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Absotuisty Pure
Thob. Hrwmw Kdltor
W. T. UcCmKinm. Dim. Mgr. and City Kd
AsanctatMl P.-eas Afternoon Telsgrerns.
Official rarer of BarnalilloConnty.
Official Ppor of City of Albnqnerqne.
I at eat City and Count? Circulation
Th Largest New Mexico Circulation
Largest North Arttona Circulation
ALniiyrKRQt'K. - January i. ims
BHN the year by subscribing for Tet
Ik Mexico a gold dollar le worth 13 14
In silver.
This year la totnt to be a hunmer for
progress and prosperity.
ConnaM will convene January 6, and
tha aamloa will probably last till nett
Ktkrt county la New Mexico l aoder
Uld withdeposltsof eoal and the precious
Ir w all work together this year, Al
buquerque can be mada tha moat proa
perooa eity In tha country.
Tm proposed partition of China la
tha biggest piece ot robbery yat under
taken by tha Christian natlona of tha
earth. -
Thi big telescope that U being con
sulted for tha Parla aiDmttlon will
bring tha moon within mile of tha
Thi war navies ot tha world ara gwth
arlng In Chlneaa water to ran bluffs on
each other and to ileal land from tha
Tbiri ara tbonaanda at aerea of good
eoal land In the rielulty of Gallup which
will be operated as the demand tor eoal
This la tha matt satisfactory New Year
for tha people ot the JJnltcd States alnce
they entered npon the free trade eiperl
meat In 1802.
Thi famine In Ireland appear to be a
dread reality. In aplU ot the effort that
hare been made to deny that great suffer
lag exist there. '
GitUT Britain Imported daring the
pant eleven montha 674.866 cattle for
food, 882,181 ot which were from thla
country, 121,864 from Canada and 02,206
from the Argentine Republic. -
Tut territorial board ot Immigration
bare ordered 00,000 pamphlets printed.
to be distributed at the Omaha eimal
tlon, where the territory will hare a
magnlfloent exhibit ot New Wexloo pro
An exchange giree this good ad rice:
A hall ton of eoal. a sack ot flour, and
dollar In money, given to some eeeerr
lng poor family, will bring tha donor
nearer to neaved than a dozen windy
TBI earn of $2ii0,000 U reported to
bare been offered for the. Bennett fc
Stephenson mine In the orcran moun
tains, near Laa Cruoee, .New Mexico, pro-
Tided the mine cornea up to the expects
tlone ot the experts,
Thi proposition to make the present
iana oourt ot uoiorsao. New Mexlo and
Arlsona. as soon as through with the
eonsldention ot private land claims, a
supreme court for New Ifexloo, Arltona
ana usianoma, is an excellent one. '
Uni of the bankers of New York 1
frank enough to say why he opposes
portal sarin banks. He say there are
already so many banks In existence that
"rales for money have been cot to a point
where there te little profit In banking."
a 1
Mown Is 110 object when Greater New
York wants to make a certainty of bar
lng Its children know something beyond
the act of pounding sand.' Over 6300,000
baa been appropriated for Increasing the
salaries of public school teachers, and an
additional f 10,000 for vacation schools
next year.
Tax Kansas state board ot agriculture
reports that there are now 40,000 more
aheep la that state than there were be
fore the ware of prosperity began to glad
den the waste places- A few more year
of protection to American Industry and
the United States will no longer depend
upon foreign countries for her wool
CoNuksaa U likely to pass an Immi
gration restriction bill maklns edoea-
Uon a requisite for cltiienehlp to the
United States. The republicans have
always been the party of progress and In
tellltenee, and It la not surprising that
the bill which makes this propjltlon
one of He Important factor isrtceived
with favor by that party.
Dciimo tha first ntnr moo of 18V7,
as compared 7th tK. mmt pariod of
18UQ, the exports ot agrleultnrel Imple
ments, as set forth In the prtuted re-
p rta, to all foreign parts, showed an In
rreaseot more than II per cent, The
due of the exports for the nine month
1 1 m was tl.7.4rt. while fur the cor
r pondlog period In 1M)7 the, value was
Thiei are tUOftOb barbers In the United
Bute and tbs higher classes of the pro
fession hare started a movement to de
rate and dignify It by aeeurlng legiauv
tlon that will correct some of the evil
from which they are now couplalulug
and restore to It the honorable distinc
tion which barber enjoyed in the old
day, when they took rank with phjbl
clane and mualotaua and artists.
Thi two most prouilneut and popular
eons of Indiana are Benjamin Harrison
and Norman Salty. The one Is an x
prestdeut ot the C-lted State and the
ler la middleweight ehamidon of the
world, under the name ot "Kid McCoy."
The glory of Hooalerdom culminates In
three two James vVhttcomb Riley might
he put Into a triumvirate with these It
poetry were only aa popular as politic
and puelllsm
Thi Indian school at Carlisle, Pa, Is
run on the prtnrlple that the way to elr
luxe an Indian I to f H him Into civil
lutlon, and the way to keep him civil
Ixed I to let him stay. Hence, education
n a reservation N almply thrown away.
Tn arelroW'ViJitjy and 837 girls at
In Carlisle school.
1.4 the dlitilct conn at Trinidad, Tors
lay, Mayo, the n.sn who has given th-
Sew Mexico, as w.'ll as the Colorado
officers so mnrh t noble, entered a plee
ot guilty of cattle stealing and was sen
tenced to nine and a bait years In the
Tm Democrat la unfair In It erltlrln
hen It Contends that the city should pat
for telegrams relating to criminals. TV
county and territory look after criminal
and all expenae coated In their arreet.
Ir ererybody will make It a eoleiui
doty to try to pay all hi bill at one
this city will start into the year 18
under most prosperous circumstance.
From the Chlrfuin.
There will be a greater acreage oi
wheat and other cmpa planted In th
Krleco country and In fact throughout
the entire western part of the count
than ever before In any previous year.
Fen. 0. Hamilton, the bright young
eon of Judge Hamilton, Is borne U spend
(he holiday with bta father and alster
He la attending the military academy it
Lexington, Mo and la getting alone:
finely with his studies.
John B. Terry, who Is attending the
Territorial University at Albuqoerqne, Is
home to spend the holiday with bl
parents. John I an exceptionally brlgl.t
and Intellectual young man, and la mak
ing great progress In his studies. .
George B. Byron,' superintendent of
mine of the Graphic Mining and Smelt
ing work at Msgditlena, and one of the
best mining men of New Mexico, wa a
welcome Christmas Visitor. He went op
to Albuquerque that night and remained
until the early part of the week before
returning home.
The Graphic smelter at Magdalene bse
been out ef blast for some time past
This was rendered necessary on account
of the almost continuous operation It has
been In since It was blown In, about
twenty months ago. The crucible hat te
be rebuilt, and Captain Kltch took this
time to do general repairs, aud also to do
extra development In the mine. The
smelter will be waroied up until Monday
next, when It will be tilled and the blast
turned on and "the valley will again as
sume an air of Industry."
I. U. H. .
Regular meeting of the above order at
iu o cioct snarp, Sunday morning. Janu
ary 2. at the hall on Gold avenue, be
tween First and Second streets. InstaU
latlon of officer, and all member re
quested to be present. -
On last Thursday night No. I Hose
company held a meeting at their bead
Quarter In South Albuonerona and
elected the following officers to eerre
during the ensuing year. .Henry Gle-
goidt, foreman; Samuel Akere, first as
sistant foreman; jonn Leighton. second
assistant foreman; C. D. Rogers, seers
taryt Prince LUlle, treasurer. The No. 1
company 1 Is composed ot husky young
gentlemen, and they know how to fight
W. V. Futrelle, the furniture dealer,
corner of First street and Gold avenue.
has engaged Mr. T. H. Rogere,anex
perlenoed furniture , man, having had
eight year experience with former em
ployer, Mr. Branch, of Rockdale, Teias.
Mr. Rogers will hare charge of the new
department of furniture and carpets.
Mr. Boners comes hl-hlr recommended
by the beet citisen of Rockdale.
' L. W. Perry and wife, of Granrille, O
parents of C. K. Perry, a well-known
gentleman ot Las Vegas, are In the
atetropoua. and bare a comfortable room
at the Ulshland house. Tha hava mt
several old friends formerly of Granrille
IB tills city. Mr. and Mrs. Perry will
return to Las Vegas the first of next
W. V. Futrelle, the furniture dealer,
corner First street and Gold arenue,
wishee his customers and friends a happy
and prosperous New Year, and extends
thanks for the liberal patronage fur the
year lust ended anl hooea to merit a
continuance of patronage for 18U8.
The Santa Fe Pacific ahona. whiah rive
employment to several hundred skilled
and unskilled workmen, are closed to
day and the employee are quietly cele
brating the New Year. The whistle will
bs heard at the usual hoore oq peit Moa
day morning.
Why pay li tO for a load of wood and
70 cents for cutting when the came
money buy a tm of Ceriillo bltumou
nut coal. 'which goes twice as far?
Uann a, Co. ,
Now that yon hara seen what you can
boy of Trotter, and hare mada hlaaa.
qua Intanoe, please call ofteu and yon will
always be pleased with the treatment
given yon.
Judge H. B. Hamilton, ot the Fifth In
diclal. district, was a passenger to the
metropolis last bight and has his name
on the register at Sturges' Kurope.
Mine Mabel Millie an. a nooular mlon
ecbool teacher at Barelaa, left last night
lor Laa Vega, where eh will enjoy a
vacation 01 several flay. ' '
Wm. Caseman, dill'y United States
marshal, with headqu .rters In this city,
returned last night trow the territorial
The best selected and largest stock of
staple and fancy groceries can ha found
at Trotter's on Second street
Your pick ot our cloak stock at lowMt
possible prioee. 1 The Economist.
A fall Has ot choice and fresh frulta,
nut add candles at Trotter's. ,
Use pasteurised milk and mtrntn If
yon hare lung trouble.
Eating apple, the kind ron Ilka, tnr
sal by Trotter.
Look at the barralna In dn
Th Economist. ,
Carving set and eutlsrr. TVmK
Hardware Co.
Plumbing. Whitney Co.
Infermarira Regarding Mining aad Kill
ing operation la the Coc-ltl.
TH SOLDI! cocim.
From Bland Herald.
The aoonal assessment work on the
Mont Carlo wa recently finished by F.
L. Frailer and Homer 1) wthltt.
The ameeement work was finished -on
the Adam, a valuable claim near the
Washington and Little Mollis mines on
Heneefnrth th best tiling elaltn along
the r Mite of the new Alhermirle road
will com lu for grat 4el as.1 on-
taut development. , ,
Charles Paxton, who has been persist-
Ingly ptitblng development on the Ellen
L for a long tlms ha encountered a rich
stringer of qnartt In the main tnnnel of
the property.
Kd. Kelly his shown the Herald two ot
the finest specimens of galena ore ever
seen, which be ssye en mo from ons of the
canyons east of Bland, where, he reports,
there Is quite a large rein ot It.
A force of roeu Is at work on the Lons
Star mln and newchutee are being built
and other Improvement are under way.
Last week a night shift w added to th
regnlar force and development will be
rigorously pnihed.-
A third interest In the Sou' hern ( ree
was, laet with, transferred by Chas. Mc
Coy and George Munshower, to T. W.
Brlggs, who Is at present developing the
property and b well opened the 18 foot
lead ef fine quarts that crops above the
surface the full Irnglh of the claim. 1
The present work on the J. S. H. in
Peralta canyon Is being done 160 feet
south of 1 1m old workings, on an ore
chute displaying fins qnarti of a high
grad . The new work t insist ot a new
shaft which Is Mug sunk lu tbn m.t
farm-Able plac aud Is showing the big
vein np well. 1
Notary Public Finch and Justice ot the
Peace Young report that thi number of
proof ef labor oil assessment w,rk on
mining claims la the Ooebltt district.
draughted by th greatly exceeds the
number filed with the county recorder at
any previous time In the camp' history.
This Indicates that rery few, if any, min
ing claim will be open for relocation at
12)01 a. m.. "to-night"
On Weduesday night ths gang at work
on the Bland end ot the Albemarle road,
In making a deep ld eat on th Pino
mining claim, opened np and erosaeat
the top of a 16 foot lead ot qnarti that
displays every Indication ot carrying ex
ceedingly high Sraldee la gold. The
Pino, which Ilea Just eaet of the Posey
and above the school bouse, le the prop
erty of George Hofheins, Ed. Smith, Kd
Leuibke aud M. L. Cole, who. It I de
clared, will Immediately take itep to
develupe the new aud undoubtedly rich
Urge Grant ef Land In Bernalillo County
Become Pabllc Domain.
The aupreme court of the United States
has dismissed the appeal taken by Lean
dro Sandoval et el- claimants. In what le
known as the Gal van grant ease. 1 '
Thla grant waa elalmed to have been
made In 1800 and contained about 30,000
acre In Bernalillo county, near the pu
eblo of Jemri. In the court of private
land claim the ease was dismissed In
181(3, an appeal waa taken to the United
States supreme court, which tribunal has
just sustained the decision of the lower
court.' The dismissal of the appeal ren
der this large tract of laad public do
main and subject to entry.
Tha Birth al the "Orvater" New Vorh.
With tbe dawn of the new year the
"Greater" New York 1 ushered lulo the
world a full grown giaut. The problem
of municipal government la to be put to
the snpremest text. VS llhln Its limits is
contained a population equal to that of
thirteen of our sovsrelgu elates at our
last census, aud aa numerous as that ot
the original thirteen states. Provisions
for tbe life aud health of this vsst multi
tude of all nations and cllmea Is an un
solved enigma. Thousands of sutlerers
In New York and elsewhere are wrested
from the grasp of that agonising com-
filalnt,' rheumatism, by th timely use of
iustetter'e Stomach Bitters, which Is a
preventive of malaria and kidney com
plaint, and a curative ot liver eoiuplatut,
constipation and nervousness.
WHltw Heraaa.
The following data, covering a period
ot twenty-five years, bare beeu compiled
from the weather bureau records at Stnta
Fa. N. M.:
Month of January for twenty-five
Mean or mormal temperature, 28 de
gree. Ths warmest month was that ot 187V,
With an average of 84 degrees.
The eoldsHt mouth was that of 1878,
with an average o( 2& degrees.
The highest teinpersiuie waa 7tl de
gree on January. ;A,.1.U7
Tbe lowest temueratnre was 18 bslow
xero on January !il.4 L. ,.
HutciHiT-TioH (rata and melted uow).
Average fot Itaeiuotjta, 0.6 1 Inches.
Averag nuabae ot ,dy with .01 t an
inch or mora. six. ' - 1
The greatest monthly precipitation was
1.61 lnehee la 1HH&. m n
The least monthly breoinitatlon
0.10 tnehea la K7.i
The greatset amount of preclplta
recorded In auy twenty-four conaeccj
hours wa lt Inch on. January HO
81, I8U9. 1 - 1 . v
Th greatest amount of snowfall
corded la may twenty-fear necut
hours (reosrd eitoudlngt tcorlnW
1XM-6 only) waa,7Ai Indies, en Ja
if ana ioj itwo, -
Average number ot clear dan
partly cloudy days, 10; cloudy days, 4
' " wina t v
The prevailing winds nave bean from
the nortbeaet. , .
Ths hlKhest velocity et the wlud was
thlrty-elirhtmllee from th north oq Jan-
try 6, lssa. ... H. B. Hthsiy.
Weather itorvau.
SaitaiiBtaadaat UleklaaM Baal-a.
John W. Dlokinsou.,' luperlutaadaut ot
the Gulf, Colorada ft Santo Fe railroad,
with headquarter at Temple, TexaaJ has
resigned bis 'position, effective January L
Mr. Dlokluaon ha been with the Canta
Fe tor four year, and 1 on of the beet
railroad men ' In Texas. Tbe place ha
been offered to an employe of the A.; T.
B. F, but bl reply Tum not yet been
received. -'' ' ' ,
tniBlayaa Hut ray Vp.
a circular ha been Issued to all em
ployes of the Oulf, Colorado At Santa Fe
that they will be reaulrea to oat ir
grocery, beard,' And doctor' bill with
rsaaoaaoi proaptn. . uuttiai stand
lag whisky eeoehte will b looked tpoo
a a nffldent caote fut Inetont die-
mll. The errnipanr the lately been
troubled a great etl by garnUhments, '
and It adopts this mthod aa a mean of
avoiding them in the future.
He 1 Wen p.,at. j
At thi National Stock Growers' eon ren
tl ii, to b held In Denrer on Jauuar 20, 1
2A aid 27, Secretary Wallace will read a
paper ou"fheep In the United States."
Mr. W allace' expel Imiee as a sheep ralKer 1
and bis kuowlcdge of the wool Industry
will ehaMe him to entertain the rheep
men of ths country In a profitable man
ner. New Mexican.
Stuiivrd Work,
Tbe strike ot the peuileutlary guards,
by which woik on the capital building at
Sanla Fe has been eupenUd, and on
account of which T. F.Clay Is spending
a tew days with hi family In this city,
shows no signs ot aa amicable settle-ment--'IsM
Vegas Optic t
Development of llw Min., hullJisg aad
Sciung of Macaiucry UuOitwjy.
Uuder the able sup rum. a ot G o. liof-
belualhe road Iiouj the Aloviunile group
of mine duwu Colls c.hi)oj, around the
pjiut ot the Lime Atollle aud No Naue
uilues to th couuectlou with 111 roud te
the Washiugtou mine, Is a line piece ol
work aud within a week of completion.
says U- Bland Ili-mld. (Jutts unex
pectedly the gratis doos not etceel 8 p. r
cent at the sUh psnt puibt and what Wi s
stippueed to be diflluuitie hate beeu eoi-
mouuteil Willi ease and fapliltly. TL
road, wheu flu I .died, may be ued for ai.y
purporte It may be put to. A coiupara
t.Vrly small amount of work remuius U.
be dobe beloie it will be perfectly t Ne
stle. The Albetukilu Uilue work is booming.
The new hginliug alum I up and in
place and almut ready for use. A lare
bouse fur living purpuees Is Well under
construction and will soon be teady for
occuptury. curvylug lor uiiii eiws and
olher buildings is going 011. A g'tug vt
meu la at woik above ine falls iu Petaita
Canyon deveKipitig water, which will bt
eonveyed by pipe over the mountain to
th Albemare, aud of which tbers will bs
lifflcleut luaumy fur auy and all pur
po'es. the mil re operations display tue
business of a hhe ot bees aud go f urih t
to prove that the right kind of people
have taken bold of this big aud valuable
Presbyterian Church Corner Silver
avenue and Fifth street. T. C. Heattle,
pastor. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p
m. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Y. P. H.
C. K. at 6:45 p. m All cordially Invltetl.
Lead Avenue U. K. church, corner
Lead avenue aud Third street. Suuday
aehool at 10 a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m
aud 7 A) p. m. by Bro. A. P. Morrison, the
new auperlutendent ot the mission; claea
meetlug, 12 m.; Juuior League, 8 p. m.;
Kpworth League, 11:30 p. m.. led by Miss
Shuhte aud Mlse Leekley,
The large audience which showed so
much interest In the address of Dr. An
derson at the closlug meeting of the
Christian Kudeavor convention last even'
lng, will be glad to learo that he will
preach at tbe Congregational church to
morrow evening the Baptist church
uniting In the aervice. All are Invited.
Cougregatloual church, Crondway and
Coal avenue, Frank II. Allen, pan tor
Service aa usual at 11 a. m and 730 p.
m. Dr. Galusha Anderson, of Chicago
university, will prescb In the svenlug
and the Baptist church wilt nnlte to make
It a mission service. Sunday school at
9:45 a. m. Y. P. S. C. K. at 6:30 p. m.
All teat free and a cordial welcome to
German Lutheran Kvsngellrnl St
Paul's church Rev. T. A. Heudrat, pas
tor. Sunday, 10:80 a. m., Oenuati New
Year's serniou aud celebration of the
Lord's supper; 2:30 p. ni., Gorman Suu
day soluwl. At 7:30, the New Year's
festival ot the Sunday school, connected
with th plunderlug of ths ChiUtuias
tree, will tuke place. All are invited.
St. Johu' Rplscopal Second Sutiduy
after Christinas celebration of the holj
communion at 7 a. ni. with sermon at
11:45 a. m.j morning prayer at 11 a. m.;
evenlDg song at 7:30 p. m. At the offer
tory a duett will be sung by Masters
Springer and Tascher. The daughter of
th king, HI Agnes chapter, will meet at
4 p.m.; Thursday, the Kplphauy, cele
bration ot the holy communion at 10 a.
m. Friday ths Lltamty will be said at
iM p. m.
First Baptist church, corner Broadway
and Lead avenue Preaehlug lu the
morning by Dr. Anderson, ot Chicago,
and the Lord's Supper afterward. At
night there will be no preaehlug at this
church, as all Jolu with the Congrega
tional church, where Dr. Anderson
preaches again at HW p. ni. Young peo
ple meet at (UO p. nu, to which ail young
people are cordially luvtu-d. Sunday
school at U:45 a. ni., led by the superin
tendent. Dr. W. S. Bray ton. Everybody
welcome to all these lervloe.
Highland Methodist church, on South
Arno street, between Silver and Lead
especially welcome. Come and oriL.
your friends with yon.
' Awarded
Highest Honorf World' Fair,
Gold Medal. Midwinter Fair.
A Per Orsp trtssi of Tartar Pewlsr.
To Benefit Others.
Ths Cdltor of Tha lea-ifUld Iowa Parmer
Writ af tha Oood Don by
Oft. miles' new majt oust.
THF.RP. AIR a vrrnt meny ansellleh
mn and woniffi rho irlh olhera to
know wlnt h; 1 rr-rtorrit thJm to
health and Imnpt'wv . ftr. C. i'. fnvla, pnb
llilifr ot on- -f I I . f -lew .1 .porln Iowa
wrltcafr.'tn I.'. - -..it, '.1 ! i. n' Iv 1MB. "My
d-tlratol ti fi.rMit rn -or.ji's rue t writ
th la. V 0 U J . UI11' rcmcnira is
nr family for nearly tr.o yc.ira vrito mnat
tN , -'Jt iut tl a iywnhM
W i.iriUyand dowa
C-rUB tUrV j 11. a' ly evi'iy aunimei
pV UmKK .A!"" I"-':"' ll"r
l&m?tA4n, ...,,:. In.l!,,
uroctirn for p wak. Itotrrrlnn Ki,)itiitlnff
hrart, and lr. JtllcV Nrrvu and l.lrt r I'lll
Ir. Mlli a' lUnn'ill. am sold by all drug
(1aU nnilnr a potlilvo sunmuti'4. Drat bottle
toneflta or mon.'y tvt u n14. lmok 00 Heart
and Nprvre Mnt fne to all appltt-anta
Thursday Eye., Jan. 6.
Special Engagement
Lilt 8 -13011'! G'ei'est Success Ih Delight
ful fomely-Drimt
Tennessee's Pardner 1
Suggested by Bret II arte' Celebrated
H'jmancc of the ti II If.
Bo'e Proprli tir atd Manager.
Beats on stle at Walton's Drug Store,
Monday, J.iuuirjr 3, 1 H'.iH.
PRICK", 5fpnd
Tlinusan.la nrn Yrylaif It.
In onlrr to imvi tlis frit n.otit of
Ely a I nam ! too mil cllcohvu cure
for t utarrli aiul : .1 t !'i II". ul, wo liave t'to-
pan'd a (ji-rioiwn t:i l r:zi fur 10 rents.
Ui t 11 or jour il;iy;; 1 1 r i.onil iu c:.u to
ely linos., r.n r u m , , nty.
IanTefid fiom 1! 1 rf I'll wnr t kind
ever imrt n Imv, mil i;..VLf b ihiI f.
cure, but Llv'i ('roam 1 I ot cevm to
even thuL M my noimiutioii'. a bare ux.'
it with eiorl.xnt rm.lu. ' Mar Uatrum,
43 Warren Avs., t litongo, III.
Ely's Cram Ilnlin 1 tlie acknnwImVeil
enra for eatarih and enntitin 110 coeainti,
Bierenry nor any injurious drug. Trioa,
10 aan at druKita or by niuu.
Ulvaa for tha Hcnrflt af tha Kplaimpal
Charon at Oranl'a (tpara Honu,
Jaaaary 4, isvs.
March Wlnila-Jrtiy Hoarnwalil. Leila Hu-
cnaiun, Irene :aiiit,yta iv una, Alma Kuarn-
. Uani-e of the Paper liollt-Klnlae Yrlaarrl,
r.llren McMulIrn, MilclnJ Km, Miulry
ivuiina, nicoia nuH-nikiu, name Kuna
Uaiay LMinlup, Ollle l.aune.
La Cacuc a KUiliw S riRarrt.
"hkule Meetiu' 111 lnntiick 18" I'ruf. Ward
Marsarrt. the tillnil iilrl Miaa I'urtrr
Aiiut'la, tlir bride Miu hilna M ilia
v. ripple jdiie I'rut. Want
Hnptiate, bruteii room Sam. I'lrkard
'ul, Mar.iri-i' linither Mr. V mi ri 11
rerfKAnia Mrs. Juaiin Mead, Mra. Hlakley.
jnaipMTri ncni, r.iuiiia Iluiliny, irclle
ballit, MiHNliuthrie. Allred Kruat,
K. 1- Mmller, K J. Alger,
liuil linker. Kotwrt
Danre of the I'eaiunla.
Spaniah (iypny Kaiue-Slililey Kulina, Lora
r in. tieuru le leuo(.
llant'e FUiia Milla.
Holig-Mni. Illakll-y.
houg aud Cliorua Mlaa Guthrie.
Urldal aong and choroa.
Danca f if th kiiaa lilldn.d I'm. Ijin, 4hI.
domrulite, llattlr Kuui, UeHie Haldrulwe. I li
ne i,aiiri, uamy iiuniau, ah rtey Kulina.
Keirlila Hoaenwald. klolM Yrlaarrl.
Hutirrtty Dance Ada Caiuplleld, Shirley
Tambourine Dance Lora Foi, Knima
Huiinm. Margaret Kent, buna Milla. Nam
I'll kard. K. J. Aluer. K. I.. Medler. Allrrd
ran Minuet Mlaaea lie a and I.I v Schua.
ter, leila Hui-tianan, Alma and Jetty Hoaen
wald, kdua Milla. I:euc saint, Myra Kuui.
Tha DUoovary of tha Day.
Auir. J. Boirel. the leadluir druarirlNt of
8hreveort, La., says: "Or. Kind's New
Ulscovery Is the only tiling that cures
my cough, and It lit the best seller 1
have." J. K. Campbell, uierolmnt, of
SaHord, Arli writes: "Dr. King's New
Discovery la all that Is claimed fur it; it
never falli and Is a sure cure for con
sumption, coughs aud colds. I cauuot
ay enough for Its merits." Dr. King's
Iew DlrH'overy tor comminution, coughs
sud told Is not an eiperimeut. It has
been tried tor a quarter ot a ceutury,
it iiHVer
e or
I ... . m MMHIU V Ul n
K. J. Chknev & Co. Tol- , . '
Ws, the undersigned, he p .,
Cheney tor the lat 15 yea . n.' 1
him perfectly honorable li Hi: .
traueactlons and UuaucUlh r -out
auy ubllgMtloiiH iiiade by t - ' '01,
Weht & ThaUK, VNholeaaU :-t .
i oledo, O.
Waluino, Kinnan A Marvin, :
UrugglHtM, Toleilo, O.
Hull's Catarrh Cut' tatakeu li' ,i. .1.
aotlng directly upon ths bl.
mucous eur faces of lb svulem. 1
iiioiiiuIh sent free. Price 76c pel 1 l
Sold by all druggist.
ra tha f ubllo.
We, the nnderslgued, agree to c.
onr resectlve places of business, af.
January 1, IHvh, every evening at
o'clock, r.lth the eaeeptlon ot Saturday
aud pay-days, uutll April 1, 18U8:
Ilteld Bros.; Leon B. Stern A Co.;
Rosenwald Bros.; Weinman A Lewlusun
(U. W ); James Gruuefeld; Oruusfeld
Bros.; 1). H. Boatrtglit; Golden Rule Dry
OooiUcompanyi th Wouder,
AM) 111 n. Ail(E
K0II1I fink HooVi'im for
P uliiiujt
. .fii.o'ianil up
.(! up
1 no up
8.50 up
HMO up
Itiittnn liiH-kerH from
K i'ifHtit 'Mux Tnlilis f.niii.
Ho'M 1 Hk 1 niil' a frrm
BiHntif'1 H' I'kiT" ftnni ....
Hi lid (I k ( ll ffolii 'ta from.
(Ins fitting. Whitney Co.
Vlelt The Ki'onomist art department.
Lamps an l tiinimlng. HhltneyCo.
I'm pneleurited milk and cream It you
tre eii'a.
(icH ilH Hdlil on the Inetallment plan
Whitney Co.
Largent axeortment of randy, flga, nuts.
etc., at a umioarno s.
Money to loan ou Improved real eHtate
Culley iV Ariuljo, city.
new lot of teas, at the usual low
nrii'ee, at A. Lomtmnlu s.
Illghent prices paid for gents clothing
i iiiirie, in tioui aveuue.
Ilouwa fnrtilHlied complete, on the In
Htnllment plan. H hitney Co.
Acknowleilged the beet, the Majewtlc
range. iKiiiauoe Hardware up.
Insure your life In the Kquitable. Wal
ter N. Parkliuret, general manager
High grade cloaks at prices ot inferior
qualities at ine hconomlst cloak sale.
Good place to buy fur collarette and
capes at tue uolilen Kule l'ry Goods eoni'
If von want anything In the binding
or joo priuilllg line, can at thklitickn
New line of brocaded silk drees skirts.
tillable for holiday gifts, at Golden Kule
ury uimmis company.
Hot chile eon carne served every night
at the BaradlHe. Do not miss It. Bache
rlil ti, Gioml, proprietors.
Leave orders at ths "Iceberg" for
Pallet's export and "blue r I boon" beers
In quarts aud pints. Charles ai. Geacb,
Unman stripe ribbon new lot just In
on special enle this week, 35 cents a
yard at the Golileu Itule Dry Good com
pany. K. K. Trotter calls your atteutlou to the
fart Ihut you can buy of htm cheap for
ra.-h, or credit, and have the choice of
tint liest stiK'k iu Hie city.
Blank books ruled to suit vou. ledirers.
journalH, etc. Give lis a call and exam
ine our stock, whether vou wleh to bur
or not. 8. K. Newcomer.
A peuny saved Is a penny earned, but
you will nave dollars by buying Cerrlllo
anthiHi'lte aud bituminous coal during
line com weainer. lianu ct U.
Kor the dauce: New lawn and cambric
underHkirts with deep ruillea ot lace aud
embroidery, all made new umbrella
etyle. JiiHt in, at The Kcouomlet.
A fresh stork of the following ehemsa
Jiiet received at Trotter's: Club bouse.
orii'k, Kocbfort, Kilam, pine appls, sago,
llmburger. Imported bwles full cream,
Now, about thst old etove of yours?
Throw It away and get a Majestic range.
The difference in price Is soon forgotten
when you have a convenience like a Ma-
Jeetio range tor years to come. Donahoe
tiuriiware to.
Table damaek worth ttOe. now 45c ner
yard; table ilamaek worth HOc, now &6e
tm yard; table damaek worth $1.40, now
1.10 per yard; table damaek worth $1.7B.
now $1.35 per yard. Ten yards "fruit of
ine i-oom miiNitu, toe. ttoseuwald Bros.
No-To-llat ft.r t-lliy Cortla.
Illl.rntlk ll .tUU.'fl i.a.1.1) trm I.
omu airous, bluoU iura. bog, si. All Urunaiats
Notlt-a to Clotblus Huyara.
The tuilortuB firm of PiiHhlnir A. And-
emoii have roiis out of biulueea aud I
have just concluded a deal with them
wheieliy I set all of their mleUta of this
sesHOii's make and several hundred pairs
of Hue pants, mads np out of their rem
nants. These goods will be thrown ou
the market uext week, and the biKKest
Bargains ever snown in thin cltj will be
offered. PlMON brkHN,
The Railroad Avenue Clother.
Take Laiatlve Broruo Quinine Tablets.
All drueuiHts refuud the money if It fails
to cure. 25a. The geuulue has L. B. Q.
on each tablet.
raataurlaad Milk and Oraaua Tha rrla
aiaa I'Naiaarjr.
I putting up paHteurizmi milk and cream
ul i lie name price that other milk aud
I- ui Is sellliiK for. It is ths ouly milk
' h sick people on use with safety
' ll. Call new telephone lt7 or wagon.
er hearing some f rleuils continually
n I'lmnilwrluiu's Colic, Cholera
larrhiea Kemedy, Curtis Klin'k, of
u. California, purchased a bottle
uIh owu urn, aud Is now as en
' cover lis wonderful work as any
e. The 25 aud 50 cent slses tor
il.alll Xiuaa fraaant,
o World's Kair diploma and
led Caliluet (irand piano at a
rs. Absolute guarantee for
3(i South Second tttreet.
' vbody Sara Ua.
v I'ullmrtU', the rnntt won
t'ovrrv of Ilia aire, pitaa
X to the ta.le. ai'l goutly
'ilnea, llvuraiid iHiwala,
1 atal.'in. lllRl tolda,
', lialjiliiul rouailpailoo
buy auil trv a bos
UA, M)iuia. bulUaod
all druygiats.
W- J .L.rV !
L2l i
l- ii j
for the
rtPrces Unheard of in New Mexico
K you are ifoinjr to buy a present for the holidays, why
lit t bi. aomething that is useful, and at prices that
will suit your pocketbooks, such as Book-cases,
Chiffonieis, Sideboards, Ladies' Desks, Fancy Parlor
Tables ard Chairs, in fact, a thousand and one th'njt
to cho ise from.
if '
A large line of handsome Doll Carriage, D 11
leds, Cradles, in fact everything to mtke the
little ones happy. Come and look over our stock
fir yourselves. No trouble to show grx-ds.
Corner Sontli Second Street and Copper Avenue.
THF D 1 1 171 IMflTflM
u w itki I tu I ui t
s. rr-
r. 111! Ill
Vl I t I'l
5 lUUkt.
Horse Owners, Attention
For Sileby "MANN,' The Scconl-St. SAiIiiler.
Cor. First n Cold, HM
jr. o. yiTx3Fg,iJoca--j
NaflT and
U jaw ilii mumm ir"W
Iluildlnr Pa par
Ja-aysln Stock
First St. and Lead
Albuquerque Foundry
Iron and Brass Oaatin s I Ore, Coal and
ttabbll M (jolamns ana iron rroats lur Bau lings Kspalrs on
Mining and Mill Machinery a BpMlalty.
---Old Reliable"--
Wholesale Grocer 1
FLOUR, GRAIN & Ssff-tsu.
PROVISIONS. -istaple : groceries :-
Oar Lata Ipaolaltv,
Farm and Freight Wagons I
llun'l Tol. 1. 1 t S . mill STi..l,v luurltr Aa.j.
To guit lnl.m. rij ti.4p.ily nu.l furoviT, ta diku
.Iftlr. lullul llff. ihtv'i uitil liH'tr, tuka No'lu
llao, the wonder wurio-r, that inaloH wr.ak men
Miaong. All drugtr.ata, mki or SI. Curairnaran
Uttd lkhaiti arid aample fraa. AiMrwaa
Starling Haoiedr Co, Chlcaso or New York.
While making extra efforts to secure
everything to please the public during
the holiday season, Trotter always keeps
a full line ot the test goods to be found
Bee the Eoouomlet window display of
specials in ladles' underwear. A good,
honest value at 35 cents now sells for
ii eents.
Memorandums ot all descriptions at
Newcomer's. Come early before the as
sortment le broken.
Economical buyers will find genuine
bargains at the Economist this week. I
Rniimotpil Iron Be.ls from.
Mid Onk KoMIng Beds,
... .... t;.0P up
, 1H.50 np
.oo up
I0 up
7.60 np
truin ,
Hat Kneks from
BeK t'otirli or l-ounifpa,
nr l'lnili. from .
Single Couches from
A hone cannot get
them off, no matter
how much he rolls
or tumbles in his
stall or paddock.
You will find it
Yo j will save the cos
of Blanket in Feed
and Labor in less
than three weeks.
It keeps the bair
sleek and the horse
always clean.
WIioleHale and Ketail Dealer
SoIl Cheap for Cash or on
tiie liiNtMlInifnt IMjiii. Alui
rented at reaWuhuLle rates.
i Albuqasrqae, New Mexico.
Sub, Doori,
lllidi, Platter,
till, CtDIOt
Ave., Albuquerque.
and Machine Works
Lumbar Cars I Shafting, Pulleys, Grata Bars
Ta ba (aua4 Baathwaat.
That at Thr Citi.kn olllce you can
have printed:
Vleltlng cards.
Invitation cards,
Letter heads,
Bill heads.
or any other kind of commercial print
ing; slso tlret elans binding. Work neatly
and promptly executed and at reasonable
rates, lilve us a trial aud lie oonvinood.
To f'ura Ciu.iii4
TaUa i ' i. urru I ! vi
II li. I'. IV (all tocurH. tin.
I orir.
rti.- lii- IT SAO.
r. fuuu Uioutif.
Wlas lr aala.
Natlvs wine, purs au l heallhful. at
ouly Wl cents a gallon and 1 j rents per
bottle at C. A. trrau.te's & north Broadway.

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