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——Mui»«mi«MBrtawKmr Mgar.atajftinii »■« tr^ -r» J-'*n i »f • i rcmi vnp.t#i. ■ - -——»—■ ■■■■ ..•» . r.-,- - - .-«^i ttt — ■ n •»—t w — i i i ■■ i i i i in ■mhhhim—n*»rr • ■■■■■ - — — -: ■ - ■ ■ ■ ■ - ■
T E I i M a .
Subscription, ten dollar* 1'iir the daily j nper, payable in
alvauce, a mi live dollars for the country paper, payable
jre.irty in advance by cash or city reticence. Per.mtw
vri-dung to discontinue, must give oue week's notice iu
Adveutisin'c.— Advertisements continued without in
terruption, will be charged at the rate of one dollar per
square for thelirst insertion, aud fifty cents for each sub
sequent one. Semi-weekly and tri-weekly ones will he
charged the same as first insertions. Twelve lines make
n square. If ail advertisement makes less limn a square,
it shall cost as ill licit us a full one.
Advertisements not limited on the manuscript, as to
the number of insertions, will he coiiiiinted lor two
non tbs and so charged, unless previously directed to he
taken oat of the paper by a written order.
Advertisements not hearing upon their faces the names
of the persons by whom they are sent, must be endorsed
by them.
Tin; terms for annual advertisers will he $10 for one
square, uud gir> for eaclt additional square, with the priv
iegts of changing once a week, due iu advance.
Tito privilege ofannual advertisers is limited to their
own immediate business ; and all advertisements for the
oeuefiiof other persons, as well ns all legal advertise
ments, and advertisements of auction sales,scut by them,
must lie paid for at the usual rales.
All advertisements required by law, will be charged at
the lull rates.
Annual advertisers who exceed the space for which they
contract, will be charged at the usual rates.
Arrangement* will bo made with those who occupy halt
* column or more continuously for a yc.w, according to
the nature of the business, and the frequency of tin*
change of matter.
Advertisements of application for the benefit of the
Insolvent Laws, will not bo published iu any ease, unless
paid for previous to insertion, or payment be guaranteed
by a responsible person in town.
AM announcements of candidates for office, will bo char
ged live dollars for daily insertions during the canvass,
parable in all cases iu advance.
Military and Fire Companies, and other similar Assoma
tious, will be charged full rate* by the insertion, or forty
dollars per annum if they do not exceed one square each
AM personal communications, when admissible, will In
churno.l double, and iu all eases payment must lie made in i
od vance._ _ _ '
DU. II. GATES, Dauphin at., inform* the public
that he has now on hand, and will hi roultcr
keep, in addition to his stock of Drugs, .Medicines,
&«•., a general assortment of GARDEN SEEDS,
among w hich are—
Asparagus; long blond, early turnip, French Sugar
and other Beets; white kidney and Lima Beaus
Long pod, red and brown speckled Valentine, Chi
na white and yellow Beans; Scotch and Her. Kale;
Early York, Lambeth's large York, early Battersea,
large drumhead, flat Dutch, green curled and drum
noud Savoy, led Dutch and green German (’nhhngc,
early horn and long orange Carrots; curled Cress;
Early Cauliflower; white and red solid Celery;
Early frame and long green prickly Cucumbers;—
Large purple Egg Plant; curled Endive; large flag
leafed Leek: Cayenne Pepper; early, broyvn Dutch,
large curled Imliaand early cabbage Lettuce; Span
ish and Cairo Watermelon; Nutmeg ami citron
Muskmelon; Okra, Tomato; Salsify; Rhubarb; —
a great variety of Pens, Turnips, Radishes, Squash
es, Onions, Pot and sweet herbs. Terms cash.
All these seeds warranted. nov27
.I. the most valuable remedy , recently discovered,
for consumptions, coughs, colds, asthma, spitting of
blood, whooping cough, and pulmonary affections of
every kind—price 50.cents.
Particular caution—Each genuine bottle is enclos
ed in a blue yvripper, on which is a yellow’ label sign
ed “ Sampson Reed.” Nonu other can be genuine.
The great celebrity of the genuine pulmonary bal
sam has been the cause of attempts to introduce spu
rious articles, which, by partially assuming the name
of the genuine, arc calculated to mislead and deceive
the public. Among these mixtures, are the Ameri
can Pulmonary balsam, Vegetable Pulmonary bal
sam, balsamic Syrup, anil others. Purchasers should
inquire for the article by its whole name, the Veget
able pulmonary Balsam; ami see that it bears the
marks and signature of the genuine.
Each bottle and seal is stamped Vegetable Pulmo
nary Balsam. 8. ID. kd.
One more counterfeit besides the American Pul
monary Balsam, and the others above alluded to! —
The latest attempt 1o deceive the public by a spuri
ous mixture, falsely called genuine pulmonary bal
sam, prepared by Samuel Andrews and Jos. A. Vea
7.ie. To avoid tin* imposition of this spuriuus arti
cle, wo again refer the public to the wrilien signa
ture of Sampson Reed, on the outside yvrapper of
each bottle.
Boston, July 1, 1841. Lowe & Rkep.
A fresh and large supply of the above now receiv
ed and for sale, wholesale or retail, by
nnv29 II. GATES, Dauphin street.
luable discovery for joining broken glass, china,
earthenware, cabinet work, and fancy articles of ev
ery description. This cement i« acknowledged to he
superior to any thing of the kind eve. olio red to the
public. IlsextrenR: strength is remarkable, as also
the variety of purposes to which it may lie applied.
It resists wet—will stand an ordinary degree of heat,
and its hardness, when set, is truly astonishing.—
The great facility of using it, no mixing or prepara
tion being required, is a strong recommendation in
its favor. In lact, it requires only to Ik: known, to
be found in use in every family.
For mending broken glass, china, &c. it succeeds
wonderfully, as the joints show but little. Many ar
ticles of this kind, that but for this discovery would
be entirely useless, ma> l>c securely and (irmly unit
ed, and become as useful as when new. The leaves
of books, pasteboard, fancy articles in tortoise shell
or cabinet work, may be neatly mended with it.
To preveut imitations, which would disappoint the
purchases and tiring into disrepute the genuine arti
cle, tlie public are requested to observe the signature
of the proprietor, “ VV. B. Painter,” written on
the wrapper of each bottle.
Sold in bottles at 25 and 50 cents each, by the
Propairlor, W. B. Painter, No. 23, 3d Avenue, N.
York; also, by his appointment, by
aov29 H. GATES, Druggist, Mobile, Ala.
WHARF NOTICE—Whereas, much inconven
ience and great loss is experienced by the pro
prietors of the wharves, from the present mode of
shipping upward freight, notice, is hereby given that
from and after the first day of November next, no
dray will he permitted to enter uprn any of the
wharves with merchandise for shipment, without the
drayman first delivering to the wharfinger—who will
attend for that purpose—a written acknowledgment
from a responsible shipper, resident in the city, of
liability for the wharfage, or payment of the same
made in cash.
sep13 46tljan A. J. JUDE, Wharfinger.
NOTICE.—The undersigned, (successors to J.St
W. A. Smith) have this day formed a co-part,
nership under the name and style of Smith 4’ Dabney
for the purpose of transacting a general grocery bu
sines?. They solicit a continuance of the liberal pa
tronage bestowed upon the late firm and the public
generally. JAMES SMITH,
octl 53tf JOHN M. DABNEY.
NOTICE—All those indebted to the subscriber,
either by note, or by nccounts made in the yours
of 1839—’40, are requested to make payment by the
ast of January, 1842, ns I am determined to sue all
who do not settle by that time.
nov57 88||r.\v* ' JOHN GALLAGHER.
BACON & PORK.—20hhda Cincinnati smoked
Sides and Shoulders, 24 bbls mess Pork, re
ceived on consignmeet |>er steamer Snuthernor and
for sale by CJRODE & WHITE,
decS corner Com. and Dauphin-sts.
ALL, square body waggon. Also, a light
trotting Buggy Waggon,landing from brig Ccies, for
sale by ]nov24 85U1.] JOHN O’REILEY.
TOBACCO.—50 boxes various brands, for sale
dec4 by LATH A M HULL & SON.
FRESH TEAS.—Landing from ship Alabamian
—100 131b boxes Imperial
100 6lb boxes Imperial, 30 (>ll) boxes Hyson,
for sale by GU8TAVUS BEAL & CO.,
dec2 llagau’s Buildings, Conti-Bt.
X EAD & SHOT.—20 kegs McCullough’* Bar
X-J Lead, 500 bags Buck and Drop Shot, of all si
zes, for sale by
dcc2 THOS. P. MILLER & CO.
CARRIAGES—10 carriages ami Buggy Wagons
for sale bv (nov30) H ARRIS & ROSS.
iWl BBLS ALE, landing from ship Alabamian
ami for sale by (nov 30) J. REA.
FLOUR—200 bbls s. f. Western Flour
nov30 HARRIS & ROSS.
■ vl/U all sizes, for sale by
uov29 89m 1)E FORREST, MORRIS & CO.
Cl (Jr r BE—75 bags new crop Green two
J 20 do old government Java, for sale
by [nov29] JNO. C. RYAN.
CLARET—20 casks Table Claret, for sale by
nov29 G. WESTFfiLDT & BRO.
fTJY BBLS MESS PORK, just received and for
gale by (nov 30) J. REA.
CANDLES—160 bxs New Bedford, for sale by
nov30_ HARRIS & ROSS.
| AA CORDS OAK WOOD, for lale at #4 pe
M. Vr vfcord, in lots to suit purchasers, by
nov30 D. C. LOWBER & CO., 59 Com. st.
coils Kentucky Rope, for sale by
nov6 70tf JAMES HAGAN,84Water-st.
OBACCO & CIGARS.—50 boxes Chewing
Tobacco, 10m Spanish Cigars, for sale by
nov!3 76tf P. McCASKILL, 18 Com, st.
PORK.—20 bb!« Mess for sale by
oct 22 62tf SMITH & DABNEY,
Dissolution of copartnership_
Notice is hereby given to all concerned, that
lit® copartnership in the iron Foundry baaitien* at
Mobile, known tinder the name of Juuies Curry &
l’o., has lieen this dnv dissolved. All per*on hav
ing claims against said firm on uccount of the Mo
bile Foundry, will please present them for eottla
ment. fort29 (iotf JAMES CURRY.
ALABAMA, FOR SALE.—The subscriber,
administrator of the estate of William Smith, de
ceased, offers for sale two large and valuable Planta
tions, on the A al ama river, about 12 miles above
Si hua. and 23 miles below Montgomery. One o!
them is in the county of Autauga, containing eigh
teen hundred acres,of which from seven l-> eight hun
dred acres are in cultivation, bountifully supplied
will) water foi plantation purposes, and for stock, by
a never failing stream, running entirely through the
plantation. That portion of the tract which, is not
under cultivation, is well limbered and principally
cotton land, of the very best quality for the culture ot
cotton and corn.
The other tract is situated in the county of Dallas,
in the bend of the Alabama river, generally known
by Durand’s Bend—containing about fourteen hun
dred acres, nine hundred of which are in cultivation.
This tract is also well supplied with timber and wa
ter, and is of the best quality of cotton land.
Both these plantations are bounded, ami divided
from each other, by the Alabama river; they are now
in u state ofhigli cultivation, with comfortable dwel
lings, gin-houses and other necessary buildings on
each, lit for immediate use. The quality of the soil,
thu easy access to market by the Alabama river,
the southern latitude, and the character of the popu
lation in the two comities of Dallas and Autauga, af
ford great inducements to capitalists desirous of en
gaging in the culture of the groat staple of the south.
The crops this year, it is supposed, will produce 430
to 300 bales of 300 pounds each, cultivated by sixty
three bunds.
The slock of corn, fodder and oats, now on the
plantations,-the hogs and cattle, Uicksmiih’s tools
and fanning utensils, are also offered for sale. Pos
session given at the end of the year.
Persons w ishing to purchase, can apply to Mr. R.
li. (iustou, at the landing on the river, adjoining the
Autauga plantation, who will show the premises; ot
to me at my residence in Huntsville during the sum
mer, and at New Orleans during the v. inter. The
terms, for either or both of the plantations, will be
:Itiit«* advantageous. MEREDITH CALHOUN.
nov27 Pr. fee £90
The < 'Imrleston Courier, Richmond Enquirer
»nd Huntsville Advocate will insert the above once a
iveek for eight weeks, and forward their ureounts to
die Democrat OlHee. Huntsville, for payment.
VINEGAR—50 Wills cider Vinegar, G»r sale bv
nov34» HA lllllS & ROSS*.
JN XTRA \\ 11 EELS of every d« - .1 lion, for sale
i (let- 2 by J. O’REILEY.
PO'I'A'l'l 200 bids white English Potatoes,
100 l»bls Chenango Potatoes, 50 bills Mercer do,
lo -sale by [d2] THOS. P. MILLER & CO.
NEATS FOOT Oil.—Pure Neal.foolOil, by the
gallon or bottle, for sale bv
1. C. Do HOSE & CO. Druggists,
novlO late Dubose & RotV. No. 88 Water st.
I l.\SEED OIL—*2 pipes pure English Linseed
.J Oil, in store and for sale by
1. C. Du ROSE 4* CO. Druggists,
nlO late Dallnse & Roff, 89Water-st.
KENT* OKI BAGGING-IfiO pktwv Mays*
' ilie, 85 14)95 vds each and 45 inches wide, tor
novlO 12 Water-st
WINDOW GLASS- -200 boxes assorted sixes,
of best American brands, in store and for sale
by 1. C. DuBOSE CO. Druggists,
ttfnnvlO late DuBose & RotV, No. 38 Water-st"
I^LODR .—50 bids superfine western, in store
- and for sale bv
novl2 corner Commerce and Conti-sts.
fTIOBACl O.—100 boxes ''assorted nnalities, for
a. sale by [novlSxmo] JOHN O’REILEY.
CIHGET1NGS—20 boles 4-4 Sheetings lor sale by
nnv80 HARRIS & ROSS. *
I'ORAG E u ill lie taken in tin* tile proof brii k
store on Water st, near Eslava st, at very low
rates. Apply on the premises, or to
iiov 80 E. C. CENTER & CO.
OAA PACKAGI:s SHOES 4* B()0TS, direct
* from the manufacturers.
(CHEESE—75 bxs Cheese; 5 casks do for sale
by [nov29] T. P. MILLER & CO.
Y71IGS & RAISINS.—50 drums 'fresh quality
*. Figs, 200 whole, half and tjr boxes Bunch Rai
sins, for sale bv
dec2 ' T::<IS. I*. MILLER & CO.
rBIOBACCO & CIGARS.—75 boxes Chewing
H- Tobacco, 50m Spanish Cigars, for sale by
nov25 1*. McCASKILL, 18 Cotnincrcc-st.
POTATOES.—800 barrels Northern Potatoes,
in good order, for sale bv
ii-.v24 GARDNER & S YGER, (>9 Com. st.
Will PNEY & ROSE BLANKETS.—500 pair
very superior, sizes from 8-4 to 14-4, for sale
dec4 l v LATHAM HULL k SON.
JjJIANO FORTES—An elegant article, for sale
* low by D. B. CRANE &. CO,
dec 4 37 Water si.
OLD PALE SHERRY.—A lew dozen superior
old Palo Sherry Wine, in store and for sale by
novl2 69 Commerce-st.
RAIL ROAD IRON.—12 tons Rail Road Iron,
for sale by McQRAN & NOONAN,
oct22 No. 6 St. Micbael-st.
WiTTsKEYTfc FLOUR.—50 barrels Rectified
N\ liiskcy, 65 bbls superfine Flour, for sale by
nov25 P. McCASKILL, 18 Com. si.
RIO COFFEE, N. O. Sugar ami Flour, lauding
from sclir Mobile, and for sale by
iiov23 JAS. HAGAN, 84 Water st.
WIN TER SPERM OIL—A few casks Winter
Strained Family Sperm Oil, received and for
gale by 1. C. DuBOSE & CO. Druggists,
nlO lain DuBosc & RofT, 39 Water-st.
W~ III.SK V AM) FLO UK—30 bbla u|,| mTtlfcd '
Whiskey; 100 do superfine western Flour,
just received per sclir Butler, and for sale by
nov27 cor. Com. and Dauphin sts.
(" ANDT.es &T$0APKxTboxes Hcarjlulv
J pressed Sperm Caudles.
2C0 boxes Kendall & Co’s Candles,
100 do (Colgate’s No 1 Soap,
100 do Slurtevants Boston « o For sale by
nov 27 T. 1’. MILLER & CO.
flNOBACCO & S EG A IIS—50 boxes Virginia To
A banco; 30 m Regalia, 'Trabuco and Principe Sc
gars, for sale by CIRODE & WHITE,
nov23 cor. Com. & Dauphin sts.
MARKING INK.—4 bids Ink, for marking Col
ton Bales, just received and for sale by
11. L. WATKINS & CO, Druggists,
oct20 corner Water and St. Francis-sts.
^4 PERM CANDLES.—L,0 boxes favorite brands
►3 in store ami for sale hv
nov!2 corner Conti and Commerce-sis.
SAVE—2,800 sacks on board ship Blake from
from Liverpool, for sale by
nov22 S3tf 34 St. Francis-st.
I7JOR S ALE.—A family of valuable NEGROES,
—consisting of—BRANCH, aged 40; good
Gardner, Ostler and general servant
GEORGE, aged 6; his sod
BRANCH, “ 20; first rale Steward and Waiter
JOE, “ 19; Drayman
The above negroes have been raised in this city,
and are of good character, and first rate servants in
every respect, and only sold lo close a concern. They
ran bn seen by applying at the corner of Conti and
Commerce street, up stairs. nov20
SUGAR—200 bids Boston Leaf crushed and pow
dered sugar, for sale by
nov29 __ O. WESTFELDT fcBJEO.
SI'LL lb for mail*; apply to
DART, corner of Water ami Conti Him., have
imported and arc now opening, a splendid assortment
of Embroideries and Thread Laces, con.si.uing of—
Capes, Canesons, Collars, Collarette,
Petit Collars, Chemeyettee, Stomachers,
Infant’s Robee Waists and Capes,
Muslin Holers, (some of which are richly embroi
dered, suitable for Wedding Dreamt s,)
Embroidered Shawls,
Mourning Collars in great variety, &c,
A large assortment of Thread Laces, Edging* and
lumen mgs, real Valcncennes Edgings,
Also—Linens, Table Linen, Towelling, Diapers,
12-4 Barnsley Sheetings, Spool Cotton,
Scotch Ginghams, &c. be,.,
Figured and plain China Silks, Idk Satin and
Satin Turk, Muslin de Luine, be.
All of which they ofl’er at wholesale or retail cheap
wish.___dec 1
WINES.—200 boxes St. Julien, 100 boxes Mus
cat, on consignment and for sale by
dec2 Hagan’s Buildings, Couli-st.
HU S I N E S S i A H 13 S .__
\I< |.I V\!,\ & ROBINSON,
C o M MI ;v »V / (> iV .3/ A A’ CIIA X T S,
IS'w. 6, Coimuerrp-m.Mot.ii.k.
g n o v. /; a* r a* t o a* 7;,
No. 21, Government-street..Moeit.k.
if \\ i rHKKS & i«».
C a MMISS 10 X 311: li CIIA X TS,
M0B1I.K, Ala.
Office—No. 7,.St. Frascis-strfft,
Over the Dry (Jvod* *t>.rr • { Wilkinson, llrpkiim 4* Go.
8i. John, Power* Ai Co. Mobile.
Dr. John Mnrrnst, > ,r ,
Vni.jilin & Tunn r, 1 TusLa,0l,“a
T. 3V. Brevard,)
I. W.JUyiw, j Moiit*omrry.
J. Conolcy At Co, Selina.
II. O. Iluniley, l.ownde*.—fTu*. Fh.ff. oct4 MtMmo.
Commission Merchants,
Xe iff- York .
A N 1)RE WS & 1! ItOT II E RS ,
Commission Mkhghan i s,
Commission Mkkciuntj,
Residence of Partner*— Mobile, Ala.
J. 1. Andrews, New-York.
Z. Andrews, New-()i leans.
E. I.. Andrews, Mobile.
IJT7' Liberal advances made on Consign men ts to either
of the Above bonnes. iunlb
At the Corner >»f Dauphin and Royal Streets.
Are now receiving uiMitisnal supplies of fresh
Drugs ami Mf.dicinks,
jf the host quality, which they offer for sale in qtmn
titie* to suit purchasers at moderate price?.
(Late 0*Cijnn*rSr Ry«n>)
ianl6 Mobil*: Ala.
Wm. II. Robertson, i Mobile, Ala.
Henry Myers, >
Jos. E. Murrell. ) inn!6
j\o. IL tOCLMIN,
ianlti 37 St. Michael »t.—Mobile.
inn!6 Mobii.k, Ala.
A N i*
ian!6 No. 0 St. Michael at.—Mobile.
A. BATRfi & CO~
Commission Merchants,
No. 70 Commerce street.— MOBILE.
O’Advance* made oil Collon shipped to their triend*
hi Europe and the i oiled 8tat<a. ianl6
I.. ( . CENTER & CO.,
Commission Merchants,
ianlfl MOBILE.
Commission Merchants,
O* Advance* made on Cotton. inn 16
I’. SHAW & CO.,
Commission Merchants,
Franklin Sliaw. Gustnvu* Horton.
General Commission Merchants,
Mobile, Ala.
Win. Laird. ,1. Littlejohn.
Factors and Commission Merchants,
octl6 No. .'}!) Front 4* Commerce sts.—Mobile.
Commission Merchant,
innlfi Mobile.
C1RODE &. NVhTtlT"
Corner Commerce and Diiujj/iin streets,
inn 16 MOBILE, Ala.
Factor* k Commission Merchants,
Mo bile , Ala.
John Simpson. Henry G. Canfield.
Factor and Commission Merchant,
mu Hi 28 Commerce at.—M obile.
Auction and Com mission Mkrciiats,
No. 22 Water Street,
Mobile, Ala.
XT Liberal advances made on consignments.
Aucion and Commission Merchant,
corner Water and St. Michucl street*,
ianlG Mobile.
Auctioneers and Commission Merchants,
mnit> 87 Water street—M obile.
ia.r.ld No. 80 Commercest.—Mobile.
Grocers and Ship Chandlers,
Corner Commerce and Conti streets,
C. IT. Austin,) MOBILE.
B. Tardy, 5
b. cTlowbeig
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
ianlG 59 Commercest.—Mobile.
Wholesale & Retail Dealers in
Hard Wake, Iron, Nails,Hollow Ware, Ac -
Corner Commerce and Dauphin sts.
' ]{ NORTH>
Family Medicine. Stork,
No. 35 Government street,
ianlG opposite tl»e Murkol.—Mobile.
ft. L. WATKINS It CO.,
Comer Water and St. Francis sts.—MOBILE
Wholesale Dealers in
ianlG Window Glass.
17 crSUBOSE k CO.,
(Late DuBoseSf' Ruff.)
Wholesale D r u o g i s t s ,
ianlG No. 39 Water st.—MOBILE.
No. GO Water street—Mobile.
Wholesale k lletal Dealer in
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods.
Bowk Seller and Stationer,
No. 44 Water street.—M obile.
A Bookbindry is attached to the establishment.
00*1; liL lVl)Xrk S E Alts,
Wholesale A Retnil Dealers in
Pocket Cutlery, Music, Fancy Articles, kc.
No. .^O Dauphin st.—MOBILE.
(T7* Merchants, Touchers and others, purchasing in
ijuantities, furnished on the most liberal terms. inn 1G
V general assortment of the a t e s t a 1 y I * s by
J. C. GW1N,
32 Water and 48 Dauphin streets,
ianlG Mobile.
iunl6 No. 54 Royalst.—Mobii.e._
No. 53 Jioyul Street,
Curds, Circulars, Hand Hills, Steamboat Hills, Hills
Lading, Justice, Notary, Lawyers, Custom
House, Shipping Blanks, Ac.
Neatly and Expeditiously Executed
NEGROES FOR SALE—William, a first rule
drayman; Mary, and her son, three years old,
first rale cook, washer and ironer; Bill, eighteen
years old, good ostler and house servant. Apply to
not 24 W EDM ON I) & C O., 96 Com, st.
SADDLES.—2 eases for sale at very low prices,
not24 85ku by JOHN O’REILEY.
1 BANNERS OIL.—20 bids barrels Tanners Oil,
just received and for sale by
R. L. WATKINS & Co,-Druggist*,
nov8 cor Water and Sts. /•’rancis-sts.
ACK EREL^—25 bbl7No71 —25ld7 J>bl« No. 1
15(piarters; 25, kits, landing from .ship T«r
[iuin, for sale by
nov2 cor. Com. & Coii.ti wtw._
HOLLAND GIN—9 pipes fine Holland Gia • lan
ding from ship Alabamian, and for sale by
nov29 J. C. RYAM>^
AINTS, OILS, &c.—10 bt))7e7FigBW,
40 kegs While Lead in Oil, 32 and 43 lb eacl',
20 do Dry do 80,91 and 84 do:,
25 do Chrome Green, 25 lbs each,
25 do Yellotv Faint, 25 do do,
32 tin cases Black, 7, 8 and 14 each,
2 cases Yellotv Ochre, 4 kegs Litiicrage,
22 bbls pure Sperm Oil, 2 casks do do. For
sale ty (nov 27) E. C. RENTER & CO.
S y
prune noi ses.
ft |r LI tA\S HOI S£<— I His Hotel i> now
llljirf. open, and i cady to receive company as usual.
Every exertion on the part of t!ie subscriber shall hr
sod to please those who may favor him with iheii
ih I''image. JAMES 1’ENNOYER.
J. P. formerly commended th&steamboat Neptune,
n " 80 90k mo
A CARD.—Recent events hive made it
’(•(Tssiiry that I shoul I leave Natchez, and I have
therefore selected this city as a plr.ee of residence, in
hopes of obtaining that suppoit which was (dosed a
gainst me there in consequence of losses by fire and
tornado. I have taken and opened the house on Conti
street, known us the CONTI STREET HOTEL,
now the property of Mr. McCarty, the same that was
owned by Mr. John Richardson, and which under
his management gained considerable reputation.
I promise to make this house all it should be—a
home for all those who may patronize the establish
1 have been thirty odn years in the seuth, twenty
three of w hich I have been occupied in keeping a
public house in the city ol Natchez.
The Conti street Hotel has been neatly fitted up,
and furnished anew. 'The servants arc the same
that I had in the Natchez Southern Exhhange, and
are well accustomed to their business. The Hotel
is now ready t» receive hoarder*, and tlio undersign
ed will he thankful for all patronage that a generous
public may think proper to bestow.
New Orleans, Nov. 15th, 1841. nov23 Slum.
Conti street, between Water anil Commerce streets,
Mobile—a few doors onst of llw Mansion House.
Gentlemen *viM flint ihf* Imiise convenient, retired
and commodious. It i< very central, being within
three hundred yards of the New Orleans steamlmat
landing und only a few s,epa from tlte Blakely lund
ing, four doors west of Comincrce-st.
Boarding and Lodging hy the day or month, on
reasonable term*. nov22 83tf
NEGROES.—The subscriber has on hand and
will be constantly receiving from Charleston
and Baltimore, NEGROES of every description,
which will he disposed of at moderate prices. He
will also make liberal advances on Negroes pul in
his hands for sale, ut his place on Jackson, between
Dauphin and .Vl. Francis streets.
oct22 fi2tuprl’42 JAMES E. ZCNTZ.
NOTICE.—The subscriber having purchased the
entire stock and trade of Messrs. J. Hall 4*
Co. I tegs leave to inform It is friends and the public,
that lie designs Keeping a constant und well assorted
at the old stand, corner Water & Hitchcock’s Alley.
He hopes by unremitted attention to merit a share
of the liberal patronage heretofore extended to his
predecessors. OV1DE MAZANGE.
novo 69tf
IIM1E undersigned having sold their stock of fron
A ami Hardware to Mr. O. MAZANGE, beg leave
to solicit for him a continuance of the patronage m
customers. QC/“The office of the subscriber is re
moved to Church street, first door west of Royal st.
where all those indebted will please call and pay, and
all demands presented for settlement.
tiou5 fi9tf JOSEPH HALL & CO.
-I • subscriber has the honor to inform the Ladies
and Gentlemen of Mobile that he hns now on hand
and will constantly keep u full supply of every kind ol
Confectionaries, Fruits, Candies and Cakfs
of the best quality ami of his own manufacture, such
as he has heretofore had the pleasure to Currish
them; all of which he will sell at wholesale or retail,
for the lowest prices for cash.
He also has a large assortment of Real Havana
Cigars ,of the most approved brands, which will give
delight to the lovers of n good article.
Country Dealers supplied on the most moderate
Terms. * T. CARMELICH,
octl S. E. corner of Dauphin and St Einnnuel sts
171 OR SALE.—Eleven shares of the New \Theatre.
. Stock (all paid in) Ibr Cush. Persons purchas
ing this slock can purchase either Season Tickets or
Boxes, twenty per cent lower than for cash. Apply
at GREGORY *S Exchange, 54 Royal-st.
N. B.—The above will be sold in single shares if
wanted. novfi:70tf
INN EY CLOTH—120 Rolls 15 in. 21b* to the
K yard, landing from Brig Wetunipkn. This ar- j
tide ih well worth the* Attention of planter* and fac
tors, being made expressly for this market, for sale hy
novl8K.no _____ JOHN O’REILEV. '
171 OR SALE.—A first lute Family Horae, with a
single Baroucho and Harness. Also, n neat
Buggy Waggon now, with harness complete.
W. I'. DMONl) & Co., 96 Commercc-st
POCKET CUTLERY .-Doubled ay 4* Sears
No. 36 Dauphin street, have this day received an
assortment of splendid Penknives, manufactured l»y
“Joseph Rogers & Sons” and “George Worslen
liolin.” Also, Dusk Knives and Erasers. novl9
mHE History of I hr French Revolution, hy M. A,
A Thiers, late Prime Minister of France.—Trans-*
lated with notes and illustration* from the most au
thentic sources, l>y Frederick Shobcrl; second Anre
rican edition, complete in four volumes, with steel en
The works of Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of
England,a new edition; with the life of the Author
by BttaiI Montague, Esquire, in three volumes Roy
al 8vo.
IH Specimens of Foreign Standard Literature, edited
hy George Ripley, Jr. eleven volumes.
Lives of Eminent British Lawyers, by Henry Roa
coc, Esq. Barrister at Law, in two volumes.
Greville: or, A Season in Paris, by Mrs. Gore,
Authoress of the “The Dowager,” “The Peeress,,*
&c. lit two volumes,
The Miser* or The Convicts of Lisnamnna, by
William Car-leton, author of “Neal Malone,” “Fa
ther Butler,” &c.
Mrs. Mnrcet’s Book of Stories for young children.
A Treatise on the Diseases ami Inquiries of the
Lanynx and Trachea; hy Frederick Rylaml. Ele
ments of the Pathology of the Human Minrl,by Tims.
Mayo, M. 1). F. R. S. both works complete in one
'I lie Sanative influence of Climntes, with an ac
count of rile best places of resort for invalids in Eng
land, The South of Europe, &c. by Sir James ('lark,
Bart. m. d. v. r. s.
The above new publications, together with many
valuable standard works, jn*t received and for sale
nov25 36 Dauphin st.
SUGAR AND FLOUR—12 hlids prime old Su
gar; 65 bbls s. f. Flour, for sale by
nov29 P. McCASKILL, 1$ Cm. st
CTPERM oil.—1000 gallon- bleacbadW inter
^ Oil, in casks and bbls, lauding from brig J. D.
Noves, for sale by
brand; also Traburns, landing from schooner
Belle, from Havana, and for sale for cash only, by
nov25 86 J. G. Ml( HAELOFFSKY,89 Iloyal st.
[~7\ BARRELS FLOUR; 50 bbs Whiskey
50 bbs Molasses 10 hlids Sugar
10 hlids Bacon sides 15 “ Shoulders
20 krgs Lard 100 hags Havana coffee
60 bag* Rio Coffee 50 uxs Sperm Candles
60 bxs Soap 50 “ Composition **
100“ Tubacce,—For sale bv
oct8 57tf CALVIN KEITH.
Oil in barrels,
2 bales Bottle corks,
10boxes Chrome Green,
20 half barrels Copperas,
Roll Brimstone, Sulphur, Alum, &c. for sale by
no\25 MOSELY & CO. Druggist.
adapted for family use. Apply to
oct27 * JOSEPH HALL & CO.
IN STORE AND FOR SALE—50 61b and 13
lb boxes Ten*
30 bbls No. I Loaf ami crushed Sugar
60 bags Cuba, Lagtiira and Java Coffee
10 Idids old Sugar, superior quality
60 bbls superfine Flour. 50 do Whiskey
.‘10 boxes Sperm Candles, 75 do Soap
80 Imxea Chewing Tobacco, various qualities
10 casks Sides, .Shoulders and Ham*
250 sacks Salt, Me** Pork, &c. &c. by
dec2 P. McCASKILL, 18 Com. st.
PEASE’S CANDY.—A fresh supply of Pease’
celebrated clarified essence of Hnrcliound Can
dy, just received and for sale by
1. C. DuBOSE & CO,
nov 30 lute PuBose & Rolf, 39 Water st.
J 20 cases New York Cottonude
10 do do Stripes
10 do do Cotlonadc Punts, for sale by
N CONSIGNMENT and :iowlanding—138
bales prime Hay
100 boxes New Bedford Candles
150 bids Maine Chenango Potatoes
50 “ New York Pippin Apples
100 44 white Onions
100 44 No*s 1 and 2 Mackerel
60 i 44 44 44 44 44
1000 casks Thomaston Lime
10m clear white pins Plank
30m 44 44 44 Shingles
60m 44 44 44 Laths
—and for sale by [dsc3] J. II. RIVERS.
'/ 1 lilil.S. FINE 1'LOUK, ..lino aUd fur «nlo
I 4 Wl I'HLS- W ill PI BE\n>. jinfT.
1 vU and fur salt- Ly
nov20 _JEREM1A REA.
\I.T.—30(H) sai La in liruiitiful order, f.r sale in
lots to suit purchasers, bv
ttovl7 SMITH h DAftNEY,224*84Com.at.
C1HEE3E.—200 ln>x.,, for «iic b>
rBlHE .-'iIjhciilieii* Hie now receding per Hogarth
■ from Liverpool, nn invoice of Perfumery anil
Broshes, which they offer for sale nt reasonable
or ices I n»\ 25 J MOSF.LY & CO. I>rut»uisi.
(So.VLH.—101) ions OrrcH, on board ship Blake
J from Liverpool, in ipiantities to suit purchasers,
lor sale by LAIRD & LITTLEJOHN,
nov22 83if 84 St. Francis-st.
T F.TTER PAPER.—SIN) reams, for sale bv
JLj uov 18 LATH \ M HILL & SON.
BRIGG'S BAGGING.—180 pieces will bs Sold
low |Q close a consignment, bv
nov4 D. VVifEEL^R, 8 Water *t.
BALE ItOrL—1,>0 coils Kentucky Rope,
150 coil* Bombay and Cord ilia Rope, for sale
notlO by OGDEN BROTH KRS, 12Water-st.
HAY.—175 bales Northern Hey,daily expected,
for *ale to arrive by
novlO J. C. RYAN, cor. Conti & Water-si*.
B~ A (i G1N G A N D1U) l' I
50 piece* Kentucky Bagging
50 coil* Kentucky Rope, for sals by
nov23 Cl RODE & WlllTE, cor. Coin & Dan. st*
STORAGE—Tlie bulk of5t0 bbl* cag 1* stored
on reasonable term* in a tire proof warehouse.—
Apply to
no\22 J. B. TOULMIN, 35 St Michael sf.
ALT.—250 sack*, io sti.re aril >i -.1 |i* In
j nov25 I*. McCASKILL, 18 Coinmcrce-st.
JjSHOT flt NAILS.—50 hags Shot, 45 keffs Nails,
►3 for sale by I*. McCASKILL,
nov25 18 Commcree-st.
SALT, CIGARS & COFFEE_1000 sacks Salt,
125 cjr boxc* Cigars, 60 bag* Rio Co floe,
Bor *ale by F. SHAW «$* CO,
»wv 25 84 Commerce st.
N*\\ LANDING froia dm Wetumpka,and fur
tale at (bites’* Pharmacy, Linseed Oil, Copper
as, Whiting, Sash Tools, Gold Leaf, Alcohol, &c
H^PS—A fresh article, now in store.
nav26 II. GATES.
SALE RATI S—15 kegs Sal Emtui, 1001b* *acb,
for tile low nt [nov26] GATES’S Pharmacy.
(lOI'VEE—50 bag* Green Havana, landing from
✓ *chl Joseph Brown, and for sale by
n ' 26 E. C. CENTER & CO.
HAV—100 bales this dav landing, for sale >x
C. A. GILBERT, 50 CoraVo
KKVlrcKY HAliCIM;. 201) |,iw»' k
ior luulitv, part in large pieces of 86 ya
landing llin day and for sale by I). WHEKLF.K 1
nnv4 8 Water s
KENTVCKl ROPE, 2L» ruii. suneriot !>.•.
Ro|M',landing this dav and for Male by
nav i I). WHEELER, 8 Water-st.
\| AUli!.; i 'rime Dutch, d)mbro and French I
IrJ FFF ladders, landing and for sale by
LC. Di BOSE & CO Diu"gists,
nit) late Du Bose .'x Roff, ,*{*) Water-st.
MACCARbNI & VERM1 (’ E Id T.-—20 boxes
Maccuniii and 20 bxs Vermicelli, in store and
for sale by DCS HON, TAYLOR & MVEKS,
no\ 12 corner Commerce and Conti-Rts.
NAILS.—5(5 kegs first ipialita Nails assorted, t
to 20.1, folaalc at a low price, apply to
nov20 E. C. CENTER & CO.
Albany aie—20 bbls for snu i>>
Cl OM BO SASSAFRAS.—A supply of Gmnbo,
Tprepared will the greatest care, just received
and lur sale in qumtitins to suit purchasers, at
aov26 GATES’S Drug Store.
(lOFFEE.—1)6 sacks Havana CotVee,
J DO do Rio da,
♦5 do Java do. For sale by
nov 26 SMITH & DABNEY. '
Raisins.—200 boxes m. k. Raisins,
100 lif do do do,
100 qr do do do. For sale by
nov 26 SMITH & DABNEY.
4JW| BAGS CotVee received per aclir. Joseph
Brown, and for sale by
nov26 87if C3. WESTFELDT 4* TIRO.
YPLE BRANDY.—10 bills old Apple Brandy.
For sale by (nov 26) SMI TH k DABNE5 .
ti OFF EE.—100 bags new crop Grech Rio Coffee;
^£30 bugs old g'lviM'iiinont Java do., f r sale by
nov2 J. C. llYAN, oor Conti At Water-st».
IRON SAFE.—Jam received from Philadelphia,
one superior Asbestos aafe,fj. Scott manufactu
rer,) for sale
novft _J. B> TOULMIN.
SACKS SALT—for sale by
4UU f. Shaw & co.
ocl8 5Gif G8 Commerce-st."*
KENTl CKY ROPE.—100 coils auporiot ((uni
ty, for sale by
net! D. WHEELER, 8 Water it.
SEfUmm Ov EKPC K>1, HALT ill bleach
od sacks, for sale in lots to suit purchas
ers by SMITH & DABNEY,
oct*4 54 42 Coinmorce-st.
BAGGING AND HOPE.—260 pi Ky Bagging,
110 hales East India Bagging, 12 pieces each,
330 pieces Dundee Gunny Cloth aud Heavy
Hemp Bagging,
175 pieces Alabama Bagging,
400 coils Kentucky, Russia and Bombay hemp
Rope, for sale by
«i.l20 McGRAN & NOONAN.
I30WDER & SHOT.-200 Bags Shot; 100
Kegs Powder; 1000 lbs Lead
For sale by oc»8 57tf) CALVIN KEITH.
1.1 LOUR.—300 bbls superfine New Flour, recci’d
per Queen of tlie South, for sale by
nov 19 8 4* 10 Commerce st.
HOLE’S TOBACCO—160 boxes and half do
Hale’s superior Tobacco,and other brands, just
received per sclir John A. I.minister, on consign
ment, nnd for sale on liberalterms by
nov22 W. ESMOND & CO., 96 Com. st.
PIECES Kentucky Bagging—“Brand”—86
xJ*/ yards; 76 coils best quality Kentucky Rope,
for sale by [nov3] G. WESTFELDT &BIU).
RIED BEEF.-5 bbls Dried Beef; 2 bbls
Smoked tongues ^landing from ship I.oreno,for
nov2 GGlf cor. Com. & Conti sts.
DEMIJOHNS.— l, 2,1 and 6 gallon*, foraafe fay
El AKTHENVVAHE.—50 crates assorted, for sale
nov 15 77tf 34 St. Michnel-st.
171 OR HIRE.—A negro Boy 12 or 14 years old,
apply to (nov 26) SMITH 4* DABNEY.
VINEGAR.—50 bbls Cider Vinegar,
25 lif bbls do do. For sale by
nov 26 SMITH & DABNEY.
filHE SUBSCRIBER has just received—
A 50 cases Eunqiean and French Prints
100 “ and bales Cotton Osnnburgs
Brown and bleached Sheeting and Shirting
25 cases while £c grey sapor Welsh Plains
Kerseys, Linscys, Denims, Ticking, See.
15 bales Blankets, in which are su|ier. both rib
bon bound Whitney, and Mackinaw for beds;
Cradle and coarse Duftil and Tw illed do
100 cases Kip and Negro Brogans and Boots
175 dozen fur nnd water-proof wool Hats
50 do women and children’s Palm l.eam Hoods
Oriental (new style) Florence plain and English
Straw ladies und misses Bonnets, newest shapes n |
of which, with a great variety of other articles in th
DRY GOOD way, making an unusual and very e> -
tensive assortment, which lie offers at wholesale nt
retail low for Cash or on short time. Orders of com
mission houses, and tiie custom of purchasers from
the country and city is respectfully solicited,
Flower roots.—modely * txi, Drug
gists, at the corner of Dauphin and Royal Ur.,
have received by the Mary Silsby, a small coilmtioit
of RuIInhih Roots, consisting of lhihlins. Tulips,
Hyacinths,Crown Imperials, Anemones, Iris, Croarf
Ranunculus, Lilies, Polyaiilltus, Narcissus, and dou
ble Jomiuills. nov 27
PANISH IXincTO—600 lbs finest Spanish In’.
digu, landing cx ship Edwiua, for sale by
I. C. DoBOSE &, CO. Druggists,
nlO late DiiBose £t Roff, 99 Water-st.
117 EW FANCY GOODS.—An assortment colored
Is and Black Silks,
Black and col’d Mnusline de Lanes, French Prints,
Fancy Handkerchiefs and Shawls,
Kid and Fillet Gloves k Mitts, Linen Camb.fldkfs
Silk Hosiery, Its. just received and for sale by
TH08, 8. BATES,
octlS 68tf No, 66 Water-st.
Circuit Court, Mat Term, A. L>., 1841.
Lai kin Collins, } Attachment lor £-28? 38, in tin
vs. > Circuit Court for the County ol
Joel A. Roberts. jJasper in the Stale ol Mississippi.
riMIlrf DAY, l«wit: May 15th, 1841, cntnc the
JL pi. lint ill'by attorney into court, and it appearing
to the satisfaction of the court that the defendant ii
this case is a non-resident of this State, and lives un«:
resides without the limits nt this Stale; it is there
fore ordered by the court, that unlcse tho said defuu
danldo appear here, on or befora tho first dnv of the
next term of this court, give special bail mul plead,
judgment will be entered and tho effect* attached will
he c xttJcnined ami applied to the satisfaction of the
plaintiff's demand: mid it in further ordered by the
court, that a copy of this order he published ip the
Mobile Commercial Register,* newspaper-published
iu the citv of Mobile, in the Stale of Alabama for six
successive month*.
In testimony that the foregoing contain* n copy of th«
order of said court in tire case therein stated, 1,
Larkin Collins, Cleik thereof do hereto put in>
name and the seal of said court, this 28th day of
June A. D., 1811. LARKIN COLLINS,
jul-.fi 15 monthly c inns Clerk said Court.
■ * HUNT CORN ACADEMY.—The third »es
■-Jsiouof this .School will open on the first .Month*)
ofJan’ry next, under the care of Jno. li. Ci.au ski.,
where w ill be taught, in addition to the usual branch
es ot an English Education, Latin, Greek, the Math
ematics, &c. Mr. Clauflcl is a native of Virgiuia,
where he graduated; and the subscribers are proud
in offering to the public so ripe a scholar, imbued so
thoroughly with southern feeling* and so justly appre
ciating southern interests. The situ of the Academy
is remarkably healthy, ami remote from those pests of
the young, drinking simps, stores and other pinees of
public resort.
Terms.—For Latin, Greek, Mathematics, &c.
#20 |mr session, or #4 u month lor a shorter period;
for Geography, Arithmetic, English Gminuier, &c.,
#15 per session, and for the primary branches #9
per session.
Board may l>c had in the neighborhood for #8 per
mouth. JOHN WATKINS, )
JOHN GREEN, ^Trustee*.
Burnt Corn* Sept 21. aep24 Wilt jnl
IN OR SALE,—That valuable lot of laud, having a
1 front on Royal-st. of 160 feet by a depth of 125
feet, situated opposite the State Press.
Tv.RMS.—1-5 cash, the balance in three equal an
nual payments, with interest from date at 8 per cent,
per annum. Notes to lie secured by mortgage on the
Also,—Will be sold on the snme terms, all other
Real Estate lielon^ing to the Bank. Purchasers to
pay all expenses lor Deeds, &c. Proposals will l»e
received in writing addressed to the Cashier of the
Branch Bank of the State of Alabama,
apii 256tf R, G A YLE,Ca*hicr
and Ctibebu by Charles Weldonou—just receiv
ed a fresh supply of the above valuable medicine, for
sale wholesale and retail, by
mai'27 No 35 Governui’t and 45 Comcests.
POTATOES.—100 barrels Northern, for sale
low from the wharf, apply to
nov2 J NO. C. RYAN, cor Conti 5* Water-st.
► | BAGS BLACK PEPPER-—10 bugs Spire,
20 bags Race Ginger, just received and for
sale by It. L. WATKINS & Co. Druggists,
nov8 cor Water and St. Fruncis-sts.
rIIHAS.—A large assortment of nil qualities, for
J saleh> [novlft] JOHN n’UF.iLEY.
SUGAR.—15 hlids, fur sale by
(■Corporation orders — %5000 in c«rpo
J ration Orders* in sums to suit purchasers, for
sale by acptl7 47tf J. K. COLLINS.
^ qr bids Cranberries, 30 half and qr bids No. 1
Mm kerel. for sale by
nttvlS 76tf P. McCABKILL. 18 Cow, ft.
BVuesh warranted oXSden SEEDS.
—The subscribers are now in receipt of their an
nuul supply of Garden Seeds, embracing every variety
in general use. They will warrant evoiy Seed sold
by them to bo fresh, well matured, ami of the liral
selection. I. C. DUBOSE ft CO., Druggists,
onv 13 late DuBose & Hoff.
(1ANDLES—&00 bx* Sperm and Compost lor
J sale by [nov26] G. WESTFELDT ft BRO.
AGG1NG AND ROPE—200 pieces I Kentucky
Bagging ; 200 coils do Rope, for sale by
nov2(j G. WESTFELDT ft BRO.
for sale by
nov6 _G. WESTFELDT ft BRO.
rillN PLATE.-51 boxes Tin Piute of van us
A brands, for sale bv -
novlo 77tf 11. L. REYNOLDS,66 Water«t.
OAA BOXES STARCH, of superior quality—
OvJ"/ lauding from barque Hebron and for sale bv
octl8_ _J. REA^
1UU 75 coils Rope,—just received nnd for sale
l,v [o.iS 57]_CALVIN KEITH.
NAILS.—500 kegs Dnncaanon Nails, 4d to 20d,
of very superior quality, landing froai Schooner
Candid, and for sale by
Octl3 Water street.
SPARAGUS ROOTS —A few hundred of the
finest Giant Asparagus Roots, far sale low.
1. C. DUBOSE ft CO., Druggists,
uovl3 39 Waler-st.
/PLATE. &c.
Bha/ikks ('upper—30x60 inches 10,11,13and
24x60 pound Sheets.
SheathIIIo Copper—14 and 16 ox
Sheet Iron—250 bundles English Iron, Nos 10
70 27
Wire—50 bundles Iron Wire, Non 7 No 17.
Riv ETS—50 thousand Tiuned Rivets; 40 thousand
Black do.
Tinned Plates—250 boxes |x Crown and Pont
pool brands.
20 boxes 100 Plate Tin.
Leaded Plate—150 boxes Leaded Plato for
Uanca Tin—20 pigs Banco Tin, best quality.
Nails—500 kegs Nails assorted, 4d to 20d.
A supply of the above articles constantly on band,
and for sale by E. C. CENTER ft CO.,
uug7 corner of Conti and Commercc-st
Major Boots—and Minor Boots •
Ladies’ slippers, and Gents pumps ; a prime new set,
Boots that lit Misses, and that never nus-fit !
“Bet Boots”—or boots for pretty Bets !
Bootees for site’s—and ancle ties for pets.
GENTS* water proof, cork soles, or light brogans !
Light dress, or pump hoots—we’ve always on bauds.
Ladies’ silk gailei boots that fit then pretty feet,
And walking sfy*r.a with bows, that beaux delight to
Kid slippers and morocco too, to suit the neatest foot,
In short we’ve stock to $boe them all, and childrtn to
Boots! Bsots! Boots!
dee 28 146tf 53, Dauphin st.
JOB KY & STODDART, corner of Water ami
Conti streets, have this day received u lnrge
assortment of the above (of the latest fashion and su
perior (|uulity) or gontlemeu’s summer wear,
inai 3 llWtf
came a pnrtnor of the subscrilier’s on the 1st of July.
The firm w ill in future he known by ilia name of U.
C. Lowber and Company,
attgti 2Hif D. C. LOWBER.
Sir..—An assortment of Drays nnd Waggons
.villi and without bodies; light and heavy (’arts; ex
tra dray, cart and waggon wheels. Plantation
wheels, earth, wood and wheelbarrows, always oa
hand, made hv John Wood, of Philadelphia, of the
best season «d materials sad workmanship, for sale
uovlG. dMinos by JOHN O’RF.ILEY.
rases, lur sale very low i.y
nov!5 __JOHN JfREILEY.^
REMOVAL.—Tile und«*r»i};ued have removed to
first store in the new block ol' building*, uppo
site their late office. F. SHAW & CO.
nov8 71 Con»me»ce-st.
Rook seli. f.ks It Station eh, have removed
to the store formerly occupied by John Stepltenson k
Co. No. 86 Dauphin street. nov8
REMOVAL.—The subscribe* s have removed te
the corner of Commerce and St. Michr.el-sts.
London, duffil, poinv, rose and
WHITNEY BLANKETS.—<50 bale, ju.t re
ceived and are now oiien and for sale- by
novis Latham hull it son.
NOTICE.—V\ berms in pursuance of a decrcta
order rendered at the late term o‘ Q»« Chancery
Couit held iu Mobile in a muse pending in said corn t
whuiein Copperthwaiic, Cope & Dunlap and the
I'resident, Directois und t ompany of the Bank of the
'Jailed States of Kenney tvama are complainantb and
suae H. Erwin administrator of Henry HitchcncA
and the heirs of said Hitchcock are defendants- ,n«
undersigned has been appointed Receiver of the es
(ate described and mentioned iu tli« bills of com
plaint iu raid cause:—nud whereas by the terms of
sail! order the undersigned is authorised and required
to collect and receive tbo rents in arrear which have
accrued since the 8th Hay of February, 1840, and the
grow inf rents bee* ming due from the tenants of said
promise* and to let and manage said premises.
I’lu ielore all person* ow ing or indebted on account
of the use, occupation or leasing of any of said prem
ises aru cautioned from pay ing or accounting lor the
same to any other pci'Hoii or {icrsoiis:—and all per
sons w ishing to lease any of said premises will rail
on the undersigned w ho iu above authorised to let the
same. [juncD -Itf] WM. MAH EE. Receiver.
DOCTOR JOHNSON'S Concentratid Compound
Fluid Fair net of Saroupnnlta, Liverwort, i’ltun
*y Ro»t and Lignum Vitae.
The great cause of all eur ills is proved to be a
suppression of one or oilier of the secretaries, pro*
during an absti action in the great outlets, or com
mon sowers of the body, and thereby rendering die
(lu ids of a diseased quality, and unit for nutrition;
ami these obstructions can only lie removed by res
toring the natural secretions, without which we must
labor under perpetual disease.
This splendid and invaluable con.bination of the
most healthy uud salutary articles in the vegetable
kingdom, is considered the greatest discovery that
ever was made since die dawn of medicine, aa pos
sessing the long sought for and inestimable quality
of exciting at the same time die healthy action of
the stomach, lungs, bowels, liver, kidneys and skin,
and what is of great importance, ifc may be always ta
ken w ith advantage in every variety and stage of dis
ease, without apprehend ihg danger. The following
are a few, out ol countless diseases, in which it has
shown its wouileiful virtue:—incipient consumption,
chronic enlargement of the liver and spleen, rheuma
tism, dropsy ol every kind, dyspepsia, palpitation ot
the heart, difficulty of hroutlnng,.cough, raising of
blood, mercurial disease, eruptions on the skin,
painful swellings iu the joints and legs, sore throat,
nose, and constitutional debility, arising from vencri
al disease. In these and all other diseases it has ne
ver been equalled. In fact, it is the result of a long
and lalMirious practice of 18 years. It has also re
ceived the well merited sanction of the whole medic
al faculty, uud is supported by the testimony of nu
merous persons ho have been cured of diseases that
were considered beyond the reach of human inven
tion. The follow ing is one, out of many, that hnvo
lieen lately received.
Grenada, Miss., June2, 1841.
l)r. Johnson—Dear Sir—In vain I have tried the
best medical skill, and all the remedies that could bo
devised, to cure me of a complicated disease that af
fected my liver, stomach and lungs. In fact, my sul
ti l ings became so great, that I gave up all hopesr*
recovery, when I happily saw your advertisement
and got six bottles of your valuable medicine. I hnv
now finished the fifth bottle, which, with tmspenka
ble joy, lias restored mo to all the vigor of youth.
It is imlee ! a wonderful medicine, uud I would e*
teem it a.i act ol ingratitude to you, and injustice to
the public, if 1 kept this fact secret from you. You
arc, therefore, at liberty to make what use of it you
will. Yours, with much esteem,
For sale ut 29 St. Francis at.; price $2 per hot
tie. novlO
RICHARD NORTH, No. 35, Government s.
and 45, Cotnmorre street, near 8t. Francis—
Importer of French and English Drugs, Chemistry,
and Perfumery, and Whulcsalo and Retail Dealers
in Drugs, Paints, Medicines, Oils, Glass, and Dye
Stuffs, No. 35, Government, near Royal, and 45,
Commerce, near 8t. F ram is street, informs his
friends and the public generally, that be has taken the
store No. 45, Common Htreet, (two doors from St.
Francis,) east side, where iu connexion with his
store No. 35, Government, ho intends keeping an
extensive assortment of all articles in his line of bu
siness. He does not expect, much less hope, for
more eneourugemeut and support than he 1ms hither
to received, wilhvnt claiming for himself the ineed
of merit. He w ill at all times use his best endeav
ors to render satisfaction to all who may favor his
establishment with their patronage. Ashe is well
aware how highly important it is tor Physiciaus and
families to obtain medicines iu their pure state, the
public may rest assured in obtaining pure and fresh
medicines. He is receiving, and will continue to re
ceive, by ihe latest arrivals, a huge, fresh, and su
perior assortment of American, English, and French
Medicines, selected with the greatest care. The
assortment of drugs and family medicines, compris
ing every article of tlie-choisest and freshest selecj
tion is the line, aro from tiio brut European aiul A
inoricon manufactures.
He also will keep on baud a select assortment o
fresh Garden anp Field Meeds, Boons end Peas.
N. B. Orders from the country filled a* the short
est notice._feb I
LENGK.—The ucnuiuc French Pills against nil
Uttuck Nostrums of* too age, for the cure of*-* * * *
Tim French Pill* are applicable in all cases fur i
titer sex, (warranted free from Mercury) and possess.
ph great ndvnntugcH over the Balsam* and nil liquid
medicines, by being entirely free from miiicIJ, nnd con
sequently do not alfcct the breath, thereby preventing
the possibility of discovery while using them.
Besides this important advantage, they never disa
5tee with the stomach, nnd in the first stages of* the
isease, they usually effect u cure in a few days with
little regard to diet or exposure.
la the most obstinate stages of the disease, they
are equally certain, having cured many after every
oilier remedy had failed, lit short, they hnve been
universally successful that the proprietor challenges
any one to produce a rotnodyof equal certainty, under
a forfeiture of Three Hundred Dollars.
ianl2 I. C. DUBOSE & CO., 39 Water at.
OCP Price, $>2 per box, with full directions.
UDGE PATTERSON.—Read die following
frwiu Judgn Patterson, for thirty years the first
Judge of the county in which he lives.
Midui.ktown, N. J., March 12,1840.
Messrs. Comstock & Co.,
Gentleman—You are at liberty to make such use
of the following certificate as yoa deem will best sub
serve the purposes for which it is intended.
[Gkrtificatk or Judgk Pattkrsoh.]
1 hereby certify, that my daughter has been afflict
ed with sick headache for the spare of about 2'J
years—the attack occurring once in about twowee* n
frequently lasting 24 hours, during which time
paroxysms have been so severe, as apparently soon
to deprive her of life. And after hav ing tried almost
all other remedied in vain, 1 have been tnducitd as a
Inst resort to try Spoliu’s Headache Reined) us sold
by you; nnd to the great disappointment and joy ot
herself and ull hrr frieuds, fonnd very material relie
from die first dose of the medicine. Rite has follow
ed up the directions with the article, and in every
case when an uttuck was lineal cited has found imme
diate relief, until ahe is near permanently cured —
The attack* are now very seldom, and disapttear l
most immediately after takiug the quantity directed,
A hope that other* may l>e benefit ted by the use of
this truly invaluable medicine, has induced me to sett
yon the above, nu«! remain your obedient servant,
JEHU PATTERSON, Judge of the Court of U p
Wholesale Druggists, 2 Fletcher si. New York,
gold by I. C. DuBOSE fit CO, Agents,
und by Dr*. Maynard, Hammond, and Gates. Mobile
jut. 28 I7tf
COA..—A supply of the above original and tru*
I ly valuable preparatiue of Cocoa long gild favorably_
I known to th« taiUlic, is just received direct from the
proprietor and for sale by the undersigned. Among
other highly flattering testimonial* of its superior
i ((utility and usefulness, are found the following.
“J. Kitcheu leli with mo some of his P. Cocoa and
on trial I find it a very superior article, and recom
mend its adoptiuu for tainiiy use.**
Dr. William Thomas.
“I have tried your P. Cocoa and consider it deci
decly sujierior to any I havo used before in my fami
ly-*' Dr. Jno. Coupek
“I concur in tho foregoing statements.”
Dr. D. Hossack
MI have .drunk of J . Kitchen's P. Cocoa and recom
mend it ns n superior article of beverage to any prep
aration of Cocoa extant*—it possesses has of tlie oli
uginous nature of Chocolate, therefore less liable to
Im’cowc offensive tojtiia convalescent and is more suit
able for the healthy. D. Ri.oss
For sale by I. C. l)CBO«E & CO.,
ian!4 late Dulh.se & Rolf, 39 >VTaier at.
(Hepatic a Triloba.)—For the cure of Pulmona
ry and Hepatic a fleet ions, Coughs, Colds, Consump
tion, S|Mitin-; of Blood, 4*c. The reputation whic
this article (Liverwort) lias obtained in the treatmen
of Consumptions, Spitting of Blood, Liver Com
plaints, Coughs, A*c. and tne great uncertainty ther
must always Ui in ike preparation of decoctions th
mode in which this plant has been usually adtninis.
lered, by persons ignorant of Pfcarmaceitlcal Mans
pulatiuns, lias led us to make a concentrated Coat
pound Syrup of a uniform strength.
N. B.—None are genuine without our written
ftj- For sale fcv die single bottle or dosea by
RICHARD NORTH, S3 Government,
feblf _ _and 45 Commarce-att.
TOBACCO.—-20 boxes Just received and far sale
by oct*> J. RE A£

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