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Arizona republican. (Phoenix, Ariz.) 1890-1930, December 26, 1921, Image 6

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Style Shop
Read details to
morrow morn
ing of what the
blue pencil has
done to prices in
this store.
, Starts Tuesday
At Nine Sharp
Boston 24- 2
Buffalo 14 20
Chicago 22 22
Denver 28 42
Flagstaff 32 40
Fresno 60 62
Galveston 62 52
Kansas City ...26 26
Los Angeles ....52 52
Minneapolis ....14 17
Needles 48 50
New Orleans ...52 66
New York 24 28
Oklahoma 34 4C
Pittsburg 2! 26
Portland, Ore. ..36 38
St. Louis 26 26
Salt Lake City.. 34 38
San Diego 58 58
San Francisco 56 60
Seattle 34 38
Spokane 26 30
Tampa 70 SO
Tucson 60 64
Washington ...34 40
AVinnipcg ...... 4 4
Yuma 52 62
Pt. Cldy
Cloudy '
Pt. Cldy
Pt. Cldy
44 2 2 -
Local Weather "Yesterday
a.m. Noon 6 p.m. J
Tempt., dry bulb.. 52 5S 51
Temp., wet bulb... 43 48 43
Humidity, per cent. 46 44 88
Wind from E E SW
Wind, miles 8 3 3
Rainfall , 0 0 .05
Weather ..... .Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy
Highest yesterday 59
Highest this date for 26 years.... 78
Lowest yesterday 47
Lowest this date for 26 years.-.. 22
Total rainfall 05
Excess in temperature yesterday, 3
Kxcess in temperature since the
first of the month, 81 degrees.
Accumulated excess in temperature
since January 1. 428 degrees.
Normal precipitation January 1 to
date, 7.75 inche-s.
Actual precipitation January 1 to
date. 4.45 inches.
Deficiency since January 1, 4.30
Today: Time of sunrise. 7:30 a. m.;
sunset. 5:28 D m.: moon rise. 4:29
In Examination of Eyes and fitting
f correct
9 East Adams Street
Phono 5090 for Appointment
CgZJZ Phone
Send me your work for
quick and efficient service
620 North First St Phone 2875
Phone 1555
Fourth Ave. and Jackson St.
copa Lodge No. 1 will hold its enter
tainment at Lucas park, Sixteenth
and Jefferson street, tonight instead
of tomorrow night, as previously an
the Stanford university students who
returned home for a visit during the
holidays here is Miss Earlene Phelps,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Phelps
of West Portland street. She arrived
home Christmas eve and will remain
throughout the week.
The Western Union has telegrams for
Mrs. Jack Crabb, Clyde M. Glen, Otis
Dyar, Milly Jack Martin, David
Bishop, D. B. Batchelor, Mrs. L. Wil
son Chapman, Mrs. S. H. Mocris. Miss
A. M. "Kelly, Mrs. Melvine Walker,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Taylor, Ven
tura Zepeda, Miss Audrey McBride,
Mrs. R. W. Swart. Hamilton Crary,
Eugene S. Gaddis, Manuel Contreras
S. S. Brker.
elaborate Christina; celebration was
held at the Sunny Rest sanitarium
Sixteenth and Pierce streets, yester
day, at which many friends of the
patients were present. The buildings
were all decorated witn tjnristmas
greenery and in the dining room a
profusion of poinsettias, American
beauty roses and carnations were
placed. The traditional old Christ
mas dinner was served with air the
trimmings at 2 o'clock in the after
noon, following which the patients
rallied to the large Christmas tree
for the distribution of gifts. A fea
ture of the celebration was the en
tertainment by the Council of Jew
ish Juniors.
Day One of Happiness Des
pite Kam Churches
Have Special Programs
Children Made Merry
By Visit of Old Santa
Phoenix paid its homage yesterday
to the Christ child and its homage
prayerfully and joyously. It was a
day of reverence, yet of happiness,
and though dark clouds overcast the
skies and rain fell from noon to mid
night it was a day of brightness, of
cheerfulness such brightness and 1
cheerfulness as many had not ex
perienced in months.
Came old Saint Nicholas from out
of the nowhere into the somewhere,
tarried a while and then back again
to that mythical land that is his
that land of toys, of dolls, or roller
and ice- skates, of kiddie kars and
what not. His visit was brief this
year he had so many to see. What
a joyous mission it was, though, for
the old fellow overlooked not a tone.
He divided his pack with the rich
and poor alike; he brought comfort
and good cheer to. the needy; he
brought relief to the suffering.
So the Phoenix observance of
Christmas day took greater signifi
cance this year than for many years
past. Everyone participated. The
air was charged with the spirit of
good fellowship and "peace on earth.
good will toward men.
Special services, morning and eve
ning, were featured at all churches of
the city, with special Christmas mu
sical programs at the Catholic
church. Last night the choir at Trin
ity cathedral sang Handel s immor
tal oratoria. "Messiah."
The big majority of citizens, after
attending church, spent the day
quietly at home. It was a flay espe
cially adapted to home-staying.
Theaters of the city had arranged
special Christmas programs for the
benefit of their patrons and, though
the day was unfavorable, good
crowds were reported.
Prisoners at the city and county
jails fared unusually well. Old fash
ioned Christmas dinners were served
at each jail, with turkey, cramberry
sauce, mashed potatoes and hot
mince pie as part of the ration.
Religious services were conducted
at both jails by the Salvation Army.
which organization distributed fruits,
nuts and candies to the prisoners.
The day. records show, was one of
the quietest Christmas days ever ob
served here. There were no acci
dents to mar the happiness of the
day, no fires to detract from the joy
fulness of the occasion. Although
hundreds of Christmas trees were en
joyed, they were lighted almost en
tirely . by tiny electric light bulbs,
thus minimizing the chances of fire.
o -
Moonshine Enjoys Life:
Uncle Sam Pays Bill
Highways of Switzerland are of
macadam or concrete structure and
are kept in excellent condition.
Though the country is hilly and
mountainous, it is covered, by a net
work of fine roads.
Throughout the country the over
all width of motor vehicles varies in
different elates from 90 to 114 inches
and the length from 30 to 65 feet.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Dec. 22. J.
A. Rountree, director general of the I
United States Good Roads associa
tion and the Bankhead National High
way, association, after a ten days' ab
sence in Washington to meet a com
mittee of 25 to present invitations to
President Harding and cabinet of
ficers, inviting them to attend the an
nual meetings of the two associations
in Phoenix, April 24 to 2, has re
turned to headquarters of the associa
tions in Birmingham. He is en
thusiastic over the success of the
committee in securing the promise of
cabinet officers and prominent men
tc attend the conventions.
President Harding was most cor-
cial in receiving the committee, but
he told it frankly that he could not
go to Phoenix until later in the sum
mer, when he expected to visit Alaska
but he assured them that he would
be pleased to ride over the Bankhead
highway at that time. In declining
he paid tribute to Senator Bankhead.
who was the first president of the
Cnited States Good Roads association
and for whom the Bankhead highway
was named. . lie stated that if there
was no other reason for attending
these conventions, if it were possible.
he would do so on account of his
deep friendship for the late senator.
President Cameron and Director Gen
eral Rountree of the Bankhead Na
tional Highway association, extended
to him a cordial invitation to accept
honorary membership on the board of
directors of the association, which he
Secretary of -irnculture Wallace
in accepting the invitation, stated
that he knew of no reason at this time
why ho could not attend the Phoenix
meetings. Secretary of Commerce
Hoover tentatively accepted the in
vitation and said he will give a posi
tive answer at a later date. First
Assistant Finley, speaking for Sec
retary Fall in his absence, practically
pledged that offic - to attend, and
stated that if Secretary Fall could
not be present he would represent the
department of the interior. United
States Senator Charles K. Townsend
of Michigan, definitely accepted an
invitation to attend the conventions
and to deliver an address on "Federal
The committee that extended the
Invitations was composed of some of
the most prominent men and women
from 14 states. Among the number
were Governor Thos. E. Campbell,
Senator Henry F. Ashurst and Con
gressman Hayden. representing the
state of Arizona: the city of Phoenix
Dwight B. Heard; the United States
Good Roads association. Director
Genera! Rountree. and the Bankhead
National Highway association. Presi
dent Bennehan Cameron; Congress
man W. B. Bankhead of Alabama,
Mrs. J. H. Bankhead, wife of the late
Senator Bankhead,. Mrs. A. K. Thorn
ton, president 'Of the womans' com
mission, Bankhead highway.
Every courtesy possible was ex
tended to the committee and much
interest was manifested in the Phoe
nix meetings.
y y vi
" " "
hum! No'.nin' to do hut eat and
sleep and contemplate the follies of
Moonshine yielded to his tenth
yawn and blinked his left eye.
Moonshine hat: had 14 months' va
cation at the expense of the United
States government.
He's a horse and had the good for
tune of having had for a master a
bootlegger who was obliged to flee
the prohibition authorities, leaving
him and a wagon load of booze to the
mercy of fate.
Moonsh'.ie and the wagon load of
contraband liquor were seized by the
They d.sposcd of the booze all right.
but struck a snag when' it came to
disposing of Mconshine.
Organizations 'in Fjance and Eng
land similar to the National Automo
bile chamber of commerce exercise
control not alone over their members
exhibiting in automobile shows, but
also in races and motor contests
various kinds.
last 14 months has baffled all the ef
forts of the local agents to rid them
selves of the hcrse.
Meanwhile Moonshine has been liv
ing on the fat of the land at Ed
brawley's lively stable.
Moonshine's main bother Is the so
cieties.' for prevention of cruelty to
"They 1 eep cumin' around here."
says Moonshine, "askin" the boss if
I have been exercised enough, ad
visin" him not to give me too much
to eat and tellin' him how cruel it is
to keep a horse in a stable all the
time and not let him work.
"I wish they'd come around here
and talk to me. I'd tell 'em a thing
or two. I get all the exercise I'm
Carlos Reiz, 26 years old, a she p
herder from Wickenburg. is in the
county jail awaiting trial on a charge
of murder as a result of t ie latai
shooting of Francisco Olea :it Wick
enburg last Thursday morning. Reft
was bound" over to the superior court
for trial following a preliminary ex
amination in the Wickenburg justice
court Saturday.
According to the story re-aiwl rj
Reiz at his examination, he had been
gambling at the home of Chico Ver-
dugo, a man about town at Wicken
burg. Liquor was furnished 'he
players during the nigh' s gaming
bv Verdugo, he claims. An Argument
arose early lnursaay mo-nins, kpijl
told the officers, and Verdugo as
saulted him. After floor'n him. the
proprietor struck him several r.ows.
Ueis claims and he exhibited a badly
swollen face in support uf his v'orv.
The beating so enraged him, Reiz
said, that he determined to kill Ver
dugo. He went to his home nea.-jy
he said, and got his shotgun, return
ine to the erdugo home with the
avowed intention of killing his as
aailant of a few moments befor.
Reaching the Verdugo residence
he shouted for Verdugo to show him
self. Several times he called th
men's name without fr-esponse. he
said. Finally someone emerged from
side entrance and. thinking it was
Verdugo, he pulled the trigger of his
gun. Reiz said at his examination.
The victim of the charge was
Francisco Olea. a well known Mexi
can figure of the Wickenburg com
munity. The shot took effect in the
man's leg, resulting in his death Fri
day night.
A murder charge was loajr-vl
against Reig Saturday morniig. He
was given a preliminary o summa
tion in the Wickenburg justice court
and held to answer to the superior
court. He was unable to furnish bbml
in the sum of $1000 fixed by the
Reiz told county officers last rilR't'
thaf he had no intention of injurins
0 m--
Fight, you wildcats!
' Fight!
We want good news
from you today.
Closed all day.
McDougall & Cassou
Washington Street
lookln" for ;fy diet suits me to a T. I Olea. who was well known to hira an-1
Red tape in Washington for.he I off.
and. above all, I'm not lookin' for
Moonshine has run up a board bill
atmroachinz the vicinity of JH'OO and
I continues to literally "eat his head
Machine Work and Welding
Phone 1085
306 South Seventh Avenus
A blizzard swept over the Orange
river colony,' Natal, Cape Colony,-and
the Transvaal of South Africa last
September, terrifying the natives of
that region so that explanations by
the whites could scarcely reconcile
them to the seeming miracle of snow.
Miss Mary Krause
Miss Mary Krause, 25 years old,
died yesterday morning at her home,
1912 East Adams street. She is sur
vived by her father, Henry Krause,
a sister, Mrs. W. H. Swope, and two
brothers, all of this city, and two
brothers in Oklahoma. Funeral ser
vices will be held at 2 o'clock this
afternoon at the MeLellan chapel.
the Rev. C. M. Aker officiating.
Burial will be in Greenwood ceme
of the
Funeral of Hiram Phillips
Funeral services for Hiram Phil
lips, prominent consulting engineer,
who was killed in an automobile ac
cident last Thursday, will be held at
the A. L. Moore & Son chapel at 10
o'clock tomorrow morning. The Rev.
C. M. Aker will officiate. The body
will be sent to Columbia, Mo., his
former home, for burial.
At an auction house the other day '
boy's heavy mackinaw was offered
for sale. A bid of 25 cents was made
and there it stopped. While the auc
tioneer was pleading against the sac
rifice a boy in the rear of the crowd
was taking an Invetory of his wealth.
He was a newsboy, not one of the
carriers, but a boy who bought pa
pers and sold them. He was coaiss
and shoeless and the day was chilly.
As he hurriedly counted his money
he looked longingly at the mackinaw
in the hands of the auctioneer. Fi
nally he called in a high childish
treble, "45 cents."
A cautious offer of 30 cents or ..ny
other cum in excess of the original
bid probably would have taken the
coat. But the boy was risking noth
ing. He was determined to over
whelm all prospective bidders and
show then the hopelessness of a con
flict with him. So he threw his en
tire capital with the added profits of
the day into the enterprise.
This stor'y would have had a hap
pier ending if some kind-hearted by
stander had given him a pair of
shoes, for when he was arrayed in
the mackinaw his barefootedness be
came more striking than ever.
Our Floral Deoartment
Will be
en This Morning
Arizona Seed and
Floral Co.
28-32 S. Center Phones 1389-4403
We Deliver
Conscience Wasn't Working
Richard and Charles are brothers
who live in the Kenilworth district
and of course the rain yesterday did
not keep them from trying out their
new bicycle, a Christmas gift, at the
first lull in the drizzle. The only
difficulty was that mother had made
them promise not to get off the pave
ment, for when they returned home
their shoes were wet and muddy.
"Charles." said his mother sternly.
I don't see how your conscience will
permit you to go into the Tnud when
you had promised me you wouldn't
get your shoes muddy."
"Well, said Charles tnougntiuiiy.
"I guess my conscience isn't working
very well today, mother."
pasteboard in his hand and remarked.
'I must say you ve a keen eye for
business." Before he could go any
further Moore, remembering his bus
iness and greatly embarrassed,
clutched the card frantically.
He had given the aviator one of
the firm's cards.
And Then Luck Turned
Men who like to gamble feel the
urge under all circumstances and this
holds good of prisoners in the county
Jail, who now and then beguile their
spare moments with a hand or two of
poker when opportunity offers.
Among the prisoners last week
were half a dozen men who had been
given 20 days each on charges of
participating in a gambling game. In
addition, most of them faced the
prospect of raising fines of 1300 each
or serving more time.
One of the gamblers had proved
luckier than usual during his con
finement, and the last few days of
his sentence found him heavy winner,
all things considered. He was con
gratulating himself on raising al
most enough money to pay his fine
when a new prisoner was admitted.
sent to jail because he could not pay
a fine also assessed for gambling.
It wasn't long before the newcomer
and the winner were engaged in
quiet game in the bull pen. and the
battle waged hot. When the smoke
cleared away the stranger had won
the other's roll. He paid his fine and
received his liberty, leaving the one
time lucky one the dreary hope of be
ing able to borrow the J300 without
leaving jail.
An inspirational Christmas greeting
to. the club "women of the United
States, sent out by Alice Ames Win
ter, president of the general fed
eration of Women's clubs, has been
received by Mrs. H. A. Guild, auditor
of the federation and one of the
prominent women in state and na
tional club circles. Incidentally Mrs.
Guild, who is secretary of tjie State
Child Welfare board, leaves the lat
ter part of this month to attend a
meeting of the executive board of
the federation and will be present at
a conference immediately thereafter
which will consider the child welfare
problem in all its aspects. At this
last named conference she hopes to
gain some' very valuable ideas for
utilization in her work in this state.
The plans of the women for the
coming year are idealistically practi
cal, Mrs. Winters declares in ' her
message. It reads as follows:
"My dear Club Friend:
"This carries with it to yon my
i warm Christmas expression of fel
lowship, and my wishes that the com
ing yoar may be one of closer under -
standing and more effective unity of
effort between us.
"I am going to ask you to join with
me 'n a New j ear s resolution a
resolution to bring into being the
wish expressed above. Recently an
English newspaper man characterized
Mr. Hughes' great speech as hat of
"an idealist speaking for a nation of
Idealists, not a dreamer speaking for
One of the most unusual Christmas
greetings ever received by a resident
of Phoenix came to Mrs. F. M. Cole.
810 North Second street, yesterday
in the form of a long distance tele
phone call from a niece in Buffalo,
N. T.
Mrs. Cole was not expecting the
call. A niece here answered the tele
phone and held the line while Denver
called some other city and finally
Buffalo. Then Mrs. Cole was sum
moned to the phone to hear the
Merry Christmas" spoken by her
niece some 2.500 miles away., A brief
-visit'' followed..
Despite the rain. Mrs. Cole heard
her niece clearly, although some dif
ficulty was encountered at first Jn
making connections across the con
nhom he had befriended on nvny
previous occasions. Olea, he ssid.
was mentally incompetent and manv
Mexican families of Wickenburg had
taken it upon themselves to care fa:
him. He and his wife had aidrd him
numerous occasions. Reiz said. Reiz
admitted that he was under the in
fluence of liquor when the shooting
occurred snd that he did not remem
ber distinctly all of the details of the
tragedy. He is married but has no
children. He was horn and irared
at Tucson, he told Phoenix deputies.
Diving bell Is said to have been
Invented by the Greeks.
Does Your
Roof Leak?
For Repairs
Phone 4749
A Safer Place For It
A young man who is developing a
property of his own some distance
from this city came into a local store
the other dav to purchase some dy
namite, which he placed on the floor
in the front of the car.. He then
drove up the street and picked up his
wife at another store, to start the
return trip to his mine.
His wife eyed the box suspiciously,
for she knew of his intended pur
chase. "Is this the dynamite?" she
inquired, pointing at the package at
her feet.
"What if it is?" responded the min
ing man evasively. "It won't do any
damage there unless it explodes.
"Henry." exclaimed the wife sharp
ly, "if you think I'm going to ride
40 miles with dynamite under my feet
you've mistaken. Tut that box in the
hack of the car at once."
Just a Little Slip
I.ee Moore of the A. I.. .Moore and
fons undertaking firm. havMiencd to
meet Rex Smith. Salt I-ake City avia
tor, at. the Klks club during the lat
ter's visit here a fortnight or so asro.
i They strui k up a conversation an!
finally exchanged card'.
Smith took a look at the bit of
Merely Wanted to Ride
Jesus Michael, an Indian boy
siding at Chandler, finds himself
the toils of the law because, as he
says, "he tried to get a ride home.
He admitted to officers that their
coming and his ultimate arrest was
"some relief from the mental tor
ture he endured while looking down
the barrel of a .38 calibre revolver.
It all happened in the following man
Michael had started afoot from
Phoenix to Chandler, deciding to
walk until a stage overtook him. He
left Phoenix about 9 o'clock. A little
after 10 o'clock, as he was nearing t.ornp nd go.
Q it.',.. ,ivi n ua
nation of drear
The differ
ence between them Is that the idealist
is the man who has the power to put
his visions into realities, instead of
letting them drift oft into epace as
'It In a wonderful thing to carry
with us into every day the conscious
ness that the day is a fragment f
eternity, and into every act the reali
zation that each act is a part of the
fulfillment of the great order call
Tou and I are knit together in a
purpose as big as America, and
America is as big as the world. Our
purpose is so to dovetail the activites
of myriad women that they shall con
tribute, each its little, to the solidi
fying of our national ideals. At
Christmas time we see afresh, every
year, how close those ideals are to
"Our part is to be practical in our
"Therefore Will you resolve with
me that we will speed the process
"1 We will get over to our groups
the message that shall convince them
of the importance of unified efforts
to combat the disintegrating forces
that are so menacingly at work tti
America today.
"2 We will make the voice of oa!
anced and sane women heard.
"3 We will get that continuity -f
effort without which all our labors
are spasmodic and jerky.
"To be concrete. I believe the means
of carrying these three purposes to
success are:
"1 Intensified organi.:ition work
between state and general federation".
"I Adequate and intelligent pub
licity. "3 Permanent had-i'iarter. Ji.s
means of keeping ordered purpose a
place which dubs and the non-chib
public rely on. while administrations
While the rain drizzled Incessant
ly outside 2 hobos devoured turkey
in the city jail yesterday noon and
thanked fortune they had a warm
place to spend the holidays.
, "It sure would be a tough ride on
the front end with this rain coming
don," one -knght errant remarked
while deftly scooping up a knifeful
of peas, potatoes and dressing. There
was a pause a gulp and a clean
knife flashed into the heavily laden
plate again as the speaker of the
moment continue1!: "You sure can't
pick this kino ot grub offen freight
car rods.
Back in one corner sat a youngster.
He 'was .eating with his fork.
"I was back home in Kansas." he
said. "Pa killed one of our own tur
keys. Wonder if they killed another
one this yea, ' He made a motion as
though to brush a stray crumb from
his mouth but Lis sleeve caught a
bit of moisture from two boyish eyes
that were quickly lowered to the
heaping plate
To the drifters lodged in the city
jail yesterJay the turkey dinner
meant more than a feast for the day.
It was a keen leminder of other
Christmas days. It invited an ex
change of experiences which brought
tales of adventure in many places
near and far. It engendered a spirit
of comradesh.p and cheer which
transformed the drear baslile into an
abode of good-fellowship for the day.
"I'd rather le here than lots of
other places i know about." one in
mate remarked, and he expressed
the sentiment of mcst of his fellow
lodgers. o
Africa furnishes half the world's
supply of gold.
"From Arizona Cows
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ions. Designers of
Floral Art.
ngnsrs or ,t
Plant Show Raoms.
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Satisfaction or your
money refunded.
Phoenix Seed & Feed
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the Green Mill Garden, a machine ap
proached from the west, headed east.
Believing it to be a stage, he swung
onto the side of the car as it slowed
down, he told officers. And as he
swung, the driver of the car, a man
from Flagstaff, reached for his re
volver in the pocket of the machine
door. Bv the tme Jesus had righted
himself on the running borad, the
autoist had the gun in play.
While he held the Indian boy at
the point of his gun. another member
of the Flagstaff party went to a
nearby telephone.
"Send out your officers. We've got
a stick-up man and will hold him j
until you get here," the informant:
said. !
Deputy lieriffj! mailt-? a quick run
to the scene. Jesus was arrested. Of
ficers failed to find any kind of a
weapon in a ycan-h of his person. H1
was bioucht to the county jail and !
held temporarily for in esugalion. i
I.et 1922 bring these things.
"With all the season's hope and
Tours ever.
"President General Federation of
Womens' Clubs.
Arizona Chapter No. 1. R.
A.M. will meet in stated con
vocation tonight. 7: SO sharp.
C. V. (il'I.LEV,
High Triest
Ten 85c Records Free
Two Dimes a
day pays for
at a saving from $35
to $75. Direct to you
from Eastern manu
facturer who now
lives in Phoenix.
M Morning
Keep Your Eyes
Clen - Clear I lalthv
Racey Music
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Auto and Gas Engine
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Machinists Engineers
Weldmq sod Forging
M ' n
Ford's Immense Stores are opposite the Boston Store
220 East Washington Street. Phone 1776
Never sell your goods without seeing Ford
SWEATERS: Men and Women's, from S1.00 to S3.00; cost
treble. They are new and classy. Fords.
CLOCKS: Elegant parlour, all warranted: $25,00 for $5.00. Thesa
are some bargains at Fords.
SAFES: Either filing or burglar, $250.00 for $90 at Fords Stores.
CROCKERY: Best Cup and Saucer for 20e; big ais't at Fords
Stores. I never had such values before.
PARLOUR LAMP: Beautiful: cost $80, prieo $20 at Fords
Stores. It is mahog. base and new.
STOVES AN O RANGES: Immense stock new or used at Fords
Stores. These cannot b duplicated.
PEN KNIVES: No one can equal my prices, at Fords Stores.
ALUMINUM WARE: The prices now will astonish, at Fords
Stores. The cut in this ware frightens.
TENTS: Never look elsewhere. Overloaded, at Fords Stores.
BOOKS: For Christmas. 5000 volumes, new or used. Fords
Stores. Most valuable literature.
DENTIST CABINET: Superb: Cost $200, price $50 at Fords
Stores. Of latest design and hardwood.
PHYSICIAN'S Grip and Tools: Very cheap at Fords Stores.
Victrolas, Horns, Violins, Banjos, Ukelele, Drums, Harmonicas;
Fords. Some instruments are invaluable.
GARDEN HOES, 75c. All other tools proportionate at Fords
Stores. These are socket riveted.
PICTURES: A nice lot to select from, at Fords Stores.
at Fords Stores. Both Daltons and Burroughs.
KODAKS: 50 ass't; all sizes; cheap and' nearly new at Fords
Stores. Absolutely you save 100.
GUNS AND PISTOLS and Ammunition, very very cheap:
-ords Stores. You're foolish not to examine.
WARDROBE TRUNKS at cost: Trunks and Grips at Fords
Stores. Any trunk, at cost.
PAINT and Hardware, a full line, cheaper than others: Fords
Stores. The leading brands on market.
DAVENPORT, full leather, cost $250 new. $100 at Fords.
FURNITURE: A lovely stock, all retouched, very cheap. Fortis
Stores. I challenge you to duplicate it.
REMEMBER: I buv inv ousnt.tv anywhere: Py cash and
jood value. I deliver and haul sway.

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