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st comer to
Louise Conner has been chosen by
a lare majority to be May Queen
at the May fete which will be pre
sented at the Phoenix union high
school this evening. Miss Conner is
a popular member of the senior class
of which she is treasurer. She is
also on the annual staff. Previously
the May queen has been chosen by
and from the senior class, but it was
decided to have the entire school vote
this year. Much interest was shown.
Work has been progressing rapid
ly, and as the date of the event ar
rives the school is ready to give an
entertainment which will be enjoy
able to all. The pageant. "The Lit
tle Red Rose," written by Mrs. Or
ville Brown, is to be used in the
program. There will be dances by
' Jhe girls of the high school in which
about 600 students will take part.
Miss Margaret Mae Hurley, head of
the physical training department, is
directing the pageant and the dances.
These have been worked up to a point
of perfection. The closing scene will
be the crowning of the May queen.
The band will offer a short concert
before the regular performance be
gins. Some time ago it gave a re
cital to pay expenses to Tucson dur
ing university week and those who
were present know what to expect in
the way of music. The orchestra
will furnish the rest of the music for
the occasion. The high school cadet3
ard to guard and act as ushers. They
will be under the command of Lieu
tenants Dykes and Carpenter.
The program will begin at the high
school grounds at 6:30 p. m. There
are no reserved seats. The price of
admission is -25 cents. Ten cents
will be charged for standing room in
side the ropes. There will be three
entrances, and tickets may be se
cured at any of them. Cars can be
parked free of charge on Fifth street.
In Luxemburg there is a penalty
for eligible voters .who do not vote
at elections.
You Never Tire Of
Cuticura Soap
Because of its absolute purity
and refreshing fragrance, it is
ideal for every-day toilet pur
poses. Always include the
Cuticura Talcum in your toilet
preparations. - 4
. , ... ..I ....... .. - - gJ Mfh
wlier. Soaptte. Ointment afcandSGe. T&lenraZne.
fc, initial
' Calls for charity assistance have
been so heavy on the Salvation ar
my for the past three months that
the officers in charge are compelled
to ask the kind friends of the desti
tute and needy to come to their help.
The fund for the Home for Home
less men on First street is nearly run
out and there are a number of home
less men who may be turned on the
street. From 40 to 50 have been fed
daily and the cots are full nightly
with men who have no money nor
any way to get money, as work is
very scarce. .........
There are scores of families resid
ing in the community who depend
on the Salvation army for food for
their hungry children. Some of the
fathers and mothers are hardTwork
ing people when they can get the
work to do.
The army is also badly in need of
cast-off clothing and shoes. Some
children cannot go to school, either
week days or Sundays, for lack of
decent clothing. Some men are so
ragged that they dislike to go be
fore the public to ask for work. The
army is giving to all such people,
clothing for which they cannot af
ford to pay, therefore, any mast-off
garments for such people will be
gladly received. ,It is not the middle
class that needs ' the help the most,
it is the destitute; and one way to
help to keep down thieving, burglar
ies and the revolutionary and anar
chistic spirit is to help the unfortu
nate and starving.
There is a misundertsanding con
cerning the Salvation army. It is a
religious organization, and the mem
bers -of the army are householders
and taxpayers in the communities in
which -they reside. The officers in
charge .here in Phoenix, Command
ant and Mrs. Westcott, are support
ed by the members and adherents of
their organization and the charity
work which is done by those two of
ficers is given gratis, and the amount
exceeds any other organization.
Bring cast-off clothing and shoes
or food to the army or call 4153 and
someone will call for the same. Any
contributions of cash please . make
out checks to "The Salvation Army,"
226 East Jefferson street. Phoenix;
Commandant and Mrs. John West
cott, officers in charge.
Little Stories For Bedtime
High School
The seniors' class meeting was
held first hour yesterday morning to
complete plans for bringing the Uni
versity of Arizona Glee club here for
a benefit program. Teams will be
selected to compete in selling tickets
and the girls will be against the
boys."" Tbre losers "will wear a black
eye on the following Monday. The
play will be given, Friday evening.
May 13, in the- auditorium. Admis
sion", $1.00.
Next week will be known as "Sen
ior week." Seniors will have a "dress
up day" Friday evening will be the
play, and on Saturday evening will
be the Stanford "Jolly Up." All sen
iors are invited to this affair, which,
will be held at the Woman's club.
Do not forget the may fete this
evening, beginning at 6:30. Admis
sion will be 25 cents. There is only
a limited number of reserved seats,
Johnny Chuck had turned tramp.
Yes, sir; Johnny Chuck had turned
tramp. It was a funny thing to do,
but he had done it. He didn't know
why he had done it, excepting that
he had become dissatisfied and dis
contented and unhappy in his old
home. And then almost without
thinking what he was doing he had
told Jimmy Skunk that he could have
the house he had worked so hard to
build the summer before, and of
which he had been so proud.- Then
Johnny Chuck had swaggered away
down the Lone Little Path without
once looking back at the home he was
Where was he going? Well, to tell
the truth, Johnny didn't know. He
was going to see the world, and per
haps when he had seen the world
he would build him a new house. So
as long as he was in sight of Jimmy
Skunk he swaggered along quite as
if he was used to traveling about
without any sung house to go to at
night. Eut right down in his heart
Johnny Chuck didn't feel half so
bold as he pretended to. You see, not
since when he was a little Chuck and
had run away from old Mother Chuck
with Peter Rabbit had he ever been
very far from his own doorstep. He
had always been content to grow fat
and roly-poly right near his own
home and listen to the tales of the
great world from Jimmy Skunk and
Peter Rabbit and Bobb Coony and
Unc' Billy Possum, all of whom are
great travellers.
But now here he was actually set
ting forth, and without a home to
come back to. You see, he had made
up his mind that no matter ' what
happened he wouldn't come back af
ter having given his house to Jimmy
Skunk. ; When he had reached a place
where he thought Jimmy Skunk
couldn't see him Johnny Chuck
turned and looked back. A queer lit
tle feeling seemed to make a lump
that filled his throat and choked him.
The fact is, Johnny Chuck already
began to feel homesick. But he
swallowed very hard and tried to
make himself think that he was
having a splendid time. He stopped
looking back and started on, and as
he tramped along he tried to sing a
song he had once heard Jimmy Skunk
"The world may stretch full far and
What matters that to me?
I'll tramp it up; I'll tramp it down;
For I am bold and free."
It was a very brave little song, but
Johnny Chuck didn't feel half so
brave and bold as he tried to think
he did. Already he was beginning1
to wonder where he should spend the
tail the Marshhawk, who had given
him such a fright and had so nearly
night. Then he thought of old White
caught him when he was a little fel-
-.0 mm r J
Saturday SPECIAL
Del Monte Demonstration Day
The Baker & Bayless Help Yourself Grocery
506 N. Center
' ' ' We Invite the public to visit our store Saturday and sample
a full line of Del Monte Canned Fruits and Vegetables and be
convinced that you can always buy the best at our store. We
offer you plenty of parking space that you can't get down town
and offer you a new stock of merchandise as good as can be
bought in Fhoenix for the money, quality considered.
Country people, we invite you to visit our store and leave
your orders and we will get them ready for you to pick tip as
you go home. We promise you-the best service possible and will
pay the highest price for your ranch eggs.
An Jello,
per pkg.
:.. 10c
No. 2H Good Peaches, OPT
(in syrup) per can....
.No. ZVt Tomatoes,
per can ...........
No. 2 good Apricots,
(in syrup)
Big 20-oz. Loaf
Wisconsin Long Horn
Cheese, per lb.
Fresh Ranch Eggs
(Candled) per doz. ..
The Fact is, Johnny Chuck Already
Began to Feel Homesick.
low. The, thought made him look
around hastily, and there was old
Whitetail himself sailing back and
forth hungrily just ahead of him. A
great fear took possession of Johnny
Chuck, and he made himself as flat
as possible in the grass, for there was
no place to hiile. He made up his
mind that anyway he would fisnt.
Nearer and nearer came old White
tail. Finally he passed right over
Johnny Chuck. Bur. he didn't offer
to touch him. Indeed, it seemed to
Johnny that old Whitetail actually
grinned and winked at him. And
right then all his feir left him.
"Pooh!" said Johnny Chuck scorn
fully. "Who's afraid of him?" He
suddenly realized that he was no
longer a helpless little Chuck who
couidn't take care of himself, but big
and strong, with siiarp teeth with
which his old enemy had no mind to
make a closer acquaintance when
there were mice and snakes to be
caught without fighting. So he puffed
out his chest and went on and actu
ally began to enjoy himself and al
most wished for a chance to show
how big and-strong he was.
Whenever meat or vegetables are
"warmed-over" they should be re
seasoned. No matter how perfectly the dish
was salted and peppered for the first
serving, more salt and pepper will
be necessary if the left-over dish is
to be a success.
Menu for Tomorrow
BREAKFAST Orange juice,
spinach with poached eggs on toast,
L U N CI1E O N Cream of tomato
soup, croutons, Martha's pudding, tea.
DINNER Roll of mutton, riced po
tatoes, dandelion greens, banana and
peanut salad, fudge cake, coffee.
My Own Redoes
The tomatoes left after straining
for soup should be saved and used for
scalloped tomatoes the next day.
Whenever possible wait one or two
days before repeating a meat or
vegetable. If put in a cool place in
a covered dish the tomatoes should
keep several days.
Martha's Pudding
One and one-half cups chopped
prunes. 1 cup molasses, cup gra
ham flour, Vt cup white flour. 1 cup
sweet milk. 1 teaspoon soda, H tea
spoon each cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg
and salt. 2 eggs.
Beat eggs. Add molasses. Mix dry
ingredients and prunes. Add miik
and dry ingredients alternately to
first mixture. Turn into a buttered
mold and steam 2 hours. Serve with
hard sauce or lemon sauce.
Roll of Mutton
One and one-half pounds lean
mutton, J4 pound ham, 4 tablespoons
bread crumbs, 1 teaspoon minced
parsley, teaspoon powdered mixed
herbs, Vi teaspoon grated lemon rind,
14 teaspoon minced onion, tea
spoon nutmeg, 1 teaspoon salt, i
teaspoon pepper, 1 egg, milk.
Chop meat finely. Mix with dry
ingredients. Add egg, unbeaten and
mix thoroughly. Add enough milk to
moisten. Make into a roll. Wrap in
three or four thicknesses of greased
brown paper and bake in a moderate
oven for 2 hours. Half an hour be
fore serving remove paper, dredge the
roll with flour and brown. Baste
with 1 tablespoon full of butter in
cup boiling water. Make a gravy in
the pan in which the meat was
Next Story:
"Johnny Chuck's First
With the recent death of James
Jones, aged negro employe in the
senate office building, the where
abouts of the official seal of the Con
federacy, an unsolved mystery for
half a century, probaaly will ever re
main unknown. Serving as Jefferson
Davis's servant when the Confederate
chieftain was captured, Jones buried
the seal before the federal authorities
could obtain it.
1 !1 'S3
n 1
- There are all kinds of cnbbs, you
know. The Baileys are one kind.
No, it isn't that they won't speak to
you unless you have two maids and a
butler of a half page in Who's Who
or a "Daughter of the American Rev
olution" framed and hanging in your
back parlor.
It isn't that they are not the "I will
maintain" kind. They will know any
body. In fact, most, of their friends
are just regular people without any
But they know a few great muck-a-mucks
who invite them to dine
once a year or so and give them
something to talk about for the rest
of the time.
"The Stalks?" Mr. Bailey will , say
casually to his wife "Oh, yes, dear,
we must ask them up again," then
casually to you, the honored friend,
"he was the last ambassador to Per
sia, you know."
"Just the other day I ran across
John Frost he said Mrs. Frost men
tions us so often," then for the edi
fication of the uninlated circle, "Frost
was president of the Flim Flam
Board down in Missouri until they
got him up here to edit the Eureka
Encyclopedia a very Influential fel
low." "Frost asked me if we had seen the
Dows lately. Remember, dear, the
week we spent at their place on Long
Island. Mr. Dow was lieutenant
governor of Kansas."
The pity of it is that they are such
good people otherwise. They might
be real, worthwhile friends to you. if
their trying to impress you didn't
scare you off before they had a
And that's the way they lose the
people who would make them real
friends. Nobody wants to be " im
pressed or conferred upon. In this
land of the free and home of the
brave we like to know that the people
who want our friendship are meeting
us on even ground. And there
bound to be the feeling of a lack of
genuineness, a lack of sincerity in
people who show such a broad strain
of superficiality.
Let us hope that their scant but
numerous acquaintance with inter
esting personages will console the
Baileys in their loneliness, and that
they may not find themselves without
even these.
For the higher up people get in this
world the bigger, the more sincere
and genuine they usually get. And
It is not very difficult for them to
distinguish the chaff from the wheat
In the people who want to know
them. ,
i 0
Mrs. Paster TTtus Wadds may b
sttny, but ha'a good to his family. I
never sea him out in his ear without
his baby.
Her Hoabaod That's to the
piica of a horn. All ho has to do is
to ptnoli tho kid and ho lets out a
TYPEWRITING A LA JAZZ Students in the Knights of Columbus
free night school in New York learn typing to jazz music, played on a
phonograph. Instructors say keeping time to the music increases speed.
Our big special is the' best of meat at prices you are paying
for inferior grades.
No. 1 Steer Pot
Pork Roast,
Veal Roast,
. ;.. 20c
Armour's Star Hams,
Armour's Picnic
Hams, "lb
These are not cactus-fed but
grain-fed meats.
If you want the best trade with
506 N. Center
Free Delivery on $5.00 Order Sugar Excepted.
If we please you tell others if not tell us.
Fresh, meaty
red-ripe tomatoes
grown in Monterey gardens
provide the smooth, rich
sauce used in packing
Garnished with slices of lemon and
crinkly leaves of crisp lettuce, and
served with this sauce, these plump,
unusual sardines make a tempting
El Carmel sardines are packed in
large one-pound cans which con
tain plenty for four or five persons.
Try them today you'll be sur
prised at their extraordinary qual
ity. Your grocer sells them.
Beet Sugar. JQ ffT
100-lb. sack , JJOUJ
Granulated Sugar, ftl f
less than 100 lbs. O 21'
Bob "White Soap
per bar ...........
(5 Ear Limit)
New Potatoes
4 pounds .................
Wood Eox Soda Crackers,
each .....................
Jewel Compound,
8 -lb. Pail
Snowdrift Shortening,
4 -lb. Pail
Del Monte Sliced Pineapple,
No. 2 can
Our regular prices below less than lots of so-called specials.
Skinner's Macaroni,
Spaghetti, etc., each
Large can
Tomatoes .... .....
Rainwater Crystals,
Large size
each ........ ......
Palmolive Soap,
each ....
sKach .
Milcoa Nut,
p.uttcr .... .
Libby's Corn,
Ice Tea Elend, A Q n
'i-lb. pkg.
Sambo Pancake
Star Flour,
4S lbs
Bass Island Grape
Juice, pints ......
Blue Rose Rice,
10 lbs.
5 lbs. Blue Rosa
Flour, pkg. ........... J-tIV
.. 37c
.. 67c
.. 69c
. 31c
White Beans.
10 lbs
Fig Nuts,
per pkg. ........ .....
Citrus Soap.
Powder, pkg.
Tellow Cling Peaches,
Large can
M. J. B. Coffee,
I lb
Just received Kraft Macaroni and Cheese "Try a Cn"
TKa Highast Grada Macaroni
Egg Noodlas, Spaghetti and
tber Macarenl Product
Bon Ton Basketeria
21-23 East Adams
Opposite Adams Hotel
Sugar Loaf
130 North First Ave".
Next to Gazette
1 "t-r'r.t
For Friday and Saturday
By comparing our prices with other
stores, you will readily se that it will pay
you to trade with us. We serve you
promptly at Cash and Carry Prices. City
orders amounting to $5.00 or over delivered
free. Mail orders given prompt attention.
Fancy Creamery Butter, QQr
Per lb. Q?l
Ranch Butter Qo
Per lb 1 QJl
Cane Sugar, (PQ fTA
100 lb. Bags tPOJU
Beet Sugar, . IQ QA
100-lb. Bags POOvJ
Armour's Veribest Milk, 11 O
large cans, per can AaVi 2
Snow Drift, Q7 f
2-lb. can I
Swift's Jewell Compound, ( QA
45-lb. cans
Goddard's Catsup, r
large Bottle
Gallon '7P0
Wesson Oil, ' COn
Qt. cans
Palm Olive Soap, 1
2 Bars -L
Excello Cake Flour, Vanilla
Flavor, the pkg
Sunkist Asparagus Tips,
lQiz-oz. Tins 00t
Sunkist Large White Asparagus, f)f
Large Tins
Schilling's Coffee, 42 C
1-lb. Cans
Fancy New York Cheese, 50 C
the lb
we sen skinner's
the highest grade Macaroni,
Spaghetti, Egg Noodles and
ther Macaroni Product.
White Lilly Arizona Soft 1 AA
Wheat, 24-lb. Sack tPX.Ul
Wolf Premium Kansas Hard 1 OK
Wheat. 24-lb. sack tPJ-.U
Wolf Premium Kansas Hard CO ft A
Wheat, 48-lb. sack tpfr.UU
Gold Medal Minnesota's Best, 5
481 b Steele
Gold Medal Minnesota's Best, jJ
It is Budweiser Time. Buy it CM Q KA
by the Barrel iDASJ.OU
By the
Sunmaid Luscious Raisin J)Q an 25 C
Bayless Cream Doughnuts, O CT
Per Dozen
A Loaf of Bayless Milk Bread, White Raisin
Health or Rye will make your dinner com
Green French Peas, O P r
3 lbs, for
Fancy Summer Squash, "1 Of
Per lb XUC
New Potatoes, Large Red, Of
3 lbs, for .
Local Stringless Beans, 15 C
Texas Cucumbers, Fancy, OAn
Per lb UC
Fancy Black Cherries, A(r
Per lb !
Our Motto We Buy the Best. Extra help
to Serve vou Promptly on Saturdays.
1st Street and Washington

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