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A Lesson In
Designer Who Does It Says "Perfect 36" Is a Snare and Delusion
Little Stories For Bedtime
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Chatterer the Red Squirrel had
never had so many surprises good
surprises in all his life as since the
day he had been caught In a trap in
Farmer Brown's corn crib. In the
first place, it had been a great sur
prise to him that he had not been
given to Black Pussy the Cat, as he
had fully expected to be. Then had
come the even greater surprise of
finding that Farmer Brown's 1oy
was ever and ever so much nicer
than he had thought. A later sur
prise had been the wire wheel in his
cage, so that he- could run to his
heart's content. It was such a
pleasant and wholly unexpected sur
prise it , had quite changed Chatter
er's feelings toward Farmer Brown's
boy, '
The fact is, Chatterer- could have
been truly happy but for one thing
he was a prisoner. Yes. sir, he was
a prisoner, and he couldn't forget it
for one minute while he was- awake.
He used to watch Farmer Brown's
boy and wish with all his might that
he could make him understand how
dreadful it was to be in prison. But
Farmer Brown's boy couldn't under
stand what Chatterer said no matter
how hard Chatterer tried to make
him. He seemed to think that Chat
terer was happy. He just didn't
understand that not all the good
things in the world could make up
for loss of freedom that it is better
to be free, though hungry and cold,
than in a prison with every comfort.
Chatterer had stoqd.' it pretty well
"and made the best of things until
Sammy Jay" had found him, and
Reddy Fox had made fun of him,
and Peter Rabbit had peeped at him
from behind the old -stone wall. The
very sight of them going' where they
pleased and when they pleased had
"been too much for Chatterer, and
such a great longing for the Green
Forest, and the Old Orchard filled his
heart that he could think of nothing
else.. He just sat in a corner of his
cage and looked as miserable -is he
felt. He lost his appetite.' In vain
Farmer Brown's boy brought im the
fattest nuts and Other dainties.- He
Just couldn't eat for the great long
ing for freedom that filled his heart
until it seemed ready to burst. He
mo longer- cared to run in that. new
-wire wheel which had given him so
much pleasure at first. He was home
.aick -and ha just couldn't help it.
i Farmer Brown's boy noticed it, and
;his face grew sober and thoughtful,
pe watched Chattecer when the. Iat
jtar didn't; know that he; was' about,
nfl if he -couldn't understand Chet
iterer's talk he . could understand
Chatterer's actions, and knew that
Jie was unhappy, and guessed why.
FiOne morning Chatterer did not come
orit of his holly stump, as he usually
- uiu wueu jus vclkc was piaueu un ine
shelf outside ' the farmhouse door.
He just didnt feel like it. He stayed
curled up in his bed for a long, long
rA f; : :
A SOLUTION OF THE BATH PROBLEM Recipe for the Saturday
Kight Bath: Take one tub, fill it with water, flavor with soap. Place in
that' one child, rlf c"hild:cries, add one pup. ,- Never, mind yelp of pup, child
will stop crying. Jeanie Mahoney .of New York wants to bathe twice a
day since her mother followed this recipe. And who thought there were
still tin bath tubs in New York?
The Lily Cook Says-
"Gift Day is al
most upon us and the
gifts are how on dis
play in the window of
the Arizona Gazette.
Go and see them,
and wait for the give
away announcement
on New Year's.
In the mean ' time,
if your grocer has
any of the Lily cans
with the . numbered
labels, don't fail to
buy them.
You can never tell.
the last can you buy may be the one which will
entitle you to participate in the Gift-giving.
Address all communications to The "Lily" Cook,
Lily Plant, Tempe, Arizona
Lily Milk it the rich, creamy, wholesom product of Arizona's
finest cows.
time, too sad and miserable to move.
At last he crawled up and peeped out
of his little round doorway. Chat
terer gave a little gasp and then
rubbed his eyes. Was he dreaming?
He scrambled out in a hurry and
peeped through the wiresyof his cage.
Then he rubbed his eyes again wnd
rushed over to the other eide of the
cage for another look. Ilia cage
wasn't on the usual shelf at all! It
was on the snow-covered stone wall
on the edge of the Old Orchard:
Chatterer was so excited he didn't
know what to do. He raced around
the. cage. Then he jumped into the
Like a
Little Rd Flash Ha Was
wire "wheel and made it spin round
and round as never before. When he
was too tired to run any more he
jumped out. And right then he dis
covered something he hadn't noticed
before. The, little door in the top of
his cage was open! It must be that
Farmer Brown's boy had forgotten to
close it -when he put in Chatterer's
breakfast. Chatterer forgot that he
was tired. Like a little red flash he
was outside and whisking along the
snow-covered stone wall straight for
his home in the Old Orchard.
."Chickaree! Chickaree! Chicka
ree!" he shouted as he ran.
"Ha, ha. ha! ( Go it, -you little red
scamp!" shouted a voice behind him.
Then Chatterer knew that Farmer
Brown's, boy had not left the little
door open by mistake, but had given
him his freedom, and right 'then he
knew that they were going to be the
best of friends.
' - - " ' ' 0
He Fannie, the taxi wil be here
in a minute. Put' on your evening
gown quick
Wife Don't be funny, Wilfred, it's
on. Answers, London.
mm, jmmm
'1.3. M
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msi- m4
If n-.X 'Vk
By Marion Hale
NEW YORK No matter - how
pretty the blouse, no matter how
pretty the hat, the beauty's lost,
all lost, there isn't some harmoniz
ing element.
As for instance this Idalre hat and
Erpf and Garbe blouse there's a
hint of Russia about each of them,
so they look as if they were made
for each ether!
The hat is a clever tricorn, braided
in conventional design, smart of line
and vastly becoming to the rather
round face.
The blouse hand dyed silk and
hand made is a decorative affair.
colorful in itself and touched up with
a bit of Russian peasant embroidery.
The neck, instead of hooking or
buttoning, ties with self color silken
ties finished with fascinating little
. . a
SCOTTSDALE, Dee. 80. The reg
ular meeting of the local farm bu
reau will be held Thursday night at
7:30 o clock at the school house. Sev
eral committees have interesting re
ports to make and further announce
ments of the short course to be held
the following week will be made by
those in charge of that part .of the
work. It is hoped that -a. 'good re
port will be made on work to be
started soon on the paved road from
"The Lion Tamer" Friday Night
Everyone is looking forward to FrI-
day, January 6, when the high school
play "The Lion Tamer" will be given
at the school house by the students
under the supervision of Principal L.
O. DuRoss. The costumes will arrive
by that date and from all indications
the show will be the most successful
ever held here. In choosing Robert
Adams as the woman hater an actor
well fitted for the part was found.
Miss Verden is the young lady who
tames this woman hater.
Beavers to Play Glendal
The Scottsdale high five will play
the fast Glendale team on the home
grounds Friday, January 6. The
local boys gave the Tempe high
team a hard game at the' l.ast meet
ing and the Tempe boys defeated the
Glendale boys, so the eBavers are
in hopes of duplicating the Tempe
feat Friday. Stiff practice will be
started Tuesday and as the coach
lives in the district now more time
can be given to practice. It is hoped
that the Glendale girls can come also,
but nothing definite has been heard.
Cowboy Sports New Year's
The Indians living on the local
reservation have made announcement
of a great, roundup day of sports
New Year's day, or Monday, at their
large corral on the reservation. These
sports will consist of roping, riding.
calf tying, facing, dances, etc. No
admission will be charged and every
one in the valley is invited. The
event willtake place four miles east
of hcottsdale on the Mcowell reser
vation and a day of pleasure is in
store for those that attend.
LONDON The wedding of Charles
Phillips had progressed to the point
where the registrar asked the bride
groom's full name. Then it was
learned Phillips had delegated his
brother to take his place while he
went to France on important busi
ness. The wedding was postponed.
"WHITBY, England Wilfred El
ders, errand boy, who Jumped into
the harbor and rescued a 6-year-old
boy, was too modest to report his
heroic act to his employer.
Cuticura Met Trio
Satisfies every want of the
most critical in cleansing,
purifying and beautifying
the skin and complexion.
Nothing purer, sweeter or
more effective for every-day
toilet purposes.
B!DlBrlrTilT!l Address "OrteirsL
rfttortafl. Dpt.M. MWJiAM " SflhliwT
brr? Smp2&e Oinomeot 2&nd0r. Tslniinapc
&&"Cuticura Soap shaves without mc
"""7 5ft, 4 in Y
W A - ' LV
iff I j , tr J h
,Vvi Aires'' f -whi '
CLEVELAND An expert at f ig
i -es.
That's Madame Edna Renauld.
But she's not a bookkeeper
Not a bank teller
Not an auditor.
She' a designer of frocks for
"misfits' for a - Cleveland garment
manufacturing concern. .
Madame Renauld has made a study
of women's figures for ten years.
Here's how she boils down her
knowledge for you:
"The perfect 36 is a snare and a
Chapter XLVr." '
John Aldrich took his problem and
little Kenneth straight to Muriel
Doran. She listened with tears in her
eyes while John told his story. Mar-
A Rinni.K
Oh. What
I'm spick and spaa
All carpenters find m
if'. Jfe
LA "
wwmi - "
And yet. In spite ok all that' heen said.
When I a tart to-work, I'm hit on the head...
Behead the cost and leave a grain: behead again and leare
form of water.
Behead winced Inserts and leave untruths.
Behead a hlossom and leave not no hif h. t
Behead a pile and leave a small nail.
Answers to jLast Iu;ites.
The answers to the charade are: pumpkin. Jack o' Lantern.
1 1 M A T T I N (IL Y ' S 1 j
10 lbs. Pure Cane Sugar 69c
12-lb. Sack of Boss Flour . . , 65c
1 pkg. Mince Meat 11c
V-lb. pkg. Lipton Tea 37c
Eagle Milk, per can 22c
Heinz Peanut butter, large size 28c
Heinz Baked Beans, small size 10c
Vz-lb. pkg. Swift's Bacon 20c
"Measurements of this so-calltd
standard figure were adopted by pat
tern mukers more than 50 years ago
and the figure of the modern woman
is much different.
"Insurance statistics say -68 per
cent of American women are less
than five feet five and one-half
inches high. So ' the short woman,
not the perfect ' 36, is the standard
American woman.
"According to the old "perfect 36'
standard, 95 per cent of the women
nowadays are misfits. And that's
what keeps me busy.
da's part in It softened as much as
possible. "
"She is not strong and felt the care
of a boy full of life would be too
much for her." he explained, flushing.
Cua yoa help tbM
rhlldna find ttarlr lost
pts? Jeannle hmm lout
her bunny and Jnck
hM lost his dog. .
a hhame.
and I'm o-wf ul, Ytry,
"The usual way of making a dress
for a small woman has been to take
a 36 pattern and "grade down' two
inches all around.
"That fails to take into considera
tion that the small woman usually
has a short waist and wide shoulder
Madame Renauld can put the same
dress .on three types of women and
have it fit without alteration.
She makes four sizes for quantity
produ.tion, 14'i, 16H. 18 'A and 20H-
But they're all "really size 16 and
will fir. a short girl, medium sized
girl or tall girl without being changed
Muriel understood, but she gave no
sign that she thought any circum
stance was different from what John
hart told her. She puckered her
brows in thought tor a moment, then
"I know just' the place for" him.' A
couple in the same apartment nouse
with mother, and me Just lost their
little boy, about this boy's age. They
are poor, but refined, nice people in
every way. . I am sure they will be
delighted to take him, if I can get
off I will go there right away and
find out." '.
She easily got permission to leave
the st.re and went with John and
little Kenneth. Before she returned,
or John had gone to his office, little
Kenneth had been welcomed with
open arms, arrangements had been
made whereby John was to pay what
seemed a ridiculously small sum for
his keep, and the boy had been le
sitting happily on his foster mother's
Neither John nor Muriel said much
as they left the home that was to be
the boy's as soon as John could at
tend to a few necessary preliminaries.
When they separated in the street
John held hei- hand for Just a mom
ent. "You are one in a thousand. Muriel,
you never disappoint a fellow, he
finished boyishly.
"Well. I hop- ycu put that boy in a
home." Marcia said that evening,
meaning some institution.
"Yes. I put him in a home. The
boy. what he had done for him. was
That Phoenix Meat Company has a reputation of always having good meats.
Our buying ability is such that we can get the best stock on the. market.
We sell steer beef because steer beef is more tender, is more tasty, and has
more food value per pound. "With our years of -experience in Phoenix
makes possible superior equipment and skill for ageing and preparing meat
for your table. Yet many do not real ize that it costs NO MORE to buy such
superior meats at our markets. Sometimes the price per pound may be a
few cents higher but value for value our meats are no more expensive,. and
in the end, cheaper than any place we know of.
For instance: Steer beef costs no more than cow beef, but cow beef
contains more water and shrinks in cooking. When placed on the table, the
advantage is in favor of the steer beef.
Fryers 35c Fat Hens 33c
Beef Pot Roast (Steer
Pork Roast
Veal Roast
Bulk Sausage
5 ' V
''f ; . ' .
V i Ai
7 ' -
AIDS FAMINE STRICKEN Julia Ward Howe Hall, great-granddaughter
of the author of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic," is chairman
of the Junior Commission for Russian Famine Relief, in New York.
his secret and Muriel's. He would
not share it with Marcia.
"That's where he belongs."
"Yes, he is where he belongs. In a
home." That ended all talk of the
boy until one night when they were
giving a dinner party. Marc(a re
garded their guests with the jrtory
of how John . had brought home a
red-headed boy expecting her to keep
him." They all seemed to , think it
uproariously funny.
But it gave Jchn a new interest in
life, a more intense interest because
it was shared by Muriel Doran. He
worked even harder now. but did not
give way so easily to Marcia's de
mands when she urged him to .leave
"that old desk" t go out with her.
He had the boy to tare for, later to
Muriel kept a close watch cf Ken
neth in his new home, and told of
Mrs.,, Turner'" kindness to the little
chap in a way that made John feel at
rest about the boy. He had soon
ceased to grieve Jot his own mother,
Mrs. .Turner had been so quick in
sensing - his needs and filling them
by showering the mother- love he
needed 'upon him.
Often John went out of h'.s way to
stop and play with Kenneth, who
.called him "Uncle John" and loved
him deeply Nearly always there
was' a new toy, a bock, some little
gift in his hand. Really the com
panionship of the boy was making
John younger, smoothing the lines
of care from bis lace because of the
urge of youth to be youthful. .
Kenneth' was an added bond be
tween John Aidrich and Muriel Do
ran. Had Marcia known of the feel
ing Muriel's ready help bad awakened
in John, the comparison he could not
avoid making she would not have re
counted so gaily what she called a
ridiculous action in expecting her to
take the boy into her home.
Now when John thought of Muriel
there came into his mind the day she
had taken the boy to her heart and
helped him find a real home for the
little waif. , She had taken Kenneth
in her arms, had mothered him with
tears in her eyes for his pitiful condi
tion, while Marcia, under the same
circumstances, had angrily dismissed
him. ...... .
"Seme women are potential moth
ers. I- guess; others never could be
"rj;al mothers'," he said to himself as
he compared the two women, their
actions tonar.i the child.
This potential motherhood in Muriel
appealed strongly to the child love in
John. It strengthened dangerously
Meat) ..12c
Veal Chops
Veal Stew
Swift Hams
his feeling for Muriel, although he in
no wise allowed himself to think of
blaming Mareii. Marcia was just
Marcia. . . .
"I must have some new dining room
furniture. John. I law some yester
day when I was shopping with Claire.
Ours is dreadfully old fashioned.
They aren't using round tables any
"But, Marcia "
"No objections, please. You could
very well afford to take a boy to
bring up. You can afford to give me
a new dining room suite. I can get
rid of the old one in part payment."
And because he did intend to do for
the boy, even though secretly. John
gave Marcia the money for. the fur
niture they did not need. He had a
feeling that he could not endure a
scene because of the orphan boy. and
knowing Marcia. her reference to
Kenneth meant that she. would cse
the child, the expense he would have
been, as a lever to get what-she
(To be continued)
Treat your beauty fairly! I
No mailer how lovely I
your rearures are you
cannot be huly attractive
with a red blotchy
oily skin
Resinol Soap and Ointment
make bad complexions
smoother softer and
generally charming
Soofhinq &nd He&tiui
(Skinned) 27c

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