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Both the method and mrnlu when
Byrtipof Figs is taken; it in pleasant
and rofronhing to the taste, and acta
eentlyyot promptly on theKlflneys,
Liver and Itowcla, cleanses Urn y.
tem effectually, dinpels colds, head
aches and fever and cures hnliitnal
constipation. Syrup of Figs in the
only remedy of it kind ever pro
duced, pleading to the, taeto ami ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
ita action and trnly beneficial in it
effect, prepared only from the moat
bcaltbyand AiwnlifemibatAncos, ita
many excellent qualities commend it
to all anil have made it the most
popular remedy known.
feynip of Figs is for aalo in 80
cent bottle by all leading dmg
gist. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
winhea to try it. Do not accept any
sm nAKiaco. cu.
uvmmt. Mr. aem tornt, ar.
Tanu of Subscription,
'II y, by mull, on year
Mtly, I'y mall, an months ,
aily, by mall, thre months
aiiy, by mill, chip month
M v. ty rarrlt-r. one month
Wrealv. hv mall. tirr vear
4 00
. n oo
, 1 BO
. Ml
ThI ItAII r llTI'.KN will b rirllvfrrd In
the city at tli low rait of o cnta ptr wlt,
or for 75 rvnta ptr month, v,-hn paid monthly.
1 hese rata ar Iras than those n1 any otbet
dally pairt In tlir trrrltoty.
ADVEKTIStNO HATK9 marl- known or
application at the ulutra of publication.
THK CITIZKN lob office la one of th b
In lb southwrtl. m:il a'l kiwis of nl i-i'm
In la .leculrd with neatness anil at lowes
HINHKRY. Inst srtHrd. la mir-ntu,
nd wrll nurd to do any kind ol hmri.
THK CITIZKN will he hamllrri at th oilier
Suhsrrltlolls will be lollntnl liy II. II
Tii.ton, or can he paid at the odke.
NOTICK la hereby given that ortlera glvn
by employes upon Thr ('m;.r. aill ru
be honored unleaa previoualy endoraril by tli
proprietors. a "UK CITIZKN Is on i-ile at the followlri
plarea In the cltyi H. I'.. n-n- r ur
Ksllnatt avenue: llawiev's Nrat irr.tt Smiil
Merond street; ( . A. Mats ir C"'a. No '-! r.
Kailroail avenue, ami I larvry s haling lloun
at the depot.
THK KHKK I.IST-The f-ee H nf Thi
Citi.kn einbt ii os N.'ti'rt of lll:ll,r. fusi
rag, l- nnei ils, H fi--, ( lu.ri ii Sitvio-s snf
h-l. Vrtajnmrnt' . li-re n . ai'mlM.1.- If rhiiTreii
IK l j III.'! A, Mt'C'KI'ill : ,
hititora ntui i'ubliahera.
"The Left Hind Foot!
of a Jack Rabbit" 1
Willed three minutes after midnight, 5
In a country churchyard by a red.
haired, cross-eyed, bow-legged man 3
of dark complexion, 5
"Is a Good Thing in it s Way"!
; and some even any that life Is not 3
, worth llvlnp; without It, but even jg
this valuable relic Is not nearly at
effective 5
"For Warding Off the Mm
that Flesh Is Heir to"
as garments which are well cut, welt 3
lined, well finished, and made to 3
your measure by 5
1 The American Tailor CHICAOO
Atchison. To;i?!n & Santa Fo
No. 1 Cli(iini!n kvrt .
A rri vr
1 -Kn nm
ro. 17 f.iprf.ai b:wj pro
No. 9 CttliM mi a Limited, Mori day
and hndayit 11 :f6 am
.... 8:00 pra
ifumm nuaiai rai v r
f'n. Atlintlc KiprrM.,,.. 10:45 pm
fc . Sli-LK'1 Kluit M .... (;U0plU
MUf 4 Atlttnlic Ijtmird, Wedurs-
(Ihn and SMturduya 4:06 pm
Pmom the aocTH Amm
No. a Ln"l KiprrM 7:uftpm
oino south LfMvea
No. 91 Milcu hxprem I8:u6 am
Snta F Paciflc.
noM THI WHT. Arrive
No. Atlantlr Kipreaa 10:116 pm
No 4 Atlantic Limited, Wnlnra-
daya and SaturttHya 8:55 pm
tfoiNQ WBaT. Li-avea
No. 1 Pacific kipiraa B;0pro
No. 8- CHlttnrtila Limited, Monday
und Iridaya 13:15 pm
Km. 1 and 9, Pacific and Atlantic Kiprraa,
have i'uliman paiwe drawing room ram, tour
latt lrtptrtir cur and chair cars between Chi
camo a -'i LiM Antrele and Hao Hran Maro.
No. 91 and 'i'i, Meiicu and Lih al bipreaa,
bivf piillrtan palace car and chair car Iroin
Kl Faaoto Kanaaa City
Nrm. H unit 4. lit Ciillfnrnli Limited, have
Pullman bullet and aleepliitf can and ban inure
car only (no coachea or cliair carat. A aolid
eat i billed train from Chicago to Loa AiiKelea,
W. H. THI LL, Joint AKnt.
An lilontullr Mliot.
Kntaiilrtlitdu BaMouailo, the 11-year-oM
soa of lCoiii8 Buliloaititr), wan shot and
(UngoMiiHly wounded WednHwIay even
Inn by lila brotli.r. Pedro, ai(xl 13. The
buya were playing, and Pedro had aa old
pist il, aud j ikiogly remarked to hie
brother tlitt lie wax going to shoot hlni.
KntrtiiUUilo ran Into the houne aud w&a
looking out of the window when Pedro
tired, the ball entering the breaHt of the
young brother Jmt below the right nip
pie. Dr. Sklpwlth wuncalled at once and
bei;nn probing fur the bullet, but haa
been unll to locate It. One of the
worst features of the case la that the
wjimd haa not bled from the outside, aud
It la feared the tuward bleeding will
prove fatal. The wounded hoy, however,
la renting comparatively eaey.-nhlte
UtKs r.ugle.
lieu. Sandoval had a horse stolen from
his Htahle here in town one night last
week. On the day following a well
ilreesed stranger about 'JS years old, dark
complexion, wearing a large graypver
coat, who had for a day or two previous
to the stealing beeu lounging around the
the saloon waa also missing. Ad over
coat of exactly the aauie description aa
the one worn by the Htranger, with i
large man lu It, ww met by the Incom
lug stage on the same evening the horse
was stolen, and when saluted by the
driver said nothing but followed its
wearer, who Immediately increased his
pace. White Oaks Kagle.
Fifty pieces of new ginghams ou dis
play at the Kouuouiltit.
The Sister Territory
Readers With Good
i. tost r.
Fnim the tietn.
i.t ct PuMle I os! ruction
tione.1 -(.(i0 to the dif
last week M !
ferent eoiiiiite according to the nchool
population. Coconino county haa 675
school children and relved t'9 W of
the above amount.
Jodge N. G. Layton baa leeued niar-
rlage lleenee to the following parties: K.
L. Clauneey and Miss Mary Verschelilen;
Robert L. Stephens and Miss Jennie
Crrasey; Richard Krombnrg and llisa
Kdlth Laonoo.
Kour patent from the United Stale,
government have been received and re
corded by County Recorder Palllam since
the beginning of this year. The names
of the parties who received them are:
Mrs. M. A. Cameron, Mrs. Maria Lock-
wood, Wm. i. Watson and Kd. J. Watson.
The land embraced la the patent are
situated near Flagstaff.
Mrs. N. Greenleaf met with a very
painful accident. She slipped and fell
on the bard ground, ber entire weight
falling on her right ankle breaking the
ankle bone and bruising the ankle Joint.
She suffered Intensely from the Injury
and ber recovery will be slow on account
of her age.
District Attorney K. 8. Clark received
a telegram from Justice of the Peace W.
N. Honter of Williams, saying that a sui
cide bad been committed at Pine
Springs, The telegram was dated at
Sellgman, but gave no particulars. The
name of the victim Is Fred Ayers, son of
K Ayers. It appears that the young
man had deliberately planned bis own
death. He bail arranged a loaded gun In
a room and attached a rope to the trig
ger, aud placed himself In front of the
gun and pulled the trigger which sent
young Ayers to eternity. No one knows
of any reason why he should have com-
ni'tted this awful deed.
Krum the Herald.
Superintendent Sherman has made an
apportionment of territorial school funds.
Apache Bounty goto $3M)X3.
Hi-rthold Spill, representlug Ilfeld
RroH,, of Albuquerque, spent several days
In town ttie past week, aud did some bus
iness fur bis kwuse.
Christopher Layton. of Thatcher, him
r.'ttieil from the preeideiiry of St. Joseph
ake of the Monuou church. The cuuite
t his retirement was contluued HI
tealth, with the added burden of years.
Sylvester Lorento and Pablo Peralta
iiaried for the 011a the other day. Their
heep herds are near Pima, Graham couu-
ty. They lutend to shear their fltrks,
market the wool and supervise the herds
during lambing. They expect to be back
home about the first of May.
Laura B. Sloan ha been granted a
divorce from R. F. Sloan In Los Angeles.
It U stated that the time for awarding
contracts for the construction of the Rig
Bug railroad baa beeu postponed till Feb
ruary 20.
Mrs. J. II. Alexander, an old and re
spected resident of this conuty. Is seri
ously ill at the residence of Mr. aud Mrs.
W. 11. Smith.
The body of the late Walter (1. Uale
was disinterred yesterday from the Potter's
Held and given Internment In the Citl-
teu's cemetery. A brother-lu-law In Ne
braska paid the expenses.
Henry Breen, the man who cut Conrad
Cleary at Sellgman, was lodged In the
county Jail. It Is stated that In bis mur
derous assault on Cleary he cut out one of
bis eyes. The assault Is said to have been
entirely unprovoked.
From the Mail.
The farmers are all waiting for It to
clear up so that they can begin their
sprlug work.
Mr. Kgger has returned from an ex
tended trip to the southern part of the
county aud also to Couch and St. Johns.
He has been hauling some of the festive
drummers around to our sister towns.
Bishop John Hunt, of Suowflake, spent
a day In liolbrook last week. Bishop
Hunt Is an old pioneer, having crossed
the plains In 111' and 1M7 and camped
at the very spots where Denver and
Pueblo now stand. He came to Snow
Hake in 1877, aud has resided there con
tiuuouely ever since.
Ex Congressman Brlckuer, of Sheboy
gan, Wis., who recently came to Phoenix,
has decided to remain during the suc
ceeding spring mouths. He Is accompa
nied by his wife aud daughter, and Is lo
cated at Third avenue and Monroe street.
Mr. Brlckuer served In the Met, B2ud aud
C3rd congresses, and Is now proprietor of
extensive woolen mills at Sheboygan.
A deed conveying lots 19 aud It), block
l.', of Glendale, from II. L. Betx, to the
Glendale Mercantile company, was filed
In the county recorder's oltice. The con
sideration named Is t2,2oo. A trust deed
from the Mercantile company to A. C.
Bartlett and 0. 8. A. Sprague. of Chicago,
covering the same property, was also
Died. The consideration named in the
last deed is flMO.
P. W. Broil, who went to San Francisco
a few weeks ago and underwent two sur
gical operations ou the spine, will return
to Phoenix the early part of next week.
He writes to friends here that the opera
tions were entirely successful and that
to his great encouragement he Is already
able to notice a sensation In bis right leg.
Mr. Brotl, it will be remembered, fell
from a height while lu the mountains
north of Pboeuix, a year ago, and, It was
thought, sustained a broken spinal col
umn. Physlclaus who examiued him
pronounced bis eaee hopeless aud said
that death was a matter of time only.
The young man's condition was Indeed
pitiful, his body being paralysed from
the waist down. The most remarkable
Supplies Our
feature of the case was the Indomitable
will power displayed by Rrod He main
tained all the time that be would get
well, and his recent journey to San Fran
cisco was made In the face of the pre
monition of his friends. The X-ray was
nsed on Brod, and two operations were
performed. It seems, from what can be
learned, that Rrod's back was not actual
ly broken but that parte of the bone
preened on the spinal chord and paralysis
James Barrett, who came to Phoenix a
few weeks since for his health, was found
dead in bis room at the Lemon bote).
From all the evidence obtained the de
ceased had gotten out of bed and parti
ally dressed, having put on his pantaloons
and shoes, when he siiccniuhed to an at
tack of heart failure. His body was found
at the foot of the bed In a doubled up
condition. Barrett bad evidently been
dead but a short time when his body war
discovered. People at the Lemon hotel
say that they heard him moving around
his room at ibjut V o'clock. Mr. Barrett
came here from Peoria, III., where, dur
ing bla lifetime, he was brickmaker
and building contractor. Ha has a wife,
brother and other relatives living at
Peoria, aud his body was shipped to that
city for burial. A coroner's jury was
Impaneled by Justice Johnstone and a
verdict rendered In accordance with the
above facts.
A few months ago, Mr. Byron Every, ol
Woodstock, Mich., was bail I y afflicted
with rheumatism, tils right leg was
swollen the full length, causing him
great suffering. He was advised to try
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. TheUrst bot
tle of it helped him oonslderablv and the
second bottle effected a cure. The ' and
&o cent bottles are for sale by all drug-
Agent Wires Bead Men to Obey Orders ol
Judge Crampacker.
Capt. C. L. Cooper, agent for the Pueblo
and Jicarllla Indians In this city, ou
yesterday wired to the head men of the
Man Felipe and Santo Domingo pueblos,
directing them not to Interfere In any
shape or manner with the surveyors or
surveying operations of the Albuquerque
Laud and Irrigation company, aud to re
spect the letter and tenor of the tempo
rary Injunction granted by Judge Cruru
packer restraining the Inhabitants of
these pueblos and others ou Klo Graude
from Interfering with or annoying the
surveyors or putting a stop to the survey
In course tor the proposed ditches of the
said irrigation company. He also ad
vised the olllcers of the irrigation com
pauy of the course pursued by him in the
matter. There Is not the least danger of
interference or trouble, aud there is no
doubt whatever that the Pueblos in
question will carry out Captain Cooper's
Instructions to the very letter. New
Fur O.ar ritij laara.
A.N Old and Well-Third Rkmkdt.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for over fifty years by millions
of mothers for their children while teeth
ing, with perfect success. It soothes the
child, softens the gums, allays all pain,
cures wind colic, aud la the best remedy
for diarrhoea. It is pleasant to the taste.
Sold by druggists In every part of the
world. Twenty-live cents a bottle. Its
value a Incalculable. He sure aud ask
for Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, and
take no other kind.
Hull for Jnanrauea Muny.
At Long & Fort's otllce. tor the past
tour days, and part of the nights, deposi
tions have beeu taken in the case of the
heirs of 8. A. Boardman vs. the Union
Casualty Insurance company, of St.
Mr. Boardman carried an accident pol
icy of 12,000 with this company. On
May a ith, 18, Mr. Boardman fell from
his engine at the Hot Springs and re
ceived severe Injuries, and died on the
2oth. The heirs furnished the company
proof of his death, and claimed It result
ed from the accident, and demanded pay
ment of the poller. The company took
the matter under advisement, but finally
refused to pay the claim, on the ground
that Mr. Boardman'a death was not the
result of the accident, but was from
natural causes, aud further, that the
claim was not filed Inside of the time
specllled for that purpose In the policy.
The latter point haa been decided against
the company by the courts, and the ques
tion to come up on the trial is simply
whether Mr. lloarduiau died as the result
of the accident.
As the company ha no resident agents
or office In the territory, the heirs were
compelled to go to the trouble and ex
peuse of a suit In the district court of St.
Louis county, where the case is set tor
trial on the loth of this mouth.
The St. Louis court appointed Royal A
Preutlce to take the depositions of the
parties here, and the work has occupied
the past four days. The heirs havs been
represented by Hon L. C, Fort, and the
Insurance company by Milton Smith, its
attorney, and Charles D. Brooks, its gen
eral agent. The testimony takes HO
pages of legal type-written matter.
Mr. Fort will likely go to St. Louis to
be present when the case comes up for
trial. Las egas uptic.
From everywhere come words of praise
lor Liiamoeriaiu s lougn Kerned jr. "Al
low me to congratulate you on the mer
its of your remedy. It cured me of
chronic bronchitis when the doctor could
do nothing for me." Charles F. Hemel.
Toledo, Ohio. For sale by all druggists.
Floor matting. M uitney Co,
llll illll W
tl tl Ol lHH'la) ft
Vina or uiex avivxt
I'lUiiai Hi
. ViidniMkS
.rrouc Arrcn
I i riUIMR .tmnaTthMia rrftUiMvimtall
T'it rriuu 'ifTV r.T ar iiof cur-1 hf iK
k.llllav. 4 'CM liKK ! lh onty Known
frB .All II. rCI'll'KNIf mr
4 wrUla ii.rwitit flTfP ftim mttrtfj rtiurnl
,ic fur ixoi, Kit uulU iMnaiut mBauuuuiu-
1 ' 111 MC1III ' wmm m iw im m
For Sale at Walton's Drug Store.
Hysterical rbcaonraoa Voached for by
"Eyt-wltnctsci" Rear Phoenix.
TBI ClTlKRN announced the other day
that Joe MclhatUm, (be famous Kentucky
liar, was In The vicinity of I tioeiiix, and
to prove our asserti in of his whereabout,
the ft Mowing article Is taken tto.u the
Denver Republican, being sent out from
that town: -'
Phoenix, Aril., Feb. Ill Following Is
a special to th-Aril ma lipimtiucau lioiu
Frog Tanks, a haimei 6o miies nm to ol
Phoenix, lis-aleri mar the famous hot
spring of Castle t'r. el:
"A most remarkable and violent lip
hraval of the earth took pla e loel nuht.
alsiut 11 o'clock, near thi iiiluing cauio
of J. Rim Young, . I). Wls-loin ami J. J.
Illgglns, ab ul B teen miles nonhwest
f this piece. Jtiilgo W. T. IMy and S. C.
Berry, ot Casas Grandee, who have just ar
rlvtd from the acene of the disturbance,
and who were eye-witnesses, give the fol
lowing particulars:
"About II o'clis k w were awakened
by a violent trembling of the earth. Yi e
rushed out of our tent i a lurid light and
awful explosion greeted us. We saw the
cabin occupied by a Mexican family by
the name of Lopei tumble over and sink
into the earth, with about an acre of
iron ml around It. Roe Yonng and Mr.
Wisdom rushed from their tent, which
adjoined onr. We wera all so surptleed
ant astonished that w did not know
what to do or to say.
"The earth had sunk for several hun
dred fnet around us, and the air was
filled with sulphurous gas, which burned
and emitted blue flames. There was a
terrific roar of natural gas, followed by a
Hood of petroleum, which immediately
ignited and rolled In torrents around Mr.
Higgins' tent. He was ramped about
J k) yards from n. Mr. Iligglu had a
narrow escape for his life, but ws se
verely burned.
Natural gas seem to be the cause of
the phenomenon. There are evidences
that other occurrences of the kind hsve
taken place in the past, as the topography
it the conn try Is a series of sink holes, or
rratrs, that were raned by the upheav
als of the sm character lu the past.
A vast stream ot salt water was thrown
np with the oil, also eyelets fish and sea
turtles. The subterranean halton sea
verv evidently extends np here and also
If not quite to I'lionnix, as do also the
natural gas and petroleum bodies, and this
whole section of country Is at at v time
liable to lie deluged with floods ot pctro
leum and salt watr, as there Is verv evi
dently a tremendous pressure of natural
ga beneath the surface here.
(treat excitement prevails here, and
your correspondent leaves at once for the
scene and will send further particulars.
Tti Comlaa Woman,
Who goes to the club while her husband
tends the baby, as well as the good old
fashioned woman who looks after her
home, will both at time get run down In
nealtn. I hey will be troubled with loss
of appetite, headaches, sleenlessuees.
fainting or dlxr.r spells. The most won
derful remedy for these women is Elec
tric Bitter. Thousand of sufferers from
lame back and weak kldners rise no and
call it blessed. It Is the medicine for
women. Female complaints aud nervous
trouble of all kinds are soon relieved bv
the Use of Electric Bitters. Delicate
women should keen this remedy on hand
to build up the system. Only M cents
per bottle. For sale by J. 11. O'Rlelly
& Co.
Join Estevan Garcia de Noriega Grant Oc
cupied the Court's Attention Friday.
The court of private laud claims occn
pled Friday with th 1 e mldratlon otthe
Juan K-iteveu Garcia de Noriega grant.
No. 254. situated along El Kilo lu Rio
Arriba county.
This grant was mails In 1735 by the
lieutenant governor of the Spanish prov
ince of New Mexico, acting as governor
In the absence of the viceroy.
After the title had been fully vested,
Governor Crusate returned and undertook
to revoke the annual grant. It appears,
however, that the grantee continued In
possession aud the property has remained
In the ownership and control of the de
scendants. The Interesting questions are
raised as to the power ot the governor to
revoke summarily aud without acqules
eence of the grantee, as well as the legal
authority of the lieutenant governor.
M users. Catron & Gortui r represent the
claimants, Mr. Pope the government aud
G. U. Howard certain adverse boldlugs
aud claims.
81TI BDAY. KKB. 12.
The I'nlted States court of private
land claims, with Chief Justice Reed pre
sldiug, and all of the associate justices
preeeut, met as usual at 10 oi'lock
A decree was eutered rejecting the
Salvador Lobato grant In Taos county,
No. Wi, and the 2,5iO acres ot laud claim
ed, will accordingly be restored to the
public domain.
Mr. Pope presented In behalf of the
government a mandate of the Htipreme
court of the l ulled States, dismissing
the appeal by the claimants from the de
cree of rejection In the Diego Padllla or
El Tajo grant case. No. t!3. Under this
alleged graut, Frant Hiinlng claimed
2t,(MMl acres of land In Bernalillo county,
opposite Albuquerque. The action noted
tlually dispose of the case iu fuvor of the
Two Man UI I lad at ths Copper Uumb,
It tali aa.
A fatal accitleut occurred in the Copper
Queen mine Friday evening about 6:30
which resulted in the death ot two well
known miners, K. C. Clark and W. H
Young. The men were engaged lu blast
ing, and had loaded two holes aud
lighted the fuses connecting the explo
sive material. The first one burned, but
the second one, being In a dump sKit,
gave them some trouble, aud while they
were busied with it the charge first
lighted went off with terrible effect, hor
ribly mangling the bodies of the unfor
tunate men. Clark was Instantly killed
by the explosion. Young, with a broken
leg aud covered with wounds, with great
effort managed to crawl out of the tun
net, aud was fouud an hour later by
Charles Warner iu a dying condition
He was barely able to tell of the accldeiit
aud was taken to the hospital, where lie
died a few hours uftervkard. Both vlu-
tlmsot the catastrophe were well and fa
vorobly known there, and their pad fate
1 much deplortd by their large number
ot friends. The funeral was largely at
tended. Phoenix Hepucllcau.
Last week of embroidery sale. Don't
overlook It an Economist pointer.
iiiinnnn nrfTnnrn"copiociif
III KTA I i.HrilT""'v.h.
Oaf awV VlllBiaWVIb
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ol lUr frHirrrvm orvai., v
IIih . a.,i-Iiiii l f HiLMl li, lavrvoti lHfUllf.
t" Marry, K A 11111111111,4 iirkli.av Vrirfirc:t m
C luuitulloii. 1 1 iUi') il liiHKesi hy 1 or mtfliL fiwvfiiu 1401 to
n'MuI l''lirK, OU h tf Murri--Ww1 1--' I.) NrkTriiialorrhif. mm
ail Uitj hiirroro( lm"tmm y. 4 I PlllI Ri: -lfcviu. Uj Uvm. 14
khl mi va buki tli iirlntiry onruo.-jf mU UulhuiUil
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- lor- In rnua ftmUT pf ttl ar trnnMMf wltj)
niorl lo piw wIiimmiI ii ojH-raUJon. fciw uaiiu.i.t
niof1r to com wltlnHit n oiH-raUioiL "in u.ilnoi.t
uUuulv auJ iatUaLiMa
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Men and wo
men d i t"a n d
aKaeeTL. d 1. 1 ve their live!
swav in order to
pile up gold with
XY never a
jy.of the in
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most pre-
- .1 iii'ui ruling iiiviii
B linm.i, luiinn
mav Itsve, trnod
health. Vhnt
does it nrofit a
man to henp np riches if In doing so be
nitns his henlth and hi rapacity for trie
enjoyment of wealth. There is no snrh
tlttn' na hnppinr without health. All
the in the world will not make a
nisn hnopy, who feels In his veins snd
see in the reflection of hi own face, the
slow hut mire sdvance of man's deadliest
nemy, consumption.
If a m.in will but trtke the ruht car of
hiniaelf nnd the rijM trmeily he msy
protect himself sfinst this relentless
enemy. I. Pierce Golden Medical
Discovery N not only a Hire preventive,
but an sln1ute cure for consumption. It
one H per cent, of all mar. It acta,
through the blood, directly on the lung.
It drives out all disease germ and im
purities. It is the great blood-maker
and fleah-tntllder. All wasting disease
yield promptly to Its action. Thousands
have testified to it merits. IruggiaU
sell It.
Mt want to siiias nit tieartfrtl thsnks Ibr Ir,
WeTT's vataabl medicine " writes Mra. Riifti
ll. of Wl. Monongalia Co ,W Va. "Mveldest
dKiiahtrr. a ii I ol 15. niiiKht iM ant w hsrl
th lwt S-rtin-s tmt cont.l nn lasting relief.
Oh, hw she aitflf red I OHrn I hv heard hr
prav for deith to end her snfferlnffS. I foment
one' bottle ol ea-h of Dr. lien-e'a C.oliles Meilical
fnnei. ' Pnvnrlte er'rrlT'tlon ' and ' Vlesaant
Pallets.' S-h,reoiir dritignter ttrd half th mrA
trtn her cimirh ail all Bon, and she waa on th
high road to health which means to happiness.'
Rout cheek. The rich, pure, red Wood
of health make them. Keep the blood
punt snd you will hae thein. Constipa
tion cause impure blood. Dr. Pierce's
I'leaaant Pellet cure it promptly and per
manently snd never gripe. They ar
purely vegetable and perfectly harmle.
No other pill sets so naturally and per.
fectly. Druggiat sell them.
1 al Nolle.
Notice I hereby slven that on the sth day
of January, A. D. I "I'M. Wallai lleaaelden, at
olaltitltl, Ih4I1 suit against Kverrtl I rlem
loa;. Whitney company, a corporation; J.f.
HalilrMB. Olnisteil at Dunn. K. V, Hall. Wil
liam An her, c. foat. H. Hatta, A. Stillle and
K. Il klnn,n aa defendants, In the district
court of thr Herond Judicial distill t. within
and for the county of Hernallllo, territory of
New Mealro, uin raoa No. eio. Th
general oliiec t of aaul action is to procure an
order of sale of certain properly dencrllied lo
a deed given hy the riefendsnt, Kvrrett T.
hlemlng. to aald plaliitllf to secure rertaln
cn-ditora therein named, and to distrllxitr the
proceeds ot aaul property aa tprav'ded In aald
derd.ld deed being dated the llsd day of
August A. I. isi'7, aud signed and ackoowl
eilKtil by aaid defendant, lming.
Notk Is given that unless the aaid defend
ant. Kvrrett T. Klemlng. shall enter hit ap
pearance In aald cause on ot before thr laMh
day of rebruary, A. I. 1mm, u. lament will
be rendered against him hy default.
. .. .. . Hahhv P. own. Clerk.
A. B. McMil.t SN, Attorney for riaintitf.
P. O. Address: Albuquerque, New Mellco.
gentlemen or laillrs to travel tiw reapon
slhle rstahlished house In Albuquerque, N M.
Monthly, OK and elpensea Poaltion strait v.
Keference, hmloae self sddiessed stanird
envrloi. Th iHimlnloo Company, Dept.
K, L'hlcago.
A aV-Wivt-k JMrit !f mmm 4a La
a wVw u W IHV1I aW.al L J V
on in tpitc of all the remediu which
MIIMlllf 1SW
energetic and sciuible treatment.
f7a at... .t.J
ard preparation of cod-liver oil
has proved its effectiveness in cor-
. aa.a .
in; tne trying' aiteotion ot the
throat and lungs, and this is the
reason whvt the cod-liver oiL par
tially dig-ested, strengthens and
vitalizes the whole sys
tem 1 the hypophosphites
act as a tonic to the
mind and nerves, and the
glycerine soothe and
heals the irritation. Can
you think of any combi
nation so effective as this?
Ba surt voa let SCOTT F.inuuioa. Bat thai th
gun ana bah sis on tha wrappar.
aoc. and 1 1.00, all dniialtts.
SCOTT BOWKb, Charaht. Naw York,
Kred. Marrow, K. N. Harney, Los An
gelee;(l. H. Pickett... N. O'Hrieo, Wins
low; II. K. Andrews, Vlaticheeter, N. 11.;
(.'bailee H. Thomas. Deliver. 1
THK HllillI.A.MI.
Charles Harper, Charles Norman, Al
ton, 111.; W. VY. (illwon, l,as Vegas; A. lie
vine, haa Marcial; K. I.. Tea Kvrk, Indi
anapolis, I111I.; MIhs Kate Carson, L. (1.
Daraon and wife, Lo Augeles; L. liald
win, Until, N. M.
HTL'IMhH' Kl Kul tN.
8. A. McMurray. I)iiIhvI1Ih, Ky.; K. H.
Tiinlson, Santa Monica, C11I.; Lena Hurt
ing, Los Luuas; H m. Little, Ashland,
Kan.; James H. Karton, Kansas City; C.
K. Jones, I'ueblo, Colo.; K. L. Haitibliu,
Kaxt Las Vegas; James Jarksou, Kansas
City; J. YV. deJong, Chicago; J. Ileu
neHsv, Alameda, Cal.; J. P. Hurke, Meil
en; Mai I. una and wife, Los Lunas; II. A.
limner, 11. Abraham, New York; II. H.
Kelly, Cheyenne, Wvo.; Paul M011I0. Wel
lington, Kau.; C. Hlngham, W lnslow; P.
l. tineas, Los Angeles; C. 1'. Ilnrau, Ben.
Who, Lagiina; II. Kemp, Han Pranclaco.
Taks Laxative liromo Quinine Tablets,
all druggists refund the money If It falls
to cure. got;. The genuine has L, B. Q.
ou each tablet.
The Pire Insurance aMsoclatlou, of
1'hilailelphla, and the Hcottlnh I'ulon &
National Insurance company, ot Kdin
burg, have qualitled themselves to ct n
tiuue biiNlneHs lu New Mexico, by each
inakiiig the required deposit ot lO.uw1.
They deposited cash.
r:(ervhoily ftu)t Su.
Cuftcun t.a ( ainlv L'alliui lii . the moat won
derful mi Ou-. il iIini'iii i-i-v of the ukc, p.t-ua-aul
und rerri-aliiiur to Ibo lusie, ai-l fuiitly
and pomtlvt-ly oukiiliica. liver and Ixiwela,
c'lcaiiHinir thn eutiis avaNoi, Ulspi-t t-olda,
euro hrudiiolie, lev-i f, IihOIiuiiI coiiallpaMoa
and bliloiiaiiesa. I'lenao buy and trv a boi
oft;. t: tmluv; III. fi, .'aici-nt. rioltiaud
guarauteud lo cure by all Uruygiala.
Uon't forgot the "lireen P runt Shis)
Htore,"No. 113 Kailroad avenue, William
Chaplin; cheapest aud beet place to get
shoes and repairing done ou the shortest
Did you see those new style plaid aud
check ucgligoe nhlrts that the lllg Htore la
selling for t0 ceiitb? If not, why not?
Those Turkish towels at two for 2fi
cents are all right. Don't miss getting
some. KoHunwald liros.
Plnest line of new spring drees goods
ever shown In the city at the Golden Uule
Dry Goods company.
Swiss embroideries, Hamburg em
broideries at extra special prices. Kom-u-wald
Go to Halm's barber shop for good, up-to-date
work. N. T. Armijo building,
Ikiu't miss It the sale of dress goods
at Ilfeld's; 75 cent good for !io oeuts.
i n. rnaMtis tiwiwm,
Uold avenue. Hourai a to 10 a m., I tu
ard ? to S p. nt.
Special attrntion given to f etiersi surgery.
Automslic l elephon S'ia.
hurgt-ons t.thc snd residence over post,
ofllrr. telephone Mr. Marlon bialmp,
M. l., oflice hours, to I p. m. er.na I).
liithup, M. L)., ouMc hours, to 10 a. m., sod
I to I and ? to p. m.
sOHrt TtltHtH, M. U..
t, ii.;-m-, in ; MiM-n I -M, rirret. hnnfi. I
to a and S:Ho t,. , .jo p. rr.. oper tal attention
e to chronit: and Uls. atea it women. Old
tei, pLor.e. as. Call majr u- dsvtirre onty-
t ll. .tt .-, -
Uv. IIITht.1 - I I...., t
tr-ji t-i ra and rs.
tl! i.,Br of bntld.
t i.i.i r- stg Waa
i tu-
tuiti-i -d i,n
It ai.M arcnite- o or
Katlrosi s - 1 f
KAela-HLiAk A tonal t,
OrKICK and rrfideno. No s n eat (loin
avenue. Telephone No. in. I itllr bonrt
lo V a. m 1 1 :1t to S '10 ami I n. e p. m.
. H. Ksat. ntay. M. I. J. 8. Kastrrdar, M. t.
W. U, HOI'S, M O.,
ie-FICK UUUH8 Until a. m. and from
t I :S to S:SO and from 1 to p. m. lithe
sndtrtliler.ee. iu Wrsi Ooid avenue, Albu
qnerqus, N. al.
at. 4. ALur.H, i. o. h.,
JKNTIST-OSJc. rooms s and 4. Whiting
- blocs, corner Itold avtnu and oeci-ru.
strt. UBice boars, a a. m. to ta:lop. in.,
and I ill lu :IO p. m.
ATTOKNKY AT LAW, Albaquerqiie. N.
at. Prompt attention given to all bualneiw
prnalnlng to tli priSesaion. Will practice In
al ciiurta of the territory aud bet ore the Omted
State land ottic.
ATTOHNKY AT LAW. Oflice, room 7,
N. T. Amnio building. Will practice In
ail tii court ol tli trrrltoty.
i TTOKNKYS-AT LAW. Albuquerque, N.
a. M. tittice, mums B and a. first National
Bank building.
i TTOHNKY-AT-LAW, Alboquerqne, N.
a. kl. OtUce, f lit National bank building,
TTOHNKY-AT-LAW, moms Sand . N.
i V T. Armijo building, Albuquenjue. N. at.
TTORNKY AT-LAW. Ofnceovet Rob
V rrtaon's grocery stttr. Albuquerque. N. M.
H. H. Warkontin
Alboquerqne Bowling Parlors!
Cornet Plrst St. aud Copper Av.
Th finest Bowling Alleys In th Aonthweat.
Nice place to spend the a-venlng.
Saloon attached.
The (lew Chicago
IS one of th nicest resort In th
city, and Is supplied with th
best and uneet liquors.
HEISCH A BETZLER, Proprietors.
Bplendld Lodging Kooma by the day,
week or month.
809 Wet Railroad Avenna.
THK OOI.D 8TAKI You should not Q
paaa. but call aud tak a auetai .laaO
High claaa l.lquora w Mod here. A
Satitla. tlon to all la Llh LUCCA'S lde.
Pn ellent Heer, It It Hi rule,
To keep It always sharp and Li
r"l rand Wines arc here, of flavor true, f
a AH kinda. Imported and native, to
Of Clgan. the choicest brands wr know, fa
Krliahlr and pur, where at we U
I ook In, then i pay a vtait soon, Kf
L- To the lamimt (K)l.U S TAK 8AUXII
Depend upon H, near or far, A
Nona can compels with tbe HOLD VT
Very Finest Vines,
Liquors and Cigars
Tblid Ntreet and fljera Areaae.
Atlantic lioor llalll
Cool Keg Beet ondrsagbt! th Bnast Natlv
Win and th vry best of first. class
Llqnora. (its aa a call,
at AILBOAD AvBajra, Alboqcssqc.
A Mulasl flsM.
Grande A Parent! I from them w reap, TJ
all kinds of Lliiuors, tin and cbsaaT
O enable quality w get here. A
TV to sell pur goods Is their Ide t
A Iwaya cool and sharp, their lleer, 1
,, ,. quit unequalled tax or net la
Klohl Wine, all patrona rreet, VP
Imported aud domratlc, a Stock complet U
rellciuua Cigars, loo, her wr gam, Kl
S-f choicest tiavors w obtall'
Lf" icellent Koc.iit tMith clean and neat, rry
V . at Vuw on South e irat Stree A
&iuua at Aintiiiurruur there are plenty I
who lavor I.HAN 1K A PAKKNTl
Harness and Saddles,
Cut Soles, Taps, Shoe Nails,
Findings, Shoe Dressings, Etc.
Saddlery, Hardware, Harness,
Chains, Collars, Sweat Pads,
Whips ioc to $1.35, Lubricat
ing Oils, Axle Oils, Grease,
Horse Remedies, Sheep Dips.
Thoc F. Keloher,
Wholesale and Retal Dealer.
406 Railroad Ave.. A buaurqu.
mestic Coal in use. Yard
opposite rreieht Ulii
A. J, CRAWFORD, Agent,
New Telephone No. 164.
Old Telephone No 25,
Love orders Trimble's stables
'or People That Are
Siok or " Juat Don't
Jf'oel Well."
liaawvas Flaiplas, curs Haaoacha, Oiaiwptl
v-ii.nOTt. B ri.. a wl at lriitfsl.lt ur l.v Bitll
IWuipM i rs, addrsaa Or. steaaaks Co. I'hil.
f. o. AOUMgaa,
Golden, Santa Fc Co.,
K. J. Pwt & Co. have tlieiu lu stock.
(jet their prieoa and nave niouttjr.
Dou't (all to aw the new dHHltfQ lu
outlug tlaiineU at the III. Store.
AathorliAd Capital ....1404110 00
Paid-up CaplUl, Borplns
andProflt 1171.000 00
The Bank of Commerce
tu i roftantia ncaiAiraaj
lisda aattam aa Os-aa
OsMlsltaS srtta
M B, Oro, rwdent I. C. Baldbid, Lnmba. W. C. Liohabd, Captuilai
B. P. SosttrgT, Vlc-PrMldn. A. Kiaaajaait. KlMmana tiros., Wma,
W. I.STaiogLga. C sables. A, at. Blaob still, trroaa. Blarksrsll A to, rer
H. J. (naasoH, Asslsunt Caahlsr, W. A. Haiwiu, Whnlesal Dntl 1st.
Depository for Atfhinon. Top?k k Santa Fe BaJ1w.
tub ST. ET-.3VCO
Finest Whiskies, Brandies, Wine3, Etc.
ltO West Railroad At.. Albaqatrtao.
Wholes alo Grocers.
cxokueta, n. m. AU3UQTTERQUE. 11. HI.
AT1T1 tCtNa! QW XX
8tadent of Dr. Phillip Rieord of Franeo
A enr. gruranteed In every eaa andertakaa when a ear. Is practlcabl. and posslbl.
Oononhoea, gleet and sutctur. speedily cured srltb Dr. Hlrord's French Kemeille. Kecan
j, . J " Permtnrrhoea, seminal losses, nlglit ernlaalona. Inaomnla. deapondsocy .
rsdlcally cured. Hlrnrd'a mmhiid nr iu-l in n,. u...n.r. w ...i r-.. V.."r".
0,000 patlantasnrceaatullrcneed within th. Iaa nln. year. Caa'rerev T!o pat linu by
eogilao. Krench, ttatman Pollih H neat an and Bohemian annken, Owaaaltaaiaa and Oa.
ulrsta ritt rorreap-wrlenc anllcluidl alrtcUy ronttdanUat
(Satmsaors to frank 11. Jones.)
Finest WtlskJes, Imported and Domestic Vines and Cognacs!
Tie Coolest Hlflieit Grade of Luer Serrel
Finest Billiard Hall in the Territory.
Finest and Best Imported and Domestic Cigars
14 jutr
Y V m,W
at or
vtlMNnfinm. 1. T Kl.ll. HKKItlll
rrwil A 8BADI! to them w ellng. i i 1
. Their flROCKUIKS have th rmaln rlnW
ft TKAfl and 00KKKK9 tad CANNKl) UOODS rare, I)
J, .. . . The prioe they charge Is slwars fsili
rphey sell the flneet LAORB BKKB,
..,. . .. To please their pitron 1 their Id ra
in WINKS St LIQUORS, we always find T
&A .The eholeeet qosJlty of every klnl '
Thus competition they defy. 1
TOTI & HRADI east to beat sav I
Agents for Co-'ote Canyon Lime Company.
Free delivory to all parts of the city
New Telephone 247. 818, 216 AND 817 NORTH THIRD HT
WeJJlno; Cakes a Specialty !
W. Dswlr Patronag, and w
Qaarant flnl-CUa Baking.
Talagrapb ordarssollcllsd sod Promptly Pilled
The Roay Freshness
And a velvety softnas. of th. skin ta Inra
nably oblalued bv thus. wk aa. foaaojlj'
Coiuplaaiuu I'owtjar.
Win. tor Sato.
Native wine, pure and healthful, at
only 60 wilt a gallou at C. A. (iraude's
north Broadway.
Hlghaal Cash PrloM raid
Kor furniture, stovea, earpota, clothing,
trunks, harneH, aadillott, ahoe, etc.
Hart', 117 Uobl avenue, next to Walla
Kargo KzpreM ollice. 8e me before you
buy or sell.
A 4)uet!ou Aaaw.rwl,
Why do we never have any old stock
on our shelve V
BecauM we will not allow good to
beoome old. At the eud ot every aeaaon
all odds aud ends are oleaued out at big
dlaoounta, and thus we keep our stock
freah and clean at all time. Bee our
2.U0 shoes, they are the ft kind.
Simon Stkin,
The Railroad Avenue Clothier.
Tt Car. 'u.ttltlun fores.
Take t'amiets t undy t'mhurtic liiourte.
II tl l. t!. fail to unrti. itnnrtfisl ri-luuil luuuof.
A bottle ef good old liquor may some
time prevent serious Ulueaa in a family.
You can get the very beat at lowret
prion at A. Lombardo'.
Depository lor the Atlantic St
Pm ific and the Atchison,
Topekt A SanM Ke
Railroad Lm.
officers i:d directors:
JWmk K fiATKOI.Tlfl. . . .PlMlrltwt
M. W. FlrOCBNOT ....VIrsrPriTtil
A, A. KKKS Caei.l
fBAKK MoKKrt....AMdirUntra lf
A. A. AFliVt.
in Albuquerque, H. If.
aud imcm unm or tTBaui.
aa Dsssas, tsaf rsjsaUtf
raraakls) aVukia
ea.stlpatlaa. fatrartU ar th Iriaai lia-I
BTVlii n atriit.lul kob MJ.rai rai ita
., hPravo. Hw.tnftl. an.,or f.0W fortu 111
at an uf actors ot and DmIsc Is
Tb Beat aUaUra-Uad V.UIuIm.
Pine norse-Shoelnr a Specialty.
BatUfaotion OuarmntMd in All Work
RlLrinjf, Painting; aud Trimuiln
Don. on Short Notic. I i i i t i i
Shop, Corner Coppor If. ud Flril St.,
City : Drug : Store
Third Bt. and Railroad Av.
Drags, Itdlclnes, Paints, Oils, Etc.!
W. Y. WALTON. Proprietor
oeemsof to Plllsbnry A Walton.
AU kinds of Fresh and Sal
Meats. ,. ,, .,
Steam Sausage Factory.
Till HP 8THEE1,
iritr-mi'.tiif w--twayo w'wi

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