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Mobile (Commercial Register,
Merchants anb JJlantero Jonrnal,
Cbe Mobile fiefliater anb Jonrnal,
T. sanfoSdTs. r. wilson,
Daily Paper, per annum, in advance...........$19 00
“ “ for six months ** .. 6 00
Country Paper, (weekly) per annum, in advance 5 00
“ *• “ lor alt months, “ ... 3 00
No eabacriptlon discontinued until arrearages are paid,
aalesa at the option of the proprietor.
XT Advertising, at regular charge, will be One Dollar
• square of 18 lines for the first. and Fifty Cents for each
subsequent insertion, when published dally. If inserted
weekly, semi-weekly, or tri- weekly, onednllar each time.
XT Advertiser* by the year, will be contracted with
on the loilowlng terms,—it being expressly understood
that an agreement with a house in business, or with any
Individual, ahull be applicable only to the immediate and
legitimate busineas in which they or he may be engaged;
and that all notices relating to other and distinct busi
ness, legal notices, administrator's notices or sales, noti
ces of the Individual partners of a house, dec., will be
held and considered distinct from the yearly angagemeut,
and charged at regular prices.
One square, (twelve lines or leas) with e privi- I Q()
lege ef changing or renewing twice a week... y 9
Do de(wlih like privileges) for 6 business months.. 30 00
Two squares (with privilege of change) one year.. 65 00
XT Standing advertisements fo<> Patent Medicines,
Books, die., occupying a large apa*.a. and requiring no al
lar.ulona, will he published hy the year on very low terma.
XT Business Cards of a few linea, inserted eonn|flcu
onsly, 6 inooiha for $10, in advance—and If continued
during the year for $15, In advance.
XT Fife Companies will be contracted with at $20 per
unn, each—payable semi-annual I y in advance.
XT Candidate nominations to be paid for in advance,
Five Dollara for the canvass.
All advertisements required by law will be charged full
No gratuitous advertising for Societies or Companies.
Payment will he required of yearly advertisers aemi
nuually ia advance.
HAY-600 bales Portsmouth Huy, |excellent
quality, for sale by
dec25 J. H. RIVERS * CO^
PRESERVES—160 dozen boxes Marmalade,
and Guava, received per Galveston from Ha
vana by Tdec26] C- Lf.BARON.
HOICE WINES-100 baskets Montii>elIo
Champagne, 26 case* old Mndeira, for sale hy
dec25 BEERS fc SMITH.
LARD OIL—5 bbls winter strained Lard Oil,
just received and for sale by
BLANKETS—8 bales heavy twill Blankets, just
received and for sale by
dec24_ JAMES SANDS * CO.
^ of all qualities and for sale by
WOOL HATS—20 cases, for sale law by
dee24 corner Conti and Wafer-sts.
SHELLED ALMONDS—20 boxes just received
and for sale low hy
dec24_ THOS. H. CHEEVER, 40 Com, st.
UMBRETTLaS—26 cases of all qualities, just re
ceived and for sale low by
&ACE CHAINS—1000 pair bright, in store
and for sale hy
ceived and tor aale by
QA M. Regalia Segars of favorite brands, land
U ing from brig Galveston and for sale by
SAL'Y—2000 bleached sucks, 600 hampers Irish
Potatoes, direct from Belfast, for sale by
ec24 GARDNER k SAGER, St Michael st
fT/Y KEGS Buckwheat. 20 kegs Goshen Butter,
tJvl landing and for sale by
dec24 T. H. CHEEVER, 40 Commerce-st.
AA KEG^ McCullough's Bar Lead, landing from
ship Celia, fur sale by
dec24 T. II. CHEEVER, 40 Comiuerce-st.
GOSHEN BUTTER—50 firkins first quality
Orange county Butter, for sale by
dcc24 JNO. C. RYAN, 10 St Michael-st
RIO COFFEE—1.000 bass new crop, of very
superior quality, in double bags, for sale by
dec24 JNO. C. RYAN, 18 St Michael-st
^iHEESE—200 boxes just received in store and
v/ for sale by
dec24 BEERS k 8MITH 22 St. Michael-st.
BUTTER—60 kegs prime dairy Bulier, just re
ceived and for sale by
dect4 BEERS k SMITH.
CHOICE SUGAR—60 hhds strictly choice Su
gar, in store and for sale by
FOR SALE—Salt in bleached bags in the bay or
on the wharf by
dec23 JNO. GIBSON, 30 St. Michael st.
LIVE OIL—150 baskets and boxes fresh, in
■tore and for sale by
SEGARS—I 00m various brands, for sale by
dec2S corner Conti and Water sts
SUGAR—24 boxes white Havana, landing and
for sale by
dec23 C. LiBARON, 86 Cmmerce-st.
AA/i BBLS Loaf, Crashed and Powdertd Sugar,
for aale by
©FIRM CA'NDLEd —100 boxes in store and for
O sate low by
dee2S THOS. H. CHEEVER, 40 Coro. at.
WHISKEY,’ Rc—100 bbls Rectified, 100 do
■ f Fleur, landing ex mail line, for sale by
WHISKEY—75 bbls Rectified Whiskey, in
■tore aud landing, for sale by
Ini LOUR—50 bbls Missouri mills Flour, 50 do
f Ohio do do, for sale bv
FEINTING PAPER—100 roams 26 by 87, now
landing and fer sale by JOHN PHILIPPS,
dec21 corner of Conti and Water-sts.
SUNDRIES—Alum, Brimstone, Borax and Sul
mratus, in boxes, for sale by
doc21 T. P. MILLER k CO.
SOAP—Variegated Castile and Blown of the best
qualities, for sale by M. ROBINSON,
dec2l corner Dauphin and St Eiuanuel-streets
SvtiAK—ite onus,a pi line article, lanuiug irom
steamer James L, Duv and for sale by
HAY—100 bales prime Eastern, landing this day
and for sale by
decll FOSDICK fcCHARLOCK, ?8 Com-st
HAY—lW bsles best eastern Timothy auit Cle
ver, for sale by
doc21 C. A. GILBERT » BRO , BO Com-st
MACKEREL—20 quarter l>hls new, just receiv
ed per bark Montpelier, a fresh article, for
dealt mile by S I fc I I JONES.
BRAN— 600 sacks of best quality, in store und
landing, for sale low by
decll C. A. GILBERT fc BRO., 60 Com-st
f¥ ANDKERCHIEFS—10 cases of Cotton, Ma
H druse und Pongee, various qualities, for sale by
dacll _ _ 8 I fc I I JONES.
jjPHDER— 60 boxes Champagne in quarts and pints
1 > landing and for sale by JOHN PHILIPS,
dec2t corner of Conti and Water-sts.
LEMONS—A supply nn hand, for sale by
decll corner Dauphin and Sc. Emnnue|-sts
PORTER, Ale und East India Beer, received
per John Munn Irom Liverpool and for sale by
■f deell GEO. MARTIN.
SALT—The cargo of ship Crown, in blenched
sacks, for sale in the bay or on the wharf by
q—an WM. MILLIGAN t CO. 84 St Michael-et
ALT—The cargo of British ship Dumfrieshire
for sale ia the Tmy or on the wharf by
deelO JOHN GIBSON. SOSt Michael s!
FRUIT—100 hoses Raisins, 26 half boxes do
26 drums Figs, 6 cases Prunes. For sale by
dec20 T P. MILLER fc CO.
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR—In quarter andeighth
bble, for sale by
declO J.C. RYAN, 18 St Michael st
XARD—Just received 7 l»t (Scbooly fc Sou’s)
Rj new family Lard, for sale by
fXlEA— 20 packages Pouchong, 100 do Imperial
' 1 and Gunpowder, in store and far sale low by
doom T. H. CHEEVER, 40 Commerce si
X'XANDLES—60 boxes Sperm, just received and
V he sale by
! ' ifagH* JAB. A. HOOPER. 40 St Michael si
e i XX UTTER—20 keg, of very superior quality el
• XX Goshen Butter, just landed and for sale by
dealt_ B, 1. 111.I.JONES.
£$PEKM OIL—A pure article in hhds and tierces
t 0 dealt fareeleby S.I- fc 1.1. JONES.
v.; . f ' • '* ■. ■ •. ' VJ ,
Montgomery. Alai .am*.
Messrs. Harris, Clayton & Co |
w7™n"kM«v!'0n’ I MOBILE,
declltft) C. Gascoigne, Esq. J
declO No. 40 Commerce-street
not26 No. 40 St. Michael-st—MOBILE, Ala.
Have removed to No. 7 St. Michael-st.—MOBILE.
nov21 241 tf
No. 15 Dauphin Street, Mobile.
nov4 2tf
M'wM.lM M* ti Mi KjMj, OWJKJTSc CO.
72 Front and 75 Commerce Street.
All Goods will be Received and Forwarded free of
Charge. sept 16 205tf
References— Mobile, Alabama.
Hon. Benj. Gorham, "J
Hon. Abbott Lawrence, j
James Vila, Esq. } Boston, Mass.
William Davis,jr. Esq.)
Messts. S no fiord, Tileston & Co., New-York.
Charles W. Storey, Esti-, Havana. nov27
Auction. CoininisHion & Forwardinit Merchants,
Comer of Commerce and Conti-sts.—MOBILE.
03-Will make lilteral advances on all Goods con
signed to them for sale; also will make very libe
ral advances on Cotton and Staves consigned to
their friends in Boston. " dec.4
jan8 No. 67 Commerce Street. Mobile.
Reference— New-York,
Eslava. Murrell & Co., Mobile. jan9
(Successorto J. Rea)
Will continue to do an Auction and Commission bu
siness at the old stand. No. 16 Water-st. mh7 811
“W. B. GALE,
AUCTION OFFICE in Royal street—opposite the
Mansion House,
03“ Is prepared to give his lime and Attention to
all business in his line. nov2 222lf
1*. B. TVIiOH,
AUCTIONEER—No. 4, Hagan’. Building.,
Conti strkft—MOBILE.
Respectfully renew ■ tender of hie services to hie
former patron* and the public, for he sale of Stocks,
Real Estate, Damaged Cotton, Furniture, dec.,
with so Assurance of giving prompt attention to any bus
iness confided to hie cure. nov4 223tf
Commerce-street, Mobile, Ala.
James Smith, }
Joo M. Dalmey, }
Wm. A. Smith, ) j 156tf
No. 4 Commerce-street, Mobile, Alabama.
Edward M. Ware, >
Aaron C. Chesbrough, $ j3 27tf
fry THE SUBSCRIBER having located him
self permanently in Mobile and Baltimore, now of
fers for sale a lot of likely young Negroes, compri
sing field hands, house servants, etc. Among them
is a good smith and excellent seamstress. He will
also be receiving shipments of Negroes from Balti
more during the season. City reference given as to
title, etc. QO* Lafayette House, corner of Royal
and S(. Michael streets.
nov7 229cmo* WALTER L. CAMPBELL.
No. 8 St. Michael-st., two doors above Commerce-st.
Have constantly on hand a complete assortment of
embracing Blankets of every variety, Lowel, Vir
ginia, Alabama and other Oenahurgs, Lowel Linseys,
Kerseys and all kinds of Negro Cloths, together with
a full stock of Staple and Fancy articles, suitable for
Planters use. Also, Russell Brogans, Mud Boots,
and a general assortment of Boots, Shoes, Hats, &c.
Brussels, Ingrain and Venitian Carpets.
Matting and other Floor Cloths. novl9 239tf
SHIPS, Steamboats and Families supplied on the
most reasonable terms.—Clubs, Families, Pur
lies and others supplied with Came of all kinds, and
the best Meats the market affords at the shortest
notice. nov9uy
Corner Conti and Royal Streets,
Opposite the Mansion House.
THE subscriber thankful for past favors, and soli
citous for a continuance of the same, begs leave
to inform his friends and the public in general, that
he has just received direct from Havana, a large as
sortment of Cigars of the best quality, in connexion
with a large quantity of Confectionary of his own
mannfucture, from the best materials. All which he
offers for sale on the most reasonable terms for cash
—wholesale and retail.
Also—On hand as usual, a plentiful supply of IIo
Coffee and Pies, at all hours.
N. B.—Cakes for Parties or Weddings made to
order. my5132tf
offers his services to the Planters and Merchants
of Alabama and Mississippi, for the sale of Cotton,
and the purchase of their family necessaries. Con
signments of other produce and merchandise, will he
also promptly and carefully attended to.
nov8 22titf GEORGE O. HENRY.
HAY—8S0 bales, for sale by
oct26 222 A. KREBS, 76 Com st.
LINEN SHIRTS—One case just received and
for sale by [det-28] SIAM JONES
MADEIRA WINE—6 qr casks of a fair article*
fur sale by [d23] S I A 1 I JONES.
WHISKEY—80 bbls rectified,landing and for
dec24 sn le by JAMES SANDS A CO.
CORN —700 sacks prime white, for sale low by
dec28 C^ A. GILBERT A BRO.
dec28 by JAMES SANDS A CO.
SIDES—26 casks fins Ciu instore and for sale
GRAPES—Malaga Grapes in fine order, for sale
dec20 by J. O’REILLY A CO.
MOLASSES—100 bbls in store and for sale by
dec20 JAS. SANDS A CO.
FLOUR—25 bbla selected, for family use, for
dec20sale by J. O’RF.ILLV A CO,
BEEF—10 half barrels Fulton Market, for sale by
dec21JOHN C. RYAN.
ALMONDS—In whole, hf and qr bids, for sale by
dec2l T. P. MILLER A CO.
Cl ORN MEAL—20 sacks lies! silted, for sale by
> dec21 C. A. GILBERT A BRO., 60 Com-.t
BEES WAX—6000 foe, for eale by
decll J. GANDOLFO, 70 Commerce s!
jfTASTiLE SOAP—10 boxes in store, for sale by
Vj derl8 FOSDICK A CHARLOCK, 88 Com-st
CLARET—6 casks Bordeaux, in store and for
aale by fdecU C. LxBARON.
COFFEE—TO bags Jam, for aale by
tlec!7 T. H.CHEEVER, 40 Commerce-.!
PLOUR—60 bbla Missouri Mills snnerfine, fot
«leel7 aale by JAS. SANDSACO.
SUGAR AND MOLASSES consinnily ea hand
and for aale by [decl7j J. SANDS 4 CO.
LARD—26 kegt extra quality new, for sale hy
PRINTS—Two cates new style, for sale by
decl9 8 1 A I I JONES,
f AMD OIL—11 bbla Lafd Oil in store nndfor
Li dacio aale by O. 1AL DORRANCE.
FISH—60 boxes Codfish.lbr sale by
declO JAS. A. HOOPER, 40 Hi.
O ICE- 10 tierce* nhw, for eale by
Kew uMtl Inabionublr CUlbiaf.
HENRY k STODDART, corner of Water and
Conti streets, have now on hand llie largest
and most valuable assortment of Gent’s Clothing, they
have yet offered in the city of Mobile; to which they
invite 'he attention of their friends and the public
Their stock comprises, Extra and superfine French
and English Cloth Dress and Frock Coats; English
Pilot and Beaver Cloth Over and k rock do; Busi
ness and Hunting Coats of Scotch Tweed and a
variety of new fabrics, as well as Satinets, Kentucky
Jeans, &c., (fee.
Pantaloons and Vests, in great variety and of llie
most fashionable styles.
Scotch l^unhs Woo) Shirts and Drawers
Linen and Cambric Shirts of newest styles
Beaver and Silk Hats, together with every article
suitable for gentleman's wear.
A great portion of the material used in their Clothing
Manufactory in New-York, is selected in England an 1
Franceby one of the partners, from the most celebrated
manufactories, so that (he public taay rely ou obtain
ing tile best of Clothing at the lowest prices.
N. B.—H. & S. would particularly call the atten
tion of their friends and the public to the article ol
Fashionable Black Dress and rr*H k Coats made from
BiuHey & Files'celebrated extra stq>ertine Belgium
Cloths, su|>erior finish and warranted last colors.
[Jj’One price only and Jar caeh. dec 17
J sale and retail, consisting «f—
TEAS—Poiichong, Hyson. Voting Hyson, Impe
rial and Gunpowder
WINES—Blackburn’s Madeira and other brands.
Sicily, London Particular, Pule and Brown
Sherry, old Port in wood ami bottle. Cham
pagne in quarts and pints, Claret in whole
- and half casks and bottles, etc
LIQUORS—Choice brands Irish and Scotch
Whiskey, Swan Gin, old Jamaica Rum, etc
PRESERVES—Cordials, S meet meats in great
PICKLES—Underwood’s of all kinds
SPICES—Whole and ground
FRUIT—Raisins in whole, half and quarter box
es, Malaga Giapes, Figs, Prunes. Filberts.
English Walnuts, etc
OAT MEAL—Buckwheat Flour, Pearl Barley,
Crackers and Biscuit
PROVISIONS—Fulton Market Beef, Pork and
Hams, Western sugar cured Hams, Beef
Tongues, etc
SPERM OIL and Candles
SOAP, &c—Colgate's Brown, Yellow and Fancy
Pearl Starch in small and large boxes
DEMIJOHNS of all sizes
LONDON PORTER and Scotch Ale in pints
and quarts
BROOMS, Brushes of all kinds, Pails and Tubs
SUGARS—Crushed, Powdered and Clarified
OILS—D Lynchy's best Florence, Marseilles do
CHEESE. Butter, Cranberries
FISH—Mackerel in whole, half and querler bar
rels and kits, Salmon, smoked and in kits
Together with many other articles in the line, all
of which is offered for sale by
dec!8 north emit corner Conti and Water-sis
F STEWART, at 41 Dauphin street, has on
• hand and for sale at the lowest market rates a
good assortment of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
consisting in part of—
Heavy Wool Kerseys, Lowell Plains, Linseys
English twilled and heavy American Blankets
Kentucky Jeans, heavy twilled Osuahuigs
Blue and black Cloths and Caasinierea
Lowell and Virginia Osnaburgs
Browu and bleached Domestics and Drillings
Apron and Furniture Checks,Tickings
Prints of all descriptions and prices
Mouseline de Laines, Cashmeres, Bombuzines
Black and figured Alpuccas, Hosiery
Bavarian Cloths, Eoliennes
Figured and plain black Silks
Silk, worsted and wool Shawls
Gimp Ti iminings, Fringes, etc etc.
Also—A good stock of Russet and Kip Rrogans
heavy Boots, Wool and Fur Hats. declO
16 Dauphin-street—The subscriber has in store
of fresh and seasonable goods, direct from the manu
factories, the largest and liest assorted stock of
BOOTS, SHOES A^D BROGANS, ever offered
in this market, consisting in part of
10,000 pairs Men’s Russet Broganf
10,000 do do Kip do
6,000 do do Calf aod Seal do
1,000 do do thick inud Bools
1,000 do do Kip do
600 do do Call Boots, sewed and pegged.
Together with a large stock of boy's, youth’s,
children’s, women’s and misses’ Shoes of almost
every variety, all of which will be sold by the pack
age or dozen, for cash or approved credit, as low as
can be bought in this market.
dec25 SAM’L B. HOWE.
JAMES GANDOLFO, 70 Commerce street, has
in store and offers for sale at the Ipwest prices—
10 bales Lowell No 1 Cotton
25 baleslndian Sheeting, 25 do Appleton do
25 bales Cabal A Sheeting, 20 do Checapee do
20 bales Boston Sheeting, 20 do Nashua do
20 hales Drillings, 10 pieces Carpets
2k) bales 7 8 Dwight Shirtings
25 pieces Colton Carpet, 40 rases Prints
10 bales A C A Redticks, 10 do A do
10 cases Linen,different qualities
5 cases Colton Flannels, 10 cases Kerseys
2 cases Pongee Hdkfs, 2 cases Biaad Cloths
4 cases Mouseline de Laines
4 cases Cotton Hdkfs. 2 do Cassiinere. nov80
MOSF.LY & TUCKER, corner Dauphin and
Royal streets, have recently received and in
store, a choice selection of fine Perfumery, Fancy
Arlilcs, etc., viz:
Lubin’s and Monpelas’ Soups
Pomatums of every perfume, Pomades
Ox Marrow, Antique Oil, Sacketsd’Odeur
Shaving Soaps, Elixir Odontine, Odonline
Odeur Boxes, rose wood and ebony
Portable. Dressing Cases complete
Rich cut glass Toilet Buttles
French and German Colognes, etc., which they
offer for sale at the lowest prices. dec.24
Sundries—io buds prime sugar
60 bbls superfine Flour
20 do Molasses, 20 do Whiskey
60 sacks Laguira Coffee
20 do Maracaibo do
100 de Rio do
20 do Java do
60 kegs new Leaf Lard
100 pieces heavy Kentucky Bagging
100 coils Rope. In store and lor sale by
dec 17 WARE * CHESBROUGH, 4 Com-st
Superfine black French Broudcloths
Do do do Doe-skin Cassiinere
Do fancy and col'd French do
Do black English Satins for Vesting
Do hluck silk Serge
Do black Worsted do
Fine Red Padding, Canvass Wiggans
Silesian, Sewing Silks, Twist, Buttons, Jtc
For sale at low prices by
dec21 R. W. ANDREWS fe CO, 8St Micliael-si
SUGAR AND MOLASSES—Daily expected per
schooners Atlantic, Sarah anti Mary, Ann Stille
and Choctaw—
250 lihds Sugar, 300 hbls Molasses
60 hall'hbls Molasses
—which 1 will offer at very low prices from the
wharf wheu landing.
dec24 WM. HALL. 69 Commerce-st.
ffA DOZEN men’s drab Wool Hals, round crown
50 dozen men's black wool do, square do
40 do do hair seal Caps
40 do bo> '• do do do
—just received per ship Cotton Planter gnd bark
Ann Welsh and for sale low by
dec24 uw 17 Daaphin*st.
JUST RECEIVED from ship Colton Planter,
barks Ann Welsh and Marsellois—
India Rubber Overshoes, a large supply
4000 pairs Russel Brogans
Also, a good assortment of almost every kind of
Boots, and Siloes, suited to the season.
ESTERN PRODUCE—50 bids s. f Flour
56 hbls Rectified Whiskey
300 bags Oats, 20 libds prime Sugar
20 lihds fair Sugar
—in store and for sale by
FISH—Salmon in kills and cans
Mackerel in whole, half and qr bbls, Nos.1,2, 3
Sardines in w hole and half boxes
Tongues and Sounds in kilts
100 boxes Herrings, 100 do Codfish, for sale by
dec21T. P. MILLER fc CO.
SPICES—20 bags Black Pepper
10 do Allspice, 50 mats Cassia
20 do Race Ginger, I bbl Cloves
3 do Ground Ginger, 1 do Nutmegs
Just received and for sale by
INSEYS—20 bales Rising Sun Mills, lod 1
ana manufactory, an article of very superior
quality, for sale at the verv lowest market prices by
IRON and SPIKES—160 tons Juniata rolled Iron
60 kegs wrought Spikes For sale by
decl4 W. H. BLACK.LEK, 6 Water-street.
WHISKEY—100 bbl. Dealer., Kudin, and lor
aale on the wharf by
, decSO F. W. McCOY fc CO, 86 Cemawree-au.
To Parents, tiiiiriiimiN anil Teachers of
Alabama and Mississippi.
THE undersigned would respectfully call your at*
tent ion to t lie following list of School Books,
universally adopted and highly recommended by all
who are inierestod in the cause of education:
Alabama Series of Readers—*No 1. The Primary
Primer, new edition; No 2, The Child’s Reader,
new edition; No 3. Exercises in Reading, new edi
tion; No 4. Porter’s Rhetorical Reader, new edi
tion; websier’s Elementary Speller; Metrical Sto
ries in Chemistry and Philosophy; Olney’s Geogra
phy and Allas; Olney’s Introduction to Geography ;
The Book of Commerce; Walt’s Improvement u
(lie Mind; Bullion’s English Graramer; Bullion’s
Greek Grainmer; Olmstesd’s Natural Philosophy;
Comstock’s Natural Philosophy; Comstock’s Chem
istry; Coinstock’s Physiology; Preston’s Book
Keeping; The Scholar's Companion; The Scholar’s
Companion; The Scholar’s Reference Book; Weo
sfer's School Dictionary; Abercrombie’s Moral
Feelings; Goodrich’s Ecclesiastical History; Lin
coln’s Botany. Barrett’s Geography of the Heav
ens ; A lexamler's Evidences ot ('hrislianity; Slone’s
Rhetorical Speaker; Hodge's Logic; Willaid’s His
tory of L. S. 8 vo; Willard’a History of U. S.
abridged; Willard's Universal Gi„|oryj Parley’s
Natural Theology; Bible; Newman's Rhetoric;
Newman’s Political Economy; Butler’s Analogy;
Kame’s Elements of Criticism; Davies’ first Les
sons in Arithmetic; Davies' “tic; Davies’
Key to Arithmetic; Davie’s , .a; Davies’ Key
to Algebra; Davies’ Elementary Geometry; Davies
Bourdon's Algebra; Davies’ Legendre’s Geometry;
Davies' Surveying; Davies’A uilylical Geometry ;
Davies’ Descriptive Geometry! Davies’ Calculus;
Davies Shades and Shadows; Anthon’* Latin Les
sons; Anthon’s Latin Prose Composition; Ambon’*
Latin Prosody; Anthon’s Cicero; Anthon’s Ceesar;
Anthon’s Sallust; Anthon’s Horace; Anthon’s Greek
Lessons; Anthon’s Greek Prose Composition; An
thon’s Greek Prosody; Ambon's Jacob’* Greek
Reading; Aiiihon's Greek Grsminai ; Anthon’s Dic
tionary of Antiquities; Anthon’* Classical Diction
ary ; Andrews’ and Stoddard's Latin Grammar; An
drews’ Question to Latin Grammar; Andrews' First
Lessons in Latin; Andrews’ Larin Reader; An
drews Viri Rotate; Andrews’ BhIIhsi ; Andrew s La
tin Exercises ; Andrews’ Kei to Laiin Exercises;
Doiinegau’s Greek Lexicaiv; Greek Testament;
Ainsworth's Latin Dictionniy; Cooper’s Virgil;
Homeri litas; French Guide; Bolinat’* Leviznc’s
French Grammar; Vie de Gfeorge Washington; Be
etle il Dramatique; Recreations, Ins. at Finusautes;
Adventures of Telemaque; Boyer’s French Diction
ary; The Young Choir; The School Singer; Bur
rows’ Pianoforte Pi inter; Meineke’s Instructor;
Hunten’s Instructor.
1 have also constantly an hand a large and well
selected stock of Blank Books and Stationary; Law,
Medical, Theological and Miscidlaneous Books , and
will fill all orders with promptness at very low pri
ces. At 2S Dauphin street, opposite the large Green
Hat. (octl8 219cmo) IS. W. ALLEN.
IV EW BOOKS—Anastasia or the doctrine o
the Resurrection of the Body, rationally and
fcripturullv considered, by G^irgs Bush, Professor
of Hebrew . New York Umvelsity, 1 vol. 12mo.
Revolutionary Orders of G^i. Washington, issued
during the year 1778, ’80, ’81a»d '82, selected from ,
the MSS of John Whiting, lieutenant and Adjutant ,
of the 2nd Regiment, Massaiiusetts Line, ahd edit
ed by his son Henry Whili/g, Lieutenant Col. U.
Slates Army, 1 vol. 8vo.
The American House CJpenter: a treatise upon
Architecture, Cornices an^ Mouldings, Framing,
Doors, Windows and Stair/, together with the most
important principles of Practical Geometry, by R.
G. Hatfield, Architect; illustrated by more than 300
engravings. i
the drawing-room, by f airline Oilman—
“The enthusiast Synl there divinely taught,
Writes on loose foli/ge inspiration** thought.
She sings the fates,and in her frantic fils,
The notes and nauVs inscribed to leaves coin
Elegantly bound in silk ; gilt edges. |mits.**]
Elements of Logic, together with an Introductory
View of Philosophy in general, and a preliminary
View of the Reasou. By Henry T. Tappan—1 vo.
Praed’s Poems—The Poetical Works of Win
throp Mack worth Praed, now fir9t collected by Ru
fus \V. Griswold, I vol. 12 mo.
For sale by J. M. SUM WALT & CO.,
dec#0 Booksellers, 86 Dauphin-street.
AS PLEN DID 1BOOK—The PflgrimVTPnigress",
Ly John Bunvau, *ith explanatoiy notes by
Thomas Scott, I>. iV. And a life of the Author, by
Co..A»r, Esq. Embellished with 25 hue en
gravings, 1 volume, royal octavo, elegantly (round
in superior extra Turkey morocco, do in super
splendid velvet.
Notices of the Press.—When we sav that
the best style of Souvenir printing and decorations
has been adopted for the*work, we give some idea
of the book, but there seMns to have been a desire
to excel—to make this (lie l>ook of the American
press; its engravings vie)with the very best produc
tions of ilm English burin.—[U. 8. Gazette.
This book, taken altogether, is the most splendid
volume ever issued fruit the American press.—
In all respects, this Volume is one of the most
beautiful issued from the^American press.—[North
This is the most elegaiit edition of the Pilgrim's
Prftgress which we huvd ever seen.—[New York
Tim clearness and singular beauty of the typogra
phy, the exquisite taste »f the engravings, and the
splendid style in which it is bound, are surpassed by
nothing which we have! seen from ihe American
press. — [Christian Observer For sale by
decSO S. W. ILLEN. 28 Dunphin-sl
I have just returned fron New York after selecting
a new and excellent assortment of the above articles,
of the best and latest fashions, such as fine Gold
Watches of every style; hold Fob, Guard and Vest
Chains; Bracelets; Necklaces; Broaches, Rings,
with Oriental, Topaz, Amitliyst, Garnet, Opal,
Torquoise, Gold, Stone, ,'ameo and Pearl setts, all
of the real stone; Gold Henr.il* and Pens; Lockets;
Thimbles; Miniature CaiF>s; Keys; Spectacles; Sil
| ver Tea Setts; HairChsis; Spoons; Forks; Cups;
J Tumblers; Ladels; Grav Spoons; Fruit and Desert
Knives; Marrow Spoons Solar Lamps; Fine Plat
ed Castors; Candleshc s; Salt Stands; Snuffers
and Travs; Waiters in tells; Japaned Waiters, a
rich article; Military (nods, consisting of every
thing an officer wishes to quip himself with; Whale
Bone, Malaca, Hickory,Pa'ridge, Ebony and Span
ish Wood Canes, with a(d without gold and silver
mountings; Fine Accortians, from 10 to 20 keys;
Flutes from I to 8 keys; Fine Double Barrel G"oa,
Dimuscus wire and twist; warranted to be real and
the best assortment in tils city; Revolving Pistols;
Percussion Caps, Walkef’s and T. B’s. best; many
other fancy articles too lumerous to mention, and
will lie sold at a fair and Moderate profit. My friends
snd the public will pleusqaccept my thanks for the
liberal patronage heretofore extended to me; and
I shall endeavour to merit it.
No. 12 Dauphin nreet, below Water st.
N. B.—Clocks and Watches repaired and war
ranted. Chronometers rated. Cash or trade given
for old gold and silver. novl8
MUnll-jri YAH*1—on Water & Kov
al streets, adjoining E. C. CENTER $•
CO* S Cotton Sheds.
Peach Orchard Coll, loose and inhhds.con
taining half ton.
Red and White Ash Coal, loose and in hhds,
containing half ton.
Cashel Coal, loose md in hhds, containing half
Liverpool OrrellCoal, in hhds, containing
half ton.
Lxhioh Coal, for Foundry use.
Pittsburgh and Virginia Coal, for Black
smith's use.
The Anthracite and Bituminous Coals are
of the best quality, selected for the use of families,
and w ill be delivered to consumers by the ton or half
ton nnd hhd, (free of drayage) at the lowrest market
0^ A box for the reception of orders i* placed at
the Register and Journal Office and George Wood
ward's Arcade. Orders deposited iu either place
will receive immediate attention. Orders received
as heretofore at the Yard, and at lire office of E. C.
CENTER & CO, corner ol Conti and Commerce
streets. decll
NEW BOOKS-The Pvlpit Cyclopaedia and
Christian Minister's Companion, containing
three hundred and sixty sketches and sketches of
sermons, and eighty-two essays on biblical learning,
theological studies and the composition and delivery
of sermons, in one large 8vo. volume.
Narrative of a Visit to «l« Syrian (Jacobite)
Cliuich of Mesopotamia, with statements and reflec
tions upon the present state of Christianity in Tur
key and the character and prospects of the Eastern
Churcces, by tbe Rev. Horatio Southgate, M. A., 1
vol. 12mo.
Incidents of Social Life amid the European Alps,
translated from the German of J. Heinrich D.
Lschokke.by Louis Strack,l vol. 12ino.,for sale by
dec28 S. W. ALLEN, 28 Dauphin-«t
NOTICE—J.J. Butler’s Writing and Marking
'ink and superior paste Blacking, in store and
for salt[declflj C. W. PORRANCE.
COAL—Peach Oichard, Red and While Ash
800 hhds, for sale by
dec25 E. C. CENTER * CO.
POTATOES—500 bbls New Hampshire PoU
toes, in floe order and fer tale by
tWrlfi J. H. RIVERS k CO
Classification of sie*mboi.u by u.« in
•urance Companies ol Mobile;—
Montgomery New YV or id
Dallas Lowndes
Eliza New F.ia
Carolina James Hewitt
Sam Dale Marengo
Gen. Ilaliison Jolm Duikhii
Factor Belle Roulle
l|ueen of the South Marquette
Viola Ahibania
• Noxubee Bourlion
Ruhy Minerva ,
Mobile Insurance Company,
TIIOM IS S KING, Secretary.
Firemen** Irtsuranre Company, ,,
J. T. FRANK LI ft, Secretary.
Merchant* Insurance Couqtauv,
Alalmma Life Ins. and Trust Co ,
itov20 N. O. J TISDALE, Seocetar
Agrney of tlie Protection Insurance 4 k
Apary of Hartford, i'oun. In Mobil f
COMMISSION often per cent will be ah »wed
on all premiums paid to lliuf office on ,rolic*-rt
issued n» id a'ter this day.
Fire .er and Marine risks will 1>e taken at tho
lowest ntoic.nry rates of premium, and persons
doing business.-1 with this company mu rely on a
prompt settlement of any claim ror loss they may
have, as the agent has authority to nettle and pay all
l<nset tint may occur without the delay ol referring
the claim to the office in Hartford.
iiov25 JOHN C. RYAN, Agent, 18 St. Michael st.
Office Ala. Life Ins.,and Trust to. )
Mobile, November 26'h, 1844. y
THE following Resolution was this day adopted
by the Trustees of this institution:
That on and after this date thin company will re
turn ten pkr cant upon all premiums ior insur
mice, and that this return will be allowed on all open
Colton policies now running, front the commence
ment of the season.
nov27 246tl N. O. J TISDALE, Secretary
Of f ic* Mobile Insi k vm e company, >
Mobile, November 23, 1844. S
A3' A MEETING of the Board of Directors this
day, the following resolution was unanimously
Resolved, That from and after the 23d instant, a
commission of ten pel cent will be allowed on all
premiums paid to this company, and that this resolu
tion shall be applicable to all cotton policies now
open. [no\26Kino] THOS. S. KING,Sec’y.
Office Firemen's Insurance Co , j
Mobile. November 23d, 1844. ^
THE following Resolution was this day adopted
by the Dnedors of this institution:
That this office w ith the view f l placing il.s cus
tomers oil an equality with those doing business with
the Mutual Insurance Office*, will, lioiu this date, al
low all persons doing business at this office a com
mission of Tt .\ percent on the amount of a I
premiums paid by them, and shall extend to all Cot
ton policies now open.
nov25 JAS. T. FRANKLIN, Secretary.
Office ok the Merchants Ins. Co. )
Mobile, 22d November. 1844. $
AT a meeting of the Board of Directors, the tol
lowing resolution was unanimously adopted, viz.
That this office, for the purpose of giving to its
customers advantages similar to those offered by the
Mutual Insurance plan, will grant to all parlies doing
business at their office, from thi# date, a commis
sion of ten per CENT, on the amount of premi
ums paid bv them, and that this commission situII be
allowed on all Cotton policies now open
nov23 THOS. YV. McCOV, Secretary.
To the Consignrea of Goods arriving at Mobile, in
sured in New-York.
THE Underwriters in New-York have suffered
very much by the improper sacrifice of goods,
sold at auction in Mobile, on account of sea damage.
The policies require in case of partial loss by sen
damage to Dry Goods, Cutlery or other Hardware,
that the loss shall be ascertained by a separation and
sale of that portion only of the contents of the pack
ages which are damaged, and not otherwise, and that
the same principle shall be observed as to ull other
merchandize, a* far as practicable—the rules also
requite that the damaged parts of a cargo Ire sold in
small lo‘s to suit the convenience of purchasers.
Whole packages destined for places in the interior
have frequently been sold at Mobile, in a lot without
the knowledge of the owner, bv the consignee there,
and by that mean* dopriritig tht? owner of port of
packages of sound goods, and causing heavy losses
to some one; but for which, hereafter, the Mobile
consignee will be held responsible.
The multiplication of protests is not needed; an
original, or at most an original and duplicate pro
test forwarded to the agent of the vessel in New
York, is sufficient for all the New-York Under]}
President Mutual Insuaauce C'n.
President Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co.
President Mercantile Mutual Insurance Co.
Vice President Alliance Mutual Ins. Co.
President American Mutual Insurance Co. ;
President Jackson Marine Insurance Co.
President Mutual Safety Insurance Co.
President New-York Insurance Co.
President Merchants' Mutual Ins. Co.
President Suit Mutual Insurance Co.
dec13 11 Kino
DISSOLUTION.—The firm of Thomas j.
Hill h. Co., was this day dissolved, by mu
tual consent. Thomas J. Hill, is alone the author
ised agent to settle the business of the concern.
The undersigned will continue the Factorage and
Commission Busmeson hs own account,ann respect
fully solicits the patronage heretofore extended to
Thos. J. Hill Ic Co. THOMAS J. HILL.
CO" The Eutaw Whig, Pickensville Register,
Gainesville Pilot, and Tuscaloosa Monitor, will
please give the almve three insertions and forward
heir accounts to this office for collection. ie9rt
l%TOT!CE—The subscribers having put chased the
la well known Drug establishment of Mr. George
F. Marine vill continue the business in all its
branches .t the old stand, south east corner of
Dauphin ..ml Water-streets.
Mobile, July 1st. 1844. BLAIR & CO.
THE UNDERSIGNED having disposed ol his
stock of Drugs, Medicines, to Messrs|
Blair & Co., takes this opportunity ol returning his
thanks to his friends and the public, lor their lib
eral patronage, and would solicit a continuation of
that patronage for his successors, Messrs. Blair & Co.
jylO I78cino GEO. F. MARLOW.
OPAKTNERSHIP—Thom as Anderson, of
Marengo county* and S. H. N Dickson, of
Mobile, have associated themselves together in the
Cotton Factorage and Commission Business, under
the firm of Anderson * Dickson. All business
entrusted to their care, by their friends and the pob
lie, will receive due attention. Office at No. 69
Commerce si. THOS- AN DERSON,
novSOKmo 3. H. N. DICKSON.
THE Subscribers having formed a Copartnership
for the transaction ol a Factorage and Commis
sion Business in the city of Mobile, under the style
and firm of WALKER & HOLMES, would respect
fully solicit the patronage of thoir friends and the
public generally. ROBT. L. WALKER,
my 80 154xy ’ co be p BUR WELL HOLMES.
OPAKTNERSHIP-The undersigned have
formed a Copartnership and will continue the
Commission and Factorage Business in the city of
Mobile, under the style and linn ol HORTON &
CLOCK. All business entrusted to ns will be
promptly attended to. GUSTAVUS HORTON,
n.yl7143tf D. CLOCK._
May next, George R. Clayton, of Colum
bus, Misaissippi, becomes a partner in the house of
P. T. Harris dk Co., of this city. The Commis
sion Business will, from that day, lie conducted un
der the firm of Harris, Clayton dk Co. ap29xy
NOTICE—The undersigned will continue the
General Commission business, under the firm of
“Westfkldt & Brother.**
11TOT1CE—Mr. Thomas McKinstry is authorised
11 to act for ine, in all matters touching the es
tale of my late husband, John Joiner.
novl_MARY JOINER, Adm*x.
pOKTKR and ALK—l(id casks in pints and
mT quarts, landing from ship John Munn from Liv
erpool, for sale at very low prices by
RIO COFFEE—1,000 bags of superior qualiiyi
new crop, in store and lor sa le by
dec!7 JNO. C. RVAN, 18 St Michael »l.
LINSEED OIL—5 l»bki best quality, received
and for sale low bv the bbl or otherwise.
dec2d MOHELY fc TUCKER, Druggists.
FLOUR—60 bbls superfine, lauding and for sals
dec24 by JAMES SANDS It CO.
Philadelphia *-aiitllery iV nreliun t,
j .\o. 2 Lt(iup/iin sti-rt, 2d d<*sr ab-j ie Cunt muter stn't,
' mc i* iiri • Riiru icBjircinnij
N call* u»p am m ion of coumi s mei
Rrhinf*, plant* i ‘ and saddfpr* t«.
I the larifp and *i-l| rtMuried niock
II of Saddler) iud Saddlery Hurd
ail ware, w Inch l>«* i« now ojieninf'
d tad which In- offer* for mile at
r pi’ii • !•> till iIm* tiiiw.
’Ph** ilia ‘p up work in all in »n
tif.irtnrpd in th«? cilv ol I* III lade I
plna, of the best material*, and Ike Saddlery liaid
ware i* of direct importation.
The following compi ioe* in pai l the assortment •
Saddle* afid Bridles, of every variety of style. Bri
dle Fillings, Martingale*. Sadille Bags of all kinds.
Whips, Couch, Gig. Dearborn Wagon and Dray
Harness, Skirting, 11 • rutes, lb i«!J • and Bund Leatii•
er, G in Bands, a-* *i fed * t/.> . H.-igli Hi idles, (’«>!
lars, Humes, Trunks, Top Mi.’ ■*, Motnrno, Calf a d
Hog ^kius, Curb ami S mi the Bits, Spurs, Buckles,
Saddle Trees, of nil kinds, Varnish, Corn It Trim
tilings, Ac., $*c. A laige assoiirnent of Saddler’s
He invites purchasers to call and examine uud com
pare his goods and prices with those of other estab
lishments, lielore purchasing elsewhere.
nov?8 248cmo s, BOD* LEM I.T.
II DOTH, Mid I,h a Af> BIOG A NS.
fc^*j J in: .SUBSCRIBERS have jus
V ' received di'.ji In m the mnnufac
A" uriftff torv ol DewiJj and Fdiottfid?, per
bark Bn! ie afsd miter lice arrival*
the follow ingjgnods which lltev w il
sell at the lowest market m ink foi\e*f»h:
5000 paits superior )’«id's* Sole Oak Russets
5000 do ‘lo Si t jte. do do do
10000 do do Hem do do do
5000 do do Kip Brogans of all sixes.
1000 do do Men’- Thick Bools, 6 lo 10
500 do do do do do 7 to I I
600 do do do do do H to 12
300 do do do do do 10 to 14
In addition to the above, the subscribers have on
Hand a splendid assortment of laejies* and Gentle
men’s fine work of every description. Any one wish
ing to put dune good* in the above line vv ill find it
for their interest to cull ami examine. No trouble
to show goridf.
mul l 235 No 9 St Francis street.
ann roots” shoes ani>10:0
GAN’S—The undersigned have on
hand and are receiving per »hl|>
||k Cotton l’luiitei and haique Ami
Welsh, from New-York, a large
and well selected stock of the above named article*,
cons is >ing in purl of Ladies’fine Gaite.r Boots, Bus
kins, French Ties, Kid Slippers, hr.; Gentlemen’s
fine call water proof Boot*, do fine single sole dress
Bools, do single and double soled Brogans. To
gether with a large stock of Men’s and Roy’* Russets,
kip Brrgana, and Mud Bools, which we offer whole
sale and retail at very low price*. Commission,
Country Merchants and Haulers are particularly iu
vi'ed tc call and examine out stock before purchasing
elsewhere. YV. H. dr. H. F. CRAWFORD.
dee24 22 u w 17 ltauphin-st
W I (»u hand, ami are constantly teceiv
big at their tdd itaml, a large a a
sortinent of Lndie.*’ and Gentle
every description, which they «dh i to their friends
and customers at greatly i educed prices, at whole
sale ami retail.
miv23 LATON A CO , 42 YVaier-elieet
. —ps—w | j & H F L«R A W
ford, No 17 Dauphin street, have on hand
and receiving pci ship Jolton Planter aud
haik Ann Welch li ni New Y oik, a Urge and com
plete slock ofme ah ivc aimed articles, consisting
in |>aii at Gentlemen’s extra superfine Beaver, Nu
tria. Moleskin, Cassiniere, Castor and plain Brush
Hals. Also, a large assortment of Gentlemen’s,
Roy’s and Youth’s Cans. Also, a beautiful article
of Infant's embroidered Silk Y’elvet Caps of the la
test New York fall style and fashion. d«c23Uw
Ao. 62 Commerce t evert.
MR ISRAEL LEAVITT most respectfully in
forms the Citizens of Mobile and vicinity, that
he has removed from YV titer .street to 62 Commerce
street, wlteiecan la* found Dry Goods, Groceries,
Bools, Shoes. Hals, Hardware,and a general furnish
ing store, which would lie loo numerous to mention,
lie oiiviers ail in want of {*ooda tu call and examine
before purchasing elsewhere. He has a large lot of
Flannels and 12 4 Blankets, which he w ill sell very
cheap. The highest price paid for dry cow hides.
no\26 245m mo
Hardware luiil Mitp 4 luuiulrr)’.
11 HE •(ihscriber* give notice that I»y vntne ofa
ileed of conveyance and trust, executed l»v the
late John Bartlett, Jr., deceased, for certain lives and
purposes therein meulimed, and duly recoidc4 in »lie
office of the Clerk ol the County Court ol Mobile
county, (bey will for tlie prevent, continue the Inisi*
ness of tile said Bartlett, on Com me fee and Front
streets, and they invite the customers of said estab
lishment to purchase as heretofore, their supplies
during the present season.
Mr. Archibald Whitrky is their agent and is
fully authorised to collect and receipt lor all moneys
due for goods, wares and nierchand ■ *, upon the
books of said Bartlett. MOSES W AKING.
decl2 IOkiiio S W. AlXE*.
Direct Importation ol' Wines, Fruit, Ar
fllHE*cargo ol the Spanish Mis tin* Caimeu, daily
X expected from Barcelona, consisting in part ol
the following:
60 casks of Claret
176 oagn soft shelled Almonds
10 half pipes Annisette Biaudy
10 hbls. shelled Almonds
150 boxes Figs
100 kegs Grapes
50 jars do
25 boxes Leiuonv
26 do Vermicelli
10 qr casks Sweet Malaga Wine
10 do do Dry do do
50 kegs Olives
50 jars Sweet Oil
And sundry other articles, which will be sold low
on the wharf, by
dec 14 ESI.AYA, MUKRLLI. & CO.
BULL’S SARSAPARILLA.-Tim supetmr pre
paration of Sarsaparilla hits gamed a reputa
tion unequalled liitliertnhy any other medicine of its
class. 'File m.'S. eminent plusufansof the union
have given high testimonial* in its favor, and con
stantly use it in their practice. For the erne of Scro
fula, diseases of the Skin, Eruplione, el*-.. Rheuma
tism, Dyspepsia, Chronic di-eases of the Lung*, to
counteract the destructive effi-rts of mercury, Can
cerous Affections, and nil diseases arising fiotu an
impure stale ol the blood, no other medicine can be
given with more advauingeon* results.
A fresh supply of the above excellent preparation
just received and for vale bv
11AVII.AN D, Cl ARK & CO.,
dec27c 46 and 47 W ater-street
American patent plate~window
GLASS—In point of smoothness of surface,
weight ofme'al, thickness and strength, ibis Glass
! is much superior to the French «»r any oilier Glass
in u*e. Builderj mid others desitous of having
splendid Glasses at comparatively low prices are
respectfully invited to oil. and examine ibis article.
A lull asaortmenl of sizes just received and tor sale
dec25 by 1C. DuBOSF. 4 CO., 39 Water st.
AI.AMAN DLK SAFES—The subscribe!, agent
k^ of the Manufacturers for the sale of the above
Fire Proof Saf*s, is prepared to furnish them of any
ni<re suitable for offices or steamboats. X^ose wish
ing t) purchase, are requested to examine them,
with the certificates, from those win* have tested
them JOHN PH 11.LI PS,
dec25 corner Conti and Water-streets.
Fresh drugs—\ou > * m »g at the ri»**<r*
Drug iSlort, tin rxttnnve assortment of (Huge
and Medicine*, Chemicals, Perfumery, Brushes,
Paints, Oils, Glass, etc , comprising every article
in the line that can l*e called for, of the liesl quali
ties, and at the lowest prices.
Otf » ign of the Blue Mortar.
BLAIR & CO., southeast
d«cl7 corner ol Dauphin and Water-streets
WINES—The subscrilier has teceivcd a con
signment from Messrs. Banker A Co. New*
York, a choice assortment ol old Madeira Wine iu
cases of one dozen each. These w ines arc ottered for
sale with a full guareutv of 'heir genuineness aud
decl8 corner of Royal and St Francis-streels
TO THE PUBLIC—The subscriber would in
form his fi ieuds and the public generally, that
ha has on k ind and will be constantly receiving from
the northern cities, a constant supply of articles hi
his line of business, which he offers at low prices.
dec!8u w T. WALSH. DrnggDt, »6 Koyal-si
N. B.—Prescriptions prepared with care.
Fresh garden uvEn-uaiiy expected
ship Celia oui customary fall -apply of Fresh
Garden ami Field Seeds, embracing a grea
variety, which we warrant to lie of the beet quality
and of this year’s growth,
dec 16 ■ MOSI’I.Y ATUi'Kr.K. Druggists
HAY—200 bales best North K ver, landing am
for sale very low frein the wharf, 150 bales
Eastern Timothy and Clover, in store and fur sale k
dec25 C A. GILBERT & BKO., 50Com-s
this delicious Champagne, iuvt received am
dec 18 lor suit by ROBERT 8. BUNKER.
. •
fgNME I'ULf owl \(J VL>SL1.S W Jl.i PUH
Ji the trade mi i hereafter rumple .Id. line, »,*.
i Shift MaKY hRANt^FS.A Hubbui d, n aster
Buk VKR.VMV. 1
. H„kKIH)UM.
Hrig SILVIA, VI. Sntiili. uiH.f.r, j
lint. LINPF.Vi. F. W Williaiit,. inR.ter .
C>ii! iiAUAH BROW N, J. M, iSuitrm, nuuter. '
Brig VVI .TL VIBKA, J. Fntt W, iim.icr.
Brig ALABAMA, Dudley, inaqirr.
I he i.b'ive \r-aeln Ir.t ve Ii.ii.cImiuic a#:i oir mode I ion a
for pa- in;«r- and will sail punctually as advertis
ed. Ail freight consigned to die Agent in Mobile,
or io S i I K(d' S hr ( I i.Al(i\lAiN, the Agent* m
New \ A, will be forwarded aa directed tree of a
charge for coininicfiioii.
JOHN C. RYAN, Agent,
deetl_ No 18 Si Mi< !<.!•■ I-• i. • *
‘ LAK H EKLY l .< M.'i
1'ur JJt.it u, Vtmon, ftevport and Grave*' Landing,
The Me.nuei LOW*N»»ES, H H.
J°!|iiboii muster. 'Jlu* new light
iK* ft draught, last running double cngu.e
sii an i w ill ii ake regui.tr we# kly trips Ireiween Mo
bile iii;il points above mentioned Hating ilie reason,
!* •' «*•« Mobile every ri I EM>4\ , 5 pm. and aiii
vingni t.iiivca’ I.miwi icg 'I ] 11 < |.,** 1 >A \ momingv;
I '.ivt-s fbttves* I.niul:ne on TI1URSDA VS at 12
M. and Iinive in Mobile early M NDAV morn
in^v. !■ or freight 01 passage, having superior ac
commodation*, api |j b,iltTlj , r lo
< UHPBF 1 1 OH FN K CQ,? 1
mi >b 1 l 1 .1 i\j) ga Ii\l t Yule pat a ft"
ft ELIZA —1 lie new and f.iet rnn
'"K <*nK»nc sleainboat ELI- #
^A, W H. KgBert* master, will
mu dm mg the etiftiieg reason ns a ngolnr wetkly
packet, leaving Mobile every 'JT’ESL.AY evening,
at 5 o'clock, i .w.. Mud Onii.evvijfe every TULLS
DAY.ui 12 o’clock M.
’I he E.b/a was I mil expressly lor this trade, has
superior at. nmim Hal u>us, her Indies* Cabin ard
Stale Hii«iiih me verv laigp and fitted up with dco
ble U,#'.-r# iit!* cxpt#sslv for I;.milieu, and lor comfort
and vpot d has no supeiior.
Eor height or passage, apply un beard or to
>8E8 WARING, Agent.
fcr /**■£**'•-*--A* I be tine fast running Steamer
£><,1 ^v(iF.\. HARRISON, Jo II. Fsieu,
<*3 Matter, w ill run as n packet in the
sib-.w Iran ll«* coming reason, commencing her
1 tips will) 1 he. licet rise of water. Leaking Mobile
every VV EDN Es I>A \ at 6 o’clock pm , and Co
luintaiB evi iy SATURDAY'. For freight or par
sage, buying superior ncoomtnodatuinu, apply o«
board nr to CAMPBF.uL, OWEN it CO.
or 130 Ageutd.
Regular Weekly Packet.
ft J* The new and sjdcndid douh!c-en
4-r /-[-.v15=x. :1f?' **'*,|*m***er» J A M E8 HEY* ITT,
Yi.Quat-rier master,will toH int nre
her regular trips on the lirsi rile of the water, leaving
Miibii.k, every SATURDAY evening ut 6 o’clock,
and YV a us aw every MONDAY ut 12 o'clock.
For height or pasb.igc, having superior uccomn.o*
daiiuns, apply on laiaid or tn
net21 220tf 75 Comtnerce ami 72 Front streets,
The steamer QUEEN OF THE
SOUTH, Cupt.S. S. Maes ie, (hav
_n* ing been thoroughly overlianied in
tiie ^t Louis Dry Dock and repaired under the di
rection of the inspector for Insurance Companies
there, and to the snlislurtiun of the offices in this
city,) will run regularly in the above trade the pres
ent season. Any business confided to this boat will
be sit icily attended to.
For freight or passage apply on hoard or to
nj * The new and splendid double en
gitie strainer *AM HALE, F. M.
jj^aaMETlir^,4*V & Johnson master,w ill leave forMone
gonicy eveiy \\ EDNESDAY at 5 o'clock PM. and
arrive Friday morning. Leave Montgomery every
FBI DAY at 4 o'clock pm, and arrive in Mobile
.Monday morning. Foi freight or passage, having
superior accommodations, apply on board or tn
d*c3 ('YMLBELL. OWEN &VO. Agents.
FOR M« >\TG< i.MERY—'Weekly PacEetT"
b. ry****-\b% The fi n* passenger steamer NEYV
1./-^ '^7 ^YY~ORLD, J. Bryan muster, will
irun as a regular weekly packet
ihroitghoui the .season for the above and all interme
diate landings 'raving Mobile every SATURDAY
eve-i ng at 5 o'clock, and Montgomery every MON
DAY morning i.t 10 o'clock.
For freight or passage, apply on board. oct28
MOBILE ft MONTGOMERY wekki.v paikkt.
b- »| • The stentnef MONTGOMERY,
**B• Bullard master, will tun during
season as 9 regular weekly
picket, leaving Mobile every SATURDAY, at 5
o’clock pm., and Montgomery -every MONDAY’, ut
10 o'clock a M.
For freight or passage apply on hoard or to
oct30 Muses" Waring, Agent.
br ^ 'Pile st' iimci CAROLINA, Peter
rd d ■ Ca troll master,will tun as a regular
fta^rrr. l,iw'k el the ensuing season In-tween
Mobile ami Ln Kcusvdie; leaving Mobile every
WEDNESDAY evening at 6 o'ulnrk PM.
For freight or passage apply on hoard or to
oct» M. WARING.
The steamer MINERVA, Capt.
A Burgess, will run regularly
during the season to the aliove and
all intermediate ports. For freight or passage applv
on bnJiil or t<> ABERT & PRENTICE, *
n-v2*i Commerce-iit.
v» l.thL 1 l',U hfcj run GAINESVILLE.
**k The steamboat NEW KKA, J . W
kyl*** hipster, will ply during the /ire.
wuShUa£U. *nt reason,as n regular weekly park,
i »*l between Mobile mid Gainesville, leaving Mobile
•■very SATL RDAY EVENING, nt 5 AVIock.
I •. bl ight or patsaye, having 9U|»M ioi'accommo
dation-, aj>pl\ on iioard or to
tm%» MOSES WARING, Ay nt. S8 From-m.
j -SCHOOL, (Vo. 88 GovcrumrtU «/rrci.— Hr*. G.
: «dl lesmue the duties ot her school on the 1*1 of
I Noveinlier rmxt. The course of ibairuction embrace*
1 all the hrnticlicB of the Eugli-li and Freuch langua
ges, proper fur a female education.
Term* ol iunion—j>o. Sb and £7 per mouth.
Board and ttiiuoa—*20 and *25 per month.
Parents to fiirnieli Bed, Bedding, Towel* and
Napkin King
Mimic rtanged separately. octlb 2lStf
SCHOOL NOTICE—Notice is hereby given that
the School Committee of the Ho-«rd of School
Commissi an n* will receive application for the ad
mission of 15 poor scholars, to the school kept by
Mr. Selim lei Clarke in the Barton Accademy Pa
rents and guardian* desirous to avail themselves of
thin notice, %vill be pleased to die their application
in writing with the imdei signed, on or lie fore the
third day of jitnuarv next.
dec4U2 JOS W. I.ESESNE, Chairman.
1AVV No PICE—John T. Tailor rtr»«T~E. D.
J Boli.'TK have funned ti pminerJiip in the
Piiiclice oft lie Law under the name and style of
'Pa ¥ lor & Bui lock.
They will practice in all the Court* of Mobile
county, and will attend regularly the Circuit and
County Court- of Walking urn, Clarke, Monroe,
Coue-mli mid Baldwin.
Other—On «:»**t side of Royal street, four door*
north of Dauphin street. * dec6 OKniu
Law NOTICl.—J*bat \\ ooDWARosad Tho.
mas Woodward have associated in the prac
tice of the l aw, and w ill practice in the Courts of
Law and Equity in the -folio wing counties, vix: —
Macon, Russell, Lafayette, Rand nlpli, Ta!lap<> .-a,
Benton and Talladega ; also, in the supreme Court
at Tuscaloosa.
QtJ-OUicH at Talladega, Ala. dec9sy
Law noth e—j. w. lesesnb tMlwnf
lire I.ah in the count ies of Mobile, Baldwin,
Washington, Clarke and Munrue, aad attena reflu
arly the sessions of the Circuit Court* held in those
counties. \
Messrs. Campbell and Chanih.i:k will attend
to the issuing of writ* lor me during my presett’ ab
sence on the Circuit.
-mw 229+tl J. W. LF.SE5NE.
Cl ■JpAiiG — B V\ . MILLER tespecially lender*his
thunks in his patrons him! cnstomeis f«j the pa
tronnge hitherto bellowed on himsei!, as well as the
late linn ofW’M. Pool & Co., and be would hereby
inform them that lie has removedRo the store o* Mr.
DANIEL TILLOTSON, uud wouh solicit for him
the lame patronage. ilrcfl
Uf HITE LEAD—The undersigned will be con
stantly tapplied with the above, from (he well .
known mnnufantory ol Messrs. A. 8. & E. Roberts
fc Co., Philadelphia, which they offer lew to tho
trade lor cash ur on tin*.
Bagging .mdiOPE— ?.
350 pieces Hn*giug, in 100 and 58*d. pieces
250 coils dope, of die well ktywn Maysvdla
hi mi l, landing t" in sir ‘i n Fashion avid Crania

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