back to colonial
The Income tax provision called ror
a 4 per cent rate on all incomes over
1,300 pesos a year ana was expected
to yield 276.966.931 pesos. After with
drawal of the bill, Salvator Alvarado,
minister of Hacipnda, issued a state
ment declaring that "no income tax
provision will I e included in the rev
enue bllL"
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
PENDER, Neb, Nov. 24 GeorgW
H. Binklage, a farmer of near here,
reputed to be wealthy, today killed
his wife and three children with a
hatchet, badly wounded his baby, v
and then hanged himself to a raft
er in the barn. Neighbora of Bink
lage said they believed he waa de
spondent because of the falling off
in the value of his land and because
of the reductions in the price of
farm products. ,
DEWITT, Ga Nov. 24. The body
of Curley McKelvey, a negro, brother
of Ophelius McKelvey, who yesterday
;hot and killed James E. Adams of
Worth county, was found hanging from
t tree here today. The body had been
riddled with bullets.
residences, even the first class hotels,
is exempt from these searches, there
has been a marked diminution of
cross-channel traffic and an - almost
total cessation of tourist arrivals.
Reports from various parts of the
country today recount a widespread
seizure of bicvcles. which the authorl-
Honorl Pueyrredon of Argentina thattleg at Dublin castle interpreted as a
move on the part of tne acuviscs 10
counter the motor licensing restric
tions. . o
all members of the council be elected
by the assembly, which might take
i possession of the council irom tne pow
! ers, who, under the treaty of Versailles,
I were give five out of nine members of
the council, to be appointed by them
, . o
Butter Drops Three
Cents on Chi Mart
CHICAGO, Nov. 24. Butter dropped
from one to three cents a pound or
the local market today as a result.
trade leaders said, of an over-supply,
including large Argentine stocks.
I Creamery extras were quoted at 63Vi
cents, a drop of three cents.
Military Froces
Raid Dublin Hall
For Sinn Feiners
DUBLIN, Nov. 24. Military and
police forces raided Liberty hall, head
quarters of the Irish transport work
ers, the raid, which started at noon,
was still continuing this evening.
Among those arrested were Thomas
Johnson, secretary of the Irish Labor
party, and Thomas Farren, formerly
president of the Trades Union con
The search of Liberty hall was
thorough, the walls were opened and
the floors torn up and it is alleged
arms, ammunition, bombs, uniforms
and gunsight testers were found. A
large quantity of documents and flags
was carred into the street and burned.
under the - direction of Evangelist
Cheek. A general invitation to the
public is extended. . The .atart to ' the
Hieroglyphic Rocks will be made at
10 o'clock from Calvary Baptist church.
England Lost America
by Not Giving in
Time, Grey Says
Republican A. P. Leased Wire "
LONDON, Nov. 24. The debate in
the house of lords on Irish home rule
tonight was made memorable by a not
able appeal from Viscount Grey, for
mer secretary for foreign, affairs, to
the government for- an eleventh hour
attempt by generosity to Ireland to
fashion the bill into an acceptable
In a speech displaying no resentment
and taking full account of the govern
ment's extreme difficulties in Ireland
he urged that unless the government
was able to secure effective control In
Ireland it would be better to withdraw
all the armed forces and leave Ire
land to . find her own salvation.
Whether the appeal will be heeded
time will show, but it is slgnifcant that
Earl Middleton intends tomorrow to
move adjournment of the debate for a
fortnight to allow the government
time to consider what amendments, fi
nancial and otherwise, it will propose,
Viscount Grey declared the real
cause of failure in obtaining a settle
ment was the difference of opinon m
Ireland itself. Unless these differences
were composed, he asserted, there
could be no settlement and the bill be
fore the lords, to put it mildly, had not
made the differences less. It had con
ciliated Ulster, Viscount Grey said, but
had brought the southern Unionists
and Nationalists into opposition.
Lord Grey argued that it would have
been better had the government, in
stead of preparing a detailed bill,
started by laying down on broad lines
the limits within which Ireland could
have complete autonomy and the mini
mum which England must reserve for
the security and safety not only of her
self but of Ireland.
He outlined this minimum as, first
placing Ireland in precisely the pame
position with regard to foreign affairs
as the great self-governing dominions
with the same right to be consulted
about commercial treaties, and second,
only one army ln these two islands
He would not, however, contemplate
the maintenance of any imperial troops
in Ireland after home rule had passed,
unless Ireland desired it.
"I am perfectly certain, and the his
tory of war shows it, that unless there
is only one navy and one naval au
thority, neither Ireland nor Great
Britain could be defended," said Lord
Grey. "That must be without qualifi
cation. Whatever dominion home rule
might mean, we must from the begin
ning have no ambiguity on this ques
With England and Ireland so close
together and under modern conditions
of mines and submarines, he continued.
it was absolutely inconsistent with the
safety of either country that there
fehould be divided naval authority.
He admitted that after what had
happened in Ireland in the past few
weeks he could hardly advocate a
predicable course, as he did recently,
that Ireland should be left to say what
form of government she desired. But
the time might come when the govern
ment would have to consider that
method of precedure again.
He would have it clearly understood
in Ireland that Great Britain could not
go on indefinitely being maneuvered
into the position of either coercing na
tionalist Ireland or coercing Ulster, and
the greatest lever the government could
bring to bear to secure a settlement
would be to make, it perfectly clear
that the ultimate responsibility for the
government of Ireland rested with the
Irish people and that the government
could not continue indefinitely to gov
em any part of Ireland by force.
He desired to qualify his previous
suggestion, madi before reprisals were
heard of, that the armed forces should
be withdrawn from ireiana two years
hence; he would admit frankly that
under the present state of affairs in
Ireland he would never advocate that
the armed forces should be kept there
for another two years or any specified
Expressing indignation at the mur
ders and anxiety for the lack of disci
nline of the crown forces. Viscount
Grey declared that unless the govern
ment could assume direct, real and ef
fectlve control in Ireland It would he
Says Bill Now Pending
Not Satisfactory
to Either Side
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
: SANTA FE, N. M Nov. 24. Release
of trie 16 Villlstas from the state pen
itentiary was halted, temporarily, at
least, this afternoon when Judge Reed
Holloman, of the district court, on ap
plication of Albert W. Clancy of Santa
Fe issued a writ of mandamus directed
to Fidel Ortiz, warden of the peniten
tiary, commanding him to show why
he should honor the pardons issued by
Governor O. A. Larrazolo a few daye
ago. The case was set . for hearing
December. 4, and the convicts cannot
be released before that date. They
were to have been given their liberty
as soon as immigration officials could
prepare the necessary papers to have
them deported to Mexico.
The day the pardons were issued.
Governor Larrazolo left for Mexico
City to attend the Inauguration of
Tumulty Denies
Advising Coal
Jl"ltlr 1 oa r1oiC I Iresident-elect Obregon and he could -OltlivC
ICaQciO not be Interviewed regarding the new
better to withdraw the armed forces
He wished the government to have
all powers for punishing crime, but
these powers must be exercised with
real discretion and control, and if that
were impossible then withdrawal was
the better course.
Voicing his doubt as to whether a
constituent assembly or convention to
settle the question was practicable now
and criticising the financial clauses of
the bill, the speaker urged the govern
ment to try to amendt the bill and make
It more acceptable by more generosity
regarding finance and by offering fiscal
autonomy ln the hope that It would
bring about peace, instead of demand
ing peace as a condition of giving fiscal
autonomy. Alluding to foreign opinion.
Lord Grey hoped the government would
endeavor to make the bill sufficiently
strong and generous to appeal to all
moderate opinion.
"We have the greatest empire in the
world," he declared, "but it has not
been without its reverses. We lost
America through not giving in time
and not giving enough. Have we ever
in our history lost through giving too
He instanced South Africa as an Il
lustration and Said it was not yet too
late. As it stood, the bill would only
mean trouble In Ireland, but if the bill
were improved there waa a real pros
pect. He begged the government to
take courage from the history of the
empire and not throw away this oppor
tunity, but give the house the oppor
tunity of recording its verdict upon a
larger and better measure. -
Viscount Bryce said that instead of
cutting Ireland in two, It would have
been better to have one parliament,
with all possible guarantees that Ul
ster would be looked after. The bill, as
it stood, offered no prospect of fulfill
ing the hopes they all cherished and
it was only by going still further that
a settlement could be accomplished.
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
WASHINGTON, Nov. 24. Secretary
Tumulty today denied that he had
advised leaders of the bituminous coal
strike last fall to call off the strike
under penalty of exclusion from mail
and telegraph facilities, as stated by
John L. Lewis, persident of the United
Mine Workers of America, in an ad
dress last night at Belleville, 111.
Mr. Tumulty also denied that he had
told strike leaders that troops would
be used should the walkout continue.
"I know nothing about It," Secretary
Tumulty said in commenting on Mr.
Lewis' statements. "I cannot under
stand the remarks attributed to Mr.
Three Coloradoans
to Obregon Fiesta
TRINIDAD, Colo., Nov. 24. Three
Coloradoans will represent this state
at the inauguration ceremonies of Gen.
Alvaro Obregon as president of Mexico
at Mexico City on December 1.
Lieutenant Governor-elect Earl Coo-
ley, former State Senator Casimiro Ba
rela and J. J. Cordova of Trinidad left
today for El Paso en route to the Mex
ican capital. The New Mexico party.
headed by Governor O. A. Larrazolo,
will meet the Colorado delegation at El
Paso, from where they will be con
veyed by a special train provided by the
Mexican government to Mexico City.
Benson's Stenographer
Notified to Appear
WASHINGTON, Nov. 24. Adolph
Amende, stenographer to Chairman
Benson of the shipping board, was to
day summoned to appear before the
Walsh committee in New York inves
tigating board operations Friday. He
reported the statement rrade by R. W.
Boiling, treasurer of the board, Satur
day in answer to charg-es of bribery
preferred before the committee and was
phase which the case has taken.
The men were alleged to have par
ticipated in Villa's raid on Columbus,
N. M., March 9. 1916. They were cap
tured in Mexico by General John J.
Pershing's punitive expedition and re
turned to the United States. Fifteen
of them, when arraigned in the district
court of Luna county, pleaded guilty
to a charge of murder in the second
degree and were sentenced to the pen
itentiary. One man, who entered a
plea of not guilty, subsequently was
convicted of first degree murder and
sentenced to hang, but the then gov
ernor commuted his sentence to life
The Albuquerque American Legion
post last night adopted resolutions
protesting against the governor's ac
tion in granting the pardons, claiming
among other things that it was illegal
because the question was not first sub
mitted to the penitentiary commis
sioners as provided by law, and an
nounced that a fight would be insti
tuted to prevent the pardons from be-
coming effective. Today the Kiwanis
club of Albuquerque passed resolutions
of protest, and it is understood that
ether protests have been received here
from other points in the state.
Jamoke Ginger Not
Intoxicant Unless
Sold as Beverage
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
BOSTON, Nov. 24. Unless Jamaica
g'ng-or is sold as a beverage, it is not
to be considered as intoxicating liquor,
the full bench of the supreme court to
day ruled in setting aside verdicts of
guilty in the case of Sam Soakey and
Michael J. Rcagen, store keepers in
Jiidpe DeCourcey held that the sale
of Jamaica ginger as a disguised sub
stitute for liquor "is not so notorious
that we can assume without proof that
Jamaica ginger has the distinctive
ordered to produce his notes and a cer- character, use and effect of an ir'oxi-
tified copy of tha transcript. eating liquor. '

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