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for Colli aiMfti'iis and fiber Complaint .IVughs,
Colds* Asthma, Difficulty of Breathing, Pains in the
Side and Breast, Spitting of Blood, Catarrhs,, Palpi
tation of the Heart, Oppression and Rorcmss <d the j
C.icst, Whooping Cough .Pleurisy. Heetic Fever, .
Night Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Expeutcirni a n, and j
all other Affection* of the Ch ’st, Lung?, and Fever. I
This article is prepared according to :i receipt* pro
cured from very old eminent physician, the late Dr.
Holyoke, who preserved hi* own life hy its eihcaov.
although of a consumptive constitutions, to the ast •
nislnng age'f one nundred end two years: until the
ago of sevan-seven, ne was engaged in very extensive
praf tice, requiring much exertion and exjafcure, Hun
dret.s are now liv mg in good health, that consumption
seemed to have marked fur an early grave, who owe
their preservation to the use of this invnhmhU medicine
The virtues of the herb “Livf.kworth,”me in
this vegetable, preparation so powerful and effectual
ly concentrated, as to render it a most superior and
harmless medicine for all disorders of the Liver and
Lungs, and it is now considered by nil persons fami
liar with it* effects, superior in merit to any other
medical preparation for these prevalent complaints.
It has proven so astonishing beneficial for Consump
tions, Coughs, Colds, Spitting of Blood, &e, Unit
many of of our physicians tbiily employ it in their
practice, and e* tec in it a superior and valuable medi
cine. AUpereons afflicted with consumption or any
other disease of the Lungs, are recommended to make
immediate use of tins Balsam, as it has not only prov
ed effectual in removing such symptoms us threaten
consumption, but has performed effectual cures oi
even this formidable disease, where all luqies of reco
very were relinquished by the most learned and expe
rienced men.
This medicine facilitates expectoration, reduces fe
ver, restores strength, and may lie considered as a ve
ry superior preparation for the cure ami prevention #1
all diseases of the chest and lungs, nod should Is* re
o'.rtu'U even alter these diseases have resisted llie
usual remedies. In the practice of this old and very
respectable physician, this Balsam ef LiveFworth has
acquired ail enviable reputation fur its A irtuos, as su
perior to that of the abundant nostrums of llte day, as
was the character and probity of its inventor and ori
ginal proprietor, to tlml of quacks anu empirics.
The result of long observation and close study rr
speUting diseases of the chest, this medicine, war
nutted pure vegetable, has the additional rccuinniuu
dntioii of havi ig been used for seven years by the
public, and also by physicians of eminent talent,
out a single instance of faihtre in effecting un imme
diate beneficial result..
To persons of disordered nervous system, or those
who arc unable lo rest Wt Hat night, tliis inetliciue is
most emphatically icommended. The inestimable
value of tliis celebrated mediei-.'* h is been lightly
tested, ami found not wanting. The Proprietor is
daily recciv ing fl ittering accounts of its success; and
it is truly gratifying to say, this is oinpluitliicallv the
medicine of the PEOPLE? It is used by the Medi
cal Faculty, supported by the Medical Faculty, »up
perted hy tin* Clergy, advocated by the whole New
York Press, and is ia the houses of most ol our ci
tizens. A full and fresh supply, just received and fur
sale by I. C. DUBOSE & CO.
innSO 193ili Agent for the Stale.
JOHN R. ROWANDS & CO. with great confi
dence call public attention to ftOWAND’d AL
TERATIVE, or compound spirituous extinct of Sar
aaparilln, eutirely devoid of Mercury,in any form
whatever, for Chronic Diseases, or complaints of long
standing.—An “alterative medicine** is one which ef
fects an entire change in the system, without manifest
ing any sensible mode of action. It is lobe resorted
to in almost all Chronic or long standing complaints,
with a view of subverting the Ioih»-accustomed diseas
ed action, and substituting for it, the new- and pern,
liar influence of the medicine itself, which must lie
made to harmonize with the operations of nature in
health, so that after the use of tlie medicine for a peri
od longer or shorter, according to the duration of the
disease and prospects of recovery, it may be laid aside
and the health gradually become completely re-esluh
Alter a long and cautious consideration of the de
signs to i»e fulfilled in the treatment of the following
ofler.tions, (some of which are regarded as the most
fearful ills of existence,) we have at length prepared
die “Alterative Extract,” and earnestly advise it to
such invalids for whom it is expressly intended, as
posses sing all the curathc principles that can he
placed within their reach. The diseases which yield
to the “alterative” treatment, arc those of a Chronic
form, and such as depend upon the inmurity of the
blood—as Scorfula, or King’o Kvil; 'Syphilis, and
all Venerael Diseases; Mercurial Diseases, brought
on by the improper use of Mercury; Consumption;
Lifer Complaint; Jaundice; Ague Cake; Rheuma
tism; G ait; Scurvy! Cancel; A'l'eteious of the skin,
as Tetter, Biles, Ring Wonnr, Scald-head, Itch, Pim
ples on the Face, &e. No medicine is more effecient
as a “Spring Puritier,” anti to promote recovery after
an attack of acute disease.
Sarsaparilla constitutes l1ie prominent ingredient in
the above preparation—being one of the most popular
articles of the present day—-entering into the compo
sition of almost every purifying medicine; and is alike
so in pi ofesaioual And in domestic practice. There lias
much msapnpoiiument experienced in theemnloyincut
of Sarsaparilla, by many persons—so far, iudeed, dial
there are some who denounce it as inert and wholly
useless. This precaiiottsnes* in its effects limy he
ascribed to the iinpro|>ur methods which have. Iu*.*n
made use of to extract its jnwuenies*
J. R. R* & Co., do not hesitate to assure the pub
lic. that from the peculiar pode of the preparation as
referred to above, one bottle of the “Alterative” con
tains the essence of four to six bottles of die ordinary
preparation of the Sarsaparilla! Tins single fact
guarantees for the Alterative an extensive and saluta
ry influence wherever it becomes known.—Just recei
ved and for sale by
inly 13 36<f
prietor of this ointment, well aware of this tact,
and also of the many useless and dangerous nostrums
so often palmed upon the public as remedies, that are
mere deceptions, and which have deservedly received
the censure of the faculty, begs leave to exempt it from
that class of Medicines, and unhesitatingly oners it to
the public as one of the safest, speediest and most ef
fectual remedies ever before used in the treainent of
Tetters, Ringworms aud cutaneous eruptions general
ly, and he is confirmed in so doing by the good cha
racter tliis medicine has received from all who have
used it (which he is coniident it will maintain,) uud
from the fact that of the numerous cases, wherein it
has been used for several years jmst, he is not aware
of its haviug failed in a single iaatniHA to effect a ra
dical cure. Simple in its composition, it is attended
with no danger whatever in its applications. It will
in all cases prove active and efficient in eradicating
the disease horn the system. For sale by
R. NOR TH £t Co. Dispensary Chemists,
fplilrt 1M»r *Jn <TMV«rnt
This article is offered to the public us a never
failing cure for the Rheumatism, and it luisfor a num
ber of years sustained its reputation, and accomplish
ed cures which have defied the power of every other
article. In acute and recent cases, the relief is inva
riable, after one or two applications of the Liniment,
and in Chronic Rheumatism, the cases of cure are nu
merous, It is truly a remedy that readies the nkkvk
am» bonk, with the most happy effect.
Sold by 1. C. DUBOSE & CO,
iun21 164s and the other Druggists in Mobile.
(7* NGLjfSH CALOMEL; do Blue Mass; do Ex
14 tract Color C.; do Patent Lint.
Also, Trusses, Morphine, Quinine, Camphor, Lu
nar Caustic, &c. kc. landing trom Ada Elixa, aui
for sale t,y MOSELV & CO.
*nnv24 cor. Dauphin k Royal sts*
C1AU i'lO.v CIRCULAR.—tJl^-To Druggists and
• Country Merchants.—Those valuable articles,
Oi.lridge’a Balm of Columbia for the Hair, and Hay’s
Liniment for die Piles, kc., have been extensively
countei lotted. Tin me wanting these preparations,
will please always write, when ordering from any
other house, for Comstock** article*. The true articles
h:*ve that name or signature always on the wrapper,
nnd venders will do well to remember that, when
ordering, as the imitations are so exposed in nearly
pi) the newspapers throughout this country, that they
could not be sold, should they be so unfortunate as to
get them.
Our friends throughout the Union are requested to ,
give us immediate uotice, by letter, should ally of the j
counterfeits appear in their respective places. !
Respectfully. COMSTOCK & CO. |
Wholesale Druggists, 2 Fletcher st. NcwJVork.
Sold by rC. L)uBOSE & CO. AgcntH,
and by Dr*. Maynard, Hammond and Gates, R|obile.
hand n few doxen of the oelebrated Water from
the White Sulphur Springs, Vn.
To persons acquainted with the character of tluise
Springs eulogy is unnecessary. But ta those trbo
are not, it will be sufficient to inform them that»» all
diseases of the Bowels, Liver, Kidneys or Elkin the
Water will be found n most eligible remedy, being
not only an active and efficient medicine, but a pleas
ant, anil to some a delightful beverage. Perhaps at
no season is its use mure imperatival) indicated than
the coming season and the summer mouths, when
those who are unacclimated are jgjpnoaed to a deadly
disease and to the old residents aubjetl to Hepatic
obstructions. For side bv the dozen or single bottle
by RICH’D NORTH, Druggist it Chemist,
uuu'4 No. 33 Gov’t and 45 Commerce st
FRESH DRUGS—The undmig tied arp 4iovv Re
ceiving per ship? E. Denuiaon, Uneas, Hottia
guer, and other recent arrivals, their spring Stock of
Fresh Medicines, Painte, Oils, Window (l!n«»,&c.
making up sn hfisartnient In quality siud extent tfcll
worth the attention of Merchants and Physicians.—
Purchasers will find our price* moderate and every
facility will be afft»red wnieh the state of tlie times
will permit, fv C. DUUQSE & CO.
Late DuBose & Kpff, Druggists,
mar25 217lf No 39 Water street.
R. JOHNSON. Office. 29, St Francis street,
confines Ids practice t«» tin- treatment of Vene
real Disease, in nil its different forms.
Dr. Johnson, lVom a residence of many years in
Hospitals in Europe, devoted to the treatment <*' Ve
nereal Diseases, and from his present extensive prac
tice in that particular branch of the prof, ssion, <J*im
nntecs a safe, sj>cedy, and efleetuul cure to such per
sons as ait* troubled with any of the following disea
ses, v \i. :
Gononlnr a, Gleets, Strictures, Chancres, Bubos,
Seminal Weakness, Affections of the Bladder, Kid
ney**, Enins, Urethra, Prostrate Gland, Swelled Tes
ticles, Eruptions on the Skin, Sore Throat, Pains in
the Joints, ami the numerous symptom* which gener
ally follow this disease.
Recent cases cured in two or three days without
the use iif Mercury, interruption from business, or al
teration in the mode of li\ ing.
A medicine to prevent Venereal Disease can be ob
tained of Dr. Johnson. It is from the recipe of the
Baron Larry, a celebrated French Surgeon, and was
used by him during the several campaigns in which he
set vedas Hurgeon General in the French Army.
Sold by Dr. Johnson, at hi* office. Those persons
having any affection of Venereal Disease, and about
taking sea voyages, or removing to the country, would
do well by giving Dr. Johnson a call, as proper medi
cines for their cure in the shortest time can l>c put up
with written direction* tor tlicir uvc.
Office open from Tin the morning, until 10 o’clock
at night. -
Dr. Aherncthy, the greatest of English Surgeons,
was of opinion 'that mac-tenths of the disease* that
aiiect mankind originate in the stomach. 'Phis Elix
ir was used l v him with the most unprecedented suc
cess in his private and public practice for upwards of
folly years, for the removal of the following diseases:
Loss of appetite, Flatulency, Distension of the Sto
mach, Pnin in the side, Heaviness of the Head and
inclination to sleep, irregularity of the Bowels, and
intHI cases where Indigestion or a costive habit is
found to exist.
This medicine must mtbe numbered among the host
of quack nostrums now before the public, as it is the
sole invention i f the ablest and most scientific sur
geon Europe ever produced, and the *ecret of prepa
ring it was purchased by the hgent, for a very large
sum. It is agreeable uul pleasant to the taste, acts as
a mild aperient, always keeps the Ixiwelj free, im
parts vigor undstrength t«* the system., and cheerful
ness to the mind, and a few bottles removes the most
confirmed cases < f Dyspepsia or indigestion, «ijd pre
vents a return at any future period.
New York, 17th Aug. 13&, 35 st.
Sir :—In cm. eipieuee of leading a sedentary life,
I have been troubled, more r,r less, with Indigestion
f.rien year/ ; for the lasjt three years my stittering's
have been insupportable. I have tried several physi
cians aud a number Of quark iscdieines, without de
riving any benefit. 1 despaired of ever obtaining
any perumuent relief, and resigned tnyeelf to the
most hopeless despair. I was persuaded by many
friends to fry Abernetliv’s Dyspeptic Elixir. I have
now finished the fairth bottle, and know not howto
express my admiration of its wonderful virtues and
the miracle it has performed in restoring me to that
health which I thought lost forever. Send me half a
do/.en Imtiles more, and accept my thank* for the bles
sings you have conferred by restoring me to perfect
health. I remain yours,
The agent has in his possession several hundred tes
timonials similar to the above, of the extraordinary
virtue of this medicine. Sold by appointment, ut
Dr. Johnson’s, 29St Francis street, dec 28 127tf
now so universally popular ns the only permanent
cure far the FEVER ANI> AGUE. The eagerness
with which Rowland's Tonic Mixture has lieen sought
for, from the first moment that it was sent forth to the
general use of the community, affords the most une
quivocal assurance of its surpassing excellence and
importance. It iB now regarded by those who have
had opporuni ties to decide upon its merits, as an ines
timable public blessing ; and indispensable to the
health comfort, and even the local prosperity, of the
inliahitauts of many portions of our country. In proof
of which, the proprietor can exhibit communications
from various newly settled territorries and colonies,
signed by numbers of the citizens, entreating that they
may be supplied betimes ,Jand in quantities adequate to
their necessities. Without an exception, in any age
or country, no medicine has spread with such rapidity,
and gained such distinguished reputation, within the
period of the seven years that it has been used in the
ticamciit of Fever and Ague or Intermittent Fever,
Nervous Weaknesses, General Debility, Remittent
Fever, Dyfpepsin, Dad Appetite,Heart Burn, Water
Brash, Flatulency, Jaundice, Dvseutery, Dimelm,
Ague Cake, Uostiveiicse, Bilious Fever, and all other
complaints arising from disorder of the stomach and
bowels, .but received and for sale by
it. NORTH &. CO, Dispensary f’b-mists,
july21 43tf No. 35 Govei mm • si.
preparation that stands deservedly hi^ .1 the
medical professionus combining all the n.-vt 'ci
ties of that drug without any of th ose ilpti •. ■ -i
deretl deleterious. The following teKliinuniu •
for themselves.
I)r. John 11. McMunn having made known to i„
the process hy which he prepares his “ELIXIR OF
OPIUM," and wishing me. to state my opinion cun
ccruing it, I therefore say, that the process is in ac
cordance with will faiaum chemical laws, und that the
pre|Mtratioii must contain ail the valuable principles
of Opium, without those which are considered as del
eterious and useless.
Operative Chemist, &c.
New-York, December 29, 1SU6.
I)r. J. B. Munn —
Dear Sir,—1 have made repeated trials of your
“Elixir of Oi <um” in the City aud Marine Hos
pitals, nml find it to possess the anodyne und sedative
powers of the ordinary pre|>aration of Opium, with
ont producing the excitement, headache, nausea, con
stipation, which in many cases render those prepara
tions Objectionable. Its effects are more permanent
aud uniform than those of Morphia. Yours, See.
Resident Physician, N. York Hospital.
New-York, February 8th, Q37.
BlLLEV-hi, N. Y. )
February, 19tli, 1837. 5
This is to certify, that Dr. J. B. M’Munn's Elixir
of Opium lias been used in several cases, ut the
Bellevue Hospital, with the most satisfactory effects,
when the usual preparations of Opium would have
proved injurious. 'I'he undersigned are fully con
vinced, that it possesses the sedative properties of the
latter, without producing constipation of the bowels,
or any unpleasant symptoms.
Resident Physician.
Assistant Physician, Bellevue Hospital.
Having witnessed thecffectsof Dr. J. B. M'Munn's
Elixir of Opium, we are of opinion that it is a valua
ble preparation, und recommend it to the patronage
of the profession. F. U. JOHNSON, M. D.
Physician to the City and Marine Hospital.
Late Prof, of Midwifery in the
College of l’hys. aud Surgeons, New-York.
Surgeon to the N. Y. City Hospital.
Surgeon to the City Hospital, N. Y.
aud late Surgeon in the U. S. N.
Prof, of Anat. and Physiology in the
Geneva Medical College, N. Y.
New-York, February 18th, 1837.
A supply of t)ie genuii." preparation just received
and tor sale at the drug store of
inII13if I. C. I>« rHOSE & CO. 39 Water-st.
advantages of this elegant preparation are, that
posseesingidl the properties of Mngncsia in general use
it is not liable like that, to form concretions in the
bowels. It corrects ani lity aiul relieves heart-burn
effectually, without injuring the couts of the stomach.
It prevents file food of intuits turning sour upon the
stomach: it is useful in oil complaints of the bladder;
it tends toregnliite the action of tlus bowels, and is
peculiarly adapted for families.
'Sir Httmphrry Davy testified, that this solntion
forms a soluble combination with uric acid salts fcin
cases ofGoht an*!Gruvel, tltcreby counteracting their
Injurious tendency when other alkalies and even Mag
nesia itself hasj failed.
In tlte sevunth report of the Medial Section of the
British A*sor*a,'"n> it is set forth by Sir James Mur
ray, that the iniyority of cutaneous diseases arise
from acid and saline impregnations in the fluids el
the body, which are neutralized by the Fluid Magne
sia; and that the Ncnmlgu, $p:i*#ns, Nervous Pains,
and Irritations, as well as CroA Rheumatism and
Gout, are frequently owing to Chrystaline irritants,
deposited on the nervon* inemliranet. which suline
particles this nnt-acid Solution effectually dissolves.
'Phis article was introduced into this market by the
undersigned in June last, since which time, it has
been extensively used, anil we believe, itt every in
stance, with most decided approlmlion, for sale by
I. C. OUUOSF. 4 70,
late Dubose and Rnff,
janHJ 39 Water street.
core of White Swellings, ecui fiiloii* anil oilier m
umrs, ulcers, sore legs, olil ami fresh wottnils sprains,
bruises, swellings mid inflaimufoue, scgjil licail wo
iiuin’i sore breasts, rheumatic pains, tellers, oufup
tions, cl'.ilblains, winllows, bill's, piles, corns,.snake
biter, Rd, fur sale wholesale or retail by. n
,fcb22 I62tf No. SO Water st.
1%/fOULij OANULES.—200 boxes, for sule by
VEUftFNA CREAM.-An Emollient SOAP,
which affords real pleasure in ‘having; produc
ing n rich, fragiant, permanent, lather, and ffom the j
delightful *ui h,i1i sensation experienced alter sliav ing,
leaving no halting, ftcfiiug, smarting or redress, is
fast sup; rreding all "tli r preparations;, and from the
piddle and private eulogies iu favor of the Vcroona
Cream, it deserves to b« in tbdressing-case cl all.
From the Ni ip \~ark Pm*.
“The New Soap.—\\> feel a double disposition to
depart from an establish'd rule in this office, in no
ticing then !\ erti>enient of Mr. Ring’s Verlienn Creni.i.
lie has really invented the best shaving soap, as wo
do voi ily In lieve, that has ever been used. \\ e speak
j from experience, and we speak also from the more
hr 'rssicnal knowledge of our bonclnctor nnd friend
James (irant, 4 Ann street, who says it is ahead of
anything yet found out in this department of “modern
improvement.” It is not only an emollient, but .•nine*
tlii.ig more. In short, we believe it is the liest shav
ing soap in the world.**—N. Y. Star.
“The wart of a universal shavinq soap has been for
many years severely felt, particularly by gentlemen
who shave themselves ; and therefore it is with no
little pleasure we cull public attention to the celebra
te I Verbena Cream prepared by Mr. Charles Ring
644 Broadway. From self-experience of its merits
we cheerfully" add our meed of praise, having never
licfore shaverl with so much ease or comfort. We be
fore stated the Verbena Cream to be worth a trnial—
we have tried it and can confidently recommend it **
*« Verbena Cream.—We are much obliged to Mr.
Clias. II. Ring of644 Broadway, fora pot ofliis Ver
bena Orenm, which affords an imusua I degree of com
fort in shaving.** From experience we cheerfully re
commend it to universal use.”—Times.
“'l'he Verbena Cream, for shaving, prepared and
sold by C. II. Ring, 644 Broadway, is destined to
supersede nil other kinds of sliavLag soap. It is re
ally fme—just the thing. Wo have determined llmt
henceforth no oilier shaving e.oin|H)und shall be ap
plied to our feeo,”—Sunday Atlas.
The Verbena Cream is a most delightful article for
sliav ing, just invented «i i I l>ut lately introduced to tlie
public, who, by n unanimous approval, have pronoun
ced it unrivalled as a rich arid emollient preparation,
promotion# in the greatest possible degree, case com
fort and luxury in shaving.
A supply mav he had at the Drug store of
dee27s I‘. (’. DUBOSE & Co. 39 Water st.
BRANDRETirs PILLS.—A vegetable and Uni
l ersnl Medicine, proved by the experience of
iliournnds to be* when properly persevered with, a
certain cure in e\ cry form of the* Oni. v on k insk a
sk, all having the same origin, and invariably arise
from the UNIVERSAL ROOT of all diseases, naaie
lv IAIPURITV or IMPERFECT circulation of the
I In a period of little more than three years in the
l Uuitod States, lilt y have restored to a state of health
and enjoyment over ONE HUNDRED TJIOU
,SA \D persons, u ho \ve.u* given over as tfucurnhlu by
physicians of the first rank and standing, nnd in ma
ny cases when every other remedy has been resorted
to in vain.
DOUBI.DDAY & SEARS, 50 Dauphin st. are
the authorised agents for the sale of Dr. Benjamin
Binndrcth’s Pills in Alahamu
Price 25 Ceuta. feb7 149*f
supply just received per ship Lewis Cass, and
for sale by I. C. DUBOSE & CO.
(t>* Nkiv Label.—In consequent^ of the great
variety of counterfeit wrappers of “Row la n n’s M a
cassar On.,” now in circulation, all which so near
ly resemble the original us frequently to deceive 1 lie
unwary—die proprietors, acting mi ler a sense of du
ty to the public, have employed those celebrated ar
tists, Messrs. Perkins and Macon, who ln\ •.* succeed
ed in producing at great cost a new Label, from sit'd,
of extreme difficulty of execution, and of so complica
ted a nature ns to amount to an impossibility of imita
tion, and to bo considered by conn dsseurs a mastcr
piecc in the art of engraving. The label is a combi
nation of beautiful designs—a portion encircling a
bust of Her Majesty “the Queen” which surmounts
die words in two lines
The ground work C R|)WLASD.S lek.lwB.te and
13 c;,,nl'"se.11 J MACASSAR I).!,, ^‘ l Isle pa".II "s
the most C J ol lace-wolk.
under which are the signature and address of the pro
prietors, in red,
A. HOWLAND c* SON,20HattoaGarden,London.
Counter signed, ALEX. ROWLAND.
The label is hacked by a design so exquisite and
minute as to defy eompetelioii, it c anprises the words
“ll wlawl's Macassar Oil,” written nearly 1,500
times, and containing 29,028 letters.
20, Hatton Garden, kuu lmi, Jan 1,1810. ianl3
COPAIVA, A valuable Ap/di-atUn in Burns,
Scalds, Wounds, Ulcerations, and Sores ofvarious kinds.
It has long been a desideratum to obtain it preparation
of the above character, for the use of families—a
convenient application which can always he at hand
when acci.lents occur, and which will afford immediate
G. W. Carpenter is placed to announce the introduc
tion of the above preparation, as possessing all the
qualities here described, aud with much pleasure rc
e.tmmeinls'it to the faculty and public, as a safe,
pleasant, and soothing application for all external
t; iialde wounds, or inilained sir faces. It has becui
fullv tested in private practice, and the result has been
of the most satisfactory and beneficial character.
In burns, scalds wounds ulcerations, and sores of
various kinds, no application has been productive of
so much benfit; and it is confidently recommended to
the public as an article upon whose virtues they can
entirely rely. Mild, soothing, and gentle in its effect,
it is particularly applicable to burns: it allays the heat
and irritation of the parts in a short time, and quickly
induces the healthy process.
Every family in the city and country should supply
themselves with this preparation) it is superior to most
of the ointments which are obtruded upon the public,
and may l>e advantageously emph»yed in all cases where
a mild and stimulating application is required.
The following letter has just been received
from Dr. Alexander C. Draper, of this city.
Dear Sir,—I Imve for some time past adopted in iny
firactice, your Compound Cerate of Copaiva,and have
leen much pleased with its effects. In burns, ulcera
tions, and anthrax, 1 have derived, in almost every
instance, the most decided benefit; and in these affec
tions I know of no application equal to it in power and
efficacy. It is in hums unquestionably superior to the
Kentish or Turpentine Ointment, and in general, it
w ill be found to speedily accomplish the purpose for
which it is designed, While physician in the Southern
Dispensatory and Moyameusing Almshouse, I employ
ed the Cerate of Copaivn in a large number of cases,
and I recollect of no instance in which it lias disappoin
ted me in my expectations.
I cheerfully add my testimony to this Compound, and
think it an important nnd valuable addition to our re
medial agents in those affections for which you recom
mend it. Your obedient servant,
To Mr. Gf.o. w. Carpenter.
Philadelphia, April 29, 1834.
A supply just received from the Proprietor and for
sale by J. C. DoBO.SE & CO.
jnn 16 lateDuBose& RofV—No. 39 Water-st.
LENGE.—The genuine French Pills against all
the Quack Nostrums of the ago, for the cure of * * *
The French Pills arc applicable in nil Cases for ei
ther sex, (warranted free from Mercury) and posses
ses great advantages over the Balsams and all liquid
medicines, by being onlircly free from smell, and con
sequently de not effect the breath, thereby preventing
the possibility of discovery while using them.
Besides this important advantage, they never dis
agree with the stomach, and in the first stages of the
disease, they usually effect a cure in a few days with
little regard to diet or oxjiosurc.
In the most obstinate stages of the disease, they
are equally certain, having cured many after every
other remedy had failed. In short, they have been so
universally successful, that the proprietor challenges
any one to produce a remedy of equal certainty, under
a forfeiture of Tree Hundred dollars.
ianl2 39 Water street.
{*J*fJric,e $2 per box, with full directions.
ed under the exclusive sanction of tin; discover
er, SIR JAMF.S MURRAY.—The mild, safe and
elegant Anti-acid and Aperient possesses all the pro
perties of the Magnesia in general use, without being
liable like it, to furm dangerous concretions in the
bowels; it corrects acidity and effectually cures heart
burn, without injuring the coats of the stomach, ns
Soda, Potash, and their enroonates are known to do;
it prevents the food of infants from turning sour and
in all cases acts as a pleasing aperient, peculiarly
adapted lor families.
It luis long been known that the most serious eon
seuuence have frequently resulted from the use of so
lid Magnesia, which have been proved by Mr. Brande,
and many other eminent Chemists, to form concre
tions in the bowels, endangering and in somu instances
destroying life. This preparation is free from all
objections and in all respect a more desirable article.
It comes to us recommended by manv of the moHt em
inent Chemists ami Medical men of tile day. Among
whom are I)r. Duncan, Dr. Hope and Dr. Gregory,
of Edinburgh, Dr. James John, Sir Astley Cooper,
Sir. James Clarke, ami others. A supply of the ge
nuine article with o more detailed account of it, may
bo had on application at the Drug Store of
junel5 14tf 1. C. DUBOSE $’ CO, 39 Water*!.
Tho most effectual and safe worm destroying me
dicine ever used. The great objection .heretofore
urged against the worm seed is its excedingly disa
greeable and nauseous taste and smell, so much so
that it is with difficulty that children can he made to
take it. All difficulty is obviate (Pin this medicine us
children take it with'pleasure, for sale by
aO OUUKN BR<JTHEIUJ. 12 Water .1
— ■._ _=-= •
WORT.—Ha* been used successfully for eight years
in tho cure of these discuses. Remember! the
original and genuine is made only at 375 Bowery, N.
Y., all other* arc spurious nnd unauthorised!
Consumption and hirer Ci •nplaint.—As a general
remedy for these diseases, I am fully satisfied, Irom
long experience, there i* no medicine equal to Dr.
Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Heine purely veget
able, it can bo used with the utmost safety by all per
sons in every condition. It cleanses the Innas by ex
pectoration, relieves difficult breathing, nnd seems to
heal the chest. There can be no question, hut this
medicine is a certain cure for chronic coughs and
colds. 1 have used it lour years in mv practice, nn
always with success. A. F. ROOF.IiS, IM. M.
(]C^“ Consumption!—The following remark* were
taken from the last number of tlu; Medical Magazine:
“The surprising effect produced by Dr. Tay lor's
Balsam of Liverwort, in consumptive cases, cannot
fail exciting a deep and thrilling interest throughout
the world. We have so long Ivlinved this disease
(consumption) incurable, that it is difficult to credit
our senses when we see jiersons evidently consump
tive, restored to health. Yet this is a fact of daily
occurrence; how then can we question the virtue of
the above medicine? In our next, we shall he more
explicit; meantime we hope physicians will make
trial of this medicine aad report its eff’set toils.”
Note.—The original and genuine Taylor** Balsam
of Liverwort is made and sold at 375 Bowery.
To Females.— The number of female* in delicate
health in this city is truly surprising. Weakness,
loss of appetite, liver complaints, and many other dis
eases prey upon them, making them p ile and lean of
ffesh. All this ran be remedied by the use of
strengthening medicine, that will assist nature in all
her movements, restore tones to the nerves and mus
cular organs. Of this kivd is Dr. Taylor's Balsam
of Liverwort, which being mild and purely vegetable,
answers females admirably. If all will use it, we
are confident an elastic step, good appetite, and rud
dy cheeks will follow. Once more remcildier, the !
original and genuine is made a? 375 Bowery.
QCj* Spitting of Blond.—This disease consists of u
discharge of Idood, often frothy, from the mouth,
brought up by hawking and coughing, and is usually
accompanied with difficulty of breathing, nnd some
pain in the chest. Sometimes it is preceded In an
oppression at the chest, a dry tickling cough and
sligh shooting pain*. This disease is always more
or less dangerous The great danger is, that those
symptoms may terminate in consumption, and imme
diate remedies can alone save this end. But Dr. 'ray
in'* Balsam of Liverwort is a sure reuiecy, and to
show its unparalleled success, certificates of cun j
from 121 citizens, and many physicians, will he pub
lished in a few days.
QCNervous Disease* and Weakness.—Dr. Taylor*!
Balsam of Liver worth, made at 375 Bowery, is as
suredly an excellent remedy for these diseases My
wife has Ik*cii more or less ill for ten years. She was
extremely nervous, and at times so weak that she
could not attend to her domestic duties. But by Hu*
use of fill* medicine, her strength is wholly restored,
and she is as healthy as 1 can wish her to he. My
address is at Dr. Tay lor’* office.
Cure of Consumption.—Mr*.Mm !in, a worthy mem
ber of my congregation, was taken ill some time
since with a cold, pain in the breast and some diffi
culty of breathing, and in a tew days thereafter she
had a violent cough and vi dent pains in (he sides,
which no medicine w uld relieve. She continued in
this way for a long time under the medical care of
Dr.Rea, but finally became consumptive, and was
evidently near the end of her earthly suffering*, when
her brother persuaded her to try I)r. Taylor’s Bal
sam of Liverwort. \V hen she commenced this medi
cine, if did not seem to agree with her fora few days,
but by lessening the dose, she found it answer admi
rable; if releived her cough nnd her difficulty of
brent!iii!«* iustnnter: and we hud the. pleasure of wit
nessing her rapid recovery to health.
frt* OBSERVE! Buy only that which is made at
the Old Office 375 Bowery N\ Y. and which is sold
by the regular agent*.
J. C. Du BOSE & CO, Agents,
(lar<« DuBose Roff) 39 Water st.
«ir15 20Btf Mobile.
RUKUMaTISM.—Coheirs Rheumatic Embro
cations, Dr. M. B. Cohen, proprietor of the
universally celebrated lotion for the cure of Chronic
and lnllamatory Rheumatism, Springs, Luudmgo,
Rains and Swellings in the joi nts, &o. known as
Cohen’s Rheumatic Embrocation, begs respectfully
to refer all persons suffering from these diseases to
the thousands of cures that his preparation has ac
complished, and to the numerous strange and highly
respectable testimonials which have from time t >
time been published to that effect, in New York and
other places. So certain and searching is this Liniment
in its operations even in cases of long standing, and
of an obstinate nature, that it has never been known
to fail. It will hr proper that all persons using the
Liniment see that it is accompanied with the signa
ture of the proprietor in his own hand writing. Sincu
the introduction of this remedy to the public, various
empirics have palmed upon the country, nos
trums and lotions and “Infallible Rheumatic. Mix
tured,” all of which being a compound of ignorant
quacks, are calculated more or less to injure the sys
tem rather than remove any complaint, as well as by
the thousands of persons who have been effectually
cured of Rheumatism, the subscriber lias subjoined
letters from a few who are well and popularly known
to the entire society in New York, and whose opin
ion and professional judgements are universally
esteemed. M. B. COHEN.
272 1-2 Hudson street, N. Y.
(0*Price s.8 per bottle.
TO THE PUBLIC.—Be it known that on this
4th day of March, one thousand eight hundred and
forty-one, I have appointed J. C. Dulmse & Co. sole
agents for State of Alabama, for the sale of my Rheu
matic Embrocation—a remedy calculated to cure with
certainty any Rheumatic complaints, whether of a
chron’c or iiiilumutory nature.
Country merchants can be supplied wholesale by
applying as above.
Witness our hand this day and year aforesaid.
The public will remember that this is simply an
external application, and free from minerals.
Dr. M. B. COHEN’S principal office, No. 2721-2,
Hudson street, New York.
Each bottle of the Embrocation is accompanied
with printed directions for use, and none is genuine
unless bearing the signature of M. B. COHEN.
Certificates can be seen in pamphlets from the
agent, ns to the efficacy of the Liniment from the
moat eminent physicians in New York. For sale by
J. C. DUBOSE & CO. Chemist & Drug’t.
mar 6—200mmo 39, Water st.
LOOK OUT!!—“Caution” is the Parent oj Safety.
An attack of the “Piles” may be positively pre
vented by using (when the premonitory symptoms
are felt) the celebrated HAY’S LINIMENT. There
are more than one hundred people in this citv, and in
the United States an immense number, who have suf
fered beyond endurance by this dreadful complaint,
who keep themselves wholly free from attacks by ap
plying this Liniment when they feel any symptoms of
its approach : of this there is the most perfect proof.
None Genuine without the name of COM*
STOCK & CO, writtin on the wrappers.
Sold at No. 2 Fletcher street, N. Y.
Sold by J. C. DUBOSE & CO’ Agents and Drs
MAYNARD & GATES. Mahih- is"*
WORT.—As this highly popular Medicine for
diseases of the Liver anil Lungs nud also for the
shortness of breath, debility, pain inside and loss oi
flesh is most extensively counterfeited—the public
should lie very cautious and purchase only of the duly
anpinted Agents. My sole Agents in Mobile,
are I. C. DUBOSE & CO. Please, remember this
GEO. TAYLOR, M. D.,375 Bowery,N. Y
New York. Feb. 12. 1841—192tt ___
From the boston chronicle, Jan. 10
Weave by un advertisement in another column,
that Messrs. Comstock & Co, the American Agents
for Oldridgc's Balm of Columbia, have deputies to
sell that article in Boston and elsewhere.—We know
a lady of this city whose hair was so nearly gone, as
to expose entirely her phrenological developcincnts,
which, considering that they betokened a most amia
ble disposition, was not in realiity very unfortunate.
Nevertheless, she mourned the loss of hicks that she
had worn, and after a year’s fruitless resort to mis
called restoratives, imrehased, some months ago, a
bottle or two of Oldridgc’s Balm, and she has now
ringlets in rich profusion, glossy, and of raven black
ness. We are not pulling*—none of the commodity has
been sent to us, and, indeed, we do not want nny,
for though we are obliged to wear a wig a year ago,
we have now, through its virtue, hair enough, and of
a passable quality, of our own.
DARING FRAUD.—The Balm of Columbia has
been imitated by a notorious counterfeiter. Let it
never be purchased or used unless it have the name
of L. 8. COMSTOCK, or the signature of COM
STOCK & CO, on a splendid wrapper. 'I’liis is
the only external test that will secure the public from
Address. COMSTOCK & CO,
Wholesale Druggists, 2 Fletcher st. New York.
Sold by 1. C. DuBOSE & CO, Agents,
and by Drs. Maynard, Hammond and Gates, Mobile.
jun28 170
TOOTHACHE.—Extractor Galls and Kreosolc*
At length has been discovered an infnlliale Cure
for tins distressing malady. The above preparation,
it is positively asserted, will cure any case wherein
it can be applied, in twenty minutes. A supply ju. 7
seocived and for sale by
iagffltf late DuRns* A Rolf, W Water mA
ANGLES .AND SOAP.-—For sale by
125 boxes Sperm Caudles,
250 “ Composition do.
150 44 Soap. nov2 66tl
NUM VITA.—As there are many Medieiuesof a
useless ami injurious nature already before the pub
lic, it is difficult to remove the prejudice existing in
the minds of intelligent and enlightened individuals
against any article introduced through the means of
au advertisement, nc matter how great i-s merits may
u\ or high the founder may stand us a uisdirnl man.
Nf tiling but the interposition of Providence can save
the lives of those persons who day after day tampet
with the poisonous and deadly coinpnut ds blazoned
forth to the world through the public p ess by ignor
ant men who have abandoned some other calling,
and assumed the title of doctor, without having re
ceived the least medical instruction. I know the
diiliculty 1 have in persuading the public that an ad
vertising doctor is ot can In* a regular Piiyei-ian, but
as I address my telf o ily to the respect! !>!e and intel
ligent portion of tin* community, the following testi
inomniM of my medical attainments will be deemed
sufficient to convince die most skeptic; 1.
I received the degree of Doctor of medicine me.
Su geon in the College of Phvisimis and .Surgeons I
New York—am member oftlie New York State
Medical Society—Fellow of the Massnrhjetia Med
ical Sod-ty, and LiuceutintP of the medical Board of
the State of Louisiana, and for the la?t eighteen veers
a general practitioner of Medicine.
My compound Extract of .Sarsaparilla, Liverwort,
Pleurisy Root ami Lignum Vita is th * result of this
long experience, and not the medicine of in hour’s
consideration, merely got up for humbug or deception.
Upon the respectability of my medical testimonials
my great success us a medical practiiiou *r, and the sal
utary and beneficial efl'ccts of my medicine, 1 stand
or fall. I seek not to deceive the public with an ar
ticle of whose component pai ls they are ignorant.—
What do the public know of the poisonous and de
structive ingredientscontuined in the various pifisand
panaceas advertised throughout the Union '/ The pro
prietors of such medicines known too'well if the pub
lic were aware, that out of every ten pills they have
swallowed, eight of them are Mercury, their trade
wus at an end. I have analyzed most of the pills,
and othermediciues advertised throughout the Union
and found them to contain, either corrosive sublimate
or Calomel. The reason is then obvious why thrse
base impostors will not tell the component putts ot
their medicines. They pretend that they h ive dis
covered the philosopher’s stone, otul that you may
live through couutiess qges, if you but swallow their
medicine. J practice no such deception. My medi
cine has stood the test of years it is recommended
by the most eminent of the medical facul y, and what
is of more importance than all, I Candidly an ! honestly
confess that my medicine is a combination of .Sarsap
arilla, Liverwort. Pleurisy Root, Lignum Vita, and
one or two other ingredients. The only originality
1 claim is in my peculiar mode of prenarat'n n. It is
true, it has often been the wonder, ami mnnzf ment of
my medical brethren, the astonishing cures performed
in cases that were considered not within th'* power
of medical aid. The whole mystery consisted in tnv
using this medicine, and this alone to the exclusion
of all others, and ot the correct principles upon
which diseases ought to be treated. It will not
however he a matter of surprise that such wonder
ful success should follow the use of this tnedicine,
when I state the principles upon which* I acted.
The human body cosists of solids and fluids.—
The former or long structure is about one filth.—
The latteror soft part five-sixths. Man is linked to
gether by a number of organs so beautifully arrang
ed as to form a perfectchuin in the auiurd economy.
One link of which wlion nut of order is sufficient to
destroy the hurtnony oftlie whole. These organs
are furnished with inn: merable blood vessels called
arteries and veins, which have a common centre.—
The heart for propelling through them the blood
or nutritive fluid to all parts of tire system,—be
ing furnished with valves which are ull m one di
rection, the blood esn only flow in a corresponding
course. Thus it is forced by the heart into the arte
ries. and after moistening the most minute fibres, it is
received by the veins ami brought again to the heart,
and performs again the round oftlie body,and so on
in succession. The use of the blood is to receive
from the alimentarycan.il the skin, lungs, such mat
ters as is necessary lor the nourishment of man. and
to convey it to every part oftlie body for the purpose
of rep a ring its waste, and increasing its growth.
But if any effect poisonous or fore gn matter is car
ried into the blood several organs are provided ub the
liver, kidneys, skin and lungs through which this poi
son is discharged from the blood in the form of bile,
urine,perspiiuuotiandpuuuouaryexliuiotiou. From this
briefskeichofriiuu'slonimiiun.ihc intelligent readercan
easily understand,how fever aud inflammation is pro
duced by suppression of perspiration, for if perspira
tion be n.iestcd in consequence of cold, the perspira
ble matter will mix with the bio id and give rise to
inflammation. In like manner, iftbe discharge of bile
be arrested in its flow from the liver, it is taken into
the circulation and gives rise* to jaundice, yellow fe
ver, Ac. All diseases therefore have one common
origin, (not impurity of blood, for that is only an ef
fect,) but in the obstruction of one or other of those
three great ouletsor common sewers oftlie body the
bowels, skill and kidnien.
Mender, uni you but Know now tcartuliy and won
derfully you ure constructed—how bountifully the (jre
tor of the universe has provided fur your preserva
tion ai id existence, independent of your wiii, then in
deed would your admiration of the perfection of his
mights hand work never cease. Duiiilg sleep, when
your mental faculties are inactive, and ..our soul up
pears to be in a stated repose, then is the wise pri -
vi-ion and f-re knowledge ufme author of nature made
maifest. The heart continues to pour its vital
stream to every part of the body—the lungs perform
their cilice—respiration is continued and the bloou
decarbonized—the skin pours out from its myriads
of pores the poisonous matter of the blood—diges
tion continues, and the nutritive particles of our loud
ore carried into the blood for the renovation of man.
VV ere all the organs of the body therefore under the
control bf the will, when we slept, the heart would
cease to pulsate, death would as a necessary conse
quence follow—the lungs would cease to perform
tlieir ollice—suffocation and death be the consequence
or perspiration or digestion be interrupted, the effects
of which would be perpetual disease.
Reader, you now know perhaps better than you
ever knew before, the vast importance of keeping
these organs so necessary to life in n healthy state
You will also place less reliance on the pretensions
of ignorant and uneducated men, especially when
they attempt tc meddle witli diseases they know noth
ing of. You will likewise appreciate the services of
the skilful medical practitioner, w ho has labored for
18 years in the study of a science through nil its mi
nutitc, and who now offers for your benefit the result
of his long and arduous labors. I ask if you possessed
a watch effive dollars *'alue,and it was out of repair,
would you take it to a tinker to have v set in order ?
No; you would surely carry it to u good watchmaker.
How much more difficult then is the putting in order
of the human body when out of repair. A watch may
stop, it can be set going again—if man's machinery
once stops, it stops forever. No human power can
ever again set it in motion.
You may always expect fever and ill-health to fol
low theetoppngeof any of the seert tious. If we ex
cept, says Van Swieton, those who perish by a violent
death, and such as are extinguished by old age, all the
rest die of Inflammation, caused by suppression of one
or oilier of the secretions. Pliny describes the terror
the Romans had of this disease, and of tlieir supplica
tions in the Temple of Panum for the removal of all
ob.'tructions to the natural outlets of the body. Sick
ness therefore cannot occur unless one or other f those
outlets are obstructed, except it be a disease depend
ant upon a specific contagion, such as small pox, mea
slez, venerinl, Ac. and these diseases ore only cured
by increasing tho natural secretions. When you labor
under disease, no matter of what nature, whether ma
lignant or otherwise, and you take Calomel from a
Physician, does he not always ask you, are your bow
els free—is perspiration free—is the secre'ion of urine
abundant—01, if you have pain? what, I ask you, are
those inquiries, but barely to ascertain if the secre
lions are duly performed. If they are well performed,
then your doctor is puzzled as to the nature of your
disease. If they are not duly performed, he then re
moves any obstruction. This is the great secret ofour
profession, and thus we define »• reputation when we
only assist nature in restoring the natural secretions.
The great difficulty in the practice of medicine was
the proper application of a combination of medical ar
tides calculated to remove obstructions, and nctatttie
same lime upon all the secretions. There are many
vuluuble articles in the materia tnedicu that will act
upon the livor administeted alone, but when combin
ed with others to act upon the kidneys, they become
neutralized. The concentrated extract of .Sarsaparil
la, Liverwort, Pleurisy Root and Lignum Vita as pre
pared by me is the only one combination ever yet dis
covered that possesses this inestimable quality, which
has been testified to by most of the tnedicu! men in
England. For a fullnccount of the properties of these
plants, I must refer the reader to my Prize Essay of
40 pages, published in the New England Medical and
Surgical Recorder. I will enumerate a few only of
the diseases in which this medicine shewed its mi rue
ulous powers—Consumption arising from cold, or
where a hereditary disposition existed, liver com
plaint, yellow fever, jaundice, ii dfjgestiou. torpid or
inactive stale of the bowels, palpitation of the heart,
pleurisy, scrofula, mercurial eruptions or cutaneous
disease arising from any cause, se^hndary or constitu
tional effects, arising from the vcuerial disease, such
as blotches on the skin, sore tliront, ulcerated nose,
and painful affectiou9 of the bones, termed nodes. In
fact, the whole family of disease are attributable to
the one great cause, obstruction of the natural outlets
of the body. My Concentrated Extract of Sarsaparil
la, Liverwort, Pleurisy Root and Lignum Vita removes
all obstructions, cleanses the system from all poison
ous matter, and stimulates the orgatu to h healthy ac
tion : It is therefore evident that this is the sovereign
so long sought after. It can be takeu by persons of
every age and sex, and is admissible under all cir
cumstances, and in every variety and stage of disease.
There are four powerful reasons for using tbismed
icine, in prefereuceto all others:
1st. I am regularly educated to the practice of me
diciue, and committed Licentiate of the Medical
Board of the State of Louisiana, which can be ascer
tained on inquiry in New Orleans.
2d. My medicine is purely vegetable, and is com
posed of Sarsnprilla, Liverwort, Pleurisy Root and
Lignum Vita and other articles.
3d. I honestly confess what my medicine is, and do
not attempt decept ion by keeping its name secret.
4th. I have been 18 years a practitioner of medicine,
nnd during that long* period of time made extensive
use of this medicine, and found in every instance, that
removed all obat'-uetiona by the hasty action upon
the Liver Stomach, Bowel#, Skin, Kidneys und
g^For RU'C wholesale and retnil at *19 S' Francis
Street, Mobile, und nr my oUie-j 7 Duane St. New
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N. lb—These powders used when horses come off
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245 •* Dundee Gunny Cloth, 1 .jib per yard,
250 “ heavy “ “ 2$ lb “
1458 “ East India Bagging, 2J to 2,{lh “
250 “ heavy Dundee hemp, do weighing 1$
to 1J per yard,
200 coils Russia Hemp Rope,
50 “ Bombay “
200 “ Kentucky “
20 cases Buleing Twine,
50 pieces Salt Sacking,
72 hblfl Kentucky limns,
20 Irlids “ ' «
200 tons Swedes Iron, comprising all sizes,
10 tons Bundle and Sheet Iron, comprising a
general assortment,
500 keys White Lead.
The above will be soi l low, and on accommodating
terms, apply to McGltAN & NOONAN,
nov9 7ltf 6 St Michael st.
V ▼ 40 Idids ( la ret, 3r50hxs do, “Lafitle,” “Alur
gcaux,” “Si. Estcphe,” &c.
70 bxs Muscat, “Lime” and “Front ignau”
60 ip1 casks Madeira, 40 qr casks Port
10 do Santcrne, 10hxa Curacao
4 boxes Maraschino, 25 boxes Olives
10 boxes Pickles, 10 boxes Capers
40 boxes Salad Oil
—landing from •-barque Due d’Orlenns nnd for vale hv
novlO OGDEN BROTH ERA, 12 Wuier-»t.‘
r15O DENTISTS—Duct. H. Gates, Agent in Mo
1 bile for the sale ofStoekt n’s improved Mineral
'iVetli, has just received a full supply, embracing all
the varieties used by Dentists.
Doct. Gales has also a first rate article of Den
tist-’ Gold Foil, Nos. 6, 7 a-:d 8. Orders fronujiny
purt of the Southern States promptly attended to.
Address GATES’S Pharmacy,
nov29 106 Dauphin .-t. Mobile.
O CTO if F i: IT. • 11 \V 11A \ d V It’S IN FA LL1
BLK POISONS for killing, destroying and ex
terminating every species of vermin infesting public
and private houses, he Iron ins, garrets, stores and
store houses, gardens, fields, trees and plants—such
ns rats, mice, cockroaches, bed hugs, inusquitocs,
fleas, Hies, ants, mollis, catterpillars, hornets, mites,
&c.,jti.-i received and for sale at
uo\27 GATES’S Pharmacy.
IJjlAMlLY SPICES.—Dr. Gates Sms now re
ceived a full supply of articles in his line for fa
mily use, embracing among other articles the follow
ing spices of the best kind:—
Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmegs, Allspice, Black Pep
per, Cassia Buds, Mace, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper,
Mustard, Wb. Mustard, Jamaica Ginger, Annis
Seed, Coriander Seed, Fennel Seed, Carraway
| Seed, Race (linger.
Also—Pearlash, Sal Eratus, Isinglass, Pearl Bar
ley, Sago, Tapioca, Arrow root, Starch, Indigo,
Rollon Stone, Polishing Powder, Silesian polish,
Scouring Bricks, Whiting, British Lustre. nov27
G ARDEN & FIELD SEEDS.—The suhscrijj
hers have this day received from New York,
the following Seeds, the growth of 1841, and of the
finest quality—
Radishes, 4 kinds, Spinagc, Salsify, Parsnips,
Beets, 3 do, Carrot, Cucumber, Turnip,
Cabbages,4 do, Tomato, Parsnip, Cress,
Lattices, 3 do, Mustard, Sorrel, Cauliflower,
Melon, Peas, Beans, Herds-Grass, Blue-Grass,
Orchard-Grass, Clover, &c. For sale in quanti
ties to suit purchasers.
nov 27 MOSELY & CO
£ EXCHANGE on New York at 3 days sight, fo.i
liaale by WM. MILLIGAN & Co.,
nov2G 84 St. Michael st.
BRANDY—50 cjr. casks superior A. Signette,
Pillevoisin, ami American Brnndy, landing ex
ship Alabamian, and to arrive per Vermont and Chi
na, for sale low, by CIRQUE & WHITE,
nov27 cor. Com. and Dauphin ste.
RICE & RICE FLOUR.—5 tcs new Rice,
25 hf and qr bbls fresh Rite Flour, for sale by
nov 27_T P. MILLER & CO.
BUTTER—A few firkins family Butter, for sale
by nov29 JNO. C. RYAN.
Peach Orchard Coal, Lehigh Coal,
Red Asli Schuylkill Coal. Landing and for
sale by E. C. CENTER & CO,
nov 27 corner Conti and Com. sts.
Superior spool Thread.—henry *
STODDART have received ex ship Jlogarth,
19 cases of Clapper ton's superior six cord sewing
Cotton, which they offer by the ease cheap for cash,
nov 27m
BRANDY & GIN.—20 qr pi; es Otard, Dupuy
& Co. Brandy
2 Imlf pipes Hennessey Brnndy
1 “ “ J J Dupuy Brandy
2 pipes Holland Gin
—in store and fbr sale by
novl2 corner Conti and Commeree-sts.
MUSIC.—Just received by D.mMeduy & Sears,
large supply of new Music, amongst wliirli are
Ellsler’s popular dances “La Ghana,’ “La Mazur
ka," La Cachuca," &c. Also the popular songs—
“All things love thee," “Love is a trifler," “Leave
me dear one," “I was not false to thee," nnd “Beau
tiful Dreams,"—together with a great variety of
marches, waltzes, &c. Also some dine ruled English
music paper.
OTANIC MEDICINES.—Powdered Buy berry,
Bark, Arican Pepper
Gum Myrrh, Lobelia Seed, Nervine
Hemlock Bark, White Pond Liilv
Witch I Rule, Unicorn Root, Poplar Bark
Golden Seel—all of which are just received and
are warranted fresh and genuine. For sale wholesale
or retail, by R. L. WATKINS & CO.,
jan 16 corner Water and St. Francis sts.
fllO PLANTERS, Physicians, and Country Mer
-M- chants—MOSELY & CO. Druggists, at the
corner of Dauphin and Royal streets, have in store a
full supply of fresh Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medi
cines, Paints,.Oils, Perfumery, flardeen Seeds,etc.
which they offer for sale at wholsaale or retail at \ery
low prices and on a liberal credit. fehl
CORDS OAK WOOD—lor sale by
ocilS (iovernmeht-tt.
HAVANA CK*AKS.—31 boxes brown Havana
Cigars, received per schr Belle, for sale qy
nov20 THOS. P. MILLER & CO.
medies for Chronic diseases. These invaluable
remedies are founded on true pathological principles,
readily demonstrable; and that their affinity of ac
tion 1ms a direct and absolute tendency to eradicate
chronic morbific influence from the system, it is well
and thoroughly established. If reliance can be placed
on human testimony, they me of all remedies the
must valuable, safe, sure and salutary remedy, parti
cularly lbr the permuneut cure of Dyspepsia, Chro
nic Disease of the Heart, Liver, Spleen, Kidneys,
Uterus and Spine; together with white swellings.
Seal.I Head, Ivi ig’s l'.vil, or any of the forms of
Scrofula; even Tubercular Consumption, under their
specific influence, has lost most of its honors, ox*
cept in cases neglected till the last stage.
Fo’ sale in Mobile by MOSELY & CO,
juicKi Druggists.
from the White Sulphur Springs, Vu.
To those persons acquainted with the character of
these Springs, eulogy is unnecessary. But to these
who are not, it u ill he sufficient to inform them that
in nil diseases «)f tin Bowels, Liver, Kidneysor Skin,
the Water will be found a most eligible remedy. be
ing not only an active and efficient medicine, but n
pleasant, and to some a delightful beverage. Per
haps at no season is its use moie imperatively indi
cated than the coming season and the summer months,
when those who nre unacclinmtcd are exposer! to a
deadly disease, and to the oi l residents subject to
Hepatic obstructions. For sale by the dozen or sin
gle buttle or gallon by RICHARD NORTH,
Druggist & Chemist.
mnv27 269tf R5 Covrrmeat & 4ft Com sts.
HAVE YOU A COUCH?—I)o wot neglect it:—
Thousands have met a premature death for the
want of a little attention to a common cold.
Have. y«u a cough'!—Rev. Dr. Bartholomew's Ex
pectorant Syrup, a safe medical prescription, con
taining no pnicowous drugs, and used in tin exten
sive practice for several years, will most positively
afford relief, an l save yu from that awful disease
pulmonary consumption, which Usually sweeps into
the grave, hundred of the yoti ig, the old, the fair, the
lovely and the gay!
Have you a cough 1—Re persuaded to purchase a
I kittle of this Expectorant Syrup today ! !—Tomorrow
may he too late.
Have you u cough? Bartholomew's Expectorant
Syrup i.-i the only remedy you should lake to eureyoti.
For this plain reason:—That in no one of the
thousand rases where it has l.ecn used, has it failed
to relieve.
F< r sale by I. C. DuBO.SE & Co,
jun21 164s and by the other Druggists in Mobile
Tf NCJiAVlNG.—J. C. McALUSTER, respect
BiJ fully inf unis his friends and the public, that he
has located himself at
NO. 19, CAMP STREET, NTkn Orleans,
Where he intends to carry on the Silver, Gold and
Copper Plate Engraving and Printing, in nil its vari
ous branches—and hopes, hy the strictest attention to
business, to merit a share id public patronage.
Door Plates, Beil Pulls, Collars, &c. furnished
handle .--of knives, wr ting desks, work boxes, visit
ing cards, hill heads, bonds and hank notes, and nota
ry seals, engraved in die neatest manner.
N. B.—Persons visiting New' Orleans will please
call and see specimens, or wanting anything in the
above line of engraving, by addressing me by letter
can ltu\c their w ishes fully satisfied, and with ilea
patch. apt* 9 202s
A lIlARLES' McCORD, (Late of Philadelphia,)
STREETS, respectfully informs the inhabitants ol
Mobile, that he has commenced business at the above
place, and respectfully solicits a share of public pat
ronage, and assures them that every exortion will he
ma le to please the most fastidious, bulb ns regards
price and workmanship
The follow ing goods v. ill be made up in the m
beautiful sty k:—Saxony, Brussels, Imperial and
grain Carpeting,snlin ami worsted Damnsk, Mor
and Chintz Bed and Drawing Room Window C
tains ; Chamber Sofas, Easy Chairs, Ottoman a
Verandah Seats, made to order ; Church work of a
description made, viz :—Silk Velvet Drapery, Cush
ions and Pulpit < lotlis, embroideries in gold or plain
Pew Cushions, Stools, Ottoman and Carpets.
Paper Hanging dohe in the very best manner.
All kinds of Steamboat work done on accommoda
ting terms.
Cabinet Furniture and Sofa Seats repaired.
Goods of any description will lx ordered from Phil
adclphia, at u very small advance to cover expenses.
fib 4 140s
Washing Clothes in Soft or H \rd Wa
ter.—Directions for use,—For Washing
White.Colors,—To each pail of soft water in the
boiler, put one pound of the Soup, which will answer
for four hoi lings,lifter which add a quarter of a pound
of soap for each successive boiling.
Wet the white clothes in clean cold water, wring
them out, put them into the boiler, according to their
condition; then take them out into a basket to drain,
and wash them once in w arm w ater, they will then he
ready for rinsing—clothes that are very dry should
he put to soak ia cold water over night and will rej
quire boiling about three quarters of an hour.
For Washing Calicoes and Flannels.—
The water in which the white clothes were washed is
generally strong enough, hut sometimes a little extra
soup will he ret|aired iV>r flannels.
Hard w ater requires about a quarter of a pound
more soap to each pail full, than soft water.
By following the above instructions, |>ersona using
this soap w ill find that it does not injure the clothes or
the hands—that il saves one half the labor in wash
ing, that it improves the colors of Calicoes and the
texture of Flannels, and that white clothes w ill re
quire to he blenched hut seldom. It also obviates the
necessity of using the Wash Board, hy which clothes
are more injured than hy ordinary wear.
Just received and for sale hy
apr7 20<5tf R. NORTH, 85 GormW.
Mutt RAN Si NOONAN, No. 6 St. Michael
street, have now in Store anti landing, Swedes Iron
■>f all si/.cs and Steel of all kinds; Cut Nails; Axes;
Hand, Hoop, Rod and Sheet Iron.—They purpose
by direct importation and otherwise, keeping on hand
a constant supply of all articles in this line, to which
they ask the attention of purchasers. n»vl9
FIC.—The celebrated specific for the cure of
GoilOther*a, &c. can with safety be recommended as
being certain in effects and containing no mercury.—
This medicine has superseded most of the prepara
tions sold for the cure of this disease and has l>een
sold for sometime in New Orleans, as well as various
other sections of the Union. From tjie high charac
ter and standing of Dr. Hall and the large quantities
sold (3800 bottles in three months) at the north,there
can he no doubt of its superior value in curing this dis
ease. None genuine unless signed by Dr. Hull, M.
For sale only by
R. NORTH, Dispensary Chemist,
feb5 148s No. 35 (iovernment-st.
PILES.—The in venter of this valuable reme
dy, begs leave to offer to the attention of those who
are subject to the Piles, a remedy the efficacy of
which has aeen tested by the experience of years,
and the utility of whice has in no instance been im
paired from failure to relieve. To those who have
i»ccn subjected to this disease, it will prove, if applied
when re-attacked, a sure preventative to its continu
ance without the least pain; indeed many have pro
nounced it the most agreeable remedy ever applied.
There can hr no danger in its use, as its component
parts are of harmless vegetable matter. For sale
only by P. MOSELY,
novSO 92tf Druggist, Mobile
MOSELY Si CO., Druggists, at the corner of
Royal nud Dauphin streets, having received a
large supply of Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Perfumery, Garden Seeds, &c., which
they offer for sale in quantities to suit purchasers at
very moderate prices and on a reasonable credit.
A A fresh supply of this invaluable medicine recei
ved per brig .Saratoga, direct from the original pro
prietor, Dr. Geo. Taylor, 375 Bowery, New York
Purchasers are desired to observe that every bottle of
the genuine medicine has the written signature of Dr.
Geo. Taylor, 875 Bowery, on the directions around
the bottle.
%* Beware of I. W. Burrett’s imitation.
39 Water st., solo Agents for this city.
Real estate at Summerville for
SALE.—4 acres of land conveniently situattd
for a summer Residence, being near the residence
tonnerly occupied by Mr. Cuthnort, on the road lend
ing from Spring Hill road to the Three Mile Creek
adjoining the lands of Major Hogan and Dr. Jas. F
Roberts. For particulars, apply to
dl9 140tf cor. Com. & Dauphin sis.
800 kegs White Lead,
75 bxs Window Glass, from 8-10 to 12-18,
50 bladders Putty,
10 boxes Chrome Green,
10 do dp Yellow.
Just received and for sale by MOSELY & CO,
jan 14 160tf_ -■_Druggists.
This remedy, so celebrated for the cure ot
chronic and intlaminatorv rheumatism, sprains, swell
ings <>f the joints, from the improper or injudicious
use of mercury, lumbago,&e., is j.gw f »r the first time
offerer! to the people of the South, although long
known mi I used, as the certificates testify, at the
North, where its success has been greatly marvellous
and unrivalled. Those afllicted with the alxive com
plaints, will find immediate rqjitf on trial of the
Embrocation. For sale by the Agent
•inarch 5 1. C. DUBOSE & CO.
39 Water st.

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