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I K H M S .
Subscription, ten dn'l’irs f<*r the daily I «p*T, ptyjiMi* in
a I.- in.v, hi i live dollars for the countrv paper, p r. :d*h
yearly ia advance l»y en.di or city reference. I‘ i'««'ii
wishing to diricoutUitie, must give o.*n week’* notice in
Auvmt risiNt;,—Advertisement* continued without in
tcrriiptiuti, will be charged ul the rate of one dollar pei
square for thetlrst iuseriinu, and tilty cents for e.i h sub
an jin nl one. Semi-weekly und tri-weekly one* will In
charged the same as llrst insertions. TwVtvc line., maki
n aqii oi). It ait udvcrthicmeul makes less than 11 square,
it shall cost ns much tts n fail one.
Advertisement* not limited on the manuscript, ns to
the ii.tmluii of insertions, will be eoiiiluued tor two
II oil ill* it.nl so Charged, ui»le*< previously directed Io be
taken out of the paper by a written ord. r.
Advttrtisemenis not hearing upon their f ices tile nnmns
of the persons by whom they urc sent, must he endorsed
by them.
The terms for unituui mlverliners will be >>!.» for otic
•qiture, and for eiteh iddiiiotinl square, with the priv
lege of changing once u week, due In tidvnmv.
The privilege of iinnual advertisers ,* limited to theii
own i lit tiled uile business ; mid nil ailverti.-.-ao-uls forth*'
Benefit of other persons, as well as all legal nilverlise
nn uts, nud advertisements of nii tTon sales,-cut by them,
uni*! be paid form the usu.d rates.
All advertisement* required by law, will be charged ill
till*lull rates.
.Annual advertisers who exceed the space for which they
contract, will be charged at the usiml rates.
Arrangement* will be made with those who occupy bull
* column or more continuously fora \r..c, according to
the nature of the business, and the frequency of the
change of matter.
Advertisement* of application for the benefit of the
Insolvent l.aws, will not bn published in any ca-n, unless
paid for previous to insert toil, or payment be guaranteed
by a responsible person in town.
All announcement s of candidates for oilic.e, will Imm bar
ged live dollars for dull*.* insertions during the canvass,
pa/alde in all case* in advance.
Military and 1*1.-e t 'nmpaiiHr*. and ortier similar Asstwia
lions, will be charged tail rates by the. insertion, or loin
dollars par annum if they do imt exceed onesqu.oe cucli
All personal communications, when idmi*.-ib!e, will he
charged double, and in alt cases pay nictit must be made in
I N CONFORMITY with the Iasi Will and Tea
tum.’iit of Joseph Ruby, deix,:i.ti*.l, and to carry
into effect tli!* provisions of *.utd \V ill, and in cm- j
fonuity with the order ol tile Orphan* t-i.art ol Mo
bile county, granted the 2Sih day of Oit' her. 1841, !
1 will, on Monday, the Hih day of January, 1812, ex- j
pose to public sole, in front of the court bouse of !
Mobile, within the legal Inmr.iof sale, all the personal j
and real estate ol said Joseph Ruby, as follows, viz: |
the Negroes Willi, Tony, Isaac, Sally and her three |
children; Household Furniture; ns also, a tract ol j
Land lying on Bayou Coden, in Mobile county, eon !
tabling about •>.)() at res; also a tract ol Land at Ful
ton, containing about 48 acres, being the residence
of the late Joseph Ruby.
Terms of sale G months credit, with two good se
curities. JOSEPH KREBS,
nov20 82tf Executor.
M-J Notice is hereby given to all concerned, tl a„
tin? copartnership in the Iron Foundry bu.- a-.s* at
Mobile, known under the name of Junto* Curry &
Co., lias been this dav dissolved. All person* hav
ing claims against said firm on account ol the Mo
bile Foundry, will please present them for settle
ment. [<>rt2b (>•>. i JAMEt < • RUY.
MEDIC \i. and c: ei.\ Vp HERBS—At
• Gates’s Drug Store, 10G Dauphin street—Sage, 1
Thyme, Baltic, Catnip, Pennyroyal, Ilorehomid,
Peppermint,Spearmint, Motherwort, Life Everlast
ing, ComlVey Root, Sweet Majnram, Poplai Burk,
S.iffrou. Marshmallow*, and various oilier domestic
Herbs, Barks, Roots, &c. for sale at
no\27 GATES'S Pharmacy, 10G Dauphin gt,.
npOBAOOO AND < IGARH *500 boxen TobtiO
X co, various brands; 10m Cigars, Cnnoncs; 20m
Cigar*, Manuel A mores; 24m Cigars, American; in
store and for salo by
dee 10 Til OS. P. MILLER & CO.
In MILLINERY, etc.—Just received per late
arrivals, from France, (via New York and New-Or
leans) a splendid assortment of rich water’d and plain
Silk Velvet and Plush Bonnets, unsurpassed in beau
ty of style and quality of textures; a large assort
ment of Artificial Flowers; t- nncy Caps ; childrens’
Hoods; Leghorn Hats; Dunstable an.I Oriental do;
lo-l ricii Shawls and Mantillas deep (ring’d ; Satin
stipd’d Challies; plain and plaid Mouse de I nines;
French Pr'nts, col's guaranteed'; Indies and gents
Kid Gloves; bl'k Bombazine; heavy and rich Chan
tilln Veils, Ac. Ac.
(Lj3 The Millinery department will be conducted
by Mrs. Cullen, Ladies are respectfully invited to
call and examine for themselves.
J. A. SMITH, successor to
n05 tf I*. CULLEN, 61 Dsuphin-st.
I NOR SVEE. A lb,ml; ofvnhinlde NEGROES',
—consisting of-—BRANCH, aged 40; good
Gardner, Ostler and general servant
GEORGE, aged G; bis sod
BRANCH, “ 20; first rale Steward and Waiter
JOE, “19; Drayman
The above negroes have been raised in this city,
and are of good character, and first rate servants in
every res|>ecl, and only sold to close a concern. They
can lx; seen by applying at the corner of Conti and
Commerce street, up stairs. no\2l)
1). B. CRANE & CO, Manufacturers from
Newark, N. J., invito the attention of their friends
no l the public, to their splendid stock of Furniture,
•ucii as Sofas, .Sideboard, Centre, Pier, and Com
mon Tables, Wardrobes, See. &c., which are offered '
at Manufacturer’s prices, at 37 Water 6t, next door
to Du Bose &. (do’s Drug Store. dec 4
COMMITTED to the Jail of Marengo county, a
negro man calling his name JACK and says
he IX!longs to Ricliurd Lane of Lnnderdulc or Yazoo
county, Mississippi. Said boy has a scar on the
front part of his ielt hand caused !>v Iwing run over
by a wagon wheel, is live feet eight or nine inches
high, full face, of n common black color, and says he
will lie thirty years old next April. The owner of
said Imy is requested to come forward and prove
property, pay charges and take him away within the
time prescribed by law or he will lie disposed of ac
cording to the statute in such cases provided.
Linden,Dec. 4, 1841. J. P. BLASS, Jailor.
The Mobile Register, Montgomery Advertiser,
Tuscaloosn Flag and Huntsville Democrat, will each
publish the above once a mouth lor six months unless
otlterwisc directed, and forward their account to this
office for payment. dec9 8 once ino 6mo
OurtiANs’ Codkt, Nov. Term, being the )
15th dav of the month, 1841. }
Estate of ) T.N this case on application
Thos. Evans, dec’d. > X of the admin if tralor of said
estate, it is ordered by the court, the same be con
tinued to the 8rd Monday in February next, and that
forty days notice thereof be given in the Mobile Re
gister and Patriot, requiring all persons interested in
said estate to appear if they choose so to do.
By order of the Court,
declS 1 Ilf W. C. GILMORE. Clerk.
GARDEN SLEDS.—Just received and for sale
wholesale and retail at the new Drug Store No.
30 Royal street, the following GARDEN SEEDS:
Full Marrowfat Peas, Early Frame Pens, Carleton
Peas, Extra Early Pens, Green Imperial Pens, Blue
Prussian Peas, Early Bush Beans, Quaker Beaus,
Ilortieidtnral Beans, Speckled Valentine Beans*
Large Lima Beans, Extra Early Corn, China Tree
Corn, Tree Onions, Assorted Flower Seeds, and n
large and general assortment of all kinds used in this
country. Said semis are warranted the growth of
1811, and areas good as Lnndretlis or any other.
derl4. J. it. W<M)iM'< VK.
BACON.—21 casks Haim and Sides, landing
from steamer Alabama direct from Cincinnati,
for sale by [dofc5] WM.U.BUNNELL fc Co.
SI'G A liS. —10 hit is, n choice article «f ol l crop
Louisiana; 100 bbls prime N (4 new crop, land
ing 6*0111 Creole and for sale by
by Chickeriug St Mak ly wf Boston, for sale low
dcc8 • 3t> Dauphin-st.
HAY—For sale by
dec 13 ' M. l>. ESL \YA St CO.
and eighth barrels, for sale bv
deed 75 Dunphin-st.
WHISKEY.—200 barrels hourly expected »er
schrs. Swan and Elvira, and for sale by
NEW HAMS—Just received nud I'.u* L* bv
dlS CUN VINGH \ M .V <'I LL.
WHISKEY . —140 barrels| I n saS by
deell SMITH & D \ BNEY.
SMOKING TOBACCO—10liarreiTt^riUnid’s
very fine, for sale by
deell _SMITH fc DABNEY.
WHITE LEAD.—An additional supply of white
Lead, Dow in store, at
GATES’S Pharmacy,
dccll 136 Dauphin-st., Mobile.
GRAPES—III small jars, just received ami for
FpOBACUO.—24 wh ile boxes Robinson’s Honey
JL Dew A. No. 1; 18 half bxs lUiiiiMH’i Honey
Dew A. No. 1; 100 whole boxes common pound
lump, lor sale by J. B, TOULM1N,
declO 9c 3$ St. MicimeUt.
». ^"tlGARS.—30m different brands, for sale by
Vy declO W. EDMOND L Co., f)6 Com. st.
BEEF—50 half bids Mess Family Beef fur sale,
to arrive per sclir Helen, bv
CIOLLI L.— 1 idling' pi uni' l»i", iJ I) i s'i pi iuiu
J Lag.lira, 100 bnc* pi inn* w|,l (J.aei najent .lava,
i»rn.vli’ iiy t«l«-.*T| JOHN O’KK.lLtH.
OfT IHU.S MLSS PORK, 30 Mils'prime I’uik,
U talc I>>
•lcc(? * II Aim IS & ROSS.
Pi llB Sl’KItM i >11..- 20 casks pun Sperm
\S inter Strained Oil, lam ling and fit sal. l»\
de.G \YM. il. HUNM.LL & < O.
S5 lO COFI* i:i;.- r.itO ilags, landing 11• mu baiipi**
Reform, for sale hv
l< ■ 8 «■. VVF.STFF.LDT .v BRO.
OLD HUSH W illsk l-.\ . 20 2 ill..
joint* of ■ .1.1 Malt, 12 year*, litis is a superior
article,.lor sale by [doe 7 1 .1. O’RC.II LY.
Ol. \STIiNci PONY I > Fit— f.n svlo la
6 > <!cc7 JOHN "’UMfl.rY.
■usri\ ill jstrainf.d ^rkiiM olL—bo siTip
VY r|.-7 by JOHN 0*11 LILLY.
8) iiSINS.— it»it boxes ,•! i*. for sale I>v
t decs \YM. il. IU NNKLL &. CO.
BAtililNti, ROPK At T\\ i.\L..—Km tors or
ders (illc I atllte lowest rates nail on accmatim
ifating terms, by [iec7] JOHN O’RI’.II.l’A .
S 'i \lsi\s.- 200 Ijoketi Hwttch, fursal* by
-V dee7 JOHN O’KK.li.KY.
HOLLAND <il \.—2 ividl tiavoje l, for
. sale by [doc7J JOHN O’KFJI.K.Y.
B\CO\ SIDLS.— 10 casks landing and lor sale
d • 7 In 1>. WHELLFUL 8 Wat> r*t.
PORT \\ ! \ L. - .jr n - k> rje.ltold Port, 25ca
ses dn, for sale bt | lee? j J. «>*R KILL V.
2 OAK SCHAR.-20 Ih*x<*s Woolso\’d Loaf. Ii<r
5 A ba!e by [dec71 JOHN <)*RE1LK\.
mk {j ADLIRA.—!j ijr casks Ukuidy’s La.Ion par
l»t? tieular, for sale bv
dec.7 * JOHN O’REILEY.
\CON SALT.—:*0 casks Sides and Slimd"
S P ders Cincinnati Btnoked llama, 200 sacks Suit,
for salts at low pt i« es by
dee.7 l\ Met'ASKII .L, 18 C.'oimneive-st.
W/ > *• I l. l.liAU.—299 kegs No. 1 in store ami
VV for sale by
il.rS ' WAT. H. BUNNELL & CO.
Gf OMifKN BI I mi.- 17 fLrkin choice, landing
f from b.in|uc Reform, for sale l)V
dec8 WM. II. BUNN I'Ll. & CO.
17*1 LOUR.—50 l»l»l? superfine landing from sclir.
Roane, for sale by
dee 11 MARSHAL!. & ROWE.
\rOULE*8 SHOT.-200 lings nsiorted size?
Youle’s .Shot, just received and for sale by
dee 10 W. EDMQNJ1 Cu.,0flOoitiinerce-Bt»
1NDU S. -200 boxes Spertu; 60 do extra
J Sperm, for sale by
dIO 9C J. Ik TOULMI N,3")St. M . lmel-st.
SPERM OIL.—1 casks wrater strained bleached,
for sale by J. 13. TOUI.MIN,
declO 9c 35 St. Miehacl-st.
PRUNES.—In gallon and ball gallon jar,just re
ceived and for sale l»v
dec7 50 Dauphin-st.
I GAR—200 bids I’m is ton Leal crushed and pow*
►^tiered sugar, for sale bv
Si i .< 'IK fi r sale ; apply | >
W! NES.—209 iuixe j So Julien.IOO boxes Mus
cat, oil consignment and for Male by
dec2 Hagan’s Buildings, Conti-st.
^STORAGE.—Alik . i ofg kkIb lak n on Storage
at low rates, at the store; on Conti street wharf.
docl Ilf . Uy .1. II. IIP. ERS.
I At | KEGS POWDER, 10 rases 1 lb Cams
A \r\/ twr do, just received ami for sale by
dec! lit NTINGT<>N * Cl.EVELAND.
HUB* A RK1NH lK.— l id >U Ink, for marking Out*
l" A ton Hales, just received and for sale by
R. 1.. WATK I XS & CO, Druggists,
oct20 corner Water ami St. Franeis-sts.
PERM CANDLES—100 boxes favorite brands
in store and for sale bv
nov12 corner Conti and t'omni»*rce-sts.
Air INTER SPERfi oil—\ fevv casks VVlnie
* ▼ Strained Family S|x»rm Gil, received and for
sale by I. C. Du BOSE CO. Druggists,
nil) late DnDose & Rolf, 39 Waler-st.
WHISKF.V it FLO UR.—50 barrels Rectified
\\ liiskcy, C5 bids superfine Flour, for sale by
nuv2ft P. McCAKKILL, 18 Cam. m.
IY lO COFFEE, N. O. Su*jar ami Flour, landing
wfrnm sclir Mobile, and for sale by
uo\23 J AS. II ALiAN, 84 Water st.
POTATOES.—300 barrel* Northern Potatoes,
in good order, for sale by
nov24 GARDNER &. S AGER, 09 Com. st.
WolTNEY .V ROSE 51 VNKET8.—600 pair
very superior, sixes fr«»m 8-4 to 14—1, lor sale
I ' by LATH \ M HULL & SC IN.
P >IANO FpRTES—An elegaut article, fo»* salu
ft low by 1). 1L < RANK it CO,
dec t 37 Water st.
OLD PALE SHERR5 . — A few dozen superior
old Pule Sherry Wine, in stoic ami for sale by
nov!2 (!9 t'ommercc-st.
RA1I. ROAD ikon. —12 ton* Kai! Ro*id Iron,
for salt) l>y McCJRAN & N()0\ AN,
oc.t22 No. 6 Si. Micbucl-sl.
Northern ragging.—100 pieces matore,
for sale by [docT] I). WHEELER.
t^OTATOL.S m'o.sIO.VS.-:>.)() kmrls k-i
Maine Potatoes, 100 bids best Maine White On
ion*, on consignment and for sale by
rieol Itf J! Hi RIVERS.
ritPQACUa—50 keg# Virginia4Lump. feopi■ —
X 50 coils Kentucky, lor eble by
dec6 A. McKINS'ntY, 8 Wnter-st.
NAILS.—350 kegs cut Nails, 4.1 to 20 1 of supe
rior quality, for sale by
drc6 OGDEN BROTHERS,12 Waters.
ROPE. — ll coil* Bale Rope, landing from steam
er Alabama and for sale by
STORAGE—In fire nr oof Warehouse and Sheds
earner Water and St Michael si., on accommo
dating lennj by (dec 2) J. O'REILEY.
171EATI1ERS.—A prime article of live Geese
Feathers, for sale low by
dec l 4tf D. B. r\\ WE & CO.
4X7" AN LED,—A good Mns Hi i vunt, w ho under
1 v stand* house work und waiting, wanted l»v
] 71LOUR.—10 ) bid* superfine, on consignment,for
. sale by C. A. GILBERT,
nov2.'I 50 Cummercc-st.
land material*, for sale by
WM. H. BUNNELL fit < o.
^ PERM CAN l/br.S.-—300 boxes New Bedford
Candles, for sale bv
il«i*6 OGDEN ft ROT 11ERS, 12 Wnter-st
d 10RN.—200 suck* prime while, lauding frmu
Steamer Lady of the Lake and for sale by
declO ' L. HULL & SON.
rilOBACCO.—50 i).»xi*H various bruuiis, t»r sale
X tied by LATH A M HULL & SON.
J’N ROCKERY.-«-8 boxes «• -mtuining ouch a Din
nor and Tea suit complete, of white octagonal
ware, fitted to family use, for sale low by
dec 2 81 Corn. st.
fBlUE UNDERSIGNED lias instore and receiv
X mg per recent arrivals—
120 tons Swtdcs Iron, well assorted
10 tons German, Cast, Crowley, Shear and blis
tered Steel
15 tons Hollow-ware; 500 kegs Cut Nails
2\H) Plough*, Chains, lines
Fan Mill*, Corn Slieelers, Straw Cutters, Grind
stones and a general assortment of Shelf Hardware
and Cutlery which he idlers for sale on favorubk
erm;. [JecO] (). M \ZANGE,4S Com. »t.
f HIOIIACCO—75 boxes various qualities, for sak
X by [ Ilh] JOHN OTtEILY.
£\ NDING from ling China nml for sale on wliar
J or ia store—150 boxes Codfish, 20 case* gall
and half galls Underwoods Pickles, 23 cases Under
wood's Lemon .Syrup, lor ■tiln.hy
doc7 P. McCASKILL, 18 CnmiaviTe-st.^
ENTUCKY ROPE.—-130 c^iH superior quil
ity, fur sale by
doc?_I). WHEELER.8 Water s!.
RICE.—20 tierces prime new Rice, for sale bi
1 loci0 THUS. P. MILLER & CO.
(N IIEESE—56 luxe* landing from barque Kelorr
J and for sale by [110] JOHN O’REILY.
SACKS SALT in bleached sacks, fo
&*J\y\J sale by SMITH & DABNEY,
dec II 22 and 24 Commerce-si.
I ONI tONASS UK A N CE^Afew' copies of’th
J above Popular Plnv, jr»»t received ami for sale b
dccll 36 Dauphin-st,,
i; U S i N S' S S f A U O S .
is \r.\ ic HU HI VKON,
(’ll M MI .V .S' I O A 3; A* A* < • // -1 .Y T 6*,
No. 1*, CiHiimeivf-^t.Mouill.
jacou t ••!i!: u,
a nor /•: a* r *v toH k,
No. 21. (i.*voinuH*i»i-#irfei,.Mofii.f,.
.1. \i. V. I V ii i;.' ft ck
c0 M .1/ / a mu a 3/ /•; A r 11 a x r st
MIH’.ll.n, Ai a.
Orni' k—No. 7, S r. Fh a \i-is-stu i i r,
Uvtr tin 0: y iiovds st irr of *1 i/n.'iMf'M) Ifcplhts /J* C«.
I. I’.FK |! eM-*>:
St. John, Power# *K Co. Mithlle.
1 *r. Joint Marriist, )... .
,, , , ... , > I uei’.iloo^u
\ ui'jlni & t m in r. S
t.l;,jl. .l.
I ’III. .1. !). Hoke, i
J. Conol.’v \ I'k, Selma.
II. tl. Huntley, l.owtitle#. --(Tus. F!j.£. net I Mlvmn.
.1. 1. wn,:i:\\ s i iji»riltittri,
Commission iYi riu:ii a nt.%
l\e to- York .
AND It i: \V S & D HOT 11 i: It S ,
Commission M kkchan 1 %'
Ni w-Orlenn*
Commission M k u chants,
Re s i donee of Parltiers— Ahd’dt, Ala.
J. I. Anphi.w*. New-York.
'/. Amiiu.wn, New-Orleans.
E. I.. AN'DltKlva, Mole1,*.
T Libera! advances made on (’onsiffnmeni# to either
of the above houses. inn 16
At (hr ('‘inter >f Ihmjdvn and Royal Stents,
Are now receiving addiiiioual supplies »*| fresh
Drugs and M 1 dicin » s,
of ilu*»l>esl quality, which they otter I'm sale in quan
lilies in suit purchaser* nt moderate prices.
(Lite (Pfir R*/'h,)
COMMISSI O N M i: IK !! \ N T ,
ianlG Mobile Ai.a.
llOlifellTSON & CO,,
Win. II. Hubertson, i Modii.k, Ala.
llenn Mmts, >
Jon, & Murrell. > toilO
ismlG 37 St. Mi chat l st.—Mobile.
innlG Mobile, Ala.
GENKIU1. commission merchants,
ianlG No. G St. Michael st.—Monil.F..
A. BATltfi & CO.,
Commission Merchants,
No, 70 Commerce street.—MOBILE.
(f;r Advances made on Cotton whipped to their friends
in Europe and the Failed States. Inn 10
Commission Merchants,
C o m m i s s i o n Merchants,
(t7* Advance# made on Cotton. InnlG
W >11 VW .V ( <
Commission M k iichamts,
Franklin Shaw. Gustavos Horton.
(Ienkral Com mis sioti Merchants,
Mobile, Ala.
_ Win. Laird. J. Liulcjuhn.
Factors ani> Commission Merchants,
octlG A’1. 3!) Front fif Commerce sis.—Mobile.
(J O M At i $ S I O N MkIUIIAS T ,
ianlG Mobile.
ClIiODE & Wlll'I'K,
Produce,(• r o c l k v a Com mission M krchants
Corner Commerce a ml Dauj'hin streets,
inn 16 MOBILE, Ala.
Factor.! &. Commission Merchants,
Mobile, Ala.
John Simpson. Henry G. Cnulicld.
Factor and Commission Merchant,
ianlG 23 Commerce st.—M o b 11 e .
Auction and Commission Mkhdiati,
No. 22 Water .Street,
Mobile, Ala.
<\ r Lilieral advance* made mi cou#i"utuunlM,
Aucion and Commission Merchant,
comer Water anti St. Michael strata,
ianlG _Mobile.
li \LKIS & !UISW,
iunit} 37 Water street—JVI o b i I c .
iiisii) No. 80 Commerce at.—Mobile.
At SUN * TAR in .
Cl n o c k r s a s u Ship Chan d l e u s ,
Cornrr Co in. Here e and Conti streets,
; ('. II. Austin, \ MOBILE.
JS* Tardy, )
W h o 1 e s a 1 c and Retail Deal e r » i n
iaiilli 59 Commerce si.—MoniLF.
jdsr.i’ll iiAll & 7777
Wholesale & Retail Dealer a in
Hard Wark.Iron, N ails,Hollow Waue,&c
Coiner Commerce and Dan phi a xlx.
Family Mkuicine Store,
No. 35 Govcm mcut street,
ianlG opposite Lit** .Market.—Monti.K.
“ R. L. WATKINS & CO.,
Corner Water and St. Franns sis.—MOBILE
Wholesale Dealers in
ianlG Window Glass.
L C. IHJBOS E’ & Ct7~
(Late DuBose fy Hoff.)
Wholesale Druggists,
innIG Nt. 39 Wate/at.—MOBILE.
riio.MAs s. baTls, *
No. GO Wntrr street—Morii.K.
Wholesale & Rota I Dealer in
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods.
Bo«k Seller and Stationer,
N>. 4 4 Water street.—M o it i l e .
$3* A Rnokhindry is attached to the establishment
i 1)0 irB L K D AY & S R A RS ,
Wholesale Ac Retail Dealer* in
PocLot Cutlery, Music, Fancy Articles, &r.
Nt. 50 Dauphin xt.— MOBILE..
Ij" Merchants, Teacher* and others, purchasing h
quantities, flirniahed on the most liberal terms. inn 10
A ir en era I as* or tine lit of the n t e« t h t y l«s bj
32 Water and 4S JJaufihin streets,
iaalG_ _ _ Mobil*.
“ D—sTTTftEc.onVS co.,
ianlG No. 34 Royal st.—Mobile.
No. 53 Royal Street,
Cards, Circulars, Hand Hills, Steumhonl Hills, Dills
Luding, Justice, Notary, Lawyers, Custom
House, .Shipping Blanks, A c.
Neatly and Expeditiously Executed
NEGROES FOR SALE—William, a first rati
drayman; Mary, and her sua, three years old
first rate coaw, washer and ironer; Bill, eighteen
years old, good ostler and house servant. Apply to
' nov24 W EDMOND & CO., 96 Com, st.
I NOR DIRE.—A negro Bov 12 or 14 years old
1 apply to (nov2ti) SMITH » DABNEY.
flVANNERS OIL.—20 bbls barrels Tanners Oi)
JL just received and fur salt* by
R. L. WATKINS & Co, Druggists,
nm8 cor Water and Sts. Fraticis-sl#
m¥7lC KEREL.—2oi>l»l7N7. 1—25 hf. bids No. :
ItJL 15 quarters; 25 kits, landing from ship Tar
inim, for sale l»v
iqyS cor. Coin. St Conti its.
VINEGAR—50 bbU cider Vinegar, for sale by
nov30 HARRIS & ROSS.
i Jp/i XTR V WHEELS of every defteriptimt, for *ak
Hi dec 2by J. 0*11 El LEY.
NEATS FOOT OIL—Pure Neat-foot Oil, by Ui
•j.illouoi bottle, for sale bv
1. C. DuBOStl ip CO. Druaffitf*,
novlO late Duliose &. Rolf, No. C8 \X ater si
ENTUtKY BA GOING.—150 piece* 44 me
large nicnes, landing and in store, for sale I
dc--7 D. WHEELER,8 Water s.
pi :<i .( mn:xK«. _|
\v AYfUili% KK NOTH 1 .
Aiw Jit'twiu,
f fe 1HII'ropriet r dr .inn;# of emitriliuting to ll»r
ft emal; it and convenience of l lie Innduca# eonimu
i: 11 x in (mih| din me with die wishes of a I u??*’ major -
11v ul lii.i italome, will on the 20th last., iulioifuce
i!»«• f dlouiug arrangement, viz:
Itteakfii.-l at 7 o'clock until lt>i o'clock.
Himier “ 1 “ “6 “
Tea “ « “ “ «
l,idi<-» Ordinary.
Breakfast at 8 o'clock.
Dii aer at 3 “
'i’ea Ht it “
Rates ott Board as follow'#:
Beard ami Budging jut rl«V. 2 GO
“ “ week.lb 00
** “ •* 44 niontli.tiO 00
44 44 44 3 i i mi ire maiitlis at.GO 00
Bonn! without I/nlging per week. 0 00
44 “ ** •* moi’tli.30 00
Hintieispor month...20 00
I’m lies of tieiuiemon, Societies, flubs, tic. can
be served wdh dinner- i -uppers, at any lime bv
giving a few In nits notice. A munhci of rooms re
serve ! and a ladies ordinary |rrepiirod expressly for
families visiting the fily. din'll 12k mo
MlilTAW I MU SI! j-TItia Hotel is now
open, and irady to rr ertve company as ttsital.
Kvcry exertion on tUr’parl of Ale subset iIrr sh ill lie
sod to please those ft ho tnav favor him with their
pai.,.n:ige. JAMES PKNNOYER.
J. formerly commanded the steamboat Neptune,
nev 30 JIOk hin
) jtsk. ooivri sriii.r.i iiuiix.
A CARD.—Remit events Imve made it
necessary that i .‘-hoiilil |i*jive Natchez, an-l I have
therefore selected this city as a place of residence, in
Ii<>|h s of obtaining tli,.t aiijipm t u hi eh was closed a
gaim-t me there in consequente of losses liy lire and
tornado, i have taken and opened the house mi Conti
• ireel, known us the CONTI STREET HOTKE,
now the propei iv of Mr. McCarty, the same that was
owned hy Mr. John Richardson, and which under
his management gained considerable repiitaliou.
I promise to make this house all it should he—a
home (o' all those who may patronize the cstublish
I lie lit .
I have been thirty odd years in the south, twenty*
three of whull 1 have been occupied in keeping a
public house in the city of Natchez.
Tin* Conti-street Hotel has lieen neatly fitted up,
anil furnished anew. The servants are the same
that I had in the Natchez Southern Kxbhauge, and
are well accustomed to their business. The Motel
is now ready to receive hoarders, and the undersign
ed w ill be thankful for all patronage ilut a generous
public may think proper to bestow.
New Orleans, Nov. 15lh, 1811. nm23 84Km,
NEGROES.—The subscriber has on hand and
will he consrantlv receiving from Charleston
ami HaUimore, NEGROES of every description,
which will Ik: disposed of at moderate prices, lie
will also make liberal advances on Negroes put in
his lmnds for sale, at his place on Jackson, between
Dauphin and Ml. Francis streets.
oct28 b2i.ii.il 12 JAMES E. ZfINTZ.
fVT OTICE.—The subsc.rilter having purchased the
IN entire stock and trade of Messrs. J. IIai.i. 4*
Co. begs leave to inform his friends and the public,
that la: designs keeping a constant and well assorted
at the old stand, corner Water & Hitchcock** Alley.
lie hopes by unrnnifted attention to merit a share
of the liberal patronage heretofore extended to his
predecessors. OVIDE MAZANGE.
iiovS 09 if
r IN III'. undersigned hav ing sold their stock of Iron
JL un<t Hardware to Mr. O. MAZANGE, hpglrnve
to solicit for Imn a continuance of the patronage oi
customers. QtJ“Thc office of the suhserilier is re
moved to Church street, first door west of Royal st.
where all those indebted will please call and pay, and
all demands presented for settlement.
nou5 C9tf JOSEPH HALL & CO.
•«x RUNAWAY from the subnet il»cr residing
in Perry County, Ala., about the 1st October
last, JACOB, a negro man about twenty-two
_to three years old, about live feet 7 or 8 inch
es high, quite black and likely, rather slow in his
on.lions, hut speaks quick when sp«.k. a to—ho for
merly belonged to T. White of Dallas Co., and
w as by him traded oil'in Mobile '.vie. re Jocob work
ed ror Eome time io St tle Steam Press.
HACK or HERCULES, a negro man about 25 or
six year* old—rather small of stature, say 5 feet I to
t> inches, and will weigh about 120 to 301b?., rather
black nm! quite intelligent ami sprightly, and will tell
a very plausible tale should he Is* apprehended, lie
is well acquainted in Montgomery ( «». where he once
Iwlonged—and also at Mobile where he worked once
in the Cotton Press. The above described negroes
are believed to he together and may hare made their
way for Mobile. A lilieral reward will lie puii
for their apprehension and delively to me at my re
silience in Perry Co. Ala., or if lodged in some Jail
so that I get them.
<114 Ct—lawtf L. Q. C. de YAM PERT.
COMMITTED to the juil of the county
of Decalli, AlaUmia, on the 1 DtIt July* 1841,
one negro man as a runaway slave who calls
JSbjL. his name Sam, and says he belongs to Dr.
Eimucl Puckett, who he says is living in Rankin
county Mississippi, he is above twenty four or live
years old, yellow complexion, has long hair and two
sears oil Ids lore-heal, about live feel live inches
high, rather stout, his front teeth above are wide a
pait. 'I’he owner is requested to coma forward
prove property, pay charges and take him away, or
lie w ill ho disposed of as the law directs.
n»v2 fifitf Sheriff ol Deculb County.
.«< CATCH - HOPE it lurk
JhA** iug about the city, offering to hire himself to
some *toaml>onts, Cotton press or as dray
\man. I will pay a reasonable reward to any
one who will return him to me. He is rather slender
built, a little b.»w legged, very black, has a ln»g*
nose, wears light mixed pants and either n lilac frock
coal or roundabout. fdeelO Otf] H. GATES.
]\re wkmb rouTe kiks.—henry & STUD
IO DART, cor lien-f Water und Conti st*., have
imported anil are now opening, a splendid assortment
of Embroideries and Thread Laces, coii.ti.uiug of—
Cape*, Cane/.ons, Collars, Collaretts,
I’clit Collars, Cheineyeltes, Stomachers,
Infant’s Roliee Waists and Ca|>cs,
Muslin Riders, (some of which are richly embroi
dered, suitable for Wedding Dresses,)
Embroidered Shawls,
Mourning Collars m great variety, Ike,
A large assortment of Thread Laces, Edgings and
Inserting*, real Valenrrmtes Edgings,
Also—Linens, Table Linen, Towelling, Diapers,
P2-4 Barnsley Sliuctitig*, Spool Colton,
Scotch Ginghams, &c. &c.,
Figured and plain China Silks, blk Satin ami
Satin Turk, Muslin de Laine, &c.
All of wliieli they oiler at wholesale or retail cheap
cash. dec I
rjTHE SUBSCRIBE I Mias just received—
X 50 cases European and French Prints
100 “ and bales Cotton Osnaburgs
Brown and bleached Sheeting and Shirting
25 cases white k grey super Welsh Plains
Kersevs, Linseys, Denims, Ticking, &e.
15 hales Blankets, in which nre sh|hm\ both rib
bon bound Whitney, and Mackinaw for lieds;
Cradle and coarse I fulfil mid Twilled do
100 casc9 Kip nml Negro Brogans and Boots
175 dozen fur and water-proof wool Hats
(50 do women mid rhil Irni’s Palm Lenin Hoods
Oriental (new' style) Florence plain nnd English
Straw ladies nnd misses Rom ltd*, newest shapes all
of which, with a great variety of other articles in the
DRY GOOD why, making an unusual nnd very ex
tensive assortment, which he offers at wholesale or
retail low for Cash or onnhort time. Orders of com
mission houses, and the custom of purchasers from
the country and city is respectfully solicited.
nov23 __ GEORGE G. HENRY. ^
BACON & PORK.—20 liluls Cincinnati smoked
Sides and Shoulders, 24 bids mess Pork, re
ceived on consigiuneet per steamer Southerner and
for sale by CiltODE & WHITE,
tlcc3 corner Com. and Dauphin-sts.
ALL, square liody waggon. Also, a light
trotting Buggy Waggon,landing from brig Ceies, for
sale by ]nov21 Moui.J JOHN O’REILEY.
LETTER PAPER.—50 reams superior English
Li.icn Letter Paper, on consignment and for
sale by GUSTAV US BEAL k CO.,
<Jee2 Hagan’s buildings, Conti-st.
FRESH 'PEAS.—Landing from ship Alabamian
— UK) 131b boxes Imperial
100 61b boxes ltn|M*ri d, 80 61b hose* Jlyson.
for mile by GUSTAVUS BEAL & CO.,
dcc2 Hagan’s Building*, Oonti-*t.
Cl OFFER—75 bags new crop Green Rio
/ 20 do old government Java, for sale
by [nov29]_JNO. C. RYAN.
|7w| CORDS OAK Wood, for sale at £4 p<
lUUcOrd, in bus to suit purchasers, by
nov3 > D. CL liOWBBll & Ct)., 50 Coin. st.
coils Kentucky Rope, Ibr sale by
n<>\6 701 f J4MEH If AG AN, 84 Wnter-st.
Alcohol, &c.—lOhM* AU*.oiud,2t>odo*Suipi
IRuinine; English Calomel in |h bottles; Spir
y its Tlirpetitius and Chrome Green, now iandiug, fo
sale by [declOJ MOSELY k CO.
ON CONSKKVM1.NT n.i.l m.w Imidiug—1**0
bum-1# prime Potatoes
bQO bales prime Fasteni llav
151) Mils N'n's 1,2 an.l II Mackerel
200 boxes lies! brand Sjierm Cnililli'*
100 sacks Ih-sI old Java Collets
700 casks Thoiimston Lime
175 ranks while lump l.intr
20\i piimc Northern Bricks
25m sawed While Pine l.aibs
:10m “ “ “ Shingles
20m clear “ “ LuuiIh-i , 1 aaJ 2 inch
£000 biolods Plastering Hair
200 boxes prime Coiliish
100 Imxes prime smoked Hertiug
28 I>bls prime Newark Cider
60 Mils “ “ Apples
25 “ “ pickled (’odlish
100 kills prime Tongues and Sounds
25 bull'Mils llullibni Finn
ID hall'pipes Holland (• in
10 qr “ “ “
25 “ ** American <iiu and Brandy
100m best Spanish Cigars, &e. for sale ill lots
to suit putsliasc*, by
ilee 11 ' J. II. KIYF.RS.
Bii \M*Y. GIN, UTJS \ \!> \\ DISK Ft
50 quarter rusk* Srignelte, PeiletYoisiu* ami
American Brandy
2 pi|s>s Holland, and 10 bid* A merit an Gin
20 Mils New Fug hind Rum
50 do old Rectified Whiskey
10 do old Mftitongnhclu Rye Whisker, in
store am! for sale very low,In CIRODF & WIllTH,
t!9 c tinier (Commerce and Dacphin sts.
PRINTS, CLOTHING, ist.—1:5 eases Madder
Prints, Scases cottoimdc, kersey ami deny j>un
t a loons; k-.-rsev j-.ickcls; white, fancy and striped
Shi is; 4 cases ribhtrd and plain Kerseys; 4 bales
whitney and fancy end Blankets; 20 Milt's 3-4 and 4*4
brown Slutting; 5 cases bleached 4-1 do; 2 cast's
Shirting Stripes; lease Ladies white Hose, for sale
ifacS by WM. II. HI N \ 1 LL & CO.
Bacon.--*2-* eitnk* Side* ami fthmihlers Mo
lasses—23 Mils in line order. Sugar—10 lilids
a prime article, landing from Lady of the Lake und
for sale by [decIO] L. liI LL & SON.
IIJKOllOES FOJ* SALF, A Ncgt > Woman and
It her two male children, one about 4 years, and
the other about 2 years nhl, »old fbr no fault. The
woman is a lirst rate cook, washer and ironer. For
terms, apply to CIRODF & WHITE,
dec3 corner Cum. runl Daupliin-sts.
■ M i.t ii lie MinHc nix iii ua\e removen 10
IV Mr. Hogan’s new buildings in Conti street—
Office second Hour.
urn27 SS,f (; \KDNER A S \GER.
NOTICE.—All persons indebted to tlio subsrri
ber for goods sold oil commission, or as agent,
whose accounts have been standing sixty days, will
please make payment on or before the IOth im»t.
dec 1 111 ‘ J. II. RIVERS.
P! RE WINTER SPERM OIL*—15 tiercel and
hbls in store, for sale by
('IIGAKS.—30m Regalias, 10m Cuiioiics, on con
J signineal and for sale by
dec2 Hagan’s Ibiildings, Conti-it.
1 A (ill IRA COFtfEE- 70 iiitgi, landing from
.J schr Mandarin from Ilaltimorc, nnd for sain by
ike a J. O’RKILEY.
PATE P® REONAULIl^A plemmnt *nd ef
fectual relief for coughs, colds, hoarseness, &c.
Received ami for sale by I. C. DuBOSE & Co,
nov 20 lute DuBosn & Rolf, 3f) Water st.
Ctl VMPAGNE .V K.VLSI\s. i*o (Mixes of tbs
well known Anchor brand, boxes bunch Mus
catel Raisins, landing from ship Alabamian, for sale
dec2 Hagan’s Buildings, Conti-sl.
IJILpUR fc WH1SKEV.—800 bbls Flour, ii su
‘ perior article; 100 bbls old Monongaliclu Whis
key; 100 bids old Rcetdicd Whiskey, luudiag from
steamboat Alabama and for sale by
dur3 ELLIS & GREEN, 68 Commerce-at.
IE’ITER PAPER.—800 reams, for sale by
1 novlS I.VniAM HI LL .V SON.
B\QGiNa, ROTE 4* I \\ I M . 600 pieces
Kentucky Bagging, 400 coils Kentucky Rope,
2 boxes Kentucky Twine, landing and for sale by
dec6 OGDEN BROTHERS, 12 Waier-sl.
VY'IM-.s AND COFFER. -4he subscribersof
t v fer for sale the following invoice of goods se
lected by nu experienced individual expressly for
tins market—
4 quarter casks Mnde’ua Wine
I pipe Sicily Madeira Wine.
4 quarter casks Port Wine
1 do do do do Page A Co
4 do do Pule Sherry Wine, W T) Gordon
S do do do do do Litpouiide
80 bugs Government Java Coffee
him; WHITAKER A SAMPSON,81 St Francls-st
C1LARET.— U) casks Lnlour, 76 boxes I'uuillac,
J 90 boxes Ludon, 80 boxes Modoc, 20 I sixes St.
Kftluphc, 25 boxes Chateau Maigeuux, 25 boxes
Chateau Lutitte, for sale l»y
dueG OGDEN BROTHERS, 12 Wnter-st.
BRANDY.—2 half pipes old Henncssce, 2 half
pines 1806 Cognac, 1-4 cask 1805 superior od,
5 halfpipes J. J. Dupuv A Co. do, on consignment
anil for sale by (iUS'l’AVUS BEAL Ik Co.,
dec2 ’ Hagan’s Buildings, Conti-st.
NOW LANDING from the Wetumpka, and for
sale at Gates’s Pharmacy, Linseed Oil, Copper
as, Whiting, Sash Tools, Gold Leaf, Alcohol, &c
nov 26
ENTUCKY ROPE.—215 coils superior Bale
Rope, landing this duv and for sale by
nav4 D. WHEELER, 8 Wnter-st.
MADDER-Prime Dutch, Ombro and French
FFF Madders, landing and for sale by
i. C. DuBOSE & CO. Druggists,
nlO late DuBose Ik Rolf, 39 Wuter-st.
jlTACCARONI & VERMfCLLLl.—20 boxes
11M. Maccaroni and 20 bxs Vermicelli, in store and
for sale by DESIION, TAYLOR & MYERS,
novl2 corner Commerce and Cnnti-st*.
SASSAFRAS.—A supply of Guiulio,
I"prepared with the greatest care, just received
and for sale in (pianlilios to suit purchasers, at
aov26 GATES’S Ding Store.
Cl OF FEE.—UK) sacks lluvmia Cotlee,
/ 100 ilo Rio do,
75 do Java do. For safe by
nov 26 SMITH & IUllNEY.
C'lOFFRE.—100 bags new crop Green Rio Coffee;
«/|30 bags old government Java do., f.r sale by
nov2 J- C. RYAN, cor Conti & Water-st*.
OHh SA OKS SALT—for safe by
oct8 56tf 68 Commerce-st.
KENTUCKY ROPE.—100 coils superior quul
ty, for sale by
oe.tl D. WHEELER, 8 Water-st.
>wO\Jv.Fcil sacks, for snle in hits to suit purchas
ers by SMITH & DABNEY ,
ort’4 54 42 Commerce-at.
OWDF.R & SHOT.-200 Bags Shot; UK
Kegs Powder; 1000 lbs Lead
For sale by oc«8 57tf) CALVIN KEITH.
C1PANI8H INDHiO—600 lbs fineal Spanish la
H digo, lauding ex ship Edwina, for sale by
1. C. DuBOSE & CO. Druggists,
nlO lata DuBose & RuiT, 39 Water-st.
HALE’S TOBACCO—160 Iw.xcs and half d<
Hale’s superior Tobacco,nnd other brands, jus
received per sclir John A. Lancaster, on consign
ment, nnd for sale on liheraltenns by
iiov22 W. EDM ON I) & CO., 96 Com. st._
FOR SALE.—A first rate Family Horse, with i
single Barouche and Harness. Also, a uen
Buggv Waggon new, with harness complete.
n<*\16 YV. EDMOND & Co., 96 Commerce-*
AS PAR A GU S ROOTS .—A fe w hundred of tlil
finest Giant Asparagus Roots, far safe low.
I. C. DUBOSE Sc CO., Druggists,
env!3 39 Water-st.
TKTEW FANCY GOODS.—An assortment color*
lx ami Black Silks,
Black and tolM Mmishne do Lancs, French Prints
Fancy Handkerchiefs nnd Shawls,
Kid and Fillet Gloves & Mitts, Linen Camb.Hdkf
Silk Hosiery, Icc. just received and for snle by
oct!3 58tf No. 60 Wnter-st.
perior quality, just received ami for sale by
dcclO MOSELY & C0.
IV lauding froiu steamer Merchant bhU fo mile b
230 bales l*e*t quality Portsmouth Hey, 230 bbl
best quality Portsmouth Potatoes, landing from sbi
Venice and for sule by
de.9_J. II. RIVERS.
PRINTS—80 eases of Fall River Prints of a vti
riety of pattern* and quality, just received and fe
sale by [d8] J. B. TOULMlN,3oHt. Micbael-.
W~ HITE LEA D—TOO keg* No. 1 Phihdclplii
Wh. Lead, for sale by CIRODE & WHIT!
119 corner Commerce nnd Dauphin si
Demijohns.—100 each of i, 2,3 audio gaii
lor sale by [decll] JOHN O’REILEY.
ran iT., PH^SSEH, INK, kc.—The und**i>ign
1- oil. Agents fur Messrs Win. ilugar & (‘o’s old
established Type and Stereotype Foundry, are pre
I ared to receive orders for all description* of Ty| e,
plain and ornamental; Presses, Ink, anti all other
materials used in printing.
Hperiiuen Books, comprising a large variety of
new Type and Ornaments, can l*e seen nl the store,
earner of Water and Conn streets.
ri«e9 W.'l. II. I'd NNELL k CO.
Itinble discovery Ibr joining broken glass, china,
earthenware, cabinet work, and fancy articles of ev
ery description. This cement i«* acknowledged to I*
superior to any thing of the kind eve, oftrred to the
public. ItsexlieiiH’ strength is nMiiaikabtc, a* also
the variety of purpose* to which it may lie applied.
It resists vvft—will stand an ordinary degree of In at.
and it* hardness, vvlien set, ih truly astonishing.—
Tile great facility of using it, m» mixing or prepara
tion lieing required, is a strong recommendation in
its favor. In tact, it reipitie* only to lie known, to
Is- found in use in every family.
For mending broken glass, china, &c. it sneered*
wonderfully, a< the joints show but little. Many ar
ticles of tlii* kind, that but for this diseovi :y Would
be entirely useless, mav be securely and f|nidv unit
ed, and become a* usolul as when **Cw "he leave
of bonk*, pasteboard, fancy art Wes in tort owe shell
or cabinet work, may l* neatly momfed with it.
To prevent imitations, which would disappoint the
purchase* and bring into disrepute the genuine arti
cle, the public are ie.(nested to observe the signature
of the proprietor, “ VV. B. P AIKTKK,*’ written on
the vvrapperofeae.il bottle.
Sold in bottles at 23 and 50 cent* each, by the
Projmirlor, W. P>. Painter, No. 23, 3d Avenue, N.
Ym k ; also, by his appointment, by
II. (I VTES, Druggist, Mobile, Ala.
MAllF NOTH I W la n a.', nun'll inwoven
ienec and great loss is experienced by tlu pro
pi irtors of tie* wharves, from the present inode ol
shipping upward freight, notice is hereby given that
from and after the first day of November next, no
dray will be permitted to enter uprn anv ol the
wharves with merchandise for shipment, without the
drayman first delivering to the wharfinger—who will
attend for that pnrpoM*—a written acknowledgment
Irom a responsible ship|»cr, resident in the city, ol
liability for the wharfage, or |M»yincut ol the hunie
made in cash.
sep!3 1C t Ijan \.J. JI'DK, Wharfinger.
I • subscriber Ins die honor to inform die Ladies
and Gentlemen of Mobile that he lias now on hand
nml will constantly keep a full supply of every kind ol
of the best quality and uflii* own manufacture, such
as lie lias heretofore hud the pleasure to furrish
them; nil of which he will sell at wholesale or retail,
for die lowest prices Ibr cash.
He also lias a large assortment of Real Havana
Cigars ,of die most approved brands, wliioh will give
delight to the lovers of a good article.
Country Dealers supplied on the most moderate
Terms. * T. CAKMBLICH,
R. E. corner of Dauphin and Rt Emanuel »ts
*)A BAGS BLACK PEPPER-10begs Spice,
' 20 bugs Race Ginger, just received and for
sale bv U. L. WATKINS & CV Druggists,
novo cor Water and St. Finnc'is-sts.
H A MS.—10 casks, a good article, received to
. day per steamer W. W. Fry, for sale by
drc2 ' U \KSIl W.l. k ROWE,
CIORPORATION orders.- - rout) m CorpQ
t ration Orders* in sums to suit purchasers, for
sale by *eptl7 47lf J. K. COLLINS.
IRAN BERRIES & M A C K E11 El ..—15 half &
- qr bids Crunberries, 30 half and cjt* bbls No. 1
Mai herd, for sale by
not 18 7«tf P. McCASKILL, 18 Com. st.
1 —Tile subscribers arc now in receipt of their an
nual supply of Garden Seeds, embracing every variety
in genera ruse. They will warrant eveiy Seed sold
by 'hem to l>c fresh, well matured, and of the hrat
selection. 1. C. DUBOSE & CO., Druggists,
nnvlft late DuRose & Roll'.
a m. superior regaTJa cigars—
for sale by
ttovi G. WESTFLI.DT k BRO.
FI4I.N PLATE.-51 boxes Tin PhtHUyf various
1 brands, for sale bv
1.1x15 7711 II. L. REYNOLDS,f»b Walcr-st.
|AA I ■ 11 ;t ES At A \ S v ILLE BAGGING 1
1.*/" / 75coils Rope,—just received and for sale
by [oot8 57] CALVIN KEITH.
TalLoWER ut kits.—MOSELY it co, Drug
JL’ giils, at the corner of Dauphin and Royal Mu.,
have received by tlm Mary Silsby, a small collection
of Bulbous Roots, consisting of Dahlias, Tulips,
Hyacinths, Crown Imperials, Anemones, Iris, Clours '
Ranunculus, Lilies, Polyanthus, Narcissus, and dou
ble Jonnuills. mov 27
171 XTRA~ REGALIA CIGARS, BritUinniii”
.Jbrand; also Trabucos, landing from .schooner
Belle, from Havana, and for sale for cash only, by
ito\25 S(» J. G. MICllAELOFFWK Y, 39 Royal st.
POTATOES.—100 barrels Northern, for sale
low from the wlmrf, apply to
nov2 JNO. C. RYAN, cor Conti 4* Water-st.
BROOMS.—50 dozen asmutod, for sale l»v
dec4 4tf D. it. CRANE & CO.
C1IGARH.—A lot of superior quality, just receiv
f eeived mid for sale by
dfcl8 M. I>. ESLAYA & CO.
B( < 'KWIIKAT.- 70 paiikages in 1-s and 1-4
bids made fine new Wheat, for sale by
17411 ESI I HAMS—Just received and for sale by
<C4 PE KM CAN DLES AN D SOAP.—100 boxes
^ New Bedford Sperm Candies; 150 boxns No. 1
Soap, for suleby [dec13] JNO. C. RYAN.
SADDLES.—A consignment of about 6 doxen, for
sale at very low pi ices bv
W~" INEST CORDIALS, &c.-30 casks Bor
deaux Claret; 375 cases do do
10 Mils white wine Vinegar
12 cases assorted Cordials, 5 do Absynllio
10 cases Gne Eslephu Claret
25 basket* Anisette
10 cases line St. J alien Claret
7 cases Sweetmeats* landing and for sale hy
dec 13 WM. H. BUNNELL & CO.
J handsome well finished city built Buggys
1 handsome stature top Cnrringe
1 handsome Barouche
2 second hand Carriage*
1 light Trotting Wagon, 8 set Harness, for sale
WE have on hand * supply of COOKING
STOVES worthy of attention, on account of
economy—convenience and cumlort.
n27 80 Commerce street,
BONNETS.- A large assortment,amongst which
are ladies and misses American ami English
plain Straw and Tuscan, English Willow, Cyprus,
Oriental Leghorn, Modena and Silk Bonnets; white
and colored Palm Leaf Hoods, kc. for sale by
dml7 GEO. A. ARNOLD, 43 Water-st.
doxen very superior French Flowers, for sale hy
dec7 GEO. A. ARNOLD, 53 Water-st.
ESS AND"PRIME PORK --30 barrels in
fine order, for sale by
dec7 D. WHEELER, 8 Water-st.
ON DON M US rAR D.- 30 boxes in small bot*
ties, far sale by
dec7 D. WHEELER, 8 Water-st.
WANTED,—A secondhand Counter lYnm 20to
30 feet long, w itli or without drawers. Apply
nl 48 Dauphin Street, to
dec? J. H. RIVERS.
10m Oranges, 100 Pine Apples, 100 bundles
Bananas, landing from la-ig Canton from Malanias
and for sale by [decl Itf] J. II. RIVERS.
I J hhds 5| O Sugar, for sale by
dec!) JAMES HAGAN, 26 Conii-sr.
ALMONDS AND RAISINS—Just received and
for sale by
HERRING.—No. 1 fresh, Just received and for
sale by
LIME.—500 casks Thoioftston Lime, this day
landing from brig Homer and for sale by
der7 J. If. RlVfcRM.
f ®UGAR AND FLOUR-12 hhds prime old Su.
►3gwr, 65 bid* s. f. Flour, for sale hy
n?>\29 P. McCASKILL, 18 Cm. st.
* ^tUGAIi AND MOLASSES.—45 hhds uew Su
* ^ gar, 50 bids new Molasses, for side by
dec 10 TilOS. P. MILLER It CO.
HOLLAND JOIN, fcc.—lO.qr pipes best Hot
laud Gin; 4 qr pipes Frendi Brandy, this daj
r landing and for sate low from the w harf by
t dec7 J- H. RIVERS.
|UU tured from Russia Hemp; 250 pieces AM
" bama Bagging; 103 pieces Briggs Bagging, for sak
,, by W. D. WILSON,
decl3 corner Water and St. Franctwts.
SELECT hCHuOL—A Select School will be
opened in this cjtv on Thursday, Plat October
in *t. under the cure of ibe K*r. 8. It. Wright ami
Lady, ia iLe Luildiug ou Government street, formerly
oi*c is pied by Mr. Keiuble.
The lumber or pupils will be limited to forty, and
underlie rircuuivtaut-es will there be a departure
iri ut this rule. Nu shutts will he wanting to uuiku
the institution an elevated school of rutollectual dis
cipline, sound learning and mural culture, aid at the
saiuo time to furuirb the best facilities lor an ortta
menial atid pqlito education. Lessons will be given
on the guitar, piuuo and burp by Mrs. Wright, ami in
the other branches of tho ornamental department by
a ludy who has been for several veara a highly ap
proved teacher ia tho celebrated ’frrwy female semi
Vocal music w ill bo taHght to the school according
to the system of Mr. Lowell Masou, u4’ Boston, with
mil uddilional charge.
The ncadcruio will consist of two ooasecative am
* toot, oial tlies utiurd on opportuuity to the pupils to
!>« nbseot from the city «lurine tho sickly summer
mouths, without iuioruption to thoir course of stu ly.
No scholar will be received who cauuot read wuli
—and those aumewhat advanced will be greatly pre
ferred. Hate* of tuition made known a) the ojua.
ntuiceuii ut of tho sckool. . . ^
n-v. w. t. HuMiTiw'" **’
Messrs. Harrison A Blair
K,v.8. S. L,*i, . m.bilk.
Hutt.T. P. Harm
Messrs. T. A J. Sanford
Wni. Sayre. Esq.
Hev. T.S. Witherspoon, CnRlNSJtoRo.
Hev. Hubert Nall, Marion.
Mobile, Oct 20. 1 #41. _ _
j%fOT1C1C—The Missus OUANDIN respectfully
11 inform thecUiscnsof Mobile, that they will open
u BOAKDING and DAY SCHOOL.on tho 15th inat.
in the dwelling ouc dour weal oi the Bat ton Academy.
[juvcrnimmt-hi, in which thuy pro tier to ull who may
UU placed under their oat c, u thorough and systematic
rsJucatiou in the solid branches; uud from their long
jxperience in t his employmant. they Batter themselves
hey shall enjoy a liberal patronage. The year will
je divided into two session* of four month* each, after
A'hiclt, it the sea sou uontiuaes healthy, two months
sill be devoted to the oruumeatal branches. English
Dcp.irimeut #20. Ft ouch upou the moat approved
dun #:iQ. Music with singing #40.
UKPKRKNCK—Kev. T U. Capers; James Menbury,
Rsq. old
j%TK. BOYLAN lakes Inara to inform sack as are
It I not great proficients iu Penmanship.that ha will
[ive iustructioas ia ibis art, at bit Academy, Govoru
■unit street, betweeu tbe boar# of 7 aud y o’clock,
Ive nights iu each week. And bo uuhesimingly
'll gages to ckauge. iu a course of Tmlie Leuons, the
tiost still’, cramped, deformed or irregular scrawl,
nto a style at mice bold, free, euay aud elegant.
Ladies wishing to take a course of lessons, bet
iuding it inconvenient to call at tbe Academy, will
>e stteuded at their residences. Terms moderate, n4
Two convenient Dwellings, having eacli four
nanus, and kitebeu room, on the norm aide of
Joi.ti street,botweoa Royal aud St. Kuiuuueiats.
Also—'Three rooms suitable for offices or sleeping
apartments, iu ilia buidiug adjoining the above dwell
ing. Hunt moderate. Apply to
AnA Fuit HUNT—Three Stores, No. l.r(, 17, 1 !>
B»iM on east side of Water street. They will be
rented separately, or together, and ia a desirable loca
tion for any business.
Also—* The Store No. 10, on west side of Water
street, late in tbe occupation of Obear A Phillips.
Also—An Office over the store ot‘ D. Wheeler, No
H Water street. The above premises will he rented
si very low rents. Apply to [nti] J. EMANUEL.
./eA FOR KENT.—That desirable country reai
IjoTlI deuce at Summerville, formerly iu (he occu
pancy of N. F. Williams, Esq. aud possession given
on 1st November. Apply at the Merchant*’ limn
ranee Co’s. Office, St. Kruucts si. [i»80.
AeA f'Git RENT’—That desirable Office or Store
Ii’idB on the lowei floor of ilm build tug west aide of
Royal, near Conti street—lately occupied by Cuihbvri
A Stanley. Alan
A brirlt Warehouse on St. Micba nl street, oppo
site J. B. Touluim, capable of storing 1000 hah\s of
Also a store on St. Michael street, now occupied
by Jn G. Davis A Co., with two large offices ou the
second floor.
Also two three story building* on Water street ad
Joining the Merchants and iMuntera Journal Office—
with counting rooms in the second floor. Apply to
octll J. EMANUEL.
JOHN LliAGAW A OU. 87 Dauphin street,
f4» offer fot sale :
10 cusea bro. drab plain Hats
50 do do blick do
50 do do roi um do
85 do fashionable fur do
85 do do silk de
Jest received per brig Mobile.
Also daily expe- ted in store by barque Hebron and
brig Alabama:
100 cases Russet Brogans; 50do Kip do
85 do thick Boots; 80 do Hue de
40 do Wemeu’s fine Shoes; 80 do Men’s do
15 do Children’s do do octfl
IIATS ANU BON NKTS—Tli. Tuli.cril.or
^j4Ef is now receiving a largo assortment of Hats ami
straw goods, amongst which, nre as follows :
50 cases Men’s lush. Beaver aud plain blk. Huts.
85 " 14 wide brim *• " "
85 11 44 •' *' 14 drab 4<
10 14 44 41 I'ashiouablj silk *•
150 dot Palm Leaf Hoods, with a great variety of
ladies' uud misses Leghorn and plain alraw Bonnets;
shell, horn and ivory Combs; baud boxes, artificial
flowers, storks, Ac. For sale cheap fur cash or good
paper, hv [ofl9| GKO. A» ARNOLD. 43 Water-a i
TY BTORK—Just received per ship Hwctor,
a Urge assortment of fashionable and low
crowned broad brimmed Black and While Gentle
men’s HATS. Al.au— Fine Russia Beaver, and low
priced Hats. Likewise, received per barque He
bron, mi assortment »r fiuo uud coarse While Linen
•uni (Jniton Shirts; do Flannel Shirts; which will be
sold very luw for cash, at the sign of the Mammoth
Boot,comer of Water and Government streets.
J Just received at ROBINSON A STUART’S
Cheap Variety Store, corner of Government and Wa
rer-streets, • general assortment of 0f*l
Ready inode CLOTHING, HATS, W1 I
m B O O T S , S H O H S, ami -
Jt DRY GOODS, direct from L
die manufactories, and for 0^^^
sale at the lowest prices for «««*. Please call and ex
amine, at the sign of the Mammoth Boot. nlti
73 halea Petersburg manufactory, received*
John A. Lancaster, at low prices, by
nft9 G. G. JOHNSON, 49 Water-*.
PRINTERS' PAPER, Ac-We have Paper to7
Printers, of all the usual sizes ; also just received
“ Superfine Packet Post, blue,” fer Pricea-Gurrent,
Bills, and Bills of Lading, plain ; also,a supply of the
same kind, ruled, for invoices, bills, Ac.
ul5 MINGE A RUSSELL. 13 Water-st.
TOBACCO—100 bxs SuuudeiV Tobacco, v a nous
qualities, embracing a lot se:d to be the finest
0ver shipped to this market; for sale by
C1HOICE CIGARS—Ceres Regalias, Jerque*
J Regalias,Imperial Regalias. Imperial Trabucos,
for sale ny |u*J0j D. WHEELKK, 8 Water st.
f}BASC CANDY.—A supply of Pease celebra
I. ted, Clarified Essence oJf Hear bound Caady,
just received and for sale by
t»3# late Du Bote A K«f. No. 19 Water-at.
BON N ETS—30 cases asserted jBounets, just re
ceived par barque Abb'* Lord, and fer sale by
nl5 JO IN BRAGAW A CO. 97_Dauphin at.
BACON.—5 barrels Mayhard’s Canvassed Hems
3 do unearfvasaed do
Cincinnati Bides—fut sale by
novl8 M. A. VAN HOOK, 4 Commerce st
189 bales Lowell Cottons, on band and expected
daily per brig New Rutland from Boston, direct from
the manufacturers and embracing— Nos. 1, 9, 3. 7
Osuabergt; heavy Cottouades; S eases Fancy Cot
touades. The atleutinn of the etyr and country roer
ehanta is called to these goods, of which s Urge sup
ply will be kept on hand at all time* and sold at fac
tory prices and expenses, for cask er approved city
n98 tf C. DBLLINOBR. 76 Commerce-!*.
LINSEED OIL— 13 cask* lor s<dp, to arrive per
ship Alabamian. Apply to
o98 WIUTKK& A RAMPBON. 31 8t. Framds-st.
DOME STIC A—43 Wales 4 4 Bkonungs, far tala by
nils 91 »l. Frenosnoit.
JO. CALCINA gives to every body that like* n
good Cigur, that he has the very licet,at his Bar
ber Shop ou ll*»y a I street of all varieties. I!e would
puff them himself, but who ever tastes them will
think any oilier putting insipid! Coma aad try «*Yon
next” deed
SWEET M A LA (M W INC. — Jt tp casks, hand
ing and for sale by
LON DON POUTER,—Landing ex ship Hogarth
from Liverpool, for sale »*y
nut 30 J A .M ES HAGAN, P4 Water-at.
JJL0UGH9—W* have just received a supply of
I Palmer A MHlormick’s Ploughs, from lbs Kuril
mond manufactory, Nos. 1, A and d.
n99 MINOR A UCSSEI.L. 11 Water-at.
BKOGAN3 A?rn BOOTfe—4U Ki|. hi“
gans ; 40 do Ruaaeit do; 93 do thick Boots, for
sale low by G. O. JOHNSON.
42 Water-st, up »,airs.

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