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Republican A. P. Leased Wire
DOUGLAS, Doc. 24. President Obre
Kon of Mexico believes that the inter-
01 tho United States and Mexico
are idential and parallel, that what af
IVlZ,0 aW the other, and that,
th!Vfore, ho thinks the two countries
should work in perfect harmony.
? r"w Psldent of MexJco so
tted a few days ago at Mexico Citv
in an interview which he grave to W.
v. Klnp, Douglas attorney, and per
sonal friend of General Obrejron. Mr
Klnr, who arrived homo today, gave
out a synopsis of tho interview.
General Obregou also stated that
his Kovemment would t.iko no action
la labor controversies except where one
group to the controversy infringes upon
the right of another.
President Obregou Raid he had Im
pressed upon the Mexican congress the
necessity of enacting fair and reason
able laws, as well as laws that were
not ambiguous.
"General Obregon stated that he be
lieves that th interests of the United
States and Mexico are identical and
parallel and that what affects one af
fects the other and that, therefore, he
believes that the two countries should
work in perfect harmony.
"TVltfi refercnoo to the labor trou
bles in the country, he stated that In
his opinion three factors were neces
sary to Mexico's prosperity, namely,
brains, capital and labor; that neither
of these could have any ascendancy
over tho other; that if any two of
these were at loggerheads it meant an
unbalancing of the social and Indus
trial system.
"He compared these factors in in
dustry to the three powers of govern
ment, stating that- in both cases all
must co-operate absolutely in order to
accomplish anything at all.
"He stated that when he was ad
vised that certain laborers Intended
xtriklng ho replied that was their right
and that on the other hand when he
was advised that an employer refused
to raise wages his reply was that It
was his right to do so.
"lie said he did not intend to govern
any group or groups of inhabitants of
Hie country, but the nation as a whole.
He said he hoped that the people of
Mexico would not realize that there
was a government, meaning that the
government would take no action in
labor questions except where one group
Involved infringed upon the rights of
the other.
"With special reference to I, TV. W.
activities, he stated that this was
not a Mexican creation, but rather an
Anmerican Importation. Tie called at
tention to the fact that in none of his
campaign speeches had he advocated a
pre-eminence of one class over an.-other."
Farmers to Cut Waaes
CHANDLER That a general cut io
wages by farmers is expected the first
of the year is forecast by reports be
ing received from large ranchers in
this district and by the forthcoming
meeting Thursday night of this week
of the Mesa and Chandler farm bu
reaus in Chandler to discuss this prop
osition. The movement has already
been started to cut wages by two of
the largest ranchers in the district.
who announce that the following wage
reductions will be effective on their
places January l, 1921: Common la
bor, 2.00 per day; teamsters, 12.60 per
day; Irrigators, $2.50 per day; night
irrigators, $2.75 per day. Definite ac
tion on the subject of lower wages will
be taken at the farm bureau meeting
Thursday night In' the chamber of
commerce. Arizonian.
'fronted bv a demurrer to his suit to
compel payment filed by County At
torney Neil C. Clark and sustained yes
terday by Judge J. J. Sweeney of the
Superior court, who f.vled that the bill
of the state legislature instructing
Yavapai county to pay Duke's claim
was special legislation and unconsti
tutional. Such is the result of the $700 claim
of twenty-five years ago which had in
creased to $2,000 because of the inter
est. County Attorney Clark i of the
opinion that the ruling will bear no ap
peal and that the only recourse for the
plaintiff now is to amend his appeal.
Federal Court at Tucson
TUCSON Federal Judge William IL
Sawtelle has fixed Monday, December
27. as law and motion day. Demurrers
a.1 preliminary motions will be heard
T)y Judge Sawtelle and civil cases to
come up will be set for trial. The
regular terms of federal court has not
yet been set, but will probably be about
the middle of January. A grand Jury
will be appointed during the first part
of January. Judge Sawtelle will be in
Tucson during the next months and
will hold occasional hearings before the
regular session. Citizen.
War Hero "Comes Home"
FLAGSTAFF The American legion
is Jn receipt of a telegram from the
United States transportation depart
ment at Hoboken, N. J advising them
that the body of Albert Pitts, killed In
action in France, had arrived from Eu
rope and was on its way to Flagstaff.
Harvey Pitts, a brother, who met the
body in New York, is escorting: the re
mains, which are expected to arrive
here Wednesday at 2:50 on No. 9.
Northern Arizona Leader.
Demurrer Sustained
PRESCOTT Once again after twenty-five
years effort to secure his claim
against the county, John Duke is con-
Brings Big Damage Suit
YUMA H. T- Weaver of Somerton
yesterday commenced suit in the Supe
rior court "against the Yuma National
bank for damages of $25,000 resulting
from alleged acts of the bank in taking
money which lie had placed in the bank
in his open account and applying the
same on his promissory note which the
bank held.
The complaint alleges that the plain
tiff placed $1,000 in tho Yuma National
bank to his account, intending to use
same to pick a,nd' harvest his cotton
crop and to pay other incidental bills,
that the bank, after the money had
been, so deposited, took $869 of the
money and applied it on a note for $1,
200 which they held and that the note
was secured by a chattel mortgage.
After the bank had transferred the
money and used it on the plaintiff's
note without knowledge of the trans
fer, the plaintiff drew certain checks
for the payment of his cotton pickers
and when the checks were presented
at the bank they were turned down
marked "no funds" and "not sufficient
Shortly after the checks came back
to the holders unpaid, a criminal ac
tion was commenced in the Justice court
of this city against H. T. Weaver for
passing out bad checks. When the case
came to trial before Judge Smith eome
days ago. Judge Smith held that the
defendant was guilty of no crime and
that the money was still in the Yuma
National bank. Sun.
Girl Burns To Death
Playing Santa Claus
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
RICHMOND. Va.. Ic. 24 Before
any one of an audience of 600 could
reach her, Annie Leo Bowden, 12 years
old. who was playing the part of "Mrs.
Santa Claus" at a public school enter
tainment In Zuna today, received fatal
burns when hr costume caught fire
from candles which illuminated Christ
mas tree. She died almost Immedi
ately. O '
Want Continuation
Of Lever Act Until
Peace Is Declared
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
"WASHINGTON. Dec. 24. Continua
tion of the Lever act, repeal of which is
provided in a bill already passed by
the house, is "vitally Important" to in
sure an adequate fuel supply for the
navy at reasonable prices. Secretary
Daniels declared In a statement to
night. He urged continuation of the
act, "at least until peace has been
formally declared."
Only by exercise of the comman
deering authority conferred under the
act, the secretary paid, has the navy,
in purchasing its coal been able to
"avoid the profiteering prices de
manded by suppliers."
More than seven million tons of coat,
according to the statement, has been
commandeered by the navy in the last
three years a,t prices ranging from $2
a ton at the mines in October, 1917, to
$4.24 last September.
' o
Why mackerel should swim In a tank
from left to right and never otherwise,
is a problem which the united intelli
gence of all members of the Sussex sea
fisheries committee has failed to solve
It is known as the great mackerel mys
tery. For more than thirty years the
Brighton acquarium has kept macker
el. When first Introduced to their glass
lank they persisted in trying to swim
through the glass, to their previous
bodily harm. Pesently an island was
et up In the middle of their lake. Ac
cidents at once ceased. And for twen
ty years and more the mackerel have
been swimming steadfastly round that
island by day and by night, in season
and out of season, and never once have
they been observed to swim from right
to lefL
Pepys' Diary is a unique work by
Samuel Pepys (1632-1703), giving a
curious and faithful account of the
times in England from 1659 to 1669
It includes almost every phase of pub
lic and social life, from the gayeties
of the court to the pettiest detail of
week-dav existence. The book is writ
ten in shorthand and was not discov
ered until a century after the author's
de.-ith. It was deciphered ana puo
lished (although in a mutilated form)
by Lord Braybrooke in lSo.
The Importation, manufacture, sale,
rv of narcotic drugs Jn tne fomm
o r, ny,l!n are restricted by a law
of December 17. 1919.
An Inventor In Maryland has per-
tr.tA u. small electric llgut to oe ai
tached to a small broom to light up
dark corners when his wife sweeps the
Mercury is not much more than one
third as far away froijrxthe sun as
... .. it pets from tho solar orb
thirteen times as much light and heat
as we get-
o -
San Francisco has more telephones
in proportion to population than any
other large city.
Taxation In France for the first
sever? months of 1320 was 2,000.000,000
f..... .enter than tho same period
i i . - r-
in 1019.
The Uingstrasse In Vienna on the
it of the old fortifications is regard
ed as one of the hnndsorne-t streets in
the world - ,
Says Joint Land
Banks Should Pay
Government Tax
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
WASHINGTON, Dec. 24. With
drawal of tax exemption privilege from
farm loan bonds issued in the future
by Joint Btock land banks has been
recommended to congress by Secretary
Houston on the ground that these
banks are organizations of private cap
ital for commercial purposes in which
the profits accrue to the benefit of
the investing stockholders.
Tax exemptions in the case of joint
stock land banks were declared by the
secretary to amount to a gift at the
expense of tho government and tax
payers generally.
During the past fiscal year, the sec
retary said, 27 Joint stock land banks
were in active operation making loans
in the aggregate of $29,262,470 to 3,148
borrowers. .
Forest patrolling Is one of the
manifold uses of the flying machine
In industrial life, according to the
Nation's Business. The Quebec gov
ernment uses six hydroplanes over Its
iorest areas to watch for fires and
at the same time It has set out on a
policy of planting two spruce or pine
trees for every one cut down. In the
Philippines, an army airplane was
used to locate a new railroad and one
long flight enabled an engineer to de
cide which one of throe general
routes should be used, a saving of
months of time and thousands of dol
lars. In this method only one party
of locating engineers need be sent out
instead of three.
According to the United States reo-
logical survey the highest mountain In
the state of New York is Mount Marcy,
a peak In the Adirondacks, which rises
6,344 feet above sea level- The average
or main elevation of the state, as esti
mated by the geological survey, is 900
' o
A man's head, especially If he Is a
brain worker, continues to Increase in
size until he Is more than 40 years of
Cardinal Gibbons
Passes Quiet Day
Republican A.- P. Leased Wire
BALTIMORE, De 24 Cardinal
Gibbons was reported tonight as hav
ing a good day and his secretary was
to celebrate mass in his room at mid
night for the prelate and members of
the household.
The cardinal's physician has pre
scribed "absolute rest, but no medi
cine." o-
One Killed And Three
Wounded In Barcelona
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
BARCELONA, Dec. 23 A groun of
syndicalists fired at four workmen in a
street here tonight, killing one and
wounding three. The assailants escaped.
: o
Introducing the French peasant to
the great value of machinery in tilling
soil is probably America's best con
tribution to the work of reconstruc-.
tton. says Herbert S. Houston, writing
in the World's Work. The holdings
of land often cover ;but a few acres
and the peasant has found that the
wheel hoe. for example, will do the
work of six men and, on large farms,
that the tractor will plow more-Jand
than six horses. This Is a revelation,
a discovery of astonishing moment to
him. And he has formed hundreds of
co-operative societies to buy and op
erate tractors. He has claimed the
wheel hoe for his 'own and wants to
see Us tribe Increased.
. o
According to Popular Science Month
ly, a doctor at Johns Hopkins hospital
has discovered a way of pumping air
Into the brain so as to locate and re
move tumors which would cause either
idiocy or death.
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
LOS ANGELES. Dec. 24. Con
spiring to ' throw" baseball games Is
not a criminal offense, according to
a ruling of Judge Frank R. Willis of
the Los Angeles superior court today,
when he dismissed indictments charg
ing W. Baker (Babe) Borton, former
member of the Vernon club of the
Pacific Coast baseball league; W. G.
Rurnler and Harl V. Maggert, former
Salt Lake players, and Nathan Ray
mond alleged gambler of Seattle, with
having conspired to "throw" games in
the 1919 season. Judge Willis not only
sustained demurrers filed by attorneys
for Borton and Maggert, but held that
defects in the indictments could not
be cured by a re-submission of the
matter to the Los Angeles county
grand Jury.
This was said to mean the end of
the case, so far as any criminal prose
cution was concerned; the exoneration
of the bail and the dismissal of the
charges against the four accused men.
Judge Willis said the players. In
signing contracts with the teams, had
entered Into an agreement to play
baseball to the best of their ability.
But, he continued, admitting for the
sake of argument they had not done
so, their act amounted only to a
breach of a civil contract and he held,
was In no way "actionable as a crim
inal cause."
He declared the action of the men,
if they were guilty, was most repre
hensible, but there was no remedy
along the lines of criminal prosecution.
o ,
Diamonds washed up from the sea
on the coast of southwest Africa in
191$ totaled 1,284,727 karats, valued at
$13,132,260. This is according to gov
ernment scientists who investigated
the coastal diamond field, which is 270
miles long and was discovered in 1908.
These gems are found chiefly in the
Pomona district and never more than
15 miles from the shore. Most of them
are extremely small. Although one of
34 karats has been discovered, the av
erage size is one-fifth of a karaL They
are embedded In the beaches or In the
sand dunes. The diamonds are of many
colors. Clear white crystals make up
the bulk of them. Yellows, pink, pur
plish, bluish, green and black stones
occur. The gems are characterized by
greater brilliancy In the rough than
any others found in South Africa.
o -
The houseboat Killamey, which was
used by Sir Thomas Lipton to house
the sailors and guard of the cup chal
lenger Shamrock is now known as the
"Killamey apartments," says the New
York Sun. At Jacob's famous yacht
yard. City Island, it has done its bit
to relieve the housing shortage, which
has even extended to that remote sec
tion of the city. Two families have
been living on board the Killarney and
have been enjoying spacious living
quarters. The Killarney is about 75
feet long and 40 feet wide. Her upper
deck Is open, except where the forward
deckhouse stands and forms an excel
lent play ground for the children. When
the housing shortage became acute at
City island the fortunate tenants asked
to "apartment" In the houseboat. Per
mission was obtained from Sir Thomas
through his representative In New
. , ,o -
Imitation wool Is being made In
England from cellulose extracted front
cotton waste.- It Is said that this ar
tificial wool can be handled by regu
lar wool-working machines aid can
be combined with real wool. It also
takes dyes satisfactorily and is ex
pected to wear welL
Seventy-two enormous grain ele
vators are to be built In British South
Hamon's Missouri
Estate Will Total
Over Half Million
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
KANSAS CITY. Mo., Dec. 24. An
inventory of the estate left in Mis
souri by the late Jake L. Hamon of
Ardmore, OJcla filed in probate court
today by Henry C. rage, public ad
ministrator, gave the total property
holdings In this state as $477,466.
The Inventory showed two life In
surance policies with a St. Louis com
pany for $200,000 and listed capital
stock in a Kansas City oanK vaiuea bt.
$156,195 and credit with a local brok
erage firm of $114,951.
The public administrator sam ne
had filed a demand for payment of the
insurance policies.
William Berwick, restorer of an
cient documents at the Congressional
Library in Washington, is said to have
more skill in repairing ancient books
and manuscripts than any other man
now living. He knows how to split
a thin sheet of paper so as to separate
the writing on the two sides, insert
a middle layer of paper, and cover
the whole with thin silk gauze, glued
invisibly over the writing, so that the
page will stand considerable handling.
Anaxagoras of Clazomenae, 490 B.
C, conjectured the right explanation
of the moon's light and of solar and
luna eclipses.
Practically ail of the electric power
used in the Italian city of Milan is
obtained from hydroelectric plants
in the Alps.
PHONE 4456
Broadway Messenger Service
"It is the most desperate situation
in the world Today."
American Legions
Army Officials
Bar Associations
Big Business
Catholio Churches
Chambers of Commerce
Fraternal Orders
Government Officials
Jewish Societies
Labor Organisations
Medical Associations
Men's Clubs
Protestant Churches
Schools, Universities
State Officials
Women's Clubs
Y. M. C. A.'s
Y. W. C A.'s
And Thousands of
Christmas, 1920.
Dear Friends of Children:
The Children of Sorrow stand before you! Won't yoa set a place
for them at your table on Christmas Day? They are ragged, homeless
and hungry, but they are not hopeless, In their simple faith they turn
trustingly to you.
The Children of Sorrow! There are unknown thousands of them;
110,639 of whom are under American care. It Is an appalling number
of pitiful, orphaned wards the Near East must shelter under Its
merciful wings. There Is mile after mile of human misery to be relieved.
Fatherless and motherless these are children of Armenians, Greeks,
Syrians and Jews, made homeless and dependent by the atrocities of
the Turks. They will have no place this year at a family table of their
own on the Great Day we celebrate.
As you eagerly plan jlhis festival for the children, dear to your own
heart, think for a moment what It would mean If some terrible fate
deprived them of your love and care, left desolate, ruffering with
disease and bitter cold. Yet these children across the sea were once
the adored and beloved babies of other fathers and mothers whose
protecting love they will never know again.
A diet of bread for breakfast, bread and soup for dinner, and bread
for supper! And yet tills slender ration means life to them.
Five dollars a month will feed one child. Ten dollars a month will
feed and clothe one. Fifteen dollars a month will feed, clothe and
educate one of these children of sorrow.
At this season of giving, won't yoa let the claim of one of these
children find a "place in your heart? His hungry eyes look at your
well-fed children, and his longing hand reaches out to ycur Christmas
Tree. Will you bring a smile to this child of sorrow by sharing with
him your Christmas?
Sincerely yours.
State Secretary.
Near East Relief, 42 E. Monroe, Phoenix, Ariz.
Subscriptions may be deposited in anybank in Arizona and tbey will be
properly forwarded.
Specialists In
i 01 uenusiry.
Opposite The PhoeaixMotial Banl
'May Today Be Your Merriest
Of, Merry Christmases"
Is Our Sincere Wish To All
"Where You Feel At Home
-i Br
In extending the s"easbnT5fgree:E
ings to all our friends and cus
tomers, we bespeak for our
selves a generous part in all
constructive plans for 1921,
which have to do with the de
velopment of the individual
communities of which we are a
part. We are grateful indeed
for the courtesies extended to
us during the year just closing,
and in the year to come to
pledge ourselves to continue,
that program of co-operative
effort which has won for us the
confidence of our customers
and friends.
A very Merry Christmas and
a truly Happy and Prosperous
New Year to one and all.
1 i 1 nllr
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