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Both the method and rmmlu when
Sympof Figs ii taken; it is pleasant
m mumming wma mi, ana BCU
gently yet promptly on the K nlneyt,
rer and Bowels, cleanse the ay.
tem effeotually, dispell colds, head,
aches and fever and cored habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figa is the
oniy remedy 01 its kind ever pro-
aaool, pleasing to the taste, and ac
ceptable to the stomach, tiromtit in
iu action and truly beneficial in ita
effect, prepared only from the mott
healthy ami afrrecahfeKiibetanoeA, it
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
byrup of Figs is for sale in 60
cent bottles by all leading draff
gists. Any reliable drnggist who
may not nave it on band will pro.
cure it promptly for any one who
w ishes to try it Do not accept any
umvuu. if. . mv rose, an
Tar-m of SvtMsrlpttoa,
puny, 67 mall, on jrr-r a 00
Pally, by mall, ait month I 00
Piilly, by mall, three monttia 1 6o
f'wiyi iy mm, unr monin , so
Jally, by carrier, one month 75
Weraly. by mall, prryrar a 00
Th Daily Citizen will be dtllvrrrd In
me cut ai uia uiw ratr 01 no centa per wre,
lit lilt ?n r.nli nr nwmth whan ...lrl mnntKlu
Thrae rat-a are Iraa than tbuee of auy utiiat
ADVKRTISINO RATKS marie known 00
application at the office of publication.
'pilK C1TI7.KN lob ofDce la one of the beet
1 In the aouthweet, and all klnda of Job print,
n la eiecuted wltb neatneea and at loweat
THK BINDKRY, lnt added, la complete
uu wen nnn iu oo any aioa 01 oioainff.
THK CITIZEN will be handled at the office
Subarrlptlona will be collected by 11. H.
. u.iwn, ur can oe paia w toe omce
"WOT1CK la hereby len that order flven
by employe upon Tm Citiiw will not
l e honored unleea prerloualy enduraed by the
THK CITIZKN la on le at the followln
plarra In the city, 8 K. Nrwrnmrr. Ill
Kallroad aenue; Hawley'a Newa IH-doi. Soul
hecond afreet O, A. Mataon Co'. No. 806
Kallroad avenue, and llarrey katlug Uouae
at the depot.
THR KREK LIST-The free llat of Tna
--" ' emoracee notion of Hlrthe, Mar.
. 1" unerala, Deatha, Church Serrlcea and
Avuicmuuiiieuia wnere noaamiaaion la chaffed.
Hdltora and Publlahera.
Atchison. Topeka dc Santa Fe
No, 1-Callfomla
raoKTaaMOBTi Arrlm
T:r0 pm
ro. 17 bapreaa. 8:00 bm
California Limited. Monday
and Krldaye..
11 1K8 am
ooino RoaTa
IN n. Atlantic kiiw
Nn.B9.lA..I I. -
10:4s pm
S :00 pm
No. Atlantic LImltedV'WeUoe.'
daya and Haturdaya 4:0Bpm
., ruiTiiMliii Amm
No. St Local Kxpreaa 7;0& pm
. ooiMOiOOTB Leave
No. II Meilco kapraaa ......ISsua am
Santa Fa Pacific.
tlOa WBM. Avmtmm
Aiiantic ivipreaa 10:VA pm
4-Atlantlc Limited, Wednra-
daya and Satunlaya 8:8S pm
. r. . 0'" WIlaT. Leave
1 rarinc nxprea 8:40 pro
No. California Limited, M on daya
andKndaya ,.lS:lBpm
Noa. 1 and S, PaciBc and Atlantic Kxpreaa,
... uiiiiimi LHUM.V uiiwidi rtMm care, tour
lat ileeplna care and chmr care between Chi.
vwu biiii im nnnne ana sen r ran Mace
Noa. 91 and 112. Mcalrn mnii Ijal L .
tlTi ,""n,.,.n Pl cara and climlr car Irom
III Paao to Kanaaa Cltv
N,"- and 4, the California Limited, have
rullinan buffet and alreplnir cara and baaitase
car only (no coachea or chair cara). A olid
veatibulrd train from Chlcaao to Loa Angele.
W. U. T if I'LL, Join Aa-oat.
To the Young Face
PoaaoaT Oonruisto Powrmgiveafreaher
oharmai to the old, ranewad youth. Try It.
aiationa. etc. Otlice of Chief (Juartermaeter,
ur nver. t o ti.. Auril Ihuh. si!m! t.
roKiila m triplicate will br re:eived at tine olllce
until 11 o'clock a. 111. on May 13, Ihuh, for fur
nlalilng furl, foratie and water at road aiationa
Iu tlna dc partiuriit, and for fuel at Lou in,
1 Ian, Price, I tub, Fort Colllna, Colo., and
oiiver . ny, . .,aunii the lineal year com-
mrnctnir July 1, Ihuh. Inatrurtmna to bidden,
and blank forma of proiuwiila will be furniahrd
on upplicatien at thla ollice. 1 he Kovrrnment
reaervea uie riunt to reject any or all blda. K.
II. Atwoou, Deputy U.M. lieo'l. Chief U. M.
. gentlemen or ladlra to travel furreapon-
aible eataliliahed bouae In Albuquerque, N.M.
Monthly, Silb and eipenaea I'oaltlon eteady.
helereuce. kncliwe aelf-addreaaed etamped
K, Chicago.
rii.ciopv. iui tyuiniuiun
Company, Dept.
I v with two llrat-cla. epeclalty aaleamen for
year or longer. Give referencea line han
dled and territory covered. CANNON k CO.,
Iowa City, Iowa.
laaa vaaeeeeeveevwvi
...... . .
j One of America! most fa-
mous physicians sayst "Scrof
$ ula is external consumption."
$ Scrofulous children are often
beautiful children, but they
lack nerve force, strong; bones,
stout muscles and oower to
resist disease. For delicate
children there Is no remedy
equal to
Scott's Emulsion
of Cod-liver Oil with Hvpo-
Jjj phosphites of Lime and Soda,
it mis out the sun by putting-
food flesh beneath it. It makes t
the cheeks red by making: rich
blood. It creates an appetite
for food and gives the body
power enough to digest it. Be
sure you get SCOTT'S Emul
sion foe ana im 1 all drug (lata,
SCOTT a B0WXB, CharaUt, Maw York.
H I beat Caab Prtea faiil
For furniture, stoves, carpets, clothing,
trunks, narness, saddles, shoe, etc
Hart's, 117 Gold avenue, neit to Wells
Fargo Esprea office. See me before you
buy or sell.
The Rev. W. H. Weaver, pastor of the
V. li. church, Dillsburg. Pa., recognise
the value of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, and does not hesitate to tell
others shout It. "I have rued Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy," he says, "and And
It an excellent medicine for colds, coughs
and hoarseness," So doe everyone who
give It a trial. Sold by all druggist.
Special Cormpoodenc.
Uallup, N. M., April 14 -Quite a few
people ara tick with trip and rbeama
Ham Mexlaa.M Rladon, Green, Smith.
Barry and Mwwri. Wicks and Bajllni are
Th dchool board haa decided to coo
tin o the school (or tea montha this
ynarlnatead of nine. They will then
hare 12,000 on band to Commence the
oeit year with.
John 1'ullar, dirlslon foreman at Wine
low, and George Montgomery, hie chief
clerk, have reelgned.
Ueytr & Cauavan have gold out.
Mi agnee ana Annie Bowie now
Tlnlt their friends on new bicycle.
Mrs. W. F. Stone left on Saturday for a
ri. a to trleuda eat. Slie will return in
J u-k Brady la a gnlde in Alaeka at fl
pee day. Jim. Barney, a pecker, at (5
per oy. Brady and wife are nnaatlefJed
urxirge Krana, the Blacka and McGinn
li arrived at Hkignay after a rery
rough voyage. All the animals were
thro, n overboard to aare the ehtp.
Bob. Meaham will leave on the twen
tlelb to take charge of the Schnater store
at Kort Apache.
Ur. Klllaon, of Wlngate, la down on
onulnewi to-day.
The churches Wed with each other In
the Barter floral decoration. Good muele
wa a epecial feature at all of them.
jc. wiimnnder haa been aDDolnted
leputy marshal, and will be on dutr
every nigtit. He haa orders to arreet all
annplclnu characters.
W.J. Oliver, from Defiance, porchaeed
a load or supplies for the Indian school
John Ward and L. Hall are In from the
Znnl mountains for supplies; aim W,
Van Mold.
Mlfs Jennie Griggs, our lady barber.
was not suited here, and has returned to
her borne In the east
Foreman Jones, at the Crown Point
mine, rejoices In the arrival of a bah
coy . ur. uarper was In attendane a.
metiers mine will be prepared to
turn out coal In two weeks.
Contractor Kenny Is bulldfng Ova new
dwellings at the Otero mine for the Cal
edonia company and five at the Catalpa
for the Gallup company.
Ben. Thomas was caught br a fall at
the Sanahlne mine. He will be all right
In a few days.
All Is war Unlay. Captain Green has
one company moetered in. Captain
Qulnn will probably raise another.
From Baa Juao Time.
George Bachman left tor Gallon with a
load of vegetables.
Lou Miller will begin the erection of a
cosy residence at an early date.
U. Fatteraon.of La Plata. Colo., arrived
In Farmlngton on a visit to bis daughter,
Mrs. Steve Elklna.
Mr. and Mr. F. H. Bucklea and family.
accompanied by Mr. Randall. Mrs. Buck
les mother, have left for Mr. Buckles'
sheep camp near Lumberton, where they
win remain ail summer.
Mrs. M. A. Wise, of Bloomfleld. who
naa oeen visiting In Farmlngton with
her daughter, Mrs. C. C. Plnknev. for
several days, left for Manchester, In
dlana, where she goes to make an ex
lenuea visit among relatives and old
time friends.
k. U. Graffs new brick reeltlenoe
which la rapidly nearing completion will
be, when QoUbed, one of the most at
tractive homes on Orchard street. The
brick and stone work reflect great credit
on the builder, Elmer Taylor.
A. F. Slump and Mrs. Lucy England
were united In marriage at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Coe, brother-in-law
and sister of the bride. The beautiful
ceremony was performed by Rev. A. Mo
Iutyre In his characterlxtio Impressive
i.a cRfjcaa.
rom Rio Grande republican.
Mra. Heuriques aud little dauahter.
who have been visiting Mrs. Nestor Ar-
mljo for several weeks, have returned to
Las Vegas.
Mrs H. L. Allen and son. Frank, left
for Mescalero, where they will spend the
next week or ten daya visiting friends
and relatives.
George P. Thorpe,a bright young news
paper writer, and lately city editor of the
La vegas Optic, Is in the city, aud la
urklug up a special edition for the Re-
Harry Bennett, who has for the last
three years occupied the part of corres
pondent In the offices of the Mutual Life
Insurance company in this city, has
lately been promoted to the responsible
position of office manager, made vacant
by the resignation of Don Carlos Kofahl.
From the Kecord.
The following town ticket was elected:
For trustees, E. 11. Williams. R. F. Bar-
nett, W. L. Amonette, E. L. Wildy aud F.
Lea; tor marshal, W. H. Ballard: for
ooaro or education, Harry barmack, J. K.
Patterson aud J. B. Matthews.
The Hondo country has evidently been
Inhabited by the people of the prehistoric
and stone ages. Charlev Chewnlnir has
found numerous arrow beads, lance
point aud other artificially shaped rocks,
no doubt made and used by that anoient
race, who worked In ston ages before
Iron was known. Charley ureaented
Judge Lea with a nice collection of them.
On last Friday evening, about s o'clock.
there was a little ripple of excitement In
town by the sudden appearance upon our
street of three strange young men who
were thought, by those who saw them, to
be In disguise. A close watch was kept
ou the bank and postoffice all night, but
neither was molested. It Is thouaht It
was a part of Black Jack's gang who
merely dropped In to sice up the situa
tion. LAS VKUAS.
From the Optic.
Chris. Sellman Is repairing bis resi
dence, putting In new oelllngs, painting,
paperiug and the like.
The receipts at the West-side postoffice
for the year endlug March 31 were :),
&04.?d. The receipts at the East-side
office were $7,500.34, or $1,082.47 more
than during the previous year.
Ilfeld Is having one passenger and one
freight hydraulic elevator placed in bis
store. They were purchased from the
Crane Elevator company, of Chicago. J.
8. Redpatb, of Chicago, la superintending
the placing of the elevators,
The colored people of this city have a
literary society named from Blanche K.
Bruce, a former senator from Mississippi,
who was a member of their race. The
elnb numbers some fifteen members, and
at their sessions they usually bavs select
readings, recitations and debates.
At the meeting of the Ladles' Relief so
ciety, on Toewday, the following officer
were elected for the ensuing year, to con
duct the affairs of the home: Mrs. B
Patty, preeideut; Mrs. George W. Hart
man, secretary; Mies Kmh Raynolds,
treasurer; Orst vice president, Mrs. M. K
Williams; second vice president, Mrs.
A. Knickerbocker; third vice president,
nr. Alice Rice; fourth vice presMent,
lira George Selby.
sahta aau
Frotn the New kteilcao.
Louis Kunge, of New York, is In the
city. Mr. Runge has recently returned
from the Klondike region aud his eiper
lences in tbat country pretty well dis
guawa mm with everythlug pertaining
to Aiansa ana tne northwest territory
J. G. Imhoff, who Is to tnke charge of
tne Hlaud telegraph office, received
message from miperlutendmit Powars
requesting him to report for duty Batur
day morning, as the wire would be fln
Ished by that time.
Judge Walker ha received the sad news
of the sudden death at Pleasant Green
Ma. on Saturday last of his favorite
niece, Mis Margareth Walker. The de
ceased wa an only child and a most etc
tlmalile young lady.
assistant Adjutant General Fletcher,
U. A. K., ha received advice from the
quartermaster general's office at Wash
ington, that a headstone had been ship
ped to Magdalena to mark the grave of
W. A. Graham, late a sergeant In Com
pany I, Second Kansas cavalry, who died
at that plac March 10, IHU7. These
stone are furnished by the government
under the provision of the act of eon
greas or March 3, 18U3, and sent to the
neareet railroad station from the on
marked grave of soldiers, sailors or ma-
ralne who served In the army or navy of
tne United States, both tegular and vol
unteer, whether they died In the service
or since their muster out or discharge.
From lb Creaeet.
Operations will begin on the Oro and
Victor claims of the Houston eouipauy, of
this place. In a short time.
Ur. W. R. Kldwell, formerly of La Belle,
Red River, Midnight, Catsklll, is now
located at Pueblo. Colo.
The lessees of the Midnight are work
Ing a force of ten men steadily and have
been running the mill since Monday
They are confident that they will make a
good thing out of It. It la being worked
on the co-operative plan.
The Montexoma Mining company of
Kansas City, which haa been operating at
Ellsabethtown and on upper Red River
for the past three years nnder Charles J.
Dold have just put In a large plant at
their shaft near Ellsabethtown, with
which they can sink 1.600 feet.
From the Independent-Democrat.
Ph. Frendenthal writes that he will re
turn home the latter part of May. He Is
in New York.
The county commissioners have or
dered a new road surveyed between Las
Cruces and Tuiarosa.
J. B. Gould hs a contract to saw 50,.
000 feet of lumber at his mill, near Weed,
before removing to the Sacramento.
Notbwlthstandlng reports to the con
trary, there will be plenty of Mesllla val
ley fruit this year uulesa something
very unusual happens.
Cyrus Thorpe will lecture on the Turk-lsh-Greek
war, also on our navy, next
Thursday night, at McFle bail. Mr
liiorpe was war correspondent for the
New York Tribune, and had varied ex
periences. He has many war relics.
Charley Cowan seems to be taking his
cue from President McKinley In the mat
ter of delays. The Important event of
his marriage to one of our Las Cruces
belles, which was to have been consum
mated ou the nth, has been postponed
again until next Monday. We under
stand that this delay is on account of the
Interference of the Powers. Charley will
Srolialily send lu his ultimatum next
To Cur.i t itil.
Tillie !'- rr ts '.i
If u i: :. la. I to rum,
I,,, tti.,n I'orvvi'i.
i,v i ';it!mi-lH l'T-.irCSc.
tirui.-irii.t-4 r fuuU uaiocy.
Wall paper at Futrelle's.
Dipping tanks. Whitney Co. ,
Plumbing and gas titling. Whitney Co.
Lamps aud trimmings. Whitney Co.
Oueensware. srlassware and tinware at
the Fair.
Mattresses of. all kiuds made to order
at Futrelle's.
Novelties In our qunensware depart-
tueiH. rt niuiey i o.
New suits of furniture cheaner than
seooud hand at Futrell's.
Hlcrhflst prices Dald for trenta' clothlnv
at nuns, in uoid avenue.
Insure your life In the Equitable. Wal
ter N. Parklturst, geueral manager
See the window display of new spring
goods at the dry goods store the Koono-
If yon want anything In the binding
or Job printing Hue, call at ThiCitiskm
Palmetto fiber cotton top mattresses
are the best; made and sold by ft. V.
Buy your camp stove and have your
tin-work done at the Star tlnshop, it
Gold avenue.
Look Into Klein wort's market on north
Third street. He has the nicest fresh
meat In the cltv.
Hot chile con carne served every night
at the Paradise. Do not miss It, Hacle
clii & Gloml, proprietors.
Futrelle bnys furniture in ear lots and
pays the cash for same, and can't be un
dersold, and don't forget.
Have your roof painted with asphalt
elttntlo roof puint aud your leaky roof re
paired with asbestos cement. A. W.
Hayden bus It.
The best place for good. Juicy steaks
and roasts and all kinds of meats, kept
In a tlrst class market, at Kleluwort a,
north Third street.
We would have no trouble with Spain
If she only realized the immense strength
aud resource of our nation. If ynu un
derstood our ability to provide for the
wishes of our patrons you would not go
elsewhere. Hulm A Co., N. T. Aruiijo
Houaahuia OoiMle.
For next thirty days I will pay highest
cash price for household goods of everv
description. Don't sell until you get my
bid. 1. A. rtiiiTTKN. IU Gold aveuue.
Room moulding. Whitney Co.
Frank Cnlbertson, the well known
mining man, has returned to Proott
from looking after mining Interests In
Mr. Strong, who left Prescott for
Reardon, state of Washington, to see her
sick son, arrived there on the Monday
following the Saturday upon which the
young man died. Tne mother wa In
time to see the bjdy before burial, the
Orst time she bad seen her son since be
was a little boy.
A. 11. Uauch & Co, recently of Color
ado, have erected on the bank of Granite
creek, In the northern suburb of Prescott,
a complete and well appointed bresory
and now have sanis In operation and ex
pect to be delivering beer by the latter
part of this month.
From the Newa.
John D. Boyd, one of the first discover
ers of the Jerome mine, Is in the city.
Meesi a Hoover A Corduer have a beau
tiful fourteen foot flag which they will
float over the Fashion sakon linme.ll
ately upon a declaration of war with
II. B. Scott, of Pliuulr, arrived In Je
rome. This Is Mr. Scott's first visit to
the great mining camp, and he expressed
himself as well pleated with It future
Clark Slark was arrested aud placed In
Jail by Deputy Sheriff Jeff. Davis for car
rytng oouuealed wespou. He paid a tin
of $ j(J for the offense.
Kev. ft ashingtou Cboate, I). I)., of New
York, secretary of the Congregational
Home Mission society, will preach In the
Presbyterian church Sunday morning,
April 17th.
Phil, Horold. who has been employed
In the office of the territorial auditor for
the past two years, ha resigned bis po
sition. He haa mad an excellent man
for the place.
There was an Interesting race on the
Phoenix race track Wednesday between
A I. Smoct's S year-old Jim Lamb, aud
Robert G., owned by Burke, of Prescott.
The race was one-half mile for (200 a
side. Jim Lamb waa ridden br Frank
llolllday and Robert C. by a California
rider named Smith. Jim Lauib won In
31 seconds.
Tbs Yucatee hose company held a meet
ing and elected the following officer:
President, J. Marron; vice president, K.
Gonxalee; secretary, E. Gonsalee; assist
ant secretary, J. L. Morale; treasurer, 8.
Itobles; foreman, T. A. Madrid; first as
sistant foreman, William Beott; second
assistant foreman, J. L. Morales; police
meu, C. Cheeohettl and T.Soso; delegates,
F. Cerrlno and E. Gonxales.
ALGalpin was engaged Monday In
nailing np 112 case of canned peaches
at the old Phoenix canning company
plant on the south side of town. The
goods were sold to F. M. Cxarnowrki and
Chaa. Zteger & Co., of Congress, through
me agtwey or air. uaipin and were
owned by John A. Bradlsh, of Decorah.
The second day's session of the grand
lodge of Arizona, L 0. 0. P.. waa held In
Odd Fellows hall Tuesday. The election
ot ouicer iu tne morning resulted as
follows: Grand Master, J. J. Hill, Tucson;
Deputy Grand Master, U. C. Hitchcock,
Globe; Grand Warden, A. R, Kllgore,
ftllllams; Grand Secretary, Geo. A
Mints, Phoenix; Grand Treasurer, Rich
ard Humphrey, Blsbee; Grand Trustees,
H. Hobluson, Prescott; E. G. Franken
burg. Tempe; and J. Ferry, Kingman.
Tucson was chosen as the place of hulit-
lug the next grand lodge session.
An insane Mexican who gave hi uame
as Mauwell Delval wa lodged lu the
county jail shortly before noon Wednes
day by Officer HI McDonald. The Mexi
can was captured by three meu iu the
western portion of town, ft lieu captured
he was entirely naked and wa amusing
himself by Jumping across the railroad
track near (lie water tank. Three Mexi
cans who were lu the vicinity rushed
upou and overpowered him, but nut with
out a struggle. Hi McD maid was sent
for, who furniahed the demeuted creature
with a pair of trousers and brought him
to Jail.
Mrs. Jamrs M. Smith, of Chicago, a
guest of the Hotel Adams, was thrown
from a horse and waa severely lujured.
She waa riding on West Washington
street with her hushaud. He dismounted
to tighten his saddle girth aud . Mrs-
Smith rode ou. The bridle rein parted
and one end falling down the horse stop
ped on it. He waa startled aud broke
into a furious run. Mrs. Smith fell off
lu front ot the gas works and was picked
up aud carried back to the hotel on a
stretcher. She was severely contused.
John Cutler made two attempts at sui
cide at the Star lodging house Tuesday
afternoon and Wednesday night, but he
is still alive. About halt past eight
o'clock a half dozen other lodgers sitting
In front of the bouse were startled by
Butler crawling out upon the porch
aud asking for a longer knife. He al
ready held a common pocket knife cov
ered with blood In his hand, and a treaiu
of blood was pouring from his left side.
He dropped bis knife ou the floor aud re
newed bis demand for a longer knife. A
mniu as his fellow lodgers had recovered
from their astoulshmrnt they aeixed him,
carried him back to his bedroom back of
the hall, put him on a cot and sent for a
The price of airaira In the Salt Hirer
vallev haa advauoml to S per ton. It Is
likely there will be an early aivanre In
barley also.
It is now believed that Geo. W. Chey
ney, formerly of Tombritoue but now of
Tucnon, will rapture the poetollloe ap
polutuieut at Tucrton.
The luiportatlous of copper during ths
umiith ot March tliroUKh the Noirales
euntoiu hnue were the heaviiwt slure the
erect lou ot the Arizona rmtom diHtriut.
They aiuouuted to 7,iHj5,8Tt pounds, val
ued at $M,m.
Hauiuel B. Wine, the pioneer ot Covhine
county, ami familiarly known as "Daddy
H'lae," died at Tucaou after a lingering
tilnees. Mr. Wiae was lu Touilntoue
during the palmy days and for many
yearn waa located at lieusou. He waa 83
years ot age.
Iu the south, Bl.iliee, N'ogules and Tuc
son are the moat actively engaged in the
effort to beat preceding years with ref
erence to building. Willcos will take on
flow mnrh property man will tear
When n rltra depend lanrrly tinof
health. The man who uffcr from ill.
health ttanda little ahow of beln- a anc
ceasful bnlnei man. The man who comes
In hi (leak in the morntnv wt'h a head.
ache, who eufTrra all dny from dullneaa and
drowaineas, who roe to hi mrala without
an arpetite and toaae reattealy through
fh night without leep, 1 not likely to
leave a competence for hia widow and or
phan. Sucre 1 even more dependent
upon nvaitn loan noon aoilliy.
i-ew men reanae tnee truth. They
think that ererythlnjr can be acrompllahed
by work, and that health la a secondary
conaiderntion. Work la uaelr nnleea it I
good work, and good work I never dona
av By a thnmuirhly healthy man. Dr.
Pierce' Golden Medical Diacovery I the
peat of all health restorer and health nre-
serrer. It make th atomnch atrnns and
active, ii arnai a man to ot mean thor-
onghly htmirry every time. It farilftatea
the now ot aireatlve Juice and make as
similation perfect. It liwiiriirnte the liver.
It purine the blood and Alia it with the
life fivinf element of the food. It 1 the
rret blood maker and fleeh builder. It
tear down Inert, half -dead tiaatie and
bnilda new. firm, mu-ettlar flcah. It doe
not btilld flnhhy fat like cod liver oil and
Ooe not make people more comment.
Mr lh Km..!, nl U..-1-..u. ft.,... : . . H .
write to tll von of the rrnt or-nelil f hav re
ceived I rom fir. Pk-rrr a4.nlcr-n Me-llcal Diarov
ery. I waa taken with a Imd coM whu-h aettled
n mv lunir. The doctor aatd I waa In con-
eumtilfnn and conUl not grt well. 1 took CM
,lver oil and ft did me no e-otid. After tnktna
It four month I heard of ynur ' Golden Medical
inacoverv ana il Mivf 1 mv Hie.'
new life end o will Tearce when th
nippor niines in ins ursRonns settle
down to activity, aud thedav ha dawned,
Pearce Is the supply depot of the lira-
The Blalixlell ranch at Yuma Is one of
the Onest In Arizona. Mr. Blafsdell has
thirty sores In grapes, the sain acreage
In apricots, 100 aero In orange, thlrtt
In wateruioloiia, and runch else to make
un a fln raneh. Tim Sun rlarnlaa l.
columns In a late Issue to a general talk
about th Blalsdell ranch.
Kt-Senator Kuireu 8. Ives, president
of the State ot Arlsoua Improvement
eompsny, who has been In Washington
for some time paat In ths Interest of the
Algodonea land graut company, has re
turned to Yuma.
Kwing fc Pool, of Yuma, ars putting
the finishing touches on the best cold
storage and bottling plant In Arlsoua.
The storage capacity I four carloads of
beer and one earload ot Ice.
Uak Creek below Flagstaff Is to lis
stocked with Onh. If disciule of Isaak
Walton can hav It so. alark Smith
write encouragingly on the tujoct.
II. A. Morgan will furnish Fort Grant
fuel for a year nnder a contract. 18,01)0
cords at 12.48 and 1,100 bushel of char
coal at S3 cent.
Gov. Olero Proclaims April 2T, 1188, Ar
bor Dsy.
tun prupttr season, me governor an nil is
sue a proclamation, designating a day to
be set apart and observed by the people
ot the territory as Arbor day, and that
such day shall bs a holiday lu all public
IiiviU a! tl. l...ll,.. J . i . . . , ,
n..wi.Vl.llIHIIIIUI, BI1U tllltt BCIIOOl
ollloer and tsarher ars reoi.lrt t I....
the schools under their respective charge
ooserve me tiay ny piautlua trees, or
oilier appropriate
late exercises:
aow, Therefore, I, Miguel A
f Uek-
governor of the territory of New
ico, lu pursuance of the law and by vlr
tus ot the authority tu me vested, do
, j . -.7'.
day The sam. shall 'be observed as a
uiMinnj tu an uiiuiio stvutoi or 111
terrlUirv. and II Is hereby mads the
duly, under the law, of all olllcer and
teat'liers In charge of the public schools
to require their scholai to observe that
day by the planting of trees with appro-
urinin exercises aim ceremonies, and tilt)
people generally are ursed to otiserv ths
nay uy tne planting or trees lu public or
private places for their beneUt aud adorn
ment, not only for their own pro lit and
pleasure, uui as a most uierul anil appro
priate monument and heritage for pos
terity. Itonn at the executive olllce this, the
ii'. ii uay iu April, A. U lh',i.
Wlluees my baud and the Brent aeul i,l
me lerntory or iew Mexico
lal Mltil'KI. A. OTFKI),
Uoveruor of the Territory of .New
By the Governor:
UKO 11. W ALLAt g.
Hecretarv of the Territory of New
Wanted Horne and bujrgy to board for
uaeoiaaiue. Harvey Houae.
rnnuiHi aun Mainelic Healer. Can lie run
suited ou all allalra ot life, (jive love
an I lucky rharni. Will call at reHiitence:
no extra Chart". 204 Soullr Keooiid etreet.
room a.
ror K.IU
ror liein iwo comiecLlinr rnoma
furnlHhed tor housekeeping, at itiri South
oecouu aireei.
for Keut Very pleaaaut, nicely fur
nlHhwl front room; very cheap. Hoard If
ileelred, or room for light housekeeping,
luiiulre at this otlice.
Kor Sale. A UH12 double tilled wall
tent, with a fly. Price fx. Apply 311,
.luriu rirav sireei.
To Sell Two modern 8-room cottages:
two horeee; three wagon; all kinds of
noiiHeholil gouls. W . V. Kulrelle.
Cows for sale I have several good
milker; kind aud gentle. Addrees John
K. Jarvla, poitolllce bos W, or call at res
ilience, o. 4i ri Weet Silver aveuue.
Bueklau'fl Arnloa Salv.
The beet salve in the world for cut,
bruin, More, ulcer, aalt rheum, fever
soren, tetter, chapped hands, chilblain,
com and all skiu eruptions, aud boel
tively cures pile, or no pay. It I guar
auieeu to give perfect satlHfactlou or
money refunded. Price, 2o cent per boa
ror sale by all aruggleU. J. O. O
A Co.
It you are a republican aud believe tu
the policy ot protection, then why not
uphold your theories by taking out your
policy for protection agaiuet lire lu that
grand, old, true aud tried American iu-
Mlitiillou, the liiHiirauce Company of
North America, which has protected
Ainericuus to tne exieut or over f'.fii.om.
(xm of liMee from lire. Or if you desire
to be doubly protected, take a policy of
in ri.naiiHipuiu t uuerwriier, guaran
teed by two of America's foremiwt com-
pauie, backed by over $ld,iJU.UU0 of
gooil American aexeU.
Henry Iajckiuht,
It KiuiH 4 and 6 (Irani block.
No-i it,., r.t 'i i
ttivu btroug, UluoJ Aur. lK $i.
. iMui.i'M alt
Ail UrutfMiNUt
nrieoj ueeigimte anil proclaim f Tlday, I I lrni ioua i,igara, loo, here we gain, J
the 211th dav of Anril Ihuh hi Arlw.elhf cholceat davore wanhull'l
!NCI 4S0 Wa
S wli in ,..nn,. n.i
a to id a. fit., a to
S and 7 to S r. m.
pecm attention ipven to faneral anrrv,
Automatic Telephone sua.
drs, bishop nianop.
Suraerma Iftlt-a anri Maiilar...
office. Old telephone B New Telephone
las. Mr. Marlon lllabnp. M. L., oflic honra,
I to I e, m. Kr.mk I), ftl.hnn M. 11 .,m
honra, S to 10 a. re., and 1 tu S and 7 to S p. m.
Take elevator at Whitney's.
JOM) TAftCHBBl, M. 11.,
r 1 " -wv. , uuna r inn nreet. Kinnra, a
toSandS:0to 7 SO p.m. Hperlal attantloo
fives to chronic and dfaeaae of women. Old
telephone. 6S. Call ma lr In Ovum only.
ARC'HITKCT-Plan, apertfl.-atlona and e.
tlmate ftimlahed for all claaaea of hnild
tfasnd architectural work. OBinei SOS we
allroad avenne.
OrriCK and residence, No. 1 Wnt Wnld
avenne. Tclrntwin No 4 MfllMku,.
S to . mil : to S :St) and 7 to p. m.
U.S. Ktrrdy. M. D. J. 8. kaeterday, M. D.
w. . Rnra, m. d..
f-kkMCK llOLKH-Untll S a. m. and from
tu in :eo ana rrom 7 to p. m. Ofnce
and reaidenre. tt'ju v 1...1I in.
tiuerijur', n. at.
r.. i. Ai.r. i). n. .
A - . ... . .-.I i n n.rr.i.u
Hum. OllUe Iioiiii: S . ni. to I J so
I UMNO 111 I If k' I kUDi .1 r I.- t t L r.
V. m., i:to p. in. to ft p. in. Auto. lei. No.
iio;nitnenia niaue ly tnail.
ATTOKNKY-AT LAW, Alhnqnerqne, N
U. I'ronuit Attention aiven to all ImilnM
pertinlna to the tmifeMion. Win o. m
til conrta of tl,e tertltuty and before Ui United
.micv (aim ouice.
room 1.
all the eoinia of the tenltory
. . . , .in, oil .linv.
Will praitic In
rfoHNsTti.ii rir.it' a i..
1 - ,n i nii'iniiiriiiiir, n,
V M. t Iflii-e. riMiniM 1. .! kt k.... K. .1
TTMHKliVil.lT I AW All
A V.,T..7.r,:.;,,rirra:A.S
TToHNKY AT LAW. rooma and S, N
1 1. Amnio biilldlliw, AII)UMiier4iie, N. M.
St. W. llOltMUN,
ATTOHNKY AT-I.AW. Oflic over Hob.
ertaon rocetv atore. Allnuinpruue. N.M
TT TT WnrlrAnfirt
""' Aa.v AA vAi-L
Albuquerque Bowling Parlors!
Loruei e trst St. and Copper Ave.
Tliflnet Howlln Alley In the Homhweit.
-n.c piate iu penu tneevenin.
SaliKin attached.
The New Chicago
18 one of ths nicest rssorta In the
city, and I supplied with the
best and Quest liquors.
UEISCH a BBTZLER. Proprietors.
Splendid Lodging Rooms by th day,
week or month.
800 Weat Railroad Avsnus.
Very Finest .Vines
Liquors and Clzars
Thlid Mtreet aad Tljeras Aveaae.
Boer Hall!
Cool K Haw on dro(bt th doaat NaUv
Win and th vey bMt of flrat-olaa
Llqoor. Olv ot a call,
Baii An .
?lt,0AD aiioa. ALangoaaQca.
A kaud riMw.
nrana a Pwentu from them we mo. n
s'ml of Llquora, Una and cliaT
Reliable quality w set here. A
. to aell iiure food I their IdeV
A '"ays cool and aharp,lheir Beer, ra
- untie uneouai en far o nmm a a
hie Wine, all patron, rreet, r
nilioriMil .n,l .l..n.u.i.. - a k - i Si.
I I, . ' ' - mm lumuifllM
Af"lu,m Aionqiieniue there are plenty I
who favor ,KANliK A FAKkNTI
cfijlGHliND GREEK 1.0 USE
Cor. Uoid Ait, ami Arno St.
Nw Talapboua No. SU4,
Can'tBe Beat
Hon fat Gooda
Hoiuat Pricta.
See Me
The Favorite.
Before You
Boy or Sell.
hoo aoiiD
Gall at Headquarters for
leather, llanieiw, Suddle, Sailtllery,
Haiidlery Hardware, Cut Soles, Shoe
Nallx, llaue. Chain. W hips, Collars,
nweai raua, LSHior 1)11, Axle (ireaae,
Hoeton Coach Oil, Unto Negro, Kuddy
llarveeter Oli.NeaUifootOil, Lard Oil,
llarnitNS Oil, i.liiHoed (Ml, Cantlle Soap,
iiarueHs noap, larriaga HMugea
viiumoiH dkiu, uorse aiedlcinea.
Prtoo tiio Xjowaat,
Hlgheet Market Prices Paid for Hide
ami Skius.
Thos. F. Kelehor,
404 Railroad Art. Albuquerque.
BALLINU BROS., Paoraiavoas.
WelJIns Cakea aHnefialtT
Wa ftaetr Patronags, and wa
OuaranUa rirat-Claas Baking.
Talayraph order aollclled and PromoUy Pllll
Secretary Mutual Building Association.
(Iran at J. C.
Haldrlda' Lumbar fard,
mestic Coal in use. Yard
opposite Freight Oifict
A. J, CRAWFORD, Agent.
New Telephone No. 1(4...
Old Telephone No ,,
Leave ordersTrimblc's stables
Hmo Mmpltas, FrvwavDl
u Htwlsu:hu1 Ureiwirstt.
tlauauM. Furit shu Ui,,a
i . . -, . w irvwaia BMlaJ UAV 1 auu.a.1
a awia i, 4ul oTitVuiZMMZl l"l
Authorised Capital ....1 300,000 .00
Paid-up Capital, Surplus
and Profit It 75,000 00
The Bank of Commerce Id Albnqnerqne, H. S.
tm xonaaaa awd umm Lwrmm aw emmm.
Wllta Saanta a OSor rMMaei rsaaTkNy
0mt wtJk PTMrkablw Mkak
at. I. OTSao, treaideat I. C. fJALDama. Lombee. W. C. Laoaaaas CaaMalts
. P. ftcac.T.s. Vka-Prmldeat. A. Knaaasr. kiMmna Broa Wool.
B "ZZL"- CMh,M' '-)wai.L, UroM. Blackw.ll Co, Orocw
M. I. Kaaasoir. Aaalrtant Caahler, W. A. Maiwai.L. Wboiawtla DraaM,
Dcponitorj fop Atchison, Topka k 8inU r Bllw.
WJiolooolo Qrooors,
owttiETA, n. m. ALBUQUERQUE. II. 21.
G. HENRY, m. D
8tadnt of Dr. Phillip Rieord mt Fraaaa.
ESVIli.llli3 a. SpoolaltT
A .1. rm 1 I
r i.,v- i . ' . :
dlr.li,c,ueT k7eZ'.r.
Livery, Sale, Feed
Second St., Dttweea Kailroad and Copper Area.
Haraaa aad Malta Boaqht aad Bxaltaagad.
Agamta for Colambaa Baggy Campaar.
Tha Baat TaraooU la Us City.
Carriaees. Road
, Buglet, Phaetom, Etc., tor Sale, t t t t
Addrega W. L. TRIMBLE & CO.. Albpqneqq New Mexico
(8uooeaors to rrank at. Jonas. I
Finest Whiskies, Imported ud Domestic Vines vA Ccgnacs I
The Coolest tad HifhMt Grade of Later Serred.
Finest miJIard Hall in the Territory.
Finest and Best Imported and Domestic Cigars
fX)TI & 6UADII to them we cling.
Af T8A8 and 00KKKK8 and OLHnfittJSBSEP UW
Vv . . - ... The prloe the chargs U always fal-l
ijuiey nu ins mieei LiAUHK BflKM,
WINKS & LIQUORS, we always and
Thos competition they defy.
Agents for Covote Canyon Lime Company.
Free delivury to all part of the city
New Telephone 247. 218, 215 AND 217 NORTH THIRD 8T
Albuquerque Foundry and Machine Works
R. P. HALL. Proprietor
Iron and Br, Oaat iu fa I Ora, 0aU and Lumbar Oax BhaiUng, Pollava, Orate Bars
Babbit Metal i Oolaranaand Iron front for BaUdtogai Kauadra oa
Mining and Mill Maobinarr a Bpawlaity.
- a"
. . - a iiuoai i z . - -
I , ;
Ba.y lo Waar.
S.lilnt Nopr
E.v.re.l y la
Harm I Nouni
vilb Comfort. I Neva
aaaura oa
or Back.
ar aiov..
the ST.
Finest Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Etc. x
ISO Wast Railroad Ats. Albnqaarcmo.
Derxakory tor the Atlantic &
Va.iflc mod the Atxhisofi,
Topeka A Santa: FA
Railrod Co.
officers ii. immv,
JOSHUA B. BATNOLM. . . .Pissadaat
. W. IXOCR50T .... tTcarTealdaial
A. A. ....(JaahUf
VRAHK WoKKX....AsMstaT.tCaehlr
A. A. GBA5T.
ATT.tl tf-k a -r-a waw-A
wuvq cram pnsnicBDls ana DOMIDIS
OIL. u.
and Transfer Sialles
Carta. SDrinir "Wa errms. Vmnrlii
The prloe the chargs la always fal-l
To pleas their patrons la their ldA
.Tha eholoest quality of every MnD
TOTI it ORADI eaat babealsar 1
210 Railroad Avenue.
luteal Telephone 143. Albuquerque, I. M.

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