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r ' ' . i.
_ -
BY SAN FORD WS BSO~~ M^>BlliIii, TiIURS3) * ' j
;__;_ . 1 MJllOi>L—A •. Sclit.u
J‘ t: K A s .
Subscription, ten dollars tor tin,- daily | aper. payable in'
a I vattc-e, and five dollars fur the country paper naynldc
* yearly lit advance by cash or eitv ret* not. e. Permu
wishing to discontinue, must give'oue week's iiolirv in
Adv kstisino.—Advertisements continued without in
terruption, will lie charged Ml the rule nl one dulinr per
■i|iiare for thclirst iuser.iuu, and fifty cents i n-j( h(1|,_
nequftBt one. Semi-weekly and tri-wn k'v ojh» viil |;
charged the same as first insertion*. Tv i\<- Hue :.nu,
u square. If an adverihiemi at makes less that' n Hqutuv
it shall cost as much as a lull one.
Advertisements not limited on the manuscript, ns to
tlhe uuiuber of insertions, will bn continued p.r two
non tits ami so charged, unless previi. i.,|, dirtvtud tube
taken out of the paper by u written order.'
Advertise.iieiiis not bearing upon (heir faces the names
or the persons by whom they are sent, must Ik endorsed
prTse terms for annual advertisers will be *10 lor one
,ir'n and $il.i for each additional square, wUii the priv
e ol changing once a week, due in advance,
he privilege of aiiuiul advertisers i» limited to their
i i immediate buslne* •, and all udvertisuments for the
^Iclll of other persuJ*, as well a* nil legal advertise
tiKtils, and advertisements of auction sales, sent by them,
must lie paid for at tAe usual rates.
All advertisements required by law, will be charged at
the lull rates.
Annual advertisers who exceed the space for which they
contract, will be charged at the usual rates.
Arrangement! will be made with those who occupy hall
a column or inure continuously for u ye-a*, aeon, agio
the nature of the business, ami the frequency of cite
change of matter.
Advertisements of application for the benefit ol the
Insolvent Laws, will not be published in any case, unless
paid for previous to insertion, or puyinetU be guaranteed
by a responsible person in town.
All announcements of candidates for nfilee, will be char
ged five dollars for daily insertions during the canvass,
payable in all cn rs in advance.
Military and Fire Companies, nit J olhersimilur Associa
tioix, will bo charged full rates by the insertion, orl'miy
dollars per annum if they do not exceed one square each
All personal communications, when adnu-sible, will be
charged double, and in all cases payment must be t» nde in
TnTuiiNT coIin \ \
“7 •. ' !>• " *i,
ol Jan ry nexty \*n<ten|g (..l; j k U.< t.ai.-m,
where will he taught, in \i;.j,,., ,,, the u u.u in a • a
es of an English Education, hi.-., Utack, the M.ith
ematics, &c. Mr. Clan- I is a n „ „f \'i rinja, !
where he graduated; nnd the subscribers nrv proud
in offering to the public so ripe u scholar, imhtteil so
thoroughly with s .till torn feelings and so justly appre
ciating southern interests. 'I he site "t the Aca iemy
is remarkably healthy, nntl remote from those pest.- of
the young, drinking shops, stores nnd other places of
public resort.
Tkhms.—For Latin, Greek, Mathematics, &c.
$20 per session, or #4 a month f»r n shorter period;
for Geography, Arithmetic, English Gramtncr, &c.,
$15 per session, and for the primary branches $9
per session.
Board may be had in the neighborhood for $8 per
month. JOHN WATKINS, )
JOHN GREEN, >Trustees.
Burnt Corn. Sept 2T. - *p21 SOIMft jnl
I'N CONFORMITY with the lost Will an 1 Tee
-1 lament of Joseph Ruby, deceased, and to carry
into effect the provisions of said Will, and in con- j
fortuity with the order ol the Orphans Court of Mo- J
bile county, granted the 23th day of October, 1341,
I will, on Monday, the 8th day of January, 1342, ex
pose to public sale, in front of the court house of
Mobile, within the legal hour.'of sale, all the personal
and real estate of said Joseph Ruby, as follows, viz:
the Negroes Willi, Tony, Isaac, Sally and her three
children; Household Furniture; as also, a tract of
Land lying on Bayou Coden, in Mobile county, cm
tuining about 300 acres; also a tract of Laud at Fill
ton, containing about 48 acres, being the residence
of the late Joseph Ruby.
Terms of sale G months credit, with two good se
curities JOSEPH KREBS,
nov20 82tf Executor.
r|ii\i;si o.tiiiii.—ny urine 01 i <-i i:u i
A executed to us by Philip McLoskey, bearing date
on the 14th day »f March, A. I>. 1841, and recorded
in the Clerk’s office of Mobile county, in Hook No.
1, Pages 535 and 536, wo will sell at public auction,
in front of the court bouse, on the 5th day of April
next—All that parcel of land,situate, lying and being
in the county of Mobile, containing oighty-ihrcc 17
100 acres, being a fractional section bounded south
by the Orange drove tract of land, commencing at
the point of intersection of the northern line of said
tract and the western line of the Uiurcnt plantation
anil extending westward!)1 on the north line of Or
ange drove beyond its termination: .ban tded east In
the Laurent plantation, and included within the wes
tern line, of sanl Laurent plantation, the northern line
of the Orange drove tract, an 1 the -t cti mal liner of
various small tracts ol forty acres, laid off by the
government of the United States, all of which will
more fully appear by reference to thmap of the
township manner four of range one we.-.
And also,—One Ibrty-c- ;hih part of d. lauds be
longing to the Orang ■ drove Co np; ny. ic’ulto.' all
ihc l.iirts Inrlniteit In a trust U'T i i ;«T V t»i ;foirls,
James Magee and Thos. W. M *,,oy. v.’!»icli have
not been b a fore this time laid off and s . 1m, the said
Trustees or by the company prior to the said deed;
and the said undivided interest hereby uveyed lobe
subject to the uses and trusts of the said deed, and a
right, title, interest and claim in the one forty-eighth
part of all the lands in the Orange drove tract and
the Laurent plantation, excepting the I *ts of laud so
disposed of which said tracts *f land lie on the north
side of the city of Mobile, one containing 267 71-100
acres, the other 355 39-100 acres; and a lull forty- I
eighth interest in the lands held by said company be
tween the said plantation and the river. Terms of
sale cash. JOHN A. CAMPBELL,
deed 41|idsSAM’L M. OGDEN.
NEGROES.—The subscriber has on hand and
will be constantly receiving from Chat lestou
and Baltimore, NEGROES of every description,
which will be disposed of at moderate prices, lie
will also make liberal advances on Negroes put in
bis hands for sale, at his place on Jackson, between
Dauphin and J*>1. Francis streets.
oct22 62t uprl *42 JAMES E. ZUNTZ.
RAYS, WAGGONS, CARTS, &c.—8 first
rate Drays; 2 Carts; 1 two horse Cart; 2
Waggons without bodies; 1 Waggon with body,
complete lots heavy and light waggon, dray and carl
wheels, for sale by
MILLINERY, etc.—Just received per lute
arrivals, from France, (via New York ami Ncw-Or
leans) a splendid assortment of rich water'd and pl ain
Silk Velvet and Flush Bonnets, unsurpassed in beau
ty of style and quality of textures; a large assort
ment of Artificial Flowers; Fancy Caps; childrens’
Hoods; Leghorn Hats; Dunstable ami Oriental do;
10-4 rich .Shawls and Mantillas deep Iring’d ; Satin
stipd’d Challies; plain and plaid Mouse ae Luines ;
French Pr nts. col’s guaranteed; ladies and gents
Kid Gloves; bl’k Bombazine ; heavy and rich Chan
tilla Veils, Ae. Ac.
OCT* The Millinery deportment will be conducted
Iv^Mrs. Cullen. Ladies are respectfully iuvited to
ct^pnd examine for themselves.
J. A. SMI i'll, successor to
n25 tf P.CULLEN, Gl Dauphin-st.
RECEIVED per brig Georgian a new style ol
French and Manchester Ginghams of choice
patterns; damask and double damask Table Cloths
and Napkins; 10-4 Flemish Linen Sheeting; 10-4
and 12-4 Irish do; Rose Blankets and Marseilles and j
Imperial Bed Spreads.
J. A. SMITH, successor toP. Cullen,
decl5 61 l)auphin-fit. j
NOTICE.—The subscriber having purchased the
entire stock and trade of Messrs. J. Halt. 4*
Co. begs leave to inform his friends and the public,
that he designs keeping a constant and well assorted
supply of IllON, NAILS, CASTINGS,
at the old stand, corner Water & Hitchcock's Alley.
He hopes by unremilted attention to merit a share
of the liberal patronage heretofore extended to his
predecessors. OVIDE MAZANGE.
nov5 69tf
FOR SALE.—A family of valuable NEGROES,
—consisting of—BRANCH, aged 40; good
Gardner, Ostler and general servant
GEORGE, aged 6; his sod
BRANCH, “ 20; first rate Steward and Waiter
JOE, “ 19; Dray in an
The above negroes have been raised in this city,
and are of good character, and first rale servants in
every respect, and only sold to close a concern. They
enff^e seen by applying at the corner of Conti and
Commerce street, up stairs. »<>y20
D. B. CRANE & CO, Manufacturers from
Newark, N. J., invite the attention of their friends
and the public, to their splendid stock of Furniture,
such as Sofas, Sideboard, Centre, Pier, and Com
mon Tubles, Wardrobes, which are offered
at Manufacturer’s prices, at 37 Water st, next door
to DuBose & Co’s Drug Store. *h’c 4_
GARDEN SEEDS.—Just received and for sale
wholesale and retail at the new Drug Store No.
30 Royal street, the following GARDEN SEEDS:
Fall Marrowfat Peas, Early Frame Peas, Carletou
Peas, Extra Early Peas, Green Imperial Pens, Blue
Prussian l'eas, Early Bush Beans, Clunker Beans,
Horticultural Beaus, Speckled Valentine Beans,
Large Lima Beans, Extra Early Corn, China Tree
Corn, Tree Onions, Assorted Flower Seeds, and a
urge and general assortment of all kinds used in this
country. Said seeds are warranted the growth of j
1811, and areas good as Laudreths or tiny other,
decll. J- H. WOODCOCK.
B" A CON —21 casks Hams and Sides, landing
from steamer Alabama direct from Cincinnati,
for sale by [dcc5] WM. H. BUNNELL & CO.
I 'Ll’ "> FLOAT.—15 )l> fi.:( Ns l>l. : I. f.»i * d,
^ 22 bv I). WHEELF.fi, S Wator-af.
Bu \MA \.N I) ul s —1‘) pifM m I! IM f (.Mi;
25 half pipes Jamaica Brandy; ii'J hbU do; -10
iiali IfbiiS do, (nr sale !>v
dis !’.ii( m :us 1 .
* k sacks Havana Colfoe; 5 do Sugar, for sale I»v
declB I! I (IRIS RO*fl.
PI)HK IN i> \ 1!K1 .Lb.—25bklsmdssamiprimfe;
also M. O. and F. O., f.,r sab by
22 l>. WHEKlER,8 W it<r-st.
Bi a I n(i AND ROPE.—lOOpIec s 44 in
Kentucky Hugging, 100 pieces Northern Bag
ging, 120 coils Hale Rope, for sale by
22 l>. WHEELER, 8 W:ter-st.
EW SUtIA RS.—50 hhds piime new Sugar, for
11 sale by [dec-22] T. P. MILLER & t ().
/ *1 OFF EE,—70 sacks prime Green IIhvi na, laud
VV ing from sclir. Atlantic and foe sale by
<121 W., F.DMO.ND & C’O.,.96 Commerce-8t.
H\V AND POTATOES.—800 bales prime
eastern Hay, 800 bids prime eastern Potatoes,
for sale b; j • J. II. Ul\ El
PEACH ORCHARD COAL, in casks, l5g g Sisd
and Screened, lor sale by
doe.n _ JOHN O’REILEY.
SOFAS, Divans, Couches, Ottomans, Preach
( aairs and L » iking Blasses, fur sale by
D. i’,. « :; ■ ter-st.
PRIME PORK.—90 barrels in good order, for
fe'do by [dec!7] D. W11EKLKR, 8 Wateiwai.
J^AtON blDES.—10casks, a good article, for
<!,.*cl7 ‘ D. WHEELER, 8 Water-st.
l%jTORi’HEftN BAt•(»lK;.—12«» picwi will be
ll sold low to close a consignment, f-.r sale bv
ilccl? l>. WMFF.LF.lt, 8 Water-st.
jy VwG.no ;n ;;<>i-k -i,m> k . uky
A3 15 iu,'.iir-<- - . l!)Qc ..-k . .t.-i *,
.".j s :- 7 *r. W’^LFR, 8 U i- r si.
Beef . s i [k - ■1 i . ■ 15 id
I’.irk, landing from schr-Omninprrml, for sale
dec 14 by WM. H. BUNNELL & CO.
Hii « k\\ he a r. —2'H . i, v 10<p ijj i
-2 3 eighth bbls, binding fruiu idii|) Floridian, lor sale
dee 14 l»y WM. H. BUNN ELL & CO.
PINE APPLE CHEESE/—27 cases landing
from brig Georgia, for sale by
decl4 l.l. & CO.
landing and in store, lor iid ■ by
deijtft ft 103. P. FILLER & ( <>.
WHISKEY.—75 barrels Rectified, landing tins
day from steamer Laclv o the Luke and for
sale by ' (dec!7) L. HULL & SON.
' itics, Ibr sale by
d cl7 I). B. CRANE t I 37 Water-st.
Colgate Starch, 100boxes NewBedford Candles,
100 boxes No. J Soup, for sale !>v
der!7 P. McCASKILL, IS Commercr-st.
ClINt I N > A1 11 SIDES—6) casks, or sale to
i arrive by
dec 16 ' LATHAM HULL & SON.
CIORN—100 sacks prime Wi t , for sale to arrive
• by [decl6] LATH ■*. M LULL & SON.
zen, just landed from schooner Oscar and for
sale by W. D. WIISON,
dec 15 corner Water uni St. Frnucis-sts.
4 CASKS CLAllF/r, 2 years ol (.superior,
20 cases do, do do tlo,
20 do assorted Cordials,
20 do Muscat Wine, i or ?ale bv
dec 17 li \ RRB .
Jj | | BOXES Brandy Clierr'i..- , n;\v,
I '* 100 do Claret Wine,
50 do do do, ('bateau Lnfitte,
<! c 17 For sale by I - :: ■
OV'J’S.—588 sacks heavy \\ ■•-•t*rn. lor sale by
deelS C. A . GILBEK T.50 Counnerce-st.
(3UGAR AND MOL 1SSE 5o ih \t \ O 8n
gar, 15 do do new *!«••, 25 hi ’ »Lil■<•<, for sale
dee 11 by SMITH T DA BN i W .
<3 PERM CANDLES.—200b Sperm Candid
of the first quality, for sale by
deelS Ilagau’s new boilings, Conli-st.
O I package* Gists. Ware siuinhfe for Physicians
Ut: :tnd Druggist, landing I. ‘ i sliij> Floridian,
for salt* Ily >• 'T.LY <$* CO.
duclfj corner Danpbm and Royal st.
■VFAV PORK AND 1*11. *> Id.!- tel! in
1 •-•..! . , Bek. I ON t*». ’..VM 1 - I
lul.y in.-pet tea mess Be< (, 10 Mils prune Beef, land
ing from srlir. Swan and (a I .r sale by
dec!6 81 anil s » (annmerce-Ht.
jflliEAP GOODS.—Jftst ret.-ived and for ale,
vT eases uf Domestic Prints, m 8. 9, 10 and 12J;\
per yard—together with a well selected stock of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Frauds Bonnets and
Millinerv articles.
JNO. A. SMITH, 61 Daupliin-st.,
decl7 first store from R (smith side.)
Havan i seuaiis—a i
peristl, Regalias, Trab-icos, Citmmcs, Cassn
dores, and oilier descriptions of the celebrated “ La
Asturiuua” brand, far sale by
dl6 W. EDMOND Sc CO. Manufacture?** Agents
HITE PINE BUCKETS—86nests with co
vers, for sale by
da W. EDMOND & CO. 96 Comin^rce-si
4^1 ALT AFLOAT.—3014 sacks Liverpool coarse
L5 half bleached sacks, for sale by
declfl D. WHEELER, 8 Water-st.
WELSH SLATE.- -100,000 variou i sixes, oi
board ship Columbus, for .-ale by
declO I). WHEELER,8Water-st.
CIORN.—2058 sacks superior white, on board
f brig Dante, for sale to arrive by
deelS C. A. GILBERT,50Coinmerce-st.
BRAN.—300 barrels, for sale by
deelS C. A. GILBERT, 50 Cominerce-st.
1TJL BRADY, 83 Daupliin st., (immediately oppo
site the Public, Square) have just receivedjper barque
Reform, a sjdendid lot of Plush, Clime, Velvet and
Silk Mantillas, of the newest mid most fa-liionalilc
description. dec 14
DRAYS.—Two Drays, landing ex ship Vermont
from Philadelphia, fur sale bv
deelS GARDNER &. SAGER,Conti-st.
C1LARET WINE, &e.—-25 casks superior Bor
1 dcaux Claret, 50 do Marseilles do, 300 boxes do
very qualities; 100 baskets Damotte Champagne,
for sale by OGDEN BROTHERS,
decl8 • 12 Water-st.
NEW GOODS.—Just received a fresh supply of
Boots, Shoes, Hals and Clothing, which w ill he
sold at the lowest prices for Cash, please call and
examine for yourselves, at Robinson &. Stuart's cheap
variety store, corner of Government and Water sts.,
opp site the Market. [decl6]
entry Shirtings, for sale by
dec 13 ‘ W M. H. B U N N ELL & CO.
rflOBACCO.—300 boxes Viginia manufactured
A. Tobacco, for sale by
dcclS OGDEN BROTHERS, 12 Wnter-st.
TVTOLASSES.—CO l-arrcis prime Altakapas, land
1Y.I ing Iroin sc'lir. Ocean, for sale Irani the wharf.
dec9 by ELLIS & GREEN.
Medical and culinary herbs.—At
Gates’s Drug Store, 106 Dauphin street—Sago,
Thyme, Baltic, Catnip, Pennyroyal, Horehotiud,
Peppermint,Spearmint, Motherwort, Life Everlast
ing, Comfrey Root, Sweet Majoram, Popiat Bark,
Satl'ron. Marshmallows, ami various other domestic
Herbs, Barks, Roots, &C. for salt; at
iiov27 GATES’S Pharnwny, 106 Daupldn «l.
milE undersigned having sold then »*t *cK Jroa
JL and Hardware to Mr. O. MAZANGE, beg leave
to solicit for linn a continuance of the patronage ot
customers. GO-r lie office of the subscriber is re
moved to Church street, first door west of Royal st.
where all those indebted will please call and pay, and
alt demands presented for settlement.
oou5 69tf JOSEPH HALL & CO.
Orphans' Court, Nov. Term, being the )
15Ui day of tlio month, 1811. 5
E-tate of i T N this case on application
Thos. Evans, doc'd. y A of theadm.iiirlraior of said
estate, it is ordered by the court* the same be con
tinued to the 3rd Monday in February next, and tint
forty <lays notice thereof be given in the Mobile Re
gister and Pntriot, requiring all jiersons interested in
said estate toapj»ear if they choose so to do.
By order of the Court,
deed3 lltf W. C. GILMORE. Clerk.
rARI).—100 kegs prime, for sale by
WATER CRACKERS.—100 half barrels, lor
s;de by [do7] D. WHEELER. 8 Watei-st.
IN LOUR.—50 barrels, lauding from steamer T.
' S;d noud, for sale by
deo2J WM. H. BUNNELL & CO.
BL.1NKS.-A good assortment of Shipping
Blanks, for sale utlhc office of the Register uuu
Journal. dcc22
^ IT; 1 Alt AND MOL \SSKS— 30 iilids IM n * La.
Sivar, -18 W*lr* M<dusscs, lending from schooner
Mtiitu’.^lor sale from tile wharf, hv
C1 (4: 'i'200 l«tg« lireen Havana (’o!fee, laud*
/ ing pm* pcltrs. Ih Ik* an I 1*hdarcli, for sale hv
d< .11 ‘ THOS. P. MILLER k CO. '
H‘ T)lii - i. \i n CLARET. 20 k-. a n »for
article, landing from the bnique II. Shelton,
and for sale bv
(i'll i ‘ MARSHALL k ROWE.
SALT.—150) wicks Salt, in store and in good or
der, lor sale hv
dm: 13 F. SHAW & CO.
WAGGONS, DRAYS, fcc.—1 two horse road
Waggon; 1 light Doarlroru Waggon; 1 Col
ton Pray; 1 Cart,for sale by
SI NPRIES.—IS ur im;L (’ognne Brandy, 20 do
N E Ruin; 10hall pipes Otard, Dupny & Co. and
.1 J Dnpuy Brand) ; 50 libln Reel. Whiskey, 15 bbls
Mimongnhclu Whiskey, for sale by
I P. McCA SKILL, IS Connuerce-at.
bales prime Portland Hay, 115 bbls prime Port
land Potatoes, landing from barque Abby Baker, and
fur sale by [dee.9] .1. 11. RIVERS.
■MTI.MKJW GLASS—Assorted sixes,und While
V V Lea i in Oil, for sale by
ded3 cornet* Walt r and St. Fmncis-st*.
HA V AN A l 'OF FEE.—100 bags best green, new
. crop, landtag from schr. Bell, for sale by
decl M. n. ESLAV \ k CO.
BRANDY CHERRIES.—15 Iroxes, a very su*
pi trior article, for sale by
if IINCINNA'M SIDES.—22 casks a line article
of Cinriannti cured Meat, landing from schooner
Roane and lor by
’ * M MHV.Jrf. ft Fm\T»
iff t\ .—300 bales landing l 'it ship Icauc New
-I -Si- to t and for sale bv
dee 13 W. EDMOND & CO.,36 Com, st.
Pi )KLED HERRING—A few bbb in storeaad
for sale by
WHISKEYi—300 barrels a choice article o
Rectified direct from Cincinnati per steamers
Express, Mail and Merchant, for sale to arrive by
decll MARSHALL & ROWE. '
\ BBLS jMESS PORK, 30 bbls prime Pork,
‘‘WV-J for sale bv
|_>t!KE SPERM OIL.—20 casks pure Sperm
-I- Winter Strained Oil, landing and f >r sale by
decG \VM. 11. BUNNELL & CO.
Rio COFFEE.-—890 bags, landing from barque
Reform, for sale bv
Raisins.—ioo boxes m\t~ YVsale by
dec8 W.M. II. Bl NNELL* & CO.
POUT WJ rich old Port, 26ca
sea do, for sale by [dec7] J. O’REILLY.
Li *.« i .• • GAR; 20 I■ Woolsey*s I.
sale by [dec7 ] JOHN O’REILEY.
MADEIRA.—5 qi indy’s London par
ticular, fur sale by
BUJ ON & SALT.—HU casks Suit's ann Shoul
ders Cincinnati smoked Bacon, 200 sacks Salt,
for sale al low ju i« cs by
tlec7 P. McCASKILL, 18 Commerce-st.
"MTHITE LEAD.—200 kegs No. l [a store and
m for sale by
dec8 WM, H. B1 KNELL & CO.
Cl OSHEN BUT rr.il.—17 firkins ohoibe,' landing
A from barque Reform, for salt! by
de&8 WM. II. BUNNELL ('().
I71LOUR.—50 bbls super tine landing from schr.
A’ Roane, for sale by
lei II M \ !1 • 11AI,!. & ROWE.
\JOULE’S SHOT.-200 bags assorted sixes
- Youle’s Shot, just receitcil and ft>r sale, by
dcclO W. El)M OND k Co.,96 Conninerce-at.
^AUGAIl—200 bbls Boston Leaf crushed and pow
r3tlcred sugar, for salt; by
: I ECIE f ir Sub ; applj to
>3 novSO pi SH(> s. Y \ . !/)R M '» ERS.
1AA KEGS POWDER, 10 cases 1 lb Canis
.1. \r t*.r do, just received and for Mile by
: .
T.U. V ;* i !" s • N CO, Druggists,
oct20 comer \Va:ci and St. Francis-st*.
^jlPEiiM CANDLES. -100 boxes favorite brand*
M io store and for sale bv
novl2 corner Conii andCmninerce-sts.
V*T INTER SPERM Olp—A few casks W into
v v Strained Family Sperm Oil, received and for
sale by 1. C. DuBOSE & CO. Druggists,
of0 Lite Du Rose & Rolf, 39 w nter-st.
Well c ! L<n it. -.Vi barrels Rectified
Whiskey, l>5 bbls superfine Flour, for sale by
iioy25 P. McCASKILL, 18 Com. st.
I | It) COlT’EE,N. O. Sugar and Flour, lauding
AVfion) schr Mobile, and for sale by
nov23 JAS. HAGAN, 84 Water st.
LETTER PAPER.—800 reams, for sulc hr
novlS L VTilA M HULL ii SON.
| nA BARRELS Whiskey; 20 cusps Bacon
l " lauding from schr Elvira, and for salt* by
del 16 J> REA.
lJALT.—Thu cargo of the ship Jessie, for salt? by
1.1 * landing from steamer Merchant and fo sale by
SIDES.—31 casks Cincinnati smoked. Corn—
100 sucks prime* white. Flour—75 bbls fine
Molasses—25 bbls a superior article in Cyprus bbls
for sale to arrive per steamer Hugh L. White, bv
very superior, sizes from 8-4 to 14-4, for side
dec4 by LATHAM HULL k SON.
aJfIA.NO FORTES—An elegant article, for sale
1 low by D. B. CRANE & CO,
dec. 4 37 Water st.
npOBACCO.—50 kegs Virginia Lump. Rope—
A 50 coils Kentucky, Ibr sale by
dec6 A. dcKlNSTRV, 8Water-st.
NAILS.—350 kegs cut Nails, 4d to 20d of aupe"
rior quality, for sale by
dt:c6 OGDEN BROTHERS, 12 Water st.
Kwi l'i.—ii coihdju; rvupr, landing iroui steam
er Alabama and for sale by
deed \VM. H. BUNNELL CO.
C rUHAGK—In fire iiroof Witreliouse anil Sheds
corner Water and St Michael si., on accommo
dating term* by (dec 2) J. O’REILKY.
I^EATilERS.—A prime article of live Geese
Feathers, lor sale low by
I I in D. B. CRANE & CO.
W’ ANTED, —A good Man Sei van!, who under
stand* house work and waiting, wanted by
. and eighth barrels, for sale by
dec9 75 Dauphin-tit.
WHISKEY.—200 barrels hourly expected fer
schrs. Swan and Elvira, and for sale by
NEW liA.MS—Just received and for sale by
WHISKEY.—110 barrels, for Mbbv
decl 1 SMITH & DABNEY.
^MOKI.NG TOBACCO.—10 barrel* Lorriilard’s
very tine, for sale by
WHITE LEA D.—An additional supply of while
Lead, now in store, at
GATES’S Pharmacy,
dccll 136 Dauphin-st., Mobile.
G1 RAPES—In small jars, just received and for
C1 iG AUS.—30m different brands, for sale by
t declO W. EDMOND & Co., 96 Com. st.
best materials, for sale !>y
dee® WM. 11. BUNNELL & CO.
PERM CANDLi-S.-—3W boxes New Bedford
Candies, for sale by
dectf OGDEN BROTHERS, 12 Water-st
C11IEE9E—56 boxes lauding from barque Reform
/ and for sale by [dlO] JOHN O’REILY.
HAMS.—A choice lot of fresh N York Hams
small size, for sale by
dcclO W. EDMUND & Co , 96 Com. at.
BAGGING AND ROPE.—400pieces Kentucky
Bagging, 230 coils do Rope, lauding ex schr.
Maria, for sale by
dec 18 OGDEN BROTHERS, 12 Water-st

nit %
t lie
l '
Br .kf-m a*
'I i

I Bo.i
k. r<
Art, i
W. &
and H
lustration* in verse, by the • unite.?* ol Ulessincton.
Heath’* Keepsake, edited »y the Countess of Bles
si nylon, with beautiful emldiishmcnts by Cox, E.
Corhould, Keeling, Poole, Uvswick, Liversagc, Sec.
and Thirteen Aerograph ic lunettes, elegantly bound
in crimson silk.
Heath’s Book of Beaut}, vith beautifully finished
engraving* on steel, from (rawing* by the first ar
tists: edited by the Counties of blessing ton.
Heath's Picturesque Amual—a history and de
scription of Paris, by Mis. (li re, with twenty-one
highly finished engraving, IroDi drawings by Thos.
Allom, Esq. elegantly hound.
Heath’s Historical Aimti; I; or, The Great Civil
War of Charles I. and The larliauu-nt, by the Rev.
Uichnrd Cattcrmolc, B. I>. vith fifteen highly finish
ed engravings, from drawing? by George Cutterniole,
Album des Salons, or Fidiev’s Drawing Room
Scrap Book, Containing thirty-six splendid engrav
ings, with poetical illusii itio.it, by Mary Howitt,el
egantly bound in 1 vol. 4to.
The Juvenile Scrap Hook, fdited by Mrs. Ellis,
with sixteen beautiful steel allies.
Forget Me Not; a Christmas, New Years and
Birth-day present, edited by Fivderick Shubcrl, with
eleven beautiful illustrations.
Friendship’s Offering, a literary album and annual
remembrance, for 1842.
“ This is affliction's tribute, Friendship’# offering,
Whose ?ilcnl sloquviun, mom rich limn words,
Tells of the giver’s taitli aixleulti in absence,
Amt says—Forget ni" not!"
The (sift—with eight splendid steel plates. This is
the most beautiful American Annual published fur
'I'lit* Token and Atlantic Smvenir, an offering lor
Christinas and New Year.
The Gem for 18 12, a beautiful volume, with seven j
handsome illustrations.
The Rose; wr Affection’ii Gift for 1S42, edited by
Emilv Marshall; illustiatcd will: ten highly finished
steel engravings
The Gift for .VII Seasons, edited by Win. Ander
son, Esq. author of‘-Landscape Lyrics,” etc.
The Violet for 1812; a beautiful juvenile annua).
The Youth's Keepsake; a gilt for young people.
The C abinet of Modern Art; edited by Alarick A.
Walls, with twenty-four fine line engravings.
The Poets of America; illustrated by one of her
painters; edited by John Kccse.
The Gems of Art: a token of remembrance; illus
trated by twenty-three superb line engravings, beau
tifully bound in one volume.
In addition to th•• b-.uitijul annuals, we have
;» r-*- " —T j—1|', ^ I !«l»lO,llllil', r...rn,
. .121
Ix DART, corner of Watei and Conti sts., have
imported ami arc now o|»miiig, splendid assortment
of Einhroidcriea and Tkre.iu Laces, consisting of-—
Capes, Cunezous, Collirs, Collaretts,
Petit Collars, ('iipiueyettcs, Stomachers,
Infant’s Roliee Wuiats and Capes,
Muslin Rulers, (someof which are richly embroi
dered, suitable for Wedding Dresses,)
Embroidered Shawls,
Mourning Collars tn great variety, fee,
A large assortment of Thread Laces, Edgings and
Inserting*, real V alencein. * lodgings,
Also—Linens, Table Lin n, Towelling, Diapers,
12-4 Barnsley Sheetings, 8pool Colton,
Scotch Gin'.''name, Sec.
Figured and plain China jilks, blk Satin and
Satin Turk, Muslin de Raimi, Sec.
All of which they offer at ybolesulenr retail cheap
cash. dec 1
ritlll, SI RSrillHKit lt:'u just i* -ive<l—
1 50 cases European and french Prints
100 “ and l» lies Cottm Osnahurgs
Brown and bleached Shoeing and .Shirting
25 cases white & grey shier Welsh Plains
Kcraevs, I .tiiscys, D.-.ims, Taking, &c.
15 bales Blankets, in witch are super, both rib
bon bound Whitney, aid Mackinaw for beds;
Cradle and coarse Dulil and Twilled do
100 ciuies Kip and Negro Jmgans and Boots
175 dozen fur and water-praof \vml Hats
50 do women and cliildret’s Palm Loam Hoods
Oriental (new style) Floreicc plain and English
Straw ladies and misses Bonttois, newest shapes all
of which, with a great variety of other articles in the
DRY GOOD way, making i/u unusual and very ex
tensive assortment, w hich lit offers at wholesale or
retail low f.»r Cash or ownhnit time. Orders of com
mission li aises, and the custom of purchasers from
the country and city is respectfully solicited.
Uqv$8 ' ’ GEORGE G. HENRY,
rill IE t N DERJSIGNED jhos m store and icceiv
X ing per recent arrivals—1
izu ions awiues iron, wm ussurim
10 tons German, Cast, u'im 1^ Shear and blis
tered Steel
15 Lons Hollow-ware; 5(1) kegs Cut Nails
200 Ploughs, Chains, lint*
Fun Mills, Corn Sheelers, (Straw Cutters, Grind
stones and a general assortucni of Shelf Hardware
and Cutlery which lie offer! for sale on favorable
•tins. |dec9] O. M^ZANGE,46 Com. it.
ALL, square IhxIv Wiggnn. Abo, a light
trotting Buggy Waggon, laming from brig Ceies,Tor
sale by Jnov24 Soul] JOHN Q’REILEY,
rriOIJACCO.—60 boxes virions brands, for sulc
J dec4 by LA THAM HULL & SON.
(CROCKERY.—8 boxes containing each a Din
J ner and Tea sett complete, of white octagonal
ware, titled to family use,for*ale low by
dec 2 31 Com. st.
LANDING from brig Chun anil for ^de on wharf
or in store—150 boxus UmJlisli, 20 cases galls
and half galls Underwoods Pckles, 25 cases Under
wood’s Lemon Syrup, lor sale by
dec7 P. AIcCASKlLL, 18 Coonw rce-»t.
CVORN.—200 sucks prime white, landing from
/ steamer Lady of the Lake and for sale by
deelO L. HULL & SON.
H/tAA SACKS SALT in" irfuched sacks, Ibr
^OUU sale by SMITH & DABNEY,
decll 22 and 24 Commerce-sl.
ON DUN A88TK.\.M'i;.-c few copies oTfche
above Popular Play, just received and lor sale by
decll * 3(> Dauphin-st.
AY—For sale l>y
dec 13 ‘ M. I). ESLAVA & CO.
Herrings and e!Hptybarrels — urn
empty Inrrels, 900 boxes Herrings, lauding
from ship Science and for sale by
decl A G. DAVikNPORT & CO.
171 OR SALE—Landing ex schr Belle, Havana, 100
1 bags Prime Green Coffee. Apply to
dl3 JOHN GIBSON, 30 Si. Mjctiael-st
£4 ALT—The cargo of the slip Lanark, for sale.—
►5 Apply to VVM. If ILLIGAN & CO.
dl3 34 St. Michkel-st.
HARD WOOD.—53 cbrjL good Oak Wood,
lauding this day and for sale in lots to suit pur
chasers, at $4 per cord. Apply to
dec22 l). C. LOWBEj & CO., 59 Com, st.
FOR SALE.—bo bags pripie Green Co Hue, laud
ing ex brig Flora from Mtturreas. Applv to
decl4 JOHN GIBSON, 30 St. Miciiaul-st.
I ! j -- IV *, 111 l Ci,
dec3 corner Coin, and Danphin-sts.
REMOVAL.—The subscribers have removed to
■ Mr. Hogan's new buildings in Conti street—
Office second floor.
iiov27 88tf GARDNER & SAGER.
TYTOTJCE.—All persons indebted to the suhscri
ll her for goods sold on commission, or ns agent,
whose accounts have been standing sixty days, will
[dense make payment on or before the 10th iust.
deel 111 ' J. II. RIVERS.
URE WINTER SPERM OIL.—15 tierces and
bills in store, for sale by
dec8 WM. H. BUNNELL k CO.
C1IUARS.—30m Regalias, IOm Canones, on con
J signment and for sale bv
dec2 Hagan's Buildings, Conti-st.
TAGUIRA COFFEE. —-70 bags, landing from
A Hchr .Mandarin from Baltimore, and for sale by
dec 2 J. O'RKILEY.
PA'IT. DE IIEGNAI LD.— V pleasant and ef
fectual relief for coughs, colds, hoarseness, &c.
Received and for sale by I. C. Du ROSE &. Co,
nov 20 late UuBosc & Rolf, 30 Water st.
CM YMPAGNg .y R MSI \s. 20 botes of the
well known Anchor brand, boxes bunch Mus
catel Raisins, landing from ship Alabamian, for sale
dcc2 I lagan’s Buildings, Conti-st.
INLOUR k WHISKEY.—800 bbls Flour, a su
perior article; 100 bbls old IMnnongaludu Whis
key; 100 bbls old Rectified Whiskey, landing from
steamboat Alabama and for sale by
dec8 ELLIS & GREEN,68 Commerce-at.
GIOMBO SASSAFRAS.—A supply of Gumbo,
Fprepared with the greatest caru, just received
and tor snlc in quantities to suit purchasers, at
ao\26 GATES’S Ding Store.
Buckwheat.—70 nncM 5s in i-8 and 1-4
bbls made fmc new Wheat, for sale by
™ New Bedford Sperm Candles; 150 boxes No. 1
Soap, for sale by fdeel3] JNO. C. RYAN.
SADDLES.—A consignment of abont (> dost o, i"i
sale at very low prices bv
decll ' JOHN O'RKILEY.
SPANISH INDKiO—600 lbs finest Spanish ln
art fi»r Half l»y
1. C. l)uBOSL c» t. I >i uggists,
ul0 late DuBose k Hull*, 30 Water-st.
| J ALE’S TOBACCO—160 boxes and Imlf do
.1 J. I (ale’s superior Tobacco, and oilier brands, jus
received per schr John A. Lancaster, on consign
ment, and for sale on libeinlterms by
nov22 W. EDMOND k < <>., 1>6 Com. st.
ITlOR SALE,—A drat rate Family Horse, with t»
. single Baroiiebe and Harness. Also, a neat
Buggy Waggon new, with harness complete,
nov iti W. EDMOND & Co., 96( 'ommorce -st
A SPA RAG T s ROOTS.—A few hundred of Die
finest Giant Asparagus Roots, far sale low.
1. C. DUBOSE k CO., Druggists,
Hovt3 31) Water-st.
«)HH SACKS SALT—fur sal.• by
octS 56tf 68 Coininerce-st.
perior quality, just received and for sale hy
dee 10 MOSTLY A. CO.
fitpE9.—10 casks best Cincinnati, now landing
1^ nnd for sale bv
dectS 2!» St* Michael-*t.
250 bales beat quality Portfinoutli II»y, 230 bids
liest quality PoriHiunutli Potatoes, landi'g from ship
Venice and for sale by
dec»___ J. H. RIVERS.
PRINTS—30 cases of Pull River Prints of a va
riety of patterns ami quality, just received and for
sali hv [d.S | .1. B. TOULAlIN, 33 St. Michael-st
Wi I I I I'. LEAD^lOO k«s. N.I. 1 l’Uiluilel|iiiia
Wli. Lou.l, for »ali- by CIItOlIE fc WHITE,
d0 corner Commerce and Dauphin sts
IETTER PAPER.—50 reams superior English
-J Linen Letter Paper, on consignment and for
sale by GUSTAVUS REAL & CO.,
decs Hagan’s buildings, Conti-*t.
Cl RES 11 TEAS.—Landing from slii|) Alabamian
J? —100 13lb boxes Imperial
100 61b boxes Imperial, 30 61b boxes Hyson,
for sale by GUSTAVUS HEAL & CO.,
dcc2 Hagan’* Buildings, Conti-st.
Cl OFF EE—75 bags new crop Green Rio
J 20 do old government Java, for sale
by [nov29] JNO. C. RYAN.
| Afj CORDS OAK WOOD, for sale at #4 pe
1 V/Ucord, in lot* to suit purchaser*, by
nov30 1). C. LOWBER & CO., 59 Com. st.
/‘Wv/V/ coils Kentucky Rope, for sale bv
nov6 70tf J A MES II AG A N, 81 Wuter-st.
LCOliOL, &o.—10bids Alcohol, 200 tl »z Suljdi
Quinine, Cn^tinti Calomel in lb bottles; Spir
it* Turpentine and Chrome Green, now landing, for
sale by fdeclO] AlOSELY & (JO.
BACON & PORK.—20 hlnl* Cincinnati smoked
Sides and Shoulders, 24 bids mess Pork, re
ceived on consigmnect per *teauier Southerner and
for sale by CIRODE & WHITE,
dec3 corner Corn, nnd Duuphin-st*.
1TJL Maccuroni and 20 bxs Vermicelli, in store and
for sale by DESHON, TAYLOR & MYERS,
novl2 corner Corninercc and Conti-st**
NE\V~MESS PORK—50 bids New Mess Pork,
inspected; 50 do Old do. to arrive per schooner,
for sale low by CIRODE & WHITE,
d9 corner Commerce and Dauphin sts|
LADIES SHOES.—-50 boxes ladies line slips.
tic*, and walking Shoes; 20 bxs ladies low
priced kid *lip|>ers, received and for sale bv
decl3_ (i. (J. JOHNSON.
STORAGE—For two thousand barrel* can be bad
in the fire proof warehouse, No. 87 Commerce
street. Apply to
tied# F. SHAW & co.
FOR SALE.—094 «ack*Salt, 586 hampers Po
tatoes, 1000 English Ridge Tile*, 15 kilts Her
rings, 1 puncheon Irish Whiskey, the cargo of ship
Josephs! from Belfast, apply to
^UOARS.—40 hhd«, a choice article of old crop
^ Louisiana; 100 bbi* prime N O new crop, laud
ing from Creole and for sale by
11 ABLE SALT.—A few buxe* just received am
. for »u!u by
POTATOES ^ ONIONS.-200 barrel* liesi
Maine Potatoes, 100 hbl* l>cst Maine White On
ions, on consignment and for sale by
dccl ltf J. II. RIVERS.
41 .jrr-,
wpi-.if .
.. u in j
" r , * < ;
h »... f. 1
4! . i . •• l»nt£ywni (
-i . uiM) , i e i» in tin • ily,
» 5m. far . t1 f the a-.. *
v ,\ . R i . 1. 'HI5. \\ i.arf"
JL • subscriber lias the honor to inform the Ladies
and Gentlemen of Mobile that lie has now on bund
ami will constantly keep a full supply of every kind ol
of the best quality and of his own manufacture, such
as he has heretofore hud the pleasure to furrish
them; ali of which he will sell at wholesale or retail,
for the lowest prices for cash.
He also lias a large assortment of Real Havana
Cigars ,of the most approved brands, which will give
delight to the lovers o'a good article.
Country Dealers suoplied on the most moderate
Terms. * T. CAKMELICH,
S. E. corner of Dauphin and St Emanuel sts
OU 20 bags Race Ginger, just received and for
sale by R. L. WATKINS & Co. Druggists,
novo cor Water nml St. Francis-sts.
AMS.—10 casks, a good article, received to
day per steamer W W. Fry, for suit* by
C10RPORATION 01IDERS —-$5000 in Corpo
/ l ilt loll Orders* in sums to suit purchasers, for
sale by sept!7 47tf_J. K. COLLINS.
(1li7\N”BEIlRIE8 iS* MACKEREL.—15 half &
✓ ip-Nils Cranberries 30 half and qr bbla No. 1
Mac kerel. for sale by
nnvlS 76tf P. McCASKILL. 18 Coro, it.
1 —The subscribers are now in receipt of their an
nual supply of Garden Seeds, embracing every variety
in general use. They will warrant evety Seed sold
by them to be fresh, will matured, and of the first
selection. I C. DUBOSE A CO., Druggists,
novl3 lute DuBose tc Rolf.
cwl * for sale by
novt G. WE3TFEI.PT & PRO.
’ gists, at the corner of Dmiphiti and Royal sts.,
have received by the Mary Silshy, a small collection
of BuIImmis Roots, consisting of Dahlias, T ulips,
Hyacinths, Crown Imperials, Anemones, Iris, C roars
Ranunculus, Lilies, PoUanllms, Narcissus, and dou
ble J HIM III I li ._Whl H
POTATOES.—100 barrels Northern) for sale
low from the wharf, apply to
nov2 JNO. C. RYAN , « ur Conti Wuter-st.
W' INES) CORDIAL: &c.-30 casks Bor
deaux Claret; 375 easy* do do
10 bid* uliitc wii<
12 raises nmorted 5 il.. AUj utho
10 eases lino Esleplu y-.hrcl
23 baskets Anisette *'
10 cases fine St. J alien Claret
7 cases SwcefmmG, Imuling and for sale by
d iol8 w ' H. BI N NELL It CO.
/inks AND COFFK! -I ho subscribers of
fer for sale the following invoice id’ goods se
lected by nn experienced individual expressly lor
this inarke t—
•1 quarter casks Madciia Wine
1 pipe Sicily Madeira Wine
4 quarter casks Port Wino
1 do do do do Page 9c Co
4 do do Pule Sherry Wine, W D Gordon
y do do do do do Laponiide
20 bags Government Java ('olive
nS6 willTAKER A BAMPSONL81 StFrancia-st.
J liaiidsoinc well finished city built Buggy*
1 handsome spuare lop Carriage
1 handsome Barouche
2 second baud Carriages
1 light Trotting Wagon, 0 set Harness, for sale
WE have on hand a supply of COOKING
STOVES worthy of .attention, on account of
ecouomy—convenience and cumlort
n27 20 Commerce struct,
BONNETS.- A large assortment,amongst which
are ladies and misses American and English
plain Straw and Tuscan, English Willow, Cyprus,
Oriental Leghorn, Modena and Silk Bonnets; whits
and colored Palm Leaf Hoods, &c. lor sale by
ded7 GEO. A. ARNOLD,48 Water-st.
French artificial flowers.—a
dozen very superior French Flowers, lor sale by
dec7 GEO. A. ARNOLD, 53 Water-st.
10m Oranges, 100 Pine Apples, 100 buuchci
Bananas, lauding from brig Canton from Matanzai
and for sale by [decl ltf] J. H. RIVERS.
&&VJ hints N O Sugar, for sale by
dec9 JAMES HAGAN, 26 Conti-st.
ALMONDS AND RAISINS—Just received am
for sale by
HERRING.—No. 1 fresh, just received and foi
sale by
LIME.—500 casks 'l’iiomaston Lime, this da;
landing from brig Hoiner mid for sale by
dec7 J- H. RIVERS.
OLLAND*U1N, &c.—10 qr pipes best Hoi
land Gin; 4 qr pipes FisMAj Brandy, this da;
landing and for sale low from ^BSlmrfhy
dec7 ^’11. RIVERS.
7/IA COILS PiOKTHEltN KOI'K, maiiul'.ic
4 VlvF Hired from Russia liemp; 250 pieces Ala
bama Bagging: 103 pieces Briggs Bagging, fur salt
by W. I). WILSON,
dec. 13 ' corner Water and St. Francis-sts.
CIOFFEE.—100 sacks Havana Collee,
J 100 do Rio do,
75 do Java do. For sale bi
nov 26 SMITH fit DABNEY. '
CIOFFEE.—100 bags new crap Green Rio Collre
J J&tt bags old government Java do., f.«r sale by
nov2 J. C. RYAN, eor Conti fit Water-sts.
T\ EMI JOHNS.—100 each of 1, 2, 8 a.idf6 gii Us
MJm snlf by [«lecl 1 ] JOHN O'REILEY
FIRE BRICK—50m Pensacola Fire Brick, M
Bonnifan's brand, for Hale by
ail _E. C. CENTER & CO.
CLARET.—40 casks Latum . 75 boxes Pauillar
90 Ihjxc* Ludon, 80 boxes .Medoc, 20 Imxes St.
Estephe, 25 boxes Chateau Mmguaux, 25 lioxci
Chateau Lafitte, for sale by
der6 • OGDEN BROTHERS, 12 Water st.
BRANDY.—2 half pipes oUl Hennessee, 2 lutli
pipes 1806 Cognac, 1-4 cask 1805 superior *>d
5 half pipes J. J. Duptiv It Co. do, on conxignuieii
and for sale by GUSvTAVUS BEAL fit Co.,
dec2 Hagan's Buildings, Couti-st.
NOW LANDING from the Wetuinpka, and foi
sole at Gates's Pharmacy, Linseed Oil, ('upper
ns, Whiling, Sash Tools, Gold Leaf, Alcohol, &c
nov 26
MADDER-Prime Dutch, Onibro and Frencl
FFF Madders, landing and for sale by
1. C. Do BOSE fit CO. Druggists,
nlO late Du Bose It Rolf, 39 Water-st.
ATER CRACKERS.-80 ha If bands, 7ui
sale by D. WHEELER,
dei 17 8 Walcr-st.
u 111 thm city mi Tnursdny, £1 at October
"TlREafitut of the Kkt. 8. R. W right an l
ie building iiuOtivriiiinent street, formerly
v Mr. Kemble.
tber of pupils will be limited to forty, and
.'ircutnsinuces will there be a departure
ule. No efforts will be wauling to make
on an elevated school of intellectual dis*
nd learning and moral culture, avd nt the
to furnish the best facilities for an orna
polite education. Lessons will be given
.r, piano and harp by Mrs. Wright, and in
'nuches of the ornamental department by
has been for several years u highly nj>*
her iu the celebrated Troy female semi
isic w ill be taught to the school according
m of Mr. Lowell Mason, of Bosiou, with*
a! charge.
etnic will consist of two consecutive sen
lus afford an opportunity to the pupils u»
rom the city during the sickly summer
lout interuption to tlieir course of study,
ir will he received who cannot rend wen
somewhat advanced will be greatly pro
les of tuition made known at the com*
of the school.
. T. Hamilton "j
Harrison Ac Blair
r.H.’jju .
T. Ac J. Sanford
tyre. Esq.
S. Witherspoon, GREENSBORO.
»bert Nall, Marion.
let SO. 1841.
—The Misses GRAND1N respectfully
the citizens of Mobile, that they will open
fG and DAY SCHOOL.on the 1.1th inst.
ug one door west of the llaiton Axademj.
st, in which they proffer to ail who inny
der their care, a thorough and svsieun.tic
the solid branches; and from their long
i this employment.they flatter themselves
toy a liberal PAtjpnagC. The ymi
itoiwu mm nwiiilb tir^T
» season continues healthy, two months
ed to the ornamental branches. English
#20. Kteneli upon the most approved
lu*i« with singing #40.
k—Rev. T. H. Capers; James Seabury,
ll 13
TtTR. BOYLAN takes leave to inform such ns are
lfl not groat proficients in Penmanship,that he will
give instructions in this art, at his Academy, Govern
ment street, between the hours of 7 and 9 o’clock,
five nights in each week. And hu unhesitatingly
engages to change, iu a course of Tactic* Lemon*, the
most stiff, cramped, deformed or irregulur scrawl,
into a style at once bold, free, easy and elegant.
Ladies wishing to take a course of lessons, Lot
finding it inconvenient to call at the Academy, will
ho nttended at their residences. Terms moderate. »4
ArA Two convenient Dwellings, having each four
rooms, and kitehea room, on the norm side of
Coui street,between Royal ami St. Emanuel sis.
Also—Three rooms suitable for offices or sleeping
apartments, in the buiding adjoining the above dwell
ing. Rent moderate. Apply to
Avk FOR RENT—Three Stores, No. 15, 17. 19
,nn eusl side of Water street.. They will be
rented separately, or together, and is a desirable loca
tion for any business.
Also— Tito Store No. 10. on west aide of Water
street, late in the occupation of Obear A Phillips.
Also—Ait Office over the store of D. Wheeler, No
8 Walerslreet. The above premises will be rented
Hf very low rents. Apply to |n0] J. EMANUEL.
MFOK RENT.—That desirable flntintry resi
dence nt Summerville, formerly in the occu
pancy of N. F. Williams, Esq. and possession given
on 1st November. Apply at the Merchants’ Instt
ranee Co'a. Office, St. Francis at. [o20.
JjtrA bOR RENT—That desirable Office or Store
on the lowei floor of the building webt side of
Royal, near Conti street—lately occupied by Cuthberi
[ A Stanley. Also
A brick Warehouse on St. Miclta el street, oppo
site J. B. Toulmin, capable of storing IOUO bales of
Also a store on 3t. Michael street, now occupied
by .Tn G. Davis A Co., with two large offices on the
second floor.
j Also two throe story buildings on Water street ad
joining the Merchants and Planters Journal Office—
with counting rooms in the second floor. Apply to
on 11__J. EMANUEL.
JOHN HR AGAW A CO. 27 Dauphin street,
JB offer foi snlo ;
® 50 cases bro. drt?b plain Hals
50 do do black do
50 do do forum do
25 do fashionable (ur do
25 do do silk do
Just received per brig Mobile.
Also daily expe-ted in store by barque Hebron and
brig Alabuirm;
100 cases Russet Brogans; 50do Kip do
25 do thick Boots; 20 do tine do
40 do Women’s tine Shoes; 20 do Men's do
15 do Children's do do octd
^ HATS AND BONNETS—The subscriber
is now receiving a large assortment of 11uts and
straw goods, unionist which, are as follows:
50 cases Men’s tosh. Beaver and plain blk. Huts.
25 “ “ wide brim “ •*
25.* “ " drab “
10 " ** “ fashionable silk “
150 do* Palm Leaf Hoods, with a great variety of
ladies’ and misses Leghorn and plain straw Bonnets;
shell, horn and ivory Combs; band boxes, artificial
flowers, blocks, Ac. For sale cheap for cosh or good
paper, by [nS9] GBO A. ARNOLD, 43 Water-at
AU TY STORK—Just received per ship Hector,
a large assortment of fashionable and low
crowned broad brimmed Black and White Gentle
men's HATS. Also—Fine Russia Beaver, and low
priced Hats. Likewise, received per barque He
bron, an assortment of fine and coarse White Linen
and Cotton Shirts; do Flannel Shirts; which will be
sold very low for cash, at the sign of the Mammoth
Boot, corner of Water und Government streets.
(4 HEAP AS THE CHEAPEST.—ifeis <;»»<i*—
J Just received at ROBINSON A STUART'S
Cheap Variety Store, corner of Government and Wa*
ter-stieets, a general assortment of
Ready-made CLOTHING, HATS, iu
m ROOTS, SHOES, and . V
Jj DRV GOODS, direct from
tiie manufactories, and for
Hale at the lowest prices for cash. Pleas# call and ex
amine, at the sign of the Mammoth Hoot. nlfi
J 75 bales Petersburg manufactory, received*'
John A. Lancaster, at low prices, by
n98 G. G. JOHNSON, 42 Waters*.
IfRINTERB’ PAPER, Ac— Wo have PaprtVr
Printers, of all tho usual sizaa ; alao just received
" Superliuo Packet Post, blue," for Prtcea-Current,
Bills, aiul Bills of Lading, plaiu ; also, a supply of the
same kind, ruled, for invoices, bills, Ac.
nl5^ _MINGF. A RUSSELL, 13 Water st.
TOBACCO—100 bxa Saunders’ Tobuece, various
qualities, embracing a lot aa:d to be the finest
„ver * hipped to this market; for salabv
nil)_ rives battle A CO.
PEASE CANDY.—A sapply of Pease eelebra
ted, Clarified Essence of Hoarhound Candy,
just received and for sale by
nM late Du Bose A Roflf, No. J9 Water-st.
IS ceived per barque Abbot Lord, and for ante by
ms Jo. IN BBAOAW A CO. 97 Dauphin at.
160 bales Lowell Cotton*, on baud and expected
daily per brig New England from Boston, direct Loin
the luuuufacturera and embracing— Noa. 1, 2. 3. 7
Osnaberg*; heavy Cottoaadea; S cases Fancy Col
tonades. Tha attentioa of the city and country iner
cbnnta ia called to these goods, of which a large sup
ply will be kept ou hand at all liinea, and aold at fac
tory prices aud expenses, for eash or approved city
»»26 tf_ C^. DBLLINOER, 76 Cenimerre-st.
LINSEED OIL—IS casks for sale, to arri/e per
■hip Alabamian. Appiv to
utt WH1TK1B A SAMPSON. SI St. Francis sr.
DOMESTICS -4Sbales 4 4 Sheetings, for aale by
n23 21 St. Frnncis-st.
JO. CALCINA gives to every body tliut likes a
good Cigar, that lie bus the very best, at Ilia Bur
lier Shop on Royal street of all varieties. He would
puli' them hi. mu-II, but who ever tastes them will
think any other pulling insipid? Come and try “You
next ” dec4
S|fijWKKT MALAGA \VI\ E. —30 casks, I.Hid
ing and for sale by
dec4 \\ >1. II. BUNNELL A CO.
LONDON PORTER,—Landing ex ship Hogarth
from Liverpool, for sale by
no*20 JAMES HAGAN, 84 Wairr-it.
| JLOUGHS — We have just received a supply of
l Palmer A MHlnriuiek’i Ploughs, from the Rich
mond manufactory. Nos. 1,6 and 6.
i.22 MINGS A RUSSELL, 13 Water-et.
Brogans and BOOT*—so canes Kip Bri
gana ; 40 do Russell do; 23 do thick Boots, for
sale low by G. G. JOHNSON,
42 Water-st up smirs.
SUGAR AND FLOUR—12 hhd* prime old Su.
gar; 65 bbi* s. f. Flour, for sale hy
»‘»v29_P. McCASKILL, 18 Cm. st.
WANTED,—A secondhand Couutei frum 20to
20 fact long, with or withoat drawers. Apply
at 48 Dauphin street, to
dec7 1. H. RIVERS

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