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H pj m PiWf llPfP mm
A faw momenta thowff'ii upended
in calculation baaed on the knowledge
of the appttites and tastes of those to
be served makes it possible to provide
just enough.
In a family where left-over are not
tolerated this accurate provision of
food should be worked out most ju
diciously, otherwise there is danger ef
tee greet frugality, causing under
nourishment. Menu for Tomorrow
BREAKFAST StwM prunes,
rooked cfreal, hot buttered toast, cof
fee. LUNCHEON Spanish rice, brown
bread and butter, Rlace apples, tea,
DINNER rot roast of veal, mashed
Potatoes, buttered carrots, head let
tuce salad, lemon roll, coffee.
My Own Recipes
There in no cereal that In not Im
proved by Ion cooking, no matter
what the- directions on the packnre
lead one to believe. If a cooked cereal
1 nerved for breakfast it should be
Marted the night before and partially
looked while the dinner dishes are
l eing done. It will finish cookinff while
I he coffee is boiling in the morninK.
y Olive KoLefrir Bgrtarv
I cup rice
1 fpiart canned tomatoes
" medium-sized onions
i' green peppers
'a cup diced celery
-i teaspoon salt
U teaspoon pepper
2 tablespoons bacon fat
Melt bacon fat in a frying Pan and
add sliced onions. Cook until 'onions
are jl pale straw color. Add tomatoes.
Add rice carefully washed and drained.
Add celery and shredded peppers.
Season with salt and pepper and cook
slowly for an hour. Stir frequently
to prevent burning;.
3 apples
1 cup sugar
Pare and core apples. Cut in slices
about half an inch thick. Put in a
stew pan with the susar and cook
very slowly for forty-five minutes.
Apples that are rather coarse-grained
and don't cook to pieces are the nicest
to use. The .syrup should be a very
pnlo straw color when removed from
the fire. Do not try to cook more
Nick looked at the map he had been given to guide him and Nancy on their
trip to the South Pole.
"There should be a hut here," he said. "It's marked 'The House of Ishtu
the Eskimo.' '
"Why, there it is!' cried Nancy, pointing to where a low mound of ice and
snow pushed up from the flat ground like the head of a large mushroom.
"That's queer." said Nick. "It wasn't there a minute ago, because after we
had come through the golden door in the ice wall I looked as hard as I could in
every direction, and there wasn't a thing."
"A Nice Quiet Girl"
The craze for a while among men
hns heen the brilliant girl.
A ...
j ' 'VVV W "
A Master piece
It would be easy to paint many glowing pic
tures about Ben-Hur Coffee, but the master
piece is the coffee itself.
No words, or pictures, could ever do justice
to the delightful, rich, mellow flavor of Ben
Hur Coffee, our masterpiece.
But just one taste, one cup, and you will say,
for you henceforth
cuum Pa.cM.ccf:
Such coffee as Ben-Hur is not a mere chance.
The wonderful taste that you can't forget, is the
result of knowing, after many years' experience,
how to select, blend and pack.
Chili Powder
Prepared M tard
'- uv $r "-rs
changed the whole look of the man.
Over his smiling anU indifferent fea
tures spread a deep red blur of color.
It passed, leaving the lines of his face
strained and hard.
"Wrong number!" he said sharply
and he hung up the receiver with a
"Wronr number!" he announced
unnecessarily as he rejoined our cir
cle. "Come. Marte, we must hurry."
But Lorrie. had to be well wrapped
up, for a hiiazard was racrinrr. Ami so
A low mound of ice and snow like th Head of a large mushroom
"You must have been dazzled by the ice." remAked Nancy, "for thera it Is.
And Im hungry, and a liUle cold, and I ttiink we'd betir find the door and ask
if we may get warm."
Thrv" Green Shoes piloifd them paftlv over the ice to the "igloo," as Eski
mos call their houses, and they soon four J the little low l.xrv. that looked
almost like the opening to a beehi.e. Dropping on their l.arias ai.T knees the
twins crawled inside, finding themsel.s in a sort, of hallway cut oiu of solid
ice, at the far end of which was a thick tx ;;:. . f walrus skins.
"Please may we come in" called Nick, as r.e decided that as there was leal'
no door it was useless to knock.
"Sure, come in," called a cheery voice in Eskin", iui, of course, c:.r little
friends understood as easily as if it had been American, because Nancy u'l
carried the charm-that the Magical Mushroom had given them rvhen they left
the Fairy Queen's Palace, the charm that helped them to understand alllan
guages. They lifted aside the heavy, stiff curtain and entered.
At first they could scarcely see at all for the smoke, and the only light was
coming from a vessel of burning grease. Then they made out the figuc of a
"Brains." they demanded. "Looks,
if possible, but brains, brains, brains!"
From the very first they "took" to
the new woman the girl who had nc
"place," who assumed an intellectual
basis with them and was able to give
and take- cn the rostrum as in the
And with this new fetish of thinking,
wideawake women became the vogue of
the brilliant girl. Koon the fellow who
used to brag about takins out the
prettiest girl in town changed his tune
to the quantity and quality of the gray
matter he had escorted to the Satur
day night ball.
But the brilliant girl made one mis
take she overreached herself. She for
got, it seems, that man's ruling passion
is vanity and that no matter how badly
smitten he may otherwise be. any ap
peal that will not sustain his vanity is
likely to be no more than a temporary
To her, too, the situation was novel
and she exulted In it. More valiant
than discreet, she outscintillated. ob
scured her satellites with men the un
pardonable sin.
So they are running: away from the
brilliat girl. They flee at the mention
of "brainy" or "superior," and it looks
as if a "a nice, Quiet girl" is going to be
the drawing card again for a while.
While the "nice, quiet girl" may be
in for an inning, her brighter sister J
may still take heart. She need not
really retire altop-'tlcr. Not if she is
brainy enough to be ' rice antl quiet,'
clever enough to be unobtrusive, if she
will f how her powers of conversation
by leUing "him" talk, her (ki n insight -by
being interested, her logic by being
Then her letterbox will continue 10
be filled and her wire always "busy!"
"Evan took up the receiver nonchal
antly." the ring of the phone caught them once
"Don't bother to answer," Evan ex
claimed. "Operators make such care
less mistakes in the holidays "
He was talking too much about
rcthing, I could see, and so could
Martha, She threw her husband a
suf-ri"oj? glance and took down the
rtc;vf r ,
My .' 1 r : s";r.k with a horrid fore
bodms as i':? 8.wered the call:
"Yes, Mr. Fmac.-se! What is the
fTo be cf i -tinu-l.) '
Invisible HAIR NETS
At department stores, specialty
snops ana gooa arug
Colonial f Qmlity
(Copyright lSBQt by 'EEie.IuypApeT rrtapnod,1ion)
Ann whirled and stamped and
leaped in a very smart imitation of a
folk-dance and all except Martha
Palmer' watched' her with pleasure. I
said to myself that Ann was showing
off to Van again, and I wanted to
shake her. because she looked to him
for applause more often than to her
husband. She was flirting with Van,
as usual, and I could see if the others
I was sorry that Martha was pre
occupied. She was debating the wis
dom of adopting Marion Sprague's un
welcome child. Martha tardily noticed
little Lorrie when he touched the but
ton that switched off the lights and
set the great tree to revolving so that
the children could pick its choice
In one way I was glad that Martha
had a chance to sit quietly, for she
made a most exquisite picture and
one which Evan was appreciating.
Van wasn't losing a nuance of her
beauty, either. But he had his man
ners with him; or perhaps he, too, ob
served Evan's devotion to his wife.
Evan hovered around Martha much
as he did in days of yore before the
war. It was like old times. I eould
than this quantity at one tice.
MARY SAYS: "Thanksgiving!
Christmas! New Year!" quoth the
turkey. "Nevermore."
hardly realize that they who had been
such devoted lovers so short a time
ago were as far apart in spirit as the
universe permits two souls to sepa
rate. The party broke up at an, early hour,
for well-brought-up children must go
to bed by the clock even in the Christ
mas season. Evan and Martha were
saying goodby to me when the phone
"A call for Mr. Palmer," said the
maid .
Evan took up the receiver non
chalantly. In spite of his careless
way, for no reason whatever, a silence
j feil upon our little group. -
-wnat's that Yes! Yes!" Then
Evan paused and a curious expression
1000 Eggs
In Every Hen
New System Of Poultry Keeping
Get Dollar A Dozen Egga
Famoua Poultryman
A Real Sa!e Where You Purchase
At Less than Cost of Materials
You Cannot Afford to Miss This
.Dresses? Coats
We Need the Space for Our Spring Arrivals
The Profits Go To the Pubiic
"The great trouble with the poultry
business has always been that the lay
ing life of a hen was too short." says
Henry Tafford, International Poultry
Expert and Breeder, for nearly eigh
teen years Editor of Poultry Success.
The average pullet lavs 150 eegs. If
1 kept the second year, she may lay 100
more. Then she goes to market. Yet,
is has been scientifically established
that every pullet is born or hatched
with over one thousand minute egg
germs in her system and will lay
them on a highly profitable basis over
a period of four to six years' time if
given proper care.
How to work to get 1,000 eggs from
every hen: how to get pullets laying
early; how to make the old hens lay
like pullets; how to keep up heavy egg
prodjetion all through cold winter
months when eggs are highest; triple
egg production; make slacker hens
hustle; $5.00 profit from every hen in
six winter months. These and many
other money making poultry secrets
are contained In Mr. Trafford's "1,000
EGG HEN" system of poultry raising,
one copy of which will be sent abso
lutely free to any reader of this paper
who keeps six nens or more. Eggs
should go to a dollar or more a dozen
this winter. This means big profit
to the poultry keeper who gets the
eggs. Mr. Trafford tells how. If you
keep chickens and want them to make
money for you, cut out this ad and
end it with your name and address to
Henry Trafford, Suite 10143 Tyne
Bldg., Binghamton. N. Y., and a free
copy of "THE 1,000 EGG HEN" will
be sent by return mail.
r .--- pi l - ' sW'.. .', , 7 .1.1 t:l
Drawing Made from a Modd Booster Zitchei
210 West Washington
Tvo Doors Above Redewill Music Company
"Where Quality, Style and Economy Meet"
Cuticura Beautifies
Your Complexion
The daily us of the Soap cleanses and
purines the pores of the skin, thus prevent
ing blackheads and pimples. Th Oint
ment usrd occasionally, as needed, soothes
and heais any irritation or roughness.
They are ideal for the toilet as is also
Cuticura Talcum lor perfuming.
DuBtlt T WU 4Mrr-i' "Cltlemr Lb-
Take a Year to Pay
WHEN we place in your home
We feel that we have established friendly relations be
tween your house and ours.
We Have Mutual Friend
That's why we say for a small payment down we will
deliver any of these and you may take a year to com
plete the paying.
Established 1885
MCCuticm Sop t have without mvt.
Bawu-yaiBK ar .
Z3jm3Barmwi. mmn .uw.1 warn a

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