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The Albuquerque Daily
job rnisTixu
tm all to surmious and itrjrm
fcranchaj Malty 4oat a
la all to tflnaoM a4 Qrtm
kucliM atatty Soaa at
Dill IIVIMM. .0 New Mexico
Postponed Indefinitely.
Insurance Companies Mast Drposlt
$10,000 on February 1.
Aatl-Scatpior Bill Coder ConsMeratloa
bj Hook Committee.
Washington, Jan. 15. The enat
committe on terrlto'ie to-day decided
to postpone Indefinitely tb bill to annnl
bo act of the legislator of New Mexico
relating to Insaranc companies. The
set U to go Into effect February 1, and
provide that ail Insurance eorapanle
doing business In tba territory shall de
poult f 'n.ono e sen or municipal or terri
torial bond at par aa guarantee for
the pajnif nt of locses. It was etated In
the committee tbat forty-one Insurance
Companies would be affected.
The senate on Interstate commerce
t!il morning resumed the hearing of the
antl scalping bill. A statement waeeub
mtttcd by Bert W. Lyon, editor of the
Commercial Traveler, of St. Louis. Mr.
McKenile, Chicago ticket broker, pre
vented affidavits of various ticket broker
of Chicago, Bt. Lout. Boston, LouUvllle
and other title, setting forth that they
pnrrbaoed tickets directly of authorised
agents of railroads, In some rase receiv
ing commissions.
Blta Itevntwl ICalixl.la UM It.a
raraiatle Mtlllkra.
Washington, Jan. 16. The session of
the house to day after 2 o'c'ock waa de
voted to eulogies of the late Representa
tive Beth W. Mllllken.
Representative Star, populist of Ne
braska, roee to a question of privilege to
deny a publication In a local paper that
be acted as attorney In the peueton ease
of Jackson W. Cheney. As representative,
he said be had Interested himself In the
ease but be never acted aa attorney In
O i motion of Lanham, democrat of
Texas, a bill was passed authorizing the
president to appoint an additional dis
trict judge for the northern district of
Texas. It was explained that Judge Rec
tor, now judge of the district, was utter
ly Incapacitated from performing the du
ties of hla office.
The home, In a committee of the whole,
took np the army appropriation bill.
Waal 10 Oeau More lar Ton aaa the
Bight HoarSiUm.
ffcturtioj, O.. Jan. 15 Th United
Mine Workers of America decided to-day
to ask m advance of ten cents a ton on
the next year's contract for pick mining
and three-fifths of the pick mining price
for the machine mining In Ohio, Illinois
and Pennsylvania, and four-fifths In In
diana and r titer low coal districts. The
convention decided that screens ought to
be abolished.
The convention will go to Chicago nn
Instructed on the differential, but In
structed to auk the operators to establish
eight hours as a day's work.
It U foreshal wed that the National
Fwlemllon of lalior will probably select
the Miners' anion as the organisation to
Inaugurate the movement for the eight
hour system.
Klabt ataa Killed.
Mlddlenboro, Ky., Jan. 15 A special
from Uynen says: In a fight on Sandy
Fork, Leslie county, yesterday, eight men
were killed. Iutense excitement pre
vails and further fighting Is expected.
The Qght occurred over cards In a "blind
Fall Simla a Floor.
Chicago, Jan. IB. John W. Stonebouse,
whose sign painting establishment re
cently failed, committed suicide to-day
In the rotunda of the Masoule Temple by
Jumping from the railing on the all
teeutb floor. The corpse was picked op a
shapeless mass.
Tba railent Sllll Alive.
Bt. Louis, Mo, Jan. 15. Conrad Beck,
machinist, was operated on for eancer ol
the stomach Wednesday. All the stom
achic vtveera were removed and the py
lorls was sewed to the esophagus. He Is
till alive.
Tba riiat Hid Mot Mot..
Norfolk, Va., Jan. 15. There ha been
no movement of the fleet In Hampton
Roads and It will not sail before to-mor
Clileaa Uraia Market.
Chicago, Jan. 16. Wheat January,
61Hc; May, BOe. Corn January, 2Kc;
May, 2c. Oats January, 224c; May,
Moa.r Market.
New York, Jan. 15. Money on call,
toady at 3 per ceut Prime mercantile
paper, 8j.
Want a Change.
Washington, Jan. 15 A canvass of the
republican members of the house on the
question of changing the civil service
laws, conducted by the republican steer
ing committee, is about completed. Of
....Leading Jeweler....
Watches, Diamonds,
2"8 republican members, the canvass Is
said to show that a mJ rtty, varying
from 18 tn 40, Is favorable to a change la
the law.
Weekly nana Stateaaeat.
New York, Jan lit. The weekly bank
statement shows: Bnrplns reserve, In
crease, .1.704,2ixi; loans. Increase, l,
215,7(10; epecKlnrTea-e, S,06000; legal
tenders. Increase, $3,15H,8 Mi; deposits. In
crease, l,oa0,K); circulation, Increase,
The banks now hold I25.049.77S In ex
cess of legal requirements.
Silver aaa a,.
New York. Jan. 15. Silver,
Lead, 13.55. Copper, lOHo.
r.calatlaa aa filial af tha Oaa.ral Mas-
aar Caaea It.
Louisville, Ky, Jan. 15. At a meeting
of the director of the Kentucky Trust
mpany the assignment to the Columbia
Finance and Trust company was ordered,
and a deed of trust will be signed by the
president, P. B. Ormsby, this afternoon.
The concern baa been In baid line for
fome time, owing to tha flight and al
leged peculation of the vice president
and general manager, William Relnecke.
At a meeting to-day a letter from
Relnecke was read. He admitted be be
trayed the trust placed In him, and gave
details of on deal In whlc! ho lost
$75,000 of the company's money. He
say hi misfortunes were brought about
by unfortunate speculation In Alabama
coal lands.
Tb. Aapalatai.au for Tbl Territory Caa-
Srma ta Data.
Special to The Cltlten.
Washington, Jan. 15. The confirma
tions by the reoate of New Mexico ap
pointments, to date, are as follows:
M. A. Otero, of Las Vegas, for governor
M. R. Oiero, of Peralta, register of tb
aud office at Santa Fe.
Howard Leland, of Albuquorqne, reg
ister of land office at Rnewell.
Kdward W. Fox, register of the land
office at Clayton.
Kdward F. llobart, receiver of the lsnl
office at Santa Fe.
Albert W. Thompson, receiver of the
laud office at Clayton.
Fr.nk W. Parker, of Ulllsboro. and
lonatban W. Crumpacker, of La Porte,
Ind., associate justice of the territorial
supreme court.
Lonis 0. Fullen, postmaster at Kddy,
and Mis Mary J. Cnnlffe postmistress at
Las Crures.
A. W. Thompwn left here Wednesday
with his commission and expect to aa-
ame his duties on Monday. Jan. 17.
Judge Mills' appointment, as chief Jus
tice of New Mexico, still hnngs ore.
Oaa-Thlrd ol tha ataah Sold to Boatoa
reopla lor SISO.OOO. '
A well authenticated report reached the
SanU F Nw Mexican Thursday morn
ing from Bland that O, P. Posey, princi
pal promoter of the Cochltl Gold Mining
company, recently sold one-third of the
atook In the company named to Boston
people for 1760,003. In on day the
shares of the company advanced from 5
to 18 In Boston.
The readers of the New Mexican have
been kept fully advised of the progress
and consummation of the various nego
tiations whereby Mr. Pojey and bis far-
seeing associates have secured the Albe
marie. No Name and Crown Polut
group of mine In the Couhltl mining
district It Is known that tin Albemarle
group of four full claims, In Colla can
yon, has been transferred to the Cochlll
Gold Miulng company, and it u presumed
that the other two group mentioned
have also been stocked with the Albe-
mule and are Inc'uded In the recent
Boston deal. This, however, U given
merely as a reasonable conjecture In
view of the large sum secured for oue-
tblrd of the stock.
The stock deal referred to afford the
trongeet possible couflrmatlon of the
receutly reported great strike in the Al
bemarle, aa well as the unequivocal as
sertion tbat Mr. Posey' numerous and
exhaustive tests of the Cochltl ore have
resulted In the discovery and adoption
of a comparatively cheap method of
rescuing the ji-llow riche of the dis
The New Mexican ha had unbounded
faith in the phenomenal Cochltl ledges
ever sine they first began to attract at
tention In the summer of 18U3, as the
flies of the paper testify to the extent
of probably 200 columns, and naturally
the management la peculiarly pleased
tnal Its uioel extravagant past predic
tions concerning the district now seem
In a fair way to be more than realised
before the laps of many mouths.
For a good job go to K. J. Post & Co.
they employ competent mechanic from
tne east.
Messrs. Lo wen thai & Meyer have been
appointed sole distributors of the product
of the Italian Swiss Agricultural colony
of Asti, Sonoma aunty, California. This
colony Is known as the producer of the
highest grades of wine aud brandies
uiade, their vintages taking ilrst rank in
all parts of the world.
A colored man by the name of Haxel
diue, who drives an express wagon, fell
from his wagon a few days ago aud was
quite badly lujured. Since that time be
has become paralyzed on one side aud be
Is now In quite a critical condition.
Call for pasteurized milk and cream
at the Fish Market.
Jowchy, Silverware.
"""" " w.-r-.. n -,m-awi 1 ins isiiaui- 1 . .11. e-4--s--- 11 j 1 1 " J'1 IJ J 1 1 - 11 -u "inuuia 1 L.Li.uwt si 1, wimspu n-n jiwihiijh ' 1 -iaiiMii l,,hrf,jr.m, . m,mtmmmWtvaammKmmmmmmmmmmimummntmmm , m.sripwnjiiian ,walWa.,w in.-r -m... -
Erect Steel Redaction Plant at
Albemarle Mine.
Owners Confer with Representative
of Steel Manufacturer.
Albemarta Riot Syndicate kai 13(0,000
la the Treaiary.
Denver, Colo, Jan. 15. J. A. Coram, of
Boston; O. P. Poser, mine manager and
promoter, Wllllaa J. Carlan and others
representing the Albemarle mine of New
Mexico, met In this city three represent
Uvea of steel manufacturing plants of
the east to disco's) plan for a steel re
duction plant to be erected at th Albe
marle mine In Bernalillo county, near
Albuqnerqne. Th syndicate ha 260,'
000 In the treasury.
Th placing of th Albemarle group In
Boston promises to be one of the most fa
vorable movement In the direction of re
viving th mining Industry of New Mex
ico territory ever known.
Broker ArrMtad e Sell I a rraaaal.al
Ticket. Ova tha aata Fa.
Bt Joseph, Mo, Jan. 15. A long series
of railroad ticket forgeries have come to
light here. Th ticket were over the
Santa fe road and connecting lines.
August K. A nibs, of Bt Louie, who until
two year ago waa engaged In tha ticket
scalping business her, ha been arrested.
The fraudnlent tickets were sold during
that time by Walter Young, who was the
city ticket agent for th Santa F In this
city. Young committed suicide nearly
tour year ago.
After Am be became financially enibar-
aseed be deposited th ticket aa collat
eral In the National bank of Bt. Joseph.
He waa unable to redeem them and they
were placed on sale by another broker.
The aale of th ticket waa alow and that
is the reason the fraud bad been so long
being discovered. The value of the mil
eage represented by the ticket run up
Into the thousands.
Affecting tha Water HIhU aa Maiwell
Land Or at.
Denver, Colo, Jan. 15. Ten cases, af
fecting the water right on the Maxwell
land grant, have been dismissed by Judge
Rlner In the federal court. The case
wer brought by th United States Free
hold and Kmlgratlon company against
Diego fiallego and nine others similarly
- Itaaaa. City 11. aa.
Kansas City, Jan. 15. Cattle Receipt,
200; unchanged; only retail trade.
Texas steers. $3.4004.26; Texaa cows.
$3.05316; native steers, $3 25yjt5.00;
nativ cow and heifers, $1.75(4.26 1
lockers and feeders, $2.5004.70; bulls.
$2.66g3 70.
Sheep Receipt. 1,000; market Arm.
Lamb, $4.20g6.50; muttons, $3.UC(j
Haraaa Traaqull.
Washington, Jan. 10. Cablegrams
wer received at the state department
this afternoon from Consul General Lee
at Havana, stating everything tranquil
Coal Tblavea CaptaraA.
A. J. Crawford, the local representative
of th Crescent Coal company, captured
three petty thieve In the act of carrying
away soma of hi coal last night. One
of the thieve was an old man and one a
young boy, and th third waa Charles
Messluger. Ags and youth induced the
judge to turn th 13 ret two loos after he
bad adminlsteied some of bis own brand
of Justice upon them. Neither of these
considerations Interfered In behalf of
Messlnger, who was arrested, aud this
morning brought before Justice Ribble,
where he was found guilty and fined $1
and costs.
The practice of stealing coal is quite
common, and Mr. Crawford say that he
has lost as much as two ton out of on
car load. A close watch will be kept lu
the future for the purpose of capturing
some of whom are said to haul away
their stolen booty In wagon load.
free Coasert.
Undoubtedly one of the most tnjoyable
places to spend Sunday afternoon will
be at th Orchestrion ball, In old town,
where a tree concert will be given at
o'clock to-morrow afternoon. People who
have lived loug In the city know of tb
high merit of these concerts aud It will
pay stranger to make arrangement to
attend th on to morrow afternoon, as
they will be given an opportunity to hear
the latest aud mcst popular musical pro
DUtrlot Co art Mature.
W. C. Heaoock waa appointed guardian
ad lltum tor Qulncy De France, a minor,
by Judge Crumpacker this morning.
Judgment for t-U'H 51 waa entered In
the case of the Konatl Saddlery Co. vs.
the Albuquerque Saddlery Co.
An order of dismissal was entered In
th ease of Kplmento A. Mlera vs. J. A.
In the eae of the Karly Time Distil
lery Co. vs. Charles Zelger et al., default
was entered against th defendants for
want of an answer.
Thar Will be Here Jan. IS.
"At Gay Coney Island," the title of a
new play announced for early production
in this city, conveys the Idea that theater
goer are to be treated to somewhat of a
departure In farcical comedy. One would
have thought that no field bad been left
onworked by the Industrious artisans of
so-called fare comedy, but no attempt to
amuse tb public with scene and lucl
dent peculiar to Coney Island can be re
called. Th wonder at this tact Increase
when It 1 observed that this hlsWrlo re
port la New York' natural plsy ground.
and probably offer greater opportunities
for th consistent Induction and develop
ment of comedy situations and nnlqne
character than any other place in the
world. This being the nature of the play
that Introduce Mathev A Bulger to the
public a star of th first msgnltnde.
there I reason to expect something of
more than ordinary merit These young
comedian and song writer hav won
the favor of patron of light entertain
ment throughout the country, and at tb
head of a company of capable coadjutor.
(hould be seen to particularly gnod ad
vantage. The play I alleged to arts to
the dignity of a production, so complete
I th ecenle equipment and so thoroogb
the attention given to detaiL
Tha Oaara Oaaaa.
Last evening th Albuquerque flnardu
gave their first monthly nop of this year
at the Armory, and It was a very enj'.f
aids affair, nearly all of the membe.a,
both active and associate, were preseut,
and tripped the light fantastic to He
strain of sweet music
Before th dancing began the mnn
talked of "drill down" took place. .
1 be drill was in tne manual or arm.
and Capt. C. D. Roger tar the co.
mands, while Cot Borrrdalie, Lleutenaut
Mclfcte and Hargeot Hardin acted a
J ud ires, who called down the boy wb
an error was made In the execution ot
command. It did not take long togft
the company down to two men, t'm
wer Private Hepler and Corporal Al
ger, but Alger proved to be lb best auid,
and carried off the honors. e
A drill down will be given every monu
and now at the member understand tto
nature of It there will, no doubt, be a
great deal of rivalry among them.
Th following- appointment wr
made by Captain Rodger: Corporal R.
Ala-er to b 8rd aara-ent: Private rreri
Tlngley to be corporal. '
Aaothar of CoehlU's Croat Mlaea PraaM-
ally SoM.
The Bland Herald on Monday. receW d
Information from the fortunate ownws
that they had lust satisfactorily elo jj
the 'negotiations for the eats of the te
tor group of mine In Colla canyon r,m
the sum of $).iioa This valuable i.-o-perty
has beeu taken under leas and
olid by Uetiry t'usey, a brother of (l. P.
Posey, who is at the bead of tliecro-
patiy operating the Albemarle and oln -r
mines of the dl-drict, for the sura of $ "K-
ujo, ana a term oi six monins, aaiiiig
from January 1st this year, doling
which the terms of the bond require that
-erersl thousand dollar must be ex
pended In development :
1 he property leased and bonded to T ale
new capital consists of th Victor aud
Harney mluea, two leading claims of Hie
original Victor group, th other two be
ing the criterion and Bert, whtcn lie
parallel to the first two named and po
m considerable value, tnonen no) in
cluded In th recent transaction, ill
original Victor group waa lnltt.il
located by Chtrlcs H. Stevenson, one
th owner and at present a pamevc
conductor on the A, T. A 8. F. railnw
The owners are Charles Oder. J
Carlisle. F. w. Shuckhart J. H. Shuck.
hart and a C. Pittlnger, all ot whom art
employed by the Stuta Fe with th
ceuiioaof Mr. mtinirer. who rj.!r
eul th manager of th Ltaooau opeta
nous ai uu vegaa.
Tha f aaieacer Trains.
Conductor Joe Rlchley, who bandies
the limited trains on the Santa F be
tween the metropolis and La Junta,
turned over to Conductor Froet vesterday
VIS through passenger. Conductor
t rost brought in with him this afternoon
a gool list ot paesengera from the west
en route to their eaetern homes. These two
conductors will hav charge of t lie limited
train under tne tri-weekly arrange
ments, while the other passenger trains,
ro. l and o. IT, coming south, aud o.
2 and No. 22, golug north, will be under
the following railway orators: Conduc
tors llayea, Stevenson and Carllle tie-
twee n this city and Las Vegas, and Con
ductors u.ler, urury, Hurray, voucher
and Stlmuieil between Las Vegas and
La Junta.
Mrs. Pope, wife of C. U. Pope, who re
sided iu this city a few years ago and
was employed on ma Atlantic & raeinc.
Came in from Galveston, Tex , last night
and is registered at Hturges" European.
Ibe lady will so south to HI fsso to
night, and from there to City of Mexico,
where she will anter the American hos
pltal aa a professional nurse. Mr. Pope,
so It la learned. Is Hie traveling auditor
ot the Mexican Central railway, with
headquarters at Sau Luis I'oloel.
David Weinman, the Junior member cf
The Economist lirm, called at this office
yesterday afternoon aud stated that the
holiday trade enjoyed by The Kconomlsl
luring Christmas weex is seemingly
keeping up, and that business was never
better. David Is truly a hustler, and
knows how to place bis goods before the
Imitation Is the slncerest flattery. Yon
will find would lie competitors trying to
Imiuteour muslin underwear sale with
Inferior foods aud higher price. Our
prices and quality rauuot be matched.
Golden Rule Dry Gcads company.
Glmlln. who once upon a time offici
ated In the pitcher's box for th Alliu
uuemtie Browns base ball club, has been
signed by the Detroit, Mich., club for the
coming season, so says the Kansas City
In ths foot ball gam between the town
boy and ludians at the fair grounds this
afternoon, neither side scored. The game
waa ths best played here this season aud
was very exciting throughout
George II. Schillings, son of the gen
eral foreman at the Santa re PaclUc
shops. Is here nn a visit to bis father,
from Sprlnglleld, III.
Red Letter Sale
We Are Offering Some Bargains in
Footwear. Sale Lasts Until Jan. .25.
Geo. C. Gainsley & Co.
121 South Scond Street.
Head of Salvation Arm Arrives
ia New York.
Introdnctloi of Cold Stadar li
India Under Consideration.
Patient la Milwaaku Met from Removal
f Slcmack.
rttatm rAinovi krcxDitia.
Mew York, Jan. 15. General William
Booth, tb head of tb 8lalloa Army,
arrived to-day oa th steamer Bt Paul
rroea Southampton. ' , .
Ia honor of hi visit I weir new shel
ters fur tb homeless poor and lures new
reecu borne for women will be simul
taneously opened In this Country.
rnrAeaea- by tha Fn.lS.at.
Topeka, Jan, 15. President MrKlnley
oa pardoned Clyd Maltox. twle con
victed of murder lo Oklahoma, O. T, la
December, 1889, of John Mollis, a negro,
and sentenced to bang- Mrs. Sadie U.
Hatch, Mattoxl mother, spent her estate
Betting the case and through her effort
tb pardon ha been secured. Maltox
come of an aristocratic southern family.
Meeaaelty af latradarl alA Bond.ra
law raaWr Caaalo)eralle.
Caleutta, Jan. 15. Sir James WesUand
th II nance minister of tb council at
yesterday's meeting of that body, aald be
wa unabl to glv a final reply to th
question of th Introduction ot th gold
standard. It was clear, be eontlnned,
that th gold standard would bsoom pos
sible. Many obscur point bad been de
termined by actual experience, Th dis
asters of 1HW7 had been followed by a
bountiful harvest; and renewed trad dis
cussions last autumn, prepared th pub-
lie and th official opinion of England to
th possible necessity of tb gold stand
ard, which might Involve the actual di
version for Indian purpose of a certain
amount of gold from th general avail
able stock.
Oaaratlaa a Maaaavla tha StoauMb front
W.mh f.rfoMMed,
Chicago, Jan. 15. Under unfavorable
conditions an operation ot removing a
stomach from a woman, which wa suc
cessfully performed at Zurich last Sep-
leuiber, was repeated yesterday at Mil
waukee by Dr. K J. Karnum, of Chicago,
assisted by Dr. D, P. G. Hankwlta. Mr.
K. Heni-taln wa th psUyiC Mr. Ben-
stain died four hour i
after Ui
tfi operation.
On TnesiUyAaaUt ? . jb In th
sacristy, tlwr wii b a meeting of th
ladle of St John's congregation to re
organise the Guild. A cordial Invitation
I given to those ladle who, havlug only
recently com to Albuquerque, hav not
yet beeu enrolled member.
Olae Mpeelal.
One lot flue kid gloves, dressed and un
dressed, for street and eveulng wear,
worth $2 and $2.50. Your choice at
$U3 per pair, llfeld Bros.
A fine brass pail lock for 15c
Yale pattern night latch for 2Ao
Buck sawa for l6c
An Al handled axe for tsie
Positively the lowest priced store In
For a good Job go to K. J. Poet & Co ;
they employ competent mechanic from
the east
R J. Post tt Co. have them In stock.
Get tbeir prices and sav uiouey.
This morning at 1130 o'clock. William
Farr mounted a big bay horse at bis
meat market to ride to bis residence on
north Second street At the Bank ot
Commerce corner a little dog sneaked up
belli nd the Dorse, wno was going aloug
ulcely, and bit the animal ou the leg.
Of course, the nurse, not looking; for such
a sudden and uncalled for attack, acted
badly by rearing and plunging, aud Mr,
Farr, who was unaware ot the don's at
tack, had some trouble In getting the an
imal back Int-i a trot 'I he antics of ths
horse aud the eff iris of Mr. Farr. In try
ing to quiet his riding steed, caused
laughter for those standing on the corner.
Manager Manner, the popular overseer
at FretT. Harvey's local eating house,
states that ths local bouse I doing au
Inimeus business, travel to and from
California, especially to the Pact He coast,
keeping up lu good shape, and, ot course,
says lieu., ths passengers ail hav to eat.
(ins flttlug, R. L. Dodson.
p r n unn A.nt.
V : Pro X. n-w
I.U.I lUUUUlur::'
214 S. Second St.
Crt-winrrv Putter
Hr.t on Kurtli.
hrtd Ullvery.
Reliable Shoe Dealers.
Mall Orders. Given
Careful Attention
and Promptly Filled
Stocktaking Is Oven..
Now to get rid of tho odds and ends that were culled
from tho various departments. Wc aro selling them
fast. Still, wo havo a good many Special Bargains
left, but thoy will not last long at theso
Give-Away Prices...
It will pay you to como in and look over our Bargain
One lot Imported Novelty Dreaa
Patterns, worth up to $15.00, on
bargain table, at $3.50
One lot Fine Droche and Brocaded
Silk Velevta, worth up to $3.50
per yard, on bargain table at 75c
One lot Fine Cloaking, worth up
to $3.50 a yard, on bargain table
at, per yard $1.00
One Lot Linen Towels, worth 15c
to 35c each, on bargain tablet at
Oc, 13c and lOo
E. L.
Bazaar Patterns.
All Patterns 10c ind 15c
i 8q8-ADVANCE SALE--1 898.
Ladies' JVTuslin "Wear.
Every 'larme it brand new and made precisely in the mode that will prevail this Spring. Better
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...We Illustrate a Few of Our Many Novelties In This Great Sale..
F: ;-t f1pt5 1
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Gowns, Bklrts, ChliuMes, Drswsrs, Corset Cover, also Children' Miwllu We.r in grt rarlety divided Into 9 lot.
See Window Display I Sale Begins Monday Morning.
LOT NO. x...
Perfect fitting Embroidered Corset Covers. , Q n
Cliililreu' Waist and Drawers. l.iUud 8 yrs. QJ
LOT NO. a...
Ladles' dill slie niirht dresses
beautiful styles lu Due Kuibroldered Corset 0C
Covers ng
Ladles' Muillu and Cambrlo Umbrella
LOT NO. 3...
Novelties In Ladles' extra On forset covers.
Ladies' full slzs Kuibroldered Night (towns. QQn
Ladles' wide aud milled and tucked kirUJJj
aud tJibrvll Drawers
Lot 7 at U'.'o, Lot 8 at f 1.4 J aud
Clot hi ho-
Men and Boys.
Our clothing is made by tho best
tailoring houses in America. Per
fect fit and serviceable. Prices tho
lowest for good clothing in our
Railroad Avenue. - Albuquerque
204 Railroad Avenue. Albuquerque, M M.
Lot 9 at tl.Wl emiHlet of copies from the Kreneh of Klue Umbrella Drawers, high
grade Preucti Night (iowus, Lace Embroidered bklrts.
Agent for Ilutter
Ick'n Pattern- and
Dr. Jaeger's Underwear.
BARGAIN NO. 5......
One lot of Woolen Drcsi Goods in
Beautiful Plaids, Lovely Brocade,
Handsome Plain Colors and Fancy
Weaves, worth up to $1.00 per
Yard, on bargain tables at 25c,
30c, 40o and. ftQc
One lot Men's Linen Standing
Collars, worth 15c, on bargain
tables at , He
One lot Outing Flannel Shirt
waists, on bargain tables at 25o,
ftOc and ; 750
BARGAIN NO. 0......
Any Ladies' Walking Hat in the
house at Actual Cost (Nothing
& CO.
Filled Same
Day as Received.
jp 1 11 11 . 1 11 1 ai
LOT NO. 4...
Ladles' Marguerites, One Muslin Cambrlo
downs, Ksury Cornet Covers.
Ladles' lleinsi It'hed Lac 'and Kwhroidered A On
Umbrella Drawers , Hwll
Ladle Kuibroldered bklrts.
LOT NO. 5...
Embroidered K!gtit downs. Lace rmbrella-.
bklrts aud Kuibroldered l uibrella Draw-kUA
er 0 JU
LOT NO. 6... "
Exceptional values In Embroidered Gowns,
Draw-r. Hklrts aud Ladles' KmbruU-Thp
ered extra loug Marguerlu IWU
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