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Mobile register and journal. [volume] (Mobile, Ala.) 1841-1849, December 03, 1841, Image 1

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• «,*
Sa*>-srti|!t-nii. ton Jo!Ji:-s |:»f the daily j riper, |f/iv«lde in
• I»s.u-e, am! rtve-iolKrs tyr* the rmiirtrv |itpcr,' p.gy sjhk;
fourth ip ml van re by cgsU or city ri4ci*e.uee. 1? -rsoii*
-v *'1 Rug lo .lin.’-.iiiiliujej nm-t _i*c one <\ee&.'» notice m
A rnwi(u-*' Vdveftljwin*itu I'lmfiibji'il n'lilioui'iu-'
. lerrsi,.npii, wi^l l.e vn.u txed at mh rate ol oiui dollnr per
»|iure tyr ihcUl-U itlsbCiioil, and lit'iy. celiiff ini’ i-aell. still -
'c |smil o.io. de>oi.weekly mid- in-weekly one< will be
*:n aig.-d lll«M»tiUrt ns hnlauneiUoiis. Tw'elve.lilu1* *«u A be
. ii's j.iire.* If aft iii\verir'. iieim in41iejless rtihi* a square,.
• Tt shall diMl’iisnitfifll rts'rlnil one. * * . ' **
*- . Advertise.bruts lint limited, on'the Mihuiioutiju, ns to.
„ jrie> H i nder of iu%<,ai:t toils* \yill1 lie Cntifiinicd •for twir
n nil’ll.-#" lin’d sfi ctwtr/ej, miles. piesimjsly d I rut*-it'd 4 b be
•tnlien ool of the paper jiy awriUthi order.
Advertise jieuig not bearing upon lliyir fares* the umho-s'
«f'.ilii soiia fry whb.ii ilmy ureweiU, muni lie i'uduraVil
l»> llieiif.
■ I’Uttiefflsfor ghuuhl advVrtwem will-hc. $ Id lor one
•nitture, dud #4 i fi/r each additional *i|ii«rc,.N¥iti| yio pflv
l«ve Of ulpiftgin^ouctf A’wt-elr, diiejn advance.
flic privilege of annual advertisers is Jfinift d tiA their
nun un uedi.ue business ; ami aiLadVerti^euieuls fpr the
ijonedi of ittner persons, as wall ns' uil lug if advertisf*
lllttills, and .4 lVcriisei^lcii^ of auction sales,.split by them,
t hittist in; jtuid’for at me ttsmti rate..
ilJ i lvs:riisomeii(s required hy*Iaw> wilWte chlrgeil at
the (i ll r iles.
Amiunhtdferiisfcrii tvjlo eXciVil. the space for which they
^ i~.bfr.4Ct, will bpeharged at thl* usual rates.
% Arrangements w*ilj he. i ft ad e with those who occupy hall
* colii lm orjitore cniitimunisty lor ii yenf, /tcdofililtg to
tin,' muuie id tile hii*inc.s*r and tlje frequency of the
. cuan-i4-of iiflitter.
.AdverlfteniMUl* or appliciilion for the hcuefll of The
l.isoLre.il L.rws. will not beVubJisheil in any case, un^.-ss
|igid lor prt v oiTs to insertion, or. payment ha gituritnu-cd
hy,a.resport»lhf|* |ft*csun fn town, •
A M a'lno ineeiMeilts of candidates for o*hce, will In- char
ged use dollarn n»r daily ius'criious-duiiug the canvass,
pi/aide Ip all case* in advance.
..Ati(itui'y-|P|<L Plro I h’xnpaTifes, nml other similar Associa
Uou4, ^Ijf he tfhurjretl-fnU rates by the uisi-ntou. gjj*|«»rfa
dnUars pt-r.iiiiuiun if they do not e.\4-ced mnrwpHiw each
All pccstinnlc.omaoiiiKtatlnhs, when admissible, will It*
eharned doiihle, ami jit nlfcaijeH pay mem imiyt be made in
il.iViMII-C. _ _
lu Chancer,)-—Slate of Alabama—=Mubil«» l'mum.
At Ru!>>. Oct. 25. 1’ U.
David Ferguson, eolnpl linant,
8:U ♦*.
Daniel !N1. Marr, IV IV hiinvoe, John J. WohbrV, \
John O’tlummjna, Janies Hogaii,.rtenry A. Snmv,
, iVtnev C*. Marr, Franklin (V Heard,.and Joseph
lIoHnrd*defe i>iani>.
.flXilR lull in‘thin ease i’-* filed* to endircr ah (*<pfita- (
-l.Me* lien tip^n IhiuIs rd" Marr, IVrownp & Co. in
the hands of Cummins, llogan .& So ny, sperhienlly
appronfHiied by Muir, UruA'in: St Co. to'llid puyr
ni‘'iii iif’n debt due ooinplainaptand to enjoin said
funds ii\ the Ill'll Is of i'uiuniius, iblguil St Sjiow UlM
Franklin to Heard.*
'Marr; llruwne & (\ti. Uehig-indebted to complain*
not jit a l.irgft Sum* of. liumey, gave him.an order on •
haid Cuuiphns, Hogini and - Simvy", for sue!} aminmf
to be paid .out of funds of film** , llrowife & Co.
lu theV hands, -which "order was July- presented to
said Cummins^ Hogan ^ Snow for payment; and
upon their’refyiial to pay, it was dulv.pfotqsted,o( all
which'saul Cummins. Hogan &. Snow had due no
tice. Marr,'Browne *1X20. are Insolvent) but bare
fun Is in the- hands of. Cummins, Hngaft »V Snow,
tnilkeieilTto pay ^jiiil Virdfec. ^"'I’lie appropriation «d
p rid funds to <>)inpliiijmnt was prior, to any -other ap
proprialmn of smut* to any*ollA*r creditor} and Conf
plaiiuuit tjierfeliy mypiireil a eLiim tluneto lAiperiar to
rtdy oilier Creditor of said firm oT Marr, Jhuwne, St. |
V Go.
Aiitf ii«>w the couiplaintuit "comes by bis solM’itors
and applies lor an wider of publication; and it up
pif.iring to the satfsf;K*tior| of ‘the Register art the
Court .of Ulmbcnry for the F\rsf District of the South
ern Chancery Division of (he Btateof Alabama, at
Mobile, (froMi an affidavit bn file) that the ikd’end
Hot4, JMpi 'J.. Welistef and Jnmes i lolfonf, art* nuii(
* resideQts.of t.liis state, they’arfcordered to appear at
the’next term of said Court of Chancery,'to be held .
* at M-diile, oif the segotid iMouduy of Notember next,
* .iu-1 answer or demur to the bilLwf complaint; and u
is further urtlefed.that this* order" be published oner
a weak for six weeks, in some neyspajnir printed
and Mubiislied in tjm pity of Mobile.; and tjuu a popy
of the saine be ported,on the ■door oj* the court liouse^
of Mobile county, all. vvitlfin fyWeu days fro nr this*
date*. ' •
•Witness, Maleolfii J.* McRae. Register of said
. Court of Chanren,, at M diile, (his 2ol’u day
of October,*A. L). 1841.
fc’ . * * M.;J. Me RAF. Regjstvr.
l.i Glruncery—State of Alaoama—Mobile Comiy
* . • ‘ • Spring ’I'trnii A. JK, 1811.
Tbjo President, DirocfOidnml Companyotiheiiauk
pf~Norfolk, ooAiplahi uitit,
25 ' v>.
Charles Brown and Lucy C. Brown Jiiswi n, 'd-*iVs'.
PURSUANT to a dtfbtyO rendered in tnis'cn’iifje nt
the Spring CPrip.'A. 1_>. 1811, ofAhdiunrrtbf cIrance
ry for the- first" district df win southern ch-iHcca y di
vision of srfiU stale ait Mobde, 1 slwlf prpoeed it> sell.
,in the order prcseiibed nr said* decree) on ih< first
Monday m ld^cCmbeT next, io dr .ml oi the epilli
bouse oPMobil** county, apd jietwem tbe.umiultiours
of shpritVsales, all th* interest Jt Clmrles Ibowo amL
wife, insif inuch of the-property d^cnbol-ns folh^a,
in-aceniiiiVdeeil of moVtgage made .ami executed by
said delbnJai)tS to*sjid6o»npt:jinanti?and bearing date
the 2'Jiliikiy oiVMay, - V. L). 1828‘,-rs may Wiiee- sim
^ry 1-3 satisfy said decree, to wit:—Sundry. parcels i^f
realesuto situated-in rtr* city of M->bile in file state,
of Alabama, bounded and describe 1 Hg-tollo.va, vhz:'
one lot nt land bjund'-'.d nortijwardjy on St. Francis
street iw.vbundcedaii.lfiilV jwolyeU vfesiwardiy on
land-of VVhite m jeLy-o1gi-u'ect; sjuiUwntdl^ on la d
of F/j&.’W.* Aniitrtrotig about i woviurwlre l and inrtjr .
•icet uiorfi or jgss‘veaSl wnrdty on \Vatef str- eUnn
h 11111 red and two feet auiln h<llft Oiie lot ot land
bourtded noftliwardlyain Sk Francis Slt^el two bun-*
die.I and twenty feet; Westward I y «*» Wattfr struct
orte hundred aAd.lhsee/eet;, southwardly oij land of
tl. itiu-hcocR, abiu# I.wj liumlred and twenty feet;
eastwaully <ui Commerce street on^ hundred and six'
test* .Also a certain Wharf or wnt.;P lot’ wit It, the
dock and fl al s ihorefo’hfjj • vmjn if a n\T bcltpYg i n £. htmnil
4d onr Commerce slie t almpt one Uptidre?! anil six
feet* northwardly oh the-dock about two. tinndrert*
an-r ciglity-livc feet; P;ist.witrc1ly •on. flu?chnimrl- of
MobihTrivty'a&tnU/me hundred and pix feet; soulli
wilrdly bv another,dock or flats two hundred ami
oiglity-five fuel^toge^licr, wuhMlh the -buildings on’
hiii(I &verallots of,kru I, t|nd*dso ull tl\Hrighto prfv- •
lieges au3 appnnen me » to the .sumo, tn any jvay
lK.*hh'tglHg, nitmjiing alW.hor^hy.ititdhtbng.td oonpcjr -
• all the rmd estate whatsoever of.mu the said Brown,.
within said inly of SlhUjle whether pnrticururly do
scrilml br notVTerms of jwle*cash?# * • '*
. * Witness, Male dhi J. Mo Hue, Regis’er.of sail court
• of chancery, ihw the wt day of November, A J).
1341. Attest," * ; *
nov2 66ttds ‘ M J. McR VR, Register.
^ iiir e ry--Sint«*(>f Afafwuna—Mobile OdiintV..
GaYahjf. Pruor, coinpit, • I.* 8prirte.TevA *
676 vs. • • A.D. 1811.
• GeArgy.C. Forney, Susan R». • *
Harney his wife and Charles- fUllSUAN T tn«n
Ha may, defendants, • * decrue^ remlerud in.
this-endue at llift spying term. A.' *l>. *1841,-'of tlu
court(Vf clytnperj Air the Mu st district of tlie^soutbefn
ohancory ivriion of said. State'at MobiV, 1 shall
- Hartley anil Susan K. hi,* wife, to Sarah II. Pryor hear- ,
iug date the li^li M. n^li, \v. d. 1838. as foU.iws All
that lot, piefce or parcel of ground, sitnhte^ lying and
being in thy county of Mobile, and Estate fil Alabama,
•di/cribed^s follows:% bounded ftnjlie north J>\ Dau
phin Way; mi the south by Qauphin strum extended^
on’thy we'Sf bVJailMs of Ekra Grdbn; and cmfhe east,
• 'by land#of.Charles L. ■'Pew, containing lhurvaod
th wee fourtlu.ucres.—dicing pari of tin* mime Jaud at id
premises conveyed to.the said George 4’- Harney," lur
’ -*th^said Sarah IJ. Prior, Ed>vm\l« Damnin';wi.l Alan- •
on Knapp and Thadous Sipifbrd, -Trustee by. Tee,k
bearing datetlie ftyventn day»nf March, «a.*ji. 1886—
Twrorded jn the ptfic* of-die cleric«if lli« county court,
- of Mobile ton it ty,"in deed booh tt. pages 80 Apd 8E
Together with’ all and singular the* tcscmeius,
hereditament*,' riglHs, members, prjvilo|»e* a’nd
Appurtenances uiltU the almta uienhoncA desisribSik
nreuuscs belong] ngs or in anv wise appertaining.**
Terms of sale cash' • *
• Witness Malcolm .J. McRae, Regirter of said
court’of chancery this 1st day of November.
a. u.*184l.* Attest, ’
novl 66tf M. J. McR VE, Reg’r.
In Cluiicerv-*State of Alabltm a-*-.>L*b*lc Coanty.
Sp<>in\ 'Venn, A. DT 1841. i
Robert L, Walker coinpl’t. • PURSli AN T to a
• 6;-,9 vs. dedreo tendered in this
Jesse 0. ThotAws. deftfhd’t. cause* at* iTm Spring |
Term A. D. 1841 of the Court of Cflurtcegr'for the
•first District of* the Southern ChfioeeryjDiyiaion of.
rai<J state, at Mftb‘tle,4 shall proceed to srfll, on die
* first Monday in December next, in frAnt’af tile court4
house tif Mobile county , and .between- the usual hours
of sheriff’s sales, the property described in tfie bilL
bf cortlfdaiiitfiled in thecuusk, as follows? % I
That certain part or ^ai^pel of h^id, gitwute irf'tlie
etty of Mobile, bdundpd and described a! billows:—
- On the nort]i side or St. Franci* street, having
front of fifty four feet on St. Francis st., and extend
ing back the stfine Width half the djslHnciHo^the
scpiare lying Mtween St. Francis and St. Michael^
• streets^ DouAded souili by St. FVancis street, wosi hy
lot %olJ by Joshua Kennedy.tb lacoh lf!.ptistc,
north by Uyi4s uow* or latelybchihguig^to.the sai I
Jo bails Kj:uiiedy, anil fast by Jaills .nowlor mtefy
Monging to ltobci t L. JValker. Ter;ns mt|Je kuoWy
id life timl of sale. * . * * •
• Witness,tfslcnlia J. ^eftie, Register of said
•Court of Ch«n«ery, difs 1st day Jf \ovciuber,
• . A. H. 1341..
4Mivl66tf Attest, W. J. McRAE. He#..
Hn’K^BEAN^—lUg buls^sHp. ifuahty, fol'
sale at low pricys, 4y *
‘0cT8 .1- = ULL fc SON.*
l i t Hineci y >l.de '•( AhluviU;: ilolitle ( ,.>mitv.
. . iV-w-ft/'; 7'trrn, .1. 'P,
Xsm.'ic II. Kru in,uliuV- *«l 'MeuiA.ilifebcouk, j!ee\|
r. iMIJ-l.l Ol.lhl ,
i iy .vs.
Tie* Mobil** SleUui l ml lull Hl’es's mid l<ni| <|ing
Vliarle* t'iiHhhi, Kdwnrd I burling. 1‘irsitleiu, |)j.
,'roxHoi s nir.l t 'u; of'»ht* Bunk. u{ Al'-bilo. thejI'IniitefV
.and .Merchants' Dank of-Mobile, Keitbcii Karnes,
.1 .iiik'i I1..iiniileleivltmts.
l.’yikSUA.\T.t.hi dm ree fen. Hied in ijiis ra •.*$«*,
at the spring term A. I> 18-41, n( flat rum t of eknu
4'*t\ fin the lil.M ill-mH oft In* simiiIi.tii cliamr-Hy di
*\ :sinn nfsai.l sta’lr'iit .Mobile; 1 sljall proceed t*
I s,-||, .hi ilie|irst Mmiday in DrcHuk'i; next, in hunt
I ■ 4n;• court Iimist*,of .Mobile enmity, and belyyeeiithe
^ tistoiMi Utrriwwf .SlicnlTs.sulcx ; tilt* pry/pei ty’de-ecili
«d'in ;\ i!Hi tafn mortgage maAr‘un<| eSeeujed i;\ the
Mobile r4t«*.nn*<.'i»tf«»ii Press and Budding 4'•ttupuny
in I'll aides (Vll'im, and beating kittle the dOih day «if
June, \. i>. 18t;K, ;ys fnllolv* : AH that certain tract, i
.pim ,‘t parcel, nr lot yf litud and nroiiiipe*,sitoate, U- I
ing and being in idle city of ^Mobile an I described as
lollnu : miinueiiciifg at a point air the ea-l aide of
lio\aTslieel benveeu .C'yhti .loti YltivcriiuieiU aU'pM*,
at tin1 distance ul mie'liuudsed and thirty two 8-12
b’<M mu (Ik\ urdly from the nortli ea-t on ner of (iov
•'I'nmcnt and K >y il streets,* thence running north
waitJly oil Kbyal sired sixty mte fe«t, tlimieemntli
seventy four degrees thirty minutes, e is! one him
■*Ij't*■ I l«s«*t, iheiice soiilli sixteen degrees, east sixty
seven lent nine •*• -lies, thence smith sru'nly six de
gl ei's, w est tu plaeu id' beginning; bounded oil the
nest by Koval xlreef, on the north hy propeily of
< 'haWes (odlniil, culled the Mansion llmtsc, Aur tile
east |ru tly by said .Mansion House premise*, and
partly by a ful I u* re i nailer uonveyed by |jic party of
th« first pai l to the pane of the second part, and" on
tin: south by property of said partv of the lirM pail.
‘Also, a1l tli.il (‘ertuin oilier lot or piyce of ground
adjoining 4he hit alloye. enhveydd, ami to the east
fhejenf describml as. follows, to wt» commencin''at
it... • .it II east Coin. . I . I. «. “ .
[ il .'sruheil, **r lufemle-l so-to Is-, thence run. mg mu in
j seventy six degrees 80 minute* enu, n'ml ii Cuntimi
! of the rtiitrte course .is the southern huimdut'Y
' line of sai J kit above ciniv’eyed forty .cite feet eight
inches to the north east corner «d’ the premises he-,
locking to suite part) of the first part: thence-rim
jHitgain'rili seventeen degrees and-thirty Jninutus.w on
ihiiiv feej ; thence weslwardly to ihe eastern Iwmn
‘•dslrv fij.ij of said lot above conveyed to a point twen
ty si\ fe»t northwardly from the place'of beginning;
I life nee south sixteen degrees east along Raid eastern
hnumlar? lim* twenty-sis feel to place of beginning;
■said last ftesei'iljeil lot, bounded on tia> west l»y said
. ol dit’sl above conveyed* on llie uotih. ynd east by
sail l >1 amtio*i i lou;-o promise-* ol which il has here
to forte formed a part, and on the south by pto|>eriy of
h:ihI party of ihe litst part.
AI.*o, the property described in.a cehlain deeo of
mortgage, made and executed on the 20th day of
November, A. I). 1887, by the .Mobile tfteam I'ni
ton I'ness and' Building Company to llonry Hitch
cock, as follow* : All.that certain piece or parcel uf
land,-situate,.lying.and bciug'in tlu* cjty of Mobile,
a( tlie north east. corner of Government and Royal
streets, having, a front-on Government street of one
hundred and forty sevenTeel, by a depth fronting’on
Ruvnl slrf*et,ofo'no hundred turd ninety feet, dtp said
premises hereby conveyed, hetng the entire lot upon
winch tin* large hotel is now* being -erected by the
'said Mobile Steam Colton I'idss'uud HuiI ling Com
pany—•together with nil and singular the tenements,
here btamoii\s, rights,-mendmu*, privileges and ap
purt ma’nees tut to. the above nieiitioiieikaiid described
pnmfUes, l«elonging-or inpify vvise. appertaining.-—
Terms’made known at tiie time-of sale.
Whites'.*, Malcolm J. McRae, Register of tile said
coyrlvte clniauery, this 1st d u y i ff. N o v e mix? r, a.
i>. IS 11. ‘ Attest— M.‘ J. Me RAF.,
68if fiegister,
in.Chancery-—j>iute of AjaUa a— Mnolle Comity,
Spring ‘Term, A. I). 1841.
Cimrkfc W. Gaz/.um, cumpl't.
oiifi * vs
Ohv-r-A. Pit field a"dAtidley Id- Gar/ m.defts.
PURSUANT to a decree re a tee red hi lit s eausoat
the ^(iring'Teriu, A. 13. ISll of the* court of chance
ry for the lifst district of the s’oifthetu chancery ill
vjsion of s«ul state at .Mobile, 1 shall proetvj lo sell
■otulic first Monday in N<jve tuber next, in front of
tin* c*Mfi.t house of Maltdu •«oun«y ‘ante betw en tin;
usual hours of slmrill'sales, the property d<«cnbed m
a cr iiaiu deed of mojigaab made l»y said Ol v> f A.
1'itii Id to mud Audley tl Gazxntn and he&ring.dale
theStlrdayo: July, A. D. 1 S’iii, a*follows:—All that
cenarii tracR^riepe/pufruik or lot oj laud and premises
smfoie, lyinv* and hemg wtbiu the corporate’ jin/ita
ofthectiiy of Mobile, being part ei the tract of land
known tfnd described ns-tlie hNirrojrncR sad lot of
lami'lurebyconveyed hr micoRcd so to be is the
same lot olTan.l conveyed tiy the party nfthn sc
cojki pnrt tir the party of he first part by devil bear
il\g even daje with these presents and bounded and
desvrlbgjl as follows: coiiiiuenciiii> at a stake mark
ed *A. H..O, on the west side of <'(inception street
nl»Ouj t'VQ. hundred fuel south of Maine etroot, and
ruimiog/iiorih along sail] west boundary of Concep
tion si rye! .fifty 'eet, as id extepdiiig back weslwardly
in tfopth one luindred and ten feet, being fifty feel
fr.oi\t‘po Couc pTiou street, one bkuiured arid toil feet
of. til** soii/h limy fifty foot on the west line, and one
hutiilivte aiTte ten feet on "the north •hue: together
with -sill and siiTgularv the teuom. uts, liTeditn merits*
rights, litembers,'privileges ryt.l a ppitt’imncgs lo
the«i ue belonging or m any .wt.se appertaining.
Ti rm*s o' kale cnsli. *
WVifoss, Mftlcqhu i. MltRftq, Register Ai said
' 'court of ehancerv, ihiathe first day ofOcoher,
- A’,' Dt 1941. ^ item,’
net I 7ttld« iVf. .1 McRAF., Rtxrstor. *
■'rip* above property vvas sold on tlie’first Monday of
this.prescnl month ami tlm piiFc.lmscr having failed to
comply with the terms ol bis purchase, it wilNiex-e-sold
un ihe first Monday in December next, on apcuubl
and risk of w ham jl may concern.
ite»v6 70tf Ik J. MeKAT’, Register.
In f’llilMCtu v—State 'oV Abtbaufti—Mobile Cpunty.
S'finny Ttrnt, /l. 7b, 1841.
(icrirgi! W. Barney,* cOmplY, } PLMlaUANT lo a
797 vs’. Vdivive .rendered -in
.losppji B. E*\rle, defendant. 7 this easy at I he Spring
Term A. D. 1841 of tbe*court of Chancery for' the
first' district of the southern chancery division of said
.state” at Mobile, I shall prdirmd to sell on the lijst
M outlay in btfcdlnktlj; next, in frAnt'of the coqrt house
of Mobile county ,‘aMdlMtweoiv the ysal hoyrs of sher
iff Hales,’tluv. property described in a certain deed of
mortgage ma le by Jviueph B. Earle foiieorge VV.
Barney and Tearing .ilale'tlic 10th day of February,
A. •!). 1839fcas dbllfovs:—Tlie following tracts or
parrels of fatid, situate, lying and being in life colin -
ty of .Marengo inTlie State of Alabama, vf/.: the east
In1f aod north west quarter of Heption one of towrt
sITip tvfelVe Id range one tveafeantflinitfg fdur hundred
ait r tugbty aril's; also thu west half of section two
oftoy nslttp l we In* of/ange one west,* containing th|ee«
htmdVcpI stud twenty nciea. ‘Also, the cuM half of
Hec.lbmlhree.tff tnyyifshifi twelve of range one wesj,
cotila]iiing three hurvlfcd *aml twenty .acres. •Also,
tfie-e.i-u half And north wesi quartef of sectiop-thy ty
fmr of towlsh’qi thirteen* ail if rap'ge on/1 west, con
taming four inn I red and eighty an;es. ’ Also, ift*cti<ui
■tliii'K-live of township thirteen of.range ^iiic west coil-.,
taming sip Inn Ired and forty*ayre£»* Also^the smuli
mist ipiartei'uf st’Clnqi twent y-eight of tow'uship jhir
leen of range oue west containing our hundred add
sixty aCres. *Als,*, the smith \Ve*r quarter of MCctiou
twelve <ff township tbelye of range one west, coulaip-^
iug oii<* linndnul and sixty ut!rt&.* Also, the west hall
of section thirty-six of township thirteen of range
om» wesii^iTitaining thrpn»hivtdiei] and twenty acre*.
Also, tl»e following tracts or tm reels of land; situate,
lying an 1 being in the ec.imty iff Washington in the
Mmiu of Aldtffua, ml the weal side of the TmuVrk
b«*H river, vi/.t tjie fpudiou ofaectiou dixteeu of to.wn
shrp tvvelv*?a)|» raqge oqe west,* corttaiiiing six acres'
and* ihirttstwo luui Irelth* of an. acre.' Alsu.Mlie
ft action of scrlbm seventeen of township twelve .of
range Hill* jVf sl’coppliuing s^veu uiue* and torty-t»vo
hundredths of an note; 1il«o, tlie fraction.of setnjon.
ivvunty of township twelve* of rsMigq .avest,
containing twenty three Sgreojind sixty two huh-'
drcrtlhs *qf an .acre; aUji.jhe ft ac.tion* of section
twenty «at\, of township twelve, ofy-ange one wt*st,
druta4ning two linn Irffa * and nmety-two*ac?es :vud
nmety huu;Uedths of an ac{e; also, the fruftion ol
section tvvenfy eightf of township twelve, bf range
one west, containing fitly Beven acres and ttf
teen hundredths of an acre*, also the fraction of
section twenty eight of township twelve of ran^c
one west, .containing.»wo hundred and seventy six
Lacres and seventy hundredths of an acre; also,
the ffticiion ol’ section twenty 'seven of township
twelve of range ene west, containing fifty seven acres
nil far tv him Ire Iths'of au ac4*e; also? the fraction of
section twenty nine yftowjislyp tvvcHe,«d'*Kinge iftie
west, c.mtainmg**ninety four acres; also, the mirth
west quarter iffa»<ction thirty*of township twelve, id
range* out? west, containing one hundred and sixty
mu* acre** this last quarter iff section Thirty lying in
llie county of Clarke, in the.state of Alabama, and
on the east side of the river-Tmnbeckber; alurt, all
tfhe gi ain'and cottoh which inay lutve l>eeii cultivated
or raise l^or groduepd on* any and all oftlie afore
saW land during ttfe year one thousandeigit hinitlrefl
and forty one, or which may be growing” tkereiipoji;
oii<| alif i, the foil owing- negro skives, to wit: Am>V
Patience Atfttis-and child, Sulonym Mama, ami uH
her -children Torn. Hnpelt Peter c^ujco, Larry,
Hamlet, Tainer-aml child F.deu, Joe llnvvcott, Ag ,
gv, Washington, S8aai| Malvina, Jeff, Dick Joe
I lfoptesU»n, Joe Mixon Sail,* Harriet, Jflck Esther
.M.uia, Jolu*, Mun’iQT* Bqujre^ Jinny, Surah*Hill*
Wilson* JUtdafi and chill Rachel antf child, Mack
Forume, Jmtah Jolin, ‘Jim, Harriet Fieby Tom,
AVast, Hannah* George Matur,' Ji*liu'B?md Jot
<i'lilsMS and.Dick.- Terms-made known (t the time
•of sale.' * . • * . •
Witnese, .Malcolm J. McRae, Regjster of the
' <*Vtrl of CUunceiy at Mobile, tb « 28th «lay
of November, 1841. - #
* novltf * Aitc«», M. J*. *M(?W^E/.iegislor.
• ’ • •• *..*.'
I'-I M N K s s 4 A li M,H »
>1 ii.'t KJitfTu lut’iiH e 11Mi-ill 11 Iiituai I
■ m tIi•» oif\ I ir till* |«il o| i i.n lncliiiij a F.\('
X!A CSS, M.uild ri'sfMM'iiidl) Solicit ifiu putiouane m
4 4F*I- 11 'b',— N»i. 69 4 '•iiittuM re-st., la»t suit/ u f. w
looi s af>.M(‘ Conti- *<reel.
••oil I 741| ik* SAMI'M ROBINSON.
R F.FKK i:\4F..
John K'IHinson, I’.sq., ( Imilesion, S. (Voliim.
M >i. ItoHiNSoN, Fsi|, Lniiloii, Mai(‘iii»o ('o. Ala.
4 K. M. lai>F, Rjrlinwuid, Pallas Cn. Ala.
M. i.l \ M \ & Ml \SO.\,
l ’ O M V l SSI O X M A: A* C H A X T S,
No. I», l’oimueive-sl.. . Motm.fi.
No. 21, <Io\einiiienCMreel,.MoRii r,
.1 M WJ PH HRS .v oi.
CO M M1 SSIO X M F. R C II rt .V T S,
MOHII.K, Ai.a.
OfiFic'i' — No. 7, S r. K« a*cis-stkk k r,
Otvr thf Hi y ({mills st.-rruf VI HkinsOH, Hopkins $ 'Co.
Si. John. Power* A Co. Mobile.
Or. John .Murrnsl, > ... ,
V.iijjltn .V Turiiwr, > Tu.fHlou.».
T. W. Brevard, J .,
I. Wai-yni.", J ...
A. B. Wvilli, l
J. 5 Mar.nso
Midi. J. Forney,) „
l ill .1. II. IK.k'.;, 1
J. Conoley .V Co. Selina.
K. <i. Ilunilev, l.owmle*. — |To*. Flag. uel4 r4tv«mo.
At w - r k .
- .o...... >i vhe h.>n,
Aruidh Iron ^
Commission Merchants,
j Re*i<tau'e of Farmers— Mobile, Alt*.
| J. I. \M)KKWH, New-York.
Z. K n oni:\v.s, New-Orlemi*.
F.. I,. Andrews, Mobile.
7. / l.ilierul advances made on OonaigUiheiltH to either
! of the above houses. laiiJfi*
mosi.lia fc'Tfo.—dri: «i«i I STS,
At the Corner.of Dauphin owl Royal Streets.
An; now receiving ndditiimnl supplies of fresh
Dni'f-.s ami Mkdicinks,
Hf iln* didst (Quality, wliieli they oiler for sale-in- iplnn ■
titieg to suit purchasers af moderate prices.
( Late O'C nmr «5* Ryan,)
multi M"ini K .Via.
Win: II. Robertson, i Mouilk, Ala.
Ileilry Myers, [>
Jos. E. Murrell. ) IftnlG
C. O M M I S S I O N M F. R (J H A N T ,
i:ml6 37 St. Mi> had *t.—M o »11. r.
iantb Monii.k, Ala.
A N 1 >
iaulo No. b St. Mu hutl .vf.-—Modile.
A. BAT RE &c CO.,
Com miss h» n Merchants,
• . No. 70 Gtrnmerce *t Serf.—— MO BILE.
XT Advances iimde on t 'ottoli shipped, to their trieiuls
iu Europe and the Failed Slates. iunlG
E. C.. CENTER & CO.,
Commission Merchants,
inn 16 * . .. Mi Hill. E.
Commission Merchants,
XT Advance* made on Cotton. inn 16
F. SJ iA V\ & CO., “
Commission M e r-c Hants,
Franklin Slmw. GMstavu* Morton.
I.A1 Kir k. Lri TLEJOliN,
Geijeraj. Commission Merchants,
Mo b iIt, Ala.
Wifi. Laird. J. Liiilejohu.
Factors anu Commission Merchants,
octlti No. 39 IS"at if Comtnerce sts.—Mobile.
Commission Merchant,
i'lkODF .v WHITE,
Froouck,Guhc Aiiv A. Com mission MercHants
Corner CoaniierCe and Duajihm dreeij,
Bn 16 MObILE, Ala.
FAiTbKS'jli Commission Merchants,
Mobile, Ala.
Jifliu Simpson. lieurv G. CuulW-Ul.
I'actor and Commission Mi-octant.
multi *28 Commerce ttt.—M o In le .
LA'fiiAM Hull & son, . ‘
Auction anu Com mission-Merc hat*,
No. *22 A’a ter Street',
Mobile., Ala.
O* Liberul advances iiiuile.nu consignment*.
AuciOn and Commission Merchant,
corner Water and Si. Michael street*,
kiu'l4j „ % Mobile.
HARill^ & ROSS,
laitlO 37 Wuterntrea—Mobile.
ij*v.»5 • 'Nv.eiO tiom/nertest.—MobiLF.
Al SI IN &. TARDY, "
G if O cV. R S AN It S H I I* U HAND J. K H & ,
Corner i'ojmnr.rce and Cotdi streets,
l'» II. Austin, ) Mi HULL.
It. Tardy, • * y ^
7 D.'c. LOWBE KT ~ 7
Who I cm ale and-Retail Dealers in
GUOUEKlEs Artt> 1'ltOVJSlOiNS, *
ianl(> 59 Cu/ntnrrceslj1—iilovil.^..
Joseph hall & co.r-5 .*•
\Y IihIhhuIc Sc Retail Deaierp ill.
Hard War f, I rojj, iN ails, Hollow W arSee
• Corner Cnmmefce and Duuplut at*.
•>irt6 ‘t ’ * . MU BILE.
R. NOKl'Ji,' *.
F A.M \ 1. Y .M K I» I.C I N F .S T O K F.,- .
1 No. 35 (rorern'inent sfuet,
inn 16 ^ipposip*ilie Musket.—Monti.it.
if. L. \VA VRJ NS"* CO'
Corner Water and 'St. Fran to sts.-^-MUBIL F
W h pies a he ]) e a 16 r *r i u »
**iaill6. * * W IN HOW* ti I.ASS. " .
, ^ i7~c7 iIu Rosh;7& co-,."
(Late Dubose & Rojj.) # 4
W h o t. k » a l k Druggists,
ianlO , • N’a. 39 .Water*st.-*-M(XbhLF.
itul .60 Water street—r-M anIifK.
W’li/ilhsah-ci’Retal Dealer rn
. F a-n c.y ,"a n )> Sr a e i. k Dry *Gf>oi»s.
• ~ . . jTnTTTk7uand.u.i./ * 7 ;
iVu. tllVn/rrhrrrf. Mobile
• Boolibindrv i^ attached to iho-estuhlishtimnt,.
. 1> O U Hl/E D A Y & ST; A R S >
•• . Wholesale tk itelaiPRealers in %
Pocket* Ciitlf'ry, Mtfsicf Fknry A’rticles, &c.
, No. ^ODauphm st.—MO Bit l'(.
0**MenAaiHs, Teachers and others, purchasing In'
(luautities, furnished on the most liberal terms. inn 16
\ general assort 111 e u t of the a t e s t s t y ' * a by
’ 7 t, C. UVVl.N, ' r -
• * 32 Water and 49 Dakphin streets, *
U11I6 % Mobile.
• *. * D. S. GREGORY & CO.,
E X C II TV N (4 E O F-F ICE.*
tnnlti* No. b'\-Royal *t.—Mobile.
Hook Ayn joh ^printing office,
* • * No. ^3 Royal Street, p
Cards, Circulars, IIand Dills, Sienmbnitl Dills, Dills
* bailing, Justice, -Notary, Lawyers, Custom •
House, Shippiijg Dluuks, A c.
N*e W11 v * a 11 d E x n e d 11 i o u • ♦ v F. x.e e 11»e d
BVGGI^-G AND ROPE—Kentucky, India, luii.F
fundee Ragging, and Rrtiluckv and Northern
itnix*, in store and fir sale by * • • * *
. «E. L. ANDRI^V* & CO.*, *
• ‘novd* Cdhnei CoYnmerce and Dauphin sts.
FLOUR.—100 barrels supei liu^-Western; 60Bids
and half bids northern family Flour, in-store and
a|t King,.J’.>r .'ale by ^ ^CIRODE WHITE,
'not 17 corner Com. aiul’DauphiiWte.
AtfMt hales of Heavy Cotton siuF Woollen gomU
suitable fwr ne»r*» clotliing-r-for sale very low
tp close a consignment/ E. L. A.YDIfEWS & CO.
ip»vI7 \ .. * ; * cur. y«ini. & Dnnp1un*«t4.
C1 HOlCE CIGARB.—One on sc coma ini n if Cures
/ Regalia, Jaques Regalia, lmperiiU Rcjjalia and
Imperial Trubuco, for sale f»v
i*ovl7 # - D. AVUEELEU, 9 Water^at.
• • •
j ’ i i * i - i t v)
< u v ! I s i ;;i'i. r \ i.t ]■[,
A 0\ :i*.— 1i ivi• . ji
* that I ?lloilU leant Aur’b< . i- *
there! »ip *elrrtri1 tlits fits a# a i l.n ,■ of n -' (11 , ,
4tnQr* of oh|;tinil)Q lb'll SUp|taj* I w’ ellW.IS pj i
> .‘'ain't pn* there nvcotjse'pteifee of It.sees |»v lit >
tornado. I have taken* and ope mV i’neT. Hi. <f
si reel, known us tie- COVTI > T'OT.T I O'l’ri.,
ifow th(>'|«iii|-i>itv of Mr. M<*' dn h . 'It* : .. •! J
iiwae.lhv Mr. .fehn Hiib trdso.i, nod which mi n
llis tluHtd^-meiit guine | cousidt :1|I»l-- re, ' t itimi.
I |»i*>:nis«- i i hi -.k<* ibis li iii r al ii -d ni I '■ •
homy fu* all tin nit' wild uiay pal fun lit • <■. t i!>|" - !■
I liave been tlrirty odjt years in fie .alb. f\\r*»ir\
'ilt»'v«* "I'wliii Ii I ha\e. I•«-.•• • oieupud m ki 'p.i i
pnhlie house in the city of Njite'u
The l’outi-street l)ntl J has lieeum-illy (Tied ^
And'furnished anew. The seiva.;* ii tin* ►
lriat I 4iad in ilic IVnfehr/. S uth ie I’. ,1 Jia■. .*
aia* w *’11 aerii-tonie.l I *» theii hi'sims. Tin- I,
is now ready i« reneisr boar It i*. i’n* tin •_
eil will lw thujil.llll |iir ul! puM.iir.n • :|u| a ' at n ii
public may think proper i«» In slow .
Wil l 1 \’ll 1* \i:KKrl.
IS'ew Orleans, Nov. laih, 1441. i:nvS8?l*m,
jpx Mh's. r.Kiu a’/•/•./r.s
SxJL PRIVATE lUMUDINii llol sr. No •).
4 *V'tfi street, between Water ami 1 'nunn nee mi
.Mobile—a fuW doors east of the '5 ■.• ,. **i i! a>e.
4 bail Irmen will find this hnifse r eieiil, n ■.!•••
and eoiuuiodioiU. h i« Mr*rv eeiU'i d. bein'* wt'.h'n
tltree Ituiliiie.l-Mtrds'of 'ltie Aew l r a i* slrind .
landing and only a few s.ops from tin Id.iktdy In -
iu«:, four do.as west oil‘mummer
Hoarding and l..nlvjiiiH by ih. i\ or mooli*,
rrii.’Ajuablr Irrms. •, o' :* *.;!
NKUftor*.—Tl,.- M.lM-riiri't ..
**•!! !».• ••• i’i\n .Pr*
mill B.l.iitiiu-, M-P.ltt *k‘.s ,.| i - \ i' i y if*
%t hieli will Iki dikoose.l m at mo.W i m .- |*i !«■* ■*. li
will also in tie liberal advances imi .Negr.i - pm n
his hand* lor sail-, ul his place ml J m k.-nn, bcixvce.i
Dauphin and :it. Eraheis slice t-.
oei22 e*2t upit M2 j v-r.s r. y.y\ty:
.TKT-OTlCE.—The nl. , having pi
ll euti'e stork Olid trade nf iVIl'nsrn. .1. II \ *..!. ,'y
Co. I>egs leave to inform bis friends pud tli - p.iildir,
thnl lu* designs keeping* a vmsjaut and well assi.i 11.
supply of IKON, NAILS, (MSTIMiS,
at the.old eland, omnei \v atei .Sl ilil !n <icl>*& Aliev.
lie llojjes by nmcfpiftfnl alti-atiou I * ne-rit a tdian‘
ot' die lilicral piunmage bcri ini a i ex'rii'*‘.l to his
predecessor/. (XVI Li! M V/.AN<H‘.
jim 5 CPU*
r |A11 i; iftiihsmuiKtii havtng -■ l■ ■ then -i t*k i I n
J. and Ifurdu’urr to" Mr. (». M W. *.\(i”, beg leave
fo solicit for him a emitimiaiicc of the |*»!rmiage oj
customers.. {JCjr'Lhe otliee of. tin* subset ibm- is re-,
unwed to Church street, first door xxVAt of llpval st.
where all those indebted will please calluml pay, ami
all demands presented Tor ju'fPiMiumt.
iioii5 CPU" JOS LCD Ff\LLSi<*(). .
Ill Oil SALE*—Eleven sluui - • i i .\ u
Stork (all paid ill) for Cash. R*. smis'tmrchas
ing this st.iek ean purchase either Smisom Ticket-- m
Boxes, twenty per cent loner than fw cash. A| j lv
at (iJU'KiOKV 'S L\i Ikiiup, 51 li"tal-rt. I
N. R.—The above will be sold ig singhs pltarcs if
wnnieil. iiovfi:7()lf |
( 8 IV.NEY CLOTII—120 Rolls lain. 2I!h t , the
-X yard, funding from Brig \Yrtumjk:|. This ar
ticle is well worth (lie attention of pi.liters and lac- 1
tors, lieing ina le expressly for this i fir sail by
iim\ 18Kii)n J» >i I y <*'i<!•*.i I.
Jl ST REOLIYED an.: I .1 -.,!•
ill) half and qr barrels So. 1 M:u kfirl
30 Imlf arnj qr l/hls Cranbcrri**
L) bxs l npcri.il, Hyson ami (.pn’mvvder Tea
85 boxes Soap, 2d do Sperm Candles
50 boees anil half boxes Raisj?.
30.1t CunmiAp, Oolorndrt and P»inripr> Cigyrs
5ft bags Shut, 45 boxes Chen »i<j Tob n-cii
f)|) pieces KWliirky and Imliulli.ggihg
SO coils Kthiliiekv Rope
6 hlf pipes old t)lar.'l & J I hui.v Brandy
Holland €iin; Janiaicu Rum; Dome-iic-Li(|tims, &e.
nm 18 by I’. M.r 1SKIL1 .1 1 -i.
BAGGING80 piece* 11 iuc . - , I pds phi
yard ; “Jns% Gilroy,” nisi iiul}ff lire. Bagging*.
lOppiecus 44 incli wide I4 pds pe yti; ‘‘J .M it,.■hetl”
-imperial Hemp Bagging.
70 faeces 44 inch wide, lj pds p*r yd; dmk color
ed impel ial liemp Bagging.
40 pieces 44 inch wide, 1$ pds p»r yd ; Jus v*dim,
inritjifioii In’.ia Bagging.
158 rolls 4k inch wide, 1J pds pu- yd; “Baxii-i’*
innniifnctme 'Bagging.
.200 coils Hope—for sale mi acrooiic'datieg ter.iis. |
wtivlS . y . (X CJM’TER ft ( i V.
Ul< T —20 tu-ices new . ft 1
qovM 22 a ltd 21 < *nimieiriM,
W'lihSkKv", HIIA vTlMIM & i.b\.—1W*
barrels old Rcctifiud Whtk.ey *
50 barrels’ New York Brniuk
80 bur rein iV«*\v England Rim
10 bl/|s .N. Y. (*i 1—in sloje :.nd nrsiviug, for
Male by ClRODE'fe Vi HITJ’.,
iiovl7 rorner <'uaimei e* n.d lhmp!iia-ets.
CAl(L\liS.—20,000 'J’rabin-., -i Veti ive 1 tg
y fur sale I y
‘n'oxie t TfiOS. I’. Vlll.r.li CO.
CJii BBL8. AMERICAN J1!I \\ 1. . 5u bbt
w'l* American (Jin,'20 bids Ne tliem Rilin', in
store lbr sale by W. F.IWIt N D A Co.,
nox^p . • * 9( ('ovimercy-sU I
TlAGGLVG & Koriv 1. pjecftn shperhu- j
■ ^ -Kentiirky Baggings L50 eoils se er-im Kiwtitu Ly •
Rope, <s»r sale liy .
noil? D. WHEEL*’:!. S Wamr-si
Mantle graai-:s.—-a lu • a -•ijligent off
Mantle (iiales in*Mt<|i'C an I fmsole I»y •
nml2 JNO. B.'IlH l.MI N, : .'iMi
I^KTH SALE.—A fiiHt IiAq Fftit! \ 11 >1 ,* with
- ‘single -Barouche and Iiariit*»s Also, a neat.
Buggy Wnggqn new, \Ctlh btu'ii ss cmifdeie.
iioxHl \V.‘EDMO.\D & ( 0-, l(>1 kiijmfetee-st
P<M KKT « 1 n.ldi'i .■ !»-• i / 1 ,1 \ § 1 1. -
Np. 86 Dauphin street, have this ia vri-c' ixcl.an j
assortment of spk'iidid Benknivos, mOiufaefnred l.x '
aJjose|-h Hygbrs & Sons” und ”“(i*m gr Worst 11- ,
holm.” ALo, Desjv Xnivttsand If.m i*, .m il') 1
rill IE History of j lie Ereneli Rev-uitioiqliy.M. A, 1
J-- Tlrim s, |aie Brime .Minister of f 1 atu-.e.—Tr*uis
hted xvilh mites and illni}tiatimn* IV.>.n the most an- j
llienfic sources, by I'Vedertek Shooed*, secojul \mv-.i
l ic.aii edition, c«uq>lett4iii four xolanu s, xx ith steel eu- ;
The xvm'ks of Ertifteis Btieqd, Lord ClmnCellni- M* 1
> England,?i new edjtiou; xv’ilh the .bf- * f th** Author
’b\ Bn/.il-Mmtfague, Estpiife, An thu-e v.ilmri. s Hoy- 1
nf 8» it: * *
^'Speeimeys of Eori'ign StaiTdar-l l/tej.ilurf-, edited
.by (ii'orge Ripley, Jr.elexen xolipn
Lives of EitfinT'iit* British Law xn s, Jiy 1Jemy H is
Cot*, Esq-. Barrister at Law, til I wo volume.-.
(••CJ'iHe: oj, A Seasdu'qi' I’.ii is,,. bx ‘.frs. (idre.
Authoress of the “The iJnxva^er,*’ “Tilt' 1'eeri
8t«*. pnlxx-o •luines, * • - 0 •
'l’lie Miser: or The Conviets of Lisimm uia, by
William C.’aileton, uitlior of ‘*4\eal Malmie,” “F:i*
liter Butler,” Ae.
Alls. Mnref't’s Book of Storjes fir voung ehil Iren.
A 'IVeatisq ou tlie Diseases and l.iqiyries of . tie
Luny'nx and Trncfl.e ; l»v M-Tederiek Rvkrid.
meuis-of the I'athology i*f tint Human Mbid,by_T:ios.
Mayo, M. D. l-’.'R" S: borti W01 k^.«:o.i |Het'- in oa<
volume. * % •
'The.rtanatixt? inlbienCe of (hiiqjitCs, xx lib ait no*
eoHat ofrhe host places qf les.iu |'.,n m>alels«i^
IrtiuL^riioSouftliT'if.Euiope, &c. le. Sii Jit fin - t’l.nk,
Hart. M.'p. f.4'ii.* s. - .
"1’lie all.ive iu. xv-publieation*s, tog/A!m% xritk* fiiaov
valuable^Jaudard xvoiktr, just rityued an I f -r 1«>
by. . . dhL'blEdaV \R>. .
iiox25 . , • • 86* Dnupfiia sf«
SERVANT FOR HIRE.— A tr***»«! Laborer will
be hired till 1st June at S20fan* mouth. Appls
to (nov 24) .THUS. I*. MILLER, U CO
bfaud; also Tra^neos, landing. IV*an Schooner \
Hello, I rmn Hnsana, a yd I'm Pale l*r cj-h unit , Its
imjv2&86 .1. U.- MlCHAF.L<>FFSK Y ,JJ0 RovaUt. !
•_t___,____~ ay._*
VDDLES.—2 emnes/**r mile at \eiv*l'*w pi ire*,
► 3 .nos 24 gftKtf . I*v J'»il\S)'lrKlL'iV. J
‘IV- ICO ROES I- OR U.K -U 11.1 1 \ 1 ,.1 in 1 1 . r*-,-;
1 1 diayiitan ; 1W.VKY, and her *00, three vo.irjj old,
0r*t*nito crfok, w.ndi6r and #ironer; iRu*-. cnjtidreu 1
year* old,^ji»od Yrntfur a»Id bouse servant. Ap|*l\'4o
nos24 • W KOMO.VO & CO^ Q6dSon». <t.
S’FER.T fillj.—litOf) Stabjiu* blenched *\v 1 ifl-r
Oil, inVask* and.hid.-, landing limiijiri;* J .
aNovps, for saje by - * .
hov2-i; * . * ^jon\ wfivfiLfy.
riAA.\.NKR."S OlL.-^So bids banrujp I'num OK,
J. just received and f.#r s;ile bv . * . * *
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, iiov8 • ^ ^ **ir Wall* a-idS's. French t-I-.
DF.M lIo»i NS, 4-V- —i«K> lHimjolimr 1, 2.Vnnd
5x;dlc lOO 1 and 2 gaMoii Juijs^forViin bv.
iinvifi ; THUS; l*«M-fLLER_i& <CO; *
owfri/N i* ft ess lsT— 1 oo piece* n^itTeT7i
Raiding,’ will l»e void low* to clove a coie*h{n»riei)t,
novlT ,bv P/WHF^LEK. 8 W:iter-sy
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B. Ir ..ii Liii’i |..l, :ii i».\.•**•«• «•!' ■ . In , i \ :iml
I l inin'*, win’ lln\ iI n »•:«!•• a« Ii*nn -nalilr
| p. i.>s ' .» .%: >; M‘S ^ v'«*. IVi'iiuM
.:>•« • i \ t I \ t i. .Oil .y T\MM'
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» lull.. - ' i**i.i|s {\i*:iUi«kv I * • »| «•. -?•> I».»!•*?>
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!.i* ..nil Mill I I - *1« l»i
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IVnV'R " . <>4 i’«iiiiiin*io**i*f. -
H y; \y :-t i' v u*i s, • n> & w u i.i i.
i*9 i»,V iv1{f • A\ .»*. -*l.i*i. i i* ' i *• < ’«•* i**?nil.!
I-. - il. I \ l > . - >*KI>r*l*V.
I|V. fniKgMsji ii I • ■ ■ • I |.\ ! J.i!. 2
b cnr's .1 ilii'i *x ' A -«• ji>. f• salt* li\
«. V)!I*M i( \m:u, «m ( ..ii.Vi.
i i S I• *i i ii.ii• ■ i l.r. lamiin^
*» f 11 ■ >iu !. i k ..i •’> i • . I l h !. In
; iN i \ W . \|H OV,
M"\ til Sfii: (.4 i'liiii.iiiMo«t hI.
* -nit ; Mffpt,
• ' ! .''MIN,
. . _ * i.I. ' • i v\
• f l .O 1- »i!lM:Vl - IHI . v- . .. Min' I e «..|d
' t ‘v : . In <•; .,<> II r..u-i 'p.iueru, «n
•' « ly wm ■ -• v. Kj<
B: Mi'Vl.iMiS, ,m l-kt •. s > l Vl IK i .s
•» '12 l.\ 1 11 \ l lit 1.1. SI N.
S V VI. 1’. U-Jl'r.— 150 coils Kentucky K"| e,
^ * loll i * * ills iiiluitiay ‘an.I I '"i .liili In, Ml,.
.. \\ ) i.y u ;m:\ *iv.r,»r us. 12 i.
! ‘ ' ' ■' Ml mum, 1"(< puck's
V it, , -to eld .I.mi.i-I- iv Iv
" i2 - : i r:: a*' ivuO.’I.y.
| n.Wo.i i .i.-.'s v„p.. i.: t' uuvuVr ^teY.;
nAl> Titus. \ . ,'lK.I.V.K X ro.
!V l)»Nl X <il \ l * *\V I > Lit - -1 n Mas, III If
* .Leo* umiiMunisii'i^, ah\a\* nn* hand mi l Im
i .-aleJn U. Wl.sTi i.I.,* r .VI.IM,
, ui'lL'.> Hull OupnnVs A .• ni«.
Dl» 1 • , ' I I .- I ’ i n , i I.. i t . 2 )ibis
.Sjiinkcif funi’ui's, laodmn f^uu ►hip I.urmin, for
1 sale l,v l>t .-M4t *.N, T.i\ 1/ >ii ^ M Vi.Its,
| ii i\2 Kill # . cor. Uuiit. ci Uot-iti ,4|-.
nVM I.N I NS.— 1. 2. •* a id 5 nail 'I , I n side |.y
. nu4l,> ‘ . .JOll Y O’RfcUJ.A .
« A Xt'b.Wni; O.N .N. Y< * U \- -al HO ’laysjdgiu
H J Mr *hIi' Viy t i V I! i *.'i I i- i< s V (> I'.K,
j\r\ 11 Yu*, (if) (ViiMicice-si. .
fj* \ M i . i 1. \ \V ilH .In dll 111
■ J by \V,\\. A.l.LLlU V N fc UO.
n».\1.i 77/f • I Si> Mich.feist.
IAitKN i‘i„ L\i.L!>,i ^ V vjKlth AX'UAl.i
• (.’(»,LS.—50 |iin*Miin - just iee"i\c’d mid tbr sale
iun’lS in !.A l nAM 11 i l.L & SO
(1 >»i n'l'idfs. «". —.v gt rue nil mssu ftmeut ut
JT (iyucurip* uftlH? best ijtudijv, fur >4i!i» I >vr by
im\l7 . nirui'i i 'mniiiei ey and I keiphin-Ht*
S J V \ —175 bides .Vnrlljrni Hay, daily expected,
S * Mr sale toiu'i ive by
ir10 U. !{\ 5 N,ciu:. U mti &. \y.ft»»r’-s1s.
ffA L!) I ),. • dOOobln 'ii; .-i i "ir N r w II.’a., i<iii,ii
* per Ipi -mi td’tltc S' attli, f'if sal" K\
r. U.3. r*. M II.Lieu s oo.
hmlfl • S A* 10 Ui>uiunvce si.
HV!• 1 " t nd IlH If do
iJalc’s mipprkir Tnba,•*«•<•, in,I utkci brands, pisi.
rct i'iAcI | cr srlir Julut A. L inenstcr^ o*n cuiisina.
Aienr, and for sale •),(. libcriibef’iu.* by *
. iimVii \v. D ^ tu; raxom. -i.
^ HV i VuiiS »'• i • '• > i M ■ s • . . will In 1 i
biici;ii iVdvane.es nn U.ttl.m i'uiisbriii i in iu- I j
s ii.* .rt Mu - n n i\.'i, or Ini Hlnpiii nii !<• nup'fi ieutls in
l.nripnui, lljivii-, .\a\v V nik, Hn-i tit nr lN'eiv Or
leans. ’ r. L. \ sDitf.WS_& uo.
'•Cl 27 Hl'UUt C<»f ( JinMUlcre,' X I *H II) lit i l»-s I
i *( N I' 1 i'ii.'K.** lv-ulin-ky - **.lniml’f—H?»
' " \ 'ids, <li ils b si ip,ably l\»"ducky |{upV,
. , sale by [iiuvd] U. V\ I .S I IUU.I >T k WKO
f tf 1 Lx I'LA i ti.- - I ii M« - fm Clnic i \antii •
3. lirfiu fV, lor sal.' In * *
u.V 15 77*1 1 (. I.. 115 .\’\* HO VYatei'rst.
B \ ■ ■'. I N • < : i(1420 . Khittueky
2Jdcnl's k\ Unjlc. frtf SH'lc ll\
n. ijf ' ii u y.si'Kl'.i.iiT k mu). '
>>ji |U'<»s rii.i'.-jv I'l'i'i'Ycn—iospi.r,.',
20 Im^s li.il *iih^"r, juxi I •C.'b. nd add till
sale by ii. iv WATUlrN'S iVuUJtists^
h ,vH c »r VVirtcr a id Si. Klancis-st?.
5 .. rn •'■!. k i'i lAl.isit h v?F
k J HOSE*—1*'H) 11n/'*i fur s]ilc 1 v % •
•mi' id I. VTHAM jll Ll. &\SON.
SLlilLd ( V.VlSl.L.2. —liid bu\cs .v»• w limtftiid,
f-novl *1 .L '-i s < .
r 8 1 ll VS. *~:V J I,*• a-sniiiucnt<nl' all ipialil ic» '. lot*
2* hATc 1- [ji-a 1 51. JOHN O itKlLl.V.
^y'jiTsxr.-v .-100’ iVi^ ij.ntihc’i'wi.i-kcv, ,.f
7 7 ni.ol piuof, i \ Oiuyu itf llic S ini!i, fur s:llc*l'y
U.vlO • /I'lios. LMOLI.kU’A: uo.
Si Aril, i.M, i ilu.lit
. •> !-• 3 >1 Ii. I .. l'M'.Nr.Y
/l hi • >«w i i I• * N o'.t ...Y)*;-)‘, , i 'o.(r"
vJ rali'ili Orucis* in.su,os ttk stet pm■elias’crs. Xil
sklejay eeptll 47»f 3. K < <1.1.1.-.
(51! i; ll. -■ ,V •! V, K" J!i i.. 15 Ii .11 k
-- ip libl-t* * ’imhITi i i jHst 20 hull .uul ip’ hlils Aiu. 1
M k. i.d. i a*siiic be • .
U.iyl i 7«u!. # p., M' UASL-ILU l^lVtm/st.
jyOUKsir w.vkfi w rv:») (iAUi)j;\
J.1 <—Tin* sail'd bn i ^ inc onvi in re •• i| I of ihcir au
•mial »T,ipplj of I ftir.lcii SiM-.!'} inulii aciun evci \ \arielv.
•inicfal use.. They util uaiiaut evmy •*■ ml sold
i l'w ii'iu In Lit frcsli, W'll 'iialoicd, an ! <1 (lie ijist
J -t;iiT*i *n. . I* l\ UniJOSK S: <'(>.. I h uu^i-ts,
I ti nl.X* *■ • • .late D'lUost* k
;qa Al. iTbUnu vi.l’v < i'. 'its— —
■•n f».|- Sulu l^y * V
• ai 'ii '1 r k !<tt< >.
kjl’jA m lilt HL.-*- .Y'.-l'-Vvin.I.nl' Nn. I
i . • \ ' 1 ->«|u.i, i s'; 25^ k .1 s, l.t ; iiujt iV-uli ship Tar
[* priii. Mr Slilc’bv * * * . '
j ' ' ■ inisiio %T.\ \ LOft A- MYERS,
| IIO'K • • * ^ • 1 , )■;• £ ' A' f'nOll sl*.
i rx i | j* A IMU L•<* r J .1AU in,k"y~
|)|| 50 J.lt" * ■ • l(| -till - fciMMl
I') hit . i’. S'u i * i •* •• null fpi -
^fi) kr^s Lipd * * H)df);u.'< 1 lavaiia difice
1 • HO lia'us |(io Unll'i-e • ► , S^ieVin Umelli s
(^■) b\s Soap ’> ) ■ ('mupusiliuii “
100“ 'fnbaee-.i,— Pm.s.ilp by.
ort® 57tl ' • ' \LV l\ KEITH. .
j f ’AKllHfii . rtllJil ISiUl' llliufiS.—i.iuacOB
3 i Oil in barrel*, • w
1 . * 2 Irdcs lin’tti'' coiks, *. _
► ldb’/vY-s (Jlirmue tireml, *.
{• *20 i iif'b.irri'L U »{pci.as, ••
IbJI iS. S'Tl' hiir, Abeu. fur s dh by
l M i.' • Ufriija)*!.'.
I ill WJ i'i |'s. f" 1 11 • el I I « i I.I ,1 '.IS! ne,
' 3 pints. iia-J ipiiu i.t; ? > <tn Ol.i-s Uo.4 pt* 4**i(t*.;
25 c i'.'s Uii.it,vi,i*ji tiyj.iiix t 'laiet . •
). " 25, “ *■ .1..* -
5 each 2 I ImmI*-. Sfeigueiif Winn*
5* “ n‘ • t>f» 0 “ r,>i :liuieli<*ifi'i*i Alosel (U>,
Mm tie kV [ ct 11 " i OEN'I Eft & (Jo.
' - . v..— l'j\) ling* Hi r. itf''' |. • ■. eeif iCio l oiliu* j
i ^ •d0 bat;* old '.'"V'1, ii.iv 0 iivA O., f r .4alc by - 1
ii'u2 V U. UY VN'.c n ( ii'if^k \Vnti*r-sts. I
rikoi *l—i#iii..i>auei*
.\«nv Bn. lewIip.iI; 75 «|. MiU-l".
' 1\ \rg! • '
! * •« !V> I j.tn cl* Nyithcrtl (anal j lour,
r *» “ “ •
j A.1 i ii T;' >y«l in .- tinp, f ir rfiili* I»V, ’ - , * •
• n .Til'!)'. I*. Ml!.!.; ^ & 'U».
V)/\i 1 *r.;,r I’ ■ . , ii ittiIj
fol'-c*ik'L.narpVC I'V * .
r n»a\IS. li.lllfilllHO.N- &f <».
H(V.-«|4. J.ifili iti.r. i lay; IV) I,I,la
1'fralu^!*. la i^iij" I-. • n*r j-iM|* VVniVrl»*t, H>r *;Jr
| bv' t fnjw.l] • ^ i . i (IK.M'BK (!() *
.S.vVl„~ rtM-nivi'I kr.uuVbiHdpSa’'
uii'* jufcri-n A.'I^psion (J. iScati Hiauulilbta
1 rr;r4)-f<»r nsile • •
]* ... .i. ir. toVi.aiin.
i\i If V - -fa wiln4M)
/W* f ■■ : r. aft aw '&• i:0,.
#o«;i8 5G^’ . fiS.t'.uniiif,ro*>-i*f.
IZ"»Ivn i • * • i — I i f tiiijiei^ur
’ fy» »1e J>v \ “ *•
• *r(l , , . \), '.TpU’.r.I.fM., 3 VVaf.fr.st. .
*> If j 1 S5 Civ5yr>)< u. sa f. r hySSdr
* M ^".l suetka, i’>n ^a'i* in lrla-t .
prftky • VMlTil &1MB.NWV, *
! *o«t4 54 * . . 42 t/'iiiU.iufjr.p'/t.
• • V
. * . . * • • •
; » I • i I. . . *4 V » »
1.1. k n.* ‘uih i iii'ii »i I-* 2V# in i Tu
'V. > *« ii i'li i • • 'Ut f'I tin1 t i.lltili h.I '
• ■I V M | m S L.-p*f iM-tli'.*»!.. if i.i Mi*n |i
. in.wiii Mv.> )th, 1*41, nwm tin
► j4 u.ifjtl 1»\ :u |i't we.v Tnlr ui'rt I, amt it a|A riit tug
Hi- sill ..f lhf.'n.illt *t».»t tin* ■ >'tc 111 .a i ■ t in
III o:so *? a Hwi u m' icii! .-t tin Stale, mid lilt*' mid
• si ' > w ttii'Mii jb liftiiis •( tin* Si:Mj ; i: in th.je
■i" oi o-i ft! j.\ tlm-oolll't, I l**«t .illli'sH fiif sail) di'lru
.m.m !.« a|'|4‘ ii Ih'u , oii oi 1.4-t. i* 4ho. last oav ut Hie
.fM i .. the* n ink. •*!>*• f|T*ktJ had ami | ioa.1,
it i-on.sit u ill lx- riitvi i*.t im.I th.ellms atlueltrd w ill
<■ n i• i• i. cl and applied- t>. tin sutislaoiinu «,f 11m■
lairlj ’> .1rmaii'i: ami it is-till Iter n|dried h\ the
"o', lli.il a oi»|-\ l tli.s oi*ih*t lif- jml'li'iiotl in tlir
>1. toil' i oinmoirial liot'islot , a lowspapri pul»li<hrd
a ill*- <*it\ ol V| .liilo, ia the /"MU f»l A!ah.»um Im si\
MK'i ossiw* imm'lis.
' i lost iin.»iiv' that the foroj;iiiiur riutaiiis a r.npv nf tin*
nl •niid r.Mii I hi tin-rani- Uifloiti slain I, I,
I.aiUtll t oilins, t Irik tlloMMlt ilrt llltrln put In*
ii.i.nr and tli-s,..,|^,| -ai'looini, tins 2"'tli Ja> ol
Ju i. I)„ isfl. I.AIIKI i tol.LLNS,'
j u I. t> I > monthly < u»h< Irik Maul t.'mut.
*>l ii.NT • ILL\ AtAlM.VI \ —Tim tln.il ms
■ ^jioti ut this School M ill nprn in Hit* ills! .Miniii.it
. t .l.io’ix iU'\l, uu.lr i I lit- rair ut'Jf*o. Ii. t t.AlsKt,
a hole will So laughi. ut a.luil inn i" (lit* usual In aurli
os )H an laigllsh Ldur.ilinii, Latin, (n ock, tlir Miitll
oniatii's, £ce„ Mi . t 'laitsoi is «i wtcjvo.ol \ iigiuia,
tvlioii Ii ■ yjadu.ded; ami tlir .nd"‘n:ilioi s air proud
a nln ring 14. tli" piddii* so ripr a -"Inliii , ii.ihunl st»
,h i ..114I1I, m ith s- uiliorn ifi lin^ :»i .i so ju>ll\ api.to
.■ i:s 11114 >oitllu rii iiili ii sls. Tin »* o| lllr Aendeint
is loni iikatiU lli'.illitx , ami I't'in • ' 1 niii ililiM' jiCsU nl
tho \i'U 1, ill inkih^ shops, - 1 , »n.l tdlirt plan:* ol
pal>lio resin 1.
T r h "V. i'l l.all'i, t. *.l itlirlll.lt to4, &•*.
-op 1 s - loll. 01 1 ■ ... 1 1. t shoi tri pr 1 io.l ;
• 1 Vo 41:1;'11 \ . \t i'Iiiim In*. L i'jli Ii vi.uHMwr. \.o..
t-» pi '.'ion, n:.i to, (|i« pundit 1)1 rtlir Itrs £ ft
Ho.mi 11 i;i\ !«■ had in tin* m i^hherliotui lor 5 S
a. mill. * JOHN \\ A I’MN.s, > #
JOII.N «• Ii11KN . > Trustees.
.lol LN .MAILSIJ AUm )
Van :.l C\.ni. Sopt 21. si:p24 .501Tlft III 1
[Uv.'R ■" 'v ' . Hi.II \ .finable lot wl lilH.i, liurnilftl
" 1*1 ••!!« «»n UoynN.Mf. |,M(X> feel bya depth of 12* f
l. -i. iicJ opi'O'Ho Wm- siaio I'n-ss.
I i k ms.— f~.» rush, (he ImtiN.i-e in three eiflittl.an- 1
m»i .1 payincuts, with fiilercsl from iV.nn,- A| M per mil.
pi i annum. NuleS to In* secured by iiintgagu on (lie j
premises. ' * 1
Al.- i, —\\ ill be Sii|.i mi tlio same terms, all oilier ]
Real I'-'tari- In-I tiujiiig in the Rank. Ruieliasers lo |
pay all i \|>ini'rs l.ir* Deeds, &f. I'num.-als w ill be }
i fi'i'i • ed m w til mg ad.1l is.-i'il In (In* Cashier of tile |
Tonaeli Rank llu .Stale of Alaluoua.
npll ^othl R. ti A \ LE, Cashier
Z N’v VtiC.S RAl.SA V,IQ1 I S uf UaUamCopaiba
* * and Clibebs by Charles W elijenotl—j»t>l rbcviv
e I a Ii ■’•‘h slip; In «*1 till ab i\»» > du.ihle me.iiriue, for
rule wludesuje and retail, k>
mu 27 N n $5 (inverum’l and 45 fomccsts.
kid n - 100 boxes ( olgnte Nik l tSnup; 100 dn
\\ i'li liesler do. Ini- sale lr>
rt« x i i T. P. MUGLER k t <>
L^I U o:\ d UtivE/r BEEP.- 20 half l..,u,-b
Eoliou Market Reef, reeeived from slop Col as
lor sale I n BKdllOK.TAYLOR & MYERS,
or.lS "57lf eur. Com. &. fntilr st*.
Cli'MI.A I', nilliliR* Hydro til ie t eihent; 26 bbl*
J t aleiijed Plaster, jjisl reeM and for sale b\
ii.i\ 2 E. C. CEN TER & CO*.
PDj'A rt-U'IS;—um barrel* Northern, fur sale
lu\v froyn die xvhn f, aj>ply lo
iii»\2 ( '. I( \ A N , eor Conti S-Wtiter-st.
rk L" T TER.—25 lit kins very choice Cioshen Rutter,
> fur sale by Jill IN C. RYAN,
im\2 corner Conn and Walepuls.”
.* f A i ,\ i | \ I i .. 1.)j i, , v TimiM Plate,
* IdU Jinxes Leaded Plate, landing ami fir sale
:,y I .1 -1 E. C. .CENTER, & CCl.
T7 EiN'Tt t I<> ROI’E—117 e.ius of excellent
S Tk. (jenlii.v foi sal.* by
.n t20 ' I). WHEELER, 8 VVaipcsi.
r- y NEC. ROPE. -150 mils Cordilia, lb oobify a ad
£ $ U ««d:ia Hump Rale Rope, fur sale by
.Ml 2D otiUl'.N J1JM) Ti IERJS. 12 Wmftivet
O 1. V I . ■ ;. \ 1 ■ v• -> -1 >1 • v \ 1* I.' 'PI.— loo
S ^ iece's iin"»i:t •, 180 roils linpe.- fur sole by
.Vi20 t »<’ i i >V,iV RKO niEHS, 12WalVi-s\.
K > \i..ii \ii AND HOPE.-—2Ri0 ps Ky flagging,
JJ 31 1 10 kales Jaisi India Rugging, 12 pieces each,
2:,0 pieces Dundee (Immy Cloth ami Heavy
Hemp' Ibiggi'L*,
175 pieeirs Alabama* Hiegvriag,
4JO e.dls Kenli'u Ux, Un.-sia and Bombay hemp
f?..,w. I u- . ,1,. hv
., rd.fKAN it NOONAN.
M'A ; . \ « 1 < HUAtNUi zOhalf jiipes V. Seiguette
I' 12 halfpipes Olaro, Dtipuy Co.
\yf dn Cuslillon, fm sale bv
n, \ti enenrr CuMli noil Wulei-*'s
j L A I SI a\\ s S3o and PANEL
H,}r. DOOUS.-s-Tho follow pig prices will be ndop
leif fi okj ibis dale.— "
IN 11 Window. Sash,' 8.x 10, 10 etsper liidil,
o' . : 1) X 12, £2 “• V
• ‘x . •«• . .10 x II, . 28 “ “
*• . * • “ 1*2. x .Hi, iiO “
»* . • 12 x 18, 45 - “ “
“ 12.x 2D," ' 48 “ “
D im?y 2 \ J,***' '! irtdoxv Jlihids, y 1 12\
eenla per fool*,. W'ilh iriilges and iWffoilMIgit all eom
1 It u: * AalLcotiol of 5 per real bill lit! Hade fu all
vpi* icig 18 22if ‘ J. REA.
O a7.1 UOX-r.S ST \!;CU. I f mip« ■ 1 n iptaltty—
iundhig rnnu batTpie Hebron ui}d foCWileby
.!. REA. '
| ViA 1 i'.i IS M Xi II.I.l. 1‘. Ai.i.INli ;
1 75 ( nils Ro]ur,-»-jusH «er*he ln» I lor sale
In [betH 67] <' A1,\ I N KEITH.
pYJ YTLS'.—nOOjNi'gX' iiiinwiiNails, 4d in 20d,
1 s uf very* sii|u‘i'i0i-((ualiiy, laitding from St liuoiier
Vaudi.l, joul lor sale • hv •’ ■
.. 0(11 >E‘NT *R IM )Tfl F.KH,
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J - !. VTI’flvY R \i.EINOAND liOPL^— -
n Il l pieces Bagging, , *
Ill coils !ln|Te-—jiff:| received and for sale
by • / > oHDEiN RRO’THEitrS,'
.nil 12 Willy -t .
A WfAIUHl ■' lIodj'H. . few iminin >1 of111 *•
I *w iiaext tii iiif Asparft'ius Jfttwfs, far *n!e,l»»wr.
I..(2 DC ROSE & CO., Dtugg'n |s,
' :;'o W;o..--1.
A l . l'», \\ 1:0 , >|IU*.P~ rftON*, TI a
V PT. U'E. fe.
P.r.,\/.i> Mstbiee^n—lUKiiO im lu-s 10, H, 10and
21''*0 1 off i*4 s'm • •• •
Sn k \ hii 1 si; Coper.u—) I and Hi ox
i'dir.1.1 1 iton—25(4 bundle» English Iron, !^u& 10
27 ' ;
lA lUK—f»0 bundles lidn'VVire. Nos 7 No 17.
K1 v k ts—50 lliwiisiind 'TTuned Rivets; 40 thousand
tfl O-k tin.
* TI.x.m m I*i.a/k«—250boxes }xCruwinaml I’out
putrl brands. - • . . • *
. 21) boxes'100 Plate Till. ^
in i» Pi.a rfc—150 boxes L',nd,‘d Plate fur
, finding. **
1i.\\c \ 'Tin—20 phi-. Pmpea T»o, best inialiiy.
N t_l I.s—50(1 kegs ’Nall.- asswiiej, 4d flt 20.1. .
A sh -ply "of tin* abu»e uriiele* c ■nsi'iully • 011' baifl,
and f.i sale by K ' • HD rr,ll-fc. »**».,
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• . ' # HOOTS ! BOOTS!
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I.a'lies* ^imifnyrtii.rOeilV* pump*; ^‘prune new *et,
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H ultiw • for slie’s-c'-oi l am li^tiun I'n peoi. *• * '
CENTS’ \V:.t<*r proof, eoik *«Je*, <u- light brngun* !
life**, dr pump liooln—w >\c 1il\rtiy* on liuntl*.
Ca.imk.sI Hi^k u'.mJci I loot* Mm tit tk«|ir pretty feet, .
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In 1‘we’ve *toek hi .'A'le them all, ami ikthlrrn£ lu
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PTihm#! B«*ots ! Roots! *
•* •aCMCilOI^IjS, ADAMS !& TO., •
• ' 4ee£*l 1 Kill’ • * • • 53, Dayphiirtit.
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■ infortineat of the *il».A(e'the latent fi«!gop »M*u
peri ***•»ju ilit v) or t»*Mtle.««'i’n funnier wear.
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»riMj • j iiivn1 ier ol*tip* *uk**rilH?j’* niUld* let *«f July.
T!j • ir’ii will Tx fitiirft Ik* Aaciwii l»y the uauia.of.D.
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»ig1.. ; . , I. i ’ i i . _ I i • . i .1 H 1*1. «-S'
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glow mg irnr. 1 cc,.,i.i, g. ,p, u ■ ;mi» . I /nifl
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•nine. I,until ,ll | Yt V \;.\< i
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moll t*e%V! is uf lla* li.HX. lift, | v iefM i. j|„. ,
I Hiii-lb of a ilisfast-M i|ualilx, an, i , ,.i tui i.Hi.iiimi:
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of t Muling, al it., >.o,.e in , .. . i , i i.. a .V
lla M. ti.t.li, li.ogK, bow. 1 *• ..e, -i m,
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ease, Xlilia.lit n||aiox .U ■■■ "
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ti»Ul, iilo| vy , l exei x llifitl, • l>»*1 « |kn.u | »'.lj u Hon o|
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nose, au.l eojisiiiiiiioir.il i.x liil.lv* m * -- * * g' ''"evi
al, ili.-eaKP. In I'lesr ami all oda r i i-eosfs il li.i - m,j
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al laenlly, ami is *>llf.puilcl i.y ilic lesltinl ey ol ’nu
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liueii lalely ix'x'tuxe i. . .. ■
( i It V. IX A f X, Mi.S., Ml.l^ U. li'ij. . •
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I ws l giuuixnl skill, hi a i all lla; hi* h • duu e» ul.i l-t; • .
ilex i a-U, lu eilix' lae el ,t xn.it J.ll«-ii'*o a. -■ xx.-e .li t.l af
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leem il a .’ael o. i..gt al.lu le l<» yen, au.i, injnsiu ts to ^
lhe puClU'x *i I kepi libs In, I n • ita lil iy,n. Vmt •
are. lilt u-toie, al l.laxtly lw n.ak.; x\ lial I..-4. t,i H \oy
will. ^ olli's, willi fi.u. n C'sl.-x :ii,
D. h. mu.in h. ■ ‘
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U»|)OlUl«.l ill-mil tit ul la A 5.. i it % l » n.i'tiv*, .
ililii 1*4*1 I'llMil*! N , mill Win It nail- ii it .. lit mil * l.eTlh irj
iii 1 >rit!*D, l'ilinir-j Mi ilu i»4.-y iviip, t ii.«>.iiiiu l-\«
Stllflp, l\u. o$f 1 it \ I I l.ll I-Hl, lull. jm\i;L, mill 45*
l'uiiiiii45)-i-4*, lirai' i 1'i.tit i pIi. i1, u mm p Uih
li kait.p ami l|ie gem,! uitN , »1 . t l .«• 1 - i;.V.« ii lilt*’.
sioiO iVo. 45, l ii'uiuuit .-lu l l, v.'"v ».«• t'r in uV t)i.
t-'iaiirip,) 4-iipl pii.i t wl.ete *iu cm m > u a w uh hi*
stum i\o. I>5, tiouTihmnrt,. |.i* <’.» I.- <', i;’u an
*« \iiMisi\e as’awi lineal ul -ilimin .t- mi h- i.n^ ».i.! u
sitiervS. lie tines lit. I i \|.t 4 I*, 4»ti.l li ler*.- la | • . - I
nun * oiicoiirH'^eiiii-iU itiiil :*i| | <a i ilim* .1... i.nh
t'l IVl'MivOll/lilllMlI 4 I— 11 • i. 11 {4 ill i'll' * < ;. . 0“ I 1 'I
ul' inertt• lit* Will at aH tyiuV n-e. hi.» I « M ermuA . *
or* tq rtm..it Baliplmri"ii to ail v.iu am, I.- t i.Ip
.•sh(l)li-l'Hiciit:\* nil their | »il»*.< im^e* - . h<- i* wvtl
aw are, huw highly ii]*j»«n lent-it i.* '* i I T\ m. u-...» ate!
5iM>ulli"< t$> obtain itirU ii'4iiep»ui ■ I he if | mi- Pf, ih, nm
j iii.hr may repi ifi*Mu<jii in oTluiyiii^ j inca'ial hesli
liietiie.iin.-- lie is roiiiiMi^s lUuf will r. ntjiu r io ;«•
i'liive, by ilie liTk-kl ni'iivai.s,; y la.;;; ,• iit.-Vh; eon .* li
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llpiliiiiiHtf, jjelecncti w nil* (}><-• 4,11*•I'l* p| • »yi v. The
I .issoitiuUnt ot'-ilniga anil Uunly .. 114.nM
i.ig 4-»erv Hilule.i.l tin: l.hoir-i .»! :m., kep'iitpf i#»le«^
lloll 111 tile line, me liulii tli<? -Luil.j e;.u kil l A*
meiiiaii in.imil.ii k.iqp. . *
lie iils.i will beep on Jiaittl a w*i»Mt*it:«*m*;in#Nit, o'
lrt>li t lariien ;ul|i I-'iAlil ft*ee.ls, i-e. i:.» ami I ejn.
i\ . H. .Onleip Ii imii (he imituji j THinj 41 r tin pliorj* .
eut notice.- . ‘ ■ fel* 1
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l.i.AiiC..—’I I*-' gfii'tine. iru a* h i iup r.^ ' ipt a.I
timn i\ Aiikli|iiiip < 1 lia a^y,.|'.i4 tilt* ('nil- n| *• * ^ * \ • ,
The i'lem h I'lll.- are a;4 lliahlu in.all ra-a r- f. 1 >4
tlier pe\, (.w aiuwntO.i jieeln.lli .\ft'fi.4.iy ) mm |>"p*i’«0t
great iij\inu.»gi P 1 »I 1 ll.( l ' nl. ;rii.r ;.ml i; ^ Iil(lti 1 i. •
inenii'lnef,J.y heinjj et«tiii,l\ Mei frmn pna II', ailiis 1 r»- * .
»('i^iefiti\ Uu a<U aHeiTU.e f.ii i.ia* ihmi'Pj jnew-i'.ijiia
the (inspihility <<i nl.-i i.^eiy I;.tenu^14 tlM-iik‘ *
Ih'ViUes llwp ili.|;u)tanl amanl .^e, llrey*iiev*ji* ilipa- ■
grei* with* tile ptmn.iifi, mui'ia \lu-Jij.»i ^(a^es k,i tli*» • *
ii mease, they iismllly ) livet »u.u j.i a le\y i.ay h wfth
iiitli* itiglcu t«J ilh t '.1 f ifti ,
lutin'- iik>n| iilMliiialc itlygerf nf ttivi’.irr^ise, Ihey*
ie c4iiiiliyec1l.ini, Inivii'U ini'ui r.-iiny .;.!!* « , ..
liii'l iemeiiN lm«i ikiiei.. I e plan t,-*H:t \ hy\e I ( |*J1
nujersally #utciyi»l’|ii that ilie. |Vu| ri >:/j ,i l jila-fi^it
any one to |>ru'h:ee :i lemeiJN el eijii;* 11 m i.'wqty ,«tun i;r
* loiTe|tme*i>!’Three llm..l*'i •'
iaiiia ;. t . i»i 1:*- i Bt;
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JUlHifi r.VTTl.i^orx.—Koa.i . iL,. *
IV.oii J 11.^1! r .liiii n.yvyit* ‘lift tiint •
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of tin- Mlowing riutiln itv hh’x.mi <u • *i. will n’jvi vr.li
ii'i nf lll(! |>lfl|>UV(.< hTliVIliPll it js-jr'.rn.ir%
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I in*wl»y 4Tl lil^,. lllill In* tku'^llll‘1 llilh I l ; lii: M .
• eil with dirk .fiuailari.i* f.u il.r hyi:u *i \ »
.yeurd-^-Uy; i#tiur!v<MTiiri o n oi:r» i it^-nt iv j y,
lVoiS|U<-iill\ liiMiii^ ,2-i li.tui ^, *.ui mg w liii li ,i,. j8
• puiuxydni* 'haxr \,<iyi>»i n*\ri»> „i4.v mu| ...v, .
U» i'V Itry* of •■•‘V yV'i‘1 lax.. . i'ni i i!,u,.^v
all oijicr iviunin *». i'll vum, I HaxrTwj'm i r*f •«» ;f
iilM lt*d«»!l lolly Sf oliA’s J It J liiMYl* l.^nn ia* u-.mJiI* *
hy you ; •Mini to.lln* |*i i,al i.i>mj |u, i lUi.ia.i.n 4 • f.. \ <|
. InaM-ll ami all-ini 4i ird'is* li.nuti .x. l\ 1 :**• . 'a I- „ •*
lr.Mii.llir lii'fl ill mm.* i»l th* iin'iln im*. t^i.c Im.v l> m<> xx - • »
* U|r* llu* * ittrri'li'tiM* xn'li till* »i. C'i- I* , ni^tl in cxci Q*
*ruA xxla 0 Mi alia. l» \',a~ I—.' kaai.t lil.H* • • . •
lliaio n;iiM', ‘until fin* id m ill j »] rrlau.nalx* rfly.i -*•’ .
Tin- at I iii hi* a. r nuxx >i*ry r-r.Jnyii, i.mi . fn i
U*.»f-|-iiuiliei!ial(*4\ a Ilia liil.ii.'^- tHr i, !•?; i. flty < ii.itPJ - *
A kopr-lliat #i.iin;i if inny 1 A* MnuJtiNPi!* I s *tljp us;f f
iliiix truly mvaliiii4>kr iiu*tm iiH,,*l!..\ ifulucfil^yic tj i m
' ynll till* nlioxi', liHii iriUiiifl tnmu »>♦»«*;«If« tit .-i-ixunf, *
' .ji-iiiu twi n;ii.>u.N,J...!«• "UIm-'tI'Uii <ii v »
.1 (jiifiTUxkt tv (At
\Vliuli'diili* l>nig”idta, X i l» U Iir* rt. Nixx York.’,
• woi.i by ' i. c. Kuuosi; _(u; a;.;..., *■
itiitl l \ f)iv. Mhmiu.'(I| 1 litiuliHjiKl.HUii l.v.K'f,
Jut) , •■ »•• . ' , • _ . *
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ly 11»i.—a supply..-u;, iil. -w > ■ igun.I i-j 'Mfji
l>* viiIiimIiIi* iiai ul t or. ;« loni;‘ t.Ad ■
VjfoWu tt) the pulllii", ri <h iv£ J J ri n- ii^.nt iyn» * i
proprietor 4*i d for. sal.; I»v tl*»- imp. i\'ii;m ■Aiiun’i;
other hi^tilv- (kilteiing iuthil* ul* ie*- (i.p»ri«4‘
(futility a if I if*ol'iiliiej«is, aye'lniiiukllW* iblUwiu*-.
‘•J. Kkclicndotl.wiUi iu® » of liisV. l_ Mivilf dud *
on n’ijd I* thill* if n very jwpi'rror ufiuir, nmf recoin
iiiwiul its adoption, for funnly ti-e*” ' . * •
♦ * • . ’ 1 >i • Wll.liUM 'EllOMAfl.
“f have tried your 1*. Cocoa ami consulyi itJleci-*
de«’U superior to jpiy 1 have used Lit foie in my fami
ly-” * Or. Jn", ( oginji. .
*•1 concur«n the foregoing lUaieinci.t.-.”,
. * . Uv^«. ^OMack.
• #‘l have dr.iiik .fJ Kjt< h iF* P. C\.c* luamlVeoin- ->
luehd it u»u snpei ior net it I4 <1 Uvtn ge in j^is j*M
i aratiow ofUoCoa exUale—it.|x.H4s-e* lAs ol <!•♦* . |i- 0
I aglnoutr nature »ifkli^eolatu, tin-n liue ’h*• l»;’d>l^tO
i !»e-ome olmnsive lothc y«ju\al< -< eiu ami is mote suit- • 9
] alile/or lliu.lUnillhy. . .*• * b. Hkn.vt
.For sale by *1. F. .DJUiOjjJ-* L < (X* •
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C“ iT)uVui .,n .'Vr; “ >•. jjvi' i; A.('itf, • •;
[ (IJrphttr.a 7V»/ Aa,)—For tin* cm A r.' ’\'’"*Ar&%
! ry and Heputit-h?l*5eii«,n/, d’oaal**. Folds. ♦- nsi tap-* *
j Jii'ii, Spillin<^ of MI.hAI, ^*v*. T ir 111'dAt 1044 wlltc *
this lytieU* (Li\«*j wmrt) has obtai mr* ni the frontmen *
‘of Fousiuupfious,» Spitii «> of'Floo^, *Liver Com •
plaints, Funglis, ^e. ari l the "<>j’:iP.um*ertahit% ther
mllst^ilwav* i>e in the fpt | 1i ajiunof dePi.eii.»t * • th
.imnle hi which fhi»ph>rf has b- •:> •uyinllv n dm tout.. *
tesed, by ■tMjp'jhni*.ignorant* f F^itmiitunrifh'Ul W? ;
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pound Syiup of n n.iil’inn srre.,c;lt, - % • .
. MKIkFOn ir, llK.Nt>!;R^O.\ & Co. • •
N. ll.-^.N'one tire genuine without our written
fyg nu.trr, # \ •
For vide by thcsygle b..tjT** oedoxe.H I* * ,*• *
• * Kl MOUTH,JIJ}Go'cr*»HMuif, .
fid 119 . • • ihvI bVr^ nm.- ■ - * • .
* fftOHA1 'CtkT"s^»li'M‘.yuli rtfeer'uo mat 1. i*r-« *
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