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The Albuquerque Daily Citizen
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J vkui omsuiN
Recommends Intervention in Cuba
to Prevent Further Bloodshed.
Wellington, April ft. Tbs president
has practically completed his message.
It completion, la advance of ths ex
pectations of man public men, led to
th belief among tome, when passed npoo
by the cabinet to day It might Immedi
ately be sent to congress. It was posi
tively announced, howerer, at the white
bone that It would not be mbmltted on
til Wednesday. The ro nonage of the prs
ident will not make any r commenda
tion looking to Immediate recognition of
Cuban Independence, because, ae be
lews It, the Insurgents bavs sot estab
lished a government ot their own. .
la cam thla government should take
possession of the Inland and the Insur
geata should eee fit to lufllet capital pun
lehm Dt upon the members of the pres
ent autonomlHt government or other per
sona, this government having reeogniss!
their Independence, would be powerless
to prevent any action the Cuban gov
ernment might see fit to take. The
better and safer way, 11 la argued, would
be for the Dulled States to take control
ot the Island If necessary to prevent
further bloodshed and administer Its af
fair, or at lea t supervise Its adminis
tration la the Interest of J untie and hu
manity until Spain and Cuba themielves.
It poMHlble, havs settled the whole ques
tion. What further action shall be taken
will be dictated by the facta and condi
tions as they prrB-Mit themselves.
At t, Vlurant'a. Can Varda l.laaua, Under
Command f Ylllamll.
Niw York, April 6. A illi atch to the
World from bt. Viueeut's, Cape Virde
Islands, says: "The 8paiilh torp-do
flotilla, under the command of Commo
dore Vlllamll, Is still here.
same source. This pressure has strength
ened rather than weakened congressmen
In the coarse they mapped out for them
Order. Vraat the War Dprtjint.
Leavenworth, Kansas, April 6. The
officers of the Twentieth regiment, sta
tloned at Leavenworth, received orders
to-day from the war department to be In
readiness to move at a moment's notice.
Sp.nlah OoTarnmant Baa Nat IUbU4 t
final fropaaltlna af Tkls Coa.lrj.
Madrid, atouday, April 4 11 p. m.
The Inner political circle to-night re
gard the situation as critical. Cp to 9
o'clock this evening the Spanish govern
ment bd not replied to the final propos
ition ot the Culled State government,
presented this afternoon. Ths Spanish
government admit that the United
tUelee government never asked for or
suggest -d the mediation of the pope and
regret la expressed that a misunderstand
ing should bavs arisen.
coarcRhMcs) or embassadors.
Paaaeafot aad Oamboa DImih th Saa-
tx4 CoaMrt af tka Pawara.
Waehlngton, April (.At 11 o'clock to
day Sir Julian Pauncetote, the Brltleh
ambHseador, had a long conference with
U. Cauinon, the Krencb ambassador, tu
renard to a snggeted concert ot powers
nn the Cuban question, It Is presumed.
The nature of Sir Julian's representa
tions are unknown, but It was the first
official move la diplomatic circles here.
tbk rom flans.
Spaalah Mlalatar f rrla AOWIr. Ka
aata a Mai from tka Vailaaa.
Madrid, Ap'il (.The minister of for
If u affairs, Senor Gallon, In an Inter
View, said the Spauu-fc government I el
psctlng the speedy arrival ot a note from
the Vatican In which the pope wonld In
dlcats the plan he proposes to terminate
the preseut situation.
Ta B.msv Xim. La and Othar nmarl-
aaw. From Havana.
Washington, April fi. Members of the
house have been Informed that vessels
have been dispatched to Havana to take
oft Oen. Lee and our consular Officers as
well as all American who desire to leave
the Island.
Can Be neoaptad by Spala aad aopportad
by Mlal.lar Waodrord.
Rome, April 6.- It Is authoritatively
aid the pope's proposed terms are such
as can be accepted by 8pain and sup
ported by the United State minister,
General Stewart L. Woodford, la for
warding them to President McKlnley.
The pope' Initiative la based wholly
on facts that Spain, when she asked for
ths good offices ot the powers, also asked
the pope's good offices. The Interposi
tion ot the pontiff ha thus far been con'
fined to r Hurts to bring about an armis
tice between Spain and the Insurgent.
Racame R.bnC" from tlreat Britain's Ra-
f aaal U farUalpala.
London, April 8. Ths movement ot
the powers of Europe for a Joint offer of
mediation between the United State and
Spain received a sever and probably
fatal rrbuff In the form of a dt finite re
fusal upon the part of Great Britain to
participate In it.
Mot Able to laiinu out el Cuba
till Saaday.
Washington, April 5 The state de
partment receivrd a dispatch from Con
sul General Lee saying that In cat- of
war declared be would not be able to get
American eltliui out of Cuba before
neit Sunday.
Mora Ship, Parahaaad.
Washington, April 5 Th navy de
partments day concluded the purchase
of ten sbl pa contracted for yesterday.
They are the Morgan steamers Kl Rio,
Kl Norte, El Sol and El Sid.
CougrrM Kelt In.; Beor. of lalaaram
Prom Tbam.
Washington, April 5. Members of eon
gress ars receiving scores ot telegrams
from bankers aud corporations appealing
to them to sustain the "wise peace policy
of the president. Many telegrams are
couched in practically the same language,
bowing they were Inspired from the
At Recaptlna of Hi. artarat Amarlea,
Hat Not Uiaooaraaad.
London, April 8. Accordlug to a spe
cial from Home, the pope 1 "disappointed
at tto reception ot h)f overture to Amer
ica, but la not discouraged." The dis
patch adds: This morning hi holiness
dispatched a eabl ot 600 words to Arch-
blebop Ireland, urging increased efforts
In the Interest of peace," And further Im
mediate representation to President Me-
was valuable tlms lost Other members,
while quite as auxions, have shown a
disposition to extend the time so as to
I get our consuls out ot Cuba safely. This
lierwiij wan uiri urou iuv ciuiiiiiirv
strenuously to day. Senator Davis gave
qnite poxUlvs a-wnranee inai the wsy
wonld be entirely clear for the massage
to-morrow. Krve also had a conf erence
with the preeldeut and showed a disposi
tion to allow ths time absolutely necee
sarv to take ears of ths consuls.
In view of all circumstance ths com
mittee lost little tints In reaching the
conclusion to delay Its action nuttl the
message is received to-morrow.
afore Commtttoe aa Porwlga Affair--Sabmarlaa
Mine Ceaod Riploaloa
W ashington, April B. Ths bouse com
mittee oil foreign afttlrs met this morn
ing. Captain 8lgbee, Admiral Irwin
and several experts In exploslvs had
been summoned to give teetlmony re
garding the blowing up of the Maine
representative (julgg, ot New York, said
Spain would be nebl reponltl for the
blowing ot ths Mains. He Is In favor of
reporting a resolution instructing the
preeldent to drive Spain from the west
ern hemisphere.
Captain Sigibee, In the examination
by the hon-e eomiultUe on foreign af
fairs, stated ths opinion that tils vessel
was blown np by a submarins mine lo
cated by the Spanish antnorltles. As to
whether It was fired by Spanish aothorl
ties or not he declined toexpreiean
opinion. He told ths committee that the
buoy to which the Maine was anchored
was ths mot frequented buoy In the har
bor The committee Is to met an a In to
night to prepare the text of the reolu
tlon to be submitted to ths hnne. Mem
bers of ths committee believe war Inevit
able unless Hpaln make a squire back
down. Th declaration may not be made
Just yet because It will require several
days to get the Americans on the Island.
Oa Araoeataf PrvJ.dlos A (start Yattaaa't
lot.rt.ronc la Political Affair.
London, April 6 Disputed from Roma
says a telegram ree-ived at ths Vltlcan
from the Lulled State announced the
failure of the pone's Intervention. It
says It Is Impiswlb'a for McKlnley to
overcome the prejudice, even thongh It
may be unjust, entertained by a majority
of Amerlcau people against the Vatican's
Intervention In political affair.
.adloh la Madrid.
Madrid, April 6. 11 A) a. m. It Is ap
parent that further negotiations ars pro
greying. Ths absolute deaill s-k which
seemed to have been reached yssterday
evening has for a moment been removed,
thongh no armistice has yet been pro
claimed. The family of the second secretary of
the United State legation, J. K. McAr
thur, starts for Paris to night.
Mrs. Woodford hold her usual reception.
Jaeh Oar Brings AdTlooa Prom
SwdUb Hallooal.t.
Victoria, H. C April (.Jack Carr, a
former United States mall carrier, haa ar
rived at Departure bay from St. Mlohaets,
via Dawson, with advice from Andiee,
the balloonist.
Saaaia Jataaa ta Inflammatory Oratory
Mad. Acninet Spain.
Washington, April 6. Turner (Wash
ington) In the senate to-day made a vig
orous speech In favor of Cuban freedom.
U said the administration ahould have
treed Cuba before this. 11 laid great
tree upon the destruction of the Maine,
saying that Spain waa responsible. He
would cheerfully vote for a declaration
of war. He aald Spain was nation of
cruelty, deceit and blood.
Harris (Kansas) followed. The Cubans
earned their liberty by blood and tears.
he said. He charged the destruction of
the Maine to the official treachery of
Spain. Ths blackest crime of all na
tion, he declared, would Dot be allowed
to become a mere Incident Harris was
applauded by the galleries.
Deboe(Kv.)sald hi state was united In
favor ot Cuban Independence, and the
people of Cuba deserved the sympathy of
the civilized world.
Kenney (dem.) said that bad ths rsso
lutlon ot belllgereucy been passed by ths
house Cuba would have been free and the
loss ot lives and millions ot treasure
saved. Those who refused to pass the
resolution were responsible before ths
country. War was hell, but better than
ths bell in Cuba; better than the bell ot
February 15. No longer should diplomatic
clop trap stop vengeance for Innocent
blood or prevent Cuban freedom.
Chandler (N. 11 ) aald: "Ths United
States ought Immediately to declare war
against Spain and maintain that war
uutll the people of Cuba are made free
from Spanish starvation and cruelty, and
the government ot the Island finally es
tablished as an Independeut republic
Turple (Indiana), a member of the tor
eign relations committee, said it was
only a Spanish Moloch which would say,
"Suffer little children to come nolo me,
aud we will starve yon to death." The
cause of the war was Spanish domluloo
In Cuba, and nntll this was removed
thers eon Id be no peace.
The senate took up the sundry civil
appropriation Dill.
DlipoMd ta Allow Tim NMMry to Tab.
Car f I'on.nla.
Washington, April B. Ths senate com
nitttee on foreign relations met for the
especial purpose ot deciding whether the
committee should make a report en the
Cuban situation to day or postpone ac
tion nntll the president's message Is re
ceived. There Is great Impatience over
the delay on the part ot some members
ot the committee, notably Krye, who
urged that every day's postponement
Jeweled Belts
AND JEWELED BUCKLES. Not the cheap things,
that you buy but cannot wear, of dry goods stores, but good,
substantial goods at prices from $3.00 to $10.00. Also
buckles without the belts.
XuOaaJxiff Jowolor
Established 1888. - - R. R. A vs., Albaqupqu, N. M.
Ravi. wins th M
Washington. April 6. Cabinet I In
sos'lou carefully reviewing forthcoming
Lylaa Clrcalar ImomI by Dprata !
ocratl Polltlalaua.
Ths "over-worked" and "desperate"
democrats, representing the candidates
ot corporations, bavs Issued a circular
entitled "Hal I road Men, Attention!"
and the polling places of the
four wards have been deluged
with these circulars. There Is not
a word of truth In the circular, from top
to bottom, and v 111 not influence one
vote away from Clancy for mayor. It
was Judge Collier who ordered Clias.
Wagg. ths engineer, thrown into the
county Jail, aud the judge Is a democrat
a tool ot corporations aud a partner of
0 N. Marron, who, it is claimed, is the
author ot said malicious aud uutruthtul
Tbat I., th W bol R.publlona Tlek.t of
lb. Vlly.
In the Kirst ward, where Alderman H
A. Moutfort aud School Irustee John
James are up tor re-elecllou, a big tight
la tu progrees, ins corporations, so 11 is
staled ou democratic authority, Intimi
dating their employs to vole for the
democratic caudiUalee or submit to a dia-
cliargs. In the face of thens threats.
a large nuuioer oi me voter.
who strenuously oiidoso. being lead
around by their uuss have revolted, and
Moutfort and James are running a.
siuxiihly as two of ths best tuotough
bred ever kuown. At 8:'i0 o'clock Utf
voles had beeu east, aud the ward will
swing into line with a big vote lu favor
of the republican candidates.
lu the Uecoud ward, Junt opposite Tuk
Citizen office, the democratic candidates,
whim the voles are counted, will be
found submerged tu the whirlpool of
solid republican majorities, ami It will
really be a shame to swamp Kicks aud
Lembke, for both are very good fellows.
Horner aud rox are thougnt to be gal
loping in with big majorities. At
u. 111.. 177 votes had beeu chnL
A lively tight with the ballots Is going
on In ths 'Itiird ward. Martin llerney is
up for re election as alder mau, aud hs li
being oiipoeed by ii. K. liogers, who has
counseled, with the help of Ills usny
friends, to leavs Miirtln ai home by at
least sixty votes, h I. liarsch Is Ua-iUlng
awav. In a cantor, from his tall oppou
enl. L. 1 Delauey. At a .30 o'clock lii
voles had beeu Cat.
over lu the Koiirth ward, Burkhart is
trying awful hard to keep bis head above
water lu his unequal race for alderman
against popular Jaoob Loebs, while Dr
Pxarce is finding the path a very thorny
one lu his hVhl (or school truelee agaiust
K. v. Hopkins. The ooUHervatlvs demo
crats concede the Koiirth to both Lorbs
and Honkius bv uisuy votes.
W lib these deductions. It is safe to say
that ths republican cn ltdates for alder
men aud school truHlees of the four
wards will have big majorities, while It is
dollars to doughuiila that UruggUt
O'Klelly will havs to make a pill for each
day lu the year '5 t) equal Clancy's
majority for wis ouice or mayor.
The rues for city clerk aud city treas
urer, from all Indications, Is a prettv
close one, but 1'eareou aud Lee will both
be elected bv liaudHoiue majorities.
The Kirst Keglment baud is furnish
ing inspiring and patriotic music for the
The saloons. In accordance with law,
ars closed, aud will remain so until t)
The delivery wagon horse of Toney
Mlchalbnch. the old town butcher, got
frlirhteued at a "weaving democrat
standing ou ths corner ot Gold avenue
and first street at 10:: o'clock this
morning, and started to run awav. Toney
held on to the relus, and, although
drugged for a few yards, he brought the
animal to a tuwtsiui.
Further Particulars About the
Shaw neetown Disaster.
Vessels Frozen In by Ice, and Great
Ihe Wife sad Tws bf biers of s Sbsrifl
sr Flood Victims.
til HAS KIT lirOITS.
Rldgway, His. April 6. The gap Is
over a humlrej feet wide to-day In the
levee at Khawueetown and gradually
widening. The water ta ten to Blteeu
(eel deep all over the town. With the
eontluual cold rains, suffering and sor
row ars little abated. It la known that
between forty Bv and flfiy people lost
their lives. .Vj bottle have beeu recov
ered. Ths known dead are: Col. Calloott,
ash Calieolt aud wife, Mrs. C. R. Gal
loway and two daughters, Mrs. Holly,
Mr. Ureer, Mrs. KJ. Make, Charles Clay
ton and family of six, Anua Rluhold, C.
Kiuoholdl, Paul riialen aud family ot
three, Mrs. McLair, Z senary Melr,
Mrs. Webb aud this children, a
family of seven nnknown, Ellen McAllis
ter. Mary McAllister. Ouly ths last two
names ars colored. Every store in towii
is full of water. Provisions ean be bad
ouly as sent from surrouudlng towns.
Relief committees ars doing all in theli
power to provide for ths Wauta ot the
stricken people. It Is thought, by con
servative psople, the loss ot llfs will
reach a hnudred, and property loss over
M.a Saflr.riD t'nloM lrlTale-Th B-
" n.f Kipla.
Ninalmo, B. C, A pi 11 S.--George
rill, n, third officer ot the steam whaler
Beividere, who has Just reached 111 out-
sids world from th vessels imprawosd
in the ice, says the steam tender Jeanls,
steam whaler Ore and Belvldsre,
schoouer Itosario and a bark are near
Point Barrow. He say the meu on th
froxen-ln vessel ae suffering untold
privation on account ot the scarcity ot
provisions. Tllton came south by the
way ot th Mackensl and Yukon rl'era,
aud waa flv months and tweuty-two
day making ties trip of 900 mile to the
PaelQc coast, during which he suffered
most eicruclatlug agony from th In
terna cold. On the way out, Tllton met
Lieutenant Jarvls and the overland re
itef ripeditlon. H directed them to the
Beet. He say as soon a the Ice break
ths vessels will be ground into matchwood.
president' message Is practically com
pleted, and Is now being copied. The
present purpose I to send It to congress
to nidrrow. Ths mewaie and ths ssn-
eral condition ot affairs were discussed.
ot course, quite fully bnt no changes bad
appeared which required any elaborate
discussion ot new measures,
Oaartl. by Polio.
London, April fk-A dispatch from Bar
celona says the totted Bute consul
there Is guarded by police, and the
United State consul and vice Consul at
Carthegei.a ars both said to havs re
signed. t iara Marton Word.
lamps. Ha., April ft. Miss Clara Bar
ton Ml tor Havana laet nlghl. "If war
Is declared." she said, "1 preeume 1 will
have tunc, lo do than ever in taking care
of so maty lu trouble aud destitute."
.. Saturated by Praao.
London, April ft. France, not Austria,
was the ptiius mover In the suggested
inwllatloi lu which Great Britain de
clined lu Join.
Prl.at ral.ndar Taa.a t'p.
Washington, April ft. By an arrange
ment mans last week, the private calen
dar was ukan np In the bouse to-day.
' CloMd 1o-lay.
Chicago, April ft. On account of the
local eli-cilon, the board of trade and
stock en bangs closed all day.
Money Mar Bat.
New Trk, April 6. Money on call
nominally S per cent. Prime mercan
tile paper
New lork, April ft. Copper, 11V.
Socorro 00 as it a public ah.
vary War Corrla by Lara Majority
Mart I a Klaotod Mayar.
Sooorr-v April 4. Ths republicans
have carried everyward in th city by a
large nihj rlty. W. K. Martin Is elected
mayor; prank Abeyta, treasurer; Abran
Abeyta, clerk.
Ar.bht.hop Iralaaa Call.
Washington, April ft. Archbishop Ire
land enm to th state department at
IttlltO o'eliM-k. Ha man ihnan at nnM
lut'l AaamlHIlt fiMraturv Day's rmim. Tn
reporters, who aeked hi mission. Arch-
nisnop Ireland saia ne Came simply to
pay bis respects. Assistant Secretary
llaV aaM at main thara hail haan rA ma.
diatiou or Intervention of other powers.
Wlf and Tw DauabUr. Aiaoag th Flood
Cypres Junction, III., April . Res-
in persuading the people to leave their
flooded home. The second floors ot s
majority ot the houses ars occupied and
tenant declare they will protect their
belongings. In eitreme cases, rescuers
use force In taking them out and placing
them where they can be cared for. Sheriff
Galloway, who lost his wife and two
daughters, Is frantlo from grief. He
waa at home when the alarm was glveu.
He Immediately took two horses, leading
them to the foot of a hill a mile away.
where he tied them to a tree. He then
ran bark boms, only to Bud It bad been
demolished and his family perished.
Kaaaaa City Mar a at.
Kansas City, April ft. Cuttle Re
ceipts, 6,600. Market strong.
Texas steer. $3.3Ua4.0J; Texas cows,
2 WVJ3.75; native steers, $3.2S(3S IS;
native cows and heifers, I2.4tifctl.46;
lockers and feeders, i75ii$6.0&; bulls,
Sheep Receipts, 2,000; market strong.
L.mba, S4.s5n5.G5: muttons, fJ.ftOu
Cbteaao ataxia Mai k.t.
Chicago, April B. Cattle Receipts
3,000; market slow but steady.
Beeves i:i WWt 5.40; cows aud belters,
f2.2b44.no; Texas steers, 13.00(4 4.06;
stocker and feeders, 13.75(470.
bbe-p Receipts, 15.IX0; market quiet
aud steady. Natives, I3.MV(4.H0; west
erns, 3 1HM4.75; lambs. l.(U6.yo.
Chicago bmla Mnraat.
Chicago, April 4 Wheat May,
106; July. bbkwi. Corn April,
"ilT iO'io. Oats April, ilue
July, 2JS8. m
Th Cabln.t Mr.tlnf.
Washington, April ft. The cabinet
meetlug to day was not unumial in dura
lion, but extreme difficulty was encoun
tered In obtaining the details concerning
It. A cabinet officer, however, author
Ix-hJ this much: The situation on ths
Spanish affair remains uuchanged. The
One lot of short lentrths in Embroiderv. assnrt.
ed widths; we want to close them out and have
marked them at one-half regular price. Come
early and get choice.
Archlban, and Cevaaa oa Trial
' Barnln Miara'a Mill.
The Si.se of the territory vs. Tonus
Archlbr4'ia and Alberto Cevada. for ar
sou, Is siUI 011 trial In the district court.
1 he prosecution submitted ail of It tes
timony tins forenoon and the defense Is
uow examiatug lu witnesses.
A. Mleia, ihe Droorletor of the
hurued mill. tesllOedytslerday afternoon
lu rt-gn.nl to a eouvsrsalloti which he bad
lib n.e tw defendants after th burn
lu'. 1 iey confess d their connection
with U-' crltns and each chanted ths
tulifc. a! IWiiibet wllh hcvlng Induced
theut to commit th crime. Mr. Mlera
also teslUletl lu regard to tracing the
tracks or horses to and troiu the house of
the defendants aud the mill.
Theodore Prairie teatlued that he was
sleeping at th mill on th night of July
20, IHVi, and that ths tire woke him up
at 12 o'clock, lie rushed out of the burn
ing mill when Cevada fired Ihres shoU at
hliu. Archibrque was near by Cevada
alien the latter was shooting. He then
ran Into the mill where bis head waa
blistered from the beat and his hair
burned.' He went out aud uotlfled some
of the neighbors aud aUo Mr. Mlera what
had Happened.
J cue Antonio Uallego test I fled that he
was sleeping outside of the blacksmith
shop near the mill on the night or ths
ore. mat ne woke np and saw th mill
In flame and ths two defendants near
by He also saw Cevada lire three shut
at Prairie.
A 11 eandoval testified to trailing the
horse tracks and that they led from th
nun 10 the nouses or the dereudauU and
from ths hoiiNes to the mill.
This completed the ease of the terri
tory. Refugla Ateuolo was the Brst witness
tor ths defehss. 8hs testlUed that ou the
night ot the lire. Gal legist, one of the ter
ritory's witnesses, was at ber house and
Library Mall.
The ladles of the Library association
have Just Bundled a thorough cleaning ot
die library room. Through the liberal
ity of Mr. N. B. Kleld they havs been en
llel to equip their riMiius with very at
tractive and commodious bookshelves.
They contemplate further Improvements
lo Increaee the attractiveness of the room
and ths effectiveness of ths library They
will soon niaks their annual appeal to
ths well-known liberality of the Albu
oner one public. The nioet attractive and
popular balls given In Albuquerque are
tboee conducted by the ladle of the Li
brary aewH-latlon. They are attractive
because the ladies taks great pains to
make them so, and popular becauea th
people geuerully delight to have the op
portuulty of helping improve the library.
At the coming Kaeter ball at Grant's
opera bouae on Krldar, April 29. IMU8,
some special features will be Introduced
that will make Albuquerque's charity ball
this year exceptionally Interesting and
School Food Apportioned.
County Superintendent B. K. Perea has
apportioned the school fund ot Ihe conn
ty. The amount subject to apportion
ment was 7.44il, and it was distributed
at the rale of l for each scholar, (in
this bal Albuquerque receive. 1 $1,370,
Gallup II7. Herualillo $074. Los Cor
rales $.Mi. B trelsa 1. Old Albuquerque
S644 and Psjarlto t-'"0. The other pre
ciucts got smaller amounts.
Mall Orders Given
Careful Attention
and Tromptlj Filled
P Qiff
Agents for Batter
Ick's Patterns and
Dr. Jaeger's TJn
Astonishing Money
Saving Chances
Are always Accessible at the Big Store. This week we will speak of
Tambonr Fantaisie.
The new style Wash Gocd. daintv fipures and
tints, looks equal to finest Organdy. Regular
aoc goods, oale price per yard J flo
Just arrived full lire of the latest style Fringed
Edge Sashes. In p'ain colors. Roman Strioes
Ombre effects and evening shades. Finest qual
ity, assorted widths. Trices from S3 to 80.
All wool and in the new and standard armrloa
Regular 65c quality ; you know what this goods
i. S tie price per vsrd iitn
" - -- -- - - - - M
Suit Department.
Ladies' Spring Wraps and ready-to-wear Suits.
We have a fceautlful line now, but they are going
fast. Special Easter Bargains for this week.
Lappet Mull Curtains, the latest Fad; dainty
colored flowers on white ground with fluted ruffle.
They Only cost you from $2 to $2.00 a pair.
Sailor Hats.
First of the season, all the new styles and
shapes at astonishing low prices. They are pret
tier this season than ever before.
See Window.
The finest line of Men's and Boys' Clothing
and Furnishing Goods in the city and at about
one-half regular clothing store prices. Special
Easter bargains this week.
...Special Notice...
On and after May 1, 1898, we shall discontinue giving Tickets for Premiums. Those having tickets
will please call and let us know what they want so that we can order Premluma. Parties
who desire to take advantage ot our present plan of giving tickets with
cash purchases will have until May 1 to do so.
A word to the wise is sufficient.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Furniture,
Carpets, Crockery. Glassware, Lamps.
Iron Pipes and Fittings.
Largest Stock of Brass
Goods in New Mexico
Miner's and Engineers' Supplies.
Bazaar Patterns
All Patterns 10c and 15c
Filled Same
Day as Received.
204 Railroad Avenue. Albuquerque. N. M.
What Housekeeper ean afford to neglect attending this important
sale of Staple Cotton Goods, such as you will find mentioned
Lelow. Note the Brands and Prices. For one week only
Purse Protecting Bargains
Holding PcMic Attention
We haven't a IvitMsimI a liarttalu sale, but
it htn !"(. in Ii una 11 1 hut we ars skIUh a
ptrt vulHrly tins In' of Lailix' Hlmss at very
uiolHrstw pilits, Hint N ciiDiinh tn bring
tiHMa who like if'xxl hIyINIi f.ioiwoar. We
rIvs a fi'w piikliiifs from the large and
varied stock.
Ladies' Oxfords.
Kid and Futenl Tip. Tun and lilsu k,
New aud Sty lioli. Coin Tova.
$2.50 Per Pair.
Ladies' Boots,
Lac and Huttnn. Tan ami Black
Kid I in, Coin Tuea.
J - 3.&0 Per Pair.
1212 Boutb. Sooond Stroot
BO pleies shirting prints, all new designs,' per yd. . 8'Vc
&0 plrcss new check prints, all Dswdmlgos, par yd. be
300 piseaa Iudliio Blue, Turkey Heds aud (Jrey
prints, per yard Bo
BO plcs stspls chock apron ginghams, per yd 3c
10V plsces Aiuoakxag staple gTiighaius, pr yd 6j
B) places 8n-lncb Percales, all colors, special, per yd 7o
BO pieces 31 Inch Percales, alt colors, special, regil-
lar lOand 12'a gsds, per vd 80
BO pieces Utt Inch Knglish aud Hea Island Percales,
the best goods msds, regulsr 14e gissts l"e
100 pieces new si Tie Hateeus, all this seasuu's styles
80 luches wide Oo
50 pieces uew spring stylia ot outing flannel aud
Bonnie I)ooo suiting, the rogulur 10, 11 and
12'e quality, special S'-tfl
27-Inch new cot ion cheviots only Bo
Su lnrh new spring designs cheviot, regular 12!,c
quality 'aC
M-lni li double told French Cheviots, regular 15e
quality 12.'t'c
100 pieces new styles ginghams and Madras cloth tu
all ths new 1 teas In ch-cks, stripe and solid
colors, worth trout 10 to 16c, speclol this week. . Do
JB -yard wide moslln, a good family eottoa 4e
A full yard-wide musllu, gooi faamlly eotton (si
Pull yard-wide muslin, either Lcwadals or Frali
brand So
Full yard-wlds Ons quality unbleached muslin to
Kull yard-wlds Cambria Bo
PILLOW CAS1NG-Ppperill or Lock wood
isranu, ciencuou.
4'J-lnch. sale pries.
45-Inch, sale prlca
rMncli,sale pries
M Inch. sale pries ....
lU lucli, 7x4, sale pries.
"'2-Inch, 8x4. sals price..
Hl-lncU, VtV sals urlcs.
Is 1 Inch, 10x4, sale pries..
, 8
. 100
, 130
. 17s
. lto
A a4 aaallly rm ratlMrn4 htln
'fwwi aai. a-rivv mm
Sate prices on ready-made Sheets, Blanched Mohawk
brand, nloaly made and full width aud length, si IS
B4x'J0. 80c; 7iiWi. 43c; HlxtK), 47ei 110x90, BOo.
Heady mads Pillow Css, Bleachsd Uooawk STads,
size 42x;ttl, loc; Ufa.
Hemmed I luck towel, slzs 17x33, suls price lOo
Fringed Huck towel, else 1(1x41, sale price 1 2' 3o
Hemmed Huck towel, size 20x1 ', saia p-ice 15c
Hem-stltobed Huck towel, size lUil, sals price.... lUo
Hemmed Huck towel, size 27x45, sale price 3o
Unbleached, colored border, size 13x3d, sale price . . 10c
H bleached, colored border towel, oatmeal, tlx
18x38, sals price IBs
Full bleached, colored border toweL hem stitched,
slzs Uul 1, sale prioe 19c
Full bleached, colored border towel, knot and, also
18x4'i, sale price ltfo
Full bleached, colored border towel, knot sad
fringed, size 21x45, sale price t3o
Also a bit line of Bleached and Unbleached Turkish Towels from 8 cents up. Notice the
display of White Spreads, principally Marseilles, from 45 cent up. Our Special No. 140 at
$1.65 cannot be duplicated for $3 00 in town.
The Economist.
N. II. Open until 1) o'clock Evening after April Int.

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