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The Delaware register, or, Farmers', manufacturers' & mechanics' advocate. [volume] (Wilmington, Del.) 1828-1829, July 11, 1829, Image 8

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7 19
7 18
7 17
7 17 I morn.
7 16
7 15
12 Sunday
IS Monday
14 Tuesday
15 Wednesday
16 Thursday
17 Friday
18 Saturday
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11 33
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1 29
Re-animation of frozen Fish. —In winter the Cana
dian fishermen erect lints on the ice of the lakes and
rivers, and cutting a hole in the ice, enclose it with a
of straw, &c. to shelter themselves from the
Sitting inside the screen, they sink their
hooks through the hole made in the ice. Amongst
the other fish so caught are perch in abundance,
ter hauling them up, if thrown aside ou the ice, they
speedily become frozen quite hard. They then take
them home and place them in water near a fire ; in a
short time they begin to exhibit symptoms of re-anima
tion—the fins first quiver, the gills open, the fish grad
ually turns itself on its belly, moves at first slowly a
bout the basin, and at last completely revives and
swims briskly about.— Edin. N. Phil. Jour.
Cold wind.
A f
By a letter from Worcester, we learn the following
particulars of a very novel and quixotic adventure :
On Friday evening, a little before sunset, two gentle
(to all appearance) rode up to the hotel, with a
fine horse and ehaise, and requested refreshment and
lodgings for the night. After refreshing themselves
they walked down Main-street, arm in arm, and at
tracted considerable attention from the citizens by
their unusually polished appearance. About sunset a"
man, post-haste, arrived in town, with advertisements,
offering a reward for a couple of gentlemen, who had
absconded from Albany with a hired horse and chaise.
Our young gentlemen were immediately suspected,
and accordingly were arrested and examined. They
confessed themselves the rogues, and were committed
After their commitment it was ascertained
to prison.
that this brace of rogues were females! They are
thought to he about 18 years of age, and their novel
introduction to the citizens of Worcester has already
drawn to their temporary residence a host of curious
and admiring visitors.— Lancaster (Mass.) Gat.
« — ©Ö®' —
The end of the Laic. —A Canadian paper contains
•six columns of advertisements of sales by the Sherilf,
concluded by the Coroner's notice of the sale of the
goods of the sherift'!
"M" OST, on or about the first of April, a brown and white
JLi pointer DOG, having a email portion of hair scalded off
the left side, and answering to the name of Carlo: whoever
returns the said dog to G. Parry, Bayard Hotel, Wilmington,
or gives such information that he may get him again, shall re
ceive a liberal reward. GIBBONS PARRY.
Wilmington, June 26th, 1829. 36—3t
RY. The subscriber takes this method of informing his
friends and the public in general, that he has commenced the
above business, in all its various branches, at JV*o. 20, Mar
ket-street, Wilmington, Delaware. Where he intends keep
ing on hand, an extensive assortment of all the above articles
in his line, made of the best materials and by selected work
, which will be sold at the lowest rate for cash and good
May, 1829.
N. B. Country Merchants and others, can be supplied at
the shortest notice.
Fifteen or twenty Journeymen wanted immediately, to work
upon coarse Shoes and Boots.
MERY, of a superior quality, and of all sizes, imported
from London by B. Richardson & Son, of Philadel
phia, may be had at the Dmg ft Chemical Store of the sub
scriber, No. 135, Market-street, Wilmington; who is ap
pointed Agent for the sale of the same.
The above article (selected by a person specially appointed
fpr that purpose,) will be found by Manufacturers, Machinists,
and others using it, to be preferable to any heretofore offered.
May 16th, 1829.
B. A fresh supply of DRUGS St MEDICINES just re
eved, and for sale as above.
MINERAL WATER fountain open.
B OOTS,SHOES & TRUNKS —James M'Neal, grate
ful for past favors, informs his friends and the public
generally« that he has on hand a large and complete assort
also—misses', boys' & CHILDREN'S do. of all kinds of
Leather, Morocco, Lasting, &c. which will be sold at the
following prices for Cash, viz:
Men's fine cordevan Boots from
Do do calf skin do
Do do Monro cordevan.
Do do do calf skin,
Do do Shoes & pumps, cordevan,
do calf skin,
to $3 00
3 50 to 5 50
1 50 to 1 75
1 62 to 2 00
1 25 to 1 60
1 50 to 2 00
Do do do
Women's lasting shoes full trimmed, and of
the latest fashion.
Do Valencia & Denmark satin,
Do Leather, ...
Do Morocco, -
Children's do ...
1 12
$1 00 to
75 to
75 to
50 to
35 to
1 00
1 12
1 12
. do
A L80,
A large assortment of Hair and Leather Trunks, Port
manteaus, &c.
N. B. Liberal deductions, and terms easy, to country
merchants and wholesale deulers.
Wilmington, May 16.
A DMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE —All persons having de
mands against the estate of Wu i. Puole , dec. late of
tho Borough of Wilmington, arc hereby requested to present
them, legally attested, for settlement, and those indebted to
the estate, are requested to make immediate payment, to
SAMUEL S. l'OOLE, Jtdm'r.
Brandywine, 6 mo. 15, 1829.
AFAYETTE HOTEL, Market-stWilmington, Del.
Robert Eakin, sincerely returns his thanks to those
of his friends and others who have been pleased to favor him
with their custom, and hopes by paying strict attention to his
Establishment, to have a continuance of their past favors, by
giving him a call. His table lie intends shall, as heretofore,
be furnished with the best the market does afford, and his li
quors of the best quality. His chambers are pleasant, cool
and well furnished. His stablings are large, commodious, and
under the superintendance of competent Ostlers. Persons go
ing on to the City in the Steam Boat or Stage, and leaving
their Horses, may depend upon having every attention paid
to them until their return.
HORSES, GIGS and CARRIAGES, will, as heretofore, be
kept for hire.
N. B. EXPRESSES provided to travel in any direction, at
the shortest notice.
June 19, 1829.
A MERICAN SLATES.—A. & H. Wilson, inform the
friends of Domestic Manufactures, that they have for
sale, American Slates, superior in quality to the im
ported , and much better framed ALSO, a general assort
ment of School Books and Stationary, at 105, Market street.
^^PINDLE MAKING .—Pierson Walker , respectfully
^5* inform their friends and the public, that they have com
menced the Spindle making business, at the Soutli end of Bran
dywine Bridge, Wilmington; where they will make Stretcher,
.Mule, Billy & Jenny Spindles; equal, if not superior,to any
imported:—as the best Steel will be selected, and no pains
spared to make them work well, they solicit u share of pat
Spindles repaired in the best manner; Warved according
to order, with Iron, Brass, Composition, Wood and Leather
Also, Brass Castings in general. Steps and Bolsters finish
ed to suit the Spindles. Turning of any description.
OCJ* Orders from a distance promptly attended to.
May, 1829._
OACH MAKING.—The subscriber, thankful to his
friends and the public in general, for the very liberal
patronage, heretofore received, would inform them that he
still continues to pursue the above business, in all its various
branches, at his old stand, No. 149, MARK ET-ST., Wilming
ton, Del.—where he makes and repairs all kinds of Carriages,
in his line; such as COACHES, BAROUCHES, GIGS, Dear
borns, &c. He now has on hand and FOR SALE, a number
of New Gigs and Dearborns, warranted for one year:—Like
wise, a great variety of second hand gigs and chairs , in com
plete order. Also, a handsome supply of new and second
hand Harness; all of which will be sold very low, for cash,
or good acceptances.
N. B. A great variety of unfinished work, in a state of for
wardness—which can be finished immediately to order.
April II.
WAÏM'S PANACEA, Wholesale & Retail, at M. JOHN
SON'S, (Sole Agent) No. 90, Market Street; —
where may be had a general assortment of DRUGS and ME
DICINES, of the best quality.
April 29._
I CE.—The subscriber, having a very large quantity of
ICE, will undertake to furnish families throughout the
season, at tbe rate of fifty cents per week, for a peck each
morning—or for half a peck, thirty-one cents.
May 21, 1829. 30—4t
mrOTICE.—The subscriber having been appointed one of
11 the Constables of Newcastle County, by the Court of
Quarter Sessions, at their late session, informs the public that
he is prepared to attend to any business in his line. He also
offers his services to those who may desire them, in collect
ing accounts in the Borough or neighborhood. His residence
is in Wood street, neur the Bear Tavern.
Wilmington, June 6.
U AN AWAY from the subscriber, on Sunday last, Wil
liam Barnet, apprentice, about Eighteen years of age,
and has three yearn to serve, lie had on a dark brown '
nett roundabout and trowsers of the same, and straw hat:—
he had also with him a blue coat and Pittsburgh trowsers.
Whoever will give information, so that he can be got agwaj
shall receive six cents reward—but no chargea. All persons
are warned not to harbor or employ said apprentice
Near C'entrevillc, Del. June 3, 1829.
B RUSHES of the moat approved kind for Theorem Paint
ing, at 75 els. per dozon. Drawing paper, Camel'a
Hair Pencils, Water Colors, Bristol Board, Gold and Silver
Paper, and a variety of papers suitable for fancy work, at No.
103, Market-street.
June 6.
67, Market-street, Wilmington, lately occupied by Wil
liam Rowan & Co., opposite Eukin's Hotel. Tbe subscribers
have just opened a handsome assortment of Dry Goods, which
they will sell wholesale or retail at reduced prices, consisting
in part of blue, black, brown, olive and mix'd Cloths, super
fine, fine and low priced; Casaimers and Sattinets; Irish Linen,
long Lawn, linen Cambric and Handk'fs.; Cambric and furni
ture Dimity; Cambric, jaconet, book, Swiss and mull Muslins,
plain and figured; a handsome assortment of Calicoes and
Ginghams; table Linen, Diaper and Crash; 4-4 Bobinet.ani
bobinet and thread Laces; Pungco, Canton and ItalianCrapes;
Italian, Muntua, gros de Naples, Florences, Levantines and
Sarsncts; Silk camblet. Bombazines and Lastings; Silk, Va
lencia and Marseilles Vestings; white, blue and yellow Nan
keens; cashmere, silk and gauze Hundkerchiefs, &c.; togeth
er with a general assortment of Domestic Plaids, Stripes and
Checks, 5-1, 4-4, and 3-4 brown and bleached Muslins, Bed
Tick ings, Pittsburg Cords, &c.
All of which they invite their friends to cnll and examine.
April, 1829.
EMOVAL.— Charles G. Denny respectfully informs
his friends and the public generally that he has re
moved his CURRYING ESTABLISHMENT from No. 17,
to J\'o. 23, West Frovi street , between Shipley and Orange,
next door to George Simmons's Grocery Store ; where be
intends keeping a good assortment of Leather.
Wilmington, April 4, 1829.
THAW Colored & While Navarinos.—Misses Wil
son, Milliners , have opened in a part of the store, Ab.
105, Market Street , an assortment of MILLINERY, with
Navarino, Leghorn, Straw, Batiste and oiher Bonnets. Leg
horns and Straws whitened and pressed—and Hats or Bonnets
made to order, in the neatest manner, on moderate terms.
E. Wilson purposes teaching the much admired art of
Theorem Painting, at the above place, where specimens
may be seen _____
USIC.—A great variety of Music for the Piano and
Harp, for sale by A. &. H. Wilson, No. 105, Market
where may also be had, at the lowest prices, School
Books, Writing and Letter Paper, and a general assortment
of Stationery. _ _____
L AST NOTICE.—All persons indebted to the estate of
Benjamin Brown, deceased, late of the Borough of
Wilmington, are requested to make payment on or before the
20th of July next, and those having claims against said estate
are desired to present them to JOHN BROWN,
Surviving Adm'r. of Benjamin Brown, de e>
June 13, 1829.
ERVANTS FOR SALE—Several black female servant»,
from 14 years of age and upwards, for a term of years,
Near Newark
June 9, 1829.__ 33—4tp
P APER HANGINGS—An assortment
PER, of the newest fashion, and Fire Board Patterns,
of the latest importation from Paris, for sale cheap, by
No. 106, Market street.
T O PARENTS.—Josei-h Nokmai* respectfully >nforni!>
the Lad.ee of Wilmington, that he still continu«
manufacturing of Ladies', Misses' and Children's Boo »
Shoes , of the latest patterns;—under, his own immediate
spection—so that all his talents shall be employed to re
his customers satisfaction, both in article and p r ' c ® -
establishment is at the corner of French and Thud ft
Wilmington, May, 1829.
may be had by applying to
f "~ EGH RICHMOND— Memoirs of Legh **
J thor of the interesting history of the Dairym*
Daughter," for sale by A. & H. Wilson.

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