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pv. BWir-Mc ri i 1 1,, in ..ho,
enwnrn i
Absolutely Pur I
THoe. Htohib Kdltor
W. T. McCrkiwht, Bn. Mgr. and City Kd
AsonctaU! Press Afternoon Telegrams.
Official Paper of ftarnahllo Comity.
Official Paper of City of Albnqnerqne.
I.argat City and County Circulation
The Largest New Mexico Circulation
Largest North Anions Circulation
Lew than Ihres years are left of ths
nineteenth eentory.
Onlt thirty-five vessels were lost on
the frest lake lat year.
Tin Colon Paclfle committee will thin
wek tnakt another payment of 18,000,
000 to the treasury.
Thi entire population of a christian
town In Persia of MK) people arc reported
massacred by Karri.
Tag government Is building a gun In
Philadelphia that will throw a !L5O0
pound shell sixteen mil.
Rcsbu announce that the new sbtp
canal between tbe Bailie and the Black
i will be completed in 1004.
Colorado leads the world aa a gold
producer, a sllrer produce, a lead pro
ducer, and a calamity howler producer.
Thi government Is paying too much
for railway mail transportation, and a
big demand is being made for a reduc
tion. '
It Is reported that the United 8tata Is
negotiating for a narrow atrip of land
In uorthweet Greenland for a naral and
eoal station.
The president ha accepted an Invita
tion to attend the annual encampment of
the Union Veterans' L'ulou at Rock Is
land. III., next fall.
Tbi Associated frees offers reward
aggregating $20,000 for the afreet and
conviction of any oue wbo steals the
telegraph news of the association.
Japan will have two lam steel
era liters launched from American ship
yards within tbe next few weeks. We
may have to sink those same cruisers.
Thi revenue receipts for December
were In excess of government expend!
tore, and there la assurance that there
will be no deficits this year to be eovered
by bond Issues.
Fob the eleven months ended December
1, 1897. the Imports of lemons Into the
united Btates were 8,817.000 boxes.
against S&li3.0ii0 for ths corresponding
period last year.
Tixas Is now furnishing the Spanish
army In Cuba with rrom 600 to (too head
of fat beef cattle each week, but the Tex
ana In the Insurgent army on the island
etill go hungry.
Minnesota's practical law tor the en
couragement of tree planting la worth
attention In other states. Nearly 10,000
acres were planted with young saplings
in Minnesota last year.
Spain la acting as though nothing less
than a war with the United States will
satisfy her, and the time Is certaioly not
far away when forbearance will cease to
be a virtue on the part of this govern
ment Bom kinds of labor seem to still com
mand pretty fair wage. Mine.
Adelina 1'attl but arranged to sing In
April In several cities la Sweden. Her
fee for each evening's concert will be
Thi treasury figures show that there
has been an In erease of nearly a per
capita in the money In circulation In the
UulUd State during the paxt year and
the farmer's and woi king man'a pockets
show even a greater degree ot prosperity.
Tux Pueblo Chieftain gives this good
advice: Turn over a uew leaf by cutting
the acquaintance ot any man or woman
who expresses continual detraction of the
city and Its Interests, the west aud Its
resources, the neighborhood aud its
Tukri Is more Idle money In New
York looking for Investment than ever
before In the history of the country, and
the amount was increased from 9125,000,.
000 to 150,000.000 In Interest and divi
dend on January I the largest sum on
Ki'dhia'hcmiihuh, lately completed, gives
a total population ot 1211.211,114, of
whom W.I8X,'&0 live in Kuropean Rus
sia. There are ulneteen cities In Russia
with a population ot over 1 00,000, agaln.it
twenty-eight ot that site lu the United
States by the census of 181)0.
Thi Denver Times figures out one
dot-in of Colorado's r neon roes tor 18V7 as
follows: jltold, 9.,0U0.UI0; stiver, 12,-
ono.uxi; d, .i.uoo.uiuj copper. 1,000,.
000; Iron, 4.000,000; eoal, il.UOU.OU); oil,
fl.Boo.uw; wool, ooo.iiu); stone, ),
00; lumber, 9.,0uo,ijO; live stock. 16,
U 10,01 JO; agriculture aud horticulture,
IB.oOu.oiio. Theu beelrit the niuuy
natural resources it places the manufac
tures at9lo.ouo.0oo.
"The Idea that the board of county
commissioners shall remit penalties on
taxes dne and unpaid," says an Kddy
county paper, "Is oue of the most onfalr
aud preposterous propositions ever
brought up for public consideration.
1 bis idea Is being advocated by certain
papers aud people who can have no con
ception of Justice, law, or auythlug else,
except their own porkeU. Just because
tr board of Santa Fs eouuty Las agreed
to remit 25 per ceul ot the penalties and
taxes on a ba'eh of old. ont-lswed tax
rial ma against personal and real
property, dne since 1H82, and Including
IRSfi, cause Is said to be given tor re
mitting all penalties The law does not
give the board any right to remit taxes
or penalties. If it did, the law wonld be
wrong; for people who pay np promptly
wonld then be Indno-d to withhold pay
ment until the board remitted penalties.'
The revennes of the government fo'
1 the month of December show an Increase
of over 12.600,000 as ecm pared with those
of September, and exceed the total ex-
pandlturee for the same month by (I,'
TMA'M. The reMpt for the month, ex
elusive of 31.7111 4 received on account
of the Union I'ai Ml railroad sale, were
127.U3I.4IM. The expenditures, exclusive
of t'iflO.OK) paid out to qualify the gov
eminent to bid In the case of the sale of
mortgage foreclosure of the Kansas Pa
eifle railroad, were 2,lo1000; leaving a
snrplus for the month of l,73o,4W. The
receipts for December, 18W. were nearly
$220,000; for December. 18U6, 2O,O0O,
000, and for December, 1K somewhat
lees than 120.000.000.
Tberi Is strong war feeling In Ja
pan. Fleets of war vessels are being as
sembled and there Is great activity at the
military depots. The war party Is urging
the government and tbe long repressed
national hatred for Russia Is finding ex
premlon. Became Japan succeeded In
subduing decrepit China, it seems to be
believed In that empire that the nation
Is strong enough to try conclusions with
powerful and warlike Russia.
Thr statistics of Canada's foreign
trails make an Interesting showing. Tlt
total Imports entered for Consumption
during the year amounted to 111 l.i,02l.
as against 1 1 40,387,480 the preceding
year. Exports amounted to $1U3.BW,83S
an Increase of 9lT.r8l.OHrl. There were
exported to the United Btates Canadlau
prod net to the value of 43,991,4, as
against 34.410.4 28 In 1MU5-M. Great
Britain took mt.635.8u2.
Thi Las Vegas Kxamlner says: "We
learn that the teachers who went to Al
buquerque to attend the association this
week had to pay for the room In which
they cot and also for the eoal which
they used and the Janitor for building
the fires, and very few of the Albuquerque
grade teachers were In attendance at the
meetings of the association." There ie
not a word of truth In the above para
graph. THK police statistics of Paris, just pub
lished, enumerate twenty-one murders,
by which the assassins averaged 916, and
all the criminals were executed. The
largest sum obtained was HS, althnngh
In many cases large sums were over
looked. The conclusion Is that murder
does not pay from a financial standpoint
The sleigh In which Kmperor Napoleon
Bonaparte rode in 1812, while making his
escape from Russia after his march to
Moscow, was chopped to pieces In Chicago
by Mrs. Bruno Genua, who explained
that she was "tired of seeing the old
thing around." It had been the property
of her husband tor fifty years.
Tbi Denver Field and Farm grudging
ly a lmlt that there are signs of return
ing prosperity. Calamity Is one of tbe
stocks In trade of the Itonver papers, and
It really seems that they want the coun
try kept In a depressed condition.
t -
Khtimatkh of tbe cranberry crop for
the past year make It the lowest for the
last three years. The figures given are:
For I8U7, 416,000 bushels; I8W. 4u,000
bushels) lH'.H, 1,000,(100 bushels.
Thi last despairing effort of the demo
cratic party Is directed to effect the de
feat of Senator Mark tianna, or Ohio,
which at this writing appears to be a
signal failure.
Thr territory ot Aritona a few days
ago transmitted 10,875 to New York,
which sum la the aunual Interest on the
bomU Issued and outstanding by that
Omk ot the latest things reported In
the eastern newspapers In the way of
trusts la a fish trust. It Is termed the
Gloucester Fresh Fish company, of Bos
ton, Mass.
Thi Denver Times actually quit howl
ing about calamity last Saturday long
enough to publish a handsome colored
supplement showing the prosperity of
Thi Denver Post Issued a neat New
Year's address, and favored this office
with a copy. The Poet Is one of the most
enterprising papers of Denver.
Thi Rio Grande Republican says: "Thi
ALHUgi'KHgi i Citixkn last week Issued a
ten page edition which was a credit to
that ofllce and the territory."
Thi Citi.kn believes In reciprocity at
borne and abroad, and is lu better posi
tion to help Its political friends than ever
THK weekly newspaper of New Mexico
could be greatly Improved if they would
publish more local news.
The Santa Fe Adopts a System In Use on
Eastern Lines.
When the fortunate Individuals who
are honored with Sauta Fe annual pame
receive their transportation cardboards
this year they also receive a small yellow
card lsarlug on one side the address ot
General Mauager J. J. Frey. On the
other side Is a request for the signature
of the person to whom the pass Is Issued
and the Insertion ot the number ot the
pass, with space fur both.
The small yellow cards are tor the pur
pose of record, and ore to be filed lu
alphabetical order in t!ie office of General
Manager Frey. They Inaugurate a new
system of recording passes in the Sauta
Fe, as former records have been kept by
eutry In passbooks. The system I said
to be more convenient, aud la in use on
many ot the large road line.
Your pick of our cloak stock at lowest
possible prices. Tbe Koonomlst.
A full line ot choice and fresh fruits,
nuts and candles at Trotter's.
Clay Jones, of the Democrat, Is visiting
Joe L. Albertenn, at Trinidad.
Use pasteurised milk and cream it
you bars luug trouble.
Katlug apples, th klud you like. For
sale by Trotter.
Towel sals this week at Ilfeld Bros.
fiapptilngs Da -leg the BMUiyi it
Lively Tows.
Cerrlllo Is the only Incorporated town
In New Mexico tree from debt
The R 'gNter rad it appearance last
Friday. It Is a neatly printed paper and
deserve liberal patronage.
Antonio Pllllnetto died suddenly on
Christmas day of heut disease.
Twenty fire turkey were the prli) In
a shooting match Saturday evening.
Prof James Brydon I principal of the
school In Cerrllloe. He I ably assisted
by Mis Meade, who I teacher of the s
ood grade, and bv Miss Fannie MeNulty,
who I teacher In the primary depart
ment During tbe last term there were
lit pupils enrolled.
At the Madrid eoal mine, three miles
from Cerrllloe, there are about 400 em
ployee, and tbe monthly payroll averages
about 16,000 or 10,000.
At tbe last election Csrrlllos polled 123
vote. It has a population of about A00,
Th machinery belonging to the smel
ter at Saudla Is being removed to Cer
rillos. The smelter at that point was one
ot the numerous expensive ventures In
ore reduction that did not pay.
Kev. Kdward Lebreton Is the pastor ot
ths Methodist church In Cerrllloe, which
Is composed of forty-six members, with a
Sunday school of sight? members.
Tbe Register reports ths business vf
Cerrlilos In prosperous circumstances.
Tbe Cerrtllos smelter Is now practically
completed. A few men are employed In
putting on the finishing touches.
The Glad TUlngs Nsy be Heralded That
Sin Marvlsl is Free From Smillpox
The greeting t the people of San Mar-
eial to the outside world Is In the form ot
positive assurauce that ths scourge,
smallpox, has spent Its force la this vi
cinity, and practl. ally no danger I to
b apprehended on the score ot contagion
now or In the Immediate henceforth.
Two of the four latest victim of the
disease Mrs. Joe. Ray aud Kuth Brown
have entirely recovered, although they
are still confined to their respective dwel
ling. The third, and the second last to
contract the disease, was Jack Mllhern.
He Is convalescing rapidly. John Dowd,
the last of ths lot, has only a mild form
of varioloid, and will soon be again per
mitted to enjoy ths bright sunshiny life
ot freedom at his own sweet will.
Next week will no doubt witness the
disinfecting of the last spot that harbor
ed the disease, and the removal of the
last vestige of evidence Incidental to the
presence and destructive work of the
loathsome visitation San Marcial Bee.
Ths WMlh.r.
For the mouth of December, the mean
temperature was 34 4; mean maximum,
41.1 ; mean minimum, 22 7; meau range,
23.4. The highest temperature occurred
on the 1st, 6tf ; the lowest on the 17th and
J2d, 16. We bad 23 dear days, 4 partly
cloudy, and 4 cloudy. Tbe total snow
fall tor the mouth was 3 Inches. Pre
vailing direction ot wind was south. Ou
ths 12tb, there was high wind and dust
storm. On the 15th, again high wind
and du-tt storm lu ths forenoou from the
weet. M. Cl'ttTkhti, Observer.
Vt Ith the dawn ot the new year the
"Greater" New York Is ushered into the
world a run grown giant. The problem
of municipal government Is to be put to
the supreuieat test. Within It limits Is
contained a population equal to that of
thirteen ot our sovereign slates at our
last census, and as numerous as that of
the original thirteen states. Provisions
for the life and health of this vast multi
tude of all nations and clime Is an on-
solved enigma. Thousands of sufferers
In New lor It and elsewhere are wrested
from the graeu of that anonlxlnir com
plaint, rheumatism, by the timely use of
Hosteller's Stomach Hitlers, which Is a
preventive ot malaria and kldnev com
plaint, and a curative of liver complaint.
oonsupaiiou ana nervousness.
Two I Itm ouutljr United.
Pedro Delgado, late receiver ot the
United States land otlloe, aud Miss Mary
Crouch, both of this city, were quietly
married at Guadalupe church on Tues
day morulng, by Rev. Peter Gllberteon.
Sheriff llllario Romero aud wife stood up
with the happy couple and ouly the Im
mediate relatives of the contracting par
ties witnessed the Interesting event. Mr.
and Mrs. Delgado have rooms la the Del
gado home on College street. New Mex
.Dgth or ir.
On the first day ot the new year the
sun rossat 7:0a and set at tM, making
the day ten hours and three minutes
long and the night thirteen hours and
fifty-seven minutes long. For five days
the sun will rise regularly at the same
time, 7:08 a. m. After this, for six days,
It will be a minute late; then for five
day It will again rise at 7:03. Then the
length ot the morning will gradually
but continually Increase. In the mean
time, by the Kith ot the auonth, when the
morning nave Increased but one mlu-
nte's length, the evenings will be fully
thirteen minutes longer than they are
"Malta ths sink."
Charles A. Dyasp, the locator ot the
reported rich gold strike at Sauta Rita.
Is now behind th bars in the Grant
eouuty Jail. lie came la from Bant
Rita last week and mowed a wide swath
for a time, wlndlug. up his brilliant
career by passing several checks without
havluga ceutou deposit to make them
good. He will have his preliminary
examination Tuesday. Ths Sliver City
Enterprise la also lufonul that his big
strike at Santa Kit 1 a fake and that he
salted the sample which were taken
from the mine.
Harry Boott, professing to represent
the Albright art parlors, Albuquerque,
skipped out leaving his sample, some
clothing and his Plaza hotel board bill.
I'asm him around. Las Vegas Optic.
Off fur kluwllks.
R 8. Pull pot, wbo Is Interested In sum
of tbe beet mining claims and most vl
ualile real estate In this district, writes
Mrs Phi I pot, Bland's very efficient post
master, that be will leavs Los Angeles
to-morrow with a party bound for Klon
dike, say the Herald. They go by rail
road to San Francisco, theuoe by steamer
to Juneau, where they will remain until
the first opportunity presents with tbs
opening of sprlug to push on to ths
Klondike gold fields.
Mr. Ptillpot ha been ldeutlned with
ths Cochltl mining district slue Its In
ception as an eoergetie and enterprising
eltlxen, ever working fur Its Interests
and welfare at considerable personal ex
pense. Rom thres yenre ttro he was In
business her with M. L. Chase, who I
at present eonnfc'.ei with Isrge mer
can tile hones In Willi n. Aritona.
Since going out of bns'nee Mr. Thi I pot
na been ctrrying on mining n hi ae
quired th controlling Inter -t In several
eiceeuingiy vainanie properties, among
wnich are the Ktbeiie, north on the Albe
m trie vein, the Red Cloud, Anlitt.
Henry B, Annette aud R. N. Mines. A
quit claim ded to these properties has
lately been tranferre. by Mr. Phllp. t to
his estimable wife, who, for the pvt two
year ha given entire satisfaction as the
postmaster of Bland.
There I not a friend In Bland who
doe not hope that Mr. Pbllpot may re
turn from the Klondike loaded with
riches, aud la this, the Herald most
heartily Joins.
Tbs Coming Woman,
Who goes to the club while her hnshsrid
tends the baby, as well as ths good old
fashioned woman who looks after her
home, will both at times get run down In
health. The? will be Iron hind with !
of appetite, heaiUche. leenlessnes.
fainting or dttzr enell. The most won
derful remedy for tlie-e women Is Klee
trle Bitters. Thousand-" of sufferers from
lame back and weak kld.ieta rise no and
call It blessed. It is th medicine for
women. Female complaint and nervous
troubles of all kinds are soon relieved by
the ue ot Klectrle Bitters. Delicate
women should keen thi remedv on hand
to build np the system. Ouly 60 cent
per bottle. For sale by J. H. O'Rielly
4 Co.
Interlocking System and Semaphores
Being Pat in by Santa Fe.
The work on the new Interlocking
switches and semaphore that ar to
regulstethe switches on the mainline
and the St. Joe line. Is going 011 rapidly,
says the Topeka State Journal. Tbe sema
phore at Third street has been placed In
position and the stakes to carry the
semaphore wire are in position. The
rod that connect the semaphores with
ths levers are being put In readiness to
be connected, and In a few days th new
mode ot throwing the switches will bs
ready for use.
Tbe gale that ha been nsed to keep the
main track clear will be done away with
and the Interlocking switches will bo
worked la conjunction with the sema
phores trom a small house teir the cross
ing of the main line track and the yard
trf ADdl.nr, In AltaniUnco OlTra It
I'nallnlod rrnlaa.
A large audience greeted the Willies in
their entertutnmeut last Saturday ulght.
It Is seldom Indeed that a home talent
entertainment wins such universal and
unstinted praise as that ehowered upon
the Willies by every person In their large
The program was opened with two se
lection from the Willie' orcl.etra.
hlch were well received and proved to
be a good Indicator ot the excellence of
the program which was to follow.
The Mariner," suug by Mis C'.aude
Albright. W. K. Harper and P. P. Wis,
was greeted with a tremendous outburst
of applause, which failed, however, to se
cure a second appearance of the sweet
Prof. Dl Manro next played a beautiful
violin solo, aud was followed by Pinsutl's
duet Aura, which wss sung by Miss Al
bright and Mr. Harper. The orchestra
rendered two more selections and the
first part of the program was finished.
"Rooney'a Restaurant" proved to be
one of the most popular burlesques ever
given In this city.
J. 11. O'Rielly acted the part of a gen
tleman of color to perfection, and his Jig
dancing brought down th house. Tom
Wllkerson, as the dude; Mies Grace
Hawks, aa an old maid; M: M. Cruise, as
John 1 earful; Frank I.ee. as Pat Rooney,
and Kd. Pickard as Reckless Ralph, aet-d
their parts remarkably well and proved
that no mistake hud been made In the se
lection of persons to Impersonate the dif
ferent characters.
ine eniertuinmeut proved success
financially as well as every other way and
the Willie are receiving congratulations
from all their friends.
A Mow County.
It Is patent to the most casual observer
that the people In the eastern halt ot
Dona Ana county have been aud are suf
fering great Injustice from being com
pelled to come to Las Cruce on all mat
ters pertttiulng to county affairs and
Judicial business. It Is a source of con
siderable expense to them, as well as a
great hardship. The distance Is ubout
100 miles, extending over one of the
worst parte ot New Mexico.
That Dona Aua eouuty should be
divided and a new county created from
the eastern half Is an apparent necessity.
It I recognlted by a large majority of
the people la the western half of the
county that It Is needed, and It Is want-d
by all those who reside In the eastern
half. Dona County Republican.
Stlo Grand Uain Com,
Chief Justice ISmlth has written a
strong opinion representing the unani
mous sentiment of the supreme court In
the Rio Graude dam raw. As eoon as the
other justices atllx their signatures It
will become a mutter of otllcial record.
Tbe opinion Is now In Judge Hamilton's
hands, having already beeu signed bv
Judge Langhlin. No one questions but
that the supreme court of the land will
sustain the decision of the territorial
courts od the Important question of the
rights of our people to use the tl mmI
waters of the RIo lirande for irrigation
and domestic purposes.
Miss Aulta Rodriguez, of the Harwood
boms for girls In this city, spent the hol
idays In Las Truce.
Highest Honors-World s Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A Per Orap Cntssi el Tartar Pewssr.
Incidents of Week In the frosceross
Gold Camp.
From Ih t.'nr.
The planing mill bs been rnnnlng
this week, sawing wedge for the Abe
shaft timbering.
B rt T I money went to work recentlynn
the Boston Boy, doing assessment tor W
K. Blanchsrd.
Mr Stoneroad 1 hauling mining tlm
bers to the Abe. He has a contract
deliver the company 60,n) feet.
The old Abe shaft Is 765 feet deep, and
the forces are sinking on an average of
five feet a day. At this rate, the shaft
will be completed between the 7th and
loth of next month.
The I. 0. 0. F. lodge held a meeting
Tuesday evening and elected the folio
Ingofflcers for the ensuing sli months
w m. N. Lane, N. O.j H. 8. t'omery, V. U
R. U. F. Uebrick, secretary; J. C. Lepln
ger, treasurer.
Jamee Woodland Is here from the
Carrlxoto ranch. James Is Just recover
Ing from a number ot painful cuts and
bruises received ten days ago by a ton
or more of baled hy sliding off from his
wagon, throwing blm uuder the heels ot
his mule.
John A. Brown ha secured from John
Y Hewitt the store room Joining Weiner
on the east, formerly occupied bv A.
ningeway, aua is Ultlng It up
preparatory to moving the postotuce Into
it the first of tbe month. A more suit
able location con id not hare been
fl.e firm of Taliaferro Rro. ha this
Wi't-k been metamorphosed Inio a etock
company, Stanley retiring from the bus!
ness for the purpose ot accepting a busi
ness situation In Illluots which has beeu
open for blm, and also which he has been
repeatedly urged to acc-pt for several
months post. The names of the Incor
porators ot the new coinp iny are as fol
lows: Jones Taliaferro, John Cuunlng,
George K. Sllgh, Klbert Collier, and
Joseph Bpeuce all enterprising aud
thorough business men.
PerciiMon Mining Hill,
It appears that my effort In your laet
Issue, solely Intended as a word ot cau
tion to those who are Intent upon a gen
eral conuVatlon of private property, has
been coustrued a a mere assertion of
what to use the language of my etWm
ed frleuils ot the Democrat 1 knew to be
They claim that I assert! that the
friend of Delegate Fergussou's bill con
tended that Spain, aud afterwards Mex
ico, Invariably reserved all mineral In
New Mexico as crown and government
sources ot revenue. To prove that
made no such assertion it Is only neces
sary to refer to my exact language, to-
wil: 'Now, In the opinion of many of
our constitutional lawyer, can any such
dlstluctlou be lawfully made." The lat
ter, referring to the lawyers and not to
the friends of tho Fergus-ion bill con-
teud, etc..
Tbe grand rush that I made Into print,
which expression is generally made use
ot when argument Is lucking with news
paper dii-putauts. Is not with a "tackle
or "quarter-back" that would. In the par
lance ot the football fraternity, be set
down as an egregious error.
The Democrat Is also In error when It
aerts that "In a majority ot Spanish
grant the uuderlying mineral, as well
a the surface ground, was transferred to
the owner ot the grant." This is Incorrect,
at least so far as New Mexico Is con
niihthe above comments I will let
the t atter rest and charge no misrepre
sentation on the part of the g.mlal editor
above referred to, ouly ascribing It to the
convivial conditions usually prevailing
during Christmas holidays.
A. W. HAkHia
Why Registered Mall Is Delayed In this
Cerrillot Kfgintvr.
In the Albuquerque postoQlce last week
there were at one thus seventy-live regis
tered packages destined for Santa Fe.
The postouloe force there could not, or at
least did not, attempt to handle the regis
tered mall promptly. Some ot it lay
there four dHys before forwarded to It Its
destination. This congestion of regis
tered mail at Albuquerque is not alto
gether due to large amount of regis
wren nusiness mat naturally goes
through the Albuquerque postotllce. It
Is largely traceable to Uncle Sam's red
tape. Of the excellence ot the postul syg
tern much has been truthfully written
But some parts of this system might be
Improved, aud the registry system Is one
oi inem. for instance, there Is no
earthly reason or seuse la requiring a
registered letter for eastern points,
mailed at Cerrllloe, to be seut fifty miles
In the opposite direction, to Albuquerque,
before starting on its Journey. The sys
tem ot having registered mall for the
east travel from Cerrlilos to Albuquerque
delays It not less than tweuty-seven
hours, aud In some lustauces, as was the
cose lost week, as much as four days.
We do not believe that it can be estub-
Itshed as a fact that the system of having
eastern regisierea man seui nrty miles
u 1 lie wrong uirectiou contributes any
thing to Its safety or sure delivery.
K. Morgan and wife, Portland, Oregon;
Urs. T. M. Blount, Irluidud; J. 8. Kvans,
lopexB; 10 j.&iruues, Han la Fe; W. U.
Need, Winslow; W. H. tard, Hurlingame,
Kan.; A. 8. Murray, Las Vegas; c. W.
hrlggs, Denver; Miss Alice loaue, New
T. Smith, Richard Clemens. Madrid, N.
M ; Miss M. K. Leary, ued Jacket, Mich.;
I W. Perrv eud wife, Gruuvllle, Ohio;
Mrs. George Butler, H llliams, Arlx ; Code
Helvey, huuta Monica, Cel.; C. II. Das
dumb, City.
8Tl'H(iK8' irHOPIAN.
M. M. Worster. Los Anirelee: f) V.
Crawford. Sauta Kei W. J Reeves. Chi
cago; Leou llertxog, Los Luiion; Henry
K. Mestheliner, ht. Joseph, Mo.; J. H. Pal
ton, New York; L. Mcolvitx. puterson, N.
J.; Rev. B.O. liill.SiuitbslMirg, Mil ; Frank
Murray, T. O Dolson, Denver; R. W.
Vt arren aud wife, Kl Paso; J.C. La Mas
ters. Los l.uuas; K. H. Tuuison, Ixw An
gelss: K. II. Harlow, Gallup; K. B. Park,
Wlnslow; C. L. Thayer aud wife, J. T.
ilolhert, Fort IMiance; Rout. W. Harris,
Vt iuslow; John Daiil, Kansas City; H. J.
Lebo. Jackson. Miss : 8. Hill Howard.
Santa Fo; Mrs. K. Frick and daughter,
and Chas KFrick, Philadelphia; H. Luna
and wife, Los Luuas; Win. Mcintosh,
Leon Herttog, of the Los Lnnas Mer
cantile compauy, speut yesterday among
his city frleuds, returning to Los Lunas
this morning.
A.S. Murray and Wife
sph'ifield, mo.
Rooter: lo Hoatth bv Or. Mlloa'
liv Narvlno,
R. Mt'ltRAy. sndneer for Keet
Unnnlmo Mercantile Co, Spring
Held, Slo., write!! "I suffered from
dyspepsia, waa unable to eat anything with
out sever distress. Treated bj aarrral
phyalrlana without benefit, I became almost
a physical wreck and onabl to attend to
my work. 1 took !r. Miles' KestoratlT
Nervine and In l weeks I waa well. My
wife had a sever at
tack of I.a Orlppe
which brought oa
troubles peculiar to
Ix-rtei. Th Restor
ative Nnrvln the
only thing that ha
helped her. We both
hope you will at thi
.cnv or. .
In a way to help 01 hers aa we hare been."
Ir. MlliV Kemeille are soirt by all drug
gUti under a positive guarantee, Srst bottle
benefit or money refunded. Hook on
Hehri ,.r .1 SVrvi".nt free to all applicant.
IK oil. I - Mf McU.ro., iilkhart, Ind
Thursday Eve., Jan. 6.
Special Engagement
Lnt S"ison't Greatest Snccst-lbt Delight
ful romedj-Dnmi
Tennessee's Pardner !
Suggested by Bret Harte's Celebrated
Romance of the hills.
So'.e I'roprletor and Uanager.
Beat on sale at Walton' Drug Store,
Monday, January , Is'.iy.
PRICKS, fine and $1.
for Orer fifty teare.
An Old and Wki.l-Triku Kkmkht.
Mrs. Wlnslow' Hoothl
beeu used for over fifty year by millions
of mothers for their children while teeth
ing, with perfect success. It soothes the
child, softens the gums, allays all pain,
cures wind colic, aud is the beet remedy
for diarrhoea. It is pleasant to the taste.
Hold by druggists In everv Dart of th
world. Twenty-live cent a hottla. Its
value Incalculable. Re sure and ask
for Mrs. W lnslow'sHoothlng Syrup, and
take no other klud.
uiea ror the Benefit of tho Knle.ml
innrcn at urant's Opera Houae,
January 4, ISO.
March VlnHaJt.ttv M.iMti-uM t ii. tt..
cbanaa, Irene stauit. Myra Kuni, Alma Huoeu-
l,"'' of the Paper Ilolls-Klolae Vrlaarrl,
r.urvn AicMiiiirn, Milond Km, rihiilry
Kiihna Hra-in Kuet-noalU, Untie Kuni.
faiBr iriiMiap, wine i.Hiirie.
l. 4. aciica - hliiine rlaarri.
"Saule Meetur In Diatnca IS"-Hnrf. Ward,
Mara-aret. the blind sill Mla Hurler
Alluela. the brul M u I. ri..u xi .11.
Cripple Jane. ;n,f. Ward
Itaptiate. briOeariHiin Sam. I'lcaard
I'aul. Maruun-t Itntllier kl. vu...ii
icBBiii. - mil. jiiRiiii mean. niro. Iflaalev
Margaret Kent, Kinina IIiiiiiiik, Irene
.-mint, MiMiiuthrie. Alfred Kroat,
K. U. Meiller, K J. Alaer,
Uurt li.ikcr. Kobvrt
Dsnce of tbe lVaauiita.
Soaillall 4iVUV llullt Hhirlv k'ul.ti 1
llunce t-.dna Mill.
Hons Mm. lilakle V.
Hons anil Cliorut-M'aatiutlirle.
Hrldal son and chortle.
Dance of tbe Mnaea- atilitre.1 K., I ... wul
lie 1-aurle. Dhi.v llinil.tD. Hh r ev k uliii.
Keirlna KiHK-nwald, Klone Ynaarrl.
Iliittertly Dunce Ada Catnplleld, Shirley
i'lonbourlne Dunce Lorn Koi, Kmma
riu niiu, martian-i rent, hilnn Mi l. Sam
l-l.aanl, K. J. Aider. K. I.. Mcller, Alfred
r iii.
ran Minuet -MlMaea Itelle mini l.llw U.-l.,.
'"t -r,le "Hi iiMiian. Alma anil Jetty Koarn
.hl, r.ilua Mill.. Irene Saint, Myra Kuni.
Ilurkloa'a A rale Sale.
The best salve In ths world for nnia.
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains.
corns ami ail skin eruptions, aud post-
ii.eij curns ones, or uo nav. 11 is irnar.
anteed to give perfect satlsfaetou or
money refunded. Price 25 cents ner boi,
Kor sale bv all druiririst. J. II. O'KIhII
. -- -- 1
The Wlilo Ob looted.
At Santa Ke a young man named Baca
and tbe Widow Zinsser were recently
married. It's a romance. Baca was
al out to marry a pretty girl named Her
bert, but the widow made a demonstra
tion that brought the lover to her knees,
anil airs well that ends well.
Rich Red
Blood I absolutely eooeutUl to haalth?
It is eeeured easily and naturally by
taking Iiood'i Bareapartll, bat I lm
poaeibletoget It (rom so-called " nerr
toolos," and opiate sompoDBd, ab
eurdly advertised aa "blood pari
ten." They have temporary, sleeping
Sect, but do not CURB. To have pure
And good health, take Bood'sBaraaparllla,
wdmb aa nrst, last, and all the lime,
been advertised as Just what It kl th
beet medicine for th blood ever pro
duoed. Its suorea In earing Scrofula,
Bait Rheum, Rheamatlam, Catarrh,
Dyipepala, Nervous Prostrstloa and
That Tired Feeling, bar mad
The One True Blood Punter, in drurfltt. tt.
riii. areonrelT labia, re.
Iiuvu m I III UalileaiiSI
I eeuasclaX sw.
Why pay 2.6u for a load ot wood aud
to oruw tor cutting wneu (he same
money buy a ton of Cerrlilos bltumous
nut coal, which goes twice u far?
Uaha & Co.
I .j 1 Whnlesale nn.l
Cor. First aud Colt?,
( 201-803 First 8t.
) lOtJ Bold are.
mi . n
M V el
Horso Owners, Attention
5-3 BLANKETS . - - - ---- .- --
ForStleby "MAXN," The Seconl-St Sil lier.
Native) and
r (tie age
Bn ldins Paper
y.... i.. - Lt - w -
si fays In Vtork
First St. and Lead
Albuquerque Foundry
Dabblt M al i Columns and Iron
aiininf ana Mill
3"01d Reliable-
Wholesale Grocer I
Car Leva a Soaolalty
Farm and Freight Wagons 1
That at Thk Citi.sn ofllce
have prluted:
you ran
VIhIUih eanl.
Invitation cants,
Letter heads,
Hill heaits.
or any other kind of coininri'lnl print
ing; also tlrst-class blmlinK- M ork neatly
and promptly ezm-ntexl and at reawitmlile
rate. Uive us a trial and he ttonvinoml.
To rare roiiatlpatiurt Forerer.
Trtlio lni'reta t'tirniv I ,ith:irtlc. IkiurHM.
If li I. l lail to cui e. ilrui'iosu r fuua uiuucy
Wine for Halo.
Native wine, pure and healthful, at
only 50 cents a nalloo and 15 cents per
come at u, a. urauile s bud norm Kroad
Nntlra to Clothing lluyere.
The tailoring arm ol Pushing & And
ersoa nave Rone out or tiUMiiieva and
have just coiicIuiIimI a (leal with them
whereby I get all of their minUts of till
season's make and several hundred pairs
oi oue pants, maua op out ol Iheir rem
oanls. These Roods will be thrown on
the market neit week, and the URgeHl
bargains ever shown in this rlty will be
ontTea. himon 8tkhn,
The Railroad Avenue C'lolher.
Take Laxative Bromo Oulnlna TahlMta.
All drugginU refund the money If it fails
10 cure. goe. iue geuuine has L.U.Q,
uu nt u MIIIHI.
raatoarlaod Milk and Vrearu-Tha Frle-
elaa Croauiery.
Is putting ap pasteurized milk aud cream
at the same price that other milk and
cream Is selling for. It Is the only milk
wint-ii sic people can use witn saloty
Try it. Call new telephone 117 or wagon
After bearing some friends continually
praising Chauitwrluln'a Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhea Remedy. Curtis Klerk, of
Anaheim, California, purchased a bottle
or It for his own use. aud is now as an
thusla.ticover It wonderful work as any
oue ran be. The !i and bo cent mIzps (or
sale by all aruggiHt.
A Hileom! maa froaent.
A Chicago World' Kalr diploma and
medal awarded Culilunt lirand niano at a
very low figure. Absolute guarantee for
uve years. v.Amtho,
aoi' south 8w,)ii(l Htreet.
How'. Thi..
We Offer One Hundred Dollara reu.ur.1
for any caxe of Catarrh that cannot ha
cured uy Hall s Catarrh Cure.
v J. CHKNEY iV. Co.. Toleilo. O,
We. the UndiTMltfllwl. have known K. J.
Chensy fur the laat 16 years, and believe
mm perrwtiv lionoralile In all bualui
traiiKactloiiH aud Qiiauclallv able to carrv
out auy obligations mails by thflr tlrm.
nenT i uah, nuoleHule Druir-'istii.
loiexio. tr.
Vt I.IHNti. KlNNlN WaHVIN. Wholssals
liriiRRlNls, Toleilo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cur- is taken internall
acting directly uimiu the blood and
mucous suriaces o llie svHtem. TeHti
uionlals seut free. 1'riee 75c per bollle.
Hold by all druggists.
See the Kcouonilst window display of
specials in ladies' underwear. A good,
houeet value at 35 ceuls now sells tor
Maple syrup, pureel article, ouly 1.25
ir gallon, at A. Lowbardo e.
Krtn il Dealer
f"lrl Cher for Cah or on
tt e Installment Plan. A'ao
rented at reaeonaUe ratea.
I Albnqnerqap, New Mexico.
A horK cannot get
them off, no matter
how much he rolls
or tumbles in his
stall or paddock.
You will find it
You will save the coj
of BUnket In Feed
and Labor in less
than three weeks.
It keeps the hair
sleek and the horse
always clean.
i::f. -',
Lin oiji.al
,, irwi i sr is
8Uu PtloU.I:r
Ave., Albuquerque.
and Machine Works
y. 1
air r
Front f.ir Ball !lnfr Repafi
aacoiuery a Hpeclaltj'.
Oorrleo tho l-rt-t oa
Moot atstoaaleo Mock of
To a looad Soathwoat.
GasUttlng. Whitney Co.
Ilfeld's for bargains this week.
Visit The Kconomist art department.
Lamp and trimming. Whitney Co.
Underwear at half price at tbe Big
Store. "
L'se pasteurized milk and cream It you
are sick.
(oods sold on the iustallment plan.
Whitney Co.
Largeet assortment of candy, figs, nuts,
etc., at A Louibardo's.
Money to loan on Improved real estate.
Culley A Armljo, city.
New lot of lean, at the usual low
prices, at A. Lombardo'e.
Outing II iuiikI waixt at special prices
this week at the big Ktore.
Higlmst prices puld for gents' clothing
at Hurt's, 117 Uold aveuue.
Iloune-t furnished complete, ou the lu
Mtiilluielit plan. H hitliey Co.
Acknowledged the best, the Majtwtlo
range. l)i nii!ioe Hardware Co.
lusiire your life In the Knultable. Wal
ter .. I'arklmrHt, general manager
High grade cloaks at price of Inferior
qualities at The Kconomlst cloak sale.
If you want anything In the binding
or Job priming liue, call at Thk Citizen
Hot chile con carne served every night
at the I'aradiNe. Do not nils It. Uac-he-chi
A (iloinl, proprietors.
Leave orders at the Iceberg" for
PahHt's export aud "blue riboou" beers
in quarts and pluts. Charles il. Oeach,
K. K. Trotter calls your attention to the
fact that you can buy ot him cheap for
rash, or credit, and have the choice of
the best stock lu the city.
Blank books ruled to suit you, ledgers,
journals, etc. liive us a call and exam
ine our stock, whether you wlxb to buy
or uot. 8. K. Newcomer.
A penny saved Is a penny earned, but
you will have dollars by buvlnir Csrrlllo
anthracite aud bituminous coal durlug
this cold weather. Halm & Co.
Kor the (Unce: New lawn and cambric
underskirts With deen ruMlea of lae ami
embroidery, all made new umbrella
style, jiHt lu. ht The Kconomlst.
A fresh stock of lbs folloevlnrr i-Iiuluu
jam received at Trotter's: Club house,
tirirk, Km-hr.irt, Kdaui, pine apple, sago,
limliurger. ImporltHl Swine full cream.
Now. about that old stov of vonraV
Throw It away aud get a Majestic range.
The difference lu price is soon forgotteu
when you have a convenience like a Ma
jestic range lor years to come, laiuahoe
liurdware to.
Table dauiHHk worth IWV. now n nar
yard; table dmak worth Hoc. uow Ua
r'T yard; table damask worth $1.40, now
1. 10 per yard; table iliimaek worth jl.75.
now I.H.'i tier vard. Ten tarda krnlt ,.t
the Loom" lUUxliu. loc. RoHellWald Una..
.Ni-T-lia.- f..r i n
. inaki . weak
AU Urugglata
rueu iiruiis, bluuU i.ru. Uk. tl
Not a Dollar.
We dont propose to carry over one dol.
lur's worth of winter clothing, stiirbj or
underwear this season, ami will name
prices nxxt week which will move these
good. Halt ou the sale.
Simos Stkhn.
Tl-e R. R. Ave. Clothier.
All shades lu kid glove at ll.'i at ths
Big Store.

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