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Section Two)
325 Special Deputies Have Been Sworn In To Serve
Beginning October 1 Heavy Penalty Prescribed
Law for Flagrant Violations
; Mr. Sportsman, beware, watch your
tep and toe the mark.
Never before in the history of the
state have such extensive prepara
tions been made for the protection of
game as those outlined by State
Game Warden Joe Prochaska for the
period beginning October 1.
-liame laws are to be rigidly en
forced " this season," Warden " Pro
chaska said, and to this end he has.
named hundreds of special" deputie
whose sole business it will be to.see
that birds and animals are not wan
tonly slaughtered by hunters.
And as an evidence that ha Intends
to back up his statements, Phoe
nicians need but refer-Jto news arti
cles appearing In recent Issues of
local papers,' wherein the arrest of
11 violators on a single day was
chronicled. These violators were
punished to the full extent of the law,
as will be all violators this season,
Prochaska has said. Violation of
game laws comes high when one con
siders that 'he is nobject to a fine of
$10 for each lird illegally taken. In
other words, if a hunter takes 30
birds illegally, he is subject to a fine
of J 300 in the wisdom of the court
before whom he is summoned. Of
course, the court has sole jurisdiction
in the pronouncement of sentence,
but Warden Prochaska- has been as
sured by many that they will back
up his efforts to protect gameby
"giving violators, the limit.- . r
Prosecution of violators of the
game laws wm De pushed in every
Instance. Warden Prochaska said re-
cently. Ignorance of the law does
not excuse, he emphasized, for the
game department has prepared, in
booklet form, all statutory provisions
regarding the protection of game, as
well as federal laws. These booklets
- - ID) 0 Tl
Boys, don't take a chance of living on venison.
Take plenty of chuck with you,
t Come in, let us outfit you with eats. We have
a list of things you will need.
We will pack them for you and supply proper
size boxes to carry on running board of your car.
ikizoia"; (Grocery. o.
Wholesale and Retail
Hunting Map Shows Popular Game Resorts and
Best Ways Of Reaching Them By State Roads
zc ?y f is x nrjmu x i i
I i H 1 i i: I1 11 1 1 r II I i i l! ni mm
. i
! i
, 1 :
and if you should
see a bear!
one of our High Power Rifles together with
a supply of dependable ammunition would
certainly be very necessary at that critical
.... -': - "'. ; f
Peters' Shells
& Cartridges
still easily maintain their place at the head
of the list of American Ammunition. They
are the choice of the discriminating and ex
perienced hunter.
Winchester and Savage Rifles, Colt Revol
vers and Marble Hunting Knives.
ff IPS
Here's Just the thing you've been
looking and waiting for a hunting
map of Arizona. It shows you the
location of the most popular hunting
retreats of the state, how to reach
them and other information that the
sportsmen will find valuable In de
termining where to gc and how to get
Although "deer are Quite plentiful
over the entire state this year, they
are to be found in abundance In the
districts shown on the map. The
great district lying north of Phoenix
and extending from just west or
Wickenburg on the west to the east
of Payson on the cast holds perhaps
per cent of all deer in Arizona.
This does not mean that there are not
deer in other sections, for State
Game Warden Joe Prochaska hss
said that they are more plentiful
over the entire state his year than
he has ever known before. The White
mountain region is also quite thickly
populated but is not as accessible.
There are more than a dozen good
routes to this district, but probably
the most popular one is the Cave
Creek route. The deer district can
be reached within a few hours' ride
of Phoenix by this route and it is in
the section directly to the north of
the city where the first deer of the
season are generally taken. The
Payson country will also be a popular
one this fall, the route from Phoenix,
of course, taking one over the Apache
trail to Koosevelt and thence north
east up to Payson. Hundreds will
go to that section this fall because
of the mountainous nature of the
country and the excellent camping
facilities provided in the pine forests.
The districts shown in the southern
part of the state are easily reached
from Tucson, Nogales, Bisbee and
Douglas and. although they are small
in area, contain enough deer to make
the hunting interesting.
The turkey belt Is confined alto
gether to a strip extending from a
point northwest of Jerome and con
tinuing In a southeasterly direction
clear across that section of the state.
As the snow flies, the turkey retreat
from this district In a southerly di
rection, but not T3 any great distance.
From Phoenix, the turkey belt is
best reached either by Prescott and
thence to Jerome over the new Pres-cott-Jerome
highway, or over the
Apache Trail to Roosevelt and thence
northward through Payson. The
Prescott-Jerome route will probably
be used more this season than the
other for roads by that route are in
good condition at the present time.
The turkey belt is also the bear
district, practically all oear lanen In
Arizona being caught in the section
outlined on the map as the "Turkey
Bear" district.
While almost Inaccessible, the
great country north of the Grand
Canyon abounds In deer. Hunters
from the . Kingman district get into
this country, with some little diffi
culty, as do also those from Winslow
and Flagstaff.
The Automobile roads shown on
the map axe the main roads of the
state and show in a clear manner
how the various districts may be
The game refuges are few and can
be easily identified.
the picture proves
your story!
Take a KODAK
with you
While you're getting ready for the big hunt or the mornings
shoot, don't forget to slip Kodak Into your kit.
If you haven't a Kodak fbuy one now and hava "it ready we
have the complete Eastmai line, from little Brownies to the
rapid Graflex. -
Send your exposed films to us for developing and printing.
Our modern plant is th largest in the state, the quality of our
work Is unexcelled, and you may have the finished pictures 2
hours after we receive the films.
Let us make enlargements from your best hunting views,
you'll b delighted with the quality of our work.
Ee sure and ask for your coupons for free enlargements with
your Koday work. -
Central Pharmacy
At Washington and Central
are distributed free to the hunter and
can be had either at sporting goods
stores, at the office of the state game
warden or from any deputy game
waren, it is announced.
More than 300 special deputies. 325
to be exact, are now employed by
the state game department to en
force laws during the hunting sea
sons. Warden Prochaska left this
morning for northern Arizona to per
sonally institute a drive against game
law violators in that district.
In addition to the state deputies.
the federal forestry department has
specially deputized every ranger in
Arizona for a period of 60 days to
devote his entire time and attention
to game protection, nccorrting to ad-
vices received at the office of the
state game warden.
Special game wardens will be on
duty throughout the -hunting seasons
at White Tanks, New river, Fish
Creek. Mormon Flats. Four Peaks,
Blue range, Catalina mountains, the
Mogollons. Sierra Anchas. at Pine,
Payson and Pleasant Valley, In fact,
every place where deer and wild tur
key are to be found. Prochaska said
before his departure for the north.
With the opening of the quail and
duck seasons, ample provision will
be made for the protection of these
birds in the state, he declared.
A trapper's license in addition to
the huntincr lisense is required for
persons . killing predatory animals.
such as mountain lion, bear, wolves.
etc., he added.
Because of the great number plan
ning hunting trips this fall. Game
Warden Prochaska has pounded a
warning against carelessness.
drearer caution should te exer
cised hv the huntsman this year than
ever before because ct the hundreds
of other sportsmen in the field," he
tew hunting fatalities have oc
curred In Arizona in past years and
we are anxious to maintain this good
record." he continued. "But accidents
cannot be avoided unless everv in
dividual exercises the proper amount
of care and is always sure that he.
nimseir is rlgh before he goes
Camping pnrties are also warned
against leaving lighted tires or
smouldering fires. Campfires should
always be covered with dirt before
departure, be said, to make sure that
do serious blaze will result
- -
Yow Trophies
Slave them moumfted
im life-like attitudes
Your fur skins tanned
and dressed. Ladies' and
Men's fur coats, scarfs,
muffs, fur rugs, etc.,
made to order from your
own catch or from furs
you buy cheap from
Write for our free illus
trated fur catalogue to
day. The largest and best
establishment in the west.
You fellows who are going after deer and big
game this season should consider a taxidermist who
will care for your valuable trophies and perpetuate
your experiences.
Our experience in mounting Big Game of the
West and Southwest extends back over twenty
years. Specimens mounted by us are re-created true
to life by men who have devoted years of love and
enthusiasm to the art of taxidermy. .
We have the largest and most complete plant in
the United States for the tanning of skins and the
expert mounting of trophies.
rnfT Send for our 32-page richly illustrated .
rllrr Taxidermy Catalogue, Field Guide,.
1 ,lua- and Big Game Book.
Taxidermists, Tanners, Furriers
1021 Broadway
Jonas Broa. WV
1Q21 Broadway, X IV:
Denver, Colo. N jOg
Gentlemen: 'i t
Please send n a copy of your Taxi- I v 7 ',J
dermy Catalogue, Field Guide and Big if 3''P" V- tJ3
Gam Book free of charge. yfau
Nm '
ddr" ' . )
City and 6tat '"gS'tl '' '
,jf i j i 'i I if f ' i""" "

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