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B.mr4a aaatry 4om f
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txib ornuuiN
Discusses the Wort of the Bi
metallic Commission.
Crowded Floor and Galleries Ac
cord Him Closest ittentloa.
rrttldtflt Dole, of Hawaii, ArrlTCl oa
Visit to TbU Country.
suffered with bone affection for year,
and haa been obliged to walk on ertilehe
for anine lime. Tha trouble became
worse lately, and (or few day pant be
haa been confined to hia bad, ao tha doe
tor concluded that tha wlaeet thing to
do waa to amputate tha foot.
fc.lata of t. y. WIMa.
Judge Crunipacker thia morning en
tered a Bnal deeree In tlia cane of James
lie Kranrw. executor for tha aatata of J.
U. V III, deceased, vs. Ma Mitchell at al.
iu which tha executor la authorised to
borrow enough money to pay the elalma
against the estate, whli'h amount to
about 5,Nt, tog ther with the ooata and
expenses of administration, by mortgage
Ins the real eatate. He la also author
I awl to aell tha property at a or I rate aala
to the highest cash bidder. Both the
mortgage and tha aale must first be suo-
milled to the eourt bef or concluded.
Washington, Jan. 17. In anticipation
of an Interesting session of tha aeoate vo
day. all the galleries were ailed. Mr.
Wolcott, wire of senator vtoiooti, cnair.
man of the bl uetallio commission, who
waa to deliver speech opon the work of
the commission, waa In the diplomatic
gallery with friends.
roraeraniiounrHi mat tne wkhmiu
of Ohio had ehoaen Marru AIodxo Hanna
aa senator for the remainder of Sher
mau'a tim of atz jear ending March 4,
IHiej. lie presented Hanna'a credential.
Many aenatora haeteued to extend con
gratulation to Hanna, after the admin
lutraliiin nf the oath.
Among the uiemorlale presented wer
remonstrance of 612 Roman Catholic
aorletle In the United State, represent
ing more than 6),t:tl member, offered
by Murphy, of New York, against the en
actmeut of tha peudlng Immigration
Hale, of the appropriation committee,
reported the urgency - deficiency bill,
pawed liutt week by the bouse, and gave
notioe that he would call It np to-mor-
Uarrla, of K an , presented aresola
tlon, for which be axked Immediate eon
aiitsratlnn. anklna the secretary of the
treasury why, alnce 18a. he had omitted
from hi statement an Item of tll.i::'.
(mo Interest due to the Uuited Slate
from the Padua railroad.
There waa an objection by Thurston, of
Nebraska, aud the resolution went over
till to-morrow. ....
Allen, of NrbraNka, presented and asked
Immediate consideration for resolution
directing the committee on pensions to
ascertain by what authority the eommls
aioner of pension refused to pasa opon
tbe application for Increase of pensions
until twelve months ahall have elapsed
eincetha last allowance made.
Ualltnger, (N. 11.), chairman of the
pension committee, objected to the Im
mediate consideration of the resolution.
The resolution went oter. Foraker re
ported from the committee on 1'scllle
railroada, bill aolhortting the pest
ilent. If necessary, for tha protection of
tbe government, to bid on tha Kaunas
facllle railroad at tha coming aale. It
went over until to-morrow.
wouxyiYB eriEcu.
At 18:50 Wolcott (Colo.), chairman of
the bl-metallle commission, waa recog
nised for a speech, by this time the gal
lerlea and the floor were crowded. Vt ol
eott waa In Hue voice and spoke with
only occasional reference to hi manu
script. He waa accorded tha closest at
ten Ion by hia auditors, among whom
wero many member of the house.
Wolcott reviewed fully tbe work of the
commission, already made public. He
apoke of what he termed the "hostile and
somewhat brnUl ntterancea of the Lon
don prese respecting the proposal of the
Krench aud American representative.
Newspapera In Loudon, like newspaper
In many eapltale of the world," he went
on, "are dominated by and allied with
the banking element and reflect their
view and often their expressions. The
business of money loaulng is an engross
Ing pursuit, not alwaya teudlng to the
cultivation of the amenities of lit and it
la not to be wondered at that London
newspaper, voicing that Industry.ahould
lu their hostility to the pol'6 h,ch
they disapproved, forget for a mo
m.nt that coiirlesv. which la doe to
Beginning of a Host Destructive
Industrial Battle.
confession of Albert Dreyfnaa to al. Le
Rrnn Henard. Premier Mellne In refus
ing to discua the matter, declared If the
Chamber voted It immediate discussion
the cabinet would resign, the house by
a vote of 310 to !fil adopted the motion
helving tha discussion.
Iihm CHy Mark.
KanaaiN City, Jan. 17. Cattle Receipts
l,0U; market steady to lower.
Texas steer. S3.2ottl.2o; Tex cows
Elfbtj Thousand Sallied 0tlm KJSS.'Sr CSX
Affected r It.
Spindle Turning In Cortoa Factories
of Hew Bedford.
stocker and feeder, J.40$;i.li; bulla,
Sheep Receipt, t,(VO; market strong.
Umbs, Sl.iuu5.HO; muttons,
Persons Perish in
Flames in Germany.
Oaa af tha Old Tlmara af Albaqaaraa
Paaaad Ar thla Maralag.
Lawrence 8llva died at the Bilva rest
dence on north Arno street at i JO o'clock
thia morning. He returned to tha etty
la-tt kriday uight from I'lioenlx, aud waa
then very aick man. He had been away
from Albuquerque about two yeara, which
he had spent In Mexico and Arlaona. He
had been suffering lor year with stom
ach trouble which assumed an aggra
vated lorm about six month ago, since
which time be ha been falllug rap
idly. The deceased waa born In Italy about
"4 year ago, and came to Albuquerque
In the early eighties. He waa stone
mason by trade and for several years waa
a contractor In this city. Afterward he
went Into the liquor busineaa on bis own
He aold out and went to Wlnslow,
where ha engaged tu tha contracting
business. The deceased leave a wife,
who la now In W inslow. and a son about
15 years old; also an old father and a
brother, fiiacomo, who live in thia city;
on brother In Old Mexico and one
brother and two sister in Italy. One of
his brothers, Ignaclo, waa shot about six
teen month aso. and Ferdinand, an
other brother, died her about live year
The wife of the deceased ha been tele
graphed, and a soon a word I received
from lii-r arrangement tor the funeral
will be completed by Undertaker Mont
fort. m
Tl'HKBL ON flflK,
Taa Mil taat of A.k rrk-Maw l ad.r
Co trot.
Siwcial to Tbe Citlten.
Ash Fork. Arlaona. Jan. 17. Yesterday
at about B p. u. the timbers In the roof
of tha tunnel on the ttanU Fa Paeinc
railroad, ten mllea east of here, were
round by the watchman to be on ore, and
the company soon had Its engines at both
endaof the tunnel fighting It, but the
limber are covered witn sliest iron ana
they could not get water to the Are.
The timber have been burning twenty
hours. The Or la now under eoutrol
and expect to have tha track clear by t
p. m. to-uay.
No tralna can pas. Roth overland
pansenger trains are being held, tha east
bound train at Ash Fork and the west
bound train at Williams.
New Bedford, Ua, Jan. 17. Not a
spindl I turning nor a loom In motion
In the cotton factorie to-day. Nine cor
poration, operating eighteen mills. In
which upward of K.O.HI hand are em
ployed, are employed In the strike against
the reductlou of ten per cent la their
Boston. Mas. Jn. 17. Klghty thou
sand skilled operative employed In about
seventy chief cotton mills ot iew ung-
land, will to-day come under tne sweep
Ing order of the new wage scale, which
entails a reduction ot ten per cent or
more. This reduction bring In the .New
Hertford, Mas., lewtston and Biddleford,
Maine, labor strikers, which may prove
the beginning of an Industrial battle,
greater In extent and more disastrous In
effect than any in tha previous history of
cotton manufacturing In the United
The battle against corporation un
doubtedly would have been fought every
where, bad not tha voice ot men ana
women. III prepared to go Into Idleness,
been needed by the conservatives.
The strikes will be directed by the lv
bor unions, the lead being taken by the
Molle eplnners, the national executive
committee ot whom haa sanctioned the
strike of the opposition and promised
financial aid.
The spinner and weaver are practi
cally the only branches o. opxrattve
which have maintained an organisation.
"Mlllloaalra tramp'
Padncah, Ky., Jan. 17. Jams R. Ber
ry, the so-called millionaire tramp,"
died from thaeffeeU ot a tall three week
Platrlct at Uolantbla Day.
Washington. Jan. 17. Thia waa the
District of Columbia day In the house,
and tbs house proceeded to the consider
ation of district business.
Balamla Mattarwartk Dead.
Thomaevllle, Oa . Jan. 17. Benjamin
ButUTWorth, United Hlate commissioner
of patents, who has been very ill for aume
time, died yesterday afternoon.
tub at-RTKi'ina aTorrco.
Ou Vl.lt to thla raantry sad lis fraal
daat. Ban Francisco, Jan. 17. President
Dole, ot Hawaii, landed from the steam
hip Para thla morning. He was greeted
by tbe Hawaiian consul and a few
friend, but ther wer no representa
tive ot the United Bute goverumeut to
formally welcome him.
Dole said: "1 do not coma 19 won ror
annexation. lam merely on friendly
visit t) thi eouutry and it president.
'I think the sentiment ot tha people ol
the Inland I mora than ever In favor ot
Par aala ar Haat
One large variety farm; a mercantile
busiue aud large bouse, with hotel ac
coiumodations. Address, Oscar (roebel
Belen, N.
For a good Job go to K. J. Poet & Co.;
they employ competeut mechanics from
the east.
The funeral of Samuel Dunlap haa
been DuHtooued. A they have no faintly
burial place. Inane Duulap, the bro'her,
who arrived from Kediands. Cal . Satur
day night, thought he would bury tbe
body here unies tne ueceasea leu euiue
rvouest to the coutrarr. A ther could
not secure hi papers yesterday, which
were locked up in the bank, It waa con
aldered advisable to postpone tbe funeral
until the papers could be examined. The
liereaved brother was Introduced at this
El atri ier TihlD the g. Js.Vepecial ofllc this afternoon by Undertaker Mont
J.?J i?i,FL"U L". 'i!.?. Z; fort and thev have set the funeral at the
should be M to character... the propoa- undertaking parlor I rn- afternoon
al. i a Impertinent which were madeonly at 2 o'clock. Frienda invited.
..,. th niiHt of their owu Kovern-I Delegate Fereuseon ha sent 4. W . Ball
"... a ltier notlfviu the latter that F. M
witt snoke at some Ion nth noon the I Kims, formerly of this city but for the
condition in India. The closing of the nt three or fouryeara residing at Wash
..M rruataA aiiita itiiMatlsfao- I Iiiutin halt been nromnted f rom steUO
IIIIUWI, I'W " ' I , W, . A 1 1
tlon, and there was a general imprswuou grapner ana typewriter iu te uun
that the Indian government would be steam engineering, navy department, to
glad to retrace It step.
It H,a cnnclimlnn of Wolcott' speech,
Lodge (Mass.) demanded the regular
order, which wa the lmmlgratton bill,
and waa austalned by the vice president.
Hoar spoke in favor of the bill.
8pooner.(Wls.) while supporting the
geueral character of the bill, said rather
than support the provision requiring an
immigrant to writ as well as read be
would vote against the bill.
The eeuat passed tbe Immigration bill
by a vote of 45 to 28.
Orand Coacart aad Lltararf Entartaln
auaat. A eoucert and literary entertainment
will be given by the Philharmonic or
htr iimtvr the direction ot Prof. cn
Feonar at Orant'a opera house on the
evening ot Washington' birthday, Feb.
Zl, ltwa. Those who had the pleasure ot
litftaniiiiitntha matinee performance of
the orchestra last spring were unbound
ad In their pralsea. and the tact that the
Coming entertainment will be nnrter the
aupervislonof Prof. Von Fennaar give as
iiranee that It will be of special merit.
The orchestra ha been In training dur
ing the last four months, and a finished
performance may be expected. Not an-
nuunce mentw iar.
taath or Oaorga Butl.r.
. George Butler, a fireman from Wil
liams, Arisona, who came to this city a
short time ago to lie treated for pneu
monia, died Saturday afternoon. His
wife arrived from William last night,
and the funeral took place from Under
taker Btroug'a parlor at 4 o'clock this
afternoon, l)r. A. C. Welch, of the Lead
venue Methodist church, conducting the
funeral aervloeV
Laa Amputatad,
- Frank Gilmore had his foot amputated
hov tha ankle yesterday by Dr. torulMb,
oasasMlsted bv Dr. J . 8. Kasterday
,id nr. criMrion. The operation was lu
i aumesHful. and the patient
aHMiiis to be progressing nicely. He haa
All gulat la Havaaa.
Washlnston. Jan. 17. Th state de
partment and Senor de Lome, the Span
ish minister, both expressed the oplulou
to-day that the trouble in tiavana oaa
blown over. The state department re
ceived dispatch from Consul (Jeueral
Lee saying simply: "All quiet.
the same position in the same bureau at
an In cream in aaiary. ai.utu msieau 01
SwO per annum, vice J. K. Chase, trans
A. M. Bwan'a lecture on the evidence
that man appeared first on the western
hemisphere, to be given at the Methodist
hall ou Lead avenue Saturday evening, the
2Jd Inst , will interest all thinking people.
Those who heard Mr. Swan's first lecture
will not miss this one. H bile many who
were not able to attend on that occasion,
are aoxtou to bear him on this Interest
ing occasion.
The commissioned and non-com mls-
slond oiHrers of eomoanv G are reuuest-
ed to meet al Armory thia evening at B
nVlork. for instructions in the new man
ual of arm, aa adopted by the National
Uuard ot New Mexico, and In pursuance
of circular No. 10 Issued by the war de
partment. By order ot U. v. Kogera, cap
tain command company G.
Mrs. A. H. Dixon, residing at 121B
south Second street, presented ber hus
band, a popular euglneer on the Santa
Va Purine with a voiine: engineer, aud
the little chap commenced wAtstilng
down brakes" earlv Sunday morning
Mother and child reported dolug nicely
Thb Citixkn mentioned last Baturday
rturnonn the death of Leon Herman,
well-known here, at Kl Paso last i uurs-
day night. The father or tne aeceaseo
ha arrived al r.i raw, ami tue wsij wm
be shipped to New Orleans for burial
Mrs. Frank Bowden returned from
Lawrence. Kansas, last Haturdav nighl,
where she bad beeu called by the sickness
and subsequent death of ber mother, Mrs.
Jnse L. Perea, th well known and
faithful deputy county collector, visited
relatives at Beruaiillo yesterday, return
ing to his duties at tbe court house this
w J and L. K. Hanna. gentlemen
who keep the water service ot the Klo
Grande division In excellent order, Bpeut
last night In the city,
DtHi Prlaoaara Baiter Dow
Ioar la Arkaoaaa.
Slloam Springs. Ark- Jan. 17. At Ban-
tonvllle last uight, doten prlaonera
gained their liberty, among them the
uotorlous Dick Hrauui, tne supposea train
robber, bnrglar, horse thief aud murderer,
who 1 wanted In Texas ana Indian ter
ritory. Tbe prisoners battered down tbe
prison doors.
Batlrad (iaaaral Dlaa.
WashiuKton. Jau. 17 General Chris
topher Colon Auger, U. S. A., retired, died
to day of old age. Geueral Augur was
on of three surviving member of the
class of 1H43 at West Polut with which
General Grant graduated. General Augur
was with General Grant In Mexico aud
served with distinction through the civil
Ulackargad Clark AtteoipU to Kill Ipaa
Lh Oovaraar, Hut Pal lad.
Washington. Jan. 17. Senor de Lome.
the Spanish minister, to-day received the
following cablegram from the secretary
general of Cuba: "Yesterday, during the
game ol pan at wuicu was present tne
governor of Santa Clara, Marios Ga'oia,
a clerk In the hospital and known as a
drunkard, who had been dlsbharged (ha
name ia Picon) nred two ihouai tne gov
ernor, which missed him, owing to hav
ing been diverted by uenerai Aguirre,
who was witn me governor.
Outer Cemaal Oaaal Barvajar ta OJalt
Injeaattoa lasaad.
Tha owner ot the property, over which
th ureylng party of the canal com
pany were to proceed, gathered lu large
number to day at th plac where the
crew waa about to commence their work
and eommandeil them not to trespass on
their land. Th surveying parly, ander
Kngineer Harroun numbered ten men,
aud, as tbey wer greatly outnum
bered, no resistance wa mad and
ther waa not a sign ot violence.
Judge T. C. Gutlerrea acted a poke
man for the assembled farmer and
simply stated that It waa their land, and
that they had com to tee that other did
uot trespass on It.
With this th urveror beat a retreat
back to the city, and Sheriff Uubbelt was
notlfled.who immediately proceeded to the
plan wher the opposition lo Hie alien
were gathered from all side. He said
there were then about BOO men there as
sembled on horseback.
This afternoon. In the case ot the Alhn
microti Land and irrigation company
vs. fomas C. Gutlerres, Pedro (I r lego
y Ape.iaca, Jestia Senior. Devilo
Jaramlllo and Leon Montoya, their
agent, confederate and assistant, the
defendant were enjoined to henceforth
refrain from bluderliig, obstructing and
delaying th plaintiff. It servants and
smniove from proceeding wun me ex
minatlon and aurveying by preventing
their entrance opon and along the land
lying and being uear tha proposed route
for the caual. ditch and pipe line begin
nlng at point on th east side of the
Klo Grand and extending south to th
Indian vtllae-a or Han Kelloe.
The defeudanta are to make answer be
fore Judge Crnmpacker at th court
house. Jan. 25. at 10 a. m, why a perma
nent injunction should not be tamed
sireinst them.
Mr. Harroun was seen this afternoon
and gav the following account of th
events which transpired at the teat of
"On last Saturday, about 4:30 o'clock to
th afternoon, T. C. Gutlerre and party
ot about twelve men. cam up to th aur
veying party, a thev were aliout to enter
what be tmmerreai earn wa nw ihimi
aud prevented the surveyors from prose
cuting their work by placing themselves
in trout of the lustrumHutM. weeing mat
we would not be allowed to continue.
work waa Rtopped for that day. Mr, (iu
tlerre pursued the same course this
mornlnir. there being In the party about
twenty-five men, and knowing that it
waa useless to attempt to do any aurvey
ing, I stopped work and with my corps
cam back to th city."
Eight Chlcar Business Houses Sus
tain Loss of $200,000.
Two Ftrcs la reaatylvaala Towas Csbm
a Lou of $110,000.
Berlin, Jan. 17. A dispatch from fllel-
wllx. In Prussian Silesia, aavs: Roentgen
Lnis lliery caught fir yesterday, and
of th fifteen men brought to the surface
even dieiL It I feared that twenly-0v
other, whose, eecap w out oft, per-
Chicago. Jan. 17. Kight firms, with
stork anirrevatiog almost halt a million
dollar, sustained heavy loase by fir
thi morning In th building on th
northwest corner of Market aud yum
street. Ther ar as follow: L.
Wacbemnth A Co, clothing; Taylor k
ParroU. wholesale dtdler In hata; Adam
Brother, dry good; Worcester Corset
company; Fred, Kaufman A Co.; Taylor,
slander Itru.. Woolen lonla; Mckenton
A Co- dry gonds; Cluett, Cloa A Co, col
lars ami cuffs. Two firemen were In
jured. Total lOAS, $100,000.
Ptttbi.rg. Jan. 17. Th Tester block,
th large olfloe building at M.'Keesport,
Pa.. buried thi morning, lh block
cost llb'UHO. Th first Moor was oocu
pled by ester jewelry store, aua me
loss or 'cK win rtcn sio.uou.
A fir M Brldgevllle, twelve mile south
of here, destroyed tweive building and an
Immeuati lumber yard. Lose, f Jo.oou.
i i
IVath ar a Maaltk aaakar.
Miss K:inlth Atkinson, a young latly
who carue her from Iortland, Oregon,
for ber h '.with, died thi morning, vt ben
she first earn her she wa accompanied
by ber bother. John D. Atkinson, who re
turned to California but 1 now on hi
way back hers. Th remain hav been
turned over to Undertaker Strong, who
will emhalM them, and a Boon a lb
brother ar Ives arrangement will be
mode for lb shipping ot Hi bodv. On
brother. Dr. H. F. Atkinson, lives at
Cuouellvill, Peun.
4. O. BUalag Voaapaajr.
The Cat C. Mining company held a
meeting baturdar nlulit and elected th
following oiHcer for the coming year:
M. MamlHll, president; w. C. Leonard,
vice president; Leon B. Blnrn, secretary;
J. T. McLHtiitldin.treasarer: IvanGrnns
feld, Mm. Mdnkwh. Alex. Brleeacher,
11-. Pvue . and J. V. Jtwls,
direcUir. T h eompany s nilu at
San Pedro la showing up splendidly,
aud U undoubtedly a good proposition.
Tbe shaft Is already down 906 feet, and
work at alnking it still deeper Is pro
gressing rapidly.
air. McLAugmin returned to can reuro
last night.
Mall Orders Given
Careful Attention
and Promptly Filled
Agent) for Iiutter
Ick's Pattern and
Dr. Jaejrer'8 Underwear.
Stocktaking Is Over...
Now to get rid of tho odda and ends that were culled
from tho various departments. Wo aro selling them
fast. Still, we have a good many Special Bargains
left, but they will not last long at these
GiveAway Prices...
It will pay you to come in and look over our Bargain
BAKOAIN NO. 1.....
One lot Imported Novelty Dress
Patterns, worth up to $15.00, on
bargain table, at $3.50
One lot Fine Broche and Brocaded
Silk Velevts, worth up to $3.50
per yard, on bargain table at 7 So
One lot Fine Cloaltings, worth up
to $3.50 a yard, on bargain table
at, per yard $1.00
BARGAIN NO. 4......
One Lot Linen Towels, worth l$C
to 35c each, on bargain tables at
9c, 15c and
One lot of Woolen Dresa Goods in
Beautiful Plaids, Lovely Brorades,
Handsome Plain Colors and Fancy
Weaves, worth up to $i.oo per
Yard, on bargain tables at 25c,
30c, 40c and
One lot Men's Linen Standing
Collars, worth 15c, on bargain
tables at
BARGAIN NO. 7......
One lot Outing Flannel Shirt
waists, on bargain tables at 25c,
50o and
Any Ladies' Walking Hat in the
house at Actual Cost (Nothing
Wbals Family Manlarad.
New York, Jan. 17. The bodies of John
Matthews, wife aud two children were
found murdered In the Matthew home
nn Columbus avenue tin morning. Il If
supposed that Matthew murdered bis
He aua onuuren aua men couiiuitieu
suicide by shooting.
f rom a letter leu oy Mrs. uaunews to
a friend, it wa gathered that ah wa a
party to tha suicide agreement.
Mrs. M nil new leit lustrucnoua an iu
the clothes in which th dead chlldreu
should be lurried.
....Leading Jeweler....
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware
tiaa ana Balrchlld Appear Harare Con
grauloaal Coninilltaa lo AdvlM.
Washington, Jan. 17. Secretary Gage
and ex Secretary Kairolilld were berore
the bousj committee on banking and
currency to-day for the further discus
siou of pending plans of currency re
form. Gage aseeuled to Chairman
Malker'e suggestion that he appear as a
hanker and a financier of long experience
to aid the committee. The chairman
asked It It wer possible to kep the paper
money at equality with coin in purenas
Ing power, without the coin ou hand,
tisge answered thai he thought not.
Chlaaca Btoaa Maikat.
Chicago. Jan. 17. Cattle Receipt.
lH.UuO; best vteady, other weak to luc
lower. . ..
Heeves. S3.lsVdD.3o: COW and neirer.
l2.llM4.bO; stocker and feeders, 3
4.35; Texas steers, l3.o44 .25.
Hheep Keeelpla, w.ooo; mariei sieaay.
Native sheen. t3.iKf 4.oii: westerns.
13 W(jt4.10; Umbs, II uu&.7&.
Vlralala Caaraa.D.aa Daad.
Illchmond. Va.. Jan. 17. Kx Congress
man Benjamin 8. Harper died suddeuly
at tiarahville, thla morning.
Moa.r alaraat.
New York. Jan. 17. Monev on call,
steady at Uli4 8 percent. Prim mer
cantile paper,
Eicltaui.ot la rraaea.
Paris. Jan. 17. Ther wa great ex-
rli-ni-nt In tha chamber of deimtte to-
la whsn M. Cavaltfuae. reuubilcan. de
manded the discussion nf a aemi-oOlclal
...tu lun.ul tii.rl.n In whlrh th goveru
meut declined to uutk public an alleged
Uls Carrie Smith wa tendered
birthday surprise party at her father's
reaidenr Haturdav evening by Miss
Mamie Shouo and Mis Minnie Klsher.
4 number ot young people were In at
tendance ami the eveulng was very pleas
antly atient in dancing. Hetresnuieuta
were also served durtug the evening.
Blessr. liowenthal & Meyer have been
appointed sole distributors of the product
of the Italian Owls Agricultural colony
ot Asti, Sonoma county, California. This
colony 1 known as the producer of the
highest grade of wine and brandies
made, thir vintage taking nrst rank in
all part of th world.
J. C. Martin, editor and proprietor of
the Preerott Journal-Miner, came In from
the west last night and has his name on
tha HtiirirN' K o rones n reerinter. Mr.
Martin is here to consult with Karl A.
Sndr. assistant counsellor for the 8anta
Ke Partite. He expt cts to return to Pre
cott thla evening.
Mr. P. K. Harroun left Baturday night
last for Hauta Ke, to superintend the
Darking of her furniture for removal lo
this city. Hhe Is the wife of the chief en
gineer ot the low Hue ditch project.
P. J. May, a traveling man, with head
quarters at Rochester, N. V., U paying a
visit to our merchant. He make the
trip about four time a year. He 1
agreeably located at the Highland.
W. G. Lenderson, representing the Pub
lUhara' I'jlllftCtloIl A (fell TV. Hi. Paul,
Minn . Is in the oltv. en route "around
tha circle." He left for Lo Angeles on
the flyer to-day.
CharlM K. Kllsworth. a Louisville, Ky,
traveling man, carrying a line of drug
irlsl'a snecialtle. Is lu th city. He Is
interviewing our local druggists to day.
. Wanted Hewina bv the day for dress
maker or In family. Room 11, Golden
Rule rooming bouse.
Jas. Morrison, the Kauta Ke Pacific
trat k foreman at Gallup, Is lu the city
Call for pasteurised milk and cream
at tha Klsh Market.
Good velveteens for 170.
ljce curtains that would be cheap at
Ladle' corset (lightly soiled, 25c
Ladle' kid gloves, (sic tot.
Positively the lowest priced house In
Ola Bpaslat.
One lot fins kid a loves, dressed and un
dressed, for street and eveulng wear,
worth ft and Si6o. Your choice, at
1 1X0 per pair. Ufeld Broa.
A fins bras padlork for l&e
Yal pattern night latch for -&c
Hurk saws for Me
An Al handled axe for WW
Positively the
lowest priced ators In
For a good job go to K. J. Post & Co
they employ Competeut mecuauic
For Men and Boys.
Our clothing is made by the best
tailoring houses in America. Per
fect fit and serviceable. Prices tho
lowest for good clothing in our
Railroad Avenue, - Albuquerque
K. J. Post & Co. have them In stock
Get their price and save money.
C. A. Hudson, th Silver avenue painter,
bus a rorr ot men at work painting the
fialvan'ced cornice ot the new Armijo
mildluir. corner of Railroad avenue and
Third vtreet. Mr. Hudson aecurea tne
contract t) do tbe painting on the build
lug, luside and outside.
Word Iia been received from-J. W.
Walker, chief clerk to Superintendent
Well, of the Santa r raciuo, notuyiug
hU frleuds lu till rltv that hi house
bold haa been enlarged by the arrival of
a son, who made hi appearance last Sat
J. W. Stile, an sx-traln conductor be
tween her aud La Vegas, la in in euy.
lie bade two cousins from Illinois good
bye last night at the depot when No. 1
nulled out for tha west. They ar on
their way to the Klondike country.
Ga Btttng, R. L. Dodson.
Bazaar Patterns.
214 S. Second St-
C'ri-aiiiriy Butler
Ue.l on f-rth.
Kiee Uellvery
Red Letter Sale
We Are Offering Some Bargains in
Footwear. Sale Lasts Until Jan. 25.
Geo. C. Gainsley & Co.
All Partem 10c and 1 5c
204 Railroad Avenue, Albuquerque. N. M.
1898--ADVANCE SALE-1 898.
12S South Second Street.
Reliable Shoe Dealers.
Ladies' Muslin Wear.
Every Garment brand new and made precisely in the mode that will prevail thia Spring.
tio aU and LAJWliK. tnan tnoie ouera at -j4iiury, --miwauun,
'Clearing," "Inventory" and Bay-anything sales.
... W lluatrate a Few of Our Many Novelties In Thla Great Sale
aili 'II' a' ,ifv'1l"iu'' u'-irrtii'l '11 'aji'iuii fiiiyna
Gowns, Skirts, Cblme.es, Drawer, Corset Covers, also Children's Muslin Wear In great variety divided into 0 lota.
See Window Display I Sale Begins Monday Morning.
LOT NO. 1...
Perfect fitting Kuibroldered Corset Cov.rs..
Children' Waist ami Drawers. 1.2 aud yrs.
LOT NO. a...
Ladirs full siie nisht di
beautiful stylus iu tin Kuibroldered Corset
Ladles' Muslin aiid ' Cambric Umbrella
LOT NO. 3...
Novelties In Ladles' extra One Corset covers.
Indies' full size Kmtiroldered Night iowni..T Qft
Lailles' whle aud ruined and tucked skirUiJUW
aad Cmbrella Drawer
LOT NO. 4...
Laillea' Marguerites, floe Muslin Cambric
downs, F'aucy Corset Covers -
Ladies' llemslirhed Lac and Euir roidered l Qa
L'mbrella Drawers "tJU
Ladles Kmbroidered Hkirta.
LOT NO. 5...
Kmbroidered Night Oown. Iac riubrellpft
Skirts aud Kmbroidered Cmbrella Lrw hHf1
ere UwlU
LOT NO. 6...
Exceptional vr'ues In Kmbroidered Gowns,
Drawers, Skirts aud Ladies' Kiubrold Ikp
ered extra long Marguerite Ulf
7 at VMS, Lot 8 at UU and Lot 9 at l.8 conslnt of copies from the French of Fins Umbrella Drawers, high
graue rrenon inigut uowus, w ouiuu.rin.

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