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The Albuque
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Proof Positive That Maine Was De
stroyed by a Mine.
Havana, March 11. The aural board
ha satmtatitlallv completed It Invmtl
gatlon. Kvervthlne; now In In th namr
. of eumalatlva twtlnionr, strengthmlng
the vlilenc that the Main wan blown
up by an rxtermtl Mplonlon. Proof, from
the condition of the hull, keel and ma?
tloea, make what ni'grit rm railed a
complete ease of Mrurtaral erldenre of
external caune. How far the board can
determine the agency of the exploelon le
Yrv uncertain.
Tnedlgeet and analjuU of the testi
mony. It lit nnderxtood, la on the way to
Autouomlet government le In a state of
Spal Uilrowlna Meatl l'.r tha I'arar
lalnly at Thlnf.
Madrid, March 11. The torpedo squa
dron, unlet plane are altered, will Mart
to-day to the Cannrloe, while two torpedi
dtroyer will leave Kngland direct for
A etrong eenlimnnt le growing that
peace or war ehouliT come without delay.
Archlilshop lr.Uul Nar They Would
fright for Thl. I'otiuirir.
Chicago, March II. "No true American
Catholic will think ot cpotmlug theeauee
of Spain agalimt thnt of thle country be
caiiee the former le a Catholic nation,"
aid Arcliblahop Ireland. To do thle le
to net one's eeir down as trailoroiiHly In
clined to the teaching of thle religion,
ae well ae to the conntry which It le hie
bonnden duty to defeud agalnet all ene
mies, both Internal as well as external.
Whatever action the pote may take In
this matter will be with the single Idea
ot averting. If poeeihle, war between two
Christian nations."
N.ollaU- for War Shi .
Washington, March It. Negotiations
re proceeding for the purchase of the
Brazilian cruiser Anus mas and sister
ehlp Rarboeo by the Hiked States, but (o
far as the navy department Is advised,
have not been closed. Negotiations for
the purchase of two Jspauee cruisers
now building In this cnuutry, are oil.
Jfaw Mpani.h Mial.tar.
Washington, March II. The premuta
tion of the new Spanlnh inlnUter, Senor
Polo, to the preeideut h ln postponed
until to morrow, In order that more time.,
may be given to the preparation ot
Miiho.mr r uo-. win.
Hartford, Conn., March 11. The will
of the late Amos K. Kno has been filed
for probate and dNpoees of the estate
valind at f JiVMio.Oro. The public be
quests amount to (260,000. The reeldiie
of the eatate la divided among his chil
dren and grandchildren.
falita.t Mrrllng.
Washington, March 1 1. Nothing Im
portant was done at todiy's cabinet
meeting and the dlacuulou vui oflhe
most general character. (
Mapld rir'na (una. '
Waaliington, March II Secretary
Alger has authorized General Flagler,
chief ot ordnance, to make arrangements
at once for procuring a large number of
rapid firing guns for sea coast defenses.
C'auaIUa Itul.r.
London, March 11. The St. James Ga
tte says that it is nnderatood that Lord
George Hamilton will succeed the Karl
of Aberdeeu as governor general of Can
ada. Yukon Kallwajr.
Ottawa, Out., March 11. After an all
night stealon In which time la the hours
the Yukon railway bill was read a second
time at 6:30 this morning, the majority
In its favor being 'i'J.
lDiralDa tlia Marina..
Washington, March 11. The houae
naval committee to-day placed In the
naval bill provision for an Increase of
473 naval marines. This brings the total
uuuiber of marines up to 3,073.
Town lluru.d.
Montlcello, Ky., March 11. Montlcellc,
the county seat of Wayne county, was
early destroyed to-day by lire. But four
ulldings remain. Low over $75,OtiO.
Chicago Oral Market.
ChleagoMarch 11. Wheat March.
11.02',; May, 11.04. Corn March,
2iic; May, 30'4c. Oats-March, 2tlc;
May, avc
Toriiadu lloal.
Norfolk, Vs., March 1 1. The torpedo
boat Foot has left Old Point for Key
Dl.tlnyulahad Yoluulacr.
New York, March 11. A special to the
Tribune from Washington says: Com
Birth Stono Rings, Just Received.
Who in thii world of ours their eyes
In March first open, shall be wise;
In days of peril, firm and brave,
And wear a II jacinth to their grave.
Leading Jeweler, R. R. Ave Albuquerque. N. M.
mander Wm. II. Kiner y has volunteered
to command the auxiliary crniser 8t.
Lonle, In the event of that femel's Im
pressment Into the naval service, and will
be ordered to Join her before her depar
ture from New York next Wednesday.
Tha Gavarnmant Ru.lilns Work la Ai
llrlpalloa of War.
Washington, March II. It Is stated by
the ordnance otliclals that directions
have been given the various arsenals and
armories controlled by the government
ti increase tne working force to the full
eet practicable extent, with view to
(lurrying the completion of existing pro
jects. Likewise all firms having con
tracts to supply the government with
ordnance have been required to work
meirnien niglit and day.
As to small arms, extra ammunition
orders have been already placed with the
I'nlon Metallic Cartridge company.
urioKHporK vonn., ana me vtiucnester
Arms company. New York.
Kort Mcllenrvln Haiti more harbor will
be selected as headquarters for the new
regiment or artillery, Instead of Kort
Wadsworth, N. Y., as originally pro
posed. Kort Riorum, N. Y., will b healqiiar
ters for one of the regiments.
(ieneral Greeley, chief signal officer,
has been given authority by the secretary
of war to proceed without regard to ordi
nary restrictions In establishing rapid
telegraphln connection between the sea
coast formications.
Tha Contract for lis ConMr tuition llae
Iteaa Let a. far a. Uuorraro.
Kl Paso, March 11. Advices have
leached Kl Paso from New York that
Praflhlitnt Altnertn II. fmt nf tha rut.
linahua A Pacific ltallroad company, had
signeit a contract witn the ISamau Con
struction company, of New York, for the
construction of a steam railroad In Mex
leo In the region of the mining section
From Chihuahua west The distance from
Chihuahua to tha 4inlt ot California Is
250 miles, and under the terms of the
contract 120 miles are to be completed
by November 1, IS'JH.
Preparation, (or War Craat 1'rorouad
SMOe at Madrid.
Madrid, March 11. Anxiety as to the
relations between Spain and the United
States, which has pervaded financial and
commercial circles for several days, has
culminated In a heavy fall In funds,
foreign exchangee have risen In an un
preceuted degree, prices on Paris being
at thirty-eight premium and on London
thirty-nine premium.
Newspapers call upon the government
to stop the panic by a prompt, clear state
ment as to the real conditions existing
in Cuba and ilt lining international rela
tions. The newspapers re-echo the pro
found sensation and displeasure caused
by the l ulled btates sending the Mont
gomery to Havana and by appropriating
t'Ki.oiKMxiU for national defense.
llllt to la Farorsl.ly Krported OlTlng
tha Territory fabllc Ijtada.
Washington, March II. By a vote of 7
to 2 the house committee on public lands
to-day agreed to report favorably the
Miafrolh bill for the concession of all
and lamki to the states In which they are
located. L'hder the Carey act one mil
lion acres already have been ceded to the
respective states, but none but Wyoming
have taken ail vantage of the act.
The committee also agreed to a bill al
lowing the territory ot New Mexico to
select at once about half of all the lands
for schools, penitentiary aud like pur
poses that would accrue to it on its ad-
Ulieaiou as a state. This Is a oouipioinise
on the parlor the territory, which sought
to secure all such land, the beat part ot
which It claims is belnir constantly
culled while lis claims to admission are
Alaskan Itoundarjr,
Washington, Murch 11. It Is said at
the state department that the Ottawa
report that Great Britain and the United
States have signed a treaty for the settle
ment of the Alaskan boundary dispute Is
incorrect, the matter still being a subject
ot negotiation.
Chicago Htoea MaJfcat,
Chicago, March 11. Cattle Hecelpte,
3,5oo. Market unlet, steady.
Beeves, S.tdwlUG; cows and heifers.
$2 244.40; stot-kers and feeders, t'i i3
4.M; Texas steers, $3.rnc4 50.
Sheep iteceipts, O.oixi. Market steady
to linn.
Native sheep, f3.2:W4.rfl; westerns,
3.oO(.$4Ji5; lambs, tl.(a'oM.
Adrane liaport ou I'owderly.
Washington, March 11. The senate
committee on immigration reported ad
versely on the nomination ot T. V. Pow
derly to be commissioner of immigration.
Senator Chandler joined with the demo
crats for an adverse report.
Money Market.
New York, March 11. Money on call,
nominally li percent. Prime mer
cantile paper, 4$4,1'.
New York, March 11. Silver. 644o;
Lead, 1 3.UU.
llalMillton In Ilia fhllliiflua l.landa,
Loudou, March 11. Special dispatches
from Shanghai say there is little doubt
that the prospect of trouble between
Spain aud the United Stales lias caused
the rebellion In the Philippine Islands
to break out again and Increased the
fierceness of the insurgents, who. It is
declared, have captured Atarrl and Cam
arag, important towns connected by the
railroad witn Manila.
Tha Host of a.e.tm.nta.
'While east Mr. and Mrs. A. D. VI hltson,
of the Whltsou Music company, person
ally selected their stock ol musical In
strumenls, and, as those goods are arm
log, the public is luvited to call and In
spect the same. Mandolins from $3.61)
and up; guitars, from 13 60 and np; vlo
I Ins, from 2 oOaud up; also a full Hue
of ail kinds of instruments can now be
found at the Vt hltson. Besides, a new
stttck of sheet music and strings for all
instruments, iroiu uve cents to 1. They
also have new Instrument a twelve-
string mandolin. Call and see it. Kle
gant pianos and organs will arrive next
Cllltr Arill'KA AKRRSTCU.
Another of tha flrntal r.unl Indian Cap
tured and ballad.
Spei I.I to the CttKt-n.
Gallup, N. M., March 11. Sheriff
Frank igll, or Valencia county, passed
through Itallup last evening, having In
charge Chief Naphpka, whom he captured
on the Zunl reservation near St. Johns,
Arizona, lie is taking the Indian to the
jail at loa l.onas.
isaphpka, who is an aged fellow and
was the governor ot a mil pueblo In Va
lencia county, is wanted for partlci
paling in the burning of Mowrila. the
old i(tiaw who. It is alleged by the Io
nian, was practicing witchery. I hey
built a fire and threw her on It.
S her I IT Vigil has the other four Indians.
implicated lu the deed, in Jail also. Mow-
rita has alsiut recovered from her In
juries. TH K UHKATKir VT.
Zamtorh tha Kqaal. If Not tha So parlor, of
Herman, tha Uraat.
Z am loch, probably the greatest of all
magicians, held forth at the opera house
last mum, and besides amusing a good
sized audleuce with tricks that deceive
the eye, gave away free to holders ot
ticket about (25 worth ot goods.
ine arum ana tanibouriue talking: the
valuable articles taken from the hat of
Col. Hawley; the shooting of a lady's
handkerchief aud glove and Jim Smith's
fold watch into a box suspended over the
leads of the audience; the pulling ot the
Hags of all nations from an urn, fol
lowed by a grand flash light disDlav from
all the flags ot the glorious "slurs and
stripes;- ins big basket trick,
wherein the professor disappears,
ami a moment later walks into the
hall from the front door, and man? other
eye deceiving tricks pleased the au-
His stage partner. "Rlllr" Marx. Is the
laziest mm lu the world, but it is in the
hrw vo-uight aud again to-morrow
Foll.-a Cnart Mew.
John Burns and Harry Simmons were
arrested last night whila sleeping In the
old warehouse ou Tljeras road. Simmons
made quite a length? argument why hi
should not be arrested, aud Otlicer Glover
was obliged to administer some physical
rhartlriruient before he would subside
I he couple have been bumming around
the city the past four or five days selling
fake jewelry. They were brought before
Justice Crawford this morning and given
ininy uays apiece in tne county jail.
fliirn was shot something over a rear
ago lu the attempt to rob the station at.
islets, lie was indicted br the grand
jury but was acquitted on trial.
Train Robbara Aoqultlod.
United States District Attorney Chi I-
iters, Attorney K. L. Medler and Al. Cod
ington, deputy I nited States marshal,
came up from Silver City last night.
where they have been attending the
I ulled States court. The jury In the case
of the United States against William
Warderman. Henry Marshall. John iu-
adge, Vi alter Hoffman, Leonard Alverson
ami Thomas Capehart, charged with at
tempting to rob the United States mall
train at Stelu's pass on the night ot De
cember tl, returned a verdict of not guilty
after being out only a little over a halt
hour, the accused were at once re
arrested on the charge of holding up the
irain ami attempting io rub the express
Ilira for the Hares.
A carload ot runners and trotters from
Kl Paso reached the city last uighl. in
cluding the well-known stable of Mr.
Yi ill Davis. The Dallas runners now
laying at San Antonio are supposed to be
en route. All of these horses will take
part in the spring races, which will be
given every Sunday, commencing Sun
day, the Aith. By that date the associa
tion expects to have thirty head of the
best horses ever seeu lu this city ou the
While down at Kl Paso, General Agent
Parkharst, ot the Kqutlahle Life Assur
ance society, established an ollice there,
furnishing the quarters with elegant
furniture, and installed therein as dis
trict agent for the eleven western coun
ties of Texas, II. K. Kettler. The Kuutt
able did a business in January and Feb
ruary, this year, for this district, consid
erably in excess ot their business for the
same mouths last year.
Jas. A. Stlnson, the big sheep buyer of
this city, whose feeding pens are located
at Kearney, Neb., has returned, after an
abst nee of abi ut two mouths. Mr. Stln
son reports sheep In Uue condition, not
ouly lu Nebraska but at all other points
he has visited, aud be also stated that he
found a belter market at Omaha than at
Chicago or Kansas City for the sale ot
John J. Wexelberger and Michael Ma
glella, of Gallup, called at this ollice this
morning. They are here ou business be
fore the district court, aud this morning
Mr. Magiella was made a citizen ot the
United States, his good character and
loyalty being sworn to by Marshal J. W.
Green aud Mr. Hexelberger.
A short time ago J. y. Royalty, an em
ploye of the Santa Ke Pacltlo, while hunt
ing In the vicinity of Belen, shut aud
killed a white crane. The bird has juct
been stuffed aud mounted by W. 11. Cobb,
and, placed in a glass stand, makes a
very pretty addition to Mr. Royalty's col
lection ot birds.
C. H. Curtis, receiver for the Socorro
Klre Clay works, paid a flying visit to the
city laat night aud returned on No, lit
this uiorulug.
Ituppe, the druggist, received M) fresh
vaccine points by the limited this morn
ing. C. W. Cptegrove, the Belen ranchman
aud pathfinder, Is In the city to-day.
ror Bale A small business; good loca
tion. Address Carl, this ollice.
W. C. Johnson, of Gallup, has his name
on the Highland register.
(ilrl wanted for general housework,
to. north Second street.
Spring chickens and spring lamb at
the S..s Jink Mihkkr.
Dr. David Stearns, oculist, has a room
at the Highland.
H. M. Karlane, of Blaud, Is at Sturges'
Picture frames. Whitney Co.
Watertown Arsenal Forging Big
Cannon for tne Navy,
A Bitter Factional Republican Fiebt
In Cleveland, Ohio.
octtn of General W. S. Rostcrins al
Lot Anreiei, Ctl.
mociidihos or concuss.
Watertown. Mv.. March 1 1-The United
States arsenal here, which for many years
oaa oeen exclusively a factory for the
production ot gun carriage and their
equipment, gun Implements nd see
coast projectiles, has gone into gun man-
oiacture. vtorkonthe tlrst forged gun
ever ordered at Watartnwn, was begun
yesterday. The new understanding re
sults from the opinion of the ordnance
department at Washington that the gov
ernment has been paying too much for
mortars manufactured by private estab
lishments. co no Kraft.
Ilonaa Ulacasalng Civil War Claims for a
Hlg Ram.
Washington. March 11. Under a sne-
Clal older, to day was set aside in the
house for consideration of the bill con
taining a provision tor claims aggregat
ing l,20O,(io reported by the court of
claims nuder the Bowman act. Hull
(rep, Iowa), ehairmau military affairs
committee, reisirted agreement by con
ferees on army appropriation bill.
a tun for the relief of the victims of the
Maine disaster was to have been called
up to-day. Speaker Heed agreed to rec
ognize Boutelle. chairman of the naval
affairs committee for that purpose. The
tatter left the nail to summon his com
mittee but before he could return the
regular order had been demanded and
the house had gone Into committee of
the whole to consider the Bowman claims
bill. Loud (California) demanded the
reading of the bill, which covers eighty
Dalsell, republican, of Pennsylvania.
made a point of order that It was not
competent for the war claims committee
to report the bill containing t40 claims,
each of which should be the sublect of a
separate bill.
ihe chairman (Payne, ot New York)
ruled that the point came too late.
(ieneral debate proceeded, under agree
ment that It be limited to two hours.
Gibson, republican, of Tennessee, ex
plained the nature of the claims, all of
which were for stores and supplies fur
nished the army by loyal citizens.
The ClTll War II. ra PaaM Peaaerull
Away at a Klpa Old Ago.
Los Angeles. Cal.. March 11. General
W. 8. knewrans dle this rncrtfj. He
was 7tt years old.
the old warrior's death was DAareful In
the extreme. For several days he, at
times, was unconscious and again lu a
comatose state. His splendid vitality
kept him alive for days. At bis bedside.
when the end came, were the son and
danghter ot the general, Carl and Anna
Kosecrans. and a number of Immediate
friends of the family, besides the attend
ing physician. Dr. Havnes. When he was
tlrst stricken, more than two weeks ago.
It was not supposed that the ailment was
more than au attack of grippe, but
though he rallied several times, the Phv-
siciau never held out much hope of ulti
mate recovery. The general hail made
his home on a large ranch devoted to
wheat and fruit raising. His third child.
(laughter. Mrs. O'loo e. Is at Helena.
Montana, where her husband lives.
Hitter B.publloan right.
Cleveland. Ohio. March It. The bitter
est republican municipal Ught waged In
teveiann for many years terminated at
the primary election lu sweeping vic
tory for the McKissoii administration
and the defeat ot the alleged street rail
road candidates for places on the conn
cllmaulo tickets. The McKissoultes cap
tured ten out ot eleven of the ooiiucil
nianlo districts.
Mo Kaport Raealr.d.
Washington. March 11. Before leaving
for the cabinet meeting Secretary lying
said he had received no report thus far
from the court ut inquiry, nor hail he or
dered the fleet In China to the Philip
pines, as rumored here to-day.
A Thl. .lug lloho I'll ran Ml by Kuha, tha
Special to The Churn.
Gallup. N.M.. March 11. Josenh Kuhn.
a baker here, caused oonslderable excite
ment last evening pursuing a hoist down
the street. The citizens hail not forgot
ten the exciting hold-up of the night be
fore, and this was thought to be another
case of the same kind. The fellow.
whom Kuhn allowed to lodge at his
house, repaid his liencfactor by stealing
some of his clothes and a watch. After
the man was caught he was takeu to a
Geo. C. Gainsley & Co.'s
t A- 4 -J 1 A
I -V-" "7a.
' 122 South Second Street.
1VTj11 Orrterai Caliren Oaai-efiil Attentlou.
E. J. POST k CO.
saloon and then somebody went ont and
nreami nis pistol to bring the marshal.
This created greater excitement musing
me tietiei, suer tie previons night s oc
currence, that the town was In the power
ui a uaim in murnemns omiaws.
Tescher Williams, of the local school
also had several allele of wearing ap
imret rtoien irom nis nome few even
ings oerore,
was st Drainnnr
A barman Jampa rrom a Waat-Bonad Pi
aaatror Train.
Speclnl to Tba Citizen.
Gallup. N. M.. March ll. The train
mat arrived here at 2:3) a. ra. from Al
ouqnerqne lost one of Its passengers In
somewhat sensational manner. As the
train was about to slow un at l.leia
Junction a man Jumped through the
closed window of the smoking car. He
landed Wlthont serious lninrv and s-nt nn
son siarwii trim me country at break
..... . . .. - ' . r -
neck speed. It is believed that tie became
snniieniy nemenUst.
He was a Mermen, about SB vears old.
but his name Is cot known. There was
nothing about his effects to lead to Iden
tlllcalloo. Ills valise had a New York
custom hou-s clearance card attached to
It, and it is Delisted that he came direct
from the hatherUnd. His fellow nasaen
gers noticed that the man consumed a
large quantity of cigarettes en route and
be may have been but another victim ot
this deadly habit. At late hour noth
ing has been beard ot tho curious act
lug stranger.
Tarla roaad Onllly of Adaltary Har-barnl
Caaa rontlnnwl.
arm Dtearnn u-aav commenced a
suit against J. J. Keegan for trespasa on
tne case, tiortoo Moure appearing for the
On the United Btateg side of the court.
incase no, una, united Stales vs. O.
Bachechl and G. Gloml for violation of
Internal revenue laws, Johnston It Klnl-
cal appeared for defendant at the open
ing of court this morning and made a
motion that the cause against the defend
ants be continued for the term, to which
the United State con tented by W. B.
Chlldera, district attorney. The United
State grand jury returned an Indict
ment against the defendant yesterday
afternoon, whersupon they were arrested
and readily furnished a bond In the sum
of fsK) for sppearaore, Bachechl A
(iloml are two reliable business gentle
men, and would not knowingly violate
the laws.
lu the case ef th United States vs.
Trinidad Tarln, alias Trinidad Ourule,
the Jury returned a verdict of guilty of
adultery, as charged In the Indictment,
at 0 o'clock last night, after being out
for half an hour -
Immediately after the verdict was
aiinoouced. Attorney Donaciano Chaves
gave notice to I he court that he would
make motion for a new trial Tho
prisoner was remanded to jail pendlnr
the disposition ot the motion.
At Z o'clock this arternoon, Michael
Magiella, a so Meet of the Austrian em
pire, made application to th court to
beoome a tltu.n of th United States.
The ilrt papers having been produced
and J. W. 4ren, marshal ot Gallup, and
John J. Welher , y having test I lied to his
residence, root character, etcM he was
duly c-w.n ry :ie- of ihe court and
admitted as a citizen.
The United State grand and petit
Juries were discharged tills afternoon for
the present term.
To tha Lad lea.
My spring and summer millinery Is
now arriving, and th spring opeulng of
up-to-date millinery, which Include au
elegant line of pattern bats, will be an
nounced lu a few days.
1113 W. Railroad avenue.
C. T. Brown, ei-comiulsslouer of So
corro county, and on of the most popu
lar citizens or central and southern New
Mexico, honored Tun ClTI.KN with a
pieasaut call thl mom lug, arriving from
Socorro last night and register Tug at
Sturges' Kuropeau. Mr. Brown Is a
liveryman of Socorro, but he is Inter
ested lu its adjacent mountains, where
he i developing several good mine, and
which he report are producing tlrst class
ore. I lie gentleman Is here ou business,
and he will return south to-morrow
The last tri weekly ot the limited
trains, for the east, will pass through
Albuquerque on Monday, March 14. The
last trl weekly, for the west, passed
through last Wednesday. The semi
weekly limited trains will run a usual
until further orders.
Valentine Shick, one of the citizens of
the town of Cerrillos, came down from
the north last night and la spending the
day lu this city. Mr. Shirk recently re
turned from a visit to his old horn In
Iowa. He Is visiting with J. A. Stlnson
and wife.
Pork tenderloins, beef tenderloins, K.
C mutton, spare ribs, spring lamb, farm
sausage, ioiiltry, oysters, liver cheese,
Isitled ham, cooked corned beef, and all
kinds ot summer sausage at the San Joox
No Ilfeld and wife, who have been
back In New York the past month or so,
are expected to return this evening.
Mrs. A. S. Grieg and daughter, who are
at the Highland from Prescott, will leave
to morrow morning fur Kl Paso,
Rnppe, the druggist, received 00 fresh
vaccine points by the limited this morn
We are alwaya pleased to
show goods.
Our i took is from the best
Custom Shoe Factories. We
carry nothing but reliable goods
and at Reasonable Prices.
Mall Order Given
Careful Attention
and Promptly Filled
Our Saturday
Men's Furnishing
Goods Special !
Thoy are tho Talk of tho Town.
that will mako you open your oyes.
NO. 1. Fancy Colored Dress and Negligee Shirts,
some with Collars attached, some with Cuffs to
matfh; without Collars they aro worth r f
Sl.OOKeirular. Kiln
NO. 2.Men's Fine Half Hoso in Blues, Iteds, Tans,
Etc., with Fancy Instep, these J f j f
are cheap at 25c a pair. 1 - J f
These Prices
See Third Street Window.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Furniture,
Carpets, Crockery, Glassware, Lamps.
Iron Pipes and Fittings.
Largest Stock of Brass
Goods in New Mexico.'
Miner's and Engineers' Supplies.
Bazaar Patterns.
ATI Pattern 10c and 15c
In New
Our store and
Spring Textiles
to come in and look over our assortment in the pretty, delicate Cotton, Wool and Silk
Dress Fabrics. In Cotton Dress Fabrics we have: Organdies, Dimities, Lawns,
Piques, Madras, Galletas and the rest.
In Wool Silk and Wool we have the Latest Novelties in Checks, Stripe
and Bayaderas, in Wool Poplin and Silk mixed our collection is second to none b
the West.
Best Selection of Silks
ever brought to the city; 30 colors of Taffeta, Glaces and Changeables to select
from; in Plains, and as many pieces in Fancy Taffetas, Duchess, Glace Poplins,
Fleur de Velour. Peau de Soi and Barre stripes our line is complete.
In Laces and Embroidery our well-earned reputation of being THE Lace and
Embroidery House la more than earned by our immense assortment and well
selected stock for the coming Spring Season. INSPECTION SOLICITED.
The Economist.
n nm
Positively For
204 Railroad Avanue, Albuquarqua, N. M.
Spring: Attire.
shelves are laden
with all
still more
customers to all Departments.
You are after the best goods for the money, to be s jre. ' You are after de
sirable goods, for style, after all, regulate values. You are after reputable goods,
for common goods are not cheap at any price. Quality, Quantity, Style and Low
Prices all tend to make it interesting to buyers of
Agents lor Butter
Ick'a Patterns and
Dr. Jaeger's Underwear.
Horo aro two items
Saturday Only.
Filled Same
Day as Received.
the beauty and newness of the season.

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