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for Consulttptions and Liver t’onqlaint, Oughs,
Colds* A si lima, Difficulty of Breathing, Pains in ihe
Side and Breast, Spitting of Blood, Catarrhs,, Palj i
t ation of tlie Heart, Oppression and Soreness of Uie
Cheat, Whooping Cough, Pleurisy, Hectic Fever,
Night Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Expectoration, and
all other Affections of the Ch;st, Lungs, and Fever.
This article ia prepared according to n rece/|ie pro
cured from very old eminent physician, tlie late Dr.
Holyoke, who preserved hia own lifo liy Us efiicacv.
although of a consumptive constitution*, to the ast
nishing age ;f on< nundred and two years: until the
age ut aeon-seven, ne wasergaged in verv extensive
pra t tea, requiring much exertion and exposure, Hun
dre.s are now living in good health, that consumption
seemed to have mailtod for an early grave, who owe
their preservation to the use of (hi* invaluable medicine
The virtues of the herb*‘LiVKRworth,’*arc in
this vegetable, preparation so powerful and efi'ecUial
ly concentrated, as to render it a most superior and
harmless medicine for all disorders of the Liver and
Lungs, and it is now considered by all |>ersons fami
liar w ivli its effects, superior in merit to any other
medical preparation for these prevalent complaints.
It lias proven s» astonishing lieneficial for Consump
tions, Coughs, Colds, spitting of Blood, &r, that
many of of our physicians daily employ it in their
practice, and esteem it a superior and valuable medi
cine. All persons alllicted with consumption or any
other disease of the Lungs, are recommended to make
immediate use of this Balsam, as it has not oiriy prov
ed effectual in removing such symptoms as threaten
consumption, but lias performed effectual cures ot
even this formidable disease, where all hopes of reco
very were relinquished by the most learned and expe
rienced men.
This medicine facilitates expectoration, reduces fo
yer, restores strength, and may l>e considered as a ve
ry superior preparation for the cure and prevention ol
all diseases of the chest and lungs, and should l*c re
ported to, even after these diseases have resisted the
usual remedies. In the practice of this old and very
respectable physician, this Balsam of Liverworth has
acquired an enviable reputation for its virtues, as su
perior to that of the abundant nostroms of the day, us
was the character and probity of it* inventor ami ori
ginal proprietor, to that of quacks and empirics.
The result of long observation and close study re- !
specting diseases ol Uie died, this ni<"!icmc, war
ranted pure vegetable, has the additional recommen
dation of having been used for seven year* by tin
public, and also by physicians of eminent tnlent, *.? it li
mit a single instance of failure in effecting an inure
diate beneficial result..
To persons of disordered nervous system, or those
who are unable to rest well at night, this medicine is
most emphatically Yccmnineinkd. The inestimable
value of tins celebrated medicine has been rightly
tested, and found not warning. The Proprietor is
daily receiving flatterjug accounts of its success; and
it is truly gratifying to say, this is einpliathicallv the
medicine of the PEOPLE! It is used by the Medi
cal Faculty, supported by the Medical Faculty, sup
ported by the Ckrgy, advocated by the whole New
Vork Press, and is in the houses of most of our ci
tizens. A ful! and fresh supply, just received and for
sale by I. L\ DUBOSE & CO.
mn30 193th Agent for the Slate.
JOHN R. ROWANDS & CO. with great confi
dence call public attention to ROWAND’S AL
TERATIVE, or compound spirituous extinct of Sar
saparilla, entirely devoid of Mercury .in any form
whatever, for Chronic. Diseases, or complaints of long
standing.—An “alterative medicine” is one which ef
fects an entire change in the system, without manifest
ing any sensible mode of action. It is to lie resorted
to in almost all Chronic or long standing complaints,
with a view of subverting the long-accustomed diseas
ed action, and substituting for it, the new and pecu,
liar influence of the medicine itself, which must lie
made to harmonize with th« operations of nature in
health, so that after the use of the medicine for a peri
od longer or shorter, according to the duration of the
disease and prospects of recovery, it may be laid aside
and the health gradually become completely re-estab
After a long and cautious consideration of the de
signs to tie fulfilled in the treatment of the following
o fleet ions, (some of which are regarded as the most
fearful ills of existence,) we have at length prepared
the “Alterative Extract,” and earnestly advise it to
•• • |8 expressly intended, as
?les that can lie
leases which yield
Imse of a Chronic
:ne impuritv of the
vil; Syphilis, and
Diseases, brought
ry; Consumption;
: ; Cake; Rheuina
> -Iciuns of the skin,
'd-I lead, Itch, Pirn
, e is more eflecient
i >■ ! i - iote recovery aftei
nent ingredient in
f tin; most populai
- g into the compo
icine; and is alike
* • fuet'l— 'Plwiu. tin.
in the employment
, so far, indeed, dial
is inert and wholly
1 - its effects may be
which have
:,tU „ ' ■ - *1 i: • i iwuernes*
j t'i to assure the pub
.... the preparation us
. _ r . -i. “Alterative” con
les of tlie ordinary
,,.f- This single fact
tensive ami saluta
aud tbr .♦wiaV*.
icnsary Chemist,
5 GovcJiuueut st.
*■ destroying and ex
min infesting public
garrets, stores and
■■>0 <*s and plants—such
ill bugs, mosquitoes,
liars, hornets, mites,
- it
'ES'fii Pharmacy.
i at k s has now re -
it >8 in his line for fa
in: articles the follow
\ jp, ‘ llapice, Black Pnp
Kr, Chbbl. , , .. *r, Cayenne Pepper.,
■Jjtlard, Wh. Mustard, Jautuica Ginger, Ann is
Seed, Coriander Seed, Fennel Seed, (/anaway
Seed, Race Ginger.
Also—Pear lash, Sal Bratus, Isinglass, Pearl Bar
ley, Sago, Tapioca, Arrow root, Starch, Indigo,
Rotten Stone, Polishing Powder, Silesian polish,
Ssouring Bricks, Whiting, British Lustre. nov27
This article is offered to the public as a never
failing cure for the Rheumatism, and it has for a num
ber of years sustained its reputation, und accomplish
ed sures which have defied the power of every other
article. In acute and recent cases, the reliuf is inva
riable, after one or two applications of the Liniment,
and in Chronic Rheumatism, the cases of cure are nu
merous. It is truly a remedy that leaches the hervk
AID bore, with the most hsppv effect.
Sold by I. C. DuBOSE & CO,
ian21 104s and the other Druggists in Mu' !
ENGLISH CALOMEL; do Blue Mass; do Ex
tract Color C.; do Patent Lint.
Also, Trusses, Morphine, Quinine, Camphor, Lu
nar Caustic, kc. kc. landing from Ada hliza, anJ
for sale Hv MOSELY k CO.
tnav24'206tr cor. Dauphin tfc Royal bis,
CAUTION CIRCULAR.—Rt»T«\ Druggists and
Country Merchant*.—Those valuable articles,
Oidridge’s Balm of Columbia for the Hair, and Hay’s
Liuiment for the Piles, kc., have been extensively
•ounterfeiled. Those wanting these preparations,
will please always write, when ordering from uny
Other house, for Comstock's articles. The true articles
have that name or signature always on the wrapper,
and venders will do well to remember that, when
orderiug, as the imitations are so exposed in nearly
all the newspajiers throughout this country, that they
could not be sold, should they l»e so unfortunate as to
get them, .... ,
Our friends throughout the Union are requested to
give us immediate uotice, by letter, should any of the
counterfeits appear iu their respective places.
Respectfully. COMSTOCK k CO.
Wholesale Druggists, 2 Fletcher si. New York.
Sold by 1. C. DuBOSE k CO. Agents,
and by Drs. Maynard, Hammond and Gates, Mobile.
hand a few dozen of the celebrated Water from
the White Sulphur Springs, Va.
To persons acijuaiuted with the character of these
Springs eulogy is unnecessary. But to those who
are not, it will be sufficient to inform them that iu all
diseases of the Bowels, Liver, Kidneys or Skin the
Water will be fouud a most eligible remedy, being
not only an active and efficient medicine, but a pleas
ant, and to some a delightful beverage. Perhaps at
no season is its use more imperatively indicated than
the coming seasou and the summer mouths, when
those who are unacclimated are exposed to a deadly
disease and to the old residents subject to Hepatic
obstructions. For sale by the dozen or single bottle
by KJCH’D NORTH, Druggist k Chemist,
maj-4 No. 85 Gov’t and 45 Commerce st
FRESH DRUGS—The undersigned are now re
ceiving per ships E. Dennison, Uuoas, Hottin
gaer, and ether receut arrivals, their spring stock of
FreHl Medicines, Painlc, Oils, Window Glass, kc.
making Up an assortment in quality and extent well
worthlheattention of Merchants and Physicians.—
Purchasers will find our prices moderate and every
ticilitv will be aflbred winch the stale of the limes
will permit. I. 0. DUBOSE k CO.
Late DuBose k Rolf, Druggists,
■nrtfi 217tf No 88 Water street.
| I ^R. JOHNSON, Office, 29, Si Francis street
I confines Iris practice t.i tin- treatment of Venc
, real Disense, in all its different forms.
Dr- Johnson, from a residence of many years ii
]Iospitul* in Europe, devoted to the treatment *4' Ve
nereal Diseases, and from his present extensive |*ac
lice in that particular branch of the profession, glim
antees a safe, speedy, and effectual cure to such per
sons as are troubled with any of the following discu
ses, \iz :
Gonorrhoea,Gleets, Strictures, Chancres, Balms
Seminal Weakness, Affections of the Bladder, Kill
nevs, Loins, Urethra, Prostrate Gland, Swelled Tes
tides, Eruptions outlie Skin, Sore Throat, Pains ii
the Joints, and the numerous symptoms which genet
ally follow this disease.
Recent cuhcj cured in two or three days w itltoo
the use of Mercury, interruption from business, or al
t.•ration in the mode of living.
A medicine to prevent Venereal Disease ran lie ob
tained of Dr. Johnson. It is from the recipe of the
Baron Larry, a celebrated French Surgeon, and wai
used by him during the several campaigns in which Ik
sei vedas Surgeon General in the French Army.
Sold by Dr. Johnson, at his office. Those person*
having any affection if Venereal Disease, and ulxnn
taking sea voyages, or removing to the country, weak
do well by giving Dr. Johnson a call, as proper modi
| cines for their cure in the shortest time cun lie put ii^
with written directions for their use.
! Office open from Tin the morning, until 10 o’clock
at night. -
Dr. Abernethy, the greatest of English Surgeons,
! was of opinion that nine-tenths of the diseases that
affect mankind originate in the stomach. This Elix
ir was used l»v him with the most unprecedented suc
cess in his private and public practice for upwards of
forty years, for the removal of the following diseases:
Loss of appetite. Flatulency, Distension of the Sto
mach, Pain in the side,Heaviness of the Head and
inclination to sleep. Irregularity of the Bowels, and
in nil cases where Indigestion or a costive habit is
found to exist.
This medicine must not be ntimbci'cd among the host
of quack nostrums now before the public, as it is the
sole invention of the ablest an-l most scientific sur
geon Europe ever produced, ami the secret of prepa
ring it was purchased by the agent for a very large
sum. It is agreeable and pleasant to tile taste,acts as
a mild aperient, always Keeps the bowels free, im
parts vigor and strength to the system, and cheerful
ness to the mind, ami a few bottles removes the most
confirmed cases of Dyspepsia or Indigestion, and pre
vents a ret urn at any future period.
Sin :—In consequence of lending a sedentary life,
( have been troubled, mure or less, with Indigestion
for ten years ; for the last three years my sufferings
have Im-cii insupportable. 1 have tried several physi
cians and a number of quack medicines, without do
ming any benefit. I despaired of ever obtaining
any permanent relief, anil resigned myself to the
most hopeless despair. 1 was persuaded by many
friends to try Abernetliy’s Dysjieptic Elixir. I have
now finished the fourth bottle, and know not how to
express my admiration of its wonderful \ irtues and
the miracle it has performed in restoring me to that
health which I thought lost forever. Send me half a
dozen bottles more, and accept iny thanks for the bles
sings you lune conferred by restoring me to perfect
health. 1 remain yours,
The ngent has in his possession several hundred tes
timonials similar to the above, of the extraordinary
virtue of this medicine. Sold by appointment, at
Dr. Johnson’s, 29 St Francis street. dec28 127tf
WORT.—Has been used successfully for eight years
in the cure of these diseases. 93- Remember! the
original and genuine is made only at 375 Bowery, N.
Y.,all others are spin ions and unauthorised!
Consumption and Liver Complaint.—As a general
remedy for these diseases, I am fully satisfied, from
long experience, there is no medicine equul to Dr.
Taylor’s Balsam of Liverwort. Being purely veget
able, it can be used with the utmost safety by all per
sons in every condition. It cleanses the lungs by ex
pectoration, relieves dillicult breathing, and seems t<
heal the chest. There can be no question, but tills
medicine is a certain cure for chronic coughs am
colds. 1 have used it four years in mv practice, an
always with success. A. F. ROGERS, M. M.
BCjh* Consumption!—The following remarks were
taken from the last number of the Medical Magazine:
“The surprising effect produced by Dr. Taylor*i
Balsam of Liverwort, in consumptive cases, cannoi
fail exciting a deep ami thrilling interest throughout
the world. We have so long believed this disease
(consumption) incurable, that it is difficult to credit
our senses when we see |wrsons evidently consump
tive, restored to health. Yet this is a fact of daily
occurrence; how then can we question the virtue ol
the above medicine 1 In our next, we shall lie more
explicit; meantime we hope physicians will make
trial of this medicine ami report its effect to us.”
Note.—The original ami genuine Taylor’s Balsam
of Liverwort is made and sold at 375 Bowery.
To Females.— The nuiulicr of females in delicate
tiearui in inis city is truly surprising. Weakness,
loss of appetite, liver complaints, and many other dis
eases prey upon them, making them pale ami lean of
flesh. All this can l>e remedied by the use of
streiigtltcuing medicine, that will assist nature in all
her movements, restore tones to the nerves and mus
cular organs. Of this kivd is Dr. Taylor’s Balsam
of Liverwort, which being mild and purely vegetable,
answers females admirably. If all wilf use it, we
are confident an elastic step, good ap|>etite, and rud
dy cheeks will follow Once more remember, the
original and genuine i made at 375 Bowery.
0CJ- Spitting of Blood.—This disease consists of a
discharge of blood, often frotliv, from the mouth,
brought up by hawking and coughing, and is usually
accompanied with difficulty of' breathing, and some
pain in the chest. Sometimes it is preceded by an
oppression at the chest, a dry tickling cough and
sligli shouting pains. This disease is always more
or less dangerous The great danger is. that those
symptoms may terminate in consumption, and imme
diate remedies can alone save this end. But Dr. Tay
lor’s Balsam of Liverwort is a sure remecy, and to
show its unparalleled success, certificates of cures
from 121 citizens, and many physicians, will be pub
ftCF*Nervous Diseases and Weakness.—Dr. Tayloi *i
Balsam of Livcrworth, made at 375 Bowery, is as
suredly :ui excellent remedy for these diseases. My
wife has lieen more or less ill for ten years. She was
extremely nervous, and at times so weak that she
could not attend to her domestic duties. But by the
use of this medicine, her strength is wholly restored,
and she is us healthy us 1 can wish her to be. My
•■ddress is at Dr. Taylor’s office.
Cure of Consumption.—Mrs.Mart in, a worthy mem
ber of my congregation, was taken ill some time
since with a cold, pain in the breast and some diffi
culty of breathing, and in a few days thereafter she
had a violent cough and violent pains in the sides,
which no medicine would relieve. She continued in
thi« way for a long time under the medical care of
Dr.Hca, hut finally became consumptive, and was
evidently near the end of her earthly sufferings, when
her brother persuaded her to try Dr. Taylor’s Bal
sam of Liverwort. When she commenced this medi
cine, it did not seem to agree with her fora few days,
hut by lessening the dose, she found it answer admi
rable; it releived her cough and her difficulty of
breathing instanter: and we had the pleasure of wit
nessing her rapid recovery to health.
00* OBSERVE! Buy only that which is made at
the Old Office 375 Bowery N. Y. and which is sold
by tlie regular agents.
J. C. DuBOSE & CO, Agents,
(late DuBose Sr Roff) 39 Water st.
mrlo 208tf _Mobile.
advantages of this elegant preparation are, that
possessingall the properties of Magnesia in general use
it is not liable like that, to form concretions in the
liowels. It corrects acidity and relieves heart-burn
effectually, without injuring the coats of the stomach.
It prevents the food of infants turning sour upon the
stomach: it is useful in all complaints of the bladder;
it tends to regulate the action of the bowels, and is
|>eculiuiiy adapted for families.
Sir Humpfuey Davy testified, that this solution
forms a soluble combination with uric acid salts £in
cases of Gout anIGravel, thereby counteracting their
injurious tendency when other alkalies and even Mag
nesia itself has; failed.
In the seventh report of the Medical Section of the
British Association, it is set forth by Sir James Mur
ray, that the majority of cutaneous diseases arise
from acid und saline impregnations in the thuds of
the body, which are neutralized by the Fluid Magne
sia; and that the Nenralga, Spasms, Nervous Pains,
and Irritations, as well as Cronic Rheumatism and
Gout, are frequently owing to Chrystaline irritants,
deposited on the nervous membrane*,, which saline
particles this ant-acid Solution effectually dissolves.
This article was introduced into this market by the
undersigned in June last, since which time, it has
been extensively used, and wo believe, in every in
stance, with most decided approliation, for sale by
1. C. DUBOSE 4 O,
lute DiiImisc and lloff,
j.in]6 39 Water street.
cure of White Swellings, scorfulous and other tu
mors, ulcers, sore legs, old und fresh wounds sprains
bruises, swellings and inllainations, scald head wo
lean’s sore breasts, rheumatic pains, tetters, eurup
lions, chilblains, whitlows, biles, piles, corns, suaki
bites, &c. for sale wholesale or retail by
feb 22 162if_No. 30 Water st.
FflOOTH ACHE.—Extract of Galls and Kreosote
I At length lias been discovered an iiilklliale Gun
for this distressing malady. The above preparation
it is positively asserted, will cure uuy case where »i
it can be applied, ia twenty minutes. A supply ju»
received and for sale by
j«oI6tf late DuBose 4c Roil, 39 Water *4
which affords real pleasure in shaving; produc
ing a ric'h, fragrant, permanent, lather, and from the
delightful smooth sensation experienced after shaving,
leaving no heating, itching, smarting or redness, is
fast superseding all other preparations; and from the
public, and private eulogies in favor of the Ycrljona
Ci cam, it deserves to he in the dressi ig-case of all.
From the Nt «• i* rk Press.
“The New Soap.—We feel a double disposition to
depart from an establish 'd rule in this office, in no
ticing the advertisement of Mr. Ring's Vcibena Cream,
lie has really invented the best aim ring soap, as we
do verily believe, lliat has ever been used. We speak
from experience, anil we speak also from the more
moirasional knowledge of our Iwitefactor and friend
James Grant, 4 Ann street, v.’m says it is ahead of
anything yet found out in this department of “modern
improvement.” It is not only an emollient, blit some
thing more. In short, we believe it is the l>c«t shav
ing soap in the world.”—-JV. lr. Star.
“The w ant of a universal shaving snap has been for
many venra severely felt, particularly bv gentlemen
who shave themselves ; and therefore it is with no
little pleasure we call public attention to the celebra
ted Verbena Cream prepared by Mr. Charles Ring
644 Broadway. From self-experience of its merits
u c cheerfully add our meed of praine, having never
l»ef »re shaved w ith so much ease or comfort. We be
fore stnted the Verbena Cream to Ire worth a traial—
we have tried it and can coutidciitiv recommend it ”
“ Verbena Cream.—We are much obliged to Mr.
Chns. 11. Ring of644 Rroadway, fora pot ofhia Ver
bena Cream, which affords an unusual degree of com
fort in shaving.” From exfierienre we cheerfully re
commend it to universal use.”—Times.
“The Verbena Cream, for shaving, prepared ami
sold by-C. if. Ring, 644 Broadway, is destined to
supersede all Other kinds of shaving soup. It is re
ally fine—-just tlic thing. We have determined that
henceforth uo other shaving compound shall be ap
plied to our face.”—Sunday Atlas.
The Verbena Cream is a most delightful article for
shaving, just invented and but lately introduced to the
public, who, by a unanimous approval, have pronoun
ced it unrivalled us a rich and emollient preparation,
iromotiong in the greatest possible degree, ease com
bit and luxury in shoving. a
A supply may lie had at tlm Drug store of
dec27s I. C. DI ROSE & Co. .‘19 Water st.
BRANPRETH’S PILLS.—A vegetable and Uni
versal Medicine, proved by the experience of
thourands to be* when properly persevered with, a
certain cure in every form of the Only on e disk a
SE,all having the same origin, and invariably arise
| from the UNIVERSAL ROOT of all diseases, nnme
lv IMPURITY or IMPERFECT circulation of the
In a period of little more than three years in the
Unitod States, they have restored to a state of health
and enjoyment over ONE HUNDRED THOU
SAND persons, who were given over as uncuruble by
physicians of the first rank and standing, and in ma
ny cases when every other remedy has been resorted
to in vain.
DOUBLDDAY & SEARS, 50 Dauphin st. nrc
flic authorised agents for the sale of Dr. Benjamiu
Bramlreth’s Pills in Alabama
Price 25 Ccjits. fcb7 149* f
supply just received per ship Lewis Cass, and
for sale by I. C. DUBOSE & CO.
New La ret..—In consequende of the great
variety of counterfeit wrap|>ors of “Rowi.an d’s M a
cassar Oil,” now in circulation,all which so near
ly resemble the original as frequently to deceive the
unwary—the proprietors, acting under a sense of du
ty to tin* public, have employed those celebrated ar
tists, Messrs. Perkins and Macon, who have succeed
ed in producing at great cost a new Label, from steel,
of extreme difficulty of execution, and of so complica
ted a nature as to amount to an impossibility of imita
tion, and to Ik* considered by connoisseurs a master
piece in the art of engraving. The label is a combi
nation of beautiful designs—a portion encircling a
bust of Her Majesty “the Queen” which surmounts
the words in two lines
The ground work ( nnwr . VI,»a ) elaborate ami
“ A O.i.fe 1^""*
the most ( J of lace-work,
under which arc the signature and address of the pro
prietors, in red,
A. ROWLAND & SON,20HattouGarden,London.
Counter signed, ILEX. ROWLAND.
The label is backed by a design so exquisite and
minute as to defy compete!ion, it comprises the words
“Rowland's Macassar Oil,** written nearly 1,500
times, and containing 20,028 letters.
20, Hatton Garden, Kotidon, Jan 1,1840. ianlS
(*Ol*AI VA, A valuable Application in Burns,
Scalds, Wounds, Ulcerations, and Sores of various kinds.
It has long been a desideratum to obtain a preparation
of the above character, for the use of families—a
convenient application which can always be at hand
when accidents occur, and which willaflord immediate
(J. W. Carpenter is placed toannounce the introduc
tion of the above preparation, as possessing all the
qualities here described, and with much pleasure re
commends it to the faculty and public, as n safe,
pleasant, and soothing application for all external
irritable wounds, or inllumed surfaces. It lias been
fully tested in private practice, and the result has been
of the most satisfactory and beneficial character.
In burns, scalds wounds ulcerations, and sores of
various kinds, no application has been productive of
so much henfit; and it is confidently recommended to
the public us an article upon whose virtues they can
entirely rely. Mild, soothing, and gentle in its effect,
it is particularly applicable to burns: it allays the heat
and irritation of the parts in a short time, and quickly
induces the healthy process.
Every family in the city and country should supply
themselves with this preparation j it is superior to most
of the ointments which are obtruded upon the public,
and may lie advantageously employed in all cases where
a mild and stimulating application is required.
The following letter lias just been received
from Dr. Alexander C. Draper, of this city.
Dear Sir,—I have for some time past adopted in my
practice, your Compound Cerate of Co pa iv a, and have
been much pleased with its effects. In burns, ulcera
tions, and anthrax, 1 have derived, in almost every
instance, the most decided lieiiefit; and in these affec
tions I know of no application equal to it in power and
efficacy. It is in burns unquestionably superior to the
Kentish or Turpentine Ointment, and in general, it
will be found to speedily accomplish the purpose for
which it is designed, While physician in the Southern
Dispensatory and Moynmensing A linsliousc, 1 employ
ed ine Cerate of Copaiva in a large number of case's,
and I recollect of no instance in which it lias disappoin
ted me in my expectations.
1 cheerfully udd my testimony to this Compound, and
think it an important and valuable addition to our re
medial agents in those affections for which you recom
mend it , Your obedient servant,
To Mr. G eo. vv. Ca a5 r Kk.
pw.nietpmu, April 29, 1884,
A supply just received from the Prqnri**** ®**d for
Bale by * J. T* & CO.
jan 16 late DoBose at Roff-—No. 39 Water-st.
LENGE.—The genuine French Pills against nil
the Quack Nostrums of the age, for the cure of* * *>
The French Pills are applicable mail cases for ei
ther sex, (warranted free from Mercury) ami nosses
ges great advantages over the Balsams and all liquid
medicines, by being entirely free from smell, and con
sequently dc not affect the breath, thereby preventing
the possibility of discovery while using them.
Besides this important advantage, they never dis
agree with the stomach, and in tlie first stages of the
disease, they usually eftect a cure iu a few days with
little regard to diet or exposure.
In the most obstinate stages of tile disease, they
are equally certain, having cured many alter e»"
other remedy had failed. In short, they k*v' ’
universally successful, that the proprie*
any one to produce a remedy ofeo
a forfeiture of Tree Hundred
v ■,
QOhPrice #2 per box,
ed under the exclui
elegant Anti-acid and Apei
ponies of the Magnesia in 8
liable like it, to form dang, >
(towels; it corrects acidity Ubdei
burn, without injuring the coats
Soda, Potash, and tlpcir caroonate
it prevents the food of infants fron
in id I cases acts as u pleasing ap J • I’ ' 11' ^
adapted for families.
It has long been known that the m
sentience have frequently resulted fron
lid Magnesia, which have been proved 1 •
and many oilier eminent Chemists, to J < > '"
I tions in the bowels, endangering and in soi - w • ••
destroying life. This preparation is ;ree
objections and iu all respect a more desirable
It comes to us recommended by many of the m 11 “
iuent Chemists and Medical men of the «tyy. A
whom are Dr. Duncan, Dr. Hope and Dr. (ire,, o
of Edinburgh, Dr. James John, Sir AstleyCoopu,
Sir. James Clarke, and others. A supply of (he
miine article with a more detailed account of it, m
lie had on application at the Drug Store of
junclS l itf E C. DUBOSE CQ, 32 W ator-St
The most effectual and safe worm destroying me
dian-’ ever used. The great objection heretofore
urged against the worm seed is its excedingly dlift'’
mveuble and nauseous taste and smell, so much so
That it is with difficulty that children can l>e made to
take it. All difficulty is obv iated in this medicine as
children take it with pleasure. For sale by
RICHARD NORTH, 33 Gov t St.,
} J)(>v17 opjHisitc the market.
HAISINS.—300 boxes fresh Raisins, lor sale bf
jin 20 OGDEN BROTHERS, 12 Water*
NUM VITA.— As there are many Me.licinesof a
useless and injurious nuiuro already before the pub
lic, it is difficult to remove the prejudice existing in
the minds of intelligent hnd enlightened individuals
against any article introduced through the means of
! an advertisement, nc matter how great its merits may
be, or high the founder may stand us a raidienl man.
Ncthingbut the interposition of Providence can save
the lives of those permits who day alter day tamper
with the poisonous and deadly compoui da blazoned
forth to the world through the public p ms by ignor
ant men who have abandoned imgr other calling,
and assumed the title of doctoi^F^m having re
ceived the least medical^I know the
difficulty 1 have in perthe public thut on ad
vertising doctor is or can be u regular Physician, but
as I address my lelf o sly to the respeett hie and int»*l
ligent portion of the community, the following tesli
monials of my medical attainments will he deemed
sufficient to convince .be most skeptical.
I received the degrt-e of Doctor of medicine ana
Su geon in.the College of Phvisians and Surgeons
New York—am member of the New York State
Medical Society—-Fellow of the Massnchsetts Med
ical So:i* tv, and Lincentiate of the medical Board of
the State of Louisiana, and lor the last eighteen ^esrs
a general practitioner of Medicine.
My compound Extinct of Sarsaparilla, Liverwort,
Pleurisy Root and Lignum Vila is the result of this
long experience, and t >t the medicine of in hour’s
consideration, merely-g >t up for humbug or deception.
Upon the respectably ot my medical testimonials
my great success as a medical practitioner, and the sal
utary and beneficial c feels of my medicine, I stand
or fall. I seek not to deceive the public with an ar
ticle of whose compoii nt parts they are ignorant!_
What do the public know of the poisonous and de
structive incredienise itained in the various pillsand
panaceas advertised throughout the Union J The pro
prietors of such medF -ies known too well if the pub
lic were aware, that out of every ten pills they have
swallowed, eight ofAi-ii are Mercury, their trade
was at an end. I ha™ analyzed mo«t of the pills,
and other medicines advertised throughout the Union
and found them to contain, either corrosive sublimate
or Calomel. The reason is then obvious why the se
base impostors will not tell the component parts of
their medicines. They pretend that they have dis
XJVernt rtifT philosopher's strtTie, nnrt that you mnv
ive through countless ages, if you but swallow their
medicine. I practice no such deception. My medi
cine has stood the test of years—It is recommended
by the most eminent of the medical facul y, and what
is* of more impo .lance than all.fr candidly ami honestly
confess that my medicine is a combination of Sarsap
arilla, Liverwort, Pleurisy Hoot, Lignum Vita, and
one or two other ingredient!. The only originality
1 claim is in my peculiar nude of preparation. It is
true, it has often been the winder, and ainazi me nt of
my medical brethren, the aaimishing cures performed
in rases that were considered not within the power
of medical aid. The whole mystery consisted in my
using this medicine, and this alone to the exclusion
of oil others, and n! the correct principles upon
which diseases ought to be treated. It will not
nowever ne n maun oi surprise that such wonder
ful success should follow the use of this medicine,
when I state the principles upon which 1 acted.
The human body cosijts of .solids and fluids._
The former or long structure is about one tilth.—
The latter or soft part five sixths. Man is linked to
gether by a number of organs so betfhtifully arrang
ed as to Ibnna perfect chpin in the unimul economy.
One link of which whepoutof order is sufficient to
destroy the harmony of the whole. These organs
are furnished with inm merable blood vessels called
arteries and veins, which have a common centre.—
The heart for p-opelling through them the blood
or nutritive fluid to all parts of the system,—be
ing furnished with valves which are all in one di
rection,the bloo I can only flow in a corresponding
course. Thus it is forced by the heart into the arte
ries, and after moistening the most minute fibres, it is
received by the veins and brought again to the heart,
and performs again the round of the body, and so on
in succession. The use of the blood is to receive
from the aliinentaryran.il the skin, lungs, such mat
ters as is necessary for the nourishment of man. and
to convey it to every part of the body for the purpose
of reputing its waste, and increasing its growth.
Hut if any effect poisonous or foreign matter is car
ried into the blood several organs are provided as the
liver, kidneys, skin and lungs through which this poi
son is discharged from the blood in the form of bile,
uriue.perspiratiouandpuiuiounryeximiatiou. From this
brie (‘sketch of mnu'slormution, the intelligent reader can
easily understand, how fever and inflammation is pro
duced by suppression of perspiration, for if perspira
tion be a. tested in consequence of cold, the perspira
ble matter will mix witli the blood and give rise to
inflammation. In like manner, if the discharge of bile
be arrested in its flow from the liver, it is taken into
the circulation and gives rise to jaundice, yellow fe
ver, Ac. All diseases therefore have one common
origin, ( not impurity of blood, for that is only an ef
fect,) but in the obstruction of one or other of those
three great ouletsor common sewers of the body the
bowels, skin and kidnien.
Reader, did you but know how fearfully ami won
derfully you are constructed—how beautifully the C re
tor of the universe has provided for your preserva
tion and existence, independent of your will, then in
deed would your admiration of the perfection of his
miglur launct work n***r CQUAO. Duiing sleep, nlirn
your mental faculties are inactive, and your soul ap
pears to be in a state ot repose, then is the wise pro
vision and fore-knowledge of the author of nature made
maifest. The heart continues to pour its vital
stream to every part of the body—the lungs perforin
their office—respiration is continued and the blood
decarbonized—tlie skin pours out from its myriads
ofpoiesthe poisonous mutter of the blood—diges
tion continues, and the nutritive t articles of our food
are carried into the blood for the renovation of man.
Were all the orguns of the body therefore under the
control of the will, when we slept, the heart would
cease to pulsate, death would as a necessary conse
quence follow—the lungs would cease to perform
then office—suffocation and death be the consequence
or perspiration or digestion be interrupted, the effects
of whicn would be perpetual disease.
Header, you now Know pernaps better tlian you
ever knew before, the vast importance of keeping
these organs so necessary to life in a healthy state
You will also place less reliance on the pretensions
of ignorant mid uneducated men, especially when
they attempt tc meddle with diseases they know noth
ing of. You will likewise appreciate the services of
the skilful medical practitioner, who has labored for
18 years in the study of a science through all its mi
nutitn, and who now offers for your benefit the result
of his long and arduous labors. I ask if you possessed
a watch af five dollars »’alue,and it was out of repair,
would you take it to a tinker to have it set in order 7
No; you would surely carry it to a good watchmaker.
How much more difficult then is the putting in order
of the human body when out of repair. A watch may 1
atop, it can be set going again—if man'* vnactrnery
once slops, it stops forever. No human power can
ever again set it in mot’«m
You may always expect fever and ill-health to fol
low the stoppage of any of the secretions. If*** «»**
cept, says Van Swieton, those whonw-hoy a violent
death, and such as are e*********1)®” “y °«» affet l*,e
rest die of InfliM-eHrtldh, caused by suppression ol one
,,r a^«r Of the secretions. Pliny describes the terror
the Homans had of this disease, and of their supplica
tion^ in the Temple of Fanutn for the removal of all
obstructions to the natural outlets of the body. Sick
ness therefore caunot occur unless one or other f those
outlets are obstructed, except it be a disease depend
ant upon a specific contagion, such as small pox, mea
sles, venerial, &c. and these diseases are only cured
by increasing tho natural secretions. When you labor
under disease, no matter of what nature, whether ma
lignant or otherwise, and you take Calomel from a
Physician, does he not always ask you, are your bow
els free—is perspiration free—is the secre’ion of urine
abundant—or, it you have pain 7 what, I ask you, are
those inquiries, but barely to ascertain if the secre
lions are duly performed. If they are well performed,
then your doctor is puzzled as to the nature of your
disease. If they are not duly performed, he then re
move* any obstruction. This is the great secret ofour
»*- ion, and thus we define t reputation when ve
'»t nature in restoring the natural secretions,
t difficulty in .h: practice of medicine was
application of a combination of medical ar
’ated to remove obstructions, and actattne
>on aU the aesretions. There are many
los in the materia meijica that will act
vlministeiad alone, but whet) cojjjbiii
> act upon the .kidneys, they become
\ cor.ceafr»**d extract oraarSHparil
irisy Root and Lignum Vitaaspre
onfy one combination ever yetdis
, a es this inestimable quality, which
by uiost of the medical inen in
count of the properties of these
. reader to mv Prize Essay of
" <..•< ; e New England Modiculaud
'll enumeiate a few only of
. medicine shewed its inirac
w : • tv .’on arising from cold, or
.<*#*-• 7 'ition existed, liver com
tii tc r '0, it digestion, torpid or
*• th > palpitation of the heart,
.t; y kcv- m, nr < -u1 eruptions or cutaneous
,e.i ■ s:-i*it..."ou» itcondary or constitu
te . . i ar . Mierial disease, such
c.. >ich x of- >. •’ • 'at, ulcerated ndse,
painful termed nodes. In
the whole fa. *e attributable to
^ natural outlets
■ • 'tofSarsaparil
. Vita removes
i . m all poison
, in- healthy ac
persons of
... iJl i- " ' 'r all cir
r'. « • 'ismed
f me
j; ~ 'ical
1 • ”7
“ A
i •
,1 . i*" u ?#'cit«'',
* . J e.’ba |
removed all obstructions by the basiv union upon
| the Livei Stomach, Bowels, Skin, Kidneys und
I I,ungs
(CPFor sale wholesale and retail nt 29 S Francis
Street, Mobile, and at my office 7 Duane Si. New
Y"i k. Price 02 per bottle, or.e quart. Ml l v
* (Hepotica Trilni i.)—For the cure t.f I'lilmontt
ry and Hepatic a fleet ions, Cougl/H, Cnl-'s, Consump
tion, Spitting <f lllooil, 4*c- Thet<\on whir
tliis article (Liverwort) lias obtained^ f fv tcalmcn
ol Consumptions, Spitti-g of Com
plaints, Couchs, 4*c. and the g^Wmcertainty tlier
mua! always Ihj in tlu* preparation of decoctions th
mode in which this plant lias been usually ndmini*
to red, by persons ignorant of I’harmaceiticul Mam
pulations, has led us to make a concentrated Com
pound Sirup of a uniform strength.
. N. B.—None are genuine without our written
CCP For sale by the single bottle or dozen by
RICUAKD NORTH, 33 Government,
. ond ^ Coinineree-sts.
▼ ▼ *)F. ns—These powders arc prepared in u man
ner pf uliar to any others, being the result of an ox
perier..e of 37 years successful practice, and have
never been known to fail. They urc recommended to
all owners of horses—as superior. Cattle arc so im
proved in appearance and health, that double the la
bor mav be obtained from them, without any risk.
N. II.—These powders used when horses c. me olT
a journey, or are wet and cold, or excessively futijm
i ed, will ba found in the highest degree beneficial. ’
To bo had in packages of one dozen each for > 5 or
a single paper for 60 cents. They are administered
in the food, without requiring relaxation from labor.
For sale wholesale and retail hv
•M^"3_ 3^ Government and -!.*> Connnerce-st.
TPgDENFISTS—Doct.H. Gates,Agent m Mo
Jr, V .f,,r ,lln 81*,e «f Stockton** improved Mineral
I c-L li, has just e full supply, ciobiacing ..II
the varieties used by Dentist.-.
I.uct. Uaio. Iihh' uIhd „ fir,, rate nrtirle »f Den
Nns. fi, 7 r,„l 8. Orders from any
part ol llur bouthern pr.....,,iLr i. . . J
. Address GATES’S rlutrmncv,
nov25) 106 Dauphin st. Mobile.
HAVE YOU A COUGH?—Do v.ot neglect it: —
Thousands have met a premature death for the
want of a little attention to a common cold.
Have you a cough?—Rev. l)r. Bartholomew's Ex
pectorant Syrup, a safe medical prescription, con
taining no poisouuus drugs, and used in an exten
sive practice for several years, will most positively
afford relief, and save you IVoiii that awful disease
pulmonary consumption, which usually sweep* into
the grave, hundred of the young, the old, the fair, the
lovely and the gay!
Have you a cough ?—Be persuaded to purchase a
bottle of this Expectorant Syri p to day ! !—Tomorrow
may lie too late.
Have you u cough? Bartholomew's Expectorant
Syrup is the only remedy you should lake to ctireyou.
For this plain reason:—That in no one of the
thousand cases where it lias I een used, has it failed
to relieve.
For sale by I. C. DoBO.SE & Co,
jan21 16-is and by the other Druggists in Mobile
from the While Sulphur Springs, Va.
To those persons acquainted with the character ot
these Springs, eulogy is unnecessary. Hut to those
who are not, it will be sufficient to inform them that
in all diseases of the Rowels, Liver, Kidneys or Skin,
the Water will be found a most eligible remedy, be
ing not only an active and efficient medicine, but a
pleasant, and to some a delightful beverage. Per
liaps at no season is its use mute imperatively indi
cated than the coining season and the summer months,
when those who are unacclimated are exposed to a
deadly disease, ami to the old residents subject to
Hepatic obstructions. For sale bv the dozen or sin
gle bottle or gallon by RICHARD NORTH,
Druggist & Chemist.
may27 2f»9tf 35 Goverme it & 45 Coin sis.
F1C.—The celebrated specific for the rhre ol
(louorh'fa, &c. can with safety be recommended as
being certain in effects and containing no mercury.—
This medicine has su|>eiseded most of the prepara
tions sold for the cure of this disease and has been
sold for sometime in New Orleans, as well as various
other sections of the Union. From the high charac
ter and standing of Dr. Hull and the large quantities
sold (3800 bottles in three months) at the north,there
can be no doubt of its superior value in curing tills dis
ease. None genuine unless signed by Dr. Hall, M.
For sale only by
ft. NORTH, Dispensary Chemist,
fel>5 148s No. 35 Government-st.
MJT AlYkSMJ 1 N'l ’ M ENT FOR Til 1-f CM JRE 6 F
PILES.-—The inventer of this valuable reme
dy, liegs leave to offer to the attention of those who
are subject to the Piles, a remedy the efficacy ol
which has aeon tested by the experience of years,
mill tlx tllHil) i.f whirl! Il;in ill no IflslUllCU llt'Cll till
tmired from failure to relieve. To those who have
ueen subjected to this disease, it will prove, if applied
when re-attacked, a sure preventative to its continu
ance without the least pain; indeed many have pro
nounced it the most agreeable remedy ever applied.
There can be no danger in its use, as its component
parts are of harmless vegetable matter. For sale
only by P. MOSELY,
nov30 92tl Druggist, Mobile
MOSELY <k CO., Druggists, at the corner ol
Royal and Dauphin streets, having rcceixcd ;i
large supply of Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines
Paints, Oils, Perfumery, Garden Seeds, &c., which
they offer for sale in quantities to suit purchasers at
very moderate prices and on a reasonable credit.
A fresh supply of this invaluable medicine recei
ved per brig Saratoga, direct from the original pro
pi ietur, Dr. Geo. Taylor, 375 Boxvery, Ncxv \ ork
Purchasers are desired to obserxe that every bi ’ *•'
tin- genuine medicine lias the written signature
Geo. Taylor, 375 Boxvery, on the directions
the bottle.
Beware of I. W. Burrett’s imitatic
39 Water st., sole Agent* *hr this
Oti^N’S RHEHwS’TC embrouat
Thji ren**Jy» *° celebrated for the <
chronic snd inlammiitory rheimmtism, sprain.'
^Ings of tie joints, from the improper or injt
use of mercury, lumbago, &c. is now A*r the fii
offered to the people of **•« South, although
known und in?1’' certificates testify, ai
its success has been greatly marve
and unrivalled. Those afflicted with the above
plaints, will find immediate relief on trial of
Embrocation. For sale by the Agent
march 5 1. C. DUBOSE L O
No 39 Water st.
mf.dies for Chronic diseases. These invali
remedies are founded on true pathological princi
readily demonstrable; and that their affinity m
tion has a direct and absolute tendency to eradl
chronic morbific influence from the system, it is
ami thoroughly established. If reliance can lie pi
on human testimony, they are of nil remedies
most valuable, safe, sure und salutary remedy, p i
cularlv for the permnnent cure of Dyspepsia, C
nie Disease of the Heart, Liver, Spleen, Kidu
Uterus and Spine; together xvith white sxvelli
Scald Head, king's Evil, or any of the form
Scrofula; even Tubercular Consnmntion, under I
specific influence, has lost most of its horrors,,
copt in cases neglected till the last stage.
For sale in Mobile by MOSELY & < Q,
juaelfl _PHjM1
AGGING, ROPE, &c,— /
293 pieces Kentucky Bagging, /
168 “ Alabama *' /
183 “ Schayhticoke “ J
156 " Dundee « i;ib yard,
245 •« Dumi*’.’ Gwv ciy, 1 »» P‘>r y>
aao ** heavy “ «« 2|‘b “
1458 “ East India Bag^ng, 2J hi. 2.flb •
250 •• heavy Bundle litiup, do willing
to 1J per yard,
200 coils Russia I mp R >pe,
50 « Bomba. •• V
200 ** Keutucl . ‘
20 cases B a Icing 1 *ine,
50 pieces Salt Smoking,
72 obis Kentm yHams,
20 lihds '* “
200 tons Swede* Iron, comprising all si*«,
10 tons ttnmlk and Sheet Iron, compr»in;
general aijfortincnt,
500 kegs Wbftc Lead.
The above will be sold low, and on ncco,,m°dnf
terms, apply to McGRAN & NOONAN
nov® 7itf j 6 9' Michael i
~ FLOUR; so |,hr Whiskey
lotoses 10 Idna Sugar
Bacon sides 15.7* Shoulders
f Lard lOOoags Havana c«
s Rio Coffee 50nxs Sperm Cai7
i Soap 50“ Compositing*
Tobacco,—For sale by
Ben & fiklB seeds.—
is have this <Wy received from Voi
following Seeds,jiue groxvth of 1841An^ of t
fest quality— f /
Radishes. 4 kirn* 8»Snn«w». Salsify/*!
i .rt. V M mid* S/ iff
.>!• ;< Pjm iViaa... »- * G ’
^V’v'30 / ' -1' i*1 1.
EFNGE.—Ili.' genuine French Fills against nil
j Quack NoRtiurns 1,1 ihc age, fur the cine of * * * v
'I he French Fills me applicable in all cases for
tiler sex, (warranted IhHVoiii Mercury) and possess
es great advantage# or. , tl1. Balsams uud all liquid
medicines, by being eniui k free from smell, and con
sequently do not aftect the reatli, thereby preventing
the pos-ibiliiy of discovery ' bile using them.
Besides thin important ndv. ntnge, they never disa
groe with the stomach, mid in the first stages of the
disease, they usually eUcct a c< in a fciv dars with
little regard to diet or exposure.
la the most obstinate serges i t th« disease, they
are equally certain, haring cured many ufler every
other remedy had failed. fn»l„.l t. they have been
universally successful that the pi ; riitnr challenges
any one to produce n remedy of e<p hertainty, under
a forfeiture «.f Three Hundred Doll ,.-*.
ianl2 (. C. DUBOSE & ft>.,*.?9Water st.
(jCf- Price, $2 per box, with full directions.
DOt rOR JOHNSON’S Concent ted ( nnd
Fluid Extinct of Surouparilhi, Littnvon, 2Jlt wi
ny Rant and Lignum Vitae.
The great cause of all our ills is proved to be a
suppression of one or other of the secretories, pro
ducing an abstraction in the great outlets, or com
mon servers of the body, ami thereby rendering |hr
fluids of a disease! quality, and unfit for nutrition;
and these obstructions can only be removed by res- j
toring the natural secretions, without which we must
labor under perpetual disease.
This splendid and invaluable combination of the
most healthy uml salutary articles in the vegetable
kingdom, is considered the greatest discovery that
ever was made since the dawn of medicine, as pos
sessing the long sought for and inestimable quality
of exciting at ike same time the healthy action of
the stomach, lungs, bowels, liver, kidneys and skin,
and wlmt is of great importance.it may he always ta
ken with advantage in every vuiiety and stage of dis
ease, without npprchendihg danger. The following
ure !l f‘-'v, out of countless diseases, in which it has
shown iis wonderful virtue:—incipient consumption,
chronic enlargement of the liver and spleen, r•hee.nti
ti.-m, dropsy of every kind, dyspepsia, palpitation ot
the heart, of breuthmg, cougli, raising ol
blood, mercurial 'disease, eruptions on the skin,
painful swelling* i„ (lieJoints and legs, sore.4hn at,
af'cfTsJnse. In these an I* alToTiier Ji-rosesTf fiftyqfoL
ver been oqwilled. In fact, it is the result of a long
and laborious practice of 18 year.-. Ii has also re
ceive^ the well merited sanction of the whole medic
al faculty, and is supported by the testimony of nu
merous persons ho have liecn cured of disease s that
were considered beyond the reach of human inven
tion. The following is one, out of many, that have
been lately received.
(in i:napa, Miss., Jtmt2 1841.
Dr. Johnson—Dear Sir—In vain I hav p j(.,| ||,0
best medical skill, and all (he remedies lliayoouhl be
devised, to cine me of a complicated disease-|,.|f rtj*
fected my liver, stomach and lungs. In fact,Lv SUf
ferings became so great, that I gave up all hopsrf
recovery, when I happily saw your ndvertiseuvf
an*! got six bottles ol your valuable medicine. I ha'
noiv finished the fifth bottle, which, with imspeakil
hie joy, lias restored me to till the vigor of youth.
It is indue f a wonderful medicine, and I would es
teem it a i act oi ingratitude to you, mid injustice to
the public, if I kept this fact secret from you. You
are, therefore, at liberty to make w hat use of it you
will. Yours, with much esteem,
For sale at 29 St. Francis st.; price $2 per bat
tie. novlO
r | Vi i e veg eta hi .i: pu i.\i on a h v i\a i .s a ivi,
■ the most valuable remedy recently discovered,
Ibr consumptions, couligs, colds,, asthma, spitting of
blood, whooping cough, and pulmonary affections of
every kind—price 50 cents
Particular cautim—Each genuine bottle is enclos
ed in a blue w upper, on which is a yellow label sign
ed “ Sami <*oii Heed.** None other can he genuine.
The great celebrity of the genuine pulmonary bal
sam has been the cause of attempts to introduce spu
rious articles, which, by partially assuming the name
of the genuine, are calculated to mislead and deceive
the public. Among these mixtures, me the Ameri
can Pulmonary balsam, Vegetable Pulmonary bal
sam, balsamic Syrup, and others. Purchasers should
inquire for the article by its whole name, the Vegct
ub'e p dmoimry Balsam; and sec llmt it bears the
marks and signature of the genuine.
Each bottle and seal is stamped Vegetable Pulmo
nary Balsam. S. Rf.ed.
One more counterfeit besides the American Pul
monary Balsam, uml the others above alluded to!—
The latest attempt to deceive the public by a spuri
ous mixture, falsely called genuine pulmonary bal
sam, prepared by .Samuel Andrews and Jos. A. Vea
zic. To avoid the imposition of this spurious arti
cle, we again refer the public to the written signa
ture of Sampson Reed, on the outside wrapper of
each bottle.
Boston, July 1, 1841. Lowe & Ri:ei>.
A fresh and large supply of the above now receiv
ed and for sale, wholesale or retail, by
no\29 H. GATES, Dauphin street.
t PLATE. &r.
Brazilks Copper—30x60 inches 10,11,13and
24x60 pound Sheets.
Sheathing Copper—14 and 16 ox
Sheet Ikon—250 bundles English Iron, Noi 10
70 27
Wire—50 bundles Iron Wire, Nos 7 No 17.
Riv ets—50 thousand Tinned Rivets; 40 thousand
Black do.
Tinned Plates—250 boxes Jx Crown and Pont
pool brands.
20 boxes 100 Plate Tin.
Leaded Plate—150 boxes Leaded Plate fur
Banca Tin—20 pigs Buncn Tin, best quality.
N ails- -500 kegs Nails assorted, 4d to 20 I.
A supply of the above articles constantly on hand,
and tor sale by E. C. CENTER & CO.,
aug7 corner of Conti and Comnicrce-st
Drays, waggons, carts, wheels,
&c.—An tmnnt of Drays mid Waggons
with and without bodies; light and Aeuvy Carts; ex. I
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the Filter
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never tlwi *>i wtfy*
length of t *' •
(ration rap - • ,
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named by . tide*
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sain b’
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has locat< JBfHIHiH
Copper IJ
oils Inane
•audios ot H »
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Tl\, 11 1 M,
A I,, /'
.Mobile, 1 i ■
place, an
collate, I- - i ■’
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price am
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and Cllit
tains ; I
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R. ■ M'l
1 i - C. ANlffttfWS Ctt.
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