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Special Purchases Of
$20,500 Worth of Apparel
Offered to the Public Saturday
At Less Than the Present
Wholesale Cost
These special purchases, without doubt, enable us to stage the greatest Sale of Women's
Wearing Apparel in years. The values shown in this Apparel, because of the extraordinary
conditions under which it was obtained, and the unusual character of the reductions, speak
for themselves. Many of the prices are less than the present cost of production.
Not in years have we been able to make such low prices on merchandise of such excellence in
the month of May. Some of them are almost unbelievable. If you are alive to the call of oppor
tunity and willing to be thrilled at the prospects of the greatest values in many months, then
you will by no manner of means, miss this great sale of Women's Apparel. (Second Floor)
78 Fine Sports, Street and Afternoon
Dresses of Silk Up to $75.00, at $82.50
A Special Purchase, of course! How other
, wise could such splendid quality, such
superb workmanship, . such a range of
styles be offered at this price even by
These splendid models were secured from
one of the most famous designers in the
country Just in time to make this evnt of
premier importance to the woman inter
ested in her Bummer wardrobe.
And they were secured at price conces
sions which make it possible to offer the
. dresses at the remarkable figure of $32.50.
They are values up to $75.00.
Sports. Street And Afternoon Dresses of
Canton Crepe " In sports shades and a
world Of combination colors; also sports
Areaeea of Migel's Tally-ho and heavy-
Crepe De Chine in many color combina
tions; Canton Crepe Street and Afternoon
Frocks in grey, navy, rookie, black, brown,
white, pink and other wanted shades.
Authentic 6tyles! Every wanted shade!
The widest choice! And imagine, right at
the height of the season dresses tailored
up to a $75.00 etandard at $32.50. '
Overwhelming proof again that Korricks'
lead in values.
This extraordinary sale offers a rare
opportunity to secure choice of the sea
son's most exclusive modes at a price
which mai-ks this event as the foremost of
the season, and further exemplifies the pre.
eminence of Korricks' as Women's and
Misses' Apparel Specialists.
Imported Gingham Dresses
Up to $21.50, for Only $1345
Here's what hundreds of women have been looking
for really good dresses of fast color, imported
ginghams, in styles delightfully new, at an in
vitingly low price.
The dresses are so much better than commonplace,
every -day gingham frocks in point of .style and
workmanship that many women will buy them for
afternoon wear.
Every dress Is -new fresh from the maker's work
rooms. Women will rejoice In the many dainty
and attractive models, some of which we fcava not
seen before.
War want them to note that the dresses have good
deep hems, that the seams are well finished and
that there is plenty of fullness in every model (no
skimping). There are large and small plaids and
block and fancy checks in wanted light and Cart
colorings. Plain tailored or in combination with
organdies. One style is illustrated at right.
Earlier in the season these dresses would have
sold up to $21.50. Choose from the lot, at $13.46.
100 Dresses of StoffeVs Fine Im
ported Organdie and Dotted Swiss
That Would Have Sold Earlier in
the Season Up as High as $12.50;
1 ' SS j
At $17. A
Frocks of the sort that are usually displayed, one by
one, and stored behind glass doors.
Fragile in color as the blossoms of spring or darker for
the more conservative ones. Tet substantial in the
Quality of fabric and the making.
100 Frocks of Stoffel's Imported Organdie and Imported
Dotted Swiss. Stoffel's is known to the trade as the finest materials obtainable. The organidles are In
plain colors and embroidered designs and the Swisses are in all colors with various shades of dots.
These dresses were made by one of the highest class makers in New York City. They have camisoles of
net' or organdie and are here in over 25 distinct new styles.
There are bouffant hipe with the fitted bodice, favored by Paris. . .
Straight-line Frocks with swinging panniers are among them the kind that give a slender effect. . .
Fichus, remindful of the quaint Colonial days, are made of white organdie on dark grounds.
And others are simply youthful ruffled and pleated and frilled and be-trimmed In various new waj-s.
Colors Include pinks in various ehades, blue in light and dark tones, jade and ether greens, whits grounds
with colored patterns or colored grounds with white or figures and dots.
Tomorrow is the day Korricks' is the place and just the Frock one wants for afternoons and evening
at home is to be had at $17,45, The. lowest price at w hich these dresses would have sold earlier la the sea
son is $25.00, an the highest price $4250.
Silk Sport Skirts That Would
Sell Earlier in the Season at
$17.50, for $6.95
v.arYt mfvifl I Tnasternlern of-desienint and workmanship -
every weave used in their construction is rich and luxurious
every pattern woven into these silks is fascinating in both
style and color. Skirts of Baronette Satin in; White and
colors, figured Mignonettes, Crepe de Chines and Rc-shanara
Crepes. Choose from ... Jlfi
the lot, at PU.J
- (Second Floor)
Silk Sport Skirts That Would Sell Earlier in
the Season at $35.00, for $1245.
Sumptuously fashioned skirts of Migel's "Tally ho," "Here
'n' there," ''Kameo," "Egyptian Crepes." "Roshanara Crepe,"
'Crepe de Chines," "Canton Crepes," and "Georgettes.'' The
liet of color tones and dazzling color combinations are won
derful. Plenty of Whites in the lot.
Your choice, at
(Second Floor)
$3.95, 12 Mome Weight Pongee Waists,
For Only $2.95
Lovely tailored styles with Tuxedo and Hyto collars; many
with large pearl buttons. The sleeves are set at the correct
angle and all in all they are wonderful summer
garments. $3.95 values, at
(Second Floor)
Here Is a Most Remarkable Offering:
$7.50 High Grade Georgette Blouses, . .
For Only $3.95
They are of such high quality, the making is so painstakingly
done, and the styles are so up-to-the-minute that we fully
expect to see most of the blouses taken tomorrow. Please do
not think for a minute that $3.95 comes anywhere near their
true value, as they are $7.50 values. Choose from CjQ tfE
the lot, at tpO.0
: (Second Floor)
Extra Heavy Quality. Four Thread Georgette
Overblouses Up to $11.50, for $1.95
Shown in White. Flesh, .Bisque, Rose, Orchid and many
other shades; trimmed in a fascinating manner with heavy
venise and Oriental laces; Tuxedo fronts and collars. Let
us emphasise that these overblouses are surprising
values at the sale prioe of
(Second Floor)
$4.50 To $5.95 Philippine Hand Made Batiste
Waists, For $2.95
What will happen when women see these waists is easy to
guess. We are not going into detail about the remarkable
purchase that makes this sale possible; but we Want you to
know that only through unusual circumstances could we make
such an offering. JIany with Tuxedo collars,
drawn work and hemstitching. Choice at
(Second Floor)
9 The
Special Purchases Of
$15, 000 Worth Of
Fine Silks
Offered To The Public Saturday In Our
Annual May Silk Sale
At Unheard-of -Low. Prices!
The Annual May Silk Sale is an event that .
thousands of Korricks' customers plan and
wait for. To them we will merely have to
announce that the event is ready and they
will come and buy what they need, knowing
that they will get silks at very definite and
very substantial savings.
But to newcomers to Phoenix and the Salt
River Valley who may not be acquainted with
Korricks' and the way this store does things
we wish to explain briefly our preparations
for this very important event.
Korricks' took advantage of the recent ad
justments in the great silk mills of the coun
try, by offering cash for these gigantic pur
chases just at a time when money seemed
the only factor potent enough to offer a
final solution of their problems. These pur
chases involved $15,000 spot cash. The prices
we paid represent huge reductions from actual
cost of production.
We are always ready to give our customers benefit of. our information of the markets and we
think it only right to emphasize the fact that it wa3 only by special effort and a special trip
to New York on the part of Mr. Abe Korrick that we secured these, silks at these prices.
The silk market has stiffened. Raw silk is up $1 a pound from its recent low mark. We
cannot now buy silks for the future for as little as we paid for these.
We do not attempt to be prophets, but we do know the facts and there they are plainly stated
so that all who wish may profit by them.
The prices of some of the silks are quoted below. If you will compare these prices with any
others you may know about (remembering that these silks are of high quality and backed by
this store), vou will see what a remarkable sale this is that it stands unequaled as the "Silk
Classic" in Phoenix. (First Floor).
20,000 Yards of $1.95 to $3.50 Depend
able Silks of All Kinds, at a Yard, $1.55
This, we believe, is one of the most remarkable silk offerings recorded in years. Just think
of it 20,000 yards of new and desirable silks and all at a single price! Several of the fore
most silk concerns in New York and other Eastern cities co-operated with us in this great of
fer and sold us silks that were formerly retailed as high as $3.50 a yard, at figures which- ena
ble us to quote this $1.55 price. We mention just a few of the weaves in this immense collection.
CREPES. $1.55 Suitable for skirts and
suits; shown in White, Rose. Grey, Beav
er, Tomato and Harding Blue. A $3.50
value. Annual May Silk Sale, Q- tr
a yard, at . pi-00
$2.59 FOULARDS. $1.55 Full yard wlda
foulards In Navy Witn roiKa .uots. rnctu
special for the Annual Alay
' Silk Sale, at a yard,
$2.50 BLACK TAFFETA, $1.5538 inch
heavy Black Taffeta in a grade that will
wear and give the best of satisfaction.
A $2.50 value. Annual May Silk C"
Sale, a yard, at pieJeJ
$2.10 SATINS. $1.55 Yard wide Satins
in Vavv and Black; exceptional qualities.
$3.60 values. Annual May Silk C"l
Sale, a yard, at
35 inch changeable taffeta in beautiful
combination colors. Annual May Silk
Sale, a yard, ,
$1.85 CHECKED TAFFETAS, $1.S5 Full
yard wide checked taffetas in Black and
White, and Navy and White checks.
Regular $1.95 values. Annual May Silk
sale, a yard
inches wide; shown in Navy, Grey,
Brown. Rose, Pekin Blue, Turquoise, Pink,
Taupe, Wine, Tan, Beaver and White.
A $2.50 value. Annual May Silk Q-J CfT
Sale, a yard, at ' J..UJ
$2.15 CREPE DE CHINE. $1.55 40
inches wide; a standard quality in a
complete line of shades Including the
high sport colors. A $2.2 value. Annual
May Silk Sale,
a yard, at
Full yard wide; shown in Brown and
Navy. A $3.00 value. Annual May Silk
Sale, a yard.
$1.55 40 inches wide; an exceptional
$2. 50 -value. Annual May Silk Sale.-
Read the Definite and Substantial Silk
Savings in This Great Event
$1.69 Wash Satins, $1.15
3$ and 40 Inch wash satins in a lovely
grade that would be cheap at a $1 69 a
yaj-d; shown in Pink and White. Annual
May Silk Sale, C" "I K
a yard, at PeAJ
$3.50 Satin Plaid Silk Faille,
40 Inch, extra tine quality Satin Plaid
Silk Faille, sultwble for making wash
skirts; shown in R'ose, Tan, Navy, Brown,
Black and White. A $3.50 value. Annual
May Silk Sale, j rQ
$3.50 Silk Crepe Back Satin,
49 inch Silk Crepe Back Satins in Navy
and Black. Tou have been paying $3.50
a yard for this same quality. Buy it in
the Annual May Silk Sale, flr$ OQ
at a yard, tP.OiJ
$3.00 Snakeskin Sports Satin,
4 inch Snakeskin Sports Satin that has
the same construction as the Baronette
Satin; shown in White only. An excep
tional $?.0 value. Annual Q- Oft
May Bilk Sale, a yard, at Oi-.ltJ
$2.00 Satin Striped Tub Silk
8! inch Satin Striped Tub Silk Shirtings
in a beautiful line of colors. Tne z.uu
kind. Annual May Silk Sale,
a yard, at
e $1.19
$1.95 Printed Georgette
Crepes, $1.19
40 inch printed Georgette Crepes in en
tirely new patterns. A quality that is
cheap at a $1.95. A remarkable offering
for the Annual May Silk Sate. (jt - Q
at a yard, t?A.JL7
$1.69 Black Messaline, $1.25
36 inch Black Messaline in a good stan
dard quality. . We believe it would b
impossible to duplicate it locally for less
than a $1.69 a yard, priced for our Annual
My Silk Sale,
at a yard,
Brainerd & Armstrong's $2.00
Fancy Striped Surrah, $1.15
Brainerd & Armstrong's 34 inch Fancy
Striped Surrah that will appeal to wo
men of taste. This grade satin is worth
regularly $2.00 a ySrd. Annual May Silk
Sale, a yard,
$3.00 Canton Crepes, $245
The most wanted silk for spring dresses.
We show this sc inch Canton Crepe in
Navy, Black. Brown, Grey and White.
It's a $3.00 value. Annual May Silk Sale,
:rA- .$2.45
$3.50 Baronette Satin, $2.95
40 inch Baronette Satin in White, Rose,
Pink, Flesh and Lavender; Ideal for mak
ing sports skirts. The $S.5 kind, of
fered in the Annual May Silk PO QP?
Sale, at a yard, H)fjO
Cheney Bros., $1.69 Washable
Kimono Silks, $1.10
Cheney Bros., 32 inch washable kimono
silks in a host of pleasing patterns and
colors. A regular 1.69 value. Annual
May Silk Sale,
a yard, at
$3.00 Yard Wide Jap Crepe,
36 inch Jap Crepe a Crepe de Chine
made in the Orient by the Japanese, of
pure spun silk. This silk is guaranteed
to wear and wash. It is suitable for
making men's shirts, underwear fqr men
and women, as well as blouses, skirts and
dresses for women. Shown in white only.
A $3.00 value. Annual May
Silk Sale, a aid, at
n The
" House

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