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Republican A. P. Leased Wire
I NEW YORK, Dec. 30 The stock
exchange's final fall session of the
year was marked by conflicting and
erratic fluctuations. Heavy cash
sales to meet income tax returns oc
curred in many low priced issues but
representative rails and favorite in
dustrials were comparatively strong,
though dull in contrast with the ac
tivity shown by speculative issues.
Opinions from authoritative sourc
es dealing with general conditions in
the coming year sounded a note of
optimism, especially in relation to
commercial and industrial prospects.
These were borne out by over
night developments, such as the
strengthening of the financial posi
tion of the Sears-Roebuck company,
.further favorable November railroad
earnings and advices from Montana
indicating early resumption of oper
ations In the copper mines.
Money rates stiffened in conse
quence of unexpectedly large renew
als into 1922. Opening at five per
Fast Wire East
Stocks Bonds
Cotton Grain
Chicago Board of Trade
Lea Angeles Stock Exchange
San Francisco Stock Exchange
New York Curb
Prompt and Efficient Service
cent, call loans rose to EH at noon
with a further advance to six per
cent in the last hour.
Sears-Roebuck was the most
prominent feature of the day. al
though Its extreme advance of slight
ly more than seven points was re
duced to 4 at the close. Studebak-
er, railway steel spring. American
ice, Woolworth and sugars were
among the other stocks to show sub
stantial net gains. Sales amounted
to 7 o,000 shares.
Trading in foreign exchanges was
larger than at any recent period and
the strong tone suggested a more en
couraging view of European econo
mic conditions. Sterling bills were
at the week's highest level and all
allied quotations were firm, the Ital
ian rate making full recovery, Dutch
and Scandinavian quotations were 10
to 20 points higher.
The bond market was active as a
whole, but irregular movement
marked the foreign division. Victory
4s, featured the domestic list odd
lots selling at $100.20, the year's max
imum quotations. Total sales, par
value, aggregated 117,350,000.
CHICAGO, Dec. 30 Free selling
due to the government report on
winter wheat and to liquidation on
the part of a house in financial dif
ficulties, led to material setbacks to
day in the value of grain. Wheat
closed unsettled, 2 to 2c net lower,
with May S1.15 to 1.154 and July,
$1.03 to 1.04. Corn lost one to liic
net and oats to 154 cent. In pro
visione the outcome varied from 15
cents decline to 2 cents advance.
Bearish sentiment regarding the
government report was based on con
tentions that the yield indicated for
winter wheat would be 50,000,000 to
W. W. Lawhon
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Cotton, Investments
Logan & Bryan Private Wire Service
We specialize in Liberty Loan Issues
No. 39 South Central Ave., Commercial Hotel BIdg.
70,000,000 bushels more than as a rule
had been looked for. Figures pur
porting to show that the 1922 harvest
would nevertheless be 67,000,000
bushels less than last year's total
failed to check the downward swing
of the market. Support for values
was poor, and with liquidation sales
in progress the lowest level of the
day was reached shortly before an
nouncement was made that a large
firm on the bull side had suspended.
Cessation of selling pressure fol
lowed, and in the brief interval until
the close a moderate rally took
place, helped somewhat by word that
an agreement had been signed for
the shipment of $10,000,000 of Rus
sian gold to the United States to pur
chase food supplies. Another aid too
was the fact that primary receipts
today were less than half as much as
the amount a year ago.
. Corn and oats were lower; in sym
pathy with wheat and on account of
hedging sales. Shorts however, were
covering at the last.
Provisions reflected the weakness
of grain and hogs.
NEW TORK. Dec. 30 Dun's to
morrow will say: A year which has
been marked by general economic
readjustment comes to its closing
with quietness in business the pre
vailing condition, but with promise
of improvement to follow. While
the seasonal lull has been somewhat
more pronounced than usual, much
has been accomplished in the way of
strengthening the fundamental situ
ation, and the outlook is for further
gradual commerciad recovery. Final
estimates of crop production em
phasize the reduced purchasing pow
er in agrlcultual communities, small
er yields and lower prices having a
far-reaching influence, and unem
ployment in manufacturing and mer
cantlle channels accentuates the re
striction of public consuming ca
Weekly bank clearings, $4,978,-
AUTO STAGES To Globe. Miami. Roosevelt Dam. over the Apache Trail
Dally. To Superior, Florence, Ray. Sonora, Tuesday. Thursday. Saturday.
Leaving Ray for Phoenix, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To Tempe. Mesa,
hourly. To Chandler every other hour. Tc Fowler. Tolleson. Cashlon.
Coidwaier, Avondale, Wagner. Litchfield, Liberty. Buckeye, Arlington and
Gillespie Dam. For further information phone 711 or 1465. UNION 8TAGE
DEPOT. 11-1315 East Jefferson Street. '
BOSTOX, Dec. 20 The Commer
cial Bulletin tomorrow will say:
"The demand for wool of all grades
keeps up within unusual animation
for the closing week of the year when
rade is normally slow, not a little
wool having been purchased in bond,
especially . wools of fine grade and
good staple, which some of the mills
need apparently with which to piece
out current orders. Prices generally
show and advance for the week of
one to two cents a pound In the
grease and some times even a little
"The wool industry Is hoping for
early passage of the permanent tariff
bill in order that a basis upon which
to operate in the new clip may be
ascertained. The manufacturers are
not consuming so much as they were
but still are using considerable stock.
The clothing industry Is cutting
prices in order to move large surplus
r Scoured basis: Texas fine 12
months, SO 85; fine 8 months, 67
170. .
Territory: Fine staple, 909
H blood combing, 78 81; blood
combing 55 60; blood combing,
50 (53; fine and fine medium cloth
ing, 6872; fine and fine medium
French combing 7884.
Pulled: Delaine, 85 90; A. A, 72
78: A. superiors. 6570.
.Mohais: Best combing, 2932;
best carding, 22 25.
bonds closed: 3 Vis, $94.56; first 4s.
$96.90 bid; second 4s. $96.30: first
4s. $97.02; second 414s, $96.62; third
Vis. $97.50: fourth 414s. $97.22; vic
tory 3s, $100.08; Victory 4s,
$100.08. .
ceipts, 8000. Market, no choice steers
here; medium to good grades very
dull, around 50 to 75 cents lower than
yesterday; few best yearlings steady;
top. $9.00: bulk beef steers. $6.25
7.50; she stock steady to lower; bulk
$3.753 5.25; canners and cutters
mostly $2.50(0.3.25: bulls strong:
stockers and feeders slow to 25
cents lower; best shipping calves
HOGS Receipts, 56.000. Market,
unevenly 25 to 50 cents lower than
yesterday's average; trade moderate
ly active to shippers and small and
large packers; top. $7.75 for 140 to
150-pound weight to shippers: bulk
180 to 200-pound hogs. $7.00 7.15;
220 to 250-pound weights, $6.606.75
pigs unevenly lower.
SHEEP Receipts, 10,000. Market,
generally steady; some medium fat
Iambs 25 cents lower; fat lamb top
early to packers, $11.60; shippers took
one load at $11.75; good to choice
shippers, $10.25; good lOo-pound
ewes, $5.40; few, $5.50; one load feed
er lambs steady at $10.50.
Kansas City
TLE Receipts, -beef steers dull
steady to 25 cents lower, most 25
cents lower: early top, $7.60; other
sales, $5.507.35; better grades she
stock mostly 25 cents lower; plain
kinds steady; few choice cows, $5.00
5.25; many plain and medium lots.
$3.504.00; good heifers, $5.0005.50;
calves steady to strong; best vealers.
$8.508.75; choice medium weights.
17.007.75; other classes slow and
mostly steady: bulk canners, $2.25
2.50; bulls mostly $3.253.75; early
Bales Blockers. s.oor.7o.
HOGS Receipts. 4000. Market, un
evenly 25 cents lower to both ship
Ders and packers: best 130 to 1"5
pound weights, $7.307.40; good and
choice 200 to 290-pound weights to
packers. $7.10 7.15; bulk of sales,
$6.807.30: top, $7.40; most packing
sows, $5.2 5 5.50; stock pigs up to
$7.50: steady to weak.
SHEEP Receipts, 2000. Market,
sheep steady; lambs 10 to 25 cents
ceipts, 600. Market, steady; beef
steers. $6.007.00; cows and heifers,
14.00 5.75; calves, $6.009.25; bulls,
$2.5003.25; stockers and - feeders.
$4,50 6.00. ' '
HOGS Receipts. 400. Market 25
cents lower; top, $7.10; bulk, $6.75
7.10. -
SHEEP Receipts. 2200. Market,
steady; , lambs, $10.00 10.25; ewes,
$3.504.25; feeder lambs, $8.759.50.
NEW TORK. Dec. SO. Cotton
closed barely steady, but 19 to 29
points over last night s quotations
Spot cotton steady; middling 19.4a.
NEW YORK. Dec. 30. Cotton fu
tures closed barely steady; January,
19.07; March, 18.95; May, 18.50; July,
18.00; October, 17.18.
NEW YORK. Dec 30. Liberty
NEW YORK. Dec. 30. Foregn ex
change strong: Great Britain, de
mand, 4.21; cables, 4.21Vi: France, de
mand, 8.04; cables, 8.04 V4; Italy, de
mand. 4.33V&; cables. 4.34; Belgium,
demand, 7.69V4: cables. 7.70; Ger
many, demand. 64 Vi: cables, 54;
Holland, demand. 36.85: cables. 36.91;
Norway, demand, 16.00; Sweden, de
mand, 25.12: Denmark, demand. 20.00;
Switzerland, 19.55; Spain, demand,
14.95; Greece, demand, 4.25; Argen
tine, demand, 33.50; Brazil, demand,
12.-80; Montreal, 94. . -
Compiled for The Republican by
Logan A. Bryan Private Wire
Commercial Hotel BIdg.
Anaconda 4DVi
Butte & Superior 22
Calumet & Arizona SSV4
Cere de Pasco ...
Nevada Cons. ...
Ray Cons.
NEW YORK. Dec. 30. Call money
strong; high. 6: low. 5; ruling rate.
closing bid, 6V4: offered at 6; last
loan. 6. Time loans firm; 60 days.
6f5 5Vi; 90 days. 55V; six months.
5(ff5V4. rrime mercantile paper,
NEW TORK. Dec. 30. Copper
steady: electrolytic spot and nearby.
1374 14c: later. 14c. Tin firm: spot
and nearby, 33.25: futures,- 32.25
33.00. Iron steady. Lead steadyi
spot. 4.70fi4.80. Zinc quiet; East St.
Louis delivery spot, 4.90 4.95. Anti
mony spot, 4.50.
NEW TORK, Dec 30. Foreign bar
silver, 6c; Mexican dollars, 49V4c;
domestic, 99 He.
CHICAGO. Dec. 30. Butter un
changed. Eggs unsettled: receipts.
4042 Closes: firsts. 42V4c; ordinary
firsts, 3739c; miscellaneous, 40
42c; refrigerator firsts, 35c.
Potatoes steady; receipts, 32 cars;
total United States shipments. 377:
northern white sacked, $2.002.20
cwt.; Idaho russets sacked, $2.25
2.45 cwt.
KANSAS CITY. Dec. 80. Butter,
eggs and poultry unchanged.
A. W. Coot.
Hotel Adams I
Close December 30
Amal. Oil 6
Assoc. Oil 100 104
Amer. Crude ..
Genl. Pete SI
Mascot 145
Mt. Diablo 100
Natl. Pac 7 ',4
Premier 26 H 34
Stand, of Cal 96 Vi
Union of Cal 168V4
United Oil 72 73V4
2 S,
playen. presenting a most varied en
tertainment. -Sinning and dancing
will be featured, as will the great act
of McAlbert. the wonder worker, the
crystal seance remarkable.
, 15 .
. 63 V4
Big Lodge 26 28
Calumet & Jerome 13 IS
Dundee 25 50
Goodyear Tire 114 12
Goodyear Tire, Preferred 25V4 26
Ureen Monster 06 12
Jerome Verde 26 32
Magma 25 26
Magma Chief 04 06
New Cornelia 17 18
Ray Hercules 13 15
United Eastern 02 A 02 A
Verde Extension 28 Vi 23 Vi
LONDON Attorney for London
Theater of Varieties offered a song
as evidence in a suit brought by the
Performing Right Society for In
fringement of copyright. He was
warned against singing the song, for
that would be an infringement.
BIRMINGHAM. Eng. Joseph Sedg
ly, out of work, found a pearl neck
lace. . He received a reward of $500.
Chief sources of graphite have been
Ceylon, Bohemia. Germany, France
and the United States.
o .
The Frolic
Dance the old year out and the New
Year in at the Frolic, the premier
dancing club. That's the program for
the dancers of the city this evening.
and Judging from the advance inter
est and preparations the dancing
emporium will be the scene of the
happiest of gatherings this evening.
This is the night that the big show
takes place at Riverside after the
Frolic closes. The moment the clock
strikes 12 tonight the buses will back
up to the door and take the crowds to
Riverside, where an all nipht watch
party will be in full blast. Those who
attend the Frolic will be given free
gate tickets at the door which will
admit them to the park without
charge. The same prices for dancing
will prevail there, and there will be
a shower of good things for the revel
ers wno are going to watch the old
year out and the New Year in. There
will be more doing at Riverside to
night than a one-armed man with
cooties. Noise makers will be dis
tributed free and the smart band will
knock your blues cold with the fastest
lot of jazz music that ever slipped out
of a saxaphone. You will not be
asked to pay more than the regular
tariir at the park, and if you ro to
the Frolic before the hour of 12 you
will nave a free ticket given you.
Plenty of buses will be provided for
all who want to ride that way. The
lid of the fun barrel has been lost for
this night and you can cut loose and
have (lie time of your lives forgetting
that cotton took a slump or that
trouble is anywhere in sight. This is
the ni?ht when you can go the limit
for fun.
she is coming west to sing at the
Philharmonic auditorium in the coast
metropol is.
Her engagement In Phoenix marks
the beginning of a series of musical
events second to none ever brought to
this city and embracing in Its per
sonnel the names of some of the
greatest artists of the operatic and
concert stage.
Kiikards & Nace of this city have
secured the exclusive rights to the
Rehymer franchise in Arizona and by
reason of the affiliation they are able
to offer the season of high class con
cert acts at their Rialto theater.
starting: with the Initial attraction
which brings Beatrice . Corelll here
for a week, beginning Saturday,
Jan. 8.
The great artists and musicians
will be heard or seen on the Rialto
stage running over a season which
will not end until May.
Due to the 30 weeks provided by
Mr. Behymer. the artists are secured
for such salaries that the manage
ments of the several theaters will be
able to show them at popular prices.
Miss Corelli will come for the week,
changing her songs with the change
of the picture programs, and she '"'ill
be heard at the regular house prices
of the Rialto.
(Continued from Page S)
Big Jim
Tom Reed
9V4 1
36 38
17 18V4
.235 237 Vi
69 70
L. A. Gas & E. 84
L. A. Invest. 95
San Joaqn. L. & P 23
So. Cal. Edison 97
Union Sugat 17
Every one of the hundreds of scenes
marks an epic In the advance of the
art of the cinema. And strange as it
may seem, there has never been any
feature ever made that equals "Quo
Vadis" from point of sensational dis
play and overwhelming action, de
spite the fact that the masterpiece
has been out for several years. Its
first tour of the United States was a
sensation,, and the second tour after
several years la exceeding the first
"Quo Vadis" is a romance of the
early Christian era. written by Henry
Sienkiewicz. and undoubtedly one of
the greatest classics of literature. In
the filmed version one follows with
unerring accuracy the text which has
thrilled millions. The burning: of
Rome, the imperial court of Nero, the
rescue by Ursus of the girl from the
back of a maddened bull, the great
scenes of the coliseum, the tourna
ments of the gladiators, the meeting
of the Christians In the catacombs,
and the great arena scene In which
the Christians are fed to the Hons.
All these wonders pass before the de
lighted gaze In "Quo Vadis."
Starting Monday, the Strand an
nounces McAlbert and his company of
Noted Prima Donna Coming
An announcement that win be of
interest to all lovers of good music is
forthcoming in the appearance at the
Rialto theater in this city of a prima
donna of one of America's greatest
operatic organizations.
Miss Beatrice Corelli, dramatic so
prano, late of the Manhattan Grand
Opera and of the Boston Grand Opera
company, will make her local bow to
music lovers by permission of L. K.
Behymer of Los Angeles, for whom
New Year's Eve
Sat., Dec, 31st
Over the Busy, Tempe
Prize piven to the big and
little one and to best make up.
The Peppiest Music
Come and see Charlie- Chaplin
and "The Kid.- . Oodles of
Admission 25c. Children 10c
Three Big Rollicking Dancing Nights
Every feature is in readiness for a whirlwind dance.
The only amusement center where you can see the Old Year out
and the New Year in.
Dance as long as you like without interruption.
The Only Chimes in the Valley
Make your reservations, call 22R12. We take car of any size party.
Paid Before January 7, 1922
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of the
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