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Both the method and wsnha nhen
Sjnipof Fig is taken; It in pleasant
And refreshing totho taste, ami acta
pcntlf yet promptly on the K ittiirya,
NiTor and Itowols, cleanse tho eye.
Urn effectually, dispel cold, head,
ached and fever and cured habitual
constipation. Syrvtp of Figs is tha
only remedy of it kind ever pro
duced, plowing to tho tonto and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
it action and truly bcnehcinl in its
effects, prepared only from tlie most
healthy nnd nrjreettiilo substance, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have mado it the most
popular remedy known.
feymp of Figs is for salo in 60
cent bottles by all lending dnig.
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
care it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it, Do not accept any
wmruu. sr. mm tout. or.
NOT It K r JtaiKSMllt.
Ths aaor of Bernalillo county will
b at tho plat-p inniitlotisit Mow on th
dat thtTfln atHtwl, for th puna of
rsclvln the property returns of nil per
sons suhjsel to th" earn in sitll pro
clnct. All persona ar nxjnlrfd to mm
to mid plsce mentloni'il to nisk th
said rnturn, other aim they will have to
com to the pnnnty ssat:
Preclnrt 94, Wallace House of Iorentn
Cran ia, March 'It.
Prrrlm-t 17, i'ena tllanci llouseof Antonio
Ortls. llarrh 'li,
I'm 1ml 117, Bland A. L. Kincli'a store,
Man h as.
Hrrrinrtlft, T.af Plnt-lta House of Fran
Claco Trujillii, Manti Hi.
Prrrlnrt in, Clilllll House of Kilomfno
Mora. Marrh ul.
I'rrvlmt HI, Uiilill-Houee of Milton Dow,
Man h HI.
t'rwinrt 97, f iilluti Ofllre of L. L. Henry,
Man li 'jr..
I'rrvlnrt 80, (iallup-UIHre of L. L. Ilunrjr,
Marrh VII.
I'rtrlni:t 13, OM Albuquerque Court liouae,
April 4.
Prfi-lnct 13. Albiioorrfiue N. T. Arniljo
buiMinu:, Mnuh as, an, tin.
Prrrtnct 3H. ILiiqnrriue N, T. Armljo
building, Marvh HI, April 1 anil 4.
J. K. AHMUO, AmuwKir.
No deception practiced.
Mo 0100 Kaward.
for a Rftnerooa
Elvs Cream dalm
comaina Do owain.., nivnury nor any alitor In
tiinmie drutf. It niia ami, rU-anr Ilia Nasal
Paaaaprre. Altaya Vain and Inflammation. Hraie
and lrr.,trta Ilia Meuilirarta. Hraii.rva Ilia rVna
of Taata and rlmrll. la qui kly trraiirlml, tllTat
H..IM at onra. Art rta. at I riiririla or by aall
Trial Hixn lorla. at llrut'gi.ls or liy mall.
KLY UHMTIIKKS, an u rrn Rtrfct, Naw York
Wanti' l - Drprwiniikiiiif, nittlnu nnd fit
tlnu. H f.-ri'iif.n. .No. u21 tt . Kuilroad
Wantfd A .d k'iI for tronprnl houxo
wnrk; gixid wi.'i-; m ihII r.uiil'y. Mr.
I v n n iiruii-fflil, corhtir Kirct MlrtHtt ami
(iolil hvi'Iiiic, ii'iiir.
PHllliiHt ail I MMt'lietii' iiPHli'r.rnli Iih full
nit l on nil nll.t r ' of ul'. iil lov
and li cky cli itiu. Will rnll t rwi.tniirii;
no e l rit ci uiiji. South Soud strwl.
room ;i.
AtrttH w fit si t-i the " Aiitniu itlf
BioKK' i'.r," a in-w, .iiiil priii'tli'Hl. In
gxnlmi' ilm iiv. wli.'Ti'liy h (irrni wit limit
prvVui'H exiiHrlt'Mi'H run rorr-ctl ki-Kp a
t of lc i'k-. KpIIh Ht mulit. I'rli Ml
GHiitS. Ak'nta' HHUlpI" t'opv 2.) Cfllts
pi. pl l A H phi Autoni'ttli' li fcikfciMipr-r
f'o. 7;tn Aivarmio Mtrft, Ia AiiK'fH,
Vol' ltnt
FiirnlHlied riMiniH hih! pood tutiln lumnl
at pr wcrk. Cull ul 2 1 ." wrxt bilvor
Two Hi'tit SiT-roni:i and three-room
hoiiHHH, furni.ihi'd or iiiifuriii.ihiHl. W .
V. hiitrfllt.
Nwly t uriilxhoil riMini" ; h'i roonm ile-
slrul.lK fur otlli'fH, Ht lluti'l ColmubilH,
BCIltll BM'OIld r-tfcft.
rr ni.
For Sulrt A ft of fiitlri'ly nnw five
oiiiii-x li ixln kIovkm, I'hKtp. Kinpiiri) ut
thU olllcx.
To Sell Two tno'lcrn 3-rimm rottRBes;
two hurncH; tlirni wniriniv; nil kluitn of
boiiMfhold kikkIh, . V. KutrnllH.
f'ows for shIb I liavft s-'hth! onod
milker; kind Hint pi'titlo. Ai1drii4 John
V. Jarvia, HMtotliiH lux Ht, or call at reM
iilrini'H, No. 4i WfBt Hllvtr avenue.
Hlvhaat li Frlrra raid
For furnltnm, Mtovc.4. rnrpctH, clotlilnj.
trunk, nnrnw, m ictum, hiioh. hi'
llitit'n, 117 (iold nv.'tiiin, next tu Wellx
Yurxn KxpreiM olll.'e. Si e me lit'fore oii
buy or noli.
Til M'alliii' liMilNlirKiit.
A gi'od lunch and llrnt cIunm meal at
tho old WhIIhiv Z' rent re-tunint Ht
Thornton Rtatiou, Ht all honm of ll o day
and III uli t. My Imua Ii ih heen uwly
fiirtili-hed arid thorouu'hly reunvnteil. See
it wliita paint, llurruh fur I nd Shui.
Jim si mi.
1'. H. t h it furnixh lili'e, clean liHljjliiKi
lor .u ceutH per niifiit.
bTI II.iKb" hi HUI'KAX.
K m, Fry. F. Vmikers, New Mexli'o; J.
F. t'ook, SotMrro; I.. F. lluinmon, Ji lin
byer. Arlzi UH; M. K. KriiHt. t'li'i-Hito; b.
A. Delhntul, Kntl. H. Kreui'h, Win-luvv ;
F. M. tiuew, l.im Auireli-N; K. M. Helinter
and wife, Khuhhh ( itv ; J.ilm 1'ullnr, Hiu
hIi.w; 1.. T. HiitrtH, J. H. I.HiiKlry, Sitn
Fruili'lero; (', It. Iteliilerxnu. I.iw Alivelea;
Cord. Htuiilev. 1'uelilo; Jului Keeker, W.
PpHckiniiii, Helen; VS. II. Kliiir, l a Junta,
Colo; John J.iiuiley, Hilton; W H. Miit
tliew, benver; 1'iinl J, W illiunly, ht.
IjhiIh; Joe. tiieler, Helen; HtelU lUuen.
(iraud hupldri, Mii-h.
Mining Items of Interest Gathered
from Authentic Sources.
From tin Bland Itrrald.
Ilernmn Clituaeii la atea.il I ly dove..plng
Ilia Julia la l 'oil a canyon, which In liu
provliiK with depth.
Uevelfipiiieut on tht Loni Star t mtin
ilea steHiiily,'the orrt produced going to
llii mill for irentniciit.
It In iMiiiiiiite't thitt about twenty small
propertl.-fl are coming lu for couaidera
hie developtuent work.
Harry Hooili drought la news from
P. r iltii run run ilunng the if to Hie
etTeet tlntl Ivrnlla tuiiyoii propel tlw Hre
r reiving much alleullou and develnp
imiit. Mera. llnfTmRn and Itlnlea Intend
mmiii lieKliinlnK extei.alve devKlopniniit on
Die Ki unite, a Vitlimlile proierty In Colla
eaiiyou lieur the Alhemarlo wlih a strong
lour foot vein of kkxI quarli.
(ieorite O'lmndir Wrta In during the
e k fr. lu IV i nil a, ritiitoii and reported
lut a giaal d"ul of work In it'dng on over
ihere, Ninl tlmt pnrl of the diairlrt will
m p. Hue in lor the attention lis value
The fores on tha mine, has been In-i-reaed
ttt the Allrenuirle and Woik on
Hie exi'HV.ttlons and tiullilltiKa la moving
with the uxuhI rapidity. The eeltnntie
on thin valunhlM prne-rty ahow tlntt a
reHt body of ore, aulllclenily large to
keep the mill going for three years, Is In
W ith all who have thoroughly stndled
mil InveMtigitted the matter, It I teller
e l thai Femlta rauyou will make a big
mining ramp when capital t expended
in the development of the mines that
erlHlnly exlsis over there. Some great
mines will be opened up In Peralta ran
mil as aoon as depth la gained and the
veins properly Winked.
The strike ou the Bt. Patrick In Teralta
i-anyoa Is greaily Improvliig. W. F.
I'owara, of the Hells-Fargo extiress com
pany at Albuquerque, and A. L. Conrad,
traveling auditor for the Santa Fe, are
two of the owners of this valuable pro
ttertt, and during hit recent visit to
Hlaiid Mr. t'owar showed aewty Oertlll-'i-.t-a
to a Herald repreaentatlve on sur
face ore from the St. l'atrtck that gave a
return of to the ton.
Meeers Hrnce and W lleon's contract on
the Crown Foiut mine is Hearing comple
tion and aa soon as UuLiheit U. F. foeey,
to whom the property Is under leans and
bund, will tuke hold and open It on a
rale hs great as the operations now un
der way at the Albemarle mine. From
information that Is withheld from publi
cation under eti 1 1 trillion, the Herald is lu
t poHlilou to state that the future opera
lousattlie Crown Point mine will be
the greatest ever carried on lu New Mex
ico. The Bland mill wan temporarily shut
own on VYediieeday morning to make
blt 'tat Ions that will greatly reduce the
cat of treiitment. Operations will lie
resumed t) uinrrow inorulng. The altera
tlona mentioned coiihImI of uhanging the
plant from a dry to a wet proceee, which
win do away with the coualderalde ex
pense of UHiug the ore dryer, funs, eleva
tors sn I fuel for the dryer. The Bret
god' brick nf the mill under the new man
agim ut obtained from the recent clean
up van ttiketi to Albuquerque last week
and de'HMlted ill the Hank of Commerce
hv Mr. Mi'Furlane, president of the Hland
Milling eompany, and amounted to film).
hen It Is considered that thi4 bnek of
b illion was ob:aind after a week of ex
P'rlmental oeration of an entirely new
plant ou refractory ore, the result Is moet
ttlKfactnry slid demoiiHtrates tl at the
res of ttils ill-trirl may be treated profit
ably and rheiiply with the proper milling
a.mta m.
From the New Mexican.
lioverniir l'nnre has just returned
from Albuquerque, where he has been on
huiui'fm connei-ieil with the hintorical
celebrui Ion, which will be held July IS
at Han (nibrlel.
Captain HmNin tia. Just returned from
Albuquerque. He reports polities begin
uing lo move lu thai ueck o( the woods
Dick Dunn, formerly of Catxkill, is sid
Unnpa big saw mill at tiivcoii, hav
inn a cupacity of 4i).ixaJ feet of lumlrer
-r day. Mr. Dunn is a great hustler
and thor iiigh l ulneHH man.
Tliiir-ility afternoon, before Judge Mc
''ie, the Firat Nutloual bank of Haiita Fe
secured Ju UniHiit airalnat Yirnario L.
oriix et al. lu the sum of $177 'Jo, by de
laull. Curl, the Infant sou of He v. and Mrs.
J. i. K'lnlf, died VYeduetulay afteruiaui at
3:45, ufler an illii'-a of two weeks. The
funeral was lieid Thursday afternoon at
i o'cliK-k at the family home, and the re
mains were buried lu the Odd Follows'
Major K. W. Spencer, of Albuquerque,
has presented to the historical society an
liiteieHtlng relic, In the share of au
.tga-r-l or Niierhtad, found at the pueblo
'( ('ooluti. Two holes cut uear the
harbi d portion of the head were evidently
tiled for thongs of ruwhule to bind the
spearhead Unuly to the polo. It has the
appearance 0f having been utilized by
the Hianih army lu early times of lu-
Hiits for building an assembly hall at
t'ie iroveriiiuent Indian school were opeii-
eil Hitirwiay at l o clock liy Lolmiel
.tones, superintendent of the school. Hie
contract Mas awarded to Anton Hlndanr,
of this city, at the following figures:
liuUilinga, t),7l'.); eteam Uealing plant,
l.:Hi. Work will begin as soou as the
contract Is approved by the department
at VS aahliigton.
County Couimiseioner J. T. McLaugh
lin has returned from a trip lo th . He
public of Mexico, where hs has been ex
amining various mluliig properttea lu the
ntate of Chihuahua. Mr. McLaughlin ex
exprcHset much regret at hisalmenee
floiu the meeting of the Omaha commis
sion, but he has made arraugemeiila tor
a very full exhibit from the milieu of Cer
rllloa, Dolore-1, lan IV-Irn and other parts
if south Simla Ke county, and alao lu
lends to vinit Cis'hltl In a few d.ivs In
order to obtulu exhibits from the fa:uous
mines of tliat section.
Krniii the Herald.
The new warehouse belonging to J. 0.
Creatfer. hss juat lieen Completed by John
Hurl and Klmer W ells, the builders, and
Is a c uumoilioiis structure.
Thi'tuus Kline went over to Sulplur
springs to get some uxlures tor the uew
place he la ulxiut to open up In his new
li. rue building jiM completed, and which
Is a u iinlsoiue arid ImpiMlug structure.
Martin Hart has a big gang of men at
work near I riinble's big barn buildings
on two larire platforms fur n , nibble
to be uxed fur storing the machinery of
tho Albemarle mine as it Is brought lu
from Thoinlon, to be hauled lu euialler
lots from lllitud over the hills to the Al
hciiiarle. 'Iheso platforms are each !2i
feet long on each side of the road by
twelve I eet whle.
V. V. Clark has opened an aaaay olllce
at the ( rown l olut mine Just above town
and will do ciihioiu work which will be a
decided advantage tu miners and pros
pectnrs who have ben obliged to send
their samples to Denver and Albuquerque
for returns. Mr. Clark has contracted
with Mr. Piwy to run samples every day
for the Allsmrle and Crowu Point, Mr.
Clark come highly recommended and all
work will be guaranteed.
An Imposing sight occurred when Ki.tw'J:J,!T.Kn.V.?J,t
ui.i .i . ... .... . .. .more of a religious than a secular hull-
marie nnder guard by ef-n or ,,tM
f.l....d. will. WT.iehe.tera aorl ahntVni to
stand trial before Judge Young for
saultlng Manuel B ica, who got Ins worst
of it. Shields was guarded for fear of at
tack from it tea's friends The Jude de
cided that to and emls Were "autllctent
for the day, ' an I after settling, the de
fi'iidmt retiirneil un inolee led to Work.
The Herald will he In Its new quarters
by the Aral nf April, when the paper will
he enlarged and greatly Improved.
La a vt.o ta.
From the Optic.
Iaiiioro Clayton has been notified from
Clajton of the forfeit of the bond of Kleu
terlo Armljii, who was indicted for steal
ing Cattle.
Captain W. II, Ke'ly has heen on the
sick list the last few days, but was seen
Thursday. He reports much commend
able euthoslasm in his company of
The new Depot hotel Is to have fifty
rooms and to coet 4.",i"0 or mors. The
contract hss not yet been let (or the
main rart of the building.
Hall & M alwy. the commiaelon brokers,
have moved their place of bnalneea and
all ilrs from t lis Browne A Manx mares
building to the Houghton bbrck. 1 hey
have renovaliMl their uew place and have
made neat fittings.
R. 0. Hernaudes, of Rio Arriba county.
a well known and respected cltlxen, will
be niarrleil on April nth, at Taos, ft. u.,
to Miss F. V. Whit lock, the charming
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Whit
lock. The whltlocks formerly lived here
and still hav many friends in this city.
From the Ruatler.
Allen Unliily has moved his household
g rods to Las Vegas and will live there
hereafter. Cerrillos has lost a gissl clll
ten by his moving.
Mesars. Torllna and Becker, of Albu
querque, were in town the early part of
in week looking arter mining interests
lu this diatrlct. They will do some work
on the Lucky claim, lu the vicinity of
the Cash Kutry.
The Mary smelter people this week
were favored with a visit from M K.
Becker, of Albuquerque. This gentle
man last Tuesday shipped to this point
about Qve or six tons of or from bis
property about eighteen miles west of
All uqaerqu.
Andy Anderson.an rmplnve at tlieOrtlx
mine, Dolores, was badly hurt Saturday
by a rock fulling on him, which will lay
hliu up tor several weeks. Dr. Dean was
hastily summoned from Cerrtlloa to at
tend his injuries
Joe Vergollo has a ranch within two
miles of Cerrillos stocked with about 40
Angora goats. Th nuliuir from these
animals netted him 2H cents per pound
Inst year in Cerrillos. A goat will ordi
narily produce a pound and a half of mo
hair. OLD TOWN MUlfca.
Mrs. fieorgs Morris has renovated the ;
house puriiiaaed by her at the northwest
corner of the plaza. It now bears quite
au air of reHpectuhllity aud Is occupied
by .Mrs. Morris and others.
Mrs. Moiris Is to be congratulated npon
tho sale of her "Fighting Corral" real
entate. Pantaleon Murtiiiex, the old
town barber, bought a portion. The
other portion hat been added to the shady
Kivera resort, iimiii w hich the old towu is
not to be congratulated.
There are several places In west All.u
queique that should have biwu called to
the u'tentlou of the territorial grand
Jury, 'They are the resorts of lewd per
aons of both sex, and of all colors and
races, who, not content with ehaming
decency Indoors, lliiint their peiaons
and obrceuitlis In the highways.
The g irdi ns and orchards ou the west
side of Main street, either owned or is?
curled oy C. W. Lewie, A. Salszar, 11.
K. Sitiizir, II K. Whiting aud C. Murphy,
are being put Id UneHhupa.
Of course, the gardens of Messrs.
Llvialeo H ntts and G. W. Wakedeld are
being conducted ou r-trictly busluess
priuciphs. Both of these geullemen are
raisers of flue fruit as well as market
Harmun Bbieher and John Mann,
the general market gardeners, are em
ploying many uien lu preparing for an
unprecedented demand from Kansas,
Colorado, Arizona, Texas aud California,
and also New Mexico points, for their un
suipawid pnslucls. Mr. Muiin, lu ad
dition to vegetables, ship many carloads
of delicious fruits lu their sea-on.
Tl ere seems to be no ground for th
rumor of small pox lu the old town,
though it wits suid that one of the old
towu teachers was vexed at a "bad boy"
who had informed her thut his sister was
A Suffering
This veteran fougJU for his country; suffered un
told hardships and returned with health shattered,
llany a brave soldier has the same history. To-day
this one rejoices in a new-found strength and tells his
experience to benefit otiers.
No mm is better known and lilud In
tKit rich tier of Wiooii counties, of which
Peoria k th centre, than genul Chester S.
Harrington, cf Princcville, 111
Mr. PUrringtoa k a veteran of the Ul
war. Like many another brave soldier, he
suiicrei not only during that service, but
(or yean afterward trom dueanei con
tracted then.
For yean hit health was shattered I his
ulierinn increaaed, K was unable to
gain rcurf, but now he tclli a story which
m of proltt to many
MI served thre yean In the 124th Ml.
nod, enlisting at Kewance, LUV laid be.
"I was In Libfcy Prison and tuiiered Like
many another Northern soldier.
" The (train ol army hie did Ttt work in
undermining my health, although 111 coT
lapse did nut com for somcUme after.
For fifteen yean I tuiiered from general
debility and nervousness to badly that I
could not sleep. Indigestion resulted and
my misery increased.
My eyet began to fail, and as my body
lost vitality my mind teemed to give way,
I could scarce! remember events that hap
pened but a few week before.
For two yean I was uniitted for busi
ness. I wat fust able to creep around dur
ing part ol tha time, and there were many
tunes when 1 could not get up,
"My brother it a doctor, but all hit
efforts lo help me failed lo give any relief.
"1 tried a suaibst ol remedies without
si fit with tbs measles and ordered lfi
youth to return home anil not make hi
appearance at school again nntil his
alater rot well. Th b y started and
reached the door, when he sang out, "Say,
Sister Aitrertlna swter that got the
nieasle Is in Philadelphia."
Foae I ad I rt m n ta Agaleat H oatiae.
Tucson, Aril, March 10. The Pima
county grand jury hss found four Indict
mei ts In felony against Kreil I). Hughes,
rorm rly presbleui of the territorial
council and clerk of the Pima county
hoard of supervisors. Hughes Is In rus
tody. ST. FAllUck'S AT THORNTON.
The Saint Rcmcmberta vy the NopU f
Tborotoa tvic MiXtcinl.
They're hanfrina men, and woman, too,
!or wrariua ut tlic iirD."
But not at Wallace Thursday. The
town looked spring like, for nearly every
American cilixeu was living the "Anglo
p bob lac" color al his or her hreaat. hven
1'rlmble's big horses, loading freight at
the Ihornluu depot, were wearing the
green, also red and while, black and
'M mII b l.e llratopirortunity of he
l"P'? W. l""lr ard the
pienideut and rongree and against Spain
the people of Wallace showed their sup
port of the country by wearing or show
ing Irish colors.
Among in riecorat'd bnalnena hone
the "Two Jims," as a friend railed them,
sere the iuimI prominent Col. J a. L.
Morris, tlie merchaut contractor, Hung
i he green (1 ig to the front. Cot. Morris
s a war Veteran of Irish birth.
Jim Slug, of the Wallace restaurant,
iad bis hous decorated with American
flags fe-lMHied with green; he also served
t "green dinner" m which corn and
greens were the piece d rebalance. Jim
-nng nerved as a cook lu the navy and
the merchant marine.
Mariiu Patrick (Patrncln) Buckingham,
son of Hertlim Foreman Thomas K. Buck
ingham, celebrated hi fourlh birthday
by making calls, receiving congratula
tions and preaents. Patsy owes his name
to his discretion In selecting March 17th,
1U4, as his birthday. He wis so decor at
ed with the vernal that he looked like a
walking Irlali republic.
Home of Trimble's Mexican drivers al
Thornton do not seem to Ilk the Irish
green nor the American color Venter
lav afternoon they went to Jim King's
restaurant and toredowu th deroratious
in honor of St. Patrick' day. They took
two small fl tgs from th top of th dmr,
put one lu their horse's bridle, but break
ing the other, threw It down and tram
pled It Into the dirt. And there sem no
way of reeentlng th Insult t th nag.
At night one of these Mexicans, with
another, met Jim Sing on his way horn
from the depot. In the plaxa la front of
his restaurant and assaulted htm,
and threatened his lit If h went Into
his own bouse. He fled to Col. Mnrrrls'
for protection W aLLACI.
Thornton, N. M., March 18.
felertloa riwlaraatloa.
I, Strickland Aubrlght, mayor of the
city of Albuquerque, do hereby proclaim
that an election shall be held for ll.e pur
pose of electing municipal (itllcers, and
ulno niemliers of the school board for th
city of Albuquerque, lu the county of
Bernalillo and territory of New Mexico,
on T ueaday, April 6, IHW.
The municipal oUlcers to be elected are
as follows:
One Mayor, to serve for on year.
On City Clerk, to serve for on year.
On Treasurer, to serve for on year.
Also four (4) alderuieu to serve for th
peiiod of two (3) years one from each of
th four wards. No. 1, 9, S and 4 each
aud every on of whom shall tie declared
elected on receiving a plurality of th
votes cast by the qualified eleeclors of the
city nf Albuquerque aud of the respective
wards of the said city.
lu addition to th municipal officer
aforesaid, there shall also be elected four
(4) members of the board of education of
the city of Albuquerque, one member
from each of the wards, Nos. 1, 3, li and 4.
each and all ol whom shall lie declared
elected on receiving a plurality of the
qualltled votes of the respective wards of
the city of Albuquerque.
And unties in given that me following
places have been designated for the hold
lug nf such election by the city eouucll
of Albuquerque, to-wil:
First ward, city building.
Second ward, No. 3 hose house.
Third ward, corner Oold avenue and
Thlid street.
Fourth ward, Scott Msire hose house.
The pulls for such election shall b
opened at the places above named at 0 a.
m , and remain open till n o'clock on said
election day.
In witness whereof I have this day set
my name and canned the same to be at
tested bv the city clerk ou this, the 17lh
day of March. A. D. Xn'jH.
J. 8. Thimiii.k, H. AtiilituilT.
City Clerk. Mayor.
Too Bad!
Alum shrivel t up
a 1 I
Too had the makers of
low-price baking powder
don't try some oilier way of
gcttinjv rich.
Schilling's Best does no
Are Vu la lit
Have yon anew Jeweled belt? If not,
why noty Perhai you have uot ye
seeu any. Do an al once.
Komknwai.I) Bhothkiw.
Latent novelties In pompndour and side
coiulw. Hiweuwald Brothers.
avail. Finally, having read article lv
(arding cures that had been effected by
Dr. Willianuf Pink Pills for Pal People, 1
decided to try them. That wat la 1846.
I bought a boa and took th pill accord,
ing to instructions.
"Four day later I had the happiest
hours 1 had known (tar years. That night
1 went to sleep easily and slept soundly a
a child and awoke rctreshed.
"After I had taken lour boxes of th
pills, I found that I wat cured and had also
increased II pounds In weight,
" This greatly surprised my friends, who
thought my case wat a hopclest one. I be
gan my work tgain and hav continued
ever tine in excellent health.
M Another valuable gala to me was, that
while 1 wat taking these pills I had been
cured of th smoking habit, which had
formed when I wat a boy and had clung
. .it . 1. - ; i -
tu uic au hi, . u wavuia; iuv j
tobacco left nie and I hav never cap-
rienced it since,
M I cannot say enough for these pills and '
have recommended tiicm to many."
To verify thia statement Mr. Harrington
made affidavit to Its iruthfuloea belur
Lincoln M. Coy, Notary Public . I
Dr. Waiiaim- Pink Pills lor Pal PcopI
strike at lh root of disease by acting u- I
rccUy upon tlx impure blood. Their
power it marvelous and many wonderful
cures hav been made. Druggitlt consider
them a polcal remedy, aud all tell thns
H. H. Warkentin
Albnqn:rqM Bowling Parlors!
Come. First 8t. and Copper At.
Ttaeflnrat Boarltn Alleys In the aomharant
Nice place to atenct the nin.
Haloon attached.
The Hew Chicago
19 on of th nicest rsBort In th
rlty, and Is supplied wltb th
best aud finest liquors.
UFISCfl a BETZLER, Proprietors.
Pplendld Lodffinj Room by the day,
week or nioiiili.
809 Wt Railroad Anntt.
ti Town.
K OOl.D STAK I Yon thnnldnnt C
paas, hut call and take a MKlal laU
II Igh clarai Lliitiofa we Hnrt here. A
II Satlaiw lli.o to all la lh LL CCA'S ldV
t"t, iiiiiiiu mr ia
Eacetient brer, it la the rule, 1
To keep II always sharp and Av
Grand wines are line, of Harm- true, f
All kinds. Iint.nrtrd snd nstire. toV
Of Clf ara, the choicest brands we know, "
Keltslilr and pure, arhrnt'er ay VJ
Look In, tlien; ay a vtait aoon, Kj
To the famous t,t )LI) H TAK 8 A LOO 1 'I
Depend uion it, near or far,
Nouc can compete with the HOLD VT
Very Flucsl iincs.
Liquors aud Cigars
Thus street aad fljerat Aveaae.
Atlantic Beer Ilall!
Cool Ka Beswoadnachtt th Bnaat Nstlv
Win and th very beat of Brat-clM
' Llqoon. Olr a a sail,
RatLioaD Avc. ALaoocaagna.
A aid I'laaas,
Grande A Parentl I from them are reap, TJ
allklndaof Ligiiora, Hn and cler
Reliable quality w et here. A
to aell pure gnona It their Idexa
Alwart cool and aharn, their Hrer, r
quite unequalled far of Dealt
Noble Wlnea. ail pairona ireet, J
Imported and dome atlc, t Stock complet Dt
Deltcioua CUiara, too, her we aln, VI
rholceat tlavora wa olrtal 1 '
ETscallrnt Roowia both clean and neat, rp
at ou on South Klrat Stree L
&thoe at Alhuqiieriiue there are plenty I
whotarorl.VlAMlK A PAKKNTI
Cor. Oold Ara, aa.i Arao St.
Kw Talaphosi So, t4.
Can'tBe Beat
I Too rat Goods
Honest Prices,
S Me
Before You
The Favofite.
Buy or Sell.
0iirib huTbi.
Dipping tank, Whitney Co.
Plumbing; and gas fitting. Whitney Co.
Qneensware, glassware and tinware at
The Kair.
Mattresse of all kind made to order
at Kutrelle'.
Novelties lo our qneensware depart
uient, Vi hituey Co.
New suits of ftirnltiire cheaper than
second hand at Kutrell's.
Highest price paid for genU' clothing
at Hurt's, 117 Gold avenue.
Insnr your life In the Kqultable. Wal
ter N. Parkhurst, geusral manager
He the window displav of new snrlna
gissls at the dry goods store the Koono
rulst. IF yon want anything In the blndlni
or Job printing line, calf at The Citiiiln
Palmetto Direr eottou top mattresse
are the best; made aud sold by VV. V.
Bay your caruD stoves and have four
tin-work doue at tha btar tlushop, 2utf
ioi a avenue.
Look Into Klelnwort's market on north
Third street. He baa the nicest fresh
meat lu the eltv.
' Hot rhlle rou oarne served every nlaht
at the Parailise. Ihj not mis It. bsM'he-
cht !c Uloml, proprietors.
Leave orders at -th " Icelierg " for
PalMt's export and "blue rlbuou" beers
lu uuarta aud piuta. Charles M. Oeach,
The beet place for good, juicy steak
aud roanta and all kluds of meats, kept
In a first class market, at Kielnwort a,
north Third street
We're always glad to have unbeliever
ooiue lu. Its a pleasure to undeceive
llieiu to open their eye with facta. Hl
mou titeru, the Railroad aveuue clothier.
lron't forget tlio "tireen Krout Hhoe
itore." No. 11.1 lull road aveuue, Wuu
('hapllu; cheapest and best place to get
lt. aw, and reiairlng doue ou the short
eat notice.
Just received a large assignment of
Que California (impe brandy, spring 'U2,
which we will sell lo saloon keeper at
2.i per gallon. Original package. 0.
Itachnt'hi it (i. (ilomi.
we guarantee profit and pleasure to
every customer. Profit, because our
prices will prove a punitive savin to the
miver. Pleasure, because our goods cau
not fall to please lu qtmllty and style.
At The Krciiiouilst.
VY would hav no trouble with Spain
if she only realized the immense strength
and resources of our nation. If yu un
derstood our ability to provide for ths
wlahes of our patrons you would not go
elsewhere. Iluhn Co., N. T. Armljo
A mau stands no chsnee of being
elected Ut the mayorship of a city uulese
hs enjoys ths conll leiice and enleeiu of
his nelghlsirs. (ieorge W. Humphreys Is
the popular mayor of Hwaiitou, Ohio,
and under date of January 17, ln'.rti, he
writes as follows: " This Is to certify to
our appreciHtloii of Chamberlain's Cough
Ketneily. My fitmily and iielglilairs have
tented it, and ws know it Is au excellent
remedy for coughs and colds. George
W. Iltiiui hrey." Hold by all druggist.
Three imrkages Lyon Coffee for. . , .
K reel! halisas eggs, two uoteu
Native eggs, per dn'aeii
Dunham ahredded cis-oannt, per Hi. .
(IishI linking powder, IS lbs
Schilling's beit baking wala, 3 lbs..
All the beet brauds of laundry soap
7 ciltes
(told 1 nit washing powder, per pk..
Knur fans of beet lye
Hilver liliws starch. 3 packuires
Cliler or wine vinegar, per gal
Lucca olive oil, per git I ....
Kinest Ityeor Hntirboii, per qt. ,
California irrsiis brandy, per ut....
2 Ml
And anything else lu the groceries or
llqur l'ne at bed rock prices at
A. LoMUAltho'tf.
We are the originators of ths "I'nlqu
Hidelaiard." Nothing hut the finest giajds
money can procure are kept ou tap at
Meliut & Kukiii's, wholesale and retail
liquor dealers.
Im rRAirci Hoextila,
rFricii and rksidknck m wm
WoUl aveiin. Uourti I la 10 a m., I to
tnn t to p. m.
8ieclal attertlnn alven to central tor erf.
Automatic 1 elepbont t.
dm. ftisnop msnop.
Hurarir.a Uic an1 rfart'lence rrwer rmat.
oWc. Old Telephone . New Telephone
las. Mr. Marlon Rlalmp, M !., ettice Boura,
1 to t p. m. Krjnt D. Blahnp, M. U. oftJra
nnroa. to in a. re., ani I to a toa 7 to I p. m.
Tali lvatne al Whittiay'a.
THYStCIAN AND 8UHt,KON-)frle and
realrtence, 07 north fifth atrrH. Himra, 1
to I and S HO to 7 SO p.m. Hpeclal atientlno
lven In chronic and dlaeaae of women. Old
teletihona, pa. Ca'.ls rra'le in dartim only.
M. D. KHH4st,
ABCHITKCT-Pltnt, tpeclflcatlont tnd et
tlmatea fnmlahed fia til claams of bnlld.
In snd achltectoral work. Utiles l MtWM
Railroad taenn.
PICK and rrsridenre, No. 411 Watt Gold
tTenn. Teler.hnna Kn. t. (Ifllrahiinn
io a. m. 1'itu to : and 7 to p. m.
U. fl. Kasterdar. M. D. . 8. Kaeteruar, M. D.
w. t. nora st. on
OPPtCK ll()t;H-trntll . m. tnd from
I SO to I: to and from 1 lo p. m. Oft.ce
and residence, no Weat Oold aranne, Alba
qnerqne, N. M.
, B. t. ALOtH, D. U. S,
DRNTIST-Ofllce, roomt and 4. Whiting
block, comer Hold trantie tnd ttecond
street, Ofllce hoora, a. in. to l:lip. m
and i :1ft to t to p. m.
hrrhako a. rodrt,
A TTOKNKY-AT-LA W. Albnonrran. N.
V at Hromiit attrntlnn Riven to all bualnea
pertalnlti to the profeaauin. Will practice In
til courts uf the teitttory aud betitr the L otted
siaiea lana ouic.
Wll I 1AM U. tK,
ATTOHNKY-AT-LAW. Clfllc, room T
N. l.Arml o Itirl iin. Will pracuc la
til the rot.ru of the trrriiuiy.
A TTORNKY8 AT LAW Alhii.inerjtte. N.
. m. miiii e, najint ana a, r inn national
nana Duuuin.
R. W. Is, mhi AM
ATTOR NKT-AT-I.A W, Albiiuiierune, N.
i. tillice, Urat National Hank bullillna.
i TTOWNKY-AT LAW. ro.mt tnd , N.
a i . Amnio buildlna, Albisuuentue, N. at.
H. w. rsiiuos,
TTORNFY AT-I.AW. Office ever Rob.
i eruam'a rN-ery atorv, Alttltiiertine, N. M.
Prwpoaala (or fcrwrtlna r shaal Hnlld
t'nliril States Indian Service, )
Rama rr Imtian lil.luatrlal Hchnol, I
Sanla l N tl . ul Imuh 1
Healed protxauils, Imh.rsril "ProptaHila for
iit.ii in rs iiinm ninMiina, inn atiiireaaeu
to the unrlemanrd at hanM Ke. New Metlco,
will be received at this a, Ii.h.I until I o'clock
ft. m. of 1 hurralay. March 17, 1S0H fa- fumlah
n lh ner-eraiary materiala and labia-required
in me construction ami completion of una 1 1 )
brick dormitory buildln at Mama Ke ra hmd.
New Moticn, In strict accordant e with plane
....I ...tl... ...... 1. . t .
v..u .... .,...!. wiihii lliajr 1 CBSIIIIIICII at
the Indian "Hu e. Washington, DC, the ollii ea
nf Ths Citisn rl Allinim-riiie. N. M .the
Hulldera' and 1 railere' Kn haiiaa.l linaha. Neo.,
the I mtrd Nlatea Indian Warrhouae. No. lOue
Slate street, rhicaao, ill., and at this school.
or any additional information apply to
1 Huaua M. JiiNaa.
Proposal lor Kreetloa or llrlra Wall and
Tana Towor,
I'nlted State Indian H. hool Service, I
Albuqueniue, N. al., Munh 1, laws. (
Sealed proiMraala. endorsed " ProfMnule fia
krts-tlon of Orivr Well," etc., aa tlie caae may
bv, and addiraard to th undersiirnrd al Alhu
MUrnj ie, N. M., will be received al tlila at IkmiI
until locln k p. m., of Nitunlav, March an.
ImirJ , fia- furnlahlna tlie necraaary mataciala
and labor required In th construction and
completion of one drive well and on tank
tower at aald achool, all In auk t accordant
Willi plana and apeclficatlntia which may be
ctamined at the Indian utile, Waalnnatuo, li.
C., aud at this achiail.
roe any additional Information apply to
KlMiAU A. Al lkn, Huperiiitendent.
IHomeatead Kntry No, 4tmi
Noll) for Publlrauloa,
Und Office at Santa Pe. N. M.,
rrhruary in, Ihus. f
Notice la hereby given that the following-,
namrd settler lias tiled mslt e of hla Intention
to make final proof tn support of bta claim, and
that aaid pnxrf will b mad beftwe the rririater
and receiver at hauls ht, N. M., on March SI,
Iswh. vit: Juan de DloaSalaa, tut the Sh.ta ul
an tlon 14. Tp. N, K K.
II name tor foflowlnar wltneaaea to prove
hla roiitinuoua reaidence upon aud cultivation
of aald land. via. I I'edro 1-olK-s, hmlllo L.U
cern, YsMro l.iuero aud Kelujlo Lucaro.all ul
iuta r, ciib, tv, m,
Man till. K. Otkko, Rrfilster.
(Homestead Kntry No. Shhs.J
MoUew for PabllMtloa.
Land Office at Santa Fe. N. M.,
February Is. Ihum. (
Notice It hereby aivrn that the followlnar-
named aettler lias il led notlc of in Intentioo
to make UuaJ prtail In aupuort of hla claim, and
that aald priaif will he made before the reaiater
and re elver at Santa he, N. M., on March al,
ihmh, via: e.iinlio uurero, lis- the rtK of the
MWU and Us 4 of section so. and N KV of the
N Wti snd Us 1 ol aecllou VI, township a N,
ranae la K.
If name th following wltneaaea to prov
hla continuous reaulent: upou and cultivation
ol aaid land, via: fedro Lopes. Juau de Ultat
Salas, Kelmio Luceru and 1 aidco Lucero, all
uf 1'iuos Wells. N. M.
MaNCtL K. Otsho, Keglaler.
IHomeatead Kntry No. 4073 )
Molina lor Publication.
Land Office at Santa Ke, N. M , I
Kehruary It, Imuh. (
Notice la hereby iiiven that the followlna.
nauietl aettler has llled notice of hla Intention
to make linal prtsif In eupiHirl of hla claim, and
that aald proot aiil b uiadt bcfol the rreiater
and rt- river at Santa Ke, N. M . on Maicli SI,
Imiim, visi Pedro iipes, lor the Nl of the
Nktaol aectlon ur. and lit Sit. of tho SkU ol
aection 'J, township U N, ralitfe la K.
lie naniea tlie lollowilia W ltueaat-ato rrove
hla contlnunua rraldence minn and cultivation
of aald land, via: Juan d lluai Salas, Kuiiiiu
i.ucero, laidro uucero and Kelujlo i.ucero,
all ol Pino Wells, N. M.
Mani il U. Otkho. Keir later.
Helitiemen or ladlra tu travel fiw-rrapon.
Bible estatiliahrd bouae in Albuquerque, N.at.
Montldy. atib and rspeusea Piautlon etrady.
Keterencv. Kncloae aelf-addreaaed atamped
envelope. Tu Uomluloo Coiupauy, Dept.
K, C'liltaao.
Wlua fur Bol.
Native wine, pur and healthful, at
only 6(1 cent gallon at C. A. Uraude'
north broad way.
I desire to attest to tha nierlta of
Chamberlain' Cough Remedy a one of
th most valuable and Htlcient prepara
tion ou the market. It broke an exceetl
liifly dangerous cough tor me In 24
hours, aud In gratllude therefor, I desire
to Inform you that I will never 1st with
out it, and you should feel proud of the
hlirb esteem lu which your remedies are
held by people lu general. It I theoue
remedy among ten thnusand. Hnccesa to
It O. IL Iiownky, Kditor lieiuocrat, Al
bion, lud. for sale by all druggists,
fllir nrleMO acrulll tjilieh flint rttarwwiatv.
economical chord la every buyer when
such a tiny tai is put nn sterling values.
niinoti mem, tue naiiroait aveuue
IU-.uly la lllooil Deep,
Clcun liliiid menu a rlc.in al.in, No
beauty without it. t .iw nieta. I uinly CuUiur
tie clean your blood uml ke. o it leuu, by
atoiiiiK up nit mr.y uvel-ami oin niiiull luc
iiuntnn i mm the botlv. Ileum today to
oanii.il piuiiilen, tan la, lilnlrli. a, hliu llieuda,
and ihat a t klv liilnnia in ,1 .- n.n v taking
( aacureta, lieiillty lor ten rent. All drug.
giata, aatisfactiuu (tuaranteed, lUc, 2Jc, 50c.
New at tloldan Hula Dry tlootls do.
Homaii striped silk, Konian striped
neckties, silk, mull and lawn neckties,
rushings, drees goods, jeweled hells, per
cale, ailk skirts, lined with colored silk
embroidery, Isce and saMies, and a ureal
many other thlnirs too numerous to men
tion. An inspection cordially luvltetl.
Dua'l Tukarr 8iil sad Ksauka luar l lrt Assy,
To quit tt'lascco eually aud forever. Is) mat;
netic. lull of Ma, nerve und tgor, Luke No-'lo
Uue. the winder wurlier, that inakea wauU men
atrt.ug. Ail druKirista, fa; or It. Curauaruo
teetl tfuoktet and t.tniple free. Aditreta
bailing heuitely Co, Chicano or Hum Yoiak
Th famous Yellowstone whisky, differ
ent ages and prices, lu bulk aud bottles.
Mellul & Knkln, exclusive distillers'
agents, 111 south Klrst street.
The largest and liandsompst llua of
ladles' skirts ever brought to Albuquer
que at llfelds'.
Liberty chiffon, something new, at
the Golden Itule Dry floods oompauy.
Sweaters fur weu aud boys at remark
ably low price at Ufeld'a.
Anthnrtaed Capital ....1500,000 00
Patd-np Capital, Borploi
and ProOta tUMOOOO
i Vsxxa.
The Bank of Commerce
baau it vroaBKiaj xcaaxati
Unit Aasaraat t4 Ofsrs
Caaalaajwat srttk
' Orsao, Pridil I. C. RaLDaioaa, Lnmbaar. W, C. Laoaaan, Cspaajlsa
B. r. 8odst, VUt-rrwsldent. A. Kiaaaaa. Ilawaaana Break, Wool,
.I.STBioBLaa. Caahler. A. M. BuaoawaLX, Oroaa. BlackaraU Co, Orocavr
B. I. Kaaaion, Assistant Cathie. W. A. Maiwatx, Wbolfal DraTtltt.
Df-posiiory for Atchison, Tojieka 4 S&nU F Ba11wa.
Finest Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Etc.
1110 We.t Railroad At. Alb-q.art at, .
Wholes alo Grocors,
ZsAS VEGAS. Ns 1M. . . .
cxsoaxETA, n. m. ALBUQtJEUQ,UE. II. It.
Gr. HENRY, M:. D
8todnt or Dr. Phillip Rloord of Praaeo.
VI? 111113 a. Opeolaltv4
A ear (rutranteed In ry eaaaj andattakeo whan a ear It prrsrtlcabl and poaeihl
Uiinotrhora. aleet and strlrtnr tpeedllr cnrd with Ut. ICIcord't French hemarlia. Kent
fi1KT,l,Ii,l'J:,,,,l,'',l',a TaKhKDAVa. NOCUHKUH, lAMlALWUUU OIL iwi
VraiHAoaed . spermatorrhoea, armlnal luaaca, nlelit intaalona. Inaomnla. rtoaneoulanc .
ranicaur cured. Klcirrl'a nietbod practiced In
Livery, Sale, Feed and Transfer Stables
Second St oetween Railroad and Copper Area.
Horaaa and MaUi Donght aad Bxahaafod.
Affonti for Colambno Baaar Comaaar.
Tho Boat Tornonto la tho City.
Carriage, Road Cartf, Spring Wagona, Vtctoriai,
Buggica, rhaetom, Etc, for Sale, t t t I
Addregg W. lu TRIMBLK C0H Albnganrgtui. New Mexico
(Botwtstsor to Frank K, Jonaa.1
Binest Whiskies. Imported and Domestic Wines in. Cc&rsl
The Coolest aad Elfoest Grtde of Luer Serrei.
Finest Billiard llall in the Territory.
Finest and Best Imported and Domestic Cigar
1 saiaBt- a
Svcie constipationJ
10c iS'lt.iW3iTVt
rpOTI & GHAUII to them we ollng.
Of TKA9 and LXKFKK3 and CANNK1)
rp7 ty.ll ths Unest LAGKH BKKB,
a WINKS A UQl'0113, weal wan And
Tbna eompxtHton tliey dfy.
Agents forCo 'otc Canyon Lime Company,
Free delivery to all parti of the city
W TflibMP y47. ?!, yit? AND 217 KORTH THIBD FT
Albuquerque Foundry and Machine Works
R. P. HALL. Proprlotor
Iron and Bra Caadur! Or, Ca anil Lumbar Car i BbaAiaf, Foliar, raU.Bart
Bablill W'al Column anii Iron iront fur BuUillDjrai Rapair CO
Mmiua; and MiU Maebbisry a Opawialty.
210 Railroad Avenue,
Mutual Teleiihone No. 113.
U. 8. DKi'OSllOaaK.
Depoiltory fur the Atlantic ft
Vatific anil th AtchUoa.
Topka A Sanu Fe
Railroad Cot
JOHITDA .1UViatM....tlMiaMit
M. W. riiOTJBlfOT ....WoPraddoi
A. A. KRK5 XsWUi r
aj.SK UoKXS. . . .AUterjt Oaablcff
A. A. 6RAKT.
m x oaooaooi
In Albnqnerqao, H. H,
abtd tatTOati
tli World'a Huaplial. Patla. Ba(aranci Orar
TMr GROCKBIKS hart tha ganolao rin
(rOOUtl rare, I)
The Drlaa tltsr eharn 1 alwara faliii
To plttaae their patrooa la (hair IdeA
Tha eholMat quaUty ol ararr klaD
TOTI ft UHADI eanl be beat aar 1
aUbaqner(iae. N M.

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