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ml .. Izmai,.
_*** s <v <•» Li/, MOMMY /V/ ■■ H ML l)F, . ^VjVsKK L i >H. VOL, I.—ftp. 5,
T L If M f$ .
Subscription, ten .loll irs lor the dully j a per, payable in
tlvu.me, and live doll trs for the country paper, payable
y irI> iii a.iv.iiire by cash or city reference. !’• r*ons
Wisiiiii^ to discontinue, must give use week’s notice in
An*kurisiNu.—Advertisements continued without in
terruption, will be Cliarged at the rate ol one dollar per
•quart; for die lirst insertion, hiiu lifty cents for each sub
sequent one. ooiUi-wccki/ ami tri-weekly ones will he
c a urged the sumo as tirst insertions. Twelve lilies make
a square. If au advertisement makes less than a squuib,
it shall cost as iiiucu -is a lull one.
Advertisement* nut limited on the manuscript, ns to
the number of insertions, will be continued t.-r two
umit.ii* and so cuarge.l, unless previously directed to be
tHncii out of tue paper by a written order.
uiverti.se items not hearing upon tltelr face* the names
ol tile persons by whom they are sent, must he endorsed
by them.
The terms lor unmtal advertisers will be 9 lb for one
•q it are, and <-) > for each additional square, wfth the priv
ilege of changing once a week, due in advance.
file privilege of annual advertisers is limited to their
owu immediate business; and ill advertisements for the
oeiielilof other persons, as well ns all legal advertise
ments, and adveriisemeuis of auction sales, sent by them,
must be paid for at the usual rates.
Yll ulveriiseiiietils required by law, will be charged :»l
the lull rates.
Ynuual advertisers who exceed the space for which they
contract, will be cliarged at the usual rates.
Arraiiie nent* will be made with those who occupy hall
acoltimuor more continuously lor a yew, accordion to
the nature of the business, and the frequency of tin
change of matter.
Advertisements of application for the bcitetti of the
Insolvent Laws, will not lie published in any ca--\ utile*.
paid for previous to insertion, or payment be guaranteed
by a responsible person in town.
YII itiiiounceiiieut* of candidates for office, will be char
ged dvr dollars for daily insertions during tin* canvass.,
pa'able in all cases in advance.
Military and Fire (bunpanic*, and other similar A-'oeia _
lions, will he charged fttll rates In the insertion, or foiiy
dollars per annum if they do not exceed one square eneli
Yll personal communications, when admissible, will bi
charged double, and in all cases payment must be made it
OllI* H A N’s ( nli K T, 8e| t. Tf|,„, 1841.
rrUUS DA Y caiue Eh a n cts B» i tis, I'.m mon■ of
JL thr* lust will ami testament of Matin a Ileitis,
deceased, and Miggesl.' to the court that In* Inis duly
administered tin* Estate of said Mathew Bettis, nod
nravs the court for an order ol lino. -n,. imu :
VV hereupon it is ordered, thatSaturday, the dOtli
day ol Octolarr next, at the eoiirl house of Claike
county, la* appointed for tin; settlement ol the aeon nts
of said executor, and that publication <-l this order
be made once week for forty days'in tin M dole Com
mercial Register and i’utiiot.a newspapn printed in
tile city of Mobile, that all persons iuirre.-icd may
attend and hear the settlement of said accounts. A
true copy from the minutes.
net25 f»3f40dn < Ink.
Sm. Administration on the estate of Elijah Eivsoitll,
deceased, were on the bill day of September, 1841,
grunted to the undersigned by the lionoralde the Or
phans (aunt of Clarke county, State of Alabama.—
All persons indebted to said estate are hen by noti
fied to make payment immediately, and those having
claims against the same, to piesent tlieiu within the
time prescribed by law or tin* same w ill be barred. 1
JOHN l'RESNALL, ) . . ,
oct25 63fc TRYO.N l'RESNALL, $ ',lm ,b* ,
WORLD’S WON DKK—Polity'* Magical fa a !
Extractor—“ It is a strange fact,but uuverile- I
less, true, that the medical wot Id have no effect mil i
and general remedy, as yet, snlelv established for the (
cure of burns,” observed an eminwnt physician in
liinli official capacity, while addressing a jury as curt
finer in London, lately, while sitting on an inques
over the body of a burnt individual, at the. same time
enjoining them to solicit (he medical ofliems of the
metropolitan hospitals to search tin* world for such a
desideratum, that experience had established as the
best and surest.
In order that no life should be lost, or torture suf
fer id hereafter, by such nlllictioiis, Dailey’s Magical
Pain Extractor is sent forth to the use of nun, pos
sessing all the merits required: and that unbelief,
ignorui • * and prejudice may lx* removed, and it up
plied to every stillerer unhesitatingly, a premium will
la* given to every one who will apply it, and the ex
cruciating agony be not removed. One hundred dn|
urs have been offered for mouths, and no failure lias
been found.
Its extraordinary masterly powers are not only om
nipotent; but it is also promptly universal to heal,
without scar, all kinds of ailments, even small | o.\
pustules, if applied when the pox is ripe, so as never
to leave the lace pitted. Hardly any ambiguous case
exists, but hope may be cherished—the worst burnt
prison may not despair of cure, when anointed im
mediately. Should viml parts be consumed, good
will lie loiind, if only to remove pain for the slant pe
riod the victim may live.
Those who allow distrust to triumph over trial,
must stdl endure or perish, instead of being emed
in a ftiw days by the certain results of this all-eiibc lent
The proprietor fears not contradiction when ho
states the globe does not equal it for i»* highly con
centrated virtues ol anodyne, antixp *ptic, astringent,
norvinu, hepatic, and balsamic qualities, w ith olliei
miner powers combined, which supply t ml bring
again to perfection any part by injury destroyed.—
The question often pul, “ how can a tiling be good
for so many tilings’” is thus answered.
To the toilette, nursery, dispensary, and every
liahitable spot of mankind, it is indispensable; and
ladies lingering iu agony for months, with inflamed
and broken brra-ts, can always, if they prefer, pre
vent such, by only anointing the inflamed parts a few
times, and those with sole, weak and inflamed eyes,
even for years, if Ihcv choose to anoint the eye and
lids, can regain Comioit ami sight; and if parents
object to have their daughters seared in the face by
burns, they can preserve their beauty by anointing
the afflicted parts until completely healed, and scars
from blisters may lie readily put away.
Much bore is stated which the writer knows will
not lie believed, of its excellence; but not half its in
estimable value is described; lint all humbug being
disclaimed, he is aware necessity will prove every
word correct; and though the tide In* hard to stem,
of prejudice, and long cherished habit, and use, dis
appointment in medical skill on these afflictions will
only suggest, “ shall the healing art remain a • fixed
as a post, while every art and science are moving as
on the wings of the wind. ’ To show that this disco
very rests not on words, life, pain and sear, to a great
extent, have already been saved, an l thousands ol
trials satisfactorily made, and never a failure: lares
burnt, scalded, ami bruised all ov‘*t, can be seen ns
complete us ever, healed in from nine to fourteen
days; people blown up by combustibles, every thing
extracted from the flesh, others mouths and years in
torture, caused by melted iron, grease, AkC., consu
ming flesh, sinew and muscle, even to tlu* Inme,
which the faculty could mil conquer, cured by only a
lew applications of this all-iinporlaut salve. Too
much of it cannot he applied to injury, or too little to
do good, Mo pain attends its use. Though thou
sands of certificates cuu be presented, we give only
a few below.
This is to certify that I, with several others, was
horribly burnt, bruised and scalded over'our faces,
necks, breasts, arms, hands and legs, by the explo
sion of the sleanilxial Swiftsiire's boilers, on the lilh
October, 1840, and for twenty hours was parched in
excruciating agony. Though the faculty did all they
could, four up to that time die I, and the rest were
fast sinking. I was not exneete I t > live more titan
half an hour longer, when Air. Dailey introduced lii.->
invaluable Magic Rain Extractor, and on applica
tion, I was easy at mice. My right arm had become
ns blank as coal, being supposed m nli lied, and the
flesh dropped off, even to the Imue. After being
dressed, in six hours it had returned to its natural co
lor, and in twelve, all iiiv swellings had g me down,
find were perfeetdy easy. Other things, from some
ignorance, were applied, and I was again tortured
and swelling, until the second application of Mr.
Daily's ointment; and from that moment I felt again
comfortable and improved. 1 believe had this great
remedy Iteen used at the time of the explosion, eve
ry man would have lived. I am told no person has
ever die I from burning, &r.., where this has been
present; ami to it I mike known to the w >rl !, 1 owe
my life, as do others. HL.NKA \ ATES,
Cor. Wash, and Christopher sts, N. York.
1 unfortunately burnt mys If badly, a I anointed
the parts w ith Mr. Dailey's Magical Rain Extractor.
Eumediately the pain ceased, and in a lew days ii
healed, without a mark. 1 consider it superior to
any other thing now used. E. ft. LAMB.
This is to certify that my child, only eight days
since, was horribly scalded on both arms ind hands,
so that the skin came off. The agony nearly produ
ced its death before we could get ami apply Dailey's
Mag ical Pain Extractor; but in ten miiintes alter be
ing dressed w ith it, the child was so easy as to fall
asleep, ami is now perfectly healed, free of scar. No
humane |M»rent, knowing its merits, will ever lx? un
supplied. Its power extends to all kinds of hurts, us
Oct. 15, 1840.
This is to certify that myself and wife have sever
al times burnt ourselves, and 1 havs Imd many deep j
cuts; ami 1 received one near the anklu with a chis- i
cl, which Doctor Brown staled to be «*ie and a half
inches deep. By applying Dailey’s Magical Pain
Extractor 1 was not stopped from work but four
days, which, but for tins, no doubt, I should have
been for weeks. It leaves no scar. I oommen l this
•intment to the world, as the best that can be used.
Albany, Nov. 15, 1311. R. N HAMLIN.
This valuable remedy for tale wholesale and retail
H GATES’S Drug Store,
ooy29 10b Dauphin sr.
! I \l.-'>4i|.l Or lUEiK I'.MuJiSHU**
m.J .\utin* is hi rcby given to all tonce.Mod,, ti.at
llie cnp!iiiiipi»lii|i in the lion I min :y busintw at
■ Mobile, known tinder the name of J-'.ioet Curry &.
I Co., IniN Itemi this dny dissolved. Al1 percent hav
ing claims against said firm on arrou u of tha M«
! bile Foundry, will please |.resent tl.etn for »e?t!«
: [*m 29 65tf JAMES ClJRftY.
Cl'.u. I,. HOLT,
F A C T OR — .Mo hi i. e ,
' B 1 i I b. undersigned has resumed the Factorage and
-9 ( nuiiuission business in Mobile, and will Im
j thankful to bis old friends ami the public for a slant
"I patronage. Having commenced business here ns
' iil\ is 1S|«) and vontiiiiied it up to 18d4 and being
himilmrlv acquainted with the Imsiuess lie la pea to
be able to render satisfaction, as lie thinks lie g aur
ally did, while he pursued that business. And lie
beg< C>» rider such persons as are not acquainted with
him (or the oldjlit m o| T. &. (i. I loll, of wliieli lie vv at
i member) to all tin* v arums friends and patrons of Ins,
lot* testimony as to Ins qualification lor lliat branch
o| business. All business confided tu his care will
be promptly attended to by his agent until his return
to the city, which will Is; in October.
Hugo ifiHf GKO. E. HOLT.
{Jkji** The Journal and Advertiser will copy in the
country paper until the M of January next.
Virn VRE i\OI I* i'.— Whereas, nun li inconveii
» ? inner and great loss is expel ieuced by tin pro
prietors of the wharves, from the present mode oI
snipping up ward height, notice is hereby given tlmi
from and after the liral day of November next, no
diav w ill be permitted to enter lipril any of th •
wharves with m<*icliandise Ibr shipment, without the
draymm fits! delivering to the vvii.iilinger—who will
attend for that purpose—a written acknowledgment
from «*i responsible shipper, resident in the city, of
liability for the wharfage, or payment of the same
made in e-ash.
, I ’ 16tljitif J. JEDI'., Wlmrfi
TV' i > I !•!..— i In- i. i •i r.'igneu, (successm s In J. x
d- * W. Smith) have tin.- day firmed a co-part
a r-ldp unde, llie name a id six le <>f Smith I blimey
l«.r tlie purpose of tiaisacting a getieiul grocery lai
siu-ss. They mdieit a continuance of the bberal pa
treua .u-liestnucd u|uin the late firm and the public
V e . Iv. J V M I S SMITH,
■ I . (1 JOHN M. D-MIM’V.
stall mu; cotton lan d in soi th
V A LA RAM KUK SALK.—The subscriber,
I administrator nt die estate ol \\ illmm Smith, tic
ce.iscd, otters tbr stile two large and valuable Plaotu
I ti ns, on tlie A ill am i river, about 12 miles above
Selma, and 25 miles below Mnnlgnincrv. One of
i them is in the county of Autauga, ioutaiiiing eigh
I teen hundred acres.of which from seven l« eight hnn
I dri’d acres are in cultivation, bountifully supplied
I with Wiiter till plant,itioii purposes, and for stuck, by
1 a never iiiding slre iui. running entirely through the
j pliintation. That portion of the tiact which, is not
| on a c cultivation, is well tindwrud and principally
| cot ton In ml, of the very host quality for the culture of
cotton and corn.
The other irstnl is situated in the county of Dallas,
in tlu* bend of the Alabama river, generally known
i In Durand's Bead—containing about fourteen Imn
; d.ed acres, nine handled of which are in cultivation,
j This trad is ;ds » well supplied wiiii timber and wa
ter, and is ol the best quality of cotton lamb
Both these plantations are bounded, and divided
[ from each other, hy the Alabama river; they are now
in a state of high cultivation, with comfortable dwel
lings, gin-housi.s and other necessary buildings on
each, lit for immediate use. The quality of the soil,
tin* eas\ access to mm bet by the Alabama l iver,
the southern latitude, and the character of the popu
lation in the two counties of Dallas ami Autauga, af
ford great inducements to capitalists desirous of en
gining in the culture of tile great staple of tin* south.
The crops this year, it is supposed, will produce 450
to add bales of 500 poueds each, cultivated by sixty
three hands.
The stock of corn, fodder and oats, now oil the
plantations, the lings and cutlh*, Imcksmitli's tools
and fanning utensils, are ulse offered for Stale. Pos
session given at the end n( the year.
Persons wishing to purchase, can apply to Mr. It.
II. (lastoii, at the landing on the river, adjoining the
Autauga pin nation, who will show the premises; or
tn mi- at my rcsi fence in Huntsville during the sum
mer, and at New Orleans during the winter. The
terms, for either or both of the plantations, will be
quite idvan ageous. MEREDITH CALHOUN.
w v27 Pr. I r $30
'Pile Charleston Courier, Richmond Enquirer
and Huntsville Advocate will insert the. above once a
week for eight weeks, and forward their accounts to
ill* Democrat Office. Huntsville, for payment.
II the most valuable remedy, recently discovered,
for consumptions, imighs, colds, asthma, spitting of
blood, whooping cough, ami pulmonary affections of
every kin I—price 50 cents.
Pord' ular caution—Each genuine b title is enclos
ed in n blur wripper, on which is a yellow label sign
ed “ Sampson Keen.” Nona other can lie genuine.
'I'll** great celebrity of the genuine pulmonary bal
sam has been the cause of attempts to introduce spu
rn as articles, which, by partially assuming the name
of the g • mine, are calculated to mislead and deceive
the public. Among these mixtures, are the Ameri
can P'lluKinarv balsam, \ < g> table I'uhmutary bal
sam, balsamic Syrup, ami others. Purchasers should
i m pi ire for the article by its whole name, the Veget
able pulmonary Bubum; and see that it beats the
marks and signature of the genuine.
Ea *h bottle anil seal is stamped Vegetable Pulmo
nary Balsam. S. Rkk.ii.
One more counterfeit besides the American Pul
monary Balsam, and the others above alluded to!—
Tile latest attempt to deceive the public by a spuri
ous mixture, lalsclv called genuine pulmonary bal
sam, prepared by .Samuel Andrews and Jos. A. Vea
/ic. To avoid the imposition of this spurious arti
cle, we again refer the public to the written signa
ture of Sampson Reed, on the outside wrapper ol
each bottle.
B -ton, July 1, 1841. Lowk & Rked.
A Iresh and large supply of the above now receiv
ed and fir sale, wholesale or retail, by
nov2M II. GATES, Dauphin street.
luable discovery for joining broken glass, china,
earthenware, cabinet work, and fancy articles of ev
ery description. This cement i° acknowledged to lie
superior to any thing of the kind eve offered to the
public.. Its extreme strength is remarkable, as also
the variety of purposes to which it may be applied.
It resists wet—will stand an ordinary degree of heat,
and its hardness, when set, is truly astonishing.—
Tie* great facility of using it, no mixing or prepara
tion being required, is a strong recommendation in
its favor. In lact, it requires only to lie known, to
lie found in use in every family.
For men ling broken glass, china, See. it succeeds
wonderfully, as the joints show but little. Many ar
ticles of this kind, that Imt for this discovery would
be entirely useless, mav be securely and (irmly unit
ed, and become as aselnl as when new. The leaves
of books, pasteboard, fancy articles*in tortoise shell
or cabinet work, may be neatly mended with it.
To prevent imitations, which would disappoint the
purchases and bring into disrepute the genuine arti
cle, the public are requested to observe the signature
of the proprietor, “ \V. B. Painter,” written on
the wrapper of each bottle.
S.d I in bottles at 25 and 50 cents each, by the
lYo| mirtor,\V. B. Painter, No. 23,3d Avenue, »\.
A oik; nU>>, by his appointment, by
ii iv2.0 II. G vTES, Druggist, Mobile, Ala.
FT1RU3r • \ll—/•/■:.iL l.v/mvNotk T
1. is hereby given, that the trustees of the Gordon
Land cotueany will proceed to soil at public sale, at
the door of the Court-house of Mobile countv, on the
o st Mon lay of December m x», all the lands rctnuin
ing uns Id belonging to said Company, for the pur
pose of riming and Imally settling the said Trust.
The trustees will sell the said property us it stands
and will give such titles as they are authorised as
trustees to give, by virtue of the deed of conveyance
an 1 trust, dated the lirst day of June, 183b; whereby
s it i lauds were conveyed by Archibald W. Gordon
to Heurv Hitchcock, George N. Strum t nud Abner
S. Lipscomb, Trustees, tortile lie iclit of said A. W.
(i m don and of the Mtockli dders,of said Gordon Land
(J ■ npauy, and which deed is duly recorded in Mobile
con ity.
The property to be sold, is a portion of the Favre
Tiact, containing originally about 200 arpens of land
m tiic lower part of the city of Mobile, a MinaII portion
of which has been sold hy the Trustees, the remain
der v\ ill now be sold as it stands. Persons w ishing
to purchase will please apply to George N. Stewart
in Mobile, who w ill explain the situation of the prop
erty , and of the till • proposed to be conveyed. The
terms will lie made known on the day of sale. Sale
at twelve o’clock. GEORGE N. STEWART,
Mobile, Nov 18 RfhlstM lee _Truster*.
IN CONFORMITY with the last Will and Tea |
lament of Joseph Ruby, deceased, ami to carry
into effect the provisions of laid Will, and in con
I'onuity with the order of the Orphans Court of Mo
bile <• Hinlv, granted the 28th day of Octolier, 1841,
I « ill, on Monday, the 8lh day of January, 1842, ex
pose to public sale, in front of the court house of
Mobile, within the legal hourjof sale, all the personal
ami real estate ol said Joseph Rahy, as follows, viz;
the Negroes Willi, Tony, Isaac, Sally and her three
children; Household Furniture; as nU», a tract ol
Land lying on Bayou Coden, in Mobile county, c»n
uining about 300 at re*; also a tract of Laud at Ful
ton, containing about 48 acres, being the residence
of the late Joseph Rahy.
Terms of sale 6 mouths credit, with two good se
entities JOSEPH KRE14H,
nov20 R2tf Executor.
VINEGAR—60 bids cider Vinegar, for sale by
uuv30 HARRIS & ROSS.
inM n. n s t A U I) S.
'^1Y HE S! j i s < Kl li Bit having establish* i btuist (
■ in thin city tortile im pose oi coudacting a HA (
Sl.\ ESS, would H't>|/c» Uully solicit the patronage ol
hi* friend--.
Of 1 ICE—No. 6i> Cwmiuerce-nt., cast side a few
door* aliove Conti sired,
novll 741|if SAMCFL ROBINSON.
John Robinson, Khi|., t Imilesion, 8. Carolina.
W "• Ro H I > vo n , Esti. Hindeii, Marengo ('o. Ala.
('ol. M. Clio, Kirhm imi, Dalian Co. Ala.
M-tiINNEY ml \sti\,
C 0 M M / .V .V / () x M E U C II A N T S,
No. t>, Commerce-st.M-iuii.k.
Jacob onr.R,
G n () C E R V S T O R E,
No. 21, Go\eminent-street,.MuRHK.
jTm. \\ i rHERs .v < <>.
c o M M l S S10 X M E R c IIA A T S,
Office—No. 7,Sr. Fn ancis-strkkt,
Over the ih y Crouds sl o t of H it/eiwum, Hopkins if Co.
St. John, Power* Ac Co. Mobile.
l>r. John Murrast, \ .
V'.ngliii & Turner, 5 Tuscaloosa.
T. \V. H rev Mi ll >
I. VV.H .jm., { Moi.lgnn.ory.
A. It. W\ nil, ) ..
J. Ui.vW.,,1,. { M“ra"">
Mnjl. J. Forue.v, > „ . „
«.'nl. J. II. lU.k.J
J. Conoley a Co, Selma.
It. (i. Huntley, Lowndes.—fTu*. Fb.ff. oct4 r'4tvmn.
Commission Merchants,
Xew- York .
A N I> 11 F. W S & BROTHERS,
Com mission M kkchants,
Commission Merchants,
Residonee of I’artueis— Mobile, Ala.
J. I. \mihmvv New-York.
/.. Anurkws, New-Orleans*.
E. !.. Amikkwi, Mobile.
T.7 Liberal ndvances made on Consignment* to either
of the above houses. inn 16
At the Comer of Dauphin and Ryot Streets.
A re now rreeiving additional supplies of fresh
I rugs ami M kuicin ks,
of the best quality, which they oft’er fa sail1 in quan
lilies to suit purchasers at moderate price*.
( Date. ()*C'>nn»r til/an,)
C O M M 11> S 1 O N M L H ( 11 A N T ,
ianlfi Mobile Ala.
Wm. ii. Kohertaoii, 1 Mobile, Ala.
Henry Myers, >
Jos. E. Murrell. ) iuul6
ianlfi 37 St. Mu hurl at.—Mobile.
ianlfi Mobile, Ai.a.
M cGIv.A \ ^ ~\ < K ).N A \ ~
GENERAL commission merchants,
a n u
ianlfi No. fi St. Mi* hurl at.—Mobile.
A. BATRfi & CO.,
Commission Merchants,
No. 70 Co miner ct street.—MOBILE.
3_T Advance* made on Cotton shipped to their tfiendu
iu Europe and the linilci! Slates. Ian 16
K. C. CLNTI.lt & CO.,
Com m i s 8 i o n Al arc Hants,
ianlfi MOBILE.
(. \111)\ Kit jit 8 AQEK,
Com mission Merchants,
TT Advance* made on Cotton. ianlfi
1'. .SHAW it CO.,
Commission Merchants,
Franklin Shaw. UKStnvu* Horton.
General Commission Merchants,
Mobile, Ala.
Win. I.aird. J. Littlejohn.
Factors anii Cdmmissiok ,M men ants,
octlti No. 39 Front S’ C omineri r sis.— Mobile.
Commission M .. u c ii a n t ,
ianlfi M tbiln.
cmoi.i, *. w mi.,,
Produck, G roc iky a Com m -mo. Me kcHants
Corner Commerce awl Dauphin streets,
inn 16 MOBILE, Ala.
JuHN 8iMP3o.\ CO.,
Factors a. Com mission Merchants,
Mob i It, Ala .
J.diu Simpson. 1 'eiiry G. Cuulield.
mu 1 fi 23 Comnurce at.—M o b 11 e •.
LATH A M 11C 1.1. it .SON,
Auction and Com mission Mkkciiats,
No. 22 Water Street,
Mobile, Ala.
W Liberal advance* made on consignment*.
Autton anli Commission Merchant,
cornu W ater and St. Mtchati struts,
ianlfi M o b i I e .
ilAKitLS ot !aJS8*
Auction eir8 a.nu mission Merchant*,
37 Water street—Mobile.
HEiSHO i, i.ki lwu a a i ijiici,
G U C o E R 8 and S 41 11* C 11 A N U J. 1. U S ,
ii»M.» N". 80 Comm tree si.—Mobile.
ADEI'i.s c*. i'ARDY,
ti it o c r ii 8 ano Ship chan u i. e r s ,
Comer Commerce and Conti street-',
C. II. A.muu, 1 MOBILE.
11. Tar ay , )
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
ianlfi oil Cotimureeat.—Momi.f..
\V h o 1 e * a I e & Retail Dealers in
IIAitu Wark, Iron, IS ails,Hollow Ware, &c
Co ner Commute and Duuphi.t at*.
ianlfi MOBILE.
li. iVUitTH,
Family M kuicin b kS r ore,
No. 35 Government st’cet,
ianl6 opposite ihr .Market.—Mobile.
It. H W A FivLYS 6t CO.,
Currier Water and Si. Fran is sta.—MOBILE
W Ii o I e h a I e Dealers i u
ianlfi Win now Glass.
L C. DUDO.se 6i CO.,
(Lite Du Bose t!f Rujf.)
Wholesale Druggists,
ianlfi N i. 39 Water st,—MOBILE.
No. fid Water street—M OH ILK.
Wholesale At Retul Dealer hi
Fancy and Staple Dky Goods.
JOH N rTTu \ 11AI.1.,
No. 44 Water street.—M o b 11 e .
Gd- aii ookbin Irv is attached to the establishment.
Wholesale & Retail Dealers in
Pocket Cutlery, Music, Fancy Articles, &c.
No. 50 Dauphin at.—MOBILE.
ip/ Merchants, Teachers and others, purchasing in
quantities, Birnished on the most liberal terms. ian!6
A general assort in eut of the atest styles by
J. C. GW IN,
32 Wider and 48 Dauphin streets,
ianlfi Mobile.
ianl6 No. 54 Royal at.—Mobile.
No. 33 Royal Street,
Cards, Circulars, Hand Bills, Steamboat Bills, Dills
l.udiHg, Justice, Notary, Lawyer Custom
House, Shipping Blanks, Ac.
Neatly and F. x nr d i t i on s ' v Executed
NEGROES FOR HALE—William, a first rate
drayman; Maky, and her son, three years old,
first rate cook, washer and ironerj Bill, eighteen
years old, good ostler and house servant. Apply to
n»v24 W EDMOND k CO.. 96 Com, *t.
PERM OIL.—1000 gallons bleached Winter
Oil, in casks and tibia, lauding from brig J. I>.
Moves, for sale by
rj\A.NNEUS OIL.—20 bill. Imrrel. Taffltm Oil,
A just received and for sale by
R. L. WATKINS & Co, Druggists,
m»v8 cor Water and His. Francis-sta.
\Y ACKERElTA'5 bbls No. 1—25 l»f. bills No. 1
LyA 15 rjuiiiters ;g25 kits, landing from ship Tar*
quin, for sale bv W
nov2 cor. Coin. It Conti sta.
-ll'V- A CARO.—Recent event* have made i>
•v*e« sssiry that I should leave NmIpIh'*, an i I haw
; therefore selected this city ns a place i.f residence, ic
I hopes of obtaining that support which was cl-sml 11
4.*irust me there in eg* , .pi-nec of tosses hv fire him'
lorimdo. I have take]fcn' I ope tied the house'on Conti
street, known as tlmsjtjONTI STREET HOTEL.
m.w 1 lie property of Mr. Met'arty, the same that was
■*htied hy Mr. John Richardson. and which unde'
his management gained considerable reputation.
I promise to make tins Itonsr all it should b*»—h
borne (o' all those wh» tuny patronize the establish
I have Iteen thirty odu Years in the mufti, twenty*
tin ee of which I ha\e hc*ei occupied in keeping's
public house in the city ofNairln-z.
The Conti'Street Hot. I S as I teen neatly fitted up,
and furnishud anew. Tlie servants are the same
•hat I had in the Nutrh.z Southern Exhhnnge, and
are well accustomed to dnir business. Tlu* Hotel
is now ready te receive I Headers, and the undersign
ed will be thankful for a'I jatronuge that a generous
public may think pro|>er to bestow.
New Orleans, Nov. lAtli, 1841. nov28 8-1 Kin,
1:^2, PRIVATE BO \ vid.NtJ HOUSE, No. 9,
Conti street, lietween \\ stsr and Commerce streets,
Mobile—a few doors cast <d the Mansion House.
(lentlcinen w ill find tins louse c •nvcniciit, retired
and commodious. It is ve/y central, lieing within
three hundred yards of the New Orleans st< ainhoat
binding and only a few s.ifp* from the Blakely land
ing, four doors west of tVmucrce st.
Boarding and Ludgut by the day or month, on
j •/ /-• <> t !• u nns. *m.v22 83tf |
PV Fi^iROEH.—Tfcft suistrilau has >,11 hand ttnd
1 1 will be consi.milv receiving from Charleston
and Baltimore, NEtiRtLS of every ilescriptinn,
‘.▼Itieli will lie disposed d' at moderate prices. He
will also make liberal abTires on Negroes put in
ids hands for side, at his lace on Jackson, between
Dauphin and >1. Francis mreets.
oet22 62taprl *42 IA VIES E. Zl’NTZ.
|\J< >TICE.—'The ’ A, r having purchased the
i x enti e Stock an .“1 ef M"i**rs. J. IIaI.I. 4'
Co. begs leave to inform In* fVie.uds and the public,
that he designs keeping a constant and well assorted
supply of IRON, N.1ILS, (.'ASTINtiS,
at the old stand, corner Water & Hitchcock's Alley.
lie hopes by uni emit led attention to merit a share
of dm liberal patronage heretofore extended t<> his
predecessor*. OVID* MAZAMJR.
novo 69tf
mulerslgheu having .-otit (heir st irk ol h,<n
1 and Hardware to Mr. O. MAZA N(«K,beg leave
to * ilirit for him a cintimmnce of the patronage oi
customer*. 0Cj“The office of the subscriber is re
moved to Chun h street, first door west of Royal st.
where nil those iudeli.ed will please rail and pay, and
nil demands presented for settlement.
- 69tf J(M3EPH II ALL & CO.
1^5 i ) |; S \ I.I.. ! ‘i i • i• ■ A• a
Slock (all paid in) for (’ash. Persons pttrclia*
ing tins stork ran pttvh isu either Si asou Tickets or
Boxes, twenty per cpnt lower than fur cash. Apply
at GREGORY'S Exchange, 54 Royal-st.
N. B.—The abov« will be sold in single shares if
wauled. nov6:?0tf
("1 I.NNKY CLOTH—120 Rolls 45 in. 2lb- to the
T yard, landing from Urig Wetumpka. This ar
ticle is well worth tin? attention of pi inlets an I fac
tors, being made expressly for this market, for sale by
n »\ 18Kino JOHN t PREILEY.
RICE.—2D tierces new, for sale bv
inn 16 22 and 21 Commerce-*!.
I^jXOR 8ALE.—A first rate Family Morse, with a
single Barotiebt and Harness. Also, a neat
Buggy Waggon new, with harness complete.
nn\ 16 W. EDMOND & Co., 96 Coinmercc-st
| >•< >x K.ET ( UTLERY. I1m bi i dai 0* Sears
l No. 36 D.iupbinatreet, have this day received an
assortment of splendid Penknives, maunfaeiured bv
“Joseph Rogers & "dons'* and “George Worstea
liolm.” Al.o, Desk Knives and Erasers. novl9
rjXUE History of the French Revolution, by M. A,
Thiers, late Prime Minister of France.—Trans*
luted with note* and illustrations from the most au
thentic sources, by Frederick Sholierl; second Ame
rican edition, complete in four volun ©a, with steel en
'J’lie works of Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of
England,a new edition; with tlie? life of the Author
by Bu%il Montague, Esquire, in three volumes K »y
al Kvo.
Specimens of Foreign Standard Literature, edited
by George Ripley, Jr. eleven volumes.
Lives of Eminent British Lawyers, bv Henry Ros
coe, Esq. Barrister at Law, in two volumes.
Greville: or, A Season in Paris, bv Mr*. Gore,
Authoress of the “The Dowager,” “The Peeress,,’
ice. hi two volumes,
'File Miser: or Tie* Coii*i*U of LUtmtn»n:i, by
William Carleton, utlior of “Neal Malone,” “Fa
ther Butler,” &c.
Mis. Marcel’s Book of Stories f«»r young children.
A Treatise on (I*. l>iseaK".» ami liniuiiies of the
Lauynx and IYnrli e; by Frederirk Ityiaml. r.t«—
incuts of the Pathology of the Human Mind,by Thu*.
Mayo, M. 1). F. K. S. both winks complete in one
'I he Sanative influence of Climate*, with an ac
count of rhe best place* of resort for invalids in Eng
land, The South of Euro|>e, &c. by Sir James Clark,
Bart. M. i>. F. H. s.
The above new publications, together with many
valuable staudurd works, just received and for sale
mo25 36 Dauphin st.
brand; also Traburns, landing from schooner
Belle, from Havana, and I n-sale Ibr cash only, by
iio\25 86 J. G. MICH A Eld )PFSK Y, 39 Royal st.
SADDLES.—2 case* for sale at verv low prices,
no\2! 85ku by JOHN O’REIEEY.
gA BARRELS FLOI R; tQ Mm Whiskey
OvJ 50 hbs Molasses 10 hil ls Sugar
lx) lilids Bacon sides 15 “ Shoulders
20 kegs Lnrd 100bags Havana coffee
60 bags Rio Coffee 50 nxs Sperm Candles
60 hxs Soap 50 “ Composition “
100 “ Tobaccu,—For sale l»v
oct8 57tf CALVIN KEITH.
1AM/LNG FltOM SlllP CERES.—Liuseed
-A Oil in barrels,
2 bales Bottle corks,
10 boxes Chrome Green,
20 half barrels Copperas,
Roll Uriiinttoiie, Sttluhur, Alum, &r\ for sale by
nov25 MOSELY & CO. Druggist.
^"XOph'EE.—100 bag" new crop Green Rio Coffee;
30 bags old govei i n • nl Java do., f r sale by
novg .1. C. RYAN,««rConti s. Wat> i--t>.
Ii;* >\ SAFE.—Just received from Philadelphia,
one superior Asbestos safe, (J. Scott manufactu
rer,) for sale
iiiix5 J- B. TOULMIN.
,)U|| SAV.-K.S 6ALF—for sal by
*5UU F. Sil AW Sc CO.
oet8 56tf 68 Conimerce-*t.
Kentucky rope.—100 c%i *up©nor quaL
ty, for sale by
HCI.1 D. WHEELER, 8 Water-st
t AA SACKS LIVI ;Rl’( KIL SAL f in bicacli
ivOUl/i:il sacks, for sale in hits t<» * ii* purchas
ers by SMITH ic DABNEY,
oct4 IM 42 Cmnmnrce-*t.
Baggi ng and rope.—2w> p* ivy Bagging,
140 bale* East India Bagging, 12 piece* each,
330 pieces Dundee Gunny Cloth and Heavy
Hemp Bagging,
175 pieces Alabama Bagging, •
400 coils Kentucky, Russia and Bombay hemp
Rope, for sale by
,1.120 Med RAN & NOONAN.
KJOWDER & SHOT.-200 Bags Shot; 100
Kegs Powder; 1000 lbs Lead
For sale bv 57ifi CAL\ IN KF.I Pll.
ijlLOUK.—300 bids supertinc New F'lour, recei'd
1 per Queen of the South, for sale by
novl9 8 10 Commerce »t.
HALE’S TOBACCO—160 boxes ami half do
Hale’s superior Tobacco,ansi other brands, just
received |»er nelir John A. Lancaster, on consign
ment, ami for rale on libei alterw* by
m,v22 VV. EI)M(>\D & CO., % Com. st.
I)VANCES ON COTTON.-We will make
Idieral Advance* on Cotton consigned to us for
sale in this market, or f<»r Shipment to our friends in
Liverpool, Havre, New York, Boston or New Or
leans. E. L. ANDREWS & CO.
oet27 64wmo cor Commerce & Dauphin-si*.
^•(A PIECES Kentucky Bagging—“Brand”—86
Ut/ yards; 76 coils best quality Kentucky Rone,
for sale by [in.v3] d. W ESTFELDT & BKO.
D~RIEDUEEF.--5 hhl* Dried Beef; :2 bids
Smoked tongue*, landing from ship L»rem»,for
n.*v2 66rf cor. Coin. & Conti at*.
DEMIJOHNS.—1, 2, 3 ami 5 gallons, for sale by
EARTHEN WARE.—*60 crate* assorted, for sale
i»ovl5 77tf 84 St. Michuel-st.
tj | 4 l.NL I'L«H k, l.t.’K.illg rtilit Im «ml.
novill In JFRK.VlWl It LA.
t i k RilLS. Will I’L tsEA.XS, just receiver
■ vj* " an.I fur tsie by
SWT.—3000 mirks in Rajtiftd order, (jt sale in
lots to miiC Hiirchmiei'i, )>v
n.n 17 g*flTri &_I>ABN FV ,22 A-27Com. si.
C1 IEE3E.—200 Imxo«i fot salt by
> novl5 JOHN O’RPILFY.
1 JliiF subscriber* are n> w receiving per Hogarth
M. from Liverpool, an invoice of' lYtftt.uerv ami
ibushes, which they oilin' for sal.1 at ren* .liable
•rices rm»v25] MD2H.LY CO. Druggist.
tlOALS—m tofts Oriel), on bmnl fbtp Blake
J from Liverpool, in ipia.titie- to suit parehasers,
for sale by LAIRD & LI TTLEJOHN,
uo\22 H3tf 34 St. Francis-xt.
rh. I TER PAPER.— 3ihl teams, for sale by
-J iiovl3 LATHAM HI LL & SON.
BHIUO’S BAGGING 1*1® pisoei will be sol
low to close a consignment, by
M V ! I). W . iEl8 Water *t.
I ) ALL ROPlv—150 coils Kentucky Rope,
■ ^ 150 coils Rouibay ami Gor.iilla Rope, for sale
Iiovlt) bx OGDEN RUOTHEKS,12 Water-st.
\ —175 bales Norfliern Mu\,duii\ expected,
- for sale to arrive by
novli) J. C. UYAN,cor. C.nui & Water-Ms.
OlTsL—500 sticks heavy western, fm sale by
nox23 C. A. GILREltT, 5)< tu».‘ at.
0 ADDING A \!> RXm.
■ J 50 pieces Kentucky Ragging
50 roils Kentucky Rope, for sale by
no\23 (‘IRODE & WHITE, cor. Onto & Dan. Ms
I I VY.—150 bales North River, on board ship
M JL Genesee, for sale by
nov23 C. A. GILBERT, 50 Coin st.
KWSINS.—200 buttes MR. Ii.i.-. •. foi title by
* nov24 85c JOHN OMtF.lLEV.
\i>\ ANt ES ON ( ii l"l ON i . ih*i
is prepared to nmke advanoen on Lotion con
signed to his friends in Liverpool, Glasgow, New
N ink and Uoston. I). \\ HELLER,
unx 22 8 Water-st.
TOR \(i W—The bulk .-i 550 bids > . . la
►^oii reasonable terms in a lire proof warehouse.—
Apply to
:• x22 .1. R. TOI EMI \. 35 Si Michnol st.
SILT. 250 sacks, in store and foi sale by
nov25 1*. iMeCASKILL, 18 (aunmerce-st.J
S' H * T \ \\ILS.- 50bugs Sh t, (5 kegs Nails,
fn* sale by I*. Mi'CASKII.L,
uox25 18 l'oiameree-st.
SU.T, t IGAKS & COFFEE.—1000 Harks Salt,
125 qr boxes Cigars, 60 bags Rio Coffee,
For sale by F. SHAW 4* CO,
nov 25 84 Ot imnerre st.
|1J1 * »N LANDING from tht Wutumpktt, and foi
■Lx sale at Gurus’* Pharmacy, Linseed Oil, Copper
as, Whiting, Sash Tools, G .1.1 Leaf, Alcohol, fte
nov 26
HOI’S—A fresh article, now in store.
n**v26 II. GATES.
S\ L Ell \ IT S 15 k *gs S il Bratus, 10011m i h< h,
Ibr sale low at [nnv26] ti ATES’S I'hurmacy.
d luFFKE—50 hags Green I lavatiu, landing from
'L- schr Joseph Drown, and for sale by
tmv26 E. C CENTER & CO.
n\ ^ . 100 bales this lay binding, for sale bj
nov 12 C. A. GILDER l\ 50 iWee-st
Kentucky bagging*— 200 piece* super
im quality, part in larg** pieces of 86 yards,
landing this day and lor suleliy 1). WHEELER,
nov 4 8 Wnter st. I
KENTUt K \ ROI’E.—215 coils superior Dale
Rope, Ian.ling this dav and fn sale h\
ttav4 ' I). WHEELER, ft \Vater-*t.
A m barrels and boxes, Ibr sale by
nov 15 JOHN O’REILF.Y.
MADDER - Prime Dutch, Otnbro and French
IfJL FFF Madders, landing and for sale by
1. C. Du DOSE CO Druggists,
ni i late DuB»*< ft Rnff, 89 Watm-st.
MAO IRON1 k \ Eft Ml CEL LI 7- ^20 boxes
if I Vlaecamni and 20 I \ Vermicelli, in store and
for sale by DESHON, T\ \ LOR & MYERS,
iiov 12 corner Cummercr and Conti-sts.
(\I MLS.—503 keg« fir** pialite Nails assorted, 4
lx to 20.1, tor sale at a low price, apply to
II »v20 E. o. CE N PE it CO,
VLB \NY ALE—2 » bbl* i it sate by
novSO M \ RRIn 4- R( )SS.
(A O.MitO 4 iSSAFRA.'v. - l supply of Gomlxi,
Ji prepared w ilh the great *t care, just received
and fir sale in quantities to suit pui iliasers, at
A<iv?ti * f’ES’S Drug Store.
C10FI EE*—100 sacks 11 raittl..,
/ 1(H) do Rio d...
75 do Ja^a do. For sale by
n iv 20 > M ■ ill k HARM Y.
RATS 1X3.-200 Imxes MT K. Rais] ~
100 lif do do do,
100 qr do do do. For sale by
nov 26 SMITH ft DABNEY. ‘
11 jjt BAGS Coffee received pel suhr. Joseph
^x*/W Drown, and for sale l*v
uov26 87tf G. W ESTFELDT 4* BRO.
APPLE BRANDY.—10 bids ..Id Apple Brandy.
For si lie by (nuvSC) SMITH k DABNEY.
C1 ANDI.F.S—ftttlt l.x. Sperm mi.I .'m.i|.ei.t tor
/ rule l.y fnov2«] (i. WESTFELDT Hi BRO.
i> VGOI.NO AND ROPE—800 pieraw Kentucky
f — Itnuoiiijr ; 20*t mill, ilo Uo|.e, for mill! I.V
}71UR HIRE.—A negru Roy 12 ur 14 veer. nl»l,
1 applyt.. (nov 26) SMITH 4* DABNEY.
VINEGAR.-60 bids Cider Vinegar,
25 Ilf bids do do. For sale by
nov 26 SMITH ft DABNEY.
fKAIIE SUBSCRIBER has just received—
JL 50 cases European and French Prints
100 “ and bales Cotton Osnahurgs
Drown and blenched Shee’.iag and Shirting
25 cases white ft grey super Welsh Plains
Kersevs, Linseys, Denims,'Picking, &r.
15 hales Blanket*! in which are super, both rib
in >n bound Whitney, and .Mackinaw for beds;
Cradle and coarse Ibiltil and Twilled do
100 cases Kip and Negro Brogans and Boots
175 dozen fur and wat i -proof wool ilats
5J <lo women and cliil Iren’s Palm Leant Hoods
Oriental (new style) Florence plain ami English
Straw ladies uml misses Bonnets, newest shapes all
ufwliieh, with a great variety <>t othei artielex in the
DRY GOOD way, making an unusual and very ex
tensive assortment, which he o'ieis at wholesale or
retail low for Cash or on sh>rt time. Orders of coin
mission houses, and tile custom of purchasers from
the country and city is respi ctf dly solicited.
ii.iv23 (iEORGE G. HENRY.
• gist.;, at the cornel* of Dauphin and Royal st*.,
luve received by the Marv SiLby, a small collection
of Bulbous Roots, consisting of Dahlias, Tulips,
Hyacinths, Crown Imperials, Anemones, Iris, Croats
Ranunculus, Lilies, Polyanthus, Narr.is.-u*, ami dou
bin J 'lHiuills. *i..v 27
SPANISH INDIGO—OOO ll»» lineal Spaniah In
digo, landing ex *hi|> F.dwiua, for *nle l»y
1. C. DuBOSB & <'<». Di nggista,
ill(| late Dullnue & Hoff, 39 VY s*l»*r-*t.
/ nne nr two h<*r»ea, built to order nnd ol lieat
woikuminthin, foi aale by
NEW FANCY GOODS.—All aMoi'iment colored
and Black Silk*,
Black and col’d Mouidme dr L»no*, French Print*,
Fancy Handkerchief* and Shawla,
Kid and Fillet Glove* St M. »*, Linen Oamb.H Ikf*
Silk llusiwry, &c. i*j*t received nnd for role by
net 13 58tf No. 60 Water-*!.
&c.—An assortment of Drays and Waggons
I with and without bodies; light a • i li**avy Carts; ex
tra dray, cart an4 waggon wheels. Plantation
wheel#, earth, wood ami wlieelharrows, always on
hand, made bv John Wood, of Philadelphia, of the
best seiUm** »d materials and w irkmanship, for sale
novlG r/Ninos by JOHN O’RRILEY.
SADDLES.—2 cases, for sale very low by
REMOVAL.—Tkw undersigned have removed to
first store in the new hloek of buildings, oppo
site their late office. F. SHAW &. CO.
nov8 71 Cotnmeroe-et.
Book BULL* K8 &. Stationer, have removed
to the store formerly occupied hy John Stephenson &
Co. No. 36 Dauphin street. nov8
REMOVAL.—'I’lm subscribers have removed t*»
the corner ol Commerce and St. iVI iciiael-sts.
WHITNEY BLANKETS.—50 liale# just re
oeivnd and are now open and for sale by
i lived! CuiH;i,nu< Ti.km, A. I ..18-41.
La* km Collins, i Auncfcifitl lor 287 38, in dw
vs. 'oitrt f »r the County ol
loci A . Ildlw ris. j Jaspi i in the Stale nl Mississippi.
r|HllS DAY, to wit: Mhv 15th, 1841, tame tin*
I |.l.until! by attorney into court, un*l ii aj peering
,*o the satisfaction of tnc court that dw* defendant in
this case is .i nou-ie.'iiiO'it of this State, and lives ami
elides without the limits .4 this State; it is dnie
lore * d red by the court * th it unless the .«uirt defen
litnl du apjem lieim, on or b- foie the fiisi day of the
text term ol tins Com t, give special bail ami plead,
judgment w ill la* entered and the etfccis Attache w li
l*e coiideiitued and applied the satisliieiion ol the
plaintiff’a demand: And it is lint her ordered by the
com I, that a copy of this i r lei lie published in the
Mobile ConuMcrrial R gisti r, a newspupei published
hi the city til Mobile, hi die Stan ol Alalatum lot six
successive months *
In testimony that the foregoing contains a copy of the
order of said court in tin- case therein stated, |,
Larkin Collins, Clerk thereof do heieto put my
name and the seal of said court, this 28th day ol
June A . D., 1841. LARKI N COLLI.nS,
julvb 15 monthly t: mos Clerk said Court.
I > IJR NT t;ORN~ACA DFM\".—The thn d se«T
■ isnni of this School wdTopen on iln^^ui Monday
nfJan’ry next, wider the care ol «. -i.t.,
where will tie taught, in addition tn the^^'' b ach
es of nu F.nglish l'a Incut ion, l.atm, Greek, th Math
ematics, &c. Mr. (Jlausel is j until c.l Vji , nia,
where he graduated; And tin* suhecrihcis n ottd
in otfering to the public mo ripe A scholar, • A a mu
thoroughly with Mouthcrn feeling*am! so m tiy ippre
ciating southern interests. The site ol t’u ’ c - '.*my
is remarkably healthy, and remote from ibo*. < >ts ol
die voting, drinking shops, stores and other .duces of
public resin t.
Tkhms.— For Latin, Greek, Muthcn ■ cs, &c.
S*20 pet session, or ?4h mo.llli fm a shortfi ’ii«»d;
for tieography, Ariduoettc, Fn^itsh Oramu . . &c.,
>15 pci session, ami fur the piitnnry branches
per session..
Hoard uiuy la? had in the m ifhborhood lor f 8 per
month. ’ JOHN \VATKfNH, )
JOHN Git 111. > Trustees.
Ibirnt CVrn, Sept 21. n«'p24 50U1TT jnl
Kdult .SALK,— Flint v: In* h- lot of land, haring a
A front on Ifoi *vl-si. *■*' »• 'el by a depth ol 125
feet, situated opposite die St ate I less.
'j'l h.us.—1-5 cash, the bnlaser in three equal an
nual payments, w ith interest from date at 8 per rent,
pel annum. Notes to he secured by nun tg.igr on the
Also,—Will lx* sold on the same terms, all other
Real I '.state lielonging to the Hank. FnrcluHnrs to
pay all expenses lor Deeds, &e. Proposals will be
received m writing addressed l*» the Cashier ol the
Hrancli Hank of the State ol Alabama,
apl 1 25tilf H. GAY LF.. Cashier
Dll AGES BALSA Mini’ ES of Balsam < 'o|xiiha
ami Culrebs by Chat lea Weldeinat—just receiv
ed a fresh supply <d th<- above valuable medicine, lor
sale wholesale aud retail, by
mui27 No 35 Hovcrnin't and 45 Comcest*.
IN LIL TON \i ARKET BEI i ■ 20 ; barrels
Fulton Maiket Beef, lereived IV*»tu ship hni.ii
foi Mile I v DESUON, TAYLOR ^ M \ LIES,
octK 57rf cor. Com. 6> Conti sis.
POTATOES.—100 barrels Norlhei n, for sale
low from the wharf, apply to
nov2 J NO. C. K\ A K, cor Conti A W ater-wt.
rtUN PLATE.- 102 boxes TinnM Plate,
1. 100 boxes Leaded Plate, landing and for sale
by [ ,«-tS 1 E. C. CEN TER at CO.
KENTUCKY ROPE—>117 case* of excellent
quality for sale by
oct'JO ’ I). WHEELER, 8 Water-*!.
BALE iuil'E. -160 coils Cordillu, Bombay and
Russia Hemp Bale Rope, for sale bv
tut20 OGDEN BROTHERS, 12‘Water-st
I. |,M I i i\\ BAGGING AND ROPE—100
iV. pieces Bagging, 100 coils Rope, fur sale by
net20 OGDEN BROTHERS, 12 Water-si.
BAGGING & ROPE.-20 pieces Kentucky
Bagging, 200 colls Kentucky Rope, for sale by
O* w 20 bag* Race Ginger, just received and for
stile bv R. L. WATKINS & Co. Druggists,
nnvM cor Water and 8*. Francis-st*.
SPERM CANDLES.—100 boxes New B
fur sale bv [itovla] JOHN O’REII.EY.
f|1i..vS.—A huge assortment nl all qualitn *>, loi
1 tale b* [n *151 JOHN O’RElLEY .
SUGAR.—15 lihds, for sale by
C1 OH. POR AT ION ORDERS.- pOOO m Cilrpo..
/ ration On lets' in sum* to suit purchasers, for
sale by sept17 47tf J. K COLLINS.
Cl RAN BERRIES A* M \CK I I! i L. - 10 fiuTI £
• qr bills Cranberries, 80 half and cjr bblsNo. 1
Mai kerel. lor Hale by
no«13 78if I*. McCASKILL, 18 Com. st.
I f RES 11 \V A R B V NT ED G UU > E N SI EI )S
t —The HiibHcriber.* are now mieceipt of their an
imal supply of Garden Seeds, embracing every variety
in general line. They will warrant eve. y Seed Mold
by 'heiu to be Iresll, well nialme l, and wf iln lirai
Helen ion. 1 C. DUBOSE & CO., Druggist*,
iiovI3 late DttBose .V. Rolf.
for sale by
FIltiN PLATE.-61 boxes Tin Plate u( tart u
M. brands, for sale bv •
novl5 77tf II. L. REYNOLDS,fifi Water-st.
v)| t| | BOXES STARCH, of supciior quality—
landing from barque Hebron and for sale by
on IK J. REA.
I. 75 coils R ipe,—just received nml for sale
by [nciK 57J CALV I N M l I II.
NAILS. 600 kegs Diiochiuiub Nails, 4d i" 2<)d,
of very superior quality , landing from Schooner
Candid, aud for sale by
Oct 13 Water street.
ff'/A BI.S BEETS, ju*i received per brig Espa*
• Isita and for by oellK J. REA.
Kentucky bagging and rope,—
114 pieces Bagging,
114 coils Rope—just received and f*u sal*
on4 12 W»»'ei -*t.
A Asparagus roots.—a few humbto
finest Giant Asparagus Roots, far sale In *.
1. C. DUBOSE & CO., Druggist
80 Wat. «t.
Bh ,\n i k* Copper—80x60 inches 10,11,18 a.id
21x60 pound Sheet*.
Mhi.a ritiNQ Coppkr—14 and 16 ox
SnEE1 Ikon—250 bundle* English Iron, Nos 10
76 27
Wire—50 bundles Iron Wire, No* 7 No 17.
Riv kts—50 thousand Tinned Rivets; 40 thuusund
Black do.
Tin n r. u Plates—250 boxes Jx Crown aud Pont
pool brands.
20 boxes 100 Plate Tin.
Leaded Plate—150 boxes Leaded Plate for
Banc a 'Tin—20 pig* Bnnca Tin, best quality.
N ails- -600 kegs Nails assorted, 4d to 20d.
A sttoidy of the above articles constantly on hand,
and f>r sale by E. C. CENTER & CO.,
ang7 corner of Conti and Coininerce-st
Major Hoots—and Minor Boots
Ladies’ slip|M*rs, an I Gents pumps; a prime new set,
Boots that lit Misses,and that ucver min-fu l
“Bet Boots”—or boots for pretty Beta !
Bootees for she’s—and ancle lies f »r pets.
GENTS’ water proof, cork soles, or light hrogane !
Light dress, or pump hoots—we’ve always on hands.
LaoifV silk gaiter boots that »it t’-eir pretty feet.
And walking Wi ee with bow*, tbal h aux delight to
Kid slipper# and morocco too, to suit tho neatest foot,
lu short we’ve st«»ck to nhie them all, and children to
Roots! Bjots! Boots!
dec 28 1 tfkf 53, Dauphin st.
£*9 ItY & STODDART, corner of \Vat«*r and
Conti streets, have this day received a large
assortment of the above (of the latest fashion and su
perior quality) or genllemea's summer wear.
mar3 UWhf
coin- a |*trt.«er of the subscriber*# on the 1st of Jujv.
The firm will in future lie known by lire name of D.
C. Lo*ber and Company.
| »ugft2t»tfirmo D. C. LOW RE R.
, iX U'l k t..~ \v he reax in pursuance ol a dwcreia
j i l oi lier tendered at the late term or :he Chancery (
Couit held in \b Idle in a cause pending in said court l
win ein Copperthwaite, Cope &. Dunlap and thefT
President, IMrettoi s and f d,ni| any of the Bank of the \
'Jnited States of I ennsv Kama aie complainants ami /
•saac 11. hi win administrator of Henry Hitchcock \
and (he heirs of said Hitchcock are defendants- ne \
undersigned has Imt-ii tq |« inted Receiver of th« es
(ate descrilied nnd mentioned in the Lille of com \
plaint in said cause:—and whereas by the terms of ,\
said order the nudeisigned is authorised and lequired \
to collect and rec« ive the rents in arreur which have
accrued since the 8th day of February, 1840, and the \
glowing n ms becoming due from the tenants of said
pi causes aud to let and manage said premises.
There lure all persons owing or indebted on account V
"f the use, occupation or leasing of any of said prem
ises are cautioned from paying or accounting lor the
same to any other person or person*:—and all per
sons wishing to lease anv of said premises will call
on the undersigned who is above authoiised to let the
mm me* [JoiWff 4tf ) \\ .-si. MAGEE, Receiver*
DtH 1 OH JOHISSON^H Concentrated Compound 1
Fluid Fa trad tj Fruapatiila, Liverwort, 1’icun
*y Hod and Lignum Vitae.
Tile gieat cause of all our ills is proved to lie a \
suppression of one or other of the secretaries, pro- y
during an abstraction in the great outlets, or cotjfcw
iiiuii sewer* of the body, and thereby render mg jh*\
fluids ol a diseased quality, and unfit for audition ; r '
and these obstructions can only be removed by res- \
taring the natiuul secretions, without which we must v
labor uuuei pel | dual disease. >
This splendid and invaluable combination of the s
most healthy and salutary articles in the vegetable y
kingdom, is considered the greatest discovery that
ever was made since the dawn of medicine, as pus- \
sensing die long sought for and inestimable quality y
of exciting at the same time the heullhy action of
the stomach, lungs, bowels, liver, kidneys and skin, *
and what is of great importance,!! may la* always ta- y
ken W ill* advantage im every vai tety and stage of dis- S
ease, wiihoUt apprrheiulihg Hanger. The following
aie a lew, out ol countle*s diseases, in which it has
•diown i;* wonderful virtue:—incipient cuusumption,
chronic euhti.•ement ol the liver ami spleen, rluuma
tism, dropsy ol every kind, dyspepsia, palpitation ot
die heart, difficulty of breathing, cough, raising of
blood, mercurial disease, eruptions on the skin,
painful -sellings ill the joint# and legs, sore tluoat,
iiosc, ami constitutional debility, arising from veiteri
al disease. In these and ail other unease* a has ne
ver 'wen equalled. In luct, it is the result of a long
and laborious practice of 18 years. It has also re
ceived iho well merited sanction of the whole medic
al faculty, and is supported by the testimony of nu
merous persons ho have been cuiad of diseases that
were considered beyond the reach of human inven
tion. The follow ing is one, out of many, that have
Inscn lately received.
■ KK.1APA, iTl iss. , J line 2, 1841.
l)r. Johnson—Dear Sir—In vain 1 have tried the
lien medical skill, and all the remedies (hat could be
devKed, to cine me of a complicated disease dial «f
lecien my liver, *(• mam ami lungs. In luet,uiy sul
leriugs became so great, that 1 gave up all hopesim
recovery, when I happily saw your advertisement
aud got six Ixiitk's ol uvr valuable medicine. 1 hav
now liuishsd the (ifth bottle, which, with unspeuka
hie joy, has restored me to all the .igor of youih.
ll is indue ' a wonderful medicine, aud I would ei
teeui it a.i act o. ingratitude to you, aud injustice to
the public, it I kept tins tact secret from you. You
are, therefore, at liberty to make what use of it you
will. \ uuis, with much esteem,
For sale at 29 St. Francis si.; price ^2 per but
lie. nov 10
RKUAUl) NORTH, No. 35, Hoverament ».
aiul 45, Commerce street, near St. Francis—
Importer of French and English 1>mgs, ( hemistry,
aud Periiiaiery, aud \N Imlesale aud Retail Dealers
in Drugs, Paints, Medicines, Oils, li lass, and I lye
Studs, No. 36, Government, near Royal, and 46t
Commerce, near St. Francis street, informs his
friend* ami the public geneially, that he ha* taken the
store No. 45, Common street, (two doors flow St.
Fruncis,) east side, where in connexion with his
stole No. 36, tjoveriiment, he intends keeping an
extensive ussoitmcnt of all articles in Ins line of bu
siness. lie does not *xptet, much less hope, for
mors eiicouiagcmHiit and support than he has hither
to received, without « Liming fur himself the meed
of merit, lie will at all times use hi» l*vt endeav
nr* to render satisfaction to all who may favor his
establishment w ith tin ir patronage. Ashe is well
aware Imw highly important it is tor Physicians and
laimlie* tu obtain medicines m their pure state, the
public may lest assuietl m obtaining puiennd fresh
medicines. He is receiving, and will continue to re
ceive, by ibe hn si arrivals, u huge, fresh, and su
perior assortment ol American, English, and Fieuch
Medicines, selected with file greatest care. The
assortment of drugs and family medicines, compris
ing every m tick* of tire rlmisest and freshest seletj
lion in the line, are from the best European and A
uiern un arauufuctiues.
He also will x. ep i i hand n select assortment o
iresb Harden unp r leid Seeds, lleens and Pens.
,N. H. Ordets troui the country tilled ut the short
est notice. feh 1
VAII.'KR’H KfitWl II 1>ILLS_$300 (UAL
LENHE.—Tlw geauiue French Pills against all
IXuaek Nostrums of the age, for the cure of * • * * v
The French ’’ill* are ; pltcublo in all eases for si
lher sex, (warranted free from Mercury) aud possess,
es great advantages over the Ealsnni* ami all liquid
medicines, by being entirely flee from smell, and con
sequently do not affect the breath, thereby preventing
the possibility of discovery while using them.
Resides this important advantage, they never disa
gree with the stomach, aud in the tirst stages of the
disease, they usually effect a cure in a few days with
little regard to diet or exposure.
Iii the must obstinate stages of the disease, they
are equally certain, having • ured many after every
.>the|' remedy had tailed. In short, they have been
universally successful that the proprietor challenges
any one to produce a remedy of equal certainty, under
a forfeiture of Three Hundred Dollars.
mu 12 I. C. DU ROSE vHt CO., 39 Water st.
0or Price., ir'2 per box, w ith full directions.
J“ UDOE~~ PATTERN ON.—Read the following
ftmiii Judge Patterson, for thirty years the first
Judge of the county in which he lives.
Middi.ktoww, N. J., March 12, 1940.
Messrs. Comstock & Co.,
in nth-men—You are at liberty to make t »<*b use
of the following certificate as you deem will ^ostsub
serve (lie purposes for which it is intended.
[Certificate of Judge Patttar us.]
1 hereby certify, that my daughter bus be# hi gift
ed with sick headache for the spare of about 2J
years—tire attack occurring once in about tv <jwee*
frequently lasting 24 k.uis, during which •'ime the
paroxysms have In on so severe, ns apparently soon
to deprive her of life. And after having trit 1 almost
all other remedies in vain, 1 have lieeu iikIim ad us a
last resort to try rfpolin’s lleudarhe Remedy is sold
by you; and to the great disappointment uiai joy ol
her sc If and all her friends, found very material lelie
from the to st dose of the medicine. She ha* follow
ed up the directions with the article, and iu every
ease when an attack was tlnentcned has found imme
diate relief, until sire is near permanently cured —
The attacks are now very seldom, und disappear al
uk.si immediately after taking the quantity directed.
A hope that others may lie lieuehtlcd by the use of
this truly 'invaluable medicine, lias induced me tuseo
yon the above, and remain your oliedieat servant,
JEHU PATTERSON, Judge of the Court of U F
Wholesale Druggists, 2 Fletcher st. New York.
Sold by 1. C. DuHOSE it CO, Agents,
rnd by Di m. Maynard, Hammond, ami Hates. Mobile
jnn 28 170
. COA.—A supply of the above original and tru
ly valuable preparation of Cocoa long and favuiuhly
known lo the public, is just received direct fmiutlio
proprietor and for sale by the undersigned. Among
other highly flattering testimonial* of its superior
quality and usefulness, are found the following.
“J. Kitchen left with me some of his P. Cocoa and
on trial i find il u very superior article, and recom
mend its adoption for family use.”
Dr. Wilma u Thomas.
“I hove tried your P. Cocoa and consider it deci
dedly superior to any 1 have used before in my fami
ly.**' Dr. Jho. Cooper
"1 concur in tlte 1« regi mg statements.”
Dr. D. Hossack
*1 have drank of J Kitchen’s P. Coct.a and recom
mend it a* a superior urticL of beverage to any piety
I aration of Cocoa evtante—it posscsse* less of the oli
uginous nature of Chocolute, therefore less liable to
itecoiue offensive to the convalescent and is more suit
able for the healthy. D. Pl.oss
For sale by I. C. DUBOSE & CO.,
ianl I late DuBose & Rolf, 39 Water st.
\J (Hepoticn Triloba.)—For the cure of Pttlninna
ry and lle|nitic affections, Coughs, Colds, Consump
tion, Spitting of Blood, $+. '1 be reputation whic
this article (Liverwort) ha* obtained in the treatr en
.if Consumptions, Spitting of Blood, Liver Com
plaints, Coughs, Sr'- ami the great uncertainty ther
must alwavs be in the preparation of decoctions th
mode in which this plant has been usually admiiyjL
lered, by persons ignorant of Pburmaceiticnl MitSf
pulalions, lias led us to make a concentrated Com
ix.un-l Syrup of a uniform strength.
N. B.—None are genuine without our wriue*
{L** For sale by the single bottle or dosen by
RICHARD NORTH, S3 Government,
fe|>19 and 46 Commerce-* u.
TOBACCO—2b boxes just rsflsi*sd and for »al|
by ert20 J* REA*

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