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People of Phoenix To Have
Opportunity To Inspect
Fine Large Educational
Plant This Evening
'0Hn House will be observed at
the Phoenix Union high school to
nicfct, riving people of the com
munity an opportunity to see the fa
cilities and worn of the local high
school eJuoatonal system, recognized
as one of the best in the Southwest.
Open House Night" will be one of
the features ot educational week.
rt,w being observed here and
throughout the country.
Iinner in the new cafeteria, In
spection of the big school plant and
a special program of music and
speaking will share honors at the
open house affair. A mammoth
crowd of patrons ot the district Is
expected to attend.
The high school cafeteria will be
o-jen from 5:;:0 to 7 o'clock this eve-
r:ng. where patr ns may get their
limier cafeteria style at cafeteria
prices to see just what their chil
dren are served, and how.
At 7:30 o'clock the evening's pro-
tram will begin in the auditorium.
Music will be provided by the boys'
clt-e club ano'-the faculty quartette.
Ir. Arthur Lee Odell, pastor of the
First Presbyterian church, will give
-. brief address on "The Value of a
lligll School Kducatlon."
' To Inspect Plant
Perhaps the most interesting event
of the evening will be the Inspection
of the high school plant, and every
person who can do so is urged to
come and see the modern facilities
and methods of operation the Fhoe
nix institution boasts.
During the evening all the teach
ers will be at their class rooms, ready
to explain details of the work of
parents ot the pupils. All the equip
ment of the modern educational in
stitution will be on exhibition in or
der that parents may see' what ex
cellent facilities their children have.
A special corp3 of ushers will con
duct parties of visitors about tne
group of six ldrge buildings.
Following "Open House Night," to
morrow will be "Visitors' Day" at the
high school. The regular classes will
be held and parents are invited to
come and see the school in opera
tion. "GOnTifSFECIAL"
The Arizona Pimacotton Growers
special train for New Bedford, Mass.,
passed through New Orleans on
Monday, and headed up the Illinois
Centrai for Memphis and Cincinnati
This big shipment o cotton left
Phoenix over the Arizona Eastern on
November 30 and arrived in New Or
leans last Monday. The train should
reach New Bedford about the middle
of next week."
When the cotton reaches New Bed
ford it will be stored in the big
Belleville warehouse in the same way
it was stored here, so that all iden
tical cotton, in grade and staple, is
stored together.
: (j
The New York Giants have placed
on the club's salary list for life an
old man who aided in founding the
club many years ago. The club, with
a nresent value of tl.u00.000, was
organized with 10 uniforms, four bats
and a half dozen balls.
Students of the Phoenix Union
High School State What They
Think of the Local Institution
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Publicity In connection with Edu
cational Week would not be complete
if the student body were not given
an opportunity to express their opin
ion about the High School. The
statements given below were se
lected at random out of several hun
dred similar statements:
Did any one of you loyal Coyotes,
when you were away from home and
school ever hear some one say some
thing of old P.U.H.S. Didn't you
just swell up with pride and have an
honest-to-goodness thrill pass over
when as you proudly said: 'I am a
member of that High School."
We are just an infant High School
when we think of the old schools in
California. Chicago or New York, but
just the same, we are on the map.
We have six beautiful buildings that
cover three city blocks. We have
a football team that any High School
the country could be proud of.
We have a principal who has proved
himself a success and we have a
splendid faculty. When we see our
splendid school, and feel our re.-
Coyote spirit, we cannot help but be
proud of Phoenix High.
"Really, I haven't been to a school
that compares with Phoenix High
and for the love of Mike, don't let
self government get Into it." Thus
writes a former student who at
tended P.U.S.H. for two years, and
is now a senior in Los Angeles high.
Almost invariably pupils who leave
Phoenix, think that the High School
here is the best they ever went to
It stands comparison with the best
in the country. Of course there are
some things not just right but what
institution is? If those who wish to
criticize would do so by giving a
straight forward, constructive criti
cism and if the administration would
give more attention to real criticisms
a better spirit would be developed.
P.U.H.S. is a world within itself,
and to ask a loyal member of the
Coyote clan what he thinks of the
school is like asking a Roman what
he thinks nf Rome.
Our buildings, some of the finest
In the country, speak for them
selves. However, it is not the
buildings which speak most, but our
faculty. Our teachers are all sue
cessful, experienced and earnest in
their work and what is more im
portant they take a personal interest
in every student. That interest.
alone, is invaluable. It subdues and
represses the mechanical tendencies
wnicn are so tiara to keep tree rrom
a tedious routine.
The school life or spirit existing
at P. U. H. S. is marvelous. The
students and faculty are in perfect
harmony in their work and the stu
dents themselves are closely united.
One of the reasons for this unity is
athletics and who can deny their
valUe in every way? Every Coyote
Is interested in athletics although
Just a few participate, but what is
better, every student is a booster for
Phoenix High. He is loyal and
never knocks. He criticizes, but
justly and rightly. Will not that
spirit be valuable to some commun
ity some day? Not only are loyalty
and unity promoted by athletics but
also good fellowship and fairness
These qualities are always valuable
to an institution of any kind and if
every student from all United States
schools could graduate with those
Qualities deeply imbeddjd in their
characters, would not America profit?
Truly P.U.H.S. is a wonderful edu
cational institution not only from the
standpoint of mental training but
also in tho high principles for which
it contends.
In my opinion the Phoenix High
school is a good school striving un
der difficulties. The faculty and the
student body are both doing all in
their power to make the school bet
ter and the many improvements of
the past few years are their reward
But there Is outside the school an
element that is always pulling back,
the element of criticism.
A short time ago a business man
of this city informed me that the of
ficials of the school were grafters.
Well, who gave these officials their
positions? For myself. I know little
of politics and would probably not
know a grafter unless he were
labeled, but this I do know: The
Phoenix Union High School is a good
school but certainly it is not nearly
so good as it could be, shuld be. and
would be if the business men of the
city would devote to its improvement
the time and energy which they now
utilize in criticizing it.
I think the most needed thing in
Phoenix Union High school, is polite
ness. Politeness to everybody, your
teachers, classmates, and friends. If
you are polite, people will form a
better opinion of you, and that counts
a great deal in any high school. The
only way possible fpr everybody to
be polite, and to respect your teacher
and the laws of the school, is to obey
them, and trying to be polite to ev
erybody. Just try this and you will
see for yourself. Phoenix Union
High school, is a wonderful school,
and the largest that I ever attended.
So I think that we should all be
proud of its .rank in education.
The benefits of a high school edu
cation are so numerous that it is a
very difficult matter to discriminate
as to which is of greatest value.
However, ampng other things, I con
sider the advantage a high school
education has given me in selecting
a vocation is of greatest import.
That which I admire most in Phoe
nix High school is the relationship
which exists between the faculty and
the student. The day of the school
master with his proverbial hickory
stick is over. The modern teacher
is an instructor and not a policeman.
Last but no least, the teachers of
Phoenix High work with the students
and not over them.
Some conditions of our school that
need to be corrected and how it could
be done.
Girls uniform in Phoenix Union
High school is one of the most talked
on subjects. There are a few girls
that absolutely refuse to wear mid
dies and skirts and it seems that if
these few are not made to wear them
this uniform law is going to fall
through again. I think that the girls
that wear uniforms should make the
others feel out of place and show
them they ore disobeying a law of
their own school.
The best thing about Phoenix
Union High echool this year Is the
school spirit. Coyotes! Weren't you
all just swelling with pride the day
the El Paso football team came here?
Didn't you yell when the yell leader
directed you to? Did you want n.1
Paso to think this isn't such a dead
school after all? Every loyal Coyote
had that feeling, I know. We have
had more spirit, too, at the games,
and more of the students have turned
out for them this year. Let's con
tinue our school spirit and have more
and more each year until we shall be
nationally known for it. What do
you say. Coyotes?
The best thing about Phoenix
Union High school is her wonderful
spirit. Visitors who come to our
school exclaim at it and she Is known
far and wide for it. In spite of hard
times when the "athletic ticket"
campaign started this year the school
as a whole did wonderfully. Those
who did not have ready money
Worked ofter school to earn it or
saved it in various ways. At the
games, the spirit in the rooting sec
tion, is so full of "pep" that our boys
feel encouraged and battle on. In ns-
Today will be a big day at Phoenix
high, especially among tire upper
classmen. For days the push ball
classic has been talked about among
the students. At 2:30 in the after
noon the big contest will be waged
between the juniors and seniors. Last
evening after the eighth period some
250 students were weighed. The
junior committee has picked their
team and the following is the list of
men who are eligible for today's push
ball contest: Bill Friend, captain,
1S6 pounds; Bill Doyle, 170; Russell
Talbot, ISO; Phil Pendelton, 176; John
Loper, 142; Clarence Kruger, 157;
Cecil Cook. 160; Paul Powers. 161;
Wiley Dickson, 142; Sieben Thaler,
158; Fred Aims, 157; Leo Seaman,
153; Bill Greer, 150; Richard Barns,
148; Teddy Gorell, 190; Paul Wilky,
153; Milton Morris, 157; Francis Wil
son, 160; Malcolm Harvey, 133; Hen
ry Forman, 169; Miles Wedgeworth,
175; Dalton O'Neil, 130; Bert Mc
Neil, 155: Donald Flickenger, 148:
Walter Barney, 14S. Total, 3,938
The junior class takes pleasure In
announcing the above aggregation
that will take the field against the
seniors. The Juniors have planned
several bullet formations that prom
ise to keen the seniors on the alert.
There will not be an admission fee
and school will dismiss at 2 o'clock
purposely for the contest.
Today will be old clotnes day. in
stead of the cadets falling as usual,
they will immediately go to the audi
torium where there will be a pep as
sembly. Don't forget to leave an open date
for December 16 or 17, as the greatest
minstrel that ever has been shown in
Phoenix will be put on at the high
school. Mr. Rosenhauer, the director
of the military minstrel, has several
surprises in store for those who will
be lucky enough to secure seats.
Seats on sale Monday.
Tomorrow there will be a rigid in
spection. Every cadet is required to
be in proper uniform, cleaned up,
shoes shined. etc.
The basketball team will soon be
over the preliminary work. Coach
Robinson has already got an eye on
so much material among the candi
dates that it will be hard to pick a
team. The first game will be with
Alumni. It will probably be played
next Tuesday. Following that game
the Junior college will play them.
Today, beginning at 5:30. open
house will be held for people wishing
to visit the school. The cafeteria
will be open and dinner will be served
from 6:30 to 7. They will be taken
care of the same as the students are
during the week.
semblies the boys and girls are most
enthusiastic and they are all behind
the high school activities such as our
plays, athletics, etc. This spirit is
in the air and I feel sure it will al
ways be there so that the freshman
each year can not help but catch this
disease "school spirit."
voluntarily; the disabled did. They
went through so it is your turn to
come through.
Have the public at large during the
past three years following an tne
horrors of the World war forgotten
the condition that exists all oyer the
country today among tne aisaoiea
war veteran" due to the norrioie axt
ermath of war?
Governmen hospitals as well as
contract hospitals irom coast to
coast are now overcrowded with dis
abled men, men trat a few years
ago were your soldier boys husky,
hearty, and in the prime of youth.
You needed them; they neea you
now. Today they are cripples, eith
er mentally or physically, their health
shattered from the ravages of dis
ease contracted fighting for home
and for liberty. For them the war
will never be over. You can replace
money; they can't replace leg arms,
evea and health.
Suffering in their tortures they are
forever wondering are we forgotten?
Sometimes they think that they are.
Then again American pride looms
foremost in their breasts and they
feel that such is not the case. They
realize that you spent millions to
keep them fighting, so now they say
you certainly will be willing to spend
a few thousand to keep them alive
and afford them some of the pleas'
urrs that they feol they are enti
tied to.
To relieve the feelings, to give as
sistance in numerous ways to the
immediate wants ol the men that
gave almost all they had, being for
tunate enough to escape for a short
time at least the supreme sacrifice,
Saturday, Dec. 17, has been nationally
designated as "Forget-Me-Not Day
On that da the 250 local chapters
of the Disabled American Veterans
of the World War are going to hold
a tag day, the proceeds of which will
go to giving a-.sistance to numerous
deserving cases in this district.
So get your tng on that day. Give
So that every disabled ex-soldier
will have a merry Christmas in the I
form of a Christmas box, there is to
be a hf nefit dance on Saturday eve
ning, December 10, at the dancing pa
vilion at Sixteenth and Jefferson
streets. The dance will be given by
William F. Blake Post No. 40, Amer
ican Legion.
The proceeds will be turned over
to the Woman's Auxiliary which is to
superintendvthe purchasing and pre
paring of these Christmas boxes, one
of which is to be sent to every dis
abled ex-soldier in Arizona at Christ
mas time. Anyono who knows of a
disabled ex-soldier whom they have
reason to believe will not be remem
bered at Christmas time in this man
ner is requested to send in his name
to American Legion headquarters.
364 North Seventh avenue, or tele
phone 4938.
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by the city commission to fill the
vacancy on the planning commission
created by the death of Dr. R. K.
Brownfield. The appointment was
made on the recommendation of City
Manager V. A. Thompson.
Other matters disposed of by the
city commission yesterday included
the order to extend city water mains
to St. Luke's Home and to the Long
fellow school, the passing of an or
dinance providing for the branding
of dairy cows which have been tu
berculin tested and have reacted, and
consideration of petitions for street
As an additional educational treat
for the physicians of Phoenix after
the exceptionally fine sessions of the
Medical and Surgical society of the
Southwest and the Pacific Coast
Roentgen Ray society last week, Dr.
L. L. Stanley, chief surgeon at San
Quentin penitentiary. Calif.. has
wired Dr. Harry L. Carson, of the
Maricopa County .Medical society,
that he will be in Phoenix today, and
at a o clock this evening he will de
liver an address at the Nurses home
of St. Joseph's hospital on "The
Transplantation of Glands."
Dr. Stanley is a recognized author"
ity on thl3 subject, ana his wont t.
the penitentiary has won him a
tional reputation. The local medic,
society has been trying for more thai
a y?ar to have him lecture here, and
this opportunity is being looked upon
an unusual one for the medical
men of the city. All members of the
Maricopa County Medical society and
all visiting physicians and surgeons
are invited to attend the lecture.
which will be accompanied by 6tere-
outicon slides and illustrative charts.
Plans are also being perfected to have
Dr. Stanley hold 'a clinic some time
today. -v.
"Mamma, isn't it awful to have ;o r
keep quiet for two hours in Sut-Jajr
"Yes. dear, I suppose it is."
"Is that why you don't go to Sun.
day school, mamma?" Boston Transcript.
"Say It With
45 North Central
King of Diamonds
Members of the city commission
formally approved the report of the
committee on organization of the
city planning commission and in
structed the city attorney to draft
amendments to the present ordinance
relating to the commission so that it
will conform with the recommenda
tions of the committee, at their reg
ular meeting yesterday. The amend
ments will designate officers of the
permanent planning commission and
extend their term from its present
limitation of one year to six years.
Edward F. Parker was appointed
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menacing microbes.
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Friends of C. H. Widmeyre will be
sorry to learn of his death in Los
Angeles, Nov. 28, after a two months'
illness. Mr. Widmeyre was station
agent here for a number of years and
was one who helped build the old ice
J. R. Chamberlain of the Hassa
yampa garage spent a few days in
Phoenix last week on business.
Mrs. William Reedy of the Monte
Cristo mine was taken ill Thursday
morning while going out to camp on
the stage. She was brought back to
town and attended by Dr. Leister.
Mrs. W. S. Bowman has returned
from Bakersfield. Cal., accompanied
by her daughter, Mrs. Mabel Shomate.
They left Wednesday evening for
their home in California.
,v- '-i i'-- nil iitri if '-t if niiis l i i-il -'if r !-n'--iiif
218 West Washington Street
New Location
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Frank Tarbutton
Ellis Hotel and Cafe
Smith Hotel
Brayton Commercial
Baxter Lumber Co.
Upton Oil Company
A. D. Woodmansee is having the
interior of their home on Jefferson
street remodeled. Blake Baker is the
carpenter in charge.
Mrs. W. L. Carpenter is spending
a couple of weeks with her mother,
Mrs. J. C. Chilson, at Tempe,
Clinton Cliff or the Bishopp r.-Mich
is spending a few days in Phoenix on
business and pleasure.
J. C. Reed, real estate dealer o'
Phoenix, and a former resident of
Wickenburg, spent a few days here
last week looking after his local real
estate holdings.
Mrs. C. B. Roberts and children
have returned from Duncan. Ariz.,
where they have been spending a few
months with relatives.
E. X. Cobb, a former resident of
this vicinity, now a resident of Glen
dale, spent a day in Wickeaburg last
week on business.
A cooked food sale conducted by
the ladies of Wickenburg is t- be held
at the library Saturday morning. Tne
proceeds of the sale is to goward
helping the sick and needy of the
town. There will be a gojd variety
of dishes and it is hoped that every
one will help to make this sale a
L. F. Wines has leased the center
store building in the Curry block and
will handle a line of 5, 10, 15 and '-'
cent goods, also a line of second hand
articles. Last winter Mr. incs had
a second hand store in the old Mes
senger meat market on Tegne.- street
The Hotel Vernetta is ba:ng given
a coat of paint and varnida both in
side and out.
Lrnest Hall passed through Wick
enburg Sunday morning on his way
to the Grand Canyon to welcome
General Koch on his visit there. Jlr.
Hall stopped over long enough to
greet his many friends he-e.
Messrs. Payne and Huber of the
Arizona Molybdenum mine "north of
town were in Tuesday for supplies
tor their camp.
Douglas Lowdermilk has gone to
Los Angeles, where he expects la re
main for some time.
V. B. Jacobs of the Rincon ranch
1:, in Los Angeles on bus.ejs.
of or the chill
of the eveninp
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