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tfchamcir ah invented a
Real Hair Remedy
Found At Last
New Preparation Producer
Remarkable Results
Those who have become prema
turely gray or -who are troubled
with scalp or hair diseases, such as
dandruff, failing hair-. Itching
scalp, etc.. know full well the hu
miliation that they cause. There
Is no need, however, of such condl
tlons. Those- . troubles - can -be
auickly overcome - by Borandine,
the new drug recently discovered.
Borandine has been found to con
tain marvelous properties for pro
ducing a new growth of hair. In
subjecting it to various tests in
cases of baldness, dandruff, itching
scalp etc, the results obtained in
many instances, were considered
almost miraculous. It was. found
that where any hair roots were left
it would produce a new growth in
from four to six weeks' time. Gray
Or faded hair -is often restored to
its natural color In from 10 to 14
days. In minor hair troubles, such
as dandruff. ; falling; hair, itching
scalp, etc it has beer found that
these unnatural conditions were
corrected and often' completely
cured by a few applications; The
discovery of Borandine should put
an end to the troublesome hair and
scalp diseases so prevalent'in- this
country. Anyone suffering from
hair or scalp trouble should write
the Scientific Research Lab. Dept.
21, Dundee, N. Y and full particu
lars of this new discovery together
with the testimony of many who
have proved its merit will be sent
you in a sealed envelope free of
...Of course you have your scenario;
well started now the scenario you
expect to enter in the scenario writ-'
ing contest being conducted by The
Republican and for which six prizes
are offered. .
"The contest closes at 6 p. m., De
cember 30, at which time all the
scenarios must be in the office of The
Republican. It is going to be a great
contest, that much is assured, and it
is going to bring out some surpris
ingly good talent along that line. It
may be that all the prizes will go to
persons who- never, before attempted
to write a moving picture scenario.
Of course all those who are going
to try for one of the prizes in The
Republican's scenario writing contest
are reading carefully the articles
written by H. H. Van -Loan, noted
scenario author, which appear each
morning in this newspaper. In faet,
the. person who fails to study these
articles will be seriously handicapped
in ,lhe contest, for they explain in
detail the art of scenario writing,
just- the - points to follow and the
errors to avoid.'..
There are to be eight of the Van
Loan articles, the seventh appearing
this morning. If you miss one of
these .-articles you make it just that
much- harder for you to win one of
the prizes, for each article treats of
a particular feature of scenario writ
ing..' They are very interesting and
tell just what a scenario writer should
know. ,
A real, new idea is what the mov
ing, picture producers, are searching
for. Your scenario may be in -crude
form; it may not be arranged as the
Six Prizes To Be
Awarded For The
f Best Scenarios
"FIRST PRIZE Course in the
Palmer Photoplay School. - -.
SECOND PRIZE Twanty-five
dollars in cash. i
THIRD PRJZE Fifteen dollar
in cash. .
FOURTH PRIZE Tan dollars
in cash. .---.
FIFTH PRIZE Season pass to
the Rialto theater.
SIXTH PRIZE Season pass to
the Strand theater -
pofessional- scenario writers arrange
thei scenarios, all ready for the pro
ducer, but . if it .contains that golden
egg, the new idea, then It stands a
big chance of winning first prize. It
is easy .'tor.-, producers to re-write
scenarios, they employ experts all the
time Just for that purpose.
" So search your-brain and find, the
treasure the producers are longing for
and are ready, to pay real money for
the idea.
"'Remember, the contest -closes at 6
p: m. ton' Dee. SO.' Send- all scenarios
to Scenario Editor. The Republican,
Phoenix, ..Ariz.
Japanese "observe the custom' cf
giving holidays to oxen and horses.
', Cuba is known as the Queen of the
Antilles. .'- -
Big Future is in Store For The
Scenario Writer; His Day Has
Arrived Declares H.H.VanLoan
By .H. H. Van Loan ,t . screen Is here to stay. Its progress
The moving picture industry has has been slow andconservative; per
introduced a new writer to the pub- haps a little sensational at various
lie His work is entirely different times. But wc can overlook its reck-
from that of the d-amatlst,. novelist lessness on vaiiora occasions for, like
and short story writer.'. The screen all -youths- it was trying to find It
has brought opportunity, to "writers self. Its future is going to be bright
who have been handicapped in the and" glorious and the screen author
past because there was no market I is going to 1mm up big.
for their product. There were many I . (To be continued)
writers capable of creating Dig dra
matic plots wtu were unable to sell
their stories in the past because they
had no particular style. If they had a
style it was not attractive, enough
to command the- attention of mag
azine editors or book publishers. They
might have been experts in handling
narrative or descriptive matter, but
inefficient when it came to dialogue.
Or, perhaps they could write good
descriptive or narrative material and I Mrs. C. A. Parsons and Mrs. E. E.
yet did not' know how to build up I Jaok were hostesses to the Alham
action. On the other hand they might bra Neighborhood club. Dec. 7. The
have been able to write good dialogue I program was under the auspices of
but lacked descriptive ana narrative the fine arts department, of which
ability. Therefore, up until recently, Mrs. K. S. Kreiger is chairman, and
there-was-alaolutely no market lor was as follows:
the material they turned out. Again, Subject "Southern Authors.'
lack of sufficient education has .pre- - Community Singing "Old Folks at
vented the . work of many writers Home."
from being . accepted by editors of Readings "Christmas on the Plan-
magazines and .periodicals.. They tation," Dunbar; "My Old Banjo;
might have had wonderful plots, filled I Dunbar: by Mrs. E. E. Jack.
with big act on, but were incapable . Papr "Southern Authors," by
of describing that action in a smooth Mrs. R. S. Kreiger.
and attractive style. , Reading "Selections from Uncle
But, the motion picture has K.ven I Remus," by Mrs. S. C, Sine,
these writers an opportunity of dls-I . Song Mrs. C A. Parsons.
posing of thei'- work.- This is due Song "Southern Lullaby," by Dor
to the fact that the screen picturizes la Kreigei.
the plot, and depends very little upon Roll Call Response with quota-
The Men
Our year-round service , to critical men
fits us 'especially for proper holiday co
iYnpvfltirvn in iVhoosine "HIS" Gift.
We Suggest
Men'a Silk Hose of the Phoenix and Inter
woven make's a combination hard to beat Ex
cellent quality hose, in all . colors, to meet the
dress-up requirements for every man;
. 75c ;" V
By' the single handkerchief or by tha box of
three or aix initialed to meat your taste. A large
number of styles, materials and. patterns to se
lect from. - ,",.-- ...
25c each, and better
For" Dad or Son--larg assortment of bath
robes-.The useful Xma gift that brings the smile
of delight. Blanket ,tobes. and Terry Cloth in
neat patterns and. good materials?
$6.50 and better
' For the out-of-door man or the man In the
office a Bradley sweater for ell sorts of wear.
AU styles, patterns and colors designed to meet
your taste. Coats, ruffnecks, and alipovara all
.priced reasonable. ' " -
. i, , V, V
Different tes In Silk. Four-in-Hands, excep
tional in quality and patterns reasonable il price
making tasty Xmas gifts. Holiday Specials
85c $1.00 $1.35
. "Wonderful assortments of the newest, tints,
stripes, open ends, grenadine weave, and many
others. Neat tasty patterns. Holiday boxes.
$1.00 and better
A winter comfort for young or olK . Neat,
tasty patterns in all sixes.' A cift suggestion
worthwhile. . " - ''" .'
$2.75 and better
Eagle Shirta, of Cardiff cord Good wearing,'
full cut shirts in. tasty stripes. Just the gift for
him. . .. i . . . ..
Combination box sets of garters snd sox, arm
bands, suspenders and ties. The neatest and
tastiest lot at the, most reasonable prices.
75c and better
A belt and buckle make most acceptable gifta
to the man. Our stock is exceptionally large and
comprehensive to rheet-all .tastes and pocket
books. ' . ' .' '.
Our Boys' Shop contains many useful gifts
for the Lad. Belts of Hiekok make and neat ini
tialed handkerchiefs, good suggestions for the boy.
A Brsdley Sweater for the., live: out-of-door
boy. In styles and cojor combination's to please
his taste, and priced to meet your pocket.. '.
You'll do better at
the dialogue or other elements so
necessary to fiction writing.
At first, the screen writer, as I
have stated before, was not taken se
riously. He belonged to no profes
sion, and bi work was not accepted
as an Important part of the success
of the picture This was because the
picture itself was not accepted as a
form ot entertainment that would
ever become popular with the masses.
It appealed to a limited number of
people in those days. But, as . the
screen progrssed and gradually, in
terested the more serious minded, the
scenario writer advanced with it and
it wasn't very long before the pro
ducer began to real'ze that this style
of writer was becoming a very val
uable asset to the production. The
scenario writer himself compelled the
producer to recognize his importance.
Ho began o spend more time on his
stories and the price of his creations
consistently -rose because they rep
resented more care and thought. The
producer soon began to admit that
the success o- failure of his produc- I building.
tion from Southern poets.
At the business meeting it was
decided not to have a community
Christ mr a tree tris year, but the club
will assist the Sunday school fi
nancially and otherwise in its
Christmas preparations. It was also
decied that the cluo would help to
sell Christmas seils down town,
Mrs. Dora Dan els was elected sec
retary to fill the vacancy caused by
the resignation or Mrs. Weill JJaw
son. who has mc .ed to Phoenix. Aft
er the program the hostesses served
refreehmentr which carried out the
holiday color sch me of red and
green. The rooms and table were
also effective!, decorated in red and
The next meet'ng of the club win
be at the school, when it will assist
in Christmas preparations.
xne Ainamora r arm pureau met at
the school house Saturday and pre
sented the fol'owing program:
Poultry Mrs. M. E. Bemis.
Moving pictures and talk of road
tions was largely due to the work of
the scenario writer. He realized more
and more that the continuity was ca
pable of reaping big financial harv
ests or absolutely spoil any chances
the story might have bad of success.
Then came the period when pro-
Report from the dairy organiza
tion. ' -
Refreshments. in charge of Mrs.
Smith Beck.
Geraldine Carrol, sister of Mrs. Ml
E. Spiver. who is here from Pres
cott attending the Glendale h'gh
schbol, was seriously injured In prac-
ducers stampeded for the screen right I tlce basket ball game recently. She
to popular dooks, piays ana snort I was carried unconscious from the
stories, and in their delirious attemps I field to the home of the principal.
to pujao tneir competitors toe pro-I Mrs. Sadie Hendrix of Ranger, Tex.
ducers paid enormous prices for per- I came here to spend the winter with
mission to reproduce these works on her daughter Mrs. C E. Parson, and
the screen, soon tney. discovered I sister. Mrs John Olineer. but was
they had maae a mistake and mil- called to Edna. Kan. on account of
lions of dollars were spent before the I the serious illness of her mother.
producer learned that screen writing 1 Mr. and Mrt. Earl Shoemaker are
is an art in itself ana requires a spe- entertaining Mr. Shoemaker's moth-
cial kind of work.
is ovens ts and playwrights rushed
to gather in some ot the shekels that
seemed to' be within their grasp and
made great efforts to become photo-
playwrights. They soon discovered
that- photoplay writing is different
from all oyier sty.es of writing. They
were - weighed u the balance and
found; wanting. . ..They had ignored
the screen in its early days and had
refused to accept Jt seriously, with
the result that the screen meantime,
that it was not a temporary fad, but
bade made great strides and bad
come to stay.
Meantime, the screen writer had
plugged along conservatively and
consistently . . Ev-ntually the pro
ducer began to refer to him as the
er from Kansas City for the winter.
"Sh-'e a girl after his own heart.
Hunt r says.
rYes. and he's a man after her
"But you know -'s whispered on
the quiet that she hasn't any money."
'Well, it's a notorious fact that he
hasn't any heart." From the Boston
"Say It With
45 North Central
Arizona Man To Show
Mills of Fatherland The
Wonderful Long Staple
Cotton Grown' In This
Fabric , manufacturers of Germany
are to be made acquainted with the
remarkable qualities of Pima cotton.
Samples of Arizona long staple cot
ton will be taken to southern Ger
many and Introduced by William
Paar of Frescott, who is now arrang
ing his business interests so that he
can begin the trip overseas immediately.
Although it is understood that Paar
is not acting as official agent or rep
resentative for any cotton growing
or marketing organization in Arizona,
be expects to obtain results in Ba
varia and other sections of southern
Germany that will be greatly to the
advantage of the Salt River valley.
In preparing for his trip abroad
Paar applied at the Arizona Pima
Cottongrowers' association head
quarters here for samples and was
supplied with several sets of types
especially adaptable for use in the
mills of Germany.
Officials of the Arizona Pima Cot
ton Growers' association have been
aware for several months that Ger
many is seeking a grade and type of
cotton adaptable to spinning fine
goods and laces. They have sent
sample sets to various mills in Ger
many with a view to acquainting
them with the grade cfcotton pro
duced in the Salt River valley.
Eecause cf conditions in Europe,
no active effort to make actual sales
over there have been made by local
cotton marketers. However, samples
and literature bearing on long staple
cotton produced in the Salt River
valley have been sent to many of the
big mills of Europe, so that when
they are in a position to make pur
chases of practical size,-they will be
familiar with Arizona's product.
In commenting upon the trip which
Paar is preparing to make, the Pres
cott Courier says:
"William Paar, manager of the
Head Hotel company, is-in Prescott
today arranging the business affairs
of the company, which include the
Head hotel, several pieces ef busi
ness property in this city and a ranch
near Kirkland, before leaving for a
trip abroad.
.- "Paar,, It is- understood. Is making
a trip to Germany in the interests of
the cotton growers of the Salt River
valley, expecting to sell the cotton
produced in the valley during the
coming year to German buyers.
" Samples of the various lengths of
the long staple grown in the valley
are being taken abroad by Paar. who
seems confident of the results of bis
trip." '
- Just the thing for Holiday festivities all the latest
Styles and colors in Satin, Taffeta, Crepe, Polret TwllL Tri
"cotlne and Serge. They are fancy and plain trimmed
specially priced at '
Latest .creations in fancy Silk
Dress Blouses. All colors, fancy
trimmed hand embroidered and
Holiday showing of latest pat-
terns in Bath Robea, new color
ing flowered and figured and de
signs. Very special
l Accessor to THE
V - o 22 East Washi
ngton Street . .
Volley ball has become very popu
lar among the girls at h:gh school.
There is consirerable- interest in the
coming game between Tempo Nor
mal's crack team and Phoenix Union
high school wnich will be played this
afternoon after the seventh period.
This will be the first outside game
for the girls this year. The following
are the girls that made the first
nis was given Closer Btuay. w nen e, Eddlneton. Inas McGnucle. Mildred
famf.8. Trii.er.S . ,1'Cre!S au,th.?r" Hellworth. Jeanette Griff en. Helen
V'" i -young, Albertlne Grosse. Helen Tay
were given more careiui consiaera- ,or EHlabeth Lopej. Velma Helt,
screen, ana. n ms story was gooa The Junjor cJasg had a ctass meet.
nis wore waa given xpe preierence.ii-,, .w.rH,. rf,i i,.h ta
Today if you ask a producer whose to dlscuss the junlor pIay. It thelr
work he prefers he will immediately pIans .are carried out it will make
confess that he would rather have the play the cieVerest that has ever
a good story written by one who teen given by a P. H. S. Junior class.
r '"" manager. Nellie McClung and Mal
famous fiction j riter who has .no colm Harvey were elected assistants,
knowledge of photoplay writing. ci.!.. r-w.i ... ....ii
To illustrate: A few months ago a I - K, .. it
- ... v. ..v. . . I " 1
. -" . " " entitled "It Pays to Advertise."
weu Known proaucer. j.ne proaucer orfior' -Vii f- th V..I.
read it and accepted It. Afterwards talioI1 wU, be htld ma mornlnK at
aic idfcu iimi a.v iuc iKuiie (.lulls uc 815 sharp
purchased this story' he refused a Tk KitrJ
script, written by a famous playwright
He gave as his reason, the play
Wright had refused to .take the screen
seriously and had written a very
poor story .Which revealed great lack
of care, thought and' study in its
preparation. The writer had felt
The bigees surprise in past years.
a greater success "his year, full of
pep from start to finish, something
you will laugh at if you have never
laughed before. It's going to open
everybody's eyes You cannot afford
to miss it. hat7 The greater mil
itary minstrel to be held Dec. 16
convinced that he could sell the story I Bn,i 17
on 111 wengiL oi nis .reputation. Everv rh-I wllf fc ronirrfl tn wr
But he must have been sadly sur-
prised when the story was returned day. The, regulation dress is a cot-
to him. His story had been told in ton or woo, miAdy and 6klrt , all
three typewritten pages, while the whlte aIl bluSi or comblnatlon
3 r y-F T 1 t tan n v t n a nvAA atit W f -
story written by the screen author
was on 0 pages and. , to quote the
producer, "was written by one who
knew his screen
of blue and white only. It is hoped
that every girl will co-operate in
mak'ng the uniform system a sue-
e.ld? Any gU-1 who need,' to be cud'
on any day must report to the of
fice before 9 o'clock.
to show that the screen is the infant
amusement, and to emphasize its
importance and familiarize the unac-
rLdM,rv2hrLlU"0nl2! crested in the order issued by the
steps which have been taken. Tn
Stops Hair Coming Out ;
; -Thickens, . Beautifies.
33-cents buys a bottle of "Dande
rine" at any drug store. After one
application you can not find a par
ticle of dandruff or a falling hair.
Besides, every , hair shows new life.
vigor, brightness, . more, color
abundance . .,
commanding officer.
Glee club members will report im
mediately after roll call Tuesday and
Wednesday and Thursday mornings
in the auditoriuia for practice. No
straggling will be tolerated and every
member or the glee club is hereby
ordered to work hard to make the
glee club work in the minstrel on
Friday night successful. All officers
concerned are hereby requested to
comply with this order without delay.
There will be a meeting of the Blu
Triangle Girls at the Cottonwood
court Tuesday from 4 to 5 o'clock.
Miss Maude Stewart will lead the
discussion on "Friendship of Boys."
a he Chstmas party being planned
by the Girls league will entertain
about 40 children ages 5 to 17. Want
ed: Toys, candy, food and clothing.
Money will be appreciated. Anyone
who can bring contributions should
bring them Dec 22 and 23 to the
west wing o the auditorium. Miss
Armstrong an- Miss Brooks are pre
paring the piny Watch for further
Thursday evening at the T. M. C.
A. the basket ball team will play its
first game this season with, the alum
ni. The coach has not announced the
lineup but he wi.l use as many men
as possible sr he can get an idea
as to the material he has.
Spider, 9 inches around and with
and legs IT inches Imtg, . was found re
ceatly in Sumatra. ...
The Tire with the Widei and Thckei I read
The Dollars and Cents of It
In any tire yotl buy, the tidewall,
fabric and cord, "cost twice a
much as the tread.
But as you know very well, -whfh
that less expensive tread is worn
out, your more expensive fabric
carcass is practically worthless.
It is because the wider and thick
er tread wears longer and pro
tects the fabric better, that 200,
000 users find the Super-Tread
tire the best dollars and cenls in
vestment. Ask thenr and they
will tell you so.
Distributor for
The Tire with the Wider and Thicker Tread
330 West Adams St. Phone 1056

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