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Gir eolation
1 TR
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
LONDON, April 4 An undated
document purporty to contain secret
detailed instructions from Nicolai
Lenine, the Russian bolshevik pre
mier, ordering taovle trade missions
abroad to stir up revolution, is pub
lished today by the London Times.
The document, which is signed "Butt
harin Bereiin. for Third Internation
ale executive," and "Pavlov-Veltman,
director of the Council of Action for
Propaganda in the east," says in
Trade relations must always serve
for communistic propaganda. Their
primary object is spreading discon
tent among workers and soldiers and
preparing strikes and disturbances.
"The point of a stated guarantee
should always be raised after nego
tiations with foreign firms. The
guarantee would not be forthcoming
and thus the firms would be obliged
to refuse the orders. This would fur
nish a useful basis for stirring up die-
Published dally and' Sunday at Phoenix, Arizona, for April 1st, 1921.
State (Jf Arizona, County of Maricopa ss.
Before me, a notary public In and for the state and county aforesaid,
oersonaUy appeared W. W. Knorpp, who having been duly sworn according
i low and slv that he is the business manager of the The Arl-
vnn. HAnuhHran and that the following to. to the best of his knowledge
-,r,A h.ii.r o tm itiinnmt nt th ownershiD. management, etc.. of the
.". j.t. .hnin .in the obnvn caution, reaulred by content among workers."
. i-; i ,.n T,ti T.awB and Reeu-1 Soviet delegates are further in-
Ltionrried on the reverse o, this form. to-wU: . spare'no exnse" ll.Ttomlke
lThat the name, and addresses ol the publisher, editor, managmg "buythe prets lctal
editand business managers are: attention is called to the importance
nnon.nr AT-.Tvoc.jS! of "arming workers to serve as a
IvJCME OF , ruoi un J " " I nucleus for fighting units."
Publisher, Arizona "UDiisnmg company , u.n.,
President and Publisher, Dwight B. Heard Phoenix, Arizona
Editor.' J. W. Spear Phoenix, Arizona
ftenerzrt Manaaer. Chas. A. Stauffer . Phoenix, Arizona
Business Manager, W. W. Knorpp Phoenix, Arizona
Everything Is Ready for
The Reunion of Pioneers
In Phoenix on April 12-13
i ' :
Just One Week From Today Will See The Opening Of
the Great Reunion Which Is Expected Will Bring
Together Many Hundreds Of The Early-Day Settlers
Of Arizona Plans For The Two Days Have Been
Completed By The Republican Round Trip Rate Of
One And One-Half Fares Has Been Granted
Today, just a week before the opening of the Pio
neers' reunion, which has been planned by The Repub
lican to bring together the founders of Arizona's glory
in the greatest event of its kind in the West, this news
paper is able to announce the complete program for
April 12 and 13. Preparations for the reunion have
been in progress for several months, during which the
entire state has been combed for pioneers with a re
sponse which has placed on The Republican's registra
tion lists more than 1500 names and addresses, and
now, as the event approaches, the details of the reunion
are completed.
2. That the owners are: (Given names and address of individual own
ers, of" if a corporation, give its name and the names and addresses of
tttockholders owning, or holding 1 per cent or more of the total amount of
stock). Arizona ruDiienina company.
Dwisrht BY Heard Phoenix, Arizona 691 shares
Charles A. Stauffer Phoenix, Arizona ..: 309 shares
Male B. Heard Phoenix, Arizona .. . . 263 shares
W. W. Knorpp ....Phoenix, Arizona 210 shares
Garth W. Cate Chicago, 111. ... 54 shares
A. C. Bartlett ..State St. Bridge, Chicago, 111. 60 shares
Fred O. Adams Phoenix, Arizona 30 shares
Florence D. Bartlett .......2720 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111 27 shares
Oliver King Phoenix, Arizona 10 shares
S. That the known bondholders, mortgages, and other security holders
owning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages,
or other securities are: (If there are none, so state).
Persons holding these notes: .
A. C. Bartlett, Male B. Heard.
4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the names of owners,
stockholders, and security holders, if any, contain not only the list of
stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the
company but also In cases where the stockholder of security holder appears
upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other fiduciary rela
tion, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trustee is act
ing, is given; also that the said two paragraphs contain statements em
bracing affiant's fall knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and
condition tinder which stockholders and security holders who do not ap
pear upon the books of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities
in a capacity other than that of a bonafide owner; and this affiant has no
reason to believe that any other person, association, or corporation has
any interest direct or indirect in the said stock, bonds, or other securities
than as so stated by him. -
6. That the average number of copies of each issue, of this publica
tion sold or distributed through the mails or otherwise, to paid subscribers
Suring the six months preceding the date shown above la (this "1 Jt QQQ
Information is required from daily publications only) '...... .XrxOOO
' Business Manager.
Bworn to and subscribed before me this 2nd day of April. 1921.
(My commission expires June I, 1923). ' Notary Public.
The Daily Telegraph also publishes
the instructions. This newspaper
says they were issued to the Soviet
trade delegation In Constantinople.
The London Times, however. repre-
sents the plan of Lenine as being
o '
'Votes for women" has become
"Political Jobs for Women."
Women are becoming more and
more active in the field of politics.
Here are just a few of the jobs into
which women recently have been
elected or appointed or for which they
are waging an active campaign:
Miss Annie K. Maxwell has been
appointed second deputy state auditor
of Massachusetts.
Mrs. J. P. Moore is a candidate for
mayor of Salisbury, N. C.
Georgia L. Oakes, detective, is aft
er appointment as constable in Bos
ton. . -
Mrs. Blanche E. Robinson is a can
didate for postmistress of New Bed
ford, Mass.
Miss Florence Allen is a judge in
the criminal court in Cleveland and
is expected to be a candidate for the
Mrs. John Goldthwaite has been
elected auditor of the town of Frye
burg, Me.
Mrs. Nellie Frederick is village col
lector of Cornwall-on-the-Hudson,
N. Y.
Mrs. Myra J. Severance is chair
man' of the board of selectmen of
Newberg, Me.
Miss Charlotte M. wessel Is a can
didate for alderman in Blue Island,
Mrs. W. B. Dickinson is a member
of the -school board of Independence,
Miss Charlotte Smiedel has been
named a deputy sheriff in Cleveland.
Mrs. Hamilton Wright of Washing
ton has been named by the Council
of the League of Nations to the board
of assessors.
Miss Ellen Cove has been elected a
member of the Amesbury, Mass.,
school board.
NOTE: The average as shown in the Government's statement for the
six months Is 14.838. This is in accordance with the Government's request
for the average of all issues, the Sunday as well as the daily. THE RE
PUBLICAN accepts only the strictest interpretation of the net-paid circu
tatlon. The total gross distribution average for the same period .was for
Saily and Sunday 14,753. The following table shows the segregated figures
Df the averages for net paid and for the gross circulation for "daily only.
"Sunday and daily," "Sunday only." The Republican Includes in the gross,
but not in the net-paid, papers given for service, employes, correspondents
and complimentaries, as wen as exchanges, samples and advertisers' copies, gown and wig in court.
NET AND GROSS r.lRCU II ATinw mirnut Dcmi.ii.i. Don t smile, fellow American; you
' wi.inn land I had better look under these
Average six months,, September 1st, 1920, to March SI, 1921.
I ne wepubucan s net paid herewith is exclusive of service copies, em
ployes, compumentaries, correspondents, etc. ,etc
Not only have the names of the
pioneers been received in unprece
dented numbers, but their personal
reminiscences have come in by the
score; old photographs have been
gathered for The Republican's special
edition for the old timers; the co
operation of the railroads of the state
has been secured, and, more than all
these, the pioneers themselves have
endorsed the plan of the reunion in
hundreds of letters and personal vis
its to The Republican. To these, then.
The Republican announces the fol
lowing program:
Reduced Fare Granted
The reunion will open at 8 o'clock
next Tuesday morning with the reg
istration of the pioneers at the offi
ces of The Republican in the Heard
building. Name buttons will be dis
tributed to the old timers, with enter
tainment tickets and programs for
the two days' gathering. Here, too,
the certificates for one-half fare on
the return journey will be signed, and
there will also be an information
booth for the convenience of the vis
At 9:30 o'clock the parade to River
side park, which has been obtained
for the reunion, will begin. The pro
cession will form at the old Central
avenue grounds, at Central avenue,
Monroe and Van Buren streets. Mo
tor cars will be provided for the pio
neers and the parade will be led by
one of the largest of the local bands.
At 10:30 o'clock the program at Riv
erside park wul start, featured by
addresses of welcome by Gov. Thom
as E. Campbell, Mayor Willis H
Plunkett and Dwight B. Heard of The
Between 11 o'clock and noon the
pioneers will hold a get-together and
acquaintanceship meeting, and then
they will attend a monster barbecue.
where the best efforts of the most ex
pert barbecue artists in the state wll
be strained to provide ra dinner that
will make the best of f6rmer out-door
meals in Arizona but poor seconds
This will continue, it is planned, until
about 2 o clock
At 2 o'clock there will be a reunion
picnic at the park, with many enter
tainment features to assist the pio
neers in knowing one another and re
calling the names and scenes of the
A court lawyer in England is called
a barrister, the others solicitors. It
is beneath the dignity of a barrister
to meet ordinary clients direct. The
1 solicitor prepares a brief and submits
it to Ms superior; before the case
goes to trial he may consent to see
you. The barrister has quite a def
inite social position. He, wears a
AVERAGE, Daily Only 14,221 14,629
AVERAGE, Daily & Sun. 14,338 14,753
AVERAGE, Sunday Only 15,042 15,501
Program of the Reunion
Tuesday, April 12
8 to 9:30 a. m. Registration of pioneers at The Republican office. Dis
tribution of name buttons, entertainment tickets and program for
the two days. Information boeth for convenience of visitors.
9:30 a. m. Formation of parade to Riverside Park, led by bend. Motor
care furnished. Parade headquarters, old Central avenue school
grounds. Central avenue, Monroe and Van Buren streets.
10:30 a. m. At Riverside Park. Addressee of welcome by Governor
Thomas E. Campbell, Mayor Willis H. Plunkett and Dwight B.
Heard of The Republican.
11 a. m. to 12 m. Getting acquainted. Pioneers meeting old friends and
recalling old times.
12 m. Big barbecue.
2 to 4 p. m. Reunion picnic and reminiscencing. Other program
4 p. m. Park gates thrown open to the public to meet the pioneers.
6 p. m. Motor ride back to the city.
8 p. m. Theaters frae to pioneers by coupon ticket. Choice of Elks,
Strand or Columbia.
Wednesday, April 13
10 a. m. Pioneers meet at old Central avenua school grounds for motor
car ride through the valley, noting developments of valley since
their arrival in Arizona many years ago.
2 to 6 p. m. Pioneers gather at Red Bird hall on West Washington
street, where a general reception will be held, indoor picnic, story
telling and a good time program.
6 p. m. Good-bye and good luck.
early days.
At 4 o'clock the public.the return journey.
which up to this time will be -ex
cluded from the park, will be admit
ted to mingle with the pioneers and
join in their entertainment. At f
o'clock the old timers will be taken
back to Phoenix. During the even
ing the Elks theater, the Strand and
the Columbia will be free to the pio
neers, who will be admitted by cou
pon tickets given them in the morn
ing. This will bring the first day to
an end.
Th Second Day
At 10 o'clock the following morn
ing, Wednesday, . April IS. the pio
neers will meet again at the Central
school grounds, where they will en
ter automobiles for a trip around the
Salt River valley to view the changes
which- have come about since the ar
rival of the old timers here almost
four decades ago. Every effort is to
be made to give the tourists an inti
mate knowledge of the valley as it is
today, and to point out to them the
development which is primarily due
to their own courage and fortitude as
exercised in the years when this sec
tion of the Southwest was true des
ert and when the Apache, the rattle
snake and the Gila monster held un
disputed sway over it.
At 2 o'clock in the afternoon the
pioneers will meet at the Blue Bird
hall on West Washington street,
where a general reception will be held
and where tl.e afternoon will be given
over to an indoor picnic, story tell
ing and a "good time" program. At
6 o'clock in the evening the pioneers
will be given "good-bye and good
luck," and the reunion will have be
come a pleasant memory for the pio
neers of Arizona and an important
and comprehensive addition to the
historical lore of the state. ,
The attention of the pioneers who
are coming to Phoenix is directed
again to the fact that the Arizona
Eastern, the Santa Fe and the El
Paso & Southwestern are granting
the pioneers a rate of one and one
half fares for the round trip journey
tn and from Phoenix. This rate is
arranged on the certificate plan.
whereby the pioneers will purchase a
ticket to Phoenix at the full one-way
rate. Arrived in Phoenix he will reg
ister at The Republican offices, where
ha will be riven a certificate which
will entitle him to a hail-rare rate lor
NOTE THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN'S complete records showing
every aetan regarding quantity and location of its circulation, are al
ways open to any and every interested advertiser.
of Europe can achieve once more
economic independence and sta
bility. This government believes
that it recognizes in the memo
randum of Dr. Simons a sincere
desire on the part of the German
government to reopen negotia
tions with the allies on a new
basis and hopes that such nego
tiations, once resumed, may lead
to a prompt settlement, which
will at the same time satisfy the
just claims ef the allies and per
mit Germany hopefully to renew
its productive activities."
Germany Hopeful
BERLIN. April 4. The German
tote sent by Dr. Simons, foreign min
uter, discussing reparations and Bur
sting Germany Is willing to as
irae her debts to the allies, and the
- ply of Secretary of State Hughes,
i 'iivered to the' German foreign of
'.ce March 31, by the American high
:, immissioner, Loring Dresel, were
mblished tonight.
While the American note is brief,
lie German officials interpret it as
i iendly, and the mere fact that the
I'nited States answered at all, is
looked on as a hopeful sign that the
American government may exert its
4 od offices In solving the repara
. .us problem.
Dr. Simons is still in Switzerland
in vacation, consequently a further
jmmun.cation to the United States
s not expected immediately.
ST .LOUIS. April 4. Intention to
educe wages of all employes and
: .t'cutivcs May 1, was announced to-
iy by officials of the Missouri, Kan.
: s and Texas railway today.
Yesslr, 82 I be, an' every tooth In
y 'end same as the day I were
; r!i:"--Lo:idoa ilail.
Brindell Gets 10
Year Sing Sing Term
OSSINING. N. Y.. Anrll 4 Rnhort
P. Brindell, labor leader convicted of
extortion, was transported to Sing
Sing prison today to begin a sentence
01 ten years.
At the prison gate he eaid goodbye
to his 11-year-old daughter. The
child wept and Brindell lost his own
self control for a moment.
BALTIMORE, Jlil., April 4. The
will of Cardinal Gibbons film!
dispoBPs of a personal estate of about
adornments. If we do our superior
smile will become sickly.
What is the product of the British
courts of justice? Strange to say it
is justice, prompt and unavoidable.
As a result there has been no crime
wave in England. The transition from
war to peace, from business booms
to present depression, has brought
no such general lawlessness as has
marked the history of the United
States during the last few months.
Why? Well, in America we arrest
only a few of our criminals, convict
ing perhaps 10 per cent of those ar
rested ; then we pardon most of those
convicted. We let them off on gen
erous terms.
Today in America thousands of
thugs and murderers are figuring on
the risks of robbery; facts are all
around them; they point to the small
average risk. All honor to the bar
risters with their social positions and
white wigs, all honor to the similarly
bedecked justices of England. By
their fruits ye shall know them. Eng
land, Scotland and Wales have fewer
murders per annum than either New
York City or Chicago. It it not more
police that we need, but more justice.
William C Gregg in the Outlook.
42 Cars Tomatoes;
22 Cars Sugar And
5 Cars Alcohol In
Mexican Shipment
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
NOGALES. Ariz., April 4. The
heaviest ' import shipments from
Mexico to the United States through
this port in many months were re
corded at the local customs house to
day. A train of 42 cars arrived from
the Los Mochis and Presidio districts
of Sinaloa loaded with tomatoes.
Another train from San Bias con
tained 22 cars of sugar and five cars
of alcohol.
Customs officials today estimated
that the tomato shipments from Si
naloa this season would total 1000
Two country women were argntne;
ea the matter of thrift.
"D'ye see that purse?" demanded
one with a triumphant air. "It's the
one I bought when I was married 20
years ago, and it's as good as new
"That's nothing!" sneered her
friend. "You know my husband,
"Of course I do. What about him?"
"Well, he's my first husband, and
you've had three. Don't you preach
thrift to me. dinburgh Scotsman
Cunard line officials in choosing a
new name for the former German
liner Imperator, have departed from
their usual custom of naming ships
after provinces of the Roman em
pire and will name the liner "Beren
garia." Berengaria was the wife of
Richard I of England.
"The judge discharged you?"
"Yes. I told him I was golnar for a
"Of course he wouldn't fine you for
speeding in such circumstances."
"No. but I dirtn't tell him we need
ed another man in a poker game and
the 'doc' had agreed to sit in.
Birmingham Age-Herald.
Green Don t you ever take your
wife home a bouquet or a box of
candy ?
Gayboy Heavens, no! There's no
sense in voluntarily arousing her sus
picions. Boston Transcript.
Officers Waiting 5
For Gale To Cross
U. S. -Mexico Line
TReDUbllcan A. P. Lessed Wire
LAREDO, Tex.. April 4. United
States officers today were watching j
the border closely for possible depor-
tation from Mexico through this port
of Linn A. Gale, reported being sent
out of Mexico as a pernicious xor
einor. Several charges are pending
against Gale in this country accord
ing to federal authorities, including
draft evasion and violation of the es
pionage act.
: O
Mrs. Johnson had gone away from
home leaving Mr. Jobson lamenting.
On arriving at her destination she
missed her gold brooch and sent a
poBtcard to her servant asking the
girl to let her know if she found any
thing on the dining room floor when
sweeping it next morning.
The servant duly replied: "Dear
Madam You ask me to let you know
if I found anything when sweeping
the dining room floor this morning.
I beg to report that I found 80 match
es, three corks and a pack of cards."
Mrs. Jobson returned by the next
train.. Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
Mother Now, Bobby, was it you
who ate all the white meat off the
chicken H
Bobbv Well, mother, to make a
clean breast of it. I did. American
Legion Weekly.
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
DUBLIN. April 4 The publicity
department of the Dall Elreann, re
plying to the communication Issued
by the British embassy in Washing
ton regarding American relief in Ire
land, terms the communication a
"peculiarly unscrupulous attempt to
mislead American opinion with re
gard to the destruction and distress
in Ireland.
"The reason It appears that relief
is being made," the communication
says, is that the British government
has refused to take financial respon
sibility for the destruction delibe
rately and wantonly inflicted on the
non-combatant population by the
armed forces of the crown."
The statement gives Instances of
alleged refusal by the government to
make compensation for destruction
in county Clare, amounting to nearly
200.000. It also cites the case of
the Cork fires and cases where in
nocent persons were killed while it
declares that "a method has been
discovered for making prompt com
pensation out of Irish money . for
death or injury to crown force in the
guerilla warfare.
The statement denounces what it
calls the embassy's amazing asser
tion that some parts of Ireland have
refused money raised in the United
Kingdom preferring to appeal "to
American charity. On the contrary
it declares "considerable sums have
been received and publicly acknowl
edged" by the Irish vvhtte cross, a
non-political society, which appeals
not only to America but to the whole
of the civilized world."
An admiral said at a recent dinner
"There are too many people In our
country who can't bear the troth. We
must pretend to these people that
everything American is perfect. If
we criticize, it must be criticism as
mild as the chicken dealer's.
'Do you guarantee this hen?"
once asKed a Providence chicken
" 'You bet I do, admiral.' said the
" 'Has she got no faults no faults
at all?' I asked cautiously.
" 'Well, admiral,' the chicken dealer
confessed, 'one fault she has, and
there ain't no use denying it she will
lay on Sunday."
Non-Partisans Will
Not Back Recall Of
Dakota Legislators
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
FARGO, N. D., April 4. The Non
partisan league of North Dakota will
not seek recall of any anti-Non-Partlsan
state officials or legislators.
This decision was reached by th
league executive state committee in
session here tonight. When the antis
decided on a recall election against
league officials recently, it was re
ported that the league would start a
sweeping retaliatory move.
Reasons for tonight s decision was
given by committee members as
1. That It waa felt that the recall
waa Invoked by the anti-Non-
Partlsans "without reason and
against the protest of the greul ma
jority of North Dakota voters."
2. That the committee felt that all
the time and money at the disposal
of the league should be put to the
task of opposing the recall of league
3. That it was considered best to
spare the state the expense of a recall.
The committee members favored
speedy collection of $150,000 for use
in fighting the recall. The league
slogan will be "vote no on every
First Snow Storm .
On Record Visits j
Imperial Valley
Republican A. P. Leased Wire
SAN FRANCISCO, April 4. Snow
in the Imperial valley of California
for the first time on record, and
er falls ranging to two feet deep in
the mountains west of that region;
hail and snow at some points in the
northern coast states; considerable '
damage ic fruit crops and winds
which prevented small shipping from
! entering of leaving se'eral ports.
were outstanding developments to
j niht of a storm which for 24 hours
j has swept the Pacific coast,
i Storm warnings continued to be
' displayed tonight and the weather
i bureau, T'hile forecasting fair weath- ,
! er for some coast sections tomorroL .
let it be known that the warning: -
I might have to remain up until to-
I morrow.
j Continued cold was the outlook for
! the coast region except northern
California, the bureau said. Reports
of automobile parties snowbound or
delayed for long periods by the snow
in the southern California desert
country, where high temperatures are
the rule, were received tonight.
One life is known to have been lost
in the storm, that of John Zuberin,
swept overboard from a fishing
smack near San Diego, Cal, last ,
night. ' , . .
Sanitary Hand Laundry
and Save Money! f
Phone 3540
Those who are devoting themselves
to the science of measuring the small
things of the universe will best ap
preciate the achievement credited to
Professor Pederson of Copenhagen
university, who is said to have in
vented a method by which he can
measure the thousand-millionth part
of a second. Physicists can accu
rately weigh quantities as small as
the 600-thousandth part of a mill
gram, of which It takes 28,350 to bal-a-e
an ounce, and an instrument ex
ists by which the JO-millionth part
of an inch can be measured.
But if there is no mistake about
what the Danish scientist has accom
plished in the division of minute time
intervals, he has assuredly beaten all!
ni-Avifkiia Muvrnl)! in thin .TlArticular I
field of scientific research. And at
the other end of the time scale there
is the astronomer's unit for sounding
the depths of stellar spase a "light
year," the distance traversed by a
ray of light in a year, moving with
out cessation at a speed of 1S6.SO0
miles a second London Chronicle.
New British coins have been issued
which contain only half the amount
of silver used in the old pieces.
According to a census just com
pleted, Germany's population Is 60,-282.000.
Cash & Carry
or Service If
You Want It
Tall can Hebe
Milk, per can .
Bridget was suffering from nostal
gia. ' You ought to be contented and
not pine for your old home, Erklget,"
said her mistress. "You are earning
good wages, your work is light, ev
eryone is kind to you and you have
lots of friends here."
"Yes. mum." sadly replied Bridget,
"but it's not the place where I be that
makes me homesick, it's the place
where I don't be."- Boston Trans
cript. .
YOU can retain
the original
newness and color
of your shoes if you
select superior shoe
Whlttemore't superior
ity on these 3 points Is
world famous,
t. Preserves the
lettser. .
a. Gins a more
lattisf bis.
3. Keeps shoes
loosing sew.
Vu Quick Whit
in liquid or cake
for ukiu sAo.
ftilinjtffVV 1 ''tiiirtli.l .-ini.nl B m?bmm 'I
'Tis Your Teeth
That Helps Keep
Your Body Healthy
Do not neglect them ; they mean good health,
if they are clean and free from cavities.
Our cheery, well-equipped and modern offices
and our skillful, improved dental methods make
possible our slogan, "Reliable Dentistry at
Prices Within Reason."
Examination Free! X-Ray Gas Administered
I Telephone I
i 603 I
apecwusu m
every btanrk
ct Cfentiitry
V I tuw I
n 1
Dr. John J. Sitkin
Dr. Frank L. Sitkin
Monition Bldg. Washington and First Are.
Opposite Phoenix National Bank
That the Auction Sale of Cows that
were to be sold
At the
McMullen and Abercrombie
Mule Market (
201 North Seventh Avenue
Premier Salad Dressing,
Large bottle
tin a class by Itself, in big demand at this season of year).
New York State Red Cherries, fip
Large can JU
(Just the thins tor a real pie, surprise the kiddies).
Pasadena Fancy Assorted Bulk IOp
Cookies, per lb
(If not satisfied your money back on this item)
Arizona Seedless Grape Fruit, Qrt OK
Lug box $1.J
(At their best now season will soon b over)
One half price on our stock of Glen Rosa Orange
Marmalade; No. 1 tin regular price 30c, will sell
at 15c while it lasts.
Phone 1954-4455. Your phone orders have pre
ferred attention. Two deliveries each day.
Arizona Grocery Co.
Service When You Need It Wholesale & Retail
302 East Washington 4455 Phone 1954
Rainwater Crystals, OJ
Large pkg
Avondale Wheat I'ood the
same as Cream of O J
Wheat, per pkg. ..I'll'
(Jrunt 8 Hj gien'O
Crackers, per pks-
Log Cabin Syrup, - Or
Large can .L.itJ
Heinz' Baked Beans In
Tomato Sauce. Extra large
can. Special
now at
60 lbs. Jewell
Compound ...
We have a few more of
those Picnic Hams.
Priced per lb.
.ra.s: 18c
per lb.
we seii Skinners
th highest grade Macaroni,
Spaghetti, Egg Noodles and
other Macaroni Products.
A car load of extra
fancy Flagstaff Po
tatoes, $3.25 cwt
Remember the best
potatoes are the
cheapest. Our motto
"We Buy the Best"
All orders amount
ing to $10.00 or
over delivered free
in the city.
Mail Orders filled
promptly at above
Grocery & Bakery
1st and Washington
Phone 3545

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