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(Section Two)
Southern Californians Con
fer With Local Man and
; Examine General Condi
tions in Valley
After having met with Dwight B.
Heard in a series of conferences
concerning: business conditions In
general in trie Salt River valley, and
the probability of a closer commer
cial relationship between Arizona and
Southern California. "William VE.
Clayton. vice-president of the
Spreckels Interests in San Diego, and
. r. (anHHs. vice-president of the San
H flfVo&AriJiona railway and a direc
tor in me Racine jLiecinc ranwny
system of Los Angeles, left last night
for the Pacific coast. Clayton ana
GSllls have been here since 'Wednes
day morning, having come from San
Mero in the private car "Carriso
Gorge." to examine business condi
tions here.
'in conjunction with their survey
of Phoenix and the Salt Klver valley
it is understood that they made a
cursory examination of the street
railway system here, but only as a
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part of their general view of condi
tions. Both Clayton ana onus are
well known in the street railway
world, the former because of his con
nection of more than a quarter of a
century with the street railway sys
tem i Pan Diego, and the latter be
cause of his position with the Pacific
Klectric system at Los Angeles.
Tn discussing conditions in Arizona,
particularly with reference to the
future. Gillis. who has been connect
ed for many years with the Southern
Pacific Railroad company, and who
has played a large part in the work
of development which has been car
ried on by that railway system, be
came enthusiastic yesterday over the
possibilities which are concentrated
in the so-called San Juan Basin, situ
ated -where- Arizona, Colorado, Utah
and New Mexico are joined, and over
the benefits which must nrcrue to
Phoenix if the wealth of this section
is developed and opened to the world
by adequate ran connections.
"The San Juan Basin, he said, "is
destined to become one of the most
important industrial centers of the
west, and it is not unthinkable that
Phoenix, through the extension of
the railroads now entering it, may.
make the basin contributory to its
prosperity in a definite manner.
Possibilities in Basin
"The Basin contains, in the first
place. 1.000,000 acres available for
agricultural purposes, and of this
amount more than 400.000 are now
supplied with canals and water. With
the proper conservation of the water
supply, at least 1.500.000 acres in ad
dition may be put under cultivation.
But this is only a Part of the poten
tial wealth of the Basin. It contains
immense deposits of the best grade
of steam coal and cooking coal west
of Pennsylvania, which are sufficient
in quantity to take care of all the re
quirements of the Southwest and the
Pacific, coast. The development of
these deposits and the entrance into
the Basin of a real railroad system
is bound to be of incalculable value
to Arizona, and especially to Phoenix,
if this city is to awake to the oppor
tunity which will soon be upon it.
The Basin at present is tapped only
' by a narrow gauge railway composed
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mostly of a 6 per cent grade which
connects it with the Denver & Rio
Grande system.
"The development of the San Juan
Basin will depend largely upon the
construction of a railroad from De
fiance. Colo., on the Santa Fe rail
way, to Durango, Colo., but this does
not mean that Phoenix should not
reach out for the wealth that is wait
ing for her and should bestir itself
in getting Into rail connection with
this unfailing supply of prosperity.
"Now, there is also another feature
which should be taken into consid
eration by Phoenix in examining the
possibilities of the San Juan Basin.
In San Bernardino and Riverside
counties. California, there have been
discovered deposits of iron ores
which are as extensive as any others
in the United States. Phoenix lies
between the coal "of the San Juan
Basin on the one hand and the iron
of California, on the other and
where iron and coal can be brought
together, fortune pours out her best
and greatest prizes."
Mr. Clayton concerned himself
more in the discussion with the gen
eral business outlook and indications
of what the future holds in sore for
the southwt.
Future Markets in West
"The completion of the Snn Diego
& Arizona railway," he said, "has
meant, in a greater degree than, per
haps, anything else, the commercial
solidarity of the southwest, and par
ticularly of Arizona and Southern
California. In tapping the great pro- I
duetiveregion of the Imperial Valley, )
the San Diego & Arizona has only
started its work. Alreadr great!
part of the passenger traffic to
Southern California, is going over
this road from Arizona, and with the
passing of every day it is exerting its
influence to a greater degree in the
commercial life of this section of the
United States.
"Tt is undoubtedly true that Ari
zona Is finding more and more an
outlet for her produce on the Pacific
coast. More than this, the Far East
Is calling for her cotton and her cop
per, and it will be a matter of only
a short time when this state will look
to the Pacific and the lands beyond
the Pacific for her markets instead
of to the eastern states and Kurope.
'In developing these markets, Ari
zona will have to deal through
Southern California, not onlv because
of its proximity, but because of the
rail and water facilities which are
being built up in better shape each
year. Arizona is already linked to
San Diego by one of the finest rail
way systems in the United States,
and the course of travel and ship
ping is steadily southward."
Talking of business conditions in
general on the Pacific coast, and es
pecially In the south. Mr. Clavton
said :
Business Fair on Coast
"Business is fair in Southern Cal
ifornia, with a general average bet
ter, I think, than the rest of the
country. . Southern California is
never hit with extremes of either
good or bad times. During the boon
days of the war and Immediately
after. Southern California did not see
me orgy or spending that was notice
able in other portions of the country,
nor aia it see tne relaxation of ef
rort which followed. The tourist
Dusiness of 1920 was exceptionally
good, and -while indications ooint to
the fact that it will be much less
this year, there are grounds for hon
ing that it will not be a complete
Mr. Clayton, who find. It fin tn
keep any mention of street cars or
street railways out of his conversa
tion, said that he . and fJillis bad
looked over the system in Phoenix,
but without any idea of interfering
in its affairs. He spoke in a general
way of the needs of the system, par
ticularly with reference to the co
operation which may be given a
street railway system by the public
and by the governing powers, and,
declared that In demanding better
service, extensions and improved
equipment, the consumer of trans
portation must realize that he must
pay the bills, and that the conduct
of a street railway must therefore be '
considered by the operating company
dua me puouc strictly as -a, business j
matter. In which the question of a
just and fair profit to the company
must not be lost sight of.
Mr. Clayton and Mr. Gillis left last
evening for San Diego. It is prob
able that their investigations here
will be resumed some time in the
'"''". ir. Clayton saia, but he was
unable to give a definite time.
First Picture Goldman and Berkman in Russia
MV fe
This is the tirst picture to arrive in the United States I shown here at a communist meeting, f.mma Goldman
showing the activities of Emma Goldman (1) and Alex- and Berkman were among the anarchists and other rad
ander Berkman (2) in Russia. Thev have been aiding in icals deported from the United States to Russia on the
propaganda work for the soviet government, and are i -Red Ark" after deportation trials.
m Still
The Same Game
1 JlhauX
TAKE THEIR GAME ALONG Shortly after this picture was taken at Dunmow, England, the fashion
able huntsmen, shown in the background, were off on a merry chase. A stag is taken to the hunting grounds in
the box cart and turned loose. Then a whistle is bio wn and the hunt is on.
duct producer gas to relieve an acute
national situation.
"The rapid exhaustion of our na
tural gas supply through criminal
negligence and reckless extravagance,
resulting in drastic restrictions in or
der to conserve what little we have
left, brings us abruptly to a realiza
tion of the situation and leads 'us
seriously to query regarding possible
substitutions for this remarkable na
tural fuel," says Dr. Fernald, former
ly engineer in investigations upon
gas producers for the United States
geological survey and the bureau of
"The situation is acute. It is there
fore imperative webegin exhaustive
investigations to determine the most
practical solution of the industrial
problem that have been for mt.ny
years past so vitally dependent upon
our natural gas supply. The result
reached through such investigations
mas- lead into channels quite different
from those under consideration at
the present time, as the necessity of
the situation may develop unt hough t
of possibilities.
"Our natural gas situation is a
serious one. The solution requires
more than the casual financial inter
est of the private dividend seeker. It
requires systematic study and re
search involving the expenditure of
large sums of money. It is a problem
of national importance and must be
attacked on a broad basis. It calls
for the best thought and most ser
ious consideration of the ablest ex
perts available, financially supported
from sources that will guarantee the
results of the Investigation to be
free from industrial or commercial
"It has been estimated that two
decades will see the total exhaustion
of the natural gas supply. We can
not afford to wait longer." Philadel
phia Inquirer.
Dish washing hours, like washday
nightmares, have been dispelled by
electricity, a9 demonstrated in dealers
booths at the Electric show.
The type of dishwasher On dinnlnv
Is designed cleverly. It is of table
cabinet style. In shape, size and form
it caters to the whim of every house
T'ife "to bury the dinner dishes so
they won't glare hideously at me the
next morning.'" ,
The enameled table cabinet not on
ly caters to that temptation, but lends
some degree of magic. A section of
the top lifts. , In the deep basin are
wire net trays. One has upright
partitions for plates, cups and sau
cers. Another tmy holds flat ware.
The lid shuts with a weather, strip
water tightenss. Hot water and a
motor that agitates, but does not
smash, dishes does the rest. A bot
tom drain removes litter and water
and the dishes are removed clean and
America's "natural gas supply Is
being exhausted by criminal .negli
gence and reckless extravagance, ac
cording to Prof. Robert II. Fernald,
head of the department of mechan
ical engineering in the University of
Pennsylvania, who in a survey for
the American Society of Mechanical
Engineers urges the use of by-pro-
1....:. .LJ
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i tered K. Grygienc's Chicago saloon
; in search of $2V,0OU he kept there lo
cash pay checks. But before she
j screamed and frightened the bandits.
the sirl copied their auto lic ense
I number. That's why the lour landed
i in jai'
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