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Published Every Morning by the
Entered at the Postofflce at Fhoenlx. Arizona.
Matter of the Second Class
Publlaher and President Dwlght B. Heard
General Manager and Secretary Charles A. Stauffer
Business Manager W. W. Knorpp
Editor. , J. W. Spear
N'ewi Editor , ., E. A. Young
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Brunswick Bldg., New York, Mailers Bldg., Chicago;
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Receiving Full Night Report, by Leased Wire
The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use
for re-publication of all news dispatches credited to
" or not otherwise credited in this paper and also
(he local news published herein.
All rights of re-publication of special dispatcher herein
are also reserved.
was that any form of taxation of state securities
was an invasion of the rights of states. : But to that '
the reply was made that the federal inheritance law
now levies a tax on securities which are otherwise
tax-exempt and that this amendment would simply
add an additional tax to that portion of estate com
posed of tax-exempt securities.
The support given the Kenyon amendment is
significant of - the growing sentiment in favor of
eliminating the tax-exemption of future issues of
'securities. It is doubtful if one vote for 'such a
measure would have been cast in the senate four
years 'ago, while in this case it lacked only one vote
of adoption.
To be more or less passively in ac
cord with our lot and degree, as these
are assigned us, is excellent; to be
actively resolved to advance above
that level by self-culture,' by ambi
tion, by heroic struggle and sacrifice,
is much better.
C. Ellwood Nash
A Keynote and a Falsa Note
! The keynote sounded by Chairman Cordell Hull ,
of the Democratic national committee is a false .
note, the inharmony of which with facts must be
detected by all who heard it. The speech instead of
being merely an attack upon Republicanism, as such
speeches are expected to be, combined with a pledge
of ' future Democratic performances, a 'defense
of the past performances of the party upon which the
nation a year and two months ago passed judgment
most decisively.
"Democrats," said Mr. Hull, "were loyal and con
sistent friends of the ex-service men." Now, a very
large number of ex-service men are not convinced
that they have friends among either the Democrats
or Republicans in congress. Certainly little was done
for them by any agency during the two years and
a half of the Democratic administration after the
signing of the armistice. However friendly the
Democrats may have been there was little of con
crete Tesults. The Democrats through that period
may not be held responsible for any failure of
accomplishment through lack of legislation, but under
the war powers vested in the administration some
things might have been done, but we witnessed little
but overlapping effort and wild confusion. So the
loyalty and friendship of the Democrats to the ex
service men bore no fruits.
"Ever solicitous of his welfare," continues the
chairman, "the Democratic party, when in power,
did more to advance the interest of the farmer than '
had been done in all ' the previous history of the
nation, and had planned to do much more if it had
remained in power." .
And what is the condition of the farmer now?
Can it be said that the Republican party in the nine
months of it control has robbed the farmer of the
benefits the Democratic party conferred upon him .
during the eight years his ascendancy T
The present Republican congress was confronted
by the most comprehensive program for the relief
of the farmer that was ever formulated. And it has
fulfilled much of the program and has much more of
it under way. Are the things it has done for the
farmer the things the Democratic party would have
done if that party had not been turned out of power
largely by a farmer vote'? Did the fanner, who is
the best judge of the results of the efforts of the
Democratic party In his behalf, appreciate these
While the agricultural program has not been
carried out in full by the Republicans in the brief
space of e(ght months there has been notable legis
lation in his behalf and such executive emergency
relief has been extended to him as it was possible
to extend under the powers possessed by the admin
istration. It cannot be said that the Republican party has
done all for the farmer it should do or that it has
yet fully met its pledges to him in its national plat
form. It may fail in both.though we hope it will not
and believe it will not. But the very fact that so
much yet remains to be done for the farmer, is proof
that the Democratic solicitude for the farmer, de
scribed by Mr. Hull, was futile solicitude. If the
Republican party has failed in much for the farmer,
it has failed in accomplishing what the Democratic
" party when in power failed to accomplish.
McGuffey's Readers
Speaking again of McGuffey's Readers, which we
yesterday had occasion to mention in connection with
the subject of text-books. Dr. Frank Crane in an
article in The Republican the same day by a curious
coincidence, stated that Henry Ford, by securing with
great difficulty a First Reader, had now the series
complete from the First, to the Seventh.
(It Dr. Crane 'meant "first and seventh inclusive"
. as he undoubtedly did, we think he has introduced
into the series one more reader than Dr. McGuffey
ever, knew about. Still we may be mistaken, but
with what we have always regarded as an intimacy
with - McGuffey's Readers, we never heard of a
There were originally five readers in the series.
Later there was a revision in which a new First
Reader, of simpler selections and printed in larger
type, was added. The older First Reader was also
simplified and given a new and larger dress of type,
and called the Second Reader, and so on through
the list, the more difficult selections in each reader
were either dropped or transferred to the next higher
' reader of the series, the last of which waich was
called the Sixth.
- we suppose, among the readers of The Repub
lican there are many who will be able to correct
- either us or Dr. Crane.
Ask' the tourists whether
midwinter weather as this.
they ever saw such
Wilt the late grand goblins get their offices back
if the imperial wizard "don't watch out"!
It Was a Long Lane, But This Looks Like the Turn Herbert Johnson
' Why do ' they call a sudden descent by officers
upon makers and drinkers of booze a dry raid?
Speaking about "preserving" or "maintaining"
the integrity of China, wouldn't "restoring" be a bet
ter word?
A French submarine flotilla after all would be
only a gesture. Why then should it be strenuously
If all men are created equal why is It that we
laugh at the sight of some men, weep when we see
others and admire some of the rest?
This from Life will be reassuring to many sus
picious wives: "It wives only knew what their
stenographers think of them, they would cease to
' If any tourist displays skepticism when you tell
him these fogs are unusual in the Salt River valley,
take him by the scruff of the neck to the weather
bureau office and show him the records.
If there is any other town in . the United States
than Phoenix where the crowds sought the shady
side of the street last Thursday, December 29, we
would like to know Its latitude and longitude.
This Is an embarrassing time of year for those
who have no bad habits to cast away next Sunday.
Their situation is only a little less unpleasant than
the Christmas shoppers of a week ago who had no
"Will your home in heaven be for rent or will
you occupy it yourself?" was asked from a Phoenix
pulpit. That's easy. There'll be no absenteeism
there, and we were on the point of adding, no land
lords. '
We saw a statement the other day that women
ruled the world 2500 B. C. ' "Adding 1,921, we have
the exact period of the feminist regime to date 4,421
years. No other government in history has so persisted.
We are not throwing half -bricks or anything at
the doctrine of sanctificatlon but are only quoting
Bert Moses, who says that when a man is so good
that he can't be made any better, he's as good as
Tax Exempt Securities
There is a strong sentiment in the senate against
tax-exempt securities, but there is nothing that can
be done as to the securities already . acquired by
holders, so that provision can only be made against
further hiding places for the tax-dodgers.
An effort was made to catch them by an in
heritance tax on tax-exempt securities and later
that will probably be accomplished. The following
amendment was offered by Senator Kenyon to the
revenue bill: ,
"Provided, That in addition to taxes heretofore
levied by this section there shall be imposed a tax
equivalent to 15 per cent upon the value of the
securities of such estates so transferred by whatso
ever authority issued, which securities have not been
taxed under the federal income or excess-profits
tax laws, and which were sold after six months sub
sequent to the passage of this act by the authority
issuing the same."
The vote on this amendment was taken after
midnight when a third of the senators were absent,
and it was defeated by a tie vote, 32 to 32. It was
generally believed that with a full vote the amend
ment would have carried.
The constitutionality of the proposed amend
ment was thoroughly considered and it was agreed
that no amendment to the national constitution
would be required to make such inheritance tax ef
fective. The conclusion was reached that an In
heritance tax is not a tax on tax-exempt securities
but on the privilege of inheritance.
That question was found to have been deter
mined in the case of Plummer vs. Coler, the principle
involved in that case being summarized as follows:
'State securities are not exempt from federal in
heritance taxes; The exemption of state agencies and
instrumentalities from federal taxation does not
extend to the exemption of state and municipal
securities from a federal inheritance tax. These last
are subject to federal taxation on the same principle
that federal securities are subject to a state inher
itance tax. The tax is upon the right of inheritance
and not upon the property Inherited."
The chief objection to the Kenjon amendment
Extreme poverty is sometimes the cause of do
mestic discontent and unnapplness, but we'll have to
look beyond that to find out what was wrong in the
McCormick household at whose door the gaunt wolf
never sniffed.
Douglas Fairbanks and Mary are going to sell
their palatial California home and live in Paris half
the year. Doug probably thinks that "D'Artagnan"
made half a Frenchman of him when in fact he
made. "D'Artagnan" what .shall .we say?
Paintings by some well known Russian artists.
says a dispatch, in some cases sell for the price of
a pair of shoes. That doesn't really throw much light
on the relation of art to money in Russia, since we
think we have heard that it takes some millions of
ruMes to' buy a pair of shoes.
Ambassador Harvey is lr France. Our Demo
cratic friends should be apprised that the colonel
speaks French with fluency and the same abandon
with which he has entertained English hearing
audiences. Let his detractors have their hammers in
We do not want to inplnge upon the circulation
department but we must warn you that if you neglect
to take advantage of the bargain offer you will lose
from a dollar and a half to two and a half, or else
lose The Republican altogether and that would be a
loss which could not be measured by dollars and
fractions thereof.
Only ten per cent of the passenger automobiles
in the United States, says a statistician, are used for
pleasure. And from this small percentage must be
deducted a dozen or more supposedly pleasure auto
mobiles whoso owners we saw last Sunday and Mon
day jacking them up out of the mud of unpaved
streets of Phoenix and adjacent country roads.
To PKACE )JiT y c? AftMftttENtS (f
' 1 YEAR5 smooth
ILARBInJER weekly jletter
Don't Make New Year Resolutions Industry
Is Bad Enough Now
To the editor: '
Well friends, I suppose you know
what day this Sunday is without me
reminding you. namely New Yrs. day
which is the day when so many peo
ple makes resolutions which they
think will improve themselfs in some
way, either swear off habits that
ain't good for their health or quit
wasteing so much money or something.
It is generally always the men
folks that does the e wearing off,
maybe because the ladies is all ready
perfect, but whatever is the reason it
is the gents of my. sex that makes
the most important resolutions wile
all the women do is stand around
and get ready to laugh, except in a
few cases where a woman will may
be get into the spts. of the occasion
and take a oath to not loose her
pocket book more than 5 times dure-
lng the comelng yr. or promise that
every 4th. or 6th. remark her hus
band makes dureing 1922, she will
pretend to listen.
But it is the men s resolutions
which I wish to speak about them
at this time, and I hope my reaMers
won't be shocked when I make the
remark that for at lease this one
New Trs. day it will be better for
the gen. well fare if no resolutions
is made.
A remark like this kind no doubt
demands a explanation and I am not
the man who would make such a
remark without being able to explain
same. Well then, it ain t necessary
to tell nobody that we have been in
the throws of a business slump and
that same ain t - over yet and that
when a man quits smokelng or drink
ing or decides to become a tight wad
he is dealing a blow to business in
gen. and a specially the boot legging
business and the united cigar stores.
Everybody knows that these is
facts but what they may not know
is that they's other, branchs of in
dustrys that is effected even worse
by the swearing off evil and that
these branchs Is all ready stareing
ruin right in the eye. I refer to the
allied professions of doctor, nurse
and undertaker and that part of the
real estate game that specializes in
6 ft. lots.
I suppose you seen in the papers a
wileago where the Insurance com
panys reported that 1921 was the
healthiest yr. In history. Well the
day afer that report came out they
was 3 undertakers in N. Y. city alone
that applied for a bankrupt and
when they asked them what was the
matter with their business, they said
so many people seemed to of give up
About the same time a friend of
mine got a letter from a nurse in Chi
who said that she was looking around
for another job as they wasn t no
case no more. Doctors is starveing
to death all over the U. S. and Cana
da wile hospitals are getting such a
rotten play that some of the ones
that used to be proud is now think
ing about putting up a electric sign:'
"Welcome Leppers."
That is the condition these branchs
of Industry in in and they's only one
answer namely, that we are too dog
gone well all ready without trying to
get no better. Even under the pres
ent conditions, which is said to be the
worst in historv from a doctor's or
pall bearer's standpoint, a big ma- I
jority of the people engaged in these j
kind or arts is headed for the rocks
and what will it be if a few more of
their prospective customers decides
not to drink or smoke ourself to
death. A panic ain't the word.
The worst of this situation is that
the gents and ladles effected by same
is not the kind that can meet the sit
uation and save themselfs by
changeing their line of business the
way some people could, like for inst.
you take a brewer arid when the law
was past vs. beer, why he could still
use his brewery to manufacture near
beer or yeast or something, or you
take a man that use to run a livery
barrj. why when people begin drive
ing cars instead of horses, all he had
to do was to get rid of his horses and
morals and call his Joint a gnrage.
But suppose a Dr. would half to go
to work what would he do? He would
half to find some walk of life where
you guess for a living and they's only
a few Jobs besides Dr. where it don't
make much difference whether you
guess right or wrong, like for inst.
telephone operator or weather pro
phet neither of which commands no
such ridiculous stipend as a Dr. has
been brought up to expect.
As far as nurses is concerned, you
would think from reading the papers
that any nurse could get a job as a
show girl as it seems like a newspa
per reporter can't write the word
nurse without putting pretty in front
of it,. but personly I been in hospitals
myself several times both as spec
tator and client and if the nurses
SAYING GOODBYE: Finally, brethren,
jC& farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort,: be
Y of one mind, live in peace : and the Gcd of
love and peace shall be with you. 2 Cor. 13:11.
BerfonBraleys Daily Poeni
Infantry Qaclics
The babies of these present days are raised upon a system. "'
You count their calories of food, and on a card you list 'em;
They're spanked upon a schedule and petted by the clock
And you musn't ever jounce 'em and you mustn't ever rock: i
Physicians choose their style of dress and fix their hours of sleeo
And tell you when they ought to laugh and when they ought to weep.
Their every eccentricity is catalogued and filed.
For the modern type of baby is a scientific child!
Time was that mothers raised them in a rather casual way.
With a bit of help from grandma but that isn't done today;
For the bringing up of babies is a far from simple art
And you need a dozen volumes and a blue print and a chart,
A clinical thermometer, a etethescope, a scale,
Some test tubes and a distaphone that registers each wail,
The modern mother's regimen is very far from mild.
For the baby of the present is a scientific child!
Oh. the old folks sniff about it and the jesters jest a lot
But tBe modern type of baby is a healthy little tot,
He may be robbed of baby-talk, of many pats and kisses.
But there's a heap of colic and of other ills he misses;
And in spite of all the sentiment that in our cosmos lurks
There isn't any question that the modern method works.
For the scientific baby is a husky little tad,
A credit to the doctor, and the mother and the dad!
which was sicked onto me and my
friends was cut out for any stage
role it must of been one of the gals
that they ring up the curtain on in
The average nurse might make a
pretty good sales lady but they ain't
no frantic demand for them at this
time of yr.
In places where euchre or bridge
whist is popular an undertaker can
last a little wile renting chairs but
even at $.50 a dozen this kind of bus
iness ain't going to make him rich as
very few private card partys is give
for more than 8 people, and mine
hostess may of come from a rich
family and own a couple of chairs
About the only way I can see for a
funeral director to get along without
funerals is to pour all his embalming
fluid into quart bottles, label it Old
Stiff and sell it for $110 a case.
But of course when doctors, nurses
and undertakers desserts their own
field to try and get jobs as telephone
girls or clerks or boot leggers, why
that ain t going to improve the non
employment situation not one iota
and in fact just the opp. so it should
ought to be the aim of every man.
woman and child to try and keep the
above mentioned artists busy in their
own profession which the only way
to accomplish same Is for all of us to
take down sick and some of us to
even make the supreme sacrifice and
So my friends think twice before
you give up any habits that you think
is undemining your health, because
if they was ever a time, when it
would be better to be worse, this
is it,
Great Neck, Dec. 30.
Congressmen Dumm - and - Dummer
Look Into the Ford Energy Plan
"Well." said Senator Dumm. "what
do you think of this plan of Henry
Ford and Thomas Edison to substi
tute energy for gold?"
"I don't believe in substituting en
ergy for anything whatsoever," re
plied Representative Dummer. "We
are getting along with our energy
right where it is, and I think we
should leave it lay."
"Do you quite comprehend the idea,
anyhow?" asked Senator Dumm.
"No. Do you?"
"Certainly. Now let me see if I
can make it clear to you. Have you
a dollar?"
"Just about."
"Have you any energy?"
"I have enough energy to keep you
from getting the dollar, if that is
your your idea," shot back Repre
sentative Dummer.
"Just let me explain." continued
Senator Dumm. "The money stan
dard in the United States ot Ameri
ca today is gold. Now, there are va
rious units of value. A unit is a
medium of measurement or some
thing of the sort. For instance, a
cent is a unit of a dime, a dime is a
unit of a dollar, and so forth. Now.
the Ford idea is to make all these
things a unit ot energy. Do you get
the idea?"
'You mean that a man instead of
being paid off at the end of the
working week with gold would be
paid paid off with units of energy?"
Figuratively speaking."
"WelL where Is Ford to get all
this energy that he intends to have
take the place of gold? asked Rep
resentatlve Dummer.
"Mussel Shoals." replied Senator
Dumm. "You have heard ot the
Mussel Shoals, haven't you?"
"The body of Zbyszko the wrestler
is covered with them," returned Rep
resentative Dummer.
'Don't be stupid. The mussle I
am referring to Is a eort of a fish.
The Mussel Shoals are situated off
the southern coast of the United
Questions And
(Any reader can get the answer to
any question by writing The Repub
lican Information Bureau. Frederic
J. Haskin, director, Washington, D.
C. This offer applies strictly to in
formation. The bureau cannot give
advice on legal, medical, and finan
cial matters. It does not attempt to
settle domestic troubles, nor to un
dertake exhaustive research on any
subject. Give full name and address
and enclose two cents in stamps for
return postage. All replies are sent
direct to the inquirer. Write your
question plainly and briefly.)
Q. Will you tall me the name of
Washington Irving' home in New
York and what city it is in? E. D. G
A. "Sunnypidc" is the name of the
house in whiih Washington Irving
resided at Irvington, New York. It
was originally known as "Wolfert
Roost" and was built in the seven
teenth century.
Q. What is the natural color of the
flower known as everlasting or im
mortelle? J. K.
A. The natural color of Immor
telles is yellow. They retain their
States, and great herds of mussels
live there. Ford wants to get con
trol of them."
"The mussels or the shoals?" asked
Representative Dummer.
"Both." replied Senator Dumm. ...
"As the world's greatest tin mag- '
nate, I suppose he is going into the
mussel canning business," suggested i
xeu. Lfuiuuicr. ,- .
"Not at all," replied Senator t
Dumm. "Do you mean to tell me you
don't know what Ford wants Mussel
Shoals for?"
"Well, maybe he is going to open
a shore dinner resort or sumpin of
the kind."
'I've a good mind to flatten you
were you stand and plead Justifiable
murder to your constituents," sai'
Senator Dumm. showingsome lndig-
nation. "As I have been trying to
explain for the last hour, a nitrate
is an atom of power. : Each nitrate ,
Is so small we cannot see It with the
naked eye. Tet the air is full of 'em. i ,
The plan is to harness them.
"Naked eyes?" said Represent- -VI
uve Dummer. .
"No, nitrates." returned Dumm. -"The
plan is to harness these ni
trates." "How can yon harness a nitrate if
you can't even see it?" demanded
Representative Dummer.
"Ah." . replied Senator Dumm,
"that's where the ENERGY comes
in." . .
TXT.TT i v.
to harness a nitrate what do you do .
with it after you have thrown the
harness over its neck? asked Rep
resentative Dummer.
"You lead it up to Henry Ford by
the bridle and turn it over to him."
"And what does Henry do with it?"
"He takes each nitrate, dips it Into
a vat of black enamel, puts four
wheels and a set of fenders on it, and
sells it for 1350."
"I see," coifeesed Representative
Dummer. "That gives Ford the mus
sels, the shoals, the nitrates, the lat
est thing in roadsters, and most of
the world's supply of gold. Yon and
I ret the energy if we are lucky." ,
color for months, som-'.Imes even for
Q. What was the Jewish title
higher than rabbi? E. M.
A. The title rabban was one high
er th..n rabbi an . was given first to
Gamaliel and afterward by way of
eminence to the heads of the Sanhe-
drin of the house of Hlllel.
Q. When was opium introduced in
China? F. F. F.
A Opium for use as a medicine
was introduced into China in the
thirteenth century by Arabs. The in
troduction of opium smoking was
not until the l"th century and came
from India. . The first edict prohib
iting this wa by Emperor Yung
Cheang in 1729.
Q. What was the original "A-no.
one"? K. L.
A. The terra "A-no. one" origin
ated as a symbol used in the classifi
cation of wooden ships by Lloyd's
Maritime Insurance Association. It
denoted that the hull and equipment
of the ship in question were In good
Q. What ts the nature of the
bloodless operation that Or. Lorens
performs? C McK.
A. Dr. Lorenz specializes In ortho
paedic surgery. After years of study
he developed his so-called "bloodless'
method of reducing congenital dislo
cation of the hip joint. This consists
of the forcible stretching of all the
soft parts about the hip until the
head of the bone can be brought to
the place where the socket should be
(the acetabulum) and then holding it
in that position and rotating the joint
to secure It in the depression of the
acetabulum. A plaster of Paris cast
is worn by the patient from six to
nine months after the operation. -
Complete Sedona Road
PRESCOTT That the Sedona road
is practically completed and will of
fer an unusually interesting and com
fortable trip to the motorist as soon
as the present periol of moist weather
passes off, was stated today by A.
B. Teach of the Prescott Engineer
ing Construction company.-
"From the forks of the Camp Verde
road almost to Dry Creek the Sedona
road is well finished and ready .for
travel." said Mr. Peach, "and I have
never seen a finer, smoother piece of
new road in this state. Courier.
Opening Quarries
DOUGLAS The Painted Desert
Mining company has obtained lease
on the stone quarries of the Golden
Rule Mining company in the district
about 40 miles southwest of this city.
Doan and Stevens drew the leases for
the company, who is a party of San
Francisco capitalists. Ernest Lisher
ness. of San Francisco. Is promoting
the work and was instrumental in
getting the caking of San Francisco
The leases include 14 claims of ex
cellent building marble. Develop
ment work will be started at once
Stop Indian Orgy
MIAMI Determined to observe
Christmas In ye okle Apache way,
half a dozen bucks and squaws as
sembled In an arroyo south of Globe
Christmas day with a supply of tula
pai calculated to turn a hundred
Christmases into one. Everything
went well for a long time, but the
firewater did its deadly work and the
Indiana thought the air would be, a
little cooler if they had a free for all.
Several of the bucks were well
marked as a result of their injuries
and a couple of squaws were prepar
ing to enter the fray when Deputies
Wight, Red Kinsey and Officer Tut
tle appeared on the scene.
One tried the disappearing trick,
but a couple of shots fired over his
head brought the chase to a speedy
end. The runaway proved to be aa
Indian known as ' Walter, who was
once sent to the penitentiary for a
murder he never committed. He is
held on a charge of drunkenness, but
the others were allowed to return t
the reservation under their promise
of good behavior. Bulletin.
PRESCOTT Crews working at the
Verde Central mine, on the "horse
shoe" of the Jerome-Prescott high
way, broke into ore at the BOO-foot '
level in the shaft Monday, accord
ing to reports received here by tele
phone from Jerome.
Conditions, the reports said, were
exactl the samye as those found at
the 300-foot level, where ore was
struck last May. This is considered
by those interested in the property
to have great significance, as mean
ing that porbably the ore-chute dis
covered at the 300 level extends to
the 600. Journal-Miner.
Student Honored
NOGALES W. U Cochrane of this
city has Just received word that his
son. Harold E- Cochrane, was one of
the ten honor students elected to the
Beta Gama SiRma fraternity in the
Wharton School of Finance, of the
University of Pennsylvania for this
. scholastic year. Herald.

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