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he Albuquerque Daily
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4 Wanehn. Matty Sou at
WmcImb Maltf dona a
Haona Having a Close Call for
tbe Senatorship.
The Foslonlsts Elect Mason Speaker
of tbe House.
LI Hung Cntng Bitterly Denounces Ger
many for Invading China.
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 3. The contest
In tha house wm between Mason, anil
llanna, and Box well, Haona candidate.
The flrt ballot resulted: Mason ftfi; Boi
well, 63. Maxon was declared elected
amid g reat eiclteuient.
Tbe Ohio legislature eonrened at 10 a.
ni. The mucuses Saturday night were
Dot on the nual llnea between the re
publicans and democrat, some ropublt
can members liurlug formed a fusion
with the democrat for the defeat or Sen
ator llanna. The senate elands eighteen
d. mocrats and eighteen republicans, the
latter luctudtng Volght, elected on the
fusion ticket In Cincinnati, who did not
attend either cancan. At the senate re
publican caucua Hurke, republican, of
Clerelnnd, wa not only absent but waa
at the eame time nominated by the dem
ocratic caucus for preeblent pro tempore
of the senate. Tbe caucua nominated
Senator J. Park Alexander for president
pro tempore. The absence of Burke to
day therefore meant not 0'ily bin election,
but the election of eorue democrats for
the edicts of the senate.
Tin home stands 02 republicans, 47
democrat, the former Including the four
foslonlsts from Cincinnati.
At the republican house caucus there
were only 62 present pledged to Alexander
Hoxwell for speaker. Of the absentees
(J r i tlUh, of Clinton, waa the only one of
fering excuse. He was sick. The other
nine republican members were absent
because they are opposed to llanna and
regarded Hoxwell as the Hanna candi
date. These nine republican members
met with the democratic members and
Indorsed Hurry C. Mason, of Cleveland,
ntl-Hanna republican, tor speaker.
With these nine republicans and 47 dem
ocratic inembors Mam would have 50
vote, one more than necessary to elect.
but tome democratic members refused to
pledged to republican candidates for sen
ator, speaker or other offices In tbe organ
ization of the legislature.
It Is generally the belief of llanna, as
well as of all his supporters, that hi suc
cess depends on the organisation of tbe
' legislature. Ills opponeuta claim that
he will be defeated, even If the Boxwell
ticket was elected, and bis friends ad
mlt that the chances were against htm
If Bozwell was defeated.
It required an hour to examine the
credentials and swear In the lot) mem
ber. but the thirty-nix cenators soon
All were present In the senate chamber
except Burke, republican, opposed to
llanna. Voight, fusion M, from Cincin
nati, voted with the republicans, but
even then the vote stood 18 to 17 In favor
t the democrats, who elected all the of
ficers. 0. L. Darroll, democrat, was
elected chief clerk over A. C. Cain, rc
publican, the latter having expected re
election by Burke's preeeure. As Burke
was abeeut aud could not be sworn in, T.
K. Cri uiwell, democrat, was elected prea
blent pro tempore of the senate, but It Is
understood that he will give way to
Burke for the place as soon as the latter
arrives to ink tbe seat.
The democratic organization of the
senate was made complete in a quiet way,
while a detachment of policemen was
ueedul to hold back tbe crowd that filled
the hall of the house and pressed about
the entrances.
In the hall of the house tbe wildest
scenes were witneeead during tbe first
hour of tbe sen Ion. All of the 10U mem'
bers were in their seats. After the name
of Bt xell bud .been presented as the
regular republican candidate for speak
er, the name of Representative Mason,
republican, was presented by Itepreseuta
tive Jones, republican, and seconded by
two other republicans. The democrats
did not participate In tbe speaking. As
the ballot proceeded there were loud
cheers as the doubtful members respond
ed to their names and when the roll call
closed there was a long demonstration
that delayed theolllolal announcement of
the vote. The Orel ballot resulted as
follows: Mason, trt; Btxirell, S3, as
claimed Saturday uight by tbe combine I
oppoeltlon to llanna. Tbe combine m
pleted tbe organization of the house.
John I. (ir I tilth, of Union county, bad
been claimed by the llanna men till be
was nominated on Saturday night by tbe
combine for speaker pro tern. When
Representative Griffith cant bis vote for
Mason for speaker there waa a wild
scene, and the excitement continued till
Griffith was elected speaker pro tern, by
the saiue vote an that for speaker.
Tbe regular republican candidate for
chief clerk of the bouse, John R. Malloy,
secretary of tbe republican state central
committee, was defeated by diaries II.
Gerrlsh, republican, Kurtz's close lieu
tenant In tbe organization of tbe opposi
tion to H tnna. The combine slate went
throngh for all the minor places by the
ame vote, M to C3.
When a joint resolution on arrange
ments for Inauguration of the governor
came up In the senate the republican
senators, as a rule, declined to vote on
account of tbetr opposition to Governor
Rnshnell The reenlutton was adopted
by the democratic si le of the senate
chamber, assisted by 8hepird and
Welghtman, republicans, and Voight,
fnslonlst. The action caused quite a stir
abont the state house.
The result of the organization of the
legislature started rumors that the
Hanna men would combine with the gold
democrat for the election of Calvin 8.
Brlce as the gold standard man rather
than have Mayor McKissnn and Governor
Buehnell elected for the long and short
terms as silver republicans.
Speaker Mason will dispose of all pat
ronage In the house In the Interest of
McKlsson and Bushnell and against
Hanna, and with the state executive ad
ministration also against llanna, his de
teat Is conceited nnlee radical change
are made within a week.
Two Men Assassinated in a
Colorado Saloon.
p-oar, Mad and Prtonitl..
New York, Jan. 8. Kdward Plttlnger,
once a powerful politician in this city
and a friend of Tweed Is a pauper now
In a Westchester poorhonse, at his own
request. He was an excellent lawyer In
his palmy days, both criminal and civil,
and amassed a fortune of $2i0,CC0. This
has aU been dissipated. For some time
he has been absolutely friendless withont
friend In the world to put forth a help
ing hand. Many of his former compan
ions are dead and the rest have no use
for the man without money or health,
and as a last resort, and in desperation,
he applied for admission to the alms
house, where at least he could find shelter.
CojolM la Kaa.aa
Great Bend, Km, Jan. 3. Western
Kansas Is overrun tbla year with coyotes.
It was thought they had been almost
exterminated by the warfare made by
the settlers of the new country, but re
ports from that section indicate that
they are multiplying Instead of diminish
ing. They have killed thousands of
beep, and even go into the farmers'
houses and kill their chickens. Dogs are
no protection, for one coyote, It cornered,
will whip three ordinary dogs.
LI liana Chaos DtuunH tha Orwd of
Utrntnjr la In.adlu China,
New York. Jan. 3. The Herald this
morning prints an Interview obtalued at
Pekin with LI Hung Chang, in which be
says: "The forcible occupation or mao
Chau by Germany Is in direct violation
of existing International treaties and In
ternational law. The pretext made tor
this act of war waa the murder of two
mlsaiooariea by robbers In the Interior of
tbe province of Bhang Tang. The Chi
nese government offered Immediate and
full redress tor this outrage punishment
of the criminals, dismissal of local off!
clals. and a large compensation for all
loseea. Bhoula China be distressed by
having her shore Invaded and her terrl
tory occupied because of an occurrence
which western countries would deal with
by law and not by war an unexpected
iuctdent, deplored by my government,
aud followed by full redress?
"Our desire Is to preserve our territory
Intact and steadily Improve it as a field
open to all countries equally for the de
velopment of commerce."
Chlraao Orala Markat.
Chicago, Jan. 3. Wheat January
ttoVi May, IM'jeill V. r-orn January,
1V; May. W.o. (Jala January, -i
May, J,Vs-;Jo-
Haui. anil tlaon.
Kresh shipment of Whittaker, 8. A 8.,
and Gold Baud just received, n'e guarun-
tee satisfaction on our bams and bacon
San Juki Market.
Work of tbe
Bible Society.
Railroad Rioter Denied Appeal by tbe
Supreme Court.
Walsenburg, Colo., Jan. 3. Robert
Mandoline, proprietor of a saloon at Plc-
tlou, near here, and Dave Kvans were
killed by an unknown assassin In Man
doline' saloon. Mandoline wa stand
ing behind the bar talking with several
men when five shot were fired Into the
saloon from outside in rapid succession.
The first shot struck Mandolin, who fell
to the floor, dying lustantly. The next
shot plunged through the chin of Dick
Owens and bored a hole throngh the head
of Dave Kvans. Kvans fell dead. Im
mediately after the shooting a man was
seen to leave the front of the saloon and
run In the direction of the cabins occu
pied by tbe Italian miners. This la the
only clue the officers have to the Identy
of the murderer.
pulled out for the west, and he stated
that the Santa Fe Pacific was doing a
tremendous business In moving freight
and In the passenger traffic. Mr. Wells
also stated that the road was In a most
excellent condition, and waa ready to
meat the big rush of orange train from
California for the east, which will be In
augurated In a few weeks.
Division Superintendent Hibbard and
Denatr on the Santa Fe Pacltle, the
former with headquarters at Hal up and
the latter at Nneolrn, have been remem
bered by the "powers that be," and will
hereafter make trio over their divisions
in bran new eoache built exprenely for
their use. The ear were made at the
opeka shops, and are Nos. V5 and B.
They came In from the north last night.
twlng sme-tracked at the local depot.
They will be sent west probably this
evening or to-morrow. Thee two divi
sion superintendent are very popular
long the road, aud the tralnmeu are
pleneed to note that they will hrrearter
ride in special coaches, just the same as
division superintendent on the Santa Ke.
Uraad Hall.
The dance given by Henry V. Otero and
Carlo Apolacc at Olurleta hall, in old
Itiuqiierque, Hew xaar a night, was a
grand success. There were about nrty
unle present, the music wa excellent
nd the grand niarch was led by Mr. H.
Otero ann mish Irene Acnarra. The
merry dancers kept np the ball till a late
our and voted It the beet dance of the
season. The young men wish to return
thanks for the large attendance of their
Collona Praalll.nt AaaaMlantnd.
Jackson, Ml., Jan. 3. New has just
been received here from the Algorn Agri
cultural and Medical college for colored
people near Rodney, Miss, that Presided
K. G. Triplett waa ahot and fatally
wounded last evening while on hi way
to a prayer meeting, by an unknown i
HI HI.; aociKTT.
Work or tha iocilatjr In Many Foreign
New York, Jan. 3. The work of the
Amerlcau Bible society in foreign lauds
during the last year involved the ex
penditure of $IU2,2U2.8s and the circula
tion of 707,528 volume of the holy scrip
ture. Of these more than half, 406,000
volume were distributed in China, 60,
000 In Japan, 67,000 In Levant, 60,000 to
South America, 32,000 in 81am and Lao.
33,ooo In Mexico and Central America,
40.CC3 In Russia, 20,009 la France,
12,000 In Spain and Austria,
aud 10,000 In India, beside smaller
numbers in Africa, Microuesia, Arabia
and Cores. In accomplishing this work
the agents and correspondent of the so
ciety employed 3S2 men, each working on
an average more than eight mouth. It
is evident that the distribution of the
Bible Is of prime Importance to all for
eign missionary operations; hence tbe
society will Issue an appeal to pastor
aud others that In tbe special meetings
tor prayer which are to be held early this
month, due emphasis may be laid upon
the Importance of extending the circula
tion of the word of God among all na
tions durlug the closing years of the
nineteenth ceutury and especially in
those puts of the world where the Bible
Is an uukuown work.
Mis Mary Leary, of Red Jacket, M'ch.,
e sister of J, M. Leary, who died at
Jerome, Arizona, about five weeks ago.
arrived in the city Saturday night aud
registered at the HigblMUd. Yesterday
she was the guest of A. Simpler, who was
a close friend or ber neat brother, Mis
Leary came out weet for the purpose of
having the remains of her brother em
balmed and shipped back to Red Jacket.
She bought a casket from Undertaker
Montfort,whoaccompauted her last uight
to Jerom. I.eary's mother resides at
Red Jacket, Mich.
Pedro Montano, who was brought here
from llolhrook December 2U, with a hole
in bis skull, died at midnight last night
from the brain oozing out. He had been
unconscious ever since brought to this
city; so nothing could be learned as to
how the accident occurred. I'ndertaker
Strong has telegraphed the relatives In
llolbrook, but has not heard from them
as yet.
William Klanlonger died at 10:30
o'clock Sumlav morning from cousump
tlon. lie came bere from Kansas aliout
two weeks ago, and was theu In the last
stages. Tbe remains were turned over
to Undertaker Strong, who Is bidding
them and awattlug further Instructions
from bis nome.
Rer. Morrison, ths new superintendent
of Methodist missions In this territory
ably filled the pulpit at the Methodist
church resterdav. preaching to Interested
congregations in the morning and In the
Judge Madden and J. R.McCowan have
rented tne store Formerly occupied Dy
W. K. Franklin, on Gold avenue, and are
preparing to open up a new second-hand
store In the near future.
Remember Professor Ward. He will
take a part In Klrmlst to-morrow night.
For Rent A suite of rooms or single
rooms. Call at No. 310 South Broadway
Wanted A good work team, harness
aud buckboard. Apply to M. P. Starum,
Uamhllu In Omaha.
Omaha, Neb, Jan. 8. As a result of
conference between tbe chief of police
aud a number of representative gamblers
In Omaha gambling houses on an elabor
ate scale will shortly be opned. Recent
ly this gambling syndicate offered to
contribute (10.000 to the trans-Missis
sippi exposition, provided the elty offered
no objection to gambling houses, bnt the
proposition wa not accepted. The con
elusion is that the police commission and
the gamblers have reached an under
standing that they think will enable
them to open up at once. The majority
of the citizens are bpposed to the bust
nrs, though the supreme court has de
elared the felony penalty connected with
gambling to be unconstitutional aud this
now gives the g-tuiblers what they have
been contending for for years.
Apal Itoaltxt hj Buptauia Co art.
Washington, Jau. 3. In tbe supreme
court to day, the appeal of George D
Crossly from the decision of the circuit
court for the northern district of Call
forti is. denying hliu writ of habeas cor
pus, was dismissed. Crossly wa one of
the railroad rioters in California, in the
summer ft Ixwo, and was the cause of the
death of a railroad engineer by derailing
tbe train.
Amarti-an Whavlman.
Pbilsdelphia, Pa., Jau. 3. The League
of American Wheelmen Is about 18 years
old, aud to-day numbers among its mem
ber s some of the most prominent men of
the country, among them being John
Wanamuker, of Philadelphia, Rear Ad
mlral Gherardl of the I'nited Slates navy
Mayor Carter H. Harrison, of Chicago,
and G. A. Pillsbury, of Minneapolis. The
organization has had a steady growth
until to-day It number over 1O2.0U)
....Leading Jeweler....
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware.
Chicago HUtts Maik.U
Chicago, Jan. 3. Cattle Receipt,
14,000; strong to 10c higher.
Beeves, f 3.545.40; oows and heifers,
I2.00m14.60; stockers and feeders, 3 26(i
4.25; Texas steers, 3.2o34.25.
Sheep Receipts, 1U.0OO; weaker; lambs
Native shep, 3.00t4.70; western.
2Wd4.45j lambs, $4 005A5.
Appointed Haoalvar.
Washington, Jan. 8 John C. McNulta
has been appointed receiver of tbe N
tlonal Bank of Illinois In place of John
C. McKeeu, resigned.
Mara Iwtarilar.
General Superintendent Wells aud Dl
vision Superintendent Hibbard, with the
former's private secretary, Phillip Alleu
eame In from tbe west last Saturday af
ternoon, and spent the Sabbath among
Albuquerque friends, returned westward
last night Mr. Wells waa seen at tlie
depot, Juat tew minutes before tht train
Will Kalarra tha Mill.
James Wilkinson, the proprietor of the
'ool scouring plant, inlen I t- b in
hape to do a rushing business anon aa
the season opens up In April. He is
going tJ build an addition 84 feet in
length to bt present mill. He
has been handicapped nomewhat
the drying capacity of
the mill being too small. To remedy
this defect be Is going to put In three
more dryer, which will enable him to do
more work and put him in condition to
andle larger quantltiea of wool than
K. B. Park and Robert W. Harris, of
Wluslow, are at Sturges' Kuropean.
William Jenks, one of the best knowu
mine experts and aseayers In the south
west, Is now superintendent of the Table
M on u tain Copper corapnny, of Mammoth,
Pinal county, Arizona.
J. L. Perea, the deputy county collec
tor, Is preparing a balauee sheet of the
receipts aud expenditure for 18U7. It 1
Dig loo. and tt win prooamy taxe lour
or five days to complete It.
George Kvans, John Kogllsh, and L.
Dalgon. who were arrested last uight for
disturbing the peace, wire released by
Justice Crawford till morning, because
It was probably the Drst violation ol their
New Year resolutions. They will not fare
so well next time.
C. L. Thaver and wife, who for the past
year were employe for the government
at the Fort Defiance agency, came in
from the west last Saturday night, and
registered at Sturge' Kuropean. They
were accompanied by J.T. Holbert Mr
and Mra. Thayer will continue to Santa
r tbl evening..
Krneet Meyer I Introducing aronnd
among the local merchant K. B. Park,
of W Inslow. The gentleman was form
erly a railroader out west, bnt is now a
partner In tne arm of Park A Todd, woo
have J list opened a new saloon at w Ins-
low. The visitor has bought extensively
I,o went (ml ft Meter and other mer
chant to-day.
Professor K. W.CIavpole and wife, who
have been spending a few days In Albu-
iie'que visiting Professor lierrlck anil
looking over New Mexico leave to-night
or Meellla where thev will visit frlenils,
among whom are Professor Locksrlll
and family, of the Agricultural college.
Professor Lluypole Is a well known geo
logist and is much Interested In the an-h
eology of New Mexico.
Secretary Gage Commends Report
of Monetary Commission.
New Comptroller of Currencj Takes
Chirre of Office,
Engllib faperi Talk About the Nrtltloi f
th Cblncat Empire.
f akilt auanp to PiATt
Washington, Jan. 3. Speaking to-day
of the report of the monetary commission
for.the reform of the eurtancy, Secretary
(iagesal i: "I read the rflirt with great
Interest and much profit. Avoiding ab
stract terras, it proceeds In plain, com
prehensible language to point oat the
source of our present financial weakness
and the remedies propoeed are so clearly
set forth that all may understand. Tbe
reform measures recommended I regard
as well adapted to cure the III from
which we suffer and which threaten our
future. I sincerely hop It will bear
fruit la legislative action.
Otaaaln- Oraal Britain.
Manchester, Kngtand, Jan. 3. The
Manchester Onaidlan to-day say: "The
government has categorically stated that
ureat Britain will refuse to recognize
any special right granted at any Chinese
port to any particular power. Any port
opened to on power must be opened to
all, or open to none. If Russia has been
granted the right to winter ships at Port
Arthur, ureal Britain win enforce ber
right to th nam privilege and her
ships will winter there whether China
concede or doe not concede the right
to raison IN CHAINS.
a Ham of ha Cabana Now la (ha Drkat
Vanalah lnn-an.
Barcelona, Jan. 8. General Ruiz Ri
vera, tbe insurgent leader who wa cap
tured, badly wounded. In the province of
Pinar del Rio by the Spanish troops
under General Velasco on March tot, 18W7,
ana wno wa condemned to death and
his sentenced modified, has arrived here,
and waa eotiductel on foot and in chalus
to Mout Juich fortress, between line of
soldiers and mounted gendarme, tier
era! Rivera waa calm, out be protested
against being ehalned No one wa
allowed to speak to him. There wasa
big crowd In th vicinity, but there were
no manifestation.
A. Simpler to-dav received another
letter from hi former clerk, Charles
Stowe, who Is now at Juneau. Alaska. He
says every boat entering Juneau briugs
In from UK) to Ifio people. Home go as
far as Skaguay while others are pushing
igut on to the lukon. ilie weather at
uneau has been remarkably mild and
there is no snow on the ground.
The probate court was In session this
morning, aud Judge HuhMI threw out
the entire claim of (iabaldoo against the
estate of Ford on the ground that it was
t tinted with fraud. The claim was for
over $700 and for the board aud room of
Von H not hear that ehestnut, "vtn't
tell them that you saw me," from the
stew you will gt at the (iulld supper
Tuesday uight.
For Sale-140 is taken at once, two
good horses, fine covered camping WHgon
and camping oultlt. Call at 100 Coal
The regular meeting of the council will
occur to-ulght, and there is important
business to be transacted.
Don't eat supper at home, but go and
eat supper with the ladles of St. John's
Hulld luesday ulglit.
Heating stoves at cost at J. O. Gideon
& Co.'s, 111 north First street
rnallj Mara ad I Itaatn.
Jersey City, N. J., Jan. I.-Adolph
R Ich, a real estate agent, wife and three
children, the youngest 3 year old, were
burned lo deatn on minnay morning in a
tire which destroyed their .otine. Fire
Chief Conway fell with tbe burning floor
aud waa badly burned.
Wnga Advaaoad.
Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 8. The Corona
eoai eompauv and tne Virginia and Ala
bama eonl company, employing about
l.'A'Jennl miners In Walker conntv. to
day AdvanoHl wage from AO to 70 eent
per ton. The Increased demand for eca.1
and need of more labor la tbe cause of th
advance. Other operator are expected
to follow suit.
ftVanaaa City IUM Xfavkas.
Kansas City, Jan. 8. Cattle receipt.
7,xi. Market strong to tue ntgner.
Texas steer. i2.8(f3.C3: Texas cows.
l.ft((3.U; natlva steers, 3 bO.a4.7B;
native cow aud heifers, (lAM42fj
(toekers and feeders, $3.7534.2; bulls,
f&l 10(43.70.
Hbeep Receipt. 8.000; market stroa g.
Lambs, 4.30ttb.rC; mutton. 2 7M4.C0.
Maw Cotaptrollar.
Washington, Jan. 8. Charles G. Dawes,
of Illinois, to day took charge of the of
flee of comptroller of the currency. N. B.
Scott, of West Virginia, assumed the du
ties of commissioner of Internal revenue.
Monay Maraau
New Tork, Jan. 3. Money on call.
nominally Uot4 per cent. Prime mer
cantile paper. 8(44.
Kim and i-aao.
Vew York. Jan. 3 Sliver, 677,0.
13 50. Copper, 108.
Blue Point, Little Neck Clams,
Kresh Fish. Spare Ribs,
Roneless Pigs' Feet, Lamb Fries,
Karin Sausage, Kansas City Mutton,
San Johk hahkkt.
10 cans apricots, $1.
10 cans peaches. 1.
10 cans pears, $10.
1 gallon genuine maple sap. $1.25.
Thk Ma.z.
For Cut Flowers on all Occasion.
Mall Orders (Jlven
Careful Attention
and Promptly Filled
Agent for Butter
lck'a Pattern and
Dr. Jaeger: Un
Bargains Extraordinary !
To dose out all of the odd ard ends that have accumulated in the various department duridir the
big Holiday Rush, we shall make sweeping reductions on all remnants, broken lota, odds
and ends, etc., regardless of cost. You may find just what you want in thee
odd lots. If you should, remember that one dollar will do the work
of two. We will mention a few of the many good things for
this week. 7 hese pnees speak for themselves.
Remnants of Silks, Remnants of Wool
Dress Goods, Remnants of Ging
hams, Remnants of Flannels, Remnants
of Staple Cotton Goods, in different
lengths up to a full dress pattern, Black
and Colors, will be placed on tables and
marked one-half actual value.
Odds and ends' and broken lots of fine
Damask and I luck Towels, White and
Fancy Bordered, Hemstitched and
Knotted Fringe.
Lot i, worth 15c at Do
Lot 3, w 01 A up to 35c at 15c
Lot 3, worth up to 35c, at 10o
Other Towels at 25c, 30c and 45c, worth
up to 75c each.
Ladles' Wat-ta.
Three lots of Outing Flannel Waists of
good material and well made. To close
them out we will make the following
special prices :
Lot 1, worth 40c, at 'Z Bo
Lots, worth 75c, at AOo
Lot 3, worth $1, at 75c
Odds and ends of Underwear for Men,
Women and Children, at one-half actual
One lot Men's Natural Wool Un
derwear, worth 75c, at 39c
One lot Men's Extra Fine Woolen
Underwear in odd sixes, worth
$1.35, at 09c
One lot Children's Underwear,
worth up to 50c, at 25c
Ladlen Wrap.
sizes of Capes and
to 50 per cent less
One lot of broken
Jackets at from 25
than actual value.
A special reduction of 10 per cent on
every Cape or Jacket in the house.
To close out all of our Fur Boas, Muffs,
and Sets, we have marked them one
half New York cost.
$4.50 to $7.50 Fur Boas, at
S'l.25 and $2.50
$4.50 to $7.50 Fur JVluffa, at....
$2 and $2.25
12 Fur Boas, at f l.OO
$2 to $2.50 Children's Fur sets, at
75o and $1.00
Men and Boys.
Our clothing is made by the best
tailoring houses in America. Per
fect lit and serviceable. Prices the
lowest for good clothing in . our
Railroad Avenue, - Albuquerque
The Woman's Relief corps will hold
meeting at Mra. Uanllug'a at 2:) o'clock
to morrow afternoon, ami in the evening
will iUHtall their oUloer.
Bazaar Patterns.
An Patttrat tOe and 1 5c
Filled Same
Day as Received.
a oa Rallroftd Avsnue. Albuauorau. N. PA.
We Take Inventory Next Week !
And in order to reduce our stock to the lowest possible limit, we will sell Dry Goods of all kinds
without profit. Now here Is an opportunity to lay In a year's supply.
Complete Stock of Stationery In Armljo
Having purchased the etatiocery stock of the Whitney Co., will
reopen the same ia store-room No. 205 N. T. Armijo IVldg, on Jan.
8. The stock is new and complete, and in addition a fine line of
cigars, tobacco and smokers goods will be added.
"Happy New Year' '
f" :nr'! J mxn mama
May the New Year witness the freat
est shoe selling ever seen in this house
may we do better by you and may you
do as good by us j may the shoes of 97
see you safely into '98, and may they
lead you to come to us for the next pair
We are not saying; much about selling
at cost, but we are selling; the shoes.
Reliable Shoe Dealers.
Ladles' Wrapier.
Made of Fine Quali
ty Flannelette. Made
dark colors
sweep and
like cut,
onlVf full
waist lined.
Only 1Mo Each.
DrcMH Uoodt.
Ladies' cloth, 50 inch wide, all wool. Reg
ular 50c goods, to close out, only 5J'Jc.
English Ladies' Cloth, 54 inch wide, all
wool and all colors and black. Regular 65c
goods, only -IDc.
All Wool French Weave Fancy Serges
Colors, black, navy, brown, green and plum,
reduced to I Sc.
All other Dress Goods reduced in propor
tion. Itemnuntfl, Keinannt.
During the big rush of last week we have
accumulated a big lot of remnants of Dresa
Goods of all kinds, which we have placed on
a Remnant Counter at one-half regular prices.
By an error the manufacturer shipped ua
one case Ladies' Underwear 60 days later
than he should have done. They were bought
to sell for 35c, but on account of mis-shipmeot
take them for 'i'io each. See window display.
GentH Underwear.
See window display. One cue of men's
ribbed grey fleeced underwear, Inought to sell
at 65c each, but on account of late shipment,
take 'em for 4 Do each.
GentH Wool Ovendilrta.
See window display. A manufacturers'
sample line rf men's fine wool overshirts,
worth up to $3 each take your pick of any
in the lot for only l)3c.
Meu'g Slippers.
Broken sizes of men's house slippers, all
sizes, from 6 to xo, goods among the lot
worth up to $2.50 take your pick for only
7 Sc.
Men's Neckwear.
All our fine Tecks and Puffs, which sold up
to 90c each take your pick for only fiOo
. Bo and Oe each.

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