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Abtolutcly Pur
Tho. Hubhim Kdltor
W. T. McCrkihrt, Pun. Mgr. and City Kd
Aaeoclated Pre. Afternoon Telegrams.
Official Paper of lternalilln Comity.
OtllcMal Paper of Clly of Albuquerque.
Irget City and County circulation
Tha lJtrgmt New -eiiro Orcnlatlon
lArrM North Ariimia Circulation
Ykllow fever, smallpox and famine Is
pi(1f mte in Cuba.
Thi cleaning up of the city will do
much to prevent the spread of contagious
The addition of two artillery regi
ment to the regular army will rat 1U
atrength to 27.O0O effective.
lr Mr. Hryan iu president, with de
preciated money and no national credit,
thta coon try would be In a hade of a
The number of Inmates of lniane asy
lum In Kngland and Wale la lOO.UO, or
at tha rate of one lunatic to every 313 In
habitant. It U estimated that the total Coet of
the new union station at Boston, when
in 1h:o was 2.M and In 18'rt It i 410. The
number of Itanna emi'lnted la weaving
cotton gool In tu eouth wm M.ooo q
is'.") and U S'.i.rvo In H'.H; the number of
aplnrtlea was H3,(HO in IK'.M. and la 607,
tmo In H'.H. Necessarily, with thta enor
mous lucreaee In He manufacture, the
cotton growth haa greatly expanded. The
crop In IKM-7 amounted to 8,r:i2,702 com
mercial balm. The value of the upland
crop, at an average of fi.Wi cents per
pound wa.lvi,8r),tvm, while the eea la
land crop wild for fl.ooo,!ir,H. The total
value of the cotton produced during the
laxt year m 42lH.Kll.oOI. an amount
which la quadrupled by the processor
llolinot'e etHtlrtl. at and geographical
tables, a the rrwu.; of the latent Investi
gation, give the p filiation of the world
at l,r :ri.i).(too. This le an Increase over
the figure of IHiM of 23.ooo.0uo. To thla
Increase Kurope la credited with con
tributing 6.7iio,0O()j A.la, fl,2oo,(m0;
Africa. 7,!SI0,()00; America, 3,n,0u0. The
I nited State, with It great growth, es
timated by Oil authority to be Z.ftiO.COO,
and It preeent population, placed at 72,
300,000, represents more than 63 per cent
of the entire population of North and
Soul! America a ctrcunmtance adduced
a highly significant, and occurring In
no other part of the earth. The popula
tion of Kurope u Increased to 378,000,
000, which I about a quarter of the en
tire population of the emth.
An Increase laet year In the New York
aaving bank of is,600,ooo tu deposit
and nearly 70,000 In depositor look tike
republican proeperltr. especially when
the gain 1 found In the last half of 18H7
The town of Bland, In the Cochlti
mining district. Is having a genuine
boom. New buildings are being pnt up
In every part of the town, and the mine
furnish work to several hundred men.
completed, will
be the euormoiu sum of
The war department ha contracted for
11,000,000 worth of projectiles for the
new high-power guns mounted on coast
11 kxjco's gold output I no exception
to that of other countries. It was nearly
17.000,000 last year, an Increase over IS'.
of twelve per cent.
An increase of tio.ooo In the allow
ance for naval militia and an appropria
tion of $1,000,000 for smokeless powder
will be put In the naval appropriation
The partition of China will probably
take place hi year. Russia will get the
biggest slice, having already placed an
army In the northern portion of the
Chinese empire.
Spain la in no condition to fight this
country, and after the manner of the
prltt ring, after a few mouths of back
talk that country will pay the demands
for the Maine disaster and the incident
wlUbe closed.
Katon is building a new court house.
and the town la making other substan
tlal Improvement.
Little Interest Is being taken In the
approaching city election.
Take Laxative Rromo Quinine Tablet.
All druggists refund the money if it fall
to cure. Kuo. i ne genuine nas 10.14.
on each tablet.
Detroit owns tta water work, owns
and operates an electric lighting plant,
fix as the price of illuminating gas at one
dollar and fuel ga at eighty eenia per one
thousand feet, and haa secured a three-
cent tare during working hours.
The manufacture of bogus antiques In
the Egyptian penitentiaries under Eng
lish management haa reached such pro
portions as to call forth a petition against
the practice from the Royal British Anti
quarian and Archaeological societies.
The incredible fully of men In poor
physical condition going to the Klondike
has been shown by several recent exam
ples. Men who catch fatal colds the first
night they alm-p out on the trail are not
the stuff of which Yukon miuers are
Se.natur Mil Ltt, of Texas, bus declined
to stand for reflection because of the
action of the democratic state committee
in compelling all persons desirous of par
ticipating In the primaries to proclaim
their steadfast adherence to the Chicago
Knoland Is now building 117 war ves
sels, fifteen of them great battleships.
Bhe is spending bullous of dollars on her
coast defense. At Vancouver, on the
Pacific coast, England has spent more
money in coast defenses than this coun
try haa along IU eutlre seaboard.
rnKslOKUT McKinlky has signed the
house bill permitting cities In the terrl
lories, of over one thousaud Inhabitants,
to Issue bonds for the purpose of street
Improvements, water works and sewerage,
and for the Issue of buudi to the amount
of $100,000 by Arlxoua for the purpose of
erecting a capital- building.
The Culled Slates government has
been pushing warlike preparations for
weeks and the pace of preparation la be
ing accelerated every day. Work in the
navy yards was not suspended tor relig
ious observance last Sunday, and all gov
ernment establUhmenta which have
ought to do with the manufacture of
weapon or war material are working
full lime.
Tug house committee on foreign com
merce will favorably report a bill tor the
construction of a cable from Ban Kran
Cisco to Japan via the Hawaiian islauds,
and grants an auuulty of flUO.OjOfor
twenty years, in cuuslderaliou ot which
Culled Stales government messages are
to be transmitted free. The government
la also to take full possession of the cable
plant In ease of War or other emergency.
Lit klOLK.
The returns ot the number of livestock
on farms tu the Culled States on Janu
ary 1 show that there w re 13.Wtxj.uil
horses. 2.2o7.oo mules, 15.840,000 milch
cows. 'J,2M,'Jl oxen and other cattle,
37,0o,WO sheep aud d'J.loVfi'ji swine.
These figures show a decrease of 4t3,7W
In the number ot horses, loo,8U In thatof
milch cows, 1,241.211 iu that ot oxen and
other ealtle, 8,0,2KJ In that ot swine.
On the other hand, there Is an lucreaae ot
8,317 In the number of sheep, aud 42,
Oil tu that of mules.
A OHOttUU l.UlIKt.
The south Is havtug a revival of the
cotton luduitry thai is almost uupar
alled. Iu lb'.w the capital employed in
operating the manufacturing plants In
the southern stales was $i)l,000,000, and
to-day II is eslliualed at 12S,UU0,00U.
The number of cotton mills in operation
tailed to Topeka.
All division superintendents of the
Santa Ke were called to Topeka by Gen
eral Superintendent Mudge to talk over
the new work planned for their respec
tive territories during the present year.
The question of a new time card Is also
being discussed, but as the spring time
etrd will not go into effect uutil some
time next mouth, no definite plans are
belug made. The uniform Interpretation
ot the schedule rules In regard to train'
men is auother matter thai is bolng dls
cussed. State Journal.
The Coast UtfennM.
One-half the number ot Improved can
uon, mortars aud emplacements will be
located aud placed lu suitable position
ere the expiration ot IMS. The Artillery
Board Is constantly making practical
surveys, so far as these relate to the
aruiy, and me estaoiisiimeui or adequate
military protection 01 our seaboard Is re
eelving strong endorsement. Meanwhile
there Is a meaus ot defence from greater
Dhvslcal calamity, ana mat is the use or
Hosteller's Bloiuach Bitters, which by re
storing tha toue or the nerves and siom
ach. luvliiorales the entire system.
also prevents malarial, klduey and rheu
matlo ailments, and cures biliousness
and constipation. Those who have been
enred by it speak In no uncertain terms
as to Its effectiveness.
terns Culled and Classified from Our
Territorial Exchanges.
mm the Nrw Mrilcan.
The collector of Han Juan county ha
not yet reported hi collection for Jan
uary to the territorial treasurer.
Charles Lyons will leave Santa Ke for
Bland, Intending to resume hi old occu
pation as a knight ot the pick and drill.
Miss Neelte P. Crane, the efficient and
popular secretary In the executive office,
returned from a month's vacation, which
she spent in Dallas, Tex., visiting relatives.
It I understood that the Norwich and
Orient Ore Insurance companies will
qualify themselves to do business by
making the required deposit of $10,000
with the territorial treasurer.
Judge A. B. Kali wrltee to friends here
that he expects to be In Santa Ke during
the coming week and that he will make
contest for the office of solicitor general
ot the territory, to which office General
K. L. Bartlutt wm recently appointed.
City Marshal Alarld mourus the death
ot a little 3 year-old eon, who died of
pneumonia. The funeral took place at
S o'clock p. m, and the Interment was at
Roearlo cemetery.
It Is understood In church circles that
Dr. Chapelle's successor as archbishop ot
auta Ke will not be designated before
tin 1st ot June. Meanwhile the Im
provement contemplated by the Sister
ot Charity will probably be held In abey
Manager W. R. Townsend, of the local
Postal Telegraph office, and also manager
ot the New Mexico Telephone company.
went to Bland to complete arrangements
for the immediate construction ot a tele
phone Hue from Thornton to the princi
pal town of the Cochlti mining district.
He means business and Inteuds to have
the Hue completed and In operation
within thirty days. Luring his absence
the local Postal office Is in charge of
Operator J. 0. Imhoff.
with a very painful, though fortunately
not serious, accldeut at the smelter while
at work on a trestle leveling up an ore
bin. The trestle gave way, precipitating
him Into a pile of ror k below, severely
cutting the left side of his head atiove the
temple, and bruising and cutting his
face, lie wa brought to town and Dr.
William dressed the wound, and he re
turned to the smelter In the afternoon.
From the Drmocrat.
Hon. V. B. May has been sick for a
week or two. Ue will take a trip east
soon for the bjueQt ot his heal'.h.
Mrs. 11. B. Holt gave a tea In honor ot
her mother, Mr. Blakesley, of Topeka.
B. B Scogglus had the misfortune last
week to break a bone In ber left arm, by
being thrown from a wagon. An un
ruly pair ot mule caused the accident.
Dolores Marrtifo successfully passed an
examination as teacher and secured a
certificate, and will take charge of one ot
the district putdlc schools on the Uth.
A valuable mine In the mountains
near Tularosa, originally located by Ro-
aallo Lopet, ex-commislouer ot Dona
Ana county, and In which Judge A. B,
Kali and George Curry own a controlling
Interest, ha recently developed Into a
genuine bonauza. A receut assay of min
eral from it showed $058 per ton In silver
nd a trace ot gold.
Information received from Galveston,
Texas, gives an account of the death ot
Nathan Spatcier In that city on February
27 last. Mr. Hputcler was for many years
a resident of Las Cruoes and a noted gar
deuer, fruit raiser and horticulturist. L'p
to within a short time of bis death he
was the owner or Ihe noted rior del
Valle ranch near Las Cruoes. II was a
native of Alsace-Lorraine and quite old,
about eighty years at the time ot his
death. This was caused by old age aud
general debility.
Payment Hade oa Nine Haadrtd Acre ef
Rick Grsvtl la New flcxtco.
The Rio Arriba Placer Mining com
pany, inrougn a. eweei, assistant
cashier rf the American National bank of
KanaClty, Tuesday night, at Santa Ke,
made the dial payment which secure to
thl corporation two acre of the b t
placer ground on the Chnma river. In
Rio Arriba county. The sum of $.10,000
ha been paid into the treasury, and ex
tensive operation will be Inaugurated at
once under the managment of Professor
Edwin Walter, of Kansas City, repre
senting Eansa City aud St. Louis capi
talist. Surveys have been made and rlght-
of way necured for a slx-mlle ditch cov
ering the land, that will carry fi.000 gal
lon per mlnnto and the Intention I to
handle 2,500 yard of gravel a day by the
nse of hydraulic giant, thereby
saving at least 23 cent In gold
per cubic yard. This deal, which mark
an epoch In the placer mining Industry
In New Mexico, wa initiated some
months ago by ex Representative Frank
A. Reynold, well-known throughout Col
orado, New Mexico and Arizona a a sue-
cexsful mining man. There were over
100 claimant for the lands Involved and
In consummating the deal Mr. Reynolds
ha accomplished a herculean U-k. .Mr.
Reynold was In the metropolis yester
day, and gave The Citizen fact In re
gard to thi big deal for placer ground,
and stated that the officer and directors
of the new company are a follow:
Preeldent Jacob Bchrelner, president
ot the Bchrelner Klack Grain company of
St. Louis.
First vice president Eugene G. K.
Jaccard, jeweler, of Kansas City.
Second rice president Wm. 0. Hills,
tobacco manufacturer, of St. Lout.
Treasurer J. T. Watson, chief lumber
Inspector of the city ot St. Louis.
Secretary James B. Wilde, vice pres
ident of the American Nut-Lock com
pany ot St. Louis.
General agent Fred. U. Rogers, land
and emigration agent ot St. Louis.
Santa Fe directors Edwin Walters, F.
A. Reynold, Charles F. Em ley and J. T.
Forslia. ,
Rcv.VV.M. Slaughter,
of west vinaiNia.
Writes of IM f)eivS Prom 0
Mil' Ritortl Nervine.
-1 11 I'll
Santa Fe Limited No. J Annulled From
Chicago to the Coast.
The third California limited No. 3 and
that was put on a short time ago, haa
been annulled.
The time tables and most ot the adver
tising matter of the Sauta Fe coutaln the
aunouuceniHUt that No, 3 will leave Chi
cago on Wednesdays aud Saturdays, aud
leave Los Angeles Tuesdays aud Fridays.
These two tralus were found Inade
quate to handle the large through pas
senger business to the coast, aud a third
train was put on a mouth ago, leaving
Chicago ou Monday aud leaving Los An
geles on Suuday.
This train will now be taken oft aud
but two California llmlteds a week will
run. It will be about a mouth uutll the
remaining two California trains are an
nulled, as they are ouly run during the
A 'l.r Trick.
it certainly looks like it, but there is
no trick about IU Anybody cau try it
who has lame back and weak kidneys.
malaria or nervous troubles. We meau
he cau cure himself right away by tak
lug electric billers. T his medicine tones
up the whole system, acts as a stimulant
to the liver aud klduey, is a blood puri
fier aud nerve tonic. It cures constipa
tion, headache, tainting spells, sleepless
ness aud melancholy, it Is purely vegeta
ble, a mild laxative, aud restores the
system to iu uatural vigor. Try Electric
Hitlers aud be coiiviuced that they are a
miracle worker. Every bottle guaranteed.
Ouly fifty ceut at bottle, at J, 11.
U Klelly s drug store.
Our new goods are arrlvlug rapidly aud
are belug displayed now in our store.
Beauty ot desigus aud low prices, consid
ering the high grade of the goods, will
be the talk ot the town whenever the
goods are shown up. The latest styles In
spring suits and fancy shirts have Just
been opeued up. Simon bteln, the Rail
road avenue clothier.
From th Optic.
F. W. Clancy, a prominent candidate
for I'ulted States district attorney, Is
here from Albuquerque.
B. C. Plttenger, manager ot the Duu
can opera bouse, will erect a handsome
five-room residence on north Fourth
street In the near future.
W. G. Koogler's little boys are recover
tng from the measles.
Mrs. John F. Kellogg, wire ot the M. h
preacher, has been 111 for some weeks.
The wonderful order ot the Sinters ot
Loretto, wf lb all its grand works through
out America, has not been at all lacking
in Its attalumeuts lu Las Vegas.
Mrs. llartman, who had lieen here two
weeks from itatou, left for Albuquerque
to join her husband.
The Optic understands that while Mrs.
J. K. Hurley has not yet been able to
leave the Muntetuma, where she was
hurt by a fall several months ago, she Is
at present very much better and dally
In comme.i'oratlon ot the deliverance
of the Hebrews from the wrath of Ha
inan, there was celebrated throughout
the world Tuesday evening by the Jewish
communities the festival ot Purlm. To
mark this event in Las Vegas there was a
most enjoyable affair glveu at the Plaza
hotel, where dauclug was a feature of the
evenlug. Among the other promiueut
features was a cake walk, In which Mrs
Kennedy, ot Chicago, aud J. M. W ell, ot
the same city, were unanimously voted
the cake. Prof. Hand's orchestra fur'
nlshed the music for the eujoyable occa
Kromtlie Kcpoiler.
Tony Cajal was brought before Justice
Bayue, charged with making an assault
with a deadly weapon upon Telesfor Do
mlnguU. lie was placed under $500 bond
to answer to the grand Jury.
Rev. R. M. Craig, of Albuquerque, su
pertutendent of the English missions of
the Presbyterian church for New Mexico
aud Arixona, preached a very eloquent
sermon at the Presbyterian church In our
city last Suuday.
A large party of youug people assem
bled at th home ot Mrs. Mary Fauulug,
on Second street, and gave her a very
agreeable surprise. An enjoyable even
lug was speut iu games aud cards, after
which dainty refreshments were served.
John Cunulughaui, a boiler-maker In
the shops here, who went to Topeka about
two weeks ago to have his eye operated
upon. It having been pierced by a piece
ot steel, has returned home. It was
touud Impossible to save the sight ot the
injured member.
S1LVKK til V.
On the tu irnliig of February 20, lH'jft,
1 was sick with rhumallsm, aud lay lu
beu until May HI, wheu I got a bottle ot
Chamberlain Palu Balm. The first ap
plication of it relieved me almost en
tirely from the palu and the second af
forded complete relief, in a short time
1 was aula to be up aud about agalu.
A. T. Moreaux, Luxerue, Mluu. bold by
all druggists.
Th New Mexico pioneers will meet at
Hunt a Ke this evening to arrange for the
proper cslebrallou of the 300 dredtli an
nlvernarv of the arrival of Ihe Spaniard
iu New Mexico.
Thursday was pay day up at
Blaml lu Ihe dolden Cochlti. It is un
derstood that fully $liUm0 were distri
buted by the Covliill Gold Mining com
pany alone.
Mrs. Johu L. Audrew will leave here
Saturday to Join her husband iu ban
Bernardino, Cat.
The store of K. I- Washburn & Co., the
Railroad avenue clothiers, is reveiviug a
new u wriug.
Manager Loveless, of the Shepherd
Treatment eompany, la lu Las Vegas on
bunl liens.
C. 11. Kaucher, ot the Santa Fe Pacifle
land office, returned from bauta Fe last
Lamps aud trimmings. Whitney Co.
Fioiu th 1 dependent.
Governor Otero baa written that he ex
peels to visit Silver City on March IS. Ue
will be teudered a publlo reception.
The house in Chihuahua occupied by
Tomas Cardenas caught Ore from an un
known cause and together with the con
tents was totally destroyed.
Severlauo Hon I to, a wltuess In the
train robbery case, was stopped by three
Mexicans below the Red Oulon saloou
who attempted to hold him up. Boulto
Is a deputy Culled States marshal over in
Arixona, aud pulling his six-shooter told
them to get out, aud that quickly. N
time wa lust iu doing so. Marshal Kll
burn was notified but could not locate
his men.
A rumor has been current that Redtord
Jobe bad been killed near the Mexican
Una while endeavoring to make his es
cape luto Old Mexico. Telegraphic In
quiries have failed to confirm the aame,
Jobe ha undoubtedly succeeded In mak
ing his way out of this country aud In
doing so has added the crime ot horse
steallug to his list of outlawry, having
taken three bead at the time be left the
raucb near Silver City, belonging to
Chris Fleury.
Herbert Waters, who it employed with
the carpeuter force at the smelter, met
From San Juan County Index.
Mrs. J. 11. Heather, wife ot the well-
known sheep man ot Flora Vista, aud ber
little son have been seriously 111.
Juan A. Jaqitet has received his com
mission from the territorial sanitary
board as district sheep Inspector, and left
for tho northern part ot the county on a
tour ot inspection.
Kleveu wagons loaded with apples be
longing to W m. Uuntlugton.ot Farming
ton, went through town. They will make
a carload shipment and will go to
W. R. Shawver has about completed bis
contract ou the bridge aud will leave for
his home In Farmlngton in a day or two.
He has considerable work in the building
Hue uuder contract in that end ot the
L. li. Buruhaftl, county superintendent
of school, visited the Artec school and
took occasion to compliment both teacher
aud pcholars on the progress which Is be
ing made.
Al. Hunt was brought In from Fruit'
land by Deputy bheriff Boone Vaughn
and lodged In Jail, lluuter attended a
dance at Frultlaud aud became Involved
In a row which resulted In his arrest.
A Durango paper says that ''Arthur
Na-ih bavlng served a portion of hi sen
teuce, was yesterday released from Jail on
condition that he would go and live on a
ranch recently leased by bis mother in
the vicinity ot Aztec."
The past week has been a good one for
marriage licenses, three of them having
been Issued by County Clerk McRae.
They are an follows: Frauklln S. Zufiet,
aud Daphne T. Bell, married at Farming-
ton by Justice Wm. Locke; Harry U.
Heusley aud Mabel M. Shute, married at
Cedar Hill by Justice A, U. Graves; Jas.
Craig to Mrs. Dura Osgood, married at
Aztec by Justice K. G. Berry.
hum w ecu
From the Record.
The sprlug term of the district court
for Chaves eouuty convene here on the
I'.Hh. The docket is light, showing that
the people ot the county are all right,
Fred Meyers, formerly manager ot the
Hotel Hageruiar, at Kddy, but who has
lately been managing one ot Fred. Uar
rey's eatlug house In Arizona, is here.
The New Mexico Military Institute
building Is finished and has been received
by the regents. It U sutUoleut to say
now that It is the best appointed and con'
structed building that has ever been
built in New Mexico for the money, or
any sum near it.
F'rom the Kcglnter.
W bile rouudiug up a bovine near North
Spring river bridge the latter part of last
week, W. M. Atklusou's horse fell with
him In such a tuauuer as to painfully
bruise his right leg, aud he haa been
on the "limp" since as a result since.
B. Flesher, the wholesale tobaccoulst,
has returned from an extended visit to
Albuquerque. Judging from the satl fled
smile on his countenance and the rush
lu boxing and shipping that has been
going on In his store room since, he must
have done a good business.
Oil. MU.FS' tWorntlvs Nervine la
panli'itlnrly ailupted to the restora
tion of hrfilth lirnkrn down 1jf hard
mental worn. Hi r. W. M. 'luniiliter of New
UTin. V a., wrlteis "t iuffered with
treme nervousness, dlrr.lness, dull and ner
vous headru-bea aud lerplpM.upft. My heart
came to tmiiblin me, I short of breath
from tun least exert Itm, and suffered much
F" 1 '"P"f ll'Wk" i 1 V Pln ,n af lr side.
LrV Or. '-'A 'i Me llclne and phrl-
Nervine j i
Restores 3
Health xv" J
Natl and
Building Paper
Always In Btocf
cliins mive me no re
lief. 1 procured Dr.
Miles' ltentnratlve
Nervine, New Hear
Cur and Nerve and
l.lrer l"ll Lev. and I am
nre no word of com
mend nt Inn as rot lie results can Is? too strong.
I aleep well, the dlrrlnea- and confused feel
Inf have disappear) d, my heart trouble me
BO more and I feci perfei-t y well "
llr Milea' Itemr.llcs aro sold by nil druf
Slats under a positive Fu:'r.'tiitee, first bottl
beneBU or money refunded. Boole oa
Heart and Nerves sent tree toall applicants.
DR. MII.RS MF lilrAI.(X). Elabart. Ind.
-ss-oid Reliable"
Wholesale Grocer I
I desire to attest to the merits of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as one of
the most valuable aud efficient prepara
tions on the market, it broke ai exceed
Inilv dangerous count) tor me in 24
hours, and In gratitude therefor, I desire
to Inform you that I will never be Willi
out It, and you should feel proud of the
high esteem In which your remedies are
held by people In general. It Is the one
remedy among ten thousand. Bnccess to
It. I). K. 1Juw.net, Kdllor Democrat, Al
bion, Ind. For sale by all druggists.
A 80l.ll CO PA NT.
A company that has done business for
lot) years and paid over (UO.UOO.UOO for
losses from firs must he true and tried.
Sucn Is the record of the Insurance Com
pany of North America. A policy that Is
backed by assets ot over $1M,0U0,U00 must
be as safe as government bond. 8uch Is
the policy of the I'lilladelphla Under
writers. 11KNHY 1.0CKAKT, Ageut.
Kooms 4 and 5, (Jrant block.
What Evarybody Say
About Hood's Sarsapurilla is that It
purifies their blood, gives them an
appetite and makes them feel strong.
These three go together: Pure blood,
appetite, strength. If you want to
feel well take Hood's tarsaparilla, the
One True Wood Tut-ifier.
Hood' Pill are the only pills to
be takun with Hood's barsaparilla.
Santa Fa Limited Trains.
Train No. 3. westbound, will leave Ab
buqnerque at 12:15 p. ni. on March II, 14
18. 21. Viand 38. and Mondays aud Fri
days thereafter until further uotlne.
Train No. 4, east bound, will leave at
4:05 D. m. on March 12, 14 (last Monday
train), It), 19, 23, 3d aud 30, aud Wednes
days aud Saturdays thereafter.
W. H. 1BTLL, Agent.
For Over Firty Veara.
An Old and Wkix-Thied Kkmkdt.
Mrs. Wlnslow's Hoothiug Hyriip bas
been used for over tlftv years by millions
of mothers tor their children while teeth
ing, with perfect success. It soothes the
child, softeus the gums, allays all pain,
cures wlud colic, and Is the best remedy
for diarrhoea. It Is pleasaut to the taste.
Hold by druggists In every part ot the
world. Twenty-live cents a bottle. Its
value 's incalculable. He sure and ask
for Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Byrup, and
take no other kind.
Kngngement of the World's
d rest est Magician,
In an Knteiinlnment I'lisnrpsewd by
the Greatest Necromancers the
World Kver l'roduced.
March 10,11, 12.
I Number of Valuable Present Will le Given
Awij it Each Performance.
HJo Trasli.
ZamkH-h hB met with mi much turrPM dnr
Inn M Inn rnK(tem-nt ni the Al "Hf that
hr win rnntimie nnr wren longtr. Uftiiy M
miner, S;tn l- mnritt o, Cal.
In hit 'riffht-of-hHnci trick he far eirfeda
nv one w ho ha ever vlHrd Tucson. Dally
viu.cn, i u aon.
PROVISIONS. -istafle : grockries:-
Oar Lsts polaltv. aostkwMt,
Farm and Freight Wagons 1
Arimtanlon, Inrliullti one chance foraprlie,
aitcj K-wtrvc(i rM'sm, including two
ihum ra tor a prize, boc.
Secretary Mutual Building association.
Mm at t. O. RalSririaVa Lnabw YaHt
Gall at Headquarters for
Leather, Ilarneea, Saddles, Hartdlery,
Hadillerv Hardware, t ut Holes, Hlioe
isallrt, name. l Ualii., Yi lilpit, lollars,
ttweat Pails, ('aetur Oil, Axle Greaee,
II e'.cm loach Oil, I n to Negro, Kuilil
Harvester Oil. Neauroot Oil. Ird Ol
Harnewt Oil, l.ineeod Oll.Caat He -op,
lUriifiw Hoap, Carriage hponges,
inaiuois sun, uorne aifuicines.
rrloo tile XiOWaat.
HlKhwt Market Prices I'aid tor Hides
and rtktua.
Thos. F. Keleher,
406 Railroad Ava Albuquerque.
Maw at Gulden H.I. lit J Oooda Co.
Roman striped allk, Koman striped
neckties, silk, mull and lawn necktiee,
ruahlnga, drees goods, Jeweled belt, per
cales, silk skirts, lined with colored silk
embroidery, laces aud saehes, and a great
uiauy other things too numerous to men
tion. Ao lnepcctlon cordially Invited.
Ileum? la llluud Deep.
Clean Mood ineana a clean .Lin. Vd
beauty without it. I aacarrL, I my L'utJiar-
no elean your liloou ana keeii it clean, I')
atirring ii the lazy liver arid driving nil im-
imrilica from the hotly, ltemn today to
hamuli pimple, boil., Llotelien, hlaeklieaila,
ami that aiekly hiliuua complexion !y taking
laararna, iieuuiy lor tell cetiW. All drug
gi.ta, autialactioii guaranteed, 10c, 30c, Sue.
Have your roof painted with aephalt
elaatlo root paint and your leaky root re
paired with a bet toe cement. A. YV
Hayden has It.
Highest Honors World' Fair,
Oold Medal. Midwinter Fair.
JANl'AKV 1, 18US.
ASSETS $236,876,308
Reserve on all
existing poli
cies (4 per cent
Standard), and
all other Liabilities.
Undivided Sur-1
plus, 4 per cent V
Standard J
City : Drug : Store
Third St. and Railroad Ave.
Drags, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Etc.
W. Y. WALTON, Proprietor
Sncceaaor to Flll.bory A Walton.
mestic Coal in use. Yard
opposite Freight Office
New Telephone No. J 64,
Old Telephone No 25
Leave ordersTrlmble'i stables
Wedding Cakes a Specialty
We Dealrs Patronage, and we
Guarantee Plrst-Claas Baking-.
ralraraphorderaanllcltad and Promptly Filled
n-s Piirirticv
Jf'or reoplo That Aro
Siok or " Just Doa't
t ool Woll."
ohlv oni rr A Bona
hM PimpM. aim HaMrh. OyapaiMhi Sn4
l.u,mm. xbcii. a uos ai irmnti-i.ur i. milt
Bmupim fro, aadnw Or. BoaankaCa. fhila. t
Tho Rosy Freshness
Anil a Txlvntv aultnoaa ol tha akin ta lnva
rlably obtained br tuua wlu uaa ("oaaoai's
Complexion powilor.
ava. ni-FTRrT?
Wholesale and KHall Dealer
Sold Cheat) fnt Ca.h or on
tl.r Inllrnent Hlan. Alan
rtruled at leaaon.Lle ratva.
or. First ead Cold, nreoK,HM
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
iiaftie'liriiiisttarf ' jam f nfi rTft"-'rt T'f I
First St. and Lead Ave., Albuquerque.
hii, Do.ru,
8Il32i, Plaster,
L!iri, Cliaut
i'.ui p.tcu. Ij
Moat IiMulft tftoek f
A complete Stock of the
Douglas Shoos and Slippers.
Ladies' Button and
Lace Shoes of All
Good Goods at Low Prices.
113 Railroad Avenue, Albuquerque, N. JW.
VHE BE5T$5Sotrtt-V
The newest and beat good from th
leading potteries of the world, in wholeaak
or retail. Choice table ware, elegant toilet
arts, beautiful Taactt a full line of Rlanware,
bar goods, lamp chimneys and burner,
enameled ware, tinware, brooms and
bruthea, toyi and dolla,
J. 0. GIDEON & CO.,
.Dealer In.
New and Second-Hand Furniture
Furniture bought, sold, rented and exchanged. Highest
cash price paid for all kinds of household goods. Get
others bids and we will see them io per cent better.
All goods sold cheap for cash or on installments
TATo. XIX TAJox-tlx 3E'irt St.
ALBUQUERQUE, . - . - N. M.
H. H. Warkentin
Albuquerque Bowling Parlors!
Cornet First St. and Copper Ave.
Tbe flneat Bowllna Alley. In the Sontbweet.
Mica place tu apenil Ihe evcuiug.
Saloon attache!.
The New Chicago
IS one ot the nicest resorts In the
city, and Is supplied with the
best and finest liquors.
HEISCH & BET2LER, Proprietors.
Splendid Lodging Booms by tha day,
week or month.
809 Wst Railroad Avtnut.
Outstanding; Assur
ance $951,165,837
New Assurance Writ
ten $156,955,693
Amount Declined $24,491,973
A Par (traps Crtaia ol Tartar Powder.
HENRY B. HYDE, Preaident.
J. W. ALEXANDER, Vies Preaidenl.
Genets! Manager New Mexico and Arizona
Department, Albuquerque, N. M.
HlghMt Caatl frioe falil
For furniture, stove, carpets, clothing,
trunks, name, saddles, shoes, etc.
Hart's, 117 (iold aveuun, ueit to Wells
Kargo Kiure-w otlloe. bee rue before you
buy or sell.
STtTK ok Oiiii), City or Toledo, )
Lvem County.
Khank J. Chenicy wakes oath that be
la the amitor partunr of the tlnu of K. J.
Chknky Co., doing btmliieas iu ths City
u, i.iriii vuuiiij ., u into iinmniu.
and that aald Urin will pay the sum of
(INK 111 MiKKU D0I.1.AHH tor eauh aud
every i'a.te of Catakku that cannot be
curiHl by tlieurteoi it all i l ataukih 'I'HK.
Sworn to btfnre uie and auhxvrloed In
uiy prewuce, this (Hii day of December,
A. 1. 1.
Notary l'ublio.
Hall's Cartarrh Cure Is takeu tnterually
anil acUdirwlly on the blood aud mucous
siirraivs ol tne eyutem. oeuil lor twill
uioulala, free.
loledo, 0.
t if8)ld by druKglHts, 75c.
Ilnn't forgot the "(ireeu Front Shoe
Store," No. 113 Katlroad aveuue, William
Cliupltu; cheapeat aud bent place to get
ahoes aud repairing done on the shortest
Liberty chiffons, something new, at
the uolileu tiuie Dry Uoous company.
h(al. I
mK (inl.D 8TAHI
M. iiml but call and take a auclal sla
Von ahould not C
d take a auclal alaaO
High claM Lluuora we find here. A
Sallnfai tlou to all la Dh LL'CCA'S IdeA.
Elcellcut beer, It la the rule, f
To keep it alwave aharp and 1-4
Grand Wlnea are here, ol tlavor true, f
All kind., Imported aud native, low
Of Clgara. the cholreat Lraud. we kuuw, a
Keliable and pure, where'er wV
Look In, theu; pay a vi.it aoon, KJ
To the limuui l.Ol.U STAK S A LOO 11
Depend upon It, near or far, A
Noue can compete with tha HOLD X
All kinds of Fresh and Sa
Meats. .. ..
Steam Sausage Factory.
Very Fliiost vVines,
Liquors and Cigars
Thlid Hlreet aad fljeras Avease.
A-tlantio Boor Ilalll
Cool Kt Beec on draosbti tha Dnaat Native
Wins and ths vary beat of flrst-claas
Llqoora. Olvs oa a call.
Bailboad Avaaoa, Alboodbboob.
Grande & Farentll from them we reap,
all kiixi. ol Liquor., uue and che
13 enable quality we grt Here.
to aell pure ginxla la their ldex
A Iwaya cool and .harn, tttrlr llrer, W3
. ouite unequalled (ai or neala
Noble Wlnea. all patron. O rel, I?
imported and domeatic, a Stock complet Crf
Delicioua Clgara, too, here we gain, Kl
chiiu-e.t tlavora we obtall v
Eicellent Kooia both clan and neat, np
at 'iu on South Klr.t Stree A
&thua at Albuqueroue there are plenty I
Cor. Oold Ave. ant Arno St.
Maw Telephone No. IB.
Manufacturer ol and Dealer
Tha Bast -astarn-Mada Vehicles.
Pine Borse-Shoeinr a Specialty.
Batlsfautlon Quarantssd In all Work
Repairing, Painting- and Trimming
Dona on Bhort Notioa. t I I I I I I
Shop, Corner Copper If. inl Flrtt St.,
ALacqosagns. N. M
Three parkages Lyon Coffee for f
Kreeh kaiirma eKgx, two dozen
Native eggi, per doin
Uuiihaui Mliredilitri cwoanut, per lb..
(rood hakliig powder, 8 llts
84'hilliiiK's bent baking soda, 3 His. .
All the bent brands of laundry soap
Oold Hunt wanhlng powdnr, ier pk. .
Kour cans of bmt lye
Sliver UIowh starch, 3 pM-kaires
Cider or wlue viuei(ar, perual
I. urea olive oil. per gal 2.50
Kluext Old live or liourbou, per qt . . .75
Califoruia grape brandy, per qt 711
Aud auylhiug else iu the groceries or
liquor line at bed rook prices at
A. l.oMiumxi'n.
F.Uuiale Your llnttel. Willi (a.rareta.
t'un.ly Cutniirilr, curt i-otiHiiputlnn forever.
lUc, iiiti. 11 c. C. C. full, druggi.u rutuud uiouo

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