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The Delaware register, or, Farmers', manufacturers' & mechanics' advocate. [volume] (Wilmington, Del.) 1828-1829, August 29, 1829, Image 8

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4L ** ie ^ oa( * Accounts of Christiana
Hundred , for the year 1828.
Cash in Bank of Delaware
do. m Farmers' Bank, Wilmington
Tax laid for the year 1823 on doliarage.
27,841 66 at 8 cents to the 100 dollars
$160 01
536 12

835 24
-1,531 67
tiy the Bank of Delaware t
1828. July 1. Onb in faror of Win. Sim
mons, for mason work
132 05
do Joseph Pierson,
27 96
160 01
By the Farmers * Bankt
Sept. II.
1 m favor of Peter Hendrickson, for ex
3 13
* 1 do Archibald Armstrong, for commis
sions, lime. &c.
1 do Levi Springer
1 do William Armstrong
1829. Jan. 8.
1 do Joseph Hendrickson, overseer
1 do Samuel Gregg
1 do Eli Grave
1 do David Stidham
1 do Robert Crossley
1 do Joseph Pierson
IS 49
10 00
do & clerk 16 00
59 40
172 51
134 48
15 85
40 42
66 09
536 42
By Aron Justis , Collector :
1923. Sept. 11.
1 do Joseph Pierson, overseer
1 do Robert Crossley do
1 do Win. Chandler, for stone
1 do Samuel Gregg, overseer
1 do Joseph Hendrickson do
1 do Thomas Lvnam
1 do David Stidhatn
1 do Eli Grave
31 78
94 15
14 55
109 60
122 88
86 84
51 36
128 94
1 do George McCullough, for smith w'ork 6 13
2 87
33 66
1 do John McCullough
1 do John C. Phillips, for 9cantling
1 do J F. Clement, for publishing acc'ts. 3 00
1 do Samuel Harker
1329. Jan. 12.
1 do Joseph Pierson, overseer
1 do Thomas Lynam
1 do Nathan Grave, for mason work
Feb. 11.
1 do N. Bassett and J. Hendrickson,
regulating street
l do Borough Council, building an arch,
Errors allowed Collector on doliarage
1029 17
His commissions on sum collected, 604 36,
at 6 per cent.
16 29
5 25
11 25
2 00
175 27
30 87$
4S 26
-1624 38$
M Tty
Road« in debt* ta Aron Justis, May 7, 1829,
1531 67
Bond Commissioners.
ULTURE OF SILK.—" Practical instruction* and di
rections for Silk Worm Nurseries, and for the Culture of
the Mulberry Tree," by Felix Pascali*. M. D. of Nt
York, for sale at No. 105 Market street. Price 50 cents.
R EMOVAL.— Charles G. Denny respectfully informs
his friend* and the public generally that he has re -
moved his CURRYING ESTABLISHMENT from No. 17.
ta Ao. 23, H r e»f Front street , bei ween Shipley and Orange,
next door to George Simmons's Grocery Store ; where he
intends keeping a good assortment of Leather.
Wilmington, April 4, 1829.
23— 6m
RY. The subscriber takes this method of informing his
friends and the public in general, that he has commenced the
above business, in all its various branches, at .Vu. 20, Mar
ket-street , Wilmington, Delaware. Where he intend* keep
ing on hand,
m his line, made of the best materials and by selected work
men, which will be sold at the lowest
extensive assortment oi'all the above articles
N. B. Country Merchants and others, can be supplied at
the shortest notice. ,
Fifteen or twenty Journeymen wanted immediately, to work
upon coarse Shoes and Boots. i
mrOTICE —The co-partnership heretofore ousting between ;
JN the subscribers, trading under the firm of A. & H. WIL- j
SON, is this day dissolved, by mutual consent. All persons •
having unsettled accounts will pleaso prevent them for settle-.
ment, to either- of , he undersigned. ALBERT WILSON,
August 1, 1329. HENRY WILSON. j
o for cash and good
Mav, 1929.
(^WAIM S PaNAÇEA. —T he following letter from Doctor I
►3 John Howell, of Trenton, N. J., a regularly bred phyai- !
cian of scientific practice, will show his opinion of Swairn'a ;
Panacea, and his desire that his name may be used to recoin- j
mend it: the testimony which he gives in the following cases
cannot fail to be interesting.
Mr WM. Swaim, Trenton, June 7th , 1827.
Dear Sir—I have just toceived your letter of the 6th, re
questing an answer respecting the cases of Pulmonary afiec- :
tions, &c. that 1 some time ago mentioned to you. I am sorry j
that 1 am not able to comply with your request, as I keep no
regular docket or register that Ï can refer to for the treatment j
I and symptoms. But as far as 1 can recollect, 1 am fuWy por- j
♦ suaded they were both in a very critical situation:—they com- !
j plained of great pain in the thorax, and difficulty of breathing; (
1 they both had a distressing cough and a free expectoration of |
mucus. But since they hav e commenced taking your Pknacea, .
they have experienced a wonderful change; tho pain in the j
thorax is better, the cough is not so troublesome, and the ex- ;
pcctoration is lessened; they still continue the use of it, and
1 have no doubt, with attention to diet and dress, they will be
My »on, who is afflicted with an Epilepsy, Traust 9ay, since
he has commenced with your Panacea, has not had a single
return of his fils, now more than five weeks; and since the
commencement of his disease he has never before went over
ten day9 without having (hem. And I can say, your medicine
has done him more good than all that he has taken for the
lost three years. I have given him the two bottles that you
sent me, and I should be glad to know if I must continue the
use o! it any longer, and if so, you will oblige me by sending
another bottle, as I shall be directed altogether by your opin
My son, a student of medicine, related a case to me this
morning of a black man, who has had the King's Evil for four
years, and is now cured by taking three bottles of your medi
cine, as directed by my son. Toe black man is a laborer,
living about five miles fror^ this place.
I give you full liberty to publish this letter, if you wish it—
or as much of it as you think proper. And if iny name can
be of any use in giving your Panacea that character which it
deserves, you may use it with pleasure, and 1 shall ever feel
it my duty to recommend it to the public, as a safe and valu
able medicine. Yours, most respectfully,
03" Sold in Wilmington at M. JOHNSON'S (Sole Agent)
Drug and Medicinal Shire, *Yo. 90, Market Street.
July, 1829.
B OOTS,SHOES & TRUNKS.— James M'Nf ai., grate
ful for past favors, informs his friends and the pubhc
geneially, that he has on hand a large and complete assort
ALSO MISSES , BOYS & CHILDREN'S d« of all kinds ot
Leather, Morocco, Las.ing, &c. which will be sold at the
following prices for Cush, v
Men's fine cordevan Boots from
Do do calf skin do
Do do Monro cordevan,
Do do
• /:
to $3 00
6 50
1 75
2 00
1 ft».
2 U0
3 50 to
1 50 to
do calf skin,
Do do Shoes & pumps, cordevan,
Do do do do calf skin,
Women's lasting shoes full trimmed, and of
the latest fashion,
Do Valencia & Denmark satin,
Do Leather,
Do Morocco,
Children's do
\ 6 ;
1 50 to
1 no j
j o j
A large assortment of Hair and Leather Trunks, Port
manteaus, &c. 1
N. B Liberal deduction?, and terms easy, to country
merchants and wholesale dealers. '
Wilmington, May 16. 30—3in
, Ao - l l e8t "Wh street . opp-srfc the upp< : M r- 1
ket House, otters for sale a general assortment of READY
J N. J. will constantly receive the latest fashions from
Ne.v York and Philadelphia, which will enable him to attend '
more particularly to customer work, ar.d having already en- J
gaged the best workmen from the most celebrated houses in! l
the U. States, he will warrant every garment to give satis- :
faction. I
$1 00 to
75 to
1 1
- do
50 to
35 to
1 12
Sincerely thankful for the past attention of his friends, and |
the public, he hopes by diligence and care to merit an in-j
crease of their confidence and support. |
N. H. Country Merchants supplied at the shortest notice,
and on the most reasonable term.. *
Wilmington, Aug. 1, 1829. 40—3t ! it
...... „ .,---|
i ,£ T ci ' A , ■■ f ™ 15 to 16 01 *° ltMrn !
; GARRETSON. No" SO.'fvaXt-srrerf / where muYTAid !
j cheap for cash, men's fine and coarse Boots. Shoes. Monroes,
• and Pumps, according to order. Also, Women*«, Misses' and
Children's lasting, ralentia, satin, prunella,morocco and leath
er bonis and shoes. i
j Wilmington. August 8 41-4« j
! X having added the manufacture of moveable type toT
; Stereotype establishment, respectfully solicita a shans of th
j patronage of the Printers of Pennsylvania, and the adiar »
states. ^ en *
I Having a practical know ledge of printing; and also, having
been longer practically engaged in the business of Stereot !
mg, than any other person in the United States, he hones to
be able, from such experience, to give satisfaction to tho*e
who may favor him with their orders. From an intimate *
quaintance, for a number of years, (nearly eight,) with th
business of type founding, he hopes to be able to produce tvDe 6
equal to any offered to the printers of the United States ^ '
His prices, though low, will of course be the same us oth
ers in the same business. Nor will he attempt to violate truth*
or insult common sense, by pretending to anv " increased fa
cilities in the manufacture;" (for there are no other " facili
ties'* at present in tins city, than there were twelve years ago"
when type were from 40 to 50 per cent, higher than at pres
ent,) nor have the " materials, used in making printing types
been so greatly reduced," as to bear any proportion to the
reduction in the prices of ty pe. But the reduction has been
and induced by competition , and an overbearing disposition
in some of those founders, who have grown rich on the here
tofore enormous profit on type.
All sizes of type, plain and ornamental, for book and job
prinnng, from fourteen lines Pica, to Nonpareil, constantly
hand in such quantity, as to supply any order at short not cc
In tho choice of book-letter, pains have been taken to -elect
such faces, as are generally approved for symmetry, neatness
and durability.
He also keeps a complete printer's ware-house, (the onlv
one in this city,) and can furnish a complete printing-office.
at very short notice.
The following are his PRICES, at a credit of six months,
for approved notes, or acceptances; or & discount of five
cent, will be made for cash:
Six lines Pica, and all lar
Long Primer,
$ 30
Double pica, to five lines
F M . ca «
Great Primer,
Small Pica,
The pric
of ornamental and fancy type, have been redj
a greater proportion.
Old type received in exchange, at 9 cents per lb.
A Book of Specimens will shortly be published.
S'l ER EOT YP1NG w ill be done at the lowest prices, in the
be6t manner, as heretofore. J HOWE,
Corner of Crown and Callow hili-sireet«,
August 15.
* ^ COMMERCE —The subscriber, late commer
™ i ai editor of ihu Chronicle, hiving leased the Fountaio
l.»n, *••:!« e in Li^flit st eet, near B il nnore streei, the most
i KN THAI. PUBLIC HOU.' E in the « .iy, .s prepared to ac
'•«lliiwia c Tr.»veder> and Boarders i
tie thinks th
a manner with which
wdl be pleaded,either in good eating, drinking
and. erelong, with information. An extensive
nge of Stables being likewise attached, their horse« w ill be
ken « are of also.
or long ng
Terms—Dinner 50 cents; Breakfast or
Supper 87$ cents; Lodging 25 cents; or, for a day'« boarding
a,) d lodging, one dollar. Fam lies travelling, cun have dis
tin ct apartments if they wish. Horse* taken ai iiverv 24 hours
for a0 cents. And, not to bo a i loge: her out of fight of Ira d
!n £' a,lv e . d,,op or proprietor of a paper, any where, who will
j-.ve the foregoing three conspicuous insertions in the inner
Form, and send one of hi* papers containing it to the Fountain
Inn, shall have two days boardwig und lodging, he first tune
h« passes this way, provided too many do not cull at a tunc,
The Public *» ob't serv't, W. G. LYFORD.
Fountain Inn, L -lit a reel, Baltimore.
N. B. The Table of tho Fountain Inn will he ulwnv*» *un
plied with the substantial*, varies and da n'ies, not Jnlv of
the Baltimore, but of the Norfolk and other neighbors«* mar
kets. a.m»-.-* is
A»igu*t I».
£ »aRF-GS and MEDICINES, bo»n Patent and Offitinnl,
,n are included most of the rmentlv discovered
Chemical prepaiations, together with the principal
l >a,t l * ie n,oal valuable medicine« now in use, of the first
quality, an ^ u P«n reasonable lenns, may be had at the store
oi the subscriber, No. 135, Market street.
For sale as above, Dr RELFE'S BOTANICAL DROPS,
Teis is one of the most efficacious compounds in tho Materia
Medico, for the cure of thui via»« of inveterate Diseases,
produced by an impure state of the blood and a vitiated h .ti
it of body,' and usually exhibiting tbem4l'es in the forms of
Scrofula. Salt Rheum, Leprosy, St. A,Uhony's Fire, Fever
Sores, (even when the bones are affected.) H hite Swellings,
H°ead h ." itoldnlTscuJfutd *•'" J"'/* J""! 8ta,i
Carbuncle,! Faces and 'Vr.tr rîns Feintions ' l ' Mped
So. vrai severe case« of P,mul l £ . rsflmn'.led t « ,
one other of an emotion , ihüwhouüdv of
„1 , II * 1 „ V k ÎÎ7 w '" ole ' ,od >■ ol

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