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(Section Three)
?" yoonirsters present were Miss
Tpas rainier. Miss Betty Blancharr).
Kiss Barters L"u Miller, Miss Bftty
Ior.c:u M;s Helen Newton, VAas
T.-uih Kvelyn Leard. Mia Louise
Tnacasoti. Mis Dorothy Anderson,
Je-aa Marie Powers, Miss Pean
Thomson. Miss Fanette Chavoz,
Wwa Alberta Munson, Miss Frances
lowers. Miss Annette Powers, Miss
Mary Vinrinia Palmer, Miss Olga
Harattn. Miss Mary Thatcher.. Miss
aacy Thatrher. Miss Virginia Gor
. Miss Grace Kavanaugh. Miss
P-tty Jc Mayer. Miss Kathryn
reneii. M:as Mnrtanna Dairies,
Vin Marparet Vlault. Lais Holm
Ctoit. L Huphea, Jr., Jimmie
yaJhnr, . Billy Valentine. Kenneth
Taber, Gordon Lacy. Robert Garry
vwAon. Charles Kavanaugh, Thomas
"arenU. Ted White, Frank Vil
Jr Ytault, David Thomson, Billy
Vivian and Jimmie Vivian.
sue mis p.m.
TK Strand starts off the week
wria the three days engagement be
rirnir.g this afternoon of "The Sky
JiJof Ralpa Connor's stirring tale
t f the Canadian cattle ranges. Pro-
4rea fcy Catherine Curtis, a former
P(yrTi; woman, "The Sky Pilot" Is
bound to prove a most interesting
torture locally.
lajt the sheer merit of the produc
tion itself stamps it as one of the
Mt thrilling: and realistic dramas
cf the west ever screened. Following
the hook ta nuecly. every thrill writ
ten Into the novel hars been brought
t the filmed version. AVhen one con
siders that "The Sky Pilot" is one
wt Connor's best works that it is as
4e!y read as anything he has ever
e5one and that the cast which mter
Irrts It Is a genuine "hand picked
the significance of the pro-
Sc?lon as exceptional entertaining
Value is somewhat realized.
The story is one of the adventures
that befell a wandering minister of
Jtim rtwpeJ who rides into the cow
wan try astride a donkey. The
"Tusneners" look on all preachers as
nweic(ne ruests and taking this
-y iikt as the ordinary type of
r-arsoa. they set about to bring on
ais hasty departure. But this was
mm aa ordinary "sky pilot." His fists
were of iron his nerve of steel and
fee soon proved the match for the
mm of the cow punchers. Bll Hen-Irte-aa,
foreman of the men, tried his
rowests with the parson and lasted
r at a short while then measured
ft ar.se If on the ground. It was the
taming- point for the preacher Bill
i his friend and the cowpunch
era, one by one, lined up for him. But
tha country was ln.'ested by a gang
of rattle rustlers, a ad every man on
iht ranch was on the alert. The
Fay Pilot, now in the employ of the
cattle ranch, was sent out to scout
far the Intruders on one occasion,
end riding too clou to their retreat
feis horse was shot from under him.
"JTaia scene Is a thrill in itself for
, the pilot is riding across a narrow
bridge over a chasm between two
sneaistatna. His fall to the water
below renders Mm dazed, and but
t the timely arrival of "Gwen"
yit irirt in to story ne wouia nave
Lu-ed illy iadeeeV "Gwen" rescues
aim with a lassoand from that mo
sneet on the pilot is on his guard
acainst the rustlers. His deeds of
Sarinc and bravery have won him
! friendship of the men In the
camp, and when the roundup times
roil around, the pilot accompanies the
txjnr t the range. The rustlers have
planned long on the roundup it is
. the time they plan to strike their
srrtet blow. "Owen's" father, nn
known to the girl is one of the rust'
lera, and her overhearing the plan
f attack causes her to ride madly to
fs'j to warn him. Her arrival
rnsfctens the herd a stampede is
smarted her horse lunges badly, and
the girl la thron to the ground and
severely injured. "The Pilot" sees her
plight and realises It is too late to
recoe her but she must be pro
tected. Ills course is to stand over
er veer, the cattle as they rush
iya'y on and seek to save her from
I arm even at the risk of his own life.
1 this scene alone there are aver
bead of cattle seen in the stam
pedean incident that la positively
Xitforgettable, .From this point on
tarilis tumble over each other in the
'vr.foidlng of tr story the climax
coming as a complete surprise in one
rt the biggest scenes -of the story.
Ckxnedy. pathos, excitement, action,
sad thrills ail combine to make "The
Sr Pilot" one of the -biggest west
n pictures ever produced.
The added attractions include the
comedy and the News.
-10XDOX The London 100 has re
ceived a collection of animals from
the Goeldi Muse&.n of Para, Brazil,
which was a pair of crab eating
eoft. --
The Central Arizona District 1
Federation of clubs will hold its
semi-annual meeting Oct. 25 accord
ing to the announcement made yes
terday by Mrs. C. A. Robinson of
Peoria, president of the federation.
The meeting will be held at the Madi
son Improvement club and will be
notable In the number of wprth while
talks that will feature the program.
In addition to the number of topics
bearing on club matters there will be
addresses on subjects of general in
terest that will unquestionably invoke
interesting discussions. Foremost
among the speakers will be Dr. David
Liknaitz who will talk upon the re
lation of the individual wvinan to
social problems of the day. Another
interesting talk will be made by Mrs.
R. B. von KleinSmid, who accom
panied President von KleinSmid, on
his recent trip to South America, and
who will tell of her experience in that
country. Mrs. H. A. Guild, secretary
of the state child welfare board and
past president of the State Federa
tion of Women's clubs, will discuss
child welfare work along the broad
lines on which the board Is carrying
out the act creating it passed by the
last session of the legislature. Mrs.
H. C. Lockett, past president of the
district federation, is scheduled to
talk on the "Spirit of Club Life.' Mrs.
Henry D. Ross, president of the State
Federation of musical clubs, --ho rep
resented Arizona at the national con
vention in .the Tri Cities last June
will present her report and Mrs. E.
J. Flanigan, president of the State
Federation of clubs will tell of the
happenings at the Salt Lake council
meeting which she attended early in
the summer.
The musical program 'will be give
by the Musicians' club of this city
and an innovation will be Jthe social
hour which will follow the program.
The high school - Parent-Teacher
association will give a reception to
the members of the high school fac
ulty some time in October, Mrs. J.
is. Alexander, president of the asso
elation announced yesterday. The ex
act date has not yet been determined
but the event will be held before the
first formal meeting of the associa
tion which is scheduled for Oct. 29..
with the Arizona Congress of Moth
ers, will be the speaker. Mrs. F. C.
Struckmeyer, chairman of legislation,
will also speak at the initial session.
'The Roosevelt Parent-Teacher as
sociation will meet on Tuesday and
elect a president to take the place of
Mrs. H. D. Ryder who will be absent
from the district this winter.
Organization of a district federa
tion is being contemplated in Gila,
Graham and Greenlee counties ac
cording to a word received by Mrs.
H. A. Guild, frcm Mrs. Philip Freu
denthal, president of the Safford
Woman's club. It is understood-that
the organization work will be one of
the features of the early autumn club
activities and Mrs. Guild has been in
vited to assist the local club women
in their work. Mrs. Freudenthal in
her letter of invitation to Mrs. Guild
stated that the club she heads has
increased its membership to 100, the
goal set by the members in a cam
paign recently inaugurated.
A reception to the teachers of the
Roosevelt school Is the interesting
event planned by the Neighborhood
club for weanesaay evening. Mrs.
C.H. Roeser, president of the club
is in charge of the event which will
be .in the nature or a community a.
fair and made attractive by a clever
program of music ana readings. The
club in the district is outlining its
vear's program, wltn a thought. to a
number of community functions.
The Crelghton Parent-Teacher as
sociation, Mrs. E. M. Sweek, presi
dent, will give a reception to the
teachers of the district school Friday
evening. - The association will hold
regular meetings throughout -the sea
son on the eecona raay n eacn
month. , ' 1
) Mr- V -Y yi
Mary Glynne an3 David Povell in scene ftom
The Pdrdmount Picture, "Appearances"
Opens a Two-Day Engagement at the Strand Theater Wednesday
turned loose on an unsuspecting pub
lic have been blown up and are now
straining at the leash longingly
awaiting the signal that will free
them for the scramble. More novel
ties than have been incorporated in
any dozen ball room showers before
are all bound up in this event prizes
of all aorta of values merchandise,
orders, surprise packages it will be
a riot. . '
And that is but one of he things
on tap for Monday evening.
Tuesday evening will be the night
when the 49 dance will hold forth.
49 dance handled by the i.lks
how. Oh! how could one ask for
more. The boys have collected every
imaginable item of the paraphernalia
to make this a "natural" '49 dance.
Cowpunchers and cow girls will be
; Mrs. Henry D. Ross, president of
the Arizona Federation - of Musical
clubs, returned Tuesday from New
York and Boston where she spent an
interesting vacation following her at
tendance at the annual convention of
the national federation held in the
Tri Cities early in the summer. Mrs.
Ross will call an executive board
meeting shortly.
The Harmony club will open Its
season with a business meeting which
has been announced for Oct 5. Whi
the club programs have touched upon
work covering all departments dur
ing the past year it has never taken
up departmental work which will be
inaugurated with the season just
opening. With this idea in view a
recent informal meeting was held at
which the following section chairmen
were appointed, Mrs. "Lee Callahan,
music; Mrs. F. F. Free, current top
ics: Mrs. F. A. Prultt, civics; Mrs.
Henry Baswitz, philanthropy; Mrs.
Will Ryan, legislation and Mrs, W.
V. Zellick, press and publicity.
The Madison Improvement club
will open its season with a business
meeting on Oct. 6. A social session
was held on Thursday when the cal
endar for the coming year was in
formally discussed.
" A program on "Thrift" will be pre
sented at the opening meeting of the
Adams Parent-Teacher association
which will be held Oct. 3. Mrs. B. D.
Deitweller, state chairman of thrift
Steo on 'er boy we're headed
straight for Riverside Park.
That will be the spirit all over
the city tomorrow and Tuesday
nights the nights the drill team of
the Phoenix Elks will hold forth in
all their glory during two of the
biggest Joy nights ever attempted by
a local organization.
Rickards & Nace have turned over
the park to the drill team tor the af
fair. The boy have acquired the
services of Carrol Reed's inimitable
jazz band they have nncorked
flock of surprises that will loom up
mighty big during both nights of the
A Ford automobile to be given
away by the drill team at the mons
ter ball room Tuesday evening is one
of the big things in store for the
public. Tickets for this machine are
now being sold right and left every
where one turns there's the little
green ticket awaiting him.
On Monday evening the opening
of the two nights of joy a big bal
loon shower holds first place in the
batting line up. This In itself
would be enough to warrant anyone
missing meals or dates to attena
Prizes of every nature and every de
scription will be distributed during
this afair. Balloon, balloons, bal
loons, more than have ever been
tMaoy secrets yon will
boa of
aled in the green
adine Face Powder
ire secrets which every
would solve secrets of
personal charm.
Tbe secret of a rose-petal com
plexion Nadine's ewn gift to
womanhood. The' secret of last
ing charm charm which endures
tbroaghoat the day. The secret
cf skin comfort with never a
bint of barm. k.
To yoo, as to millions of others,
Hedine will revea these inti-
snate secrets. You can procure
toilet counter or by mail, 60c
4 4c far eaataf a liberal
iil'i la tint srafarod.
rarU, Teas., U.S.A.
The Story
Women today are striving in countless
ways to keep young and charming. They
realize, more or less, that the strain and
work of washday is constantly ' stealing
from them much of their health, energy
and personal charm.
The mirror tells a pleasing, reassuring
story to the woman who has her family
washing done our laundry way.
It tells her of still youthful charm; of
eyes bright and smiling; of a smooth, un
WTinkled brow; of slim, fine hands. :
We can shield you, too, from the wearing,
; aging influence of washday; from the an
noyance of hands chafed from constant con
tact with boiling waters; wre can relieve you
of the fatigue that comes from long hours
of ironing.
- Our laundry service, with its modern k
washing methods, is specially devised to,.
save women all th,e" laborious work" and
worry of the old style washday.
We wash your clothes in numerous
waters more than any ordinary laundress
can attempt and return them to you,
sweet and clean, carefully finished.
Try our way. Send us your family bun
dle. Telephone today.
The Phoenix Laundry
For Years Arizona1 s Leading Laundry
Jackson and Central Ave. Phone 1530
cents on the gate and 6 cents per
dance prices including the tax.
Nothing can stop 'em they're out
for the biggest time of their career
and the drill team has not missed
yet-they're not going to miss now.
reservations may be made either
In' person or by "phone by calling the
Eiks club at any time during me
day. "
Everybody's going no one can af
ford to stay away no excuse will
be big enough to pay for mlsaing the
fun one is bound to miss staying
away from Riverside Park on either
tomorrow or Tuesday evening.
in their glory the drill team is even
hanging up a cash prize for the best
costumed lady and gentleman during
this event.
The drink concessions will be run
ning full blast on both evenings
not a single stone has been left un
turned to make these two nights the
best entertainment value the drllW
team has vet offered.
The Ford will be given away Tues
day evening and somebody is going
to be made the happiest person in
Everybody Is invited to the party
everybody Is welcome the drill
team is hosts to the city and the
announcement comes that there will
be the same gate charge and the
same rate for the dancing that has
prevailed throughout the season 11
Once again does the Rialto an
nounce an attraction that is bound
to find a hearty .response wlttVtfptbe
motion picture devoteea, of the city.
in the engagement to start next Sun
day of Rupert Hughes' story
"Dangerous Curve Ahead."
As was the case with "The Old
Nest." the Rialto will screen this
feature day and date with the na
tional release date.
"Dangerous Curve Ahead" Is ne
of the most appealing romantic com
edies in years. Rupert Hughes has
vested his theme with a humanness
that is unmistakable, with humor i
that is positively infectuous and with
a naturalness that will endear me
film to everyone.
He takes young married life for
his central idea this time, and un
dertakes to point the dangerous
curves in the matrimonial road. It
is sparkling, scintillating with the
brightest sort of titles, tells the story
logically and corppellingly, and is
bound to prove an attraction that
will -find instant favor.
"Dangerous Curve Ahead" Is a
Goldwyn special, and will be screened
by the Rialto without advance in
The engagement will be marked by
a special musical program rendered
by Geo. J. Hayes on the Wurlitzer
organ, and will be offered without
advance in prices.
LEAMINGTON, Eng. Mrs. Eliza
beth Hobley of Newbold Pacey is ex
hibiting a letter she got from King
George. The king congratulated her
on her 100th birthday.
Would you
J A VV.?S?3aB.
' Try a f har apeaiWe
SKhias and fculios I
ecMoaaona seals eufcUv o
la u v i fmHinisT sea sid hwtrrt
beauty, health.
City, Mo.
I f A x-s
I I I -AVrFtixS & Ta "
Perf ectShvildtrs and Arms
Kotafefl araal tht
beautiful soft, pearly
white appaaranc
Couraue" Oriental
Cream reader to tbt
sbaaldara and area.
Cover elds bieatliheft.
Will ant rub od. Far
uperiof to powder.
Tim SU
a sua
New York el
What Docs Ifour Mirror Say 1
As you comb your hair in the rooraln light,
do you we youth and beauty, or iij.ni of age?
h your hair young or old?
You can quickly remove mulesdintf e video en of ae
by tinting streaked or (ray hair with Brownstone". it
imparts any shade of Brown or blacknatural life-like
y colors that will not rub off.
Also splendid for toning down faded or bleached hair.
Odorless, f reatelesi, economical, luting sad absolutely
harm lea, "firownatone" is as easily used ss
manicuring your nails. '
Two colors. "Golden to Medium B rows' and "Dark
Brown to Black", 50c and J 1.50 else, with easy,
complete directions. At drug and department stores.
Free trial bottle, with valuable booklet
oa the hair, tent direct oa receipt of lie
to covet pottage, packing and war tax.
OS Ceppfaa BuiMlna
Ctnajfea, Kntack U. 3. A.
For your special type of skin.-
there is a special treatment
Skins differ widely are you using
the right treatment for youn type of skin ?
17.': I - .mnu Ba,
s Mr
IF your skin is a constant problem
to you if you cannot keep it
smooth and flawless then you may
be sure it is because you are not
using the right treatment for your
special type of skin.
Skins differ widely and eacn different
type of skin needs a different kind of care.
The girl whose complexion is of an oily
type should use a special form of cleansing
to counteract its tendency to become dis
agreeably shiny.
The girl with a pale, sallow akin needs a
treatment that will rouse and stimulate
the delicate pores and blood vessels.
No matter what your type of skin hap
pens to be you can overcome its de
fects! By the right treatment, followed
persistently, you can give it the natural
charm, the fresh loveliness and
color that come from a healthy,
well-cared-for condition of the
skin itself. ,
Remember that your akin
ia constantly changing eacn
day old akin dies and new
akin takes its place. By giving
this new akin the special care
suited to its needs you can make
it as clear and smooth as you
.want it to be
Study the special needs of your skin
find out just what its weaknesses are, and
begin, now, to use the treatment that will
overcome them. Three of the famous
Woodbury treatments for improving the
skin are republished on this page. You
will find additional treatments for each
different type of akin in. the booklet of
treatments, "A Skin You Love to Touch,
which is wrapped around every cake of
Woodbury's Facial Soap. -
Get a cake of Woodbury's today, at any
drug store or toilet goods counter and
find in the booklet the treatment recom
mended foe your skin. Begin using it.
tonight. ' -
A 25-cent cake wCl last for a month or
six weeks of any treatment, and for general
cleansing use for that time. The Andrew
Jergens Co., Cincinnati, New York and
Perth Ontario.
I, For the girl with an oily skin i
If you are continually embarrassed by that moat. common of troubles
i i an oily skin and shiny nose begin tonight to use this simple
First cleanse your face thoroughly by washing It fat your usual
way with Woodbury's Facial Soap and warm water. Wipe off the
surplus moisture, but leave the skin slightly damp. Now with warm
water work: up a heavy lather of Woodbury's Facial Soap in you
. hands. Apply it to your face and rub it into the pores, thoroughly
always with an upward and outward motion. Rinse with warm
water, then with cold the colder the better. If possible, rubyout
face for a few minutes with a piece of ice.
This treatment will help to make your skin clearer and fresher the
first time you use it. Make it a nightly habit, and before long you
will see a marked improvement a promise of that lovelier com- .
. plezkm which the steady use of Woodbury's brings.
Use daily to keep your skin in good condition
If used regularly, Woodbury's
Facial Soap has a markedly
beneficial effect on the skin as
an organism. It stimulates the
pores and "blood vessels, and
gives the skin tissues firmness
and tone.
The power 'of Woodbury's
Facial Soap to benefit and im
prove the complexion is due to
the fact that it is based on a
special formula, the 'result of
years of scientific study of the
skin and its needs. Only the
purest and finest ingredients
enter into this formula. In con-
GprtrV. 1921. h ThtJmtnmJcrgauCq
sequence Woodbury's Facial
Soap can be used with extremely
sensitive and tender skins which
often react unfavorably to other
toilet soaps.
Use Woodbury's daily in your
toilet and see how instantly your
skin will begin to respond to its
tonic qualities.
You will find Woodbury's one
of the most economical soaps
you have ever used. A 25 -cent
cake lasts for a month or six
weeks almost twice as long as
an ordinary toilet soap of the
same apparent size.
. For the girl who is
troubled with blackheads
APPLY Ihot cloths to the face
x until the skin is reddened.
Now with a rough washcloth;
work up a heavy lather of Wood
bury's Facial Soap and rub it into
'the pores thoroughly always with
an upward aSa outward motion.
Rinse with clear, hot water, then
with cold the colder the better.
If possible, rub your face for
thirty seconds with a piece of ice.
Dry carefully.
To remove blackheads already
formed, substitute a flesh brush
for the washcloth in the treat
ment above. Then protect the
fingers with a handkerchief and
press out the blackheads.
.US : . .
ii -riffj! I ijlm' Sir
For the girl who is
pale and sallow
If your (Un ia pale and colorleas
uae this new steam treatment for it.
One night m week SB your bowl "
full of hot water almost boiling;
hot. Bend over the top of the
bow! and cover your bead and tha
bowl with heavy bath towel so :
that no steam can escape. Steam
your face for thirty seconds. Now
lather a hot cloth with Woodbury's
Facial Soap. With this wash you
face thoroughly; rubbing the lathe
well into your skin with aa upward
and outward motion. Rinse first
with warm water, then with cold.
Finish by rubbing it for thirty .
seconds with, a piece of ke. Dry -carefully.
The very first time you use this
Woodbury team treatment, you
akin will begin to show more color.
The other six nights of the week;
cleanse your skin thoroughly m the
usual way with Woodbury's Facial
Soap and warm water.
i L2S
Spring1 Grove At., Ciacianati, Ohio.
Far the cncloeed 35 cent, pleaee aen4 see year miniature
set of the Woodbury akin preperatione rffJ"f
The treatment booklet. A Slda Tea Lore to Touch.'
A trial alee cake of Woodborr'a Facial Boas.
A sample tube of the acw Woodbury'a Facial Cream,
Sample, of Woodbury'. Cold Cream and Facial Powder.
City .State .j,..

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