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neveR, bt?B Into sight.
11' Engineer Haddock, by
JXietopa County caa connect
-lttiSiV.pr0Sram buildlns with
joining counties ana reply to
the charge of selfishness which those
counties arc making became of th
isolation of the program.
The premium of $300,150 which the
county will ' receive on the bonds
just sold to the Harris Trust com
pany can at once be turned into the
county road fund. The completion
of the county program, Mr. Maddock
believes, should leave not less than
$800,000 which under the law will
revert to that fund. There will be
available for the purpose of con
struction of state roads to form Junc
tiois at county lines, $100,000, and
there is also available $150,000 of
federal aid funds for this county,
It Is An Opportunity You Cannot
Afford to Ignore
During the past ten days the response to our sale has been very
gratifying. Phoenix people are quick to take advantage of the great
values Abey are receiving at our store these days high grade fine
quality clothes and men's furnishings, at prices which have been very
materially reduced. Such opportunities do not come often check up
on your needs and buy now while prices are so remarkably low.
Great Values in Winter
in all the latest styles and fabrics.
$25.00 Suits and Overcoats now. ....... . .$20.00
$30.00 Suits and Overcoats now...,. $24.00
$35.00 Suits and Overcoats now. ........ .$28.00
$40.00 Suits and Overcoats now. ......... $32.00
$4500 Suits and Overcoats now ....... . . .$36.00
$50.00 Suits and Overcoats now. ...$40.00
$55.00 Suits and Overcoats now. ........ .$48.00
." ' . : : HATS .
Our entire line of $5.00 an $.0o 500 Hats in every shape and color
Hats la all the latest shapes and that formerly sold for $.50 and
colors, during this (PO QK $7.50, during this 4 OK
pt.t sale only ,......P.e7fc
aking available a total of $1,SS0,-
Mr. Maddock estimates the cost
of making these connections at $1,
500.000. The total construction would
be about 125 miles. There will be
45 miles from the County program
on the northwest to the Yavapai line
above Wickenburg. A part of that
construction through the silty soil
of the valley will have to be hard
surfaced to a point where It will be
creaper to bring In road building ma
terial. .
There would be required ,10 miles
along the Roosevelt road from the
program east of Mesa and 70 miles
from the end of the road at Buck
eye toward the Yuma county line
by the way ot Gillespie dam. Some
parts of these stretches would have
to be hard surfaced, as in the case of
the road to the orthwest.
The adjoining counties already
ha ire made provisions for the build
ing 'A roads to iese various points
of junction and their work would be
completed by the time Maricopa
county can carry out this Junction
program. ,
- 0 "
sale only
Cotton Iasle
sizes, pair ..
Arrow Stached Collars, all styles
rtu... :50c
Wilson Bros. Wool Hose
$1.50 value ,....$1.15
$1.00 value ..... .85
Wilson Bros, and Holeproof Silk
$1.50 values .....$ .95
$1.00 values ... . . .65
75c values .... . . .45
Plain white end fancy colors in
cotton and flannel are all in
cluded. $2.50 values ..... $1.95 .
$3.00 values ..... 2.35
$3.50 values .... . 2.60 ,
20 per tent reduction on our en
tire line of house coats, bath
robes and smoking jackets.
Men's Cashmere .
Hose 40c
All weights in athletic, light,
medium and heavy weight knit
ted garments go on sale:
$2.00 values .... .$1.55
Sox, all
$2.50 values
$3.00 values
$4.00 values
$5.00 values
$6.00 values
Everything not listed (except Stetson Hats) will
be sold during this sale at 20 Discount.
In printed and woven madras,
both attached and detached col
lars, from Wilson Eros, and other
makers, go on sale:
$2.00 values .....$1.55
$2.50 values . 1.85
,$3.00 values ..... 235
$4.00 values . . . . . 3.10
$5.00 values . . . . . 3.95
Our entire line of flannel shirts
go on sale at a &'A reduction.
Included are ' grey, tans, fancy
patterns with either low cr mill,
tary collars. .
Mackinaws and sweater during
this sale reduced 20. -
ftiUt or knit goes on sale at a 20
per cent reduction. Certainly a
wonderful opportunity to do your
Xmas shopping early.
Belts and Buckles for Xmas. Our
entire line reduced 20.
Suspenders ..... .40c
Boston Garters . . .25c
75c values ......45e
SOc values .....35c
Odd trousers in blue and tan
serge worsted and cassimeres to
close out during the sale at 20.
Da your Xmas
shopping early
t Hyder'e
No charges
no refunds no
deliveries dur
ing this sale.
nans are under way for a com
munity Christmas tree in the school
natio Christmas eve. The program
and general arrangements of the af
fair W1U be made by the school.
Everyone in the district interested Is
invited to help. The school board has
suggested that one of the unuaea
school rooms in the wing of the main
building be used for the community
library, the room to be equipped wun
proper shelves, reading tables and
chairs. A. C. Bartlett's gift of 150
new books to the library ha aroused
a great deal of interest In the plan
for a larger and better community
A program of unusual merit and
interest was presented by the de
partment of applied education of the
Roosevelt Neighborhood club at the
club meeting on Wednesday. Mrs
Gray Archer was chairman for the
day. Mrs. Arcner reaa -resiaeni
Harding proclamation making me
week of Deo, 4-10 national Education
week, and briefly explained the edu
cation bill now before congress. Mrs.
Etta Percy gave an interesting out'
line of the campaign for better l-.ntr
lih in 'the Koosevelt school. Mrs.
Percy said. "Ability to speak cor
rectly is a buemess and social asset,
eurelv any effort to tolace that asset
in the child's possession is worthy of
serious consideration." A clever
Dlaylette br the eighth grade, " Toe
Case of Mr. Aint" was well receive J.
The dialogue "A New Dictionary" ay
the seventh grade, was very good.
Mdsic appreciation by pupils of the
flrt trade was the next numDer,
The little tots showed an ear for
rhythm and appreciation of classical
selections 'that was unusual. Mrs.
Raymond Battln, accompanied by
Mrs. E. Defty, sang with her ueual
charm a rrouv of Indian songs by
Lawrence. Dean Anna M. Fisber of
the university gave an instructive
taik on art. Miss Fisher particularly
emchasized the need of art in chile
hood, the subtle influence of good
clotures in the child's development
Miss Fieher said. "Appreciation oi
the aesthetic must be stressed equal
ly with the intellectual and moral In
character moulding. '
A, C. Bartlett gave a history of the
Neighborhood library which was par'
ticularly interesting. Mrs. Gray
Archer and Mrs. Edwin Deetham
were hostesses for the social hour.
The walls of the clubroom were dec
orated with posters made by the
school children in their better speech
The bazaar given Thursday by tne
ladies' aid society was a great sue
cess. -The various booths were at
tractively arranged. Mrs. O. I Bond
Mrs. Walter Strong and Mrs. I R.
The El Paso and Southwestern will! work booth and the wide variety c-f
Three of the 14 counties In the state
have paid in full the first half of the
1820 taxes, according to the an
nouncement made yesterday by
George Erhardt, deputy state treas
urer. Gila county, which paid 1100,-
000 in advance taxes some time ago
that the University of Arlsona might
benefit by the payment, yesterday
forwarded the bauace due of $388,000.
Greenlee county sent $119,000, not
having paid any advance, and Pinal
county was credited with payment in
run when its check in the amount of
$204,000 was received. .
"We are expecting remittances
from the different counties within the
next three days which will be appor
tioned to all the funds," said Mr. Er
hardt. "As soon as we are able to
make the Apportionment, which will
require a day or two, we will Issue a
call for all outstanding warrants that
we have sufficient funds to pay."
At present the outstanding regis
tered warrants against the state total
more than $1,000,000, the greater
amount of which must ha paid out of
the general fund.
take over the Arizona and New Mex
ico railroad, the ' corporation com
mission yesterday acting favorably
on the application of the roada to
this effect.
The A. and N. M. operated from
Clifton to Hachita, N. M.. a distance
of 108 miles. The line was held by
the commission to be the logical ex
tension of the El Paso and soutn-
western-and a convenient and proper
UKUIVM Wlt VI- Bjouii i 1
The taking over of the roafl. it is
believed, will harmonize traffic and
transportations and other business
affairs of the two roads.
The A. and N. M.. according to tne
amplication, has a value of 14.S00.OOO.
for which the as. p. ana b. w. wm
pay $1,000,000 cash and the balances
in short term notes. In adJttion to
the purchase price approximately
I7S.000 a year wiU be paid as in
terest in outstanding bonds.
o -
useful articles, as well as fancy nov
eittes, attracted a large patronage,
Mrs. Jay Hyde ana Mrs. waiter
Etron presided over a tempting ar
ray of sweets. The hot tamales of
fered by Mrs. M. V. Mixon proved
very popular. The tamales were par
ticularly enjoyed by the school chii
dren at noon, served with crackers
and hot chocolate. The fishing booth
attracted the children and the game
kept Mrs. Fred Kiser very busy all
afternoon. The cnickin ainner com
mittee. Mrs. U P. Hedgpeth. chair
man. fulfilled alt expectations and
served an excellent dinner to the
many who came. The girls of the in
termediate Christian Kndeavor so
ciety were waitresses. Mr. Austin
led the community sing. The socrety
wishes to thank all these who con
tributed to the bazaar and the school
lunch department for turning the
school lunch etr to taem ror the
The Boy Scouts of the district mel
For the eursoee of conferring with
M. 1 Doner, director of vocational
education and supervisor ot trades
and industries, H. A. Tieman, federal
agent of industrial education, ar
rived in FhOeMx yesterday.
That the course in industrial edU'
cation will be "revamped was indt
cated by Mr. Tieman. who On his r
turn from a survey of the work in
Douglas and Bisbee will make his
recommendations. He will be accom
panied on the inspection trip by Mr.
Every phase of the work being car
ried on here will be checked by Mr.
Tieman during his brief stay in Arl-sona.
Are the
Best In
A Solid Car of children's
vehicles allows us to under
sell all competition
A Grade for Every Purse
Doll Buggies
Wheel Barrow
Irish Mails
Kiddie Kars
10 Sizes of Wagons
if you feed
your hens
Poultrymen "who
products are high in
their praise of them for
the results obtained.
The Laying Mash is
a mixture of grains,
charcoal, dried butter-
milk and beet scrap
rightly proportioned.
Severe tests have
definitely proven that
egg production is
greatly increased when
this mash is regularly
fed to the hens.
more eggs mean
more money for
the poultrymen.
with W. H. Weaver, scoutmaster on
Tuesdsy afternooin a reorganization
meeting. About SO scouts reported,
interesting accounts of experiences
during the camping trip last sum .er
were given by the boys who attended
the encampment. Several new names
ere banded in for membership.
flans are being arranged for a trio
to Blue Point mountains during the'
Christmas vacation, and an effort Is
being made to get an assistant scout
master to help with the acout work in
tne district.
The Bible Endeavor society is plan
ning a bonfire social at the home of
Mra. M. Bradley next Friday night.
Everyone is cordially invited to at
tend. The fund realized from this
social is to pay the Bible Endeavor,
era' share of the society's expenses.
Robert Our entertained the Junior
endeavorera at this home on the
Baseline road Sunday afternoon. The
occasion was Robert's twelfth birthday.
The JCelghborhood Congregational
Church voted on Sunday to call a
pastor for the parish.
The cn.idren or tne school were
busy last week with their sale ot
Christmas stamps. There was no ef
fort to have competition between the
grades. The spirit of service, wnicn
the little seals are the emblem of.
proved a sufficient force to urge the
children forward in their efforts to
sell the full quota given to the Roose
velt district.
Friday night the Neighborhood
club gave one of the most enjoyable
of the series of dances the club is
sponsoring. The music was very
good and everyone seemed to have a
deligthful time. Mra Carl Roeser,
Mrs. John ueed. Mrs. Ernest camp-
bell. Mrs. D. McRae and Mrs. Lucius
Butler were hosteee for the evening.
Miss Cornelia Luscomb wae a din
ner guest at the Bwitzer home on
Tuesday evening.
Miss Pearl Holsinger and a group
of friends from Phoenix came out on
Friday night to the dance.
Mrs. E. II. Ford and daughters
drove out for the dance Friday night.
Miss Margaret Ryder and Mrs.
Raymond Percy were the district's
representatives for the sale of
Christmas stamps in Phoenix cn
Roosevelt boys and girls basketball
team defeated Creighton on the
Crelghton field Wednesday after-
Whether the state game warden has
Jurisdiction In government territory
will be the question decided by the
supreme court, the state having ap
pealed from the decision of the su
perior court of Navajo county, which
returned a verdict in favor of the de
fendant in the ''Torn Smith deer horn
Smith was charged with having
eight deer horns In his possession out
of season ana tne game warden s ce
partment brought action to collect
400. the penalty for having a set
being $50. according to the etatutes.
Smith s defense was that he had right
to possession in view of the fact that
he brought a number of the deer
horns Into this state from Utah, while
the remaining number had been se
cured in the Grand Canyon forest
reserve. Smith's claim was that the
forest supervisor had sole authority
over the forest preserve, and not the
state game warden.
It is the contention of Game War
den Prochaska that the state has
Jurisdiction within the boundaries of
the state, whether on state or federal
lands, and it is to test out this point
that the matter will ba taken to the
highest court in the state.
TOKIO. Dec.. 11. Japan is replac.
ing troops in the maritime provinces
of Siberia with fresh, contingents.
This action, it is said, is taken in
view of the failure of the conference
at Darlen between Japan and re
presentatives of the Chits, or Far
Eastern republic, to reach an agreement.
Just the
What will be more appreciated by some
member of your family for Christmas than
a Savings Pass Book with a small deposit
entered for a start. We will enclose it ap
propriately, and give a small savings bank
in a holly box with each bank book.
Come in any time at your convenience.
The Phoenix Savings Bank
and Trust Company
Affiliated with Phoenix National Bank
Sayings Trusts Insurance
A sound investment
Asphaltic Concrete
When the people of Maricopa County
invest $4,500,000 in highways they should
be certain that the type pf pavement
adopted is one which will give the best
returns on the investment The Asphaltic
Concrete type has already proved its worth
by years of successful service in many
communities from" the Canadian to the
Mexican borders.
Asphaltic Concrete pavements consist
of asphalt and mineral aggregate (crushed
rock and sand) heated separately, mixed
at a central plant and laid while still hot
'When cool (within 24 hours) the pave
ment is ready for use. This does away
with the continuous use of. bad detours
during construction and consequent in
convenience to motorists.
Asphaltic Concrete is a tough, resilient
pavement well fitted to withstand the
pounding of modern traffic.
It is durable, has negligible maintenance
cost and reasonable first cost.
Maricopa County will take a wise step
in adopting . this type of pavement for
the new $4,500,000 highway construction
program. Money invested in Asphaltic
Concrete pavement pays dividends in sat
isfactory service.
Phoenix Tempe
A .

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