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The Xe.v Eedford (Mass.) Standard
more nc.ivly than any other daily
newspaper in the country, the organ
tf the cotton spinning industry, pub
lished the following on the recent
isit of lighi B. HearC, president
of the Pima-cotton Growers' associa
tion, to Xw Bedford, devoting to the
interview a volume of space that in
dicates the interest felt in that center
in the cotton of the Salt River valley
nd the southwest:
That the growers of Pima cotton In
the south vest propose to lead the way
In the improved ginning, baling and
warehousing movement was indicated
yesterday by Dwisht B. Heard, presi
dent cf the Arizona Pima-cotton
Growers association of Phoenix, Ari
zona, who is here personally in New
Bedford in the interests of marketing
she Pima cotto.t crop. Mr. Heard de
rlnred thit it was proposed to make
the pickin?, the ginning, the baling
nd the inal wrapping of the Pima
bales full- equal to the highest stand
ards prevailing with respect to Kgyp
tian cation.
With regard to the aims and plans
of the f'imi growers and the future
prospects of this type of cotton, Mr
Heard sail:
The Pima-cottjn Growers' Coop
erative association is endeavoring to
render a real and practical service
not only to the cotton producer but to
the manufacturer of cotton goods.
"There ; eems to be a genuine rec
ocnition among the spinners of fine
yarn who need an extra long staple
cotton, that Pima cotton is the only
otton of this type produced in com
mercial quantities in the world today
with which spinners who want cotton
running from l'i to li inches in
staple in uniform lots sold on exact
sample, can be supplied.
"We fe.?l that in order to give the
rotton manufacturer the service he
desires it is more practical to store
our cotton in l&rge lots at the point
of manufacturing use. For that rea
son we have arranged for storage
facilities in New Bedford for several
thousand bales now in transit and ex
pect after the first of the year to
materially iacirase our shipments to
this marit if the demand and price
justifies it.
""During my investigations In Liv
erpool an i Manchester the past sum-
Cuticura Soap
The Velvet Touch
For the Skin
Cave Creek Board Assures Mining
Company Dam Will Cause No Damage
The Cave creek flood control board
yesterday notified the Amalgamated
Copper Mines company that it was
assembling construction forces for
the purpose of beginning construction
of protection work to safeguard lives
and property of the Salt River valley.
The mining company recently no
tified the board that it would not
permit it to proceed with the build-
mer. I was much impressed at the
good condition in which the Sakel
laridis cotton produced in the delta
of the Nile reached the market, and
we are now arranging through our
Pima-cotton Growers' organization to
put Pima cotton onto the market in
the same line condition as Sakel-
"By adopting the most Improved
methods of glowing, including care
ful seed selection, better ginning
methods, rrompt warehousing and
very careful government inspected
classing, we are practically eliminat
ing all country damage and are set
ting this cotton onto the n..irket in
the fine condition which, its superla
tively fine type demands.
"By maintaining in our district the
production of this one type cf cotton
from selected government seed, we
are avoiding the deterioration in type
which has occurred in some districts
by cross-breeding when several types
of cotton are grown in the same dis
trict. "It is very gratifying to our asso-
citation to note the steadily increasing
use of Pima cotton by the fine spin
ners. Thus far this year we have
shipped from our district about 18,000
bales, the very large percentage of
which has been purchased for the
use of fine spinners. And it has now
been demonstrated that this remark
ably even-running long stapled Pima
cotton can be spun with thorough
success in the yarn running as high
as 130 fount. Another encouraging
fact is that many fine spinners who
have been previously using this cot
ton in small lots have, during the past
60 days, been re-ordering in greatly
increase'd Quantity. So that it is now
demonstrated that, without regard to
the demmd from the manufacturers
of tire fabrics, there is developing in
America a genuine demand for this
cotton among the fine spinners.
"It should be emphasized that Our
organization is a strictly business or
ganization formed for the purpose of
orderly marketing and holding a five
year contract with the growers for
their product. Our membeship is
steadily cowicg, we have now nearly
a thousand growers in our organiza
tion and next year expect to handle
the very large proportion of Pima
cotton grown in the southwest. By
applying to our manager. P. M. James,
fullest information will be supplied
to anyone interested.
"We have not attempted to adopt
any original methods of selling in the
New England market ana are nana
ling the sale of our cotton through
the regular estaoiisnea cnanneis.
ing of the dam and that any attempt i
to construct a portion on its prop- ,
erty would be vigorously resisted, on
the ground that it would damage its
property. j
A committee of mining experts
after an investigation reported to
the board that there will be no dam
age to existing or possible mining
values of the company and the board
is willing to rely on this judgment.
It has furthermore offered to put up
any reasonable bond for the protec
tion of the company.
This is set forth in a communica
tion signed by the control board
members yesterday as follows:
December 24, 1921..'
Mr. J. E. Morrison, Attorney.
Amalgamated Copper Mines Co,
Heard Bldg..
Phoenix. Arizona.
Dear Sir:
We are individually In receipt of
your several communications in re
gard to the refusal of the company,
which you represent, to permit the
Cave Creek flood control board to
proceed w-ith the construction of the
Cave creek dam.
This board, in the construction of
the necessary protection work to
safeguard the lives and property of
the citizens of the Salt River valley,
does not desire to impose, wjthout
compensation, any damages on your
company. Neither does this board
desire to pay public monies to any
one without value received, or in re
turn for actual damages sustained.
In order to supplement our own
opinion, we secured the services of
a committee of mining experts, con
sisting of the dean of the college of
mining and engineering of the Uni
versity of Arizona, the editor of the
Arizona Mining Journal. C. V. Willis,
and K. E. Whiteley, chief geologist of
the C. and A. Copper 'company.
These men have made a report to us
that the construction of the Cave
creek dam will not damage any ex
isting or possible mining values of
your company.
On this account, we are advising
the contractor to proceed- in assem
bling his construction forces for the
purpose 'of immediately beginning
construction, and in addition, have
advised our attorney, P. II. Hayes, to
take whatever legal steps are neces
sary to secure possession of the nec
essary ground on which to begin con
struction. If the opinion of your company is
different from that of. ourselves and
the mining experts, we are qnite will
ing to put up any reasonable bond
for your protection, should a court
of law decide that you will sustain
damages in the construction of this
dam. We, however, are unwilling to
permit, if it is at all possible to avoid
it, the delay in the construction of
this dam, as it will require the im
mediate commencement of this work
in order to have it completed before
the summer rains of 1922..
We will welcome from you any
suggestion as to how we can co-operate
with you to avoid delay on this
ILOOK OUT ! BEMDyry SrM DOrt'r vou frouckimg
needed public work.
Very truly yours,
State of Arizona.
State Engineer.
Board of Supervisors of Maricopa
County. Arizona.
By Gl'I'F. VERNON, -
Chairman. '
Salt River Valley 'Water Users' As
sociation, By C. C. CRAGIN.
Superintendent and Chief Engineer.
Paradise-Verde Irrigation District,
Oltv of Phoenix;. '
City Manager.
The letter was in response to the
Phoenix. Ariz. Dec. 19, 1921.
To the State of Arizona:
Thomas Maddook. Engineer:
You are hereby notified that the
undersigned Is informed that you and
others associated with you propose to
construct a dam. reservoir, spillway
and other works to control the floods
of Cave -creek, in Maricopa county,
Arizona, and that you propose and
intend to place the said dam, reser
voir, a portion of the said spillway
and other works upon the property
of the undersigned.
You are hereby further notified
and given due warning that any at
tempt to construct any portion of the
said dam. reservoir, spillway and
other works upon the property of
the undersigned will be vigorously
resisted, and that if it be possible
which the undersigned is informed it
is to prevent you from so doing, the
undersigned will not permit you to
place any of the said works upon its
You are further advised that the
property of the undersigned' upon
which you propose to construct the
said works is, in the opinion of the
undersigned and of others qualified
to express expert opinion in mining
matters, an extremely valuable min
ing propertly and you are respect
fully but nevertheless firmly re
quested to locate . another place for
your works and to not attempt to
place any of said works upon the
property of the undersigned.
The undersigned has instructed Its
attorney, Joseph E. Morrison, of
Phoenix, to vigorously and actively
resist, in all proper ways. -the con
struction of any part of said works
upon its property.
Very respectfully.
Thre was a general exodus of stu
dents on Thursday night and Friday
iiriii.ng. About 20 students re
mained in tile dormitories on account
of their hemes being so far away.
The following students assisted ill
eiiteru-iriiM? at the Schoolmasters'
club, which was held in the dining
hall last Saturday night: Harold
Clark., viicil numbers, accompanied
by Virgin:! Powell: Lucile Keekers,
saxophon?. accompanied by Cathe
rine A.v'oery: Marguerite Parker,
reading. Each one of the performers
was enthusiastically encored.
Jh norm..! girls' basketball team
was defeated by Flagstaff normal on
Wednesd.-y evening. Temi was
ahead until tn last quarter, when a
succession of fouls gave an .ppor
tunity to the northern team to win
on free sh:ls, at which they seemed
to be expert. The final score was.
Flagstaff. 1: Tempe. 13. The local
girls have won victories over Tempo
high an.l Morer.ce recently. The
boys' basketball team left for Globe
and Miami to play the teams of those
cities. Til" trip was made over the
new Superior, highway. The boys
have not been defeated yet this year.
Two Interesting assembly programs
have been given by the department
of art and the cadets. Mr. Anderson
started hi: program by a talk upon
art, which was shortened, much to
the disappointment of his listeners,
owing to thi shortness of the time
available that day. Miss Provence
spoke upon art in Mexico, and Miss
Cave upoi heme planning. Music
was furnished by Misses Riddell,
Margaret mith and Harold Clark.
An annual will be put out this year
by the senior class. The editors are
Lucille E:-iI'.y. chief; Ada May Etz
and Lela Redden, assistants. A.
Moeechli Is business manager and C.
F. Gatlin s-les manager. Everyone
has leen cautioned to pay in ad
vance if one is wanted. The cost will
be 2.
New members of the K. K. A. are
Lucile Becker. Margaret Smith. Thel
ma Lane iind Catherine Harbeson.
Miss Theresa Anderson of the
training scho-l faculty. . who was
called to Grand Rapids, Mich., on ac
count of the death of hep mother, will
not return to normal until after the
The iixt wallflower dance will be
held on ;nc evening of January 8.
A new organization called the
Spanish club has been formed at the
normal under the direction of Miss
French. . t will meet weekly at 3:4a
aiid all oouvcrs'.ion will be in Span
ish. Spanish plays will be given and
the members will have an opportunity
to Incre:ne their knowledge of the
language by practical work. The
following officers have been elected:
lone Smarr, president: Mary Kalil,
secretary-treasurer, Mayme Provence,
Misses Beatrice Brooks, Norma
Outhrie, Cora Beardsley and Mrs,
Bailey hate served as substitute
teachers in Mesa at intervals during
Ibe past two weeks.
Dr. M.ttthews tpent a portion of
last week in attendance at meetings
of the stile Loard of education in
Phoenix. He expects to drive to
Nogales for a part of his vacation,
accompanied by President McMulIen
of the Flagstaff normal..
Two Chiistmas programs were en
joyed by the students just before va
cation. '1 lie first was given Sunday
evening in the auditorium by the V.
V. girls. All the churches of Tempe
suspended their young people's meet
ings and attended. The other was
given Wednesday evening by the de
partment of music. It consisted of
the following numbers by the normal
girls' chorus: "Christmas." Adams;
"Silent Night." Haydn: "Christmas
Hymn, Seventeenth Century," and "A
Christmas Song," Boyd. The soloists
were: Misses Ila Redden. Reba Tal
bott. Gertrude Greenhill and Harold
Clark. D. R. Van Pettin sang "The
Birthday of a King." by Neidlinger:
Lucile Bejker gave a number on the
saxophone, and Beatrice Brooks read
the "Legend of the Christmas Tree."
by Van Dyke. Miss Gerrish trained
and directed this program.
The training school closed Thurs
day arte, no.n by giving a program
in the training school, consisting of
songs, dances and an original drama
tization of the Santa Claus legend by
the sevenih grade under the direction
of Miss Porter. For some time the
training srhooi students, assisted by
their teachers, have been preparing
wooden toys and home-made dolls.
These were on exhibition and wre
very cleverly made and painted. They
are to be presented to the children
in the orphanages of the state on
Christmas morning.
Miss Mabel Bobbins is entertaining
her sister. Grace, duri.ig the holidays.
Miss Bobbins was a student here for
some tim?. but entered the nurses'
training school at Loma Linda. Cal.,
and is no'v a graduate of that school.
She is now located In Long Beach.
Prince Wilhelm, of Sweden, has
collected 1.000 animals. Including go
rillas, bison, elephants, lion, croco
diles and many birds and insects. He
recently arrived at Gothenburg from
Cairo with the largest collection of
animals, birds and Insects ever
brought to Europe..
Enlisted men and petty officers of
the United States navy who desire to
leavo the service may for a limited
time obtain their discharges at their
own request.
-2- J
; You won't find anything but
satisfaction in this plumbing
shop. Among the plumbing sup
plies we sell you -won't find a
fixture that Isn't construced in
a dependable manner. We also
want you to know that every job
of plumbing we do pleases the
person who orders it. Phone
611 East Washington Street
Phone 1531
If You Want to Build
or Repair
Anything, phon us. We will nd you reliable man, either for carpenter
work, cement work or plastering. You will save money by buying from us
J. J. HALLORAN, Manager
PHONES: 3505-1247
Expert Houe Furnishing
In figuring your costs whan you build, havo our Home Specialist call
and give you his specie! Mrvioa in Furniture Saving.
116-118 WEST ADAMS PHONE ia..
Use Tile Drainboards, bath room floors
and walls. Use Linotile for the kitchen floor
It is as resilient as linoleum and as long-wearing as high-grade
ti!c and it makes a beautiful fioor In appearance. You may choose
from a lcue assortment of colors. See
11 South Fifth Ave.
Telephone 739
Art and Economy In Home Building
No. 129 Design Submitted by the Na tional Builders Bureau, Spokane, Wash.
A few six by six Mat Glazed Tile given away.
Just a little Christmas remembrance to the first
one hundred who come and present this ad. Do
you want one?
All kinds of marble and tile work installed.
Vernon L Clark
343 North First Avenue
In the design of this bungalow nearly all attempt at ornamen
tation has been omitted.
The appearance of this dweling is extremely simple, and
strong for that reason.
The interior arrangement is extremely clever even for a
bungalow. The one-floor dwelling is immensely popular, provid
ing as it does a maximum of convenience Tor the house-wife.
If you like this house plan shown above, your architect or
builder will be glad to furnish you with an estimate, based on the
new revised prices for building material.
We Do The Following Kinds of Work:
Full Mill Bids
Store Fixtures
Plate Glass, Mirrors
Leaded and Art Glass
Interior Finish, Sash and Doors
Interior Case Work "Built Up"
ready to install
Hardwoods of all kinds
Veneer Work of all kinds
Special Automobile Bodies
Truck Bodies
Spring Work
Old Bodies Repaired
Bent Fenders, Bodies Straight
ened. Automobile and Truck Black
smith Work
Wheel Work, Old Wheels Re
paired or New Wheels
Trailer Irons and Tir Racks
General Blacksmith and Wagon
Farm Machinery Repaired
Jt 1-
ripci KIM
First and Jackson Streets
Phone 4188
Heavy nil is the secret of the melo
dious timbre of Cremona violins, ac--onlins
to a German professor, who
mends to start a workshop for pi-o-l
x ii"ii of artificial master violins
his wititrr. He believes that the
-r.iimnT i rtl. nUiriy due to the
irciituniy of it'i'Htinns caused hy
. . , -., wood. He aetuires density in
' - n nuil hy iiaimir.ff the violins with
'.fixture of i..md!y dryinc oils.
. it r-i'tiet i at i the wood, making it
i " - ;i !'.y resonant.
pi! for th. transpor
tation of their European brides to j
this country must stand the expense j
themselves. Provisions of the law j
under which European wives of sol- !
diers were brousTit to this country at :
the expense of the povernnierit. prior
to June a, 1020. do not apply -where n
soldier has already paid for his wife's
i passage. tMicn wives were transport
j eil on the credit of the United States
to avoid the appua i -a :n e of uholesaii
j desertions by American soldiers of
I their European brides when the en- ;
I listed men a er fttinmiaily unaHr t o '
lr;t 'be c-M of t ra lis por : - t i " n.
vice makes a helmsman unnecessary, j banks dutinK a cloudburst and flood, the New York City men anil women
hi addition to the regular compass She ret used to leave her post ami no d;fd in the military service of
olnbrook Bucks Fnsland The i there is a compass corrector, which continued to warn the countryside the Cuited states or any of t he allies,
resent proprietor 'savs the inn was ! turns the rudder to the exact ex;e, until the flood water rose to the Another feature wiil he uuaiters for
itinded in 1"6 A li." Accnrdinc to I ? rssary to hi ing t he ship la. k into sv it. hhoard plugs, putting the ap- an employment agency for service
What is believed to be the oldest
British inn is Ye George hotel
Colnhrook. Bucks, England. The
lollndcd in 1Mb A 11. Aceordinir
old record, the inn was presented to ! position when it svvinps off Ihe set ; paiatu
the town bv one Milo Crispin, who 1 cousc, due to the motion of the sea
lived there at the time ,,f the Con- , o ! xw v.-w boii,!in , Ke.tiroi
j The Theodore X. Yai! cold mod .1 . Memorial hall in honor of its war
i' and S1.0IMI cash avvaid for liPieitn Ulead. It is to be four limes as larce
L'listeerrd by the hand of man. a ' during 1!i bas. been Riven o. a ' as the Parthenon of Athens, aftei
-iiip has crossed the seas for the first , prairie telephone cirl in the little j which it is modeled, ai d will have n
time, from Jlambure. fiermanv to; iov n of .Homer-Neb. She savkd more'seattnc capa-.-ity of 10,"iMi. m i he
New York city. Controlled by cy- t ha n lm lives at ihe r-sk of'her
ros'-opic . ouiiiasscs. the steering de- when Omaha crctk overflowed
Siliv stockinas are beiop mad- from
ordinary sand by a Voim- Kussian
ettcir.eer in Paris. P.y iiinii'inir;c
silica witil ..flier iliKi f dir n s he has
created a material which is as -.
' a .'.".St
n walls of the amphitheater, m leitcrsj woven as the choicest sin.. a .-.
Us of bionze. w ill auumr t'u u.uiet ot I of abo'.it otie-Ioui 111 ol scnuine milk
Varnishes, Brushes
Arizona's Only Exclusive Wholesale Jobbing and
Retail Paint House
128-130-132 South First Avenue

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