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Both tho method and mralta when
Bjrup of Figs is taken ; it is pleasant
"d refreshing to the taste, and acta
gently yet promptly on the Kfdneys,
iver and Dowels, cleanses the ays
tern effectually, dispels colds, brad
aches and forers and enres habitnal
constipation. Symp of Figs is the
only remedy of iu kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste ana ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt ia
its action and truly beneficial in iu
effect, prepared onlr from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 60
cent bottles by all leading drug,
gist. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
u nMKHOo. eL
lovmut. tr. urn rot, a r.
I'll rU) A l L Y ( JIT l A t
Tvnnl mt ftaibacirtptloB),
palls', by mall, on year ,
pally, by mat), tit months.
Daily, by mail, three- months
pally, by mail, onr month
m ly, oy carrlrr. one month
Werklv. tv mail, rwr veer
.. 00
... 00
.. l to
... to
... It
t 00
hi daily i itizkn will be- drllvprrc In
the city at the low rate of 90 rente ner week,
or for 7ft cents ppr month, when paid monthly.
These rstes are Irs. than those of any other
dally paper In the territory.
ADVKRTI8INC, KATKS made known on
application at the uftlc. uf publication.
rpilK CITIZKN lob office la one of the beal
I In the southwest, and all kinds of Job print.
n la executed with nearness and at loweat
'rilK BINDKRY, I net added, la complete
and well tilted to do any kind of binding.
TIIK CITIZKN will be handled at the office
Subscriptions will be collected by II. U.
Tilton, or can be paid at lit. omce.
VOTICK la hereby ejlreo that orders flven
' by employes upon ThkCitiiin will not
he honored unless preTlously endoraed by the
rrilK CITIZKN Is on sale at the following
a placea In the city: 8. K. Newcomer, 1119
Hallroari avenue: llawlev'a News llrnot. South
Pecond street : t). A. Matso Ik Cos. No HUB
Kallroad avenue, and Harvey a haling House
at the depot.
THK KKKK LIST-The free list of Tug
C lTI7.au embracea Notices of Hirths, Mar
Hagea, ruiieruls, Peaiha, Church Services and
kntertalnmenta where no ad intuition lacharged,
Kdtlora and Publishers.
Information of Their Where
Th Broueho Bill and Black Jack band
of robbers are again hnard from. Tbs
Tombstou Prospsctor has reliable In
formation that tbs band are now at their
old reuuViT.iug In the Chlricatma moan'
talus In this county. Tbs two bands
have been separated during their flight
from the oflioers aud posses have met a1
their old haunt, evidently by agreement'
and are now without doubt planning
another raid. There Is believed to be
nine ni. u In the party, each of whom
kuow the couutry like a b ok and are the
muet (let-penile border bandits that the
authorities have ever had to deal with.
Kitia guards have been placed on the
Southern Psclfle and precautions taken
but au attempt to hold op the tralu Is ei
peeled nevertheless.
Mum horses have been stolen by the
bandits from neighboring ranches aud
the old homes left Instead. Tbey bars
also appeared at several raurhea aud se
cured (irub and feed for their horse.
ll im not uullkely that some depredation
or lioltl-iip at the I anils of this baud will
tie curuuicled before long.
Hutiklan'a Amies, Halvs.
The beet salve Iu the world for cuts.
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
;r.'M, letter, chapped bauds, chilblains.
coritH ami an kkiu eruptlous, and put!
tively t'urttH lilies, or no pay. It Is guar
enleed to Hive iertecl SHtlsfat-llou or
uiouev reluuded. 1'rlce, 2u ceiila per boa.
jtoreaioby au druggists. J. O. O Blellj
How Ihty Look at the Camp In Boston
l-lnaoclal Circles.
The Boelvu Commereial Bulletin, of
reoeut date, coutalus the following arti
cle Iu regard to the Cochitl uiluiug dis
A gold mine that Boeton takes a great
interest lu in lu Cochin, partly beoaune
of lis txoellent prospects aud the stand
ing of the people behind it. Mr. Coram
is widely aud favorably kuown as a min
ing uiau. A Ulepalcb from the property
tliix week stales that the uiatliiui t y tor
the uew mill of the oompauy la now ar
riving aud Is being carried overlaud to
the miiiH. The work uf grading for the
lulil Nile for the cyanide leeching tanks
Is atk ut completed, aud the actual work
of coutttructiug the mill will be eoiu
uieuced uuriug the eouiiug week, feuper
iuteudeiit Merrill sats that the grading
work has taken somewhat longer tliau
be had aiitlt ipatetl, owlug to ditllcultlee
encouiiterrd lu blaetlug, but he autlci
pales that the uew mill will be ready
aud In operattou by July 1st at the
The mining camp at the property la
already a buHlliug one, aud prospectors
and others are coming to ll In large
numbers every day. The uudergrouud
workiugttot the niiue improve inrkliueea
is depth is attained. As yet, however,
the oompauy Is uot making any special
effort to open up these workings, their
deeirs being to gel the mill into opera
tlou lu order to treat ore that baa
already beeu taken out. la some por
tions of the velu at the bottom ut the
shaft about ISO feet dowu the ore
has run as high as 1H per ton, but the
management Is uot claiming that the
average will be attove 1U aud 1'J. 8a
periuteudeut Merrill estimates that on
this average the profit to the company
will be at leant to per ton, oo the basis
of tl per eeut of the mineral being saved
la lu treatmeut. About seveuty men are
now lielng employed at the property.
U. f. l'usev, general manager of the
Cot-hlti Gold Mining company, arrived lu
HuMton on H edneeday from the went.
Mr. Posey slates that work uow going ou
at the company's mines, la the erection
of bulldlugs and machinery, Is progress
ing very HaliHfactorlly, and that develop
nieut work, eiperlmeutai treatment of
the ores, has demoimirated the future
success of the company.
Tall at "The tireeu Front" shoe store
for children's aud mleeee' sandals and
oifords, black and tan, latest styles, 0 to
H, bft rente; to II, WO ceuts; lltoi,
$1; ladles' oxfords, 1. W. Cuapliu, pro
prietor. Four cans of rlelug suu lye for 26
cents, at Lombardo's.
From ths Gam.
Miss Ketta Beasley earns In frtm
rhoeuli. where she has been spending
the winter.
Ed. Graham and family have moved
from Williams to Flagstaff, and will
make this plsce their future horns.
Carpenter J. A. Wllaon bad ths mlefor
tone to fall from a scaffold aud break his
arm, Jut below the slhuw.
Cliai les Kaman has been hers several
dajs. lis has about eight huudred head
of cattle which he brought In from the
F'lsgalaff has the most Commodious
bsss ball grounds In the territory aud a
number of match games will be played
here this summer.
T:.e butchers of VYIimlow, Williams, and
FlagNtsff are all bo; lug hogs aud cattle
for their markets from the Salt river
fai uiera.
Mrs. M. J. Carpenter, who has been
viHiilug ber daughter, Mrs. Hugh g.
Cs'iipbell, for ths past several months,
lei t for her home lu Uarloca, California.
D, R. films, who bss been ou ths sick
IimI for several days, has about recovered.
We are Informed that he will have
charge of the Grand Canyon stage stand
at Cedar Ranch, this summer.
The Arltooa Lumber aud Timber com
pany Is running lis boi factory at night
lu order to fill lbs heavy demands for
boles. A full force of men la working,
bulb la the camps aud at the mill.
Deputy Sheriff V. Falrcbild aud Con
stable balu Black left for Tuba City to
look after the dam which the Navajo Iu
dlaus are putting In at that point. These
Indians are a eoustaut source of annoy
sues to the settlers In that section.
Miss Anua Miller, a classmate of
Robert Davis, came In and stopped over
tor a tew days. Miss Miller has been
leaching school at Show Low. in Apache
eouuty. and Is on her return to ber borne
In Tempe, Arltona.
From tbt Argus.
K. C. Kinder has returned from pho
nlx, where he bas been for about three
mouths looking after his sheep.
Robert lisstion died at the boms of Mr.
and Mrs. J. Bargmaa on Thursday morn
lug. He cams to Hoi brook three weeks
ago and has been stopping with them
and been cared for by them, receiving
every care and attention. He was 61
years old aud bas a son living at Pan
ther, Oklahoma, aud another at Kvsrest.
Mrs. J. K. Ds Rosear departed on Wed
nesday for Denver, Colo., and probably
her trip will luclude several of the lead
lug eastern cities. She will stop over on
her way at Albuquerque and Las Vegas
to visit with frieuds. She goes to Deuvsr
to take a thorough course In vocal and
Instrumental music, physical culture
and languages. Mrs. De Rosear Is
brilliant young woman, who, after com
pletlng her studies, will make additional
conquests In the social world and shed
additional luster In the social circle In
which she moves.
As we were going to press last week
we received the sad intelligence of the
death of Hose Kyle, of Pleasant Valley,
on April 7, from spinal meningitis, at
the Gentry ranch, lie was slrk only Ave
aays, and most of that time nuoonxcious
Dr. Leonard attended blm, but found the
patient beyond the aid of medical skill.
The deceased was a sou lu lsw of J. W.
Klllson. lis leaves a wife and one child
He was an old resident of Pleasaut Val
ley and the foreman for II. J. Ranier
lie bad scores of friends la Pleasaut
Valley and throughout all this section.
who were pained to learn of bis sudden
Clarence Toung and Robert Bonier
vllle, two painters and decorators well-
known la Arizona, have decided to locate
at FlagNtsff.
Julius Leetynnky agalnRt George H.
Slsson Is ths title of a new suit Bled in
the dbtrlct court at Tucson. Tbs case Ib
a suit on two notes for 9750 each made
to plaintiff by defendant, and one note
for I5.UCMJ and one for 1 10,UX, made by
Late Uuller, now deceased, on which Mr.
Slsson was an endorser.
Khipments of bay the past week
amount to thirteen cars from Glendale,
About half of this was new hay. Many
rarmers win bold their crop until win
ter, Which fart will tend to keep ths
price close to the present figure, 7. One
dealer sold one huudred tons tor delivery
within two weeks at this price and offers
have been made In many cases to con
tract the season a crop at this figure.
The present year promises to become
blHtorlcal tor Industrial as well as po
litical reasons, in mauy Arizona sections.
It Is distinctively the wealth-producer's
year. Speculators and the non produc
ing clans that trade on the wealth crea
ted by others, will perhaps get as largs
returns for their money as In other
years, but the farmer aud stockgrower
will gain more of tbs prizes that should
rightly be theirs. With barley at fl la-
stead of sixty Ove cents, hay at $7 In
stead of 5, rattle at four cents, hogs at
three and one-half and sheep at f I, ths
rewards of Industry are a tangible bless
ing Instead of a glittering fancy.
John P. tlum, at oue time postmaster
of Tombstone, is a pOHtolIlcs InNpector
and is now at Sksguay, Alaxka, looking
after the postal service In that country.
Two coal beds have been discovered on
Fossil creek, la ths northern part of (ilia
county, by Davs Gowan, owner of the
famous natural bridge. One coal seam
is four feet in thickness, aud the other
about two feet. The coal burus well,
and is pronouucod an excellent quality
of bituminous. If ths coal will ataud
the coking teet the claims will be of Im
mense value.
Tbs stage between Geroulmoand Globe
was held up at 3 o'clock Tuenday after
noon, about Ave miles north of Geronimo
by two robbers. They took the registered
mall aud express and robbed all the pas
sengers. Therobbers went north. Ageut
Rice, of San Carlos, sent Indian scouts to
take the trail. Pheriff Birchtleld left to
join In the pursuit. It is not kuown bow
much booty the robbers secured.
Tbs Msw Compiled Last,
The public prluter Is engaged In
printing the index to the new compiled
laws, aud this work will be Qulntied by
Monday next, says ths New Mexican.
Then the binding will commence, aud by
Juue 1 the l,5ou volumes of the couiplld
laws in Rngltah will be ready for dlotrlb
ollon The delay has has been raneed by
the fact that J. P. Victory, one of ths
members of ths compilation co i mlsalon
aud the one having In charge the prewar
at loll of the tudel, did not Qnleh this Im
portent woik as rapidly as euutemplat--d
by ths law. The volume with the Index
wllte iutsln about 1.200 pages. Is finely
printed on very superior book paper, aud
will be subeuullaiiy and strongly bouud
It will be aiiks creditable to the terrl
lory, to the oommission and to the public
C. A. Mnilaiiy, Los Augelee; C. 0. An
dersou, ttolbrouk; Mis. A J. Vtarrea,
urauis; v. V. Lirfinttall, louver; A. A
Admit", New lora; K H. McC'ueii, Han
Anloitlo; John A. Kiley aud wife. List
Aiigxlee; C. W. Mimney, Inlets; Robert
aiann, wire aud child, lieirult: n. u,
llioiusou aud wife, Inuldad; F. 0. Poi
son aud wife, Williams, A. I.
i A. Cumailuga, Peoria. III.; C. W
Hlnrkt-y aud wile, t'boeulxi J. W
fweiizer aud Wife, Wumlow; Henry V
Weeiheimer, St. Joeeph, Ma; K. A. Kra
mer, Denver; U. W. Uakley, HaiiMts City
Mrs. J. t. shea, Nellie oltea, Los Luuae
a. r. aieyer, M rso; w. H. Mayo aim
wife. M. Harold, Umiien, N. M.; ueorge
neuer, Anxoiia; C. f. Itudamer, . Wan
lug. Wilcox, A. 1.; C. A. tialhbun, Las
eg as.
Arrival nf ths Mlllenlnia.
The date of the advent of this hnpuv
period lots no oll. u lieeu fixed by pruplielr
oi many creeiix, aud Huts has beeu
many Ulnatpolliliuelile, lliat a glaVr
doum of lis reality h.ui g.nt-'ll lu I In
inind-t even uf the credulous. But llioee
acquainted Willi the I acts are aware
iroui peritonei uiHervallou aud expvri
eiice thai lioetetler's hlomsch Hitlers U
an admirable means of preventing ami
remeiiyiug attluey aud bladder com
planus. Liver and malarial trouble,
coiielipation. sick headache, nervou-nees
and uausea are all overcome by this ben
etleenl regulator aud tonic, nhen ap
petite Is Impaired and sleep broken of
unrefreehlug, a winxglasetul shortly tie-
fore meals and before retiring will do
muro vo remedy Hie diuicully.
Organlaed Laat Nlhr-M.ny Willing
fight fur Ihslr Country.
In reepoiiHe to martial airs by the First
Regiment band a large crowd gathered
at the Fergusson Hook and Ladder com
pany s headquarters on north Second
street for ths organization of the Na
tional Volunteer Reserves.
T. N. Wilkersou called the meeting to
order, stating ths purpose for which It
was called aud Incidentally scoring
Spain and 8panlNh methods In severe
terms greatly to ths delight of the
crowd When hs had Qulshed he called
upon Colonel Borradaile, who stated that
ths members of the Guards would be
given ths flrst opportunity to enlist as
volunteers after which the Reserves
would be called upon. The Guards
needed about sixty more men to make
up ths full Dumber of oue hundred, and
persons wlshiug could make applications
to become members of the Guards, which
applications would not be acted upon
until the Guards were actually called
out. As soon as the war was over, the
Guards would be dlNbanded and reorgan
ised, with only such as desired remain
ing members.
' Judge B. F. Adumt, P. J. McGratb and
K. L. Medler delivered speeches on the
subject after which a large number of
perNous put down their names and
joined the National Vuluuteer Reserves.
A number also slated that they would
make direct application for mcmben-hlp
In ths Guard aud so did not sUn. It Ik
safe to say that ths president can depend
upon two hundred volunteers from Albu
quirqus at a moment's notice.
Immaculate Conception Karly mass.
7; children's inane, V); Sunday school,
U:3; high mass. 10:3(); beads Instruc
tion and benediction, 7:30.
Baptist Church Preaching at III, m.
and 7:3d p. m. by Rev. W. F. Taylor, of
Daytou, Ohio. Sabbath school at 9:45 a.
m. V. P. S. C. K. at 6:30 p. m. You are
especially Invited.
Preebyterlau Church Corner Pllvel
avenue and Fifth street. T. C. Beattle.
pantor. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p.
m. Sunday BChool at 10 a. m. Y. P. S.
C. K. at 8:45 p. m. All cordially Invited
Highland Methodist Church, south
Arno street, between Silver and Lad
avenues. M. Hodgson, pator. Sabbath
school, 10 a. m ; preaching, II a. m. aud
8 p. m ; "Biiey Bee," 3 p. ui ; Kpworth
League, 7 p. iu. A cordial Invitation to
all. Strangers especially welcome. All
seats free.
Lead Aveune M. K Church Corner
Lead avenue aud Third street. A. C.
Welch, pa-tor. Sunday school, 10 a.m.;
preaching at 11 a. m., subject, "What Is
Thy Vision?"; clans meetiug. 13 m.; Hp.
worth League, 6:45 p. m. At 7:30 the
W. 11. M. S. will hold a public meeting.
An Interesting program will be rendered.
A. M. K. Church J. II. Bohanuau. pas
tor. Morning preaching at 11; at 8.
Rev. W. 11. Johnson, of Texas, will oc
cupy the stand. Christian Kudeavor, 7
iu. Sunday school, 3 p. m. The me
morial services of the late Bixhop J. H.
Armstrong will be lnld at the evening
services, by lie v. Johusou. All are wel
come to come.
St John's ( KpUcopal) Second Sunday
after KaHter Morning prayer, 11; cele
bration of the holy communion and ser
mon, 11:45; Daughters of the King (St,
Agues chapter) 4 p. ui ; eveusong and
sermon, 7:30. Hie brotherhood of St.
Andrew (St. Johu's chapter) Moulay
ulght, S. The Litany will be said next
Friday afteruoou at 4:30. Thecdidnuii.
Hon class w ill meet next Saturday at
teruooa at 4 o'clock.
Congregatloual church, Broadway and
Coal avenue, Frank II. Allen, pador
Sunday seHHloiis of the Congregational
A-s n'latlon of New Mexico, wuh sermon
by Rev. Waehtugtoii, D D., of New Y irk
City, at 11 a. ui. an I at 7:.0 p. ui. Sever
al brief addresses on "1'he Church as an
Kvangellzlng Ag-ucy," by Rkvs. P, A.
Sluiplilu.of Gallup; W. C. Vt right, of Kl
Paso; K. 11. Ashiiiuu, of thU city; Ir
Choate, of New York City, and Mrs. G, K
Hirlew, of Kail Rafael, New Mexico.
Sunday school at U;l 5 a. iu. Y. P. S. C.
K. at 11:3) p. ui. The mile quartette will
sing at both services. All seats free and
a cordial welcome
To Clin.
, I orever.
.-In'. 1'V I'lSO.
. i r fun-1 ouriuiy
I ' , -I .1 r. I s I
. l' to.;
Kul cigars bv the box from 73 cents
op. at Lombardo's.
Special sale of black dress goods at
Ths Koouomist.
Second Cavalry Regimental Rand and
Troops Band 1 rsi thrr ugh.
Two government train Iced of sol
diers and military equipments arrived
in ths city from Ft Wlngate shortly
before 8 oYl'ck last night. Tbs Aral
train w nia le np of revn cars ct
equipment and eleven ears of cavalry
horsea. This train was decorated
with flags sud banners and priwented a
gay and lively appearance. Train i.umi
ber two Consisted of Ove coaches aud two
baggags coaches and two battgags cars
which were occupied by U'A of I'ucle
.Ham's boys. They consisted of the Sec
ond cavalry, the Second cavalry band
and troops K and K nf ths Second. The
regimental officers were Colonel Huntl,
Lieutenant Colonel Noyes and Lieu
tenant Micble. Lieutenant W. II Bean
was In commaud of troop C and Captain
C F. SchoQeld of troop K. The other
commissioned officers were Lleuteoaute
Kt 11 jr. Orion aud Uauna.
A large crowd of citizens was at the
depot when the train came to aud gave
the soldier boys a rousing reception.
Many more came dowu while the train
was wailing here, to take a look al some
nf ths men who will In the very near fu
ture, sow dselructlon among the arnieu
minions of Spatu. The banner ou the
hggsgs car with the Inscription ''Sec
ond I'. S. Cavalry, Re member the Maine"
diet with the approval uf everybody.
while the Second cavalry baud dis
join sed ni'islc at the depot, the soldiers
cme down lowu for refreshments. At
t r etopping hers about au hour ami a
,tlf the trumpeter sounded Ihe signal
(or the troops to reiuru to their cars.
When they proceeded lo their destiuatlou
at Chic kamauge.
rYhether on pleasure bent or business,
utks on every trip a bottle of Syrup of
r ig", as ll acts nioet pleasantly and ef
leciually on the kidneys, liver, aud
bowels, preventing fevers, headaches aud
uher forms ol nit knees for sals In 60
ceut bottles by all leading druggists
Manufactured by the California Fig Sy
rup Co. only.
A Few Items From Wallace's Jaoctum
Oihcr Items.
Special Correapondence.
VMiihIow, A. T., April 22 -I had the
pleasure of a visit to the sanctum of
Kdltor Wallace, of the Mall, Uu o'her
Jay, and on entering the door fonnd ths
old gentleman busily engaged In select
ing gems from bis scrap books for this
week's Mall. He granted me the prlvl
lege to plaglartzs the following from bis
Ths people who get ths least mall are
the worst kickers wheu His mall Is late,
Ths most ludicrous being In ths world
Is he who tries lo bs unhappy aud cau't.
To-morrow will be like to day. Lire
waHtes Itself while we are preparing to
A womau's Idea of the best plastering
in me aiuu you can arive a bail luto any,
People always laugh at the first man to
follow a new fashion, and at the last oue
to a topi u.
Some people are so slow that thev Irrl
tate other people to go too fast and fall
There Is not plenty of room at the top;
4im u taxes an acrobat lo slick ou after
lie gets there.
Tbs beet man Is he who tries to perfect
itiuiseiri and me n-ippleel man Is lie who
feels that he Is perfecting himself.
Whenever we hear the women talk In
dignantly because another woman la
-polling her husband, we huut blm up to
congratulate IMIU.
Although these are war days aud al
moat every man you meet has his theory
about the outcome with Spain, Kditor
viallaos amis consolation among the
pages of his dusty scrap books and the
almanacs that he has recently uncovered
from the old shelves.
The Santa Fe Pacific Railway company
continues doing a rushing busluexs, and
every department of the Immense rail
way eho;s, at this polnt.lt running a
full force day aud night.
John Pullar, ths division matter me
chanic, ami his genial chief clerk.George
Montgomery, as previously stated by I lis
i'itizkn. resigned their position') a short
time ago. Theee two railroaders are
popular among the VMnsluw people, es
pecially Montgomery, who proved hliu-
If oue of t'e beet dancers and most
gallunt admirers uf Die feminine gentler
along ths railroad. He will be sadly
missed lu Wiiisliiw society.
Ths canal scheme of Col K. II. B rg-
nuu and S. M. Folsom, with other geu
tleuieu, Is moving along nicely, aud
Wlnslow will soon have enough water to
supply all the railroad towus from Albu
querque to Needles.
Wlnslow eujoyed a visit the other day
from C. O. Auderson, editor of ths Hot
brook Argus. Anderson Is a genial gen
tleman, and the railroad boys are always
glad to give him a hearty handshake.
New Bra in
' This tells of a discovery that alleviates suffering and
prolongs life. It is inexpensive, effective. Medical
science is revolutionized over this, one 0 the greatest
achievements 0 modern times.
Tbs fad that several dollars spent for tbs
right trudwii has tlUctcd a cur whsrt a
skilled and sxptnsJvt physician aidrd by
lbs ! tut and most ingtmoui instrument of
science, hail Itilsrl, is a man of much
Important becatae H opens to down cut
suit err rs a new, ins-zptoaiv and sure
avenue to ths restoration oi health and ths
full enjoyment of ths pleasures of life
Such was tbs experience oi Mr. Ada
A. Hot, of 4J9 North CharlotM Street,
Lancaster, Pa.
From a weak, aarvoua, det ponding per
son, she was anad a strong, active wotuaa
and a cheerful, beiplul wiU.
Her ttory la Interesting.
Mrs. Hen auilercd terribly from female
disorders. Her nerve became uostrung,
crimp griped her and caused Ih most
intense pain.
So weak and physically demoralized
was slut, Uut Ihe slighteat labor wearied
her and household dude were a burden.
The most alarming symptom of her
milady were the frequent tainting spells
that afflicted ber.
In the midst of he work, or in a cor.
venation, diitiness would com upoa her
and ib would fall prostrate m a swoon.
She consulted a reputable physician. He
diagnosed her case aud prescribed the usual
Instead of improving, ih continued lo
trow worse I the ailment thai was robbing
her life of the Joy oi young womanhood
Israms mora pron Quoted.
It Is a blessed psrlod
la awetroan a ltfrwhen
a dfttr little stntnger
comes driving down i
out of clnndiand to
heart Sue
bodca some
weakness or
mnerfecttnn in Ihe
rmtiy while the worn
snlr nature fears Its
own atiffennga; and per.
hnp a little aide of van.
ty alxutt her figure mnkeg
hrr dread that ita attrac
tive contour ma? be de
stroyed by maternity.
But as a matter of fact
when a woman Is in per
feet health and condi
tion, motherhood should
only serve to enhance
and accentuate her phy
steal attractiveness. F.y
ery expectant mother
should know and avail
bereeil of the health giving, nerve-toning
prorterttes 01 itr. ricrce a i-avonte lie
scription. It gives specific atrcngth and
... ,t.. ........ t . .. .
promotes thornugh, healthy, constitutional
vigor and recuperative energy. It makes
motherhood safe snd comparatively com
ftirtahle; insures the buhv's perfection and
preserves the mother's buoyant spirit and
womanly aurncitveness.
Mrs. Mlimls-th Hull. 7 Merrick Street fsv.
ItK-kH, R. I., writes. "I hnve t iken Ir. rirrce's
Favorite Pn w ripO-n and rsnnS snrnk ton well
of H. 1 have rn-l filleen biMrs. and alwsvs had
a ha4 time, e-rnieiinte I hitd to hnve two d.x--
tors. I Iw-ain tVtii your ' Prewrrtntlon ln
July, and In Neptemlwr I rnve Mrth In two little
girls, snd I never hd Burn an eo.v time. I hud
nodoeOH-, sttd was ntt in puln half of Ihe lime
s he Iocs. Mv weight Is sNsrt two hundted
pounds. My twin, when l.im weijrhed ten
p.stti.1. sa. It. They snr fine Kills, now four
snonths old "
In many rasea where constipation Is one
ol the sirtrritvatiiifr cnusea ol tit-tease. Ir.
rierre'a I'lrasnnt relicts slttiuld be ned in
etn)unctlon with Ihe " Favorite Prrscrip
tion." They are the simplest and most
perlectly natural luiulive ever Invented.
Wall paper at Flit relies.
Dipping tanks. W hitney Co.
Plnmblug and gas Bttlng. Whitney Co,
Lamps and trimming. Whitney Co
Qusensware, glassware and tinware at
i us Fair.
Native wine, &0 cents per gallen at A
Highest prices paid for gents' clothing
at Hart's, 117 Gold avenue.
Fresh Kansas eggs 12 cents, native
egg n,'i cen is, ai Lomiiardu s.
Laces, Chiffons, embroidery and rib
bona In endless variety at The Big Store.
It yon want anything In the binding
or joo printing line, can at ihicitixkn
ma Manse ana tvuuder msnie sap,
oniy m ceuis per gallon at A. lumbar
Old Rys, Rtitirbnn or brsndy, 7B cents
per quart. Call for samples, at A. Lorn-
Buy your camp stove and have your
tin-work done at the Star tinshop,
Tom Bvenus.
Look Into Klein wort's market on north
Third street. He has the ulcest fresh
meats In the cltv,
Hot chile con carne served every night
at ths Paradise. Do not miss IU Bache-
cm a lilouil, proprietors,
This week's special sals at Golden Rule
Dry Goods company Is silks, dress goods,
embroideries, Oxford shoes and percales.
rli" latest In shirt waist sets are the
Kob K y plaid sets and the antique jew
eled sets lo match Jeweled belts. Rusen-
waid Brothers.
Have your root painted with asphalt
elastic, root palut ami your leaky root re
paired with asbestos oemeuL. A. W.
tiayden bas It.
The best place tor good. Juicy steaks
ana roasts anil an Kinds or meats, kept
In a tint class market, at Kleluwort a,
norm i nird street.
Be wle and attend special sale at
Golileu Rule Dry Good company s. Kx
traordlnary low prices ou silks, dress
goods, embroideries, low elioes aud per
Ijidles wearing nunilwr Vi, 8 and Vi
shoes, can securs sums great bargains al
A. Slmpier's closing out sals, as he has
eo unusually large etis'k of these num
bers In sIioks which must le disposed of
at any sacnuce.
We would have no trouble with Snaln
If she only realized the Immense strength
aim resources or our nation, it you un
derstocsl our ability lo provide for the
wisues or our patrons you would not go
elsewhere. Iluliu A Co., N. T. Arinijo
Kt-itui Is l.lood IH't p,
(lean lil s,d in, - ins u clc.oi sl.iti. V,
Ileum - villi, mt it. I .,,,,!,'! I v i ., ti,,,,
... j.,,,, tm,,,,, in, ,, Kit p ii i-ii-ali, li)
stimuli up the lazy liver and ilmiiiK jm
t. ,.i..u . ..... t.i i .... i i . .. , .
luntii-s from the IsmK-. IUkiii to iluy to
Lllli.ll tlilllllllMt
, , ,-- . , iiiu, i.i rn,i
Isilla, Motrin', lilui l.liesds.
7; - .'i,,w .-oiiipiexinn lV IHKItlg
I aacsrets, Is-iiuiy f,,r ten cents. All drug
gists, aatufacliuo guaranteed, loc, aic,6oc.
If you are a republican aud believe In
ths policy of protection, then why not
uphold your theories by taking out your
policy for protection against lire in thai
grand, old, true and tried American in
stitution, ths Insurance Company of
.North America, which has protected
Americans to the extent of over tuo.oui.-
1 Ml of loMNee from lire. Or If you desire
to be doubly protected, take a policy of
the Philadelphia I'uderwriters, guaran
teed by two of America's foremost com
panies, backed by ovir lil.iMMKK) of
good American assets.
Rooms 4 autl 6 Grant Block.
Crockery and glassware. Whitney Co
It seemed im possible to correct or ma
check Ihe disorders.
1 had become greatly weakened," said
Airs. Herr, in Iclluig her story lo a reporter,
"and the awful cramps and the frequency
and nature oi the iainling spell alarmed
me beyond belief and ihatlwed my system.
"I tried electric treatment) it failed, and
I did not know where lo turn for help.
"A friend told me how her mother had
been greedy benefited by taking Dr.WU
liarrj' Pink Pill for Pale People.
"I had but little hope Joe successi but a,
dded to give these pills a trial.
"1 took Iwo boae and was much bene
fited. After taking lis more boae I was
cured. Dr. Williams' Ptok Pill lor Pals
People bad don what all Ihe previous
treatment had failed lo do.
"I am hilly restored In health now, and
do thing thai I had hardly dared attempt
No discovery of modern times ha proved
auch a boon lo worr. .0 a Dr. Mf illiama' Pink
Pill for Pl People. Acting directly 00
the blood and nerve, invigorating the body,
regulating Ih function, they restore Ih
strcugthand health lo Ihe exhausted womaa
when every churl oi the physician proves
T'hee citls are recognired everywhers
a a specific lor diuase oi the blood and
nerve, por paralysis, locomotor Ataxia,
and other diseases long supposed incurable,
they have proved Iheir clticacy in thousand
oi case. Truly they are one oi Ihe greatest
Hissing ever bestowed upon
tnnke Its home in her it i f.
her and call her A A Tl
mother. Yetthtma- A ; ia.V1
Jority of women an- J fejr??' V
proach this tints with X ) W . ilV
fear and tniglvlng ti
both tor themsrtvea ,J V j '
and ths erwctcd lmle T '
JVIA.Y L-th, 45 tb, Gtli, 7th, 1898.
Hy May l Two Hundred Horses will he stabled
on the track and in temporary stabks outside.
All tho Great Stake Horses from Pan Francisco, St.
Louis, Butto, Anaconda and Kansas City Tracks.'
and other Stake Winners. Just as good as
San Francisco or Now Orleans.
Special One-Fare Round-Trip Passenger Rate to Albuquerque
Don't miss the GreUat Racing Carnival ever held in the Southwest.
G. C. B. CULLEY. Secretary. JOHN S. TRIMBLE. President
iks. HinsoH a KiHHitp.
eiirp-rfMie--mics inn rre' lncr orre post.
ofllc. Did Ivli-ptinnv OS. Nrt Trlrphiin.
, ,, J Uh. M ....... L ...... , . ..a
... it. in. rr.m ir. nii,ri, m. i..ow:t
bnnra. 10 in a. n- I in and 7 to p. an.
Taas rlrraliif al Whitney's.
n .Ideiicc. s07 nunh h KU, mwi. li..a. I
lo a and ki) 10 1 u p.m. irrial attcotlur
tlren to clirnnlr and dlsvasrs ol wnmro. OU
u-leptionr, kfS. Can. marlr lo durum onlr
AKCHITRCT-Plans. spM-l!lrstlnns snd s.
ttmitrs fnnil.htMl fl ail Hum i f hnll,l.
ln snd archllcclurai srutk. Otticsi SO Waal
Ksuri'Sd arrniw.
OFKICK and mldrnc No. 411 Wee Mold
snne. Trlrplmn No. IS. OOicc boars
lo a. m.l I -SO to S hu and 7 In S . m
(.. 8. Kastwdsr, M. D. J. H. kaslrrdas. M. li.
w. w. Horn, at.
OFFtCK IIOUKD-trnlll t a. m. and from
1 :SO to a :SO and from tlnln.n. ( )!..-
nd rrsidrnrr, iO West Uoid arenus, Alba
qnrrquo, N- St.
K. J, Alsj.r, l. D. S.
Urns'. IMIne Iniursi S s. in. to 1K:H0
p. rn.i 1 :H0 p. m. lu 6 p. in. Ainu. Tel. Na
4t'i. Appointments ma.lt- by nmii.
ATTOHNKY-AT-I.AW, Albnqnr-rqns, N.
M. fromut sttrntton clvrn to all bmlnMt
prrtalnln to the pmlmlun. Will practice In
ci'uiw ui mr lemiurr ana oriore ui. f Ditra
States land ottue.
TTOHNKY.AT-LAW. Ofiic. room ,
N. T. Armllu bullilina-. Will rtr&r-fi, a In
all Ih. courts o Ib. leittiur,
A TTORNkYS-AT LAW. Albngiiergue, N.
IV M. tllllce. rouma k and .MKriiiul
nana DQimin:.
M. W. U. It St f A M
, TTOHNKT-AT-LAW. Alboquerque, N
L st. Ollite. Klrsl Nalloual liank building
TTOKNKY.AT-LAW. room 1 and t, N.
- T. Armljo buildln, Aibuqueniu., N. M.
J i TTOHNKY AT-I.A W. Offlc. orer Rob.
i rrtson's arncerr slore. Albiluuerune. N. M
H. H. Warkcntin
arnnn Knw ina Pjrlnrcl
ivjuw uvniiug iuiivii)!
Corusi Klrst 8t. ami Copiwr Av.
Tti. flnrst Howlln.; Alters In the Houthwrst.
sic plate lu epend the STenln;.
baliMin attai lied.
ftie New Chicago
iS ntis of ths nicest rworts In ths
Olljr, aud is supplied with til
best aud Qutwt Uijuurs.
HEISCH A BETZLLR. Proprietors.
Bplsuitlil IxxlclDg lioouis b ths da,
wtsik or lutmili.
809 Weat Railroad Avenue.
Very Finest Vmes.
Liquors and Clears
Thild Mtrwit and fljsras Atsnue.
Atlantic Iioor Hall!
8CHNTUDKR h L1X, Phot's.
Cool ttec B.woDdrao(bl Ih. finest Nallr.
Win. and tb. rsrr best of first-daM
Llqaonj. OIt. ns s call.
Hau.aoar Atihcs, Alsouniioni.
A oul flaea.
Grande A Parrnlll from them we reap, TJ
all Slim, of l.niunr.. Un. and cLea
Uellabir i,iiaiiiy e .ct here, A
a. lo vli omeiiiKMl. la their lde
A Iways cool ar, f,ar. ,. ii.rir Mrer, r
aa- unite ui'c iMled far or nea I
Noble Wlne a. I ,ni,,i. .. n-rri, p
lmponetlu'i(itl--iiit'ii . sMiKk complet LU
lrlliluus t.v. "". h le me train, fVI
S-f ch.iiir.t flavors we obtal I'
Plrellrnt Koi...ie Ixi l, i 'ran and neat, TP
&ltlUS St Allitlgt rrnii llirre are plenty I
who fan rl.UANiih A pAKKNTl
Pll I s
t ur. t,. .j,, Oy.t-..jV. "
.T"T.,!'.", "" .Sell d.r la
1 1 ujiipnnaii. ftirir ihs ti I
S V "'" at,t c" ur lull i,o i,
sWM t, itrssfiM. On. SUMSKO CO. Praia, fa.
Twn rpury airn H .1 Harrun a .1......
vlsl at i'ii-UHttiil lirisik, N. y., 'liuualit a
xiiuiii kiii,iv or riiuiiiiiriiiii's CoiiKh
Ki uifdv. IIh slims mi iIih lesiilt hh f,il.
lows: "At that tims Ids viK.,ts were un
known In tli sertioii; In ilur CIishiIht
IkIii'b I'i-iikIi Keuittly Is a hiiiiieholil
word." It Is Ihs nuiiih III liliiulruila of
roiiiiiinnitles. V lisrevnr ttis (food quitll-
ties of I liHinlinr Iain's CuiikIi Kcuirxiy lis
coiiie known ths pnipls will lisvs nolli
lng sIhs. Kur sals hy all ilnivrKlnts.
IIoumiIiuIiI IIimmIb.
Kur nsxt thirty days I will nay hlirhsst
psmIi pries fur housnholil kihIs of every
description. Ism't sell until you cet my
bid. T. A. n iiiTTKN, IH (Juld avenue.
No-Tu-llac lor r.liy I i ota.
riuarantiHd olu--.n l,.,r c, r, r-.a,,-n wni
OiUb .truua. bluo.1 iur- 'I All i.m.-
Ifamlsoiiie, resily to-wear units for sen-
lenien at himh'U! ImrirHins llm wm-k. at
Ttis lilK Htors.
Mi's liHltfliiir rnoint, 25 ieiits tier nlulit.
t .No. Ill Kirst slns'l. Mrs. P. I'arentl.
Novelties lu our querurtware depart-
uieut. n hltuey Co.
Ever Held in the Southwest
lothortset) Capital ....t 500,000. 00
Paid-up Capital, 8arpioi
andProflu 174)0000
Ihe Bant of Commerce
naau w romtii) BioHaxaa aid uatnaa tamai o oamra,
silsslst eVeawaa SJMS OSBar. tm Pa. al Sara Brrsey rsallHf
0isasrat Hi rraflaaMa rablr
Mi 8, Oraao, Fn.ld.nl J. C. BALDainsia. Lamw. r i .-. . ,.
b. r. SoaosTaa. Vlc.-Pnsld.al.
, B. TaioKLaa. CaeWse. A.
B. J. latsasoa. Assistant Cashia.
Depository for Atchison,
Wholosalo Grooors,
aa.TTs 01 TI.
Baij to Wear,
Rstslos Naprsuursoa
a.rsissl y HipsorBaca.
Hernia I No aadsrsttaps.
l'S Cosslorl. J Msvar asoras.
Livery, Sale, Feed
Second St., rxtweeo Railroad and Copper Avea
Horaes and Males Iionaht and Bxekaaaed.
Atjenta for Columbaa Baogy CompaaT,
The Beat Turnouts la tho Citr.
Carriages, Road Carts, Spring Wagons, Victorias
Buggies, Phaetons, Etc, for Sale. : t s :
Address W. I,. TRIMFI.K COM Aibnqorov. Now Mexico
Imported French and Italian Goods. m
Sols gents for San Antonio Lime.
Albuquerque Fouudry and Machine Works
R. P. HALL, Proprietor
Iron and Brsn Oaiuii 0r, Coal and Lorn bar Cars BhAfllnj, Pull.ya, OrmM Bars
Babhlt M.-jsI i Columns and Iron ITronU for Bull ingl Kspsvlra oa
MluiDg and Mill BtMhtnsry a BpUly.
Studnt of Dr. Phillip Rleord of sFraaeo.
Svplillis n, Speoialty.
A enr f nan nt red In efrr caave andfrtakeQ wlwn ear ! prftctlcabl and poaalbU
(rnntwit !!. ui rt l aind trlciui iTfllly cuitwi wuh Dr. Ulrtird't French krrnedlpii. KtKani
fwi prrmnpiitly currtl willitn TllKKK DAY.
l, or AIM A iiawii 'jfrtniuirriitw, arinimu limn?, niarii eiuisMumat, luaornuia, aHMiaocr f
radlnUy currl. Kironl mtfthoU priu ticeJ lo the Wtirlil'i ioiltU, Put. krfetncsjt Ovr
'Jo.OOO putlenin n rcswlully rurntl within th liul nine yr. Cau rrfef to pllruu riud, bf
i)rmlwlin. lnvraititjatte. Ortlte t07 8t9VtDt-enth Mrel. neu i'hamtft. Iuffff, Colo.
Koiilah, French , lirintn Hullsh. kusMlau aud UtihemUo aiukn. OtaWiaUlaavU4 aad Oat
aVsaslisUsi sffMs t" oneaip jx.aaoca aoUcliatdl tutciiy cooodssuiial
U. 8. DKF081T0Blf.
Deootitory for the 'Atlantic A
Pacific tad the Atchiaoe,
I Torek A SanU Fe
Railroad Co.
J06HDA B. BATN0LD6....Ptidfet
U. W. FLOTJBNOT ....VlPnlla
A.A.KRKN ....Oaatdsr
raiXK UeKSI. . . .Aastatant Caahlsf
' A. A. 8 RIOT.
Id Albnqnerque, H, II.
A, MisaaiAaa, Ilatman. Bros.. Wool.
M. Blaoewsu, Uroaa. BUcktrail A Co, Oroesrs
W. A. atAiwaix. WbolsseU. Dracal.
Topeka A SanU To Railway
SjltaWO 4k.T TIMBfin
210 Railroad Avenue.
Telephone 143. AlbOQaerqne, I. M.
and Transfer Stables

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